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Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy

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We open with New York in flames. Buildings have been badly damaged beyond repair, people lie dead and/or burned, and most of the ground has sunk into the ground. We see a bloodied and burned Peter, in costume, limp towards an unseen person. He walks past the dead bodies of his friends and family. He drops to his knees once he reaches a dead Ava.

Peter: No... Ava, please wake up...

Then suddenly, he hears the sound of Goblin laughing... and his two children crying. Peter looks up to see Goblin standing at the top of The Empire State Building, holding a sword with a glowing green blade in his right hand and Benjy and Maya in the other. Peter slowly stands up and begins running up the side of the building as Goblin drops his children. Peter catches them... and feels Goblin ram the sword into his heart, laughing as they all fall towards the ground. Peter wakes up in fright but is careful not to wake Ava and his kids, revealing the whole thing was a dream. He pants heavily as he slowly recognises his surroundings and sees Ava and his children are alive.

Peter: Thank God.

He slowly gets up and heads into the kitchen of their apartment and begins making himself tea. Ava opens an eye in slight worry due to hearing her husband talking in his sleep as we fade to black.