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Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy

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JUNE 2014


We open with Teresa entering the base and flicking on the light switch. She is smiling to herself mostly because she is thinking about Peter and his marriage.

Teresa: I am so proud of you, Baby Brother.

After saying that to herself, we cut to her stepping out of the shower as soon as she wraps herself up in a towel. As soon as she wraps up her hair, she accesses the com system to contact Silver Sable. The lady herself appears on the screen.

Silver Sable: Spider-Woman. Miss me already?

Teresa: Hard not to, S.

Silver Sable: How'd the wedding go?

Teresa: It was fine. Glad to see my family again as well as it getting bigger.

Silver Sable: And what about the bride?

Teresa: She's a good girl and I can't wait to meet my niece and/or nephew as soon as the time comes.

Silver Sable: And here I thought you were ringing just to say you're coming back right away.

Teresa: I dunno, I may need a reason to really do that.

Silver Sable slowly reaches for the zip on her suit and starts pulling it down.

Silver Sable: I may have just the reason for that.

Teresa smirks at that. Before the dirty talk can continue, Teresa hears the sound of glass breaking outside.

Teresa: Babe, I'll have to call you back.

Teresa hangs up and quickly gets into uniform. She rushes outside and charges up her venom blasts as she approaches the nearby dumpster. She leaps over it and aims at the obscure target. Her eyes widen in disbelief and confusion at what she is seeing. We pan over to who she sees and we are shown it is...

Blonde Peter Parker: Help me... Please...

We cut to black.