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My Handsome Boy, My Gorgeous Girl

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" Eren?"


"Do you like girls?"

"You mean like Mikasa?"


"Nah, not really I'm only into you."



"No reason."


It was around their third year in highschool when Armin really started to question. Walking to class surrounded by people in dresses and makeup did that to people he told himself.

It really didn't help that his sister was Historia, the girliest girl he knew.

The turning point had been when Sasha invited him, Mikasa and Historia to a sleepover. Her excuse for him being there was that he was hella gay and could gush about his boyfriend with them.

To this day he both despised and thanked himself for going. Sure it had started normal but it went down hill when the nail polish came out.

"Come on Mikasa it's only blue," Sasha whined pulling the disgruntled goth's socks off.

"No, it's not black and it's pastel blue."

Sasha huffs looking around for another culprit, her eyes landed on Historia, then quickly started roaming again when she realized the girl was already painting her nails pink.

Armin was the only one left out, he was sitting in the corner on a beanbag reading manga, when the cold clammy hands of death wrapped around his feet.

"Oh, Armin," Singsonged the girl drawing nearer.

"Yes, Sasha?" He responded already knowing what was going to be asked of him.

"Can I paint you nails?"

"Can't you paint your own."

"But I got them done earlier this week, and I don't want to ruin them," the girl pleaded, already unscrewing the cap.



Armin really wanted to giggle at the new but welcome sensation of something brushing on his toes, but held back for the sake of not kicking Sasha.

"See, now that wasn't that bad," Sasha exclaimed, putting the cap back on the bottle and sitting back on her haunches.

"Aww, you look good Armin." Historia said looking up from her pinky finger she was now painting.

"Right! What if we put him in a dress?" Sasha joined in clapping her hand together excitedly.

"I don't know you guys," Armin said scratching the back of his neck.

"I would actually like to see that," Mikasa chimed in from where she was sitting on Sasha's bed.

Armin sighed as he allowed his body to be pushed up and into the closet and bags of Sasha and Historia. It took two hours at most and honest Armin couldn't see why girls did it everyday until he saw the finished product.

The other girls must've had some eye for art because he looked put together. Historia had shoved him into a blue overall dress of her which was a bit tight at the waist but worth it.

Sasha had lent him one of her blue turtle necks and lip gloss. Half way through the girls had collectively agreed to shave his legs, they now felt like smooth butter when they brushed together in Armin's opinion.

He honestly looked like a girl and didn't mind it one bit. In fact he kind of liked it, it felt right as if something clicked into place that had been missing for a while.

"Wow," Historia muttered, taking her brother's whole appearance in for the first time, Mikasa and Sasha nodding in agreement.

"We should do this to you more often," Mikasa commented, grabbing Armin's waist and turning his body to get a three sixty view.

"Excuse me, I am a taken woman," Armin jokes, pulling her hands away but doing a spin anyway.

"Hardy har har, seriously though you can pass as a woman," his best friend said nodding in appreciation.

"We should go to the mall and see how many numbers you can pick up!" Historia giggles excitedly, jumping up and down.

"But I have a boyfriend," Armin says, turning to face her, confused.

"That's the fun sweetie, we see who's interested then throw away the numbers and make fun of them," Sasha says warming up to the idea.

"I mean sure, I guess we could, but what malls are gonna be open this late at night?"

"Armin it's seven."

"Don't they close at six?"

"Have you ever been to a mall, they close at eleven." Mikasa says, turning to grab her makeup bag," anyway if we're going out I need a touch up and at least thirty minutes to talk myself up."

"Deal," Sasha yells, scurrying away to change as well, pulling Historia with her as Mikasa slipped into the bathroom, leaving Armin to himself.

Looking himself in the mirror he finally got to see himself unclouded by the opinions of others. All the blue complemented his eyes and for once his short hair didn't seem masculine, but instead a cute feminine like bob.

He gave a twirl to the mirror, and smiled to himself, loving the way the dress twirled around his smooth legs. Now looking at his reflection he regretted cutting his shoulder length hair in eighth grade.

Shaking the thought away, he reminded himself he was not actually a girl and just looked like one for the time being.

Turning away from the floor length mirror he opted to sit on the bed, swinging his feet like he used to do when his dad's were late to tuck him in.

Five minutes passed before Mikasa appeared, a fresh layer of makeup coating her face, making her look slightly more dead than a few minutes ago.

She took a seat besides him and they sat in silence looking like a funeral goer and wedding attender sitting next to each other on a bus, but less awkward.

Sasha and Historia came out in a burst of colors, contrary to Mikasa and pulled both off of the bed and into the car, getting in a few laughs on the way.

The happiness was soon replaced by nervous jitters as they pulled into the mall's parking lot. What if someone recognized him as a male and made fun of him? What is one of the mean boys from school saw him and teased him for cross dressing.

"You know what I'm having second doubts," Armin says slouching down in his chair.

"No, we worked too hard to give up," Sasha whined," also sit up, we don't want your hair to get ruined."

"I just hope no perverted senior is here tonight," Historia mutters shivering.

"There's a football game tonight so the majority of people in our highschool will be there," Mikasa said soothing both of the siblings unknowingly.

"Alrighty then, let's go!" Sasha cheers leading the way into the large building.

As soon as Armin walked in he hid behind the three girls clutching Sasha's purse she lent him tightly. They wandered around for a bit, stopping in stores they found interesting and buying things here and there.

Before long a boy approached them to ask for Historia's number before scampering away when they all glared at him. He wasn't the last and before long each of them had been approached at least once.

Right after turning away a boy from Sasha they stopped by Claire's. All the girls wanted new earrings and Armin was content to look around.

"I kinda want to get another piercing," Mikasa said, joining the group as they surrounded the beanie boos.

"Another one?" Sasha said looking at her already very pierced ears.

"Yes," Mikasa supplies, turning around to schedule an appointment for later that night with the cashier.

"How can I help you ma'am?" The girl asks in a southern accent, smiling at the girl in front of her.

"Hello, can I schedule an ear piercing for later tonight?"

" Sure can ma'am, also there is a limited time deal where if you bring a friend with you each piercing will be half off." The cashier said still smiling, though this time flipping through an agenda to look for an available time.

" How does nine thirty sound ma'am?"

"Perfect, how does that deal work?"

"When you check in with the front desk to get your piercings done, if your companion is there with you and signs up normally for a walk in both appointments become half off."

"Alright, thank you," Mikasa says, turning away and putting a timer on her phone for nine twenty.

"So did you get an opening?" Historia asks from where she was examining the phone cases.

"Yep, we have an hour and around five minutes before we have to make our way back to be on time."

"That's plenty of time to go wherever we want," Sasha says, pulling Armin towards the pair.

"You just want to go to the food court," Armin complains, rubbing his sore arm from where she grabbed it.


"Also there was this deal where if one of you gets your ears pierced both of our piercings are half the price." Mikasa said, looking at her friends.

"I don't know, I already have mine pierced and I'm not really interested in a double piercing," Historia apologizes, nibbling her lip.

"I don't want my ears pierced," Sasha chimed in, feeling her non stabbed ears.

"I'll do it."

"Really," all three of the girls looked surprised at Armin's decision.

"Yeah, I've been wanting to for a while." That was a lie, it was a split second choice. His dad Erwin would probably ground him, his papa Levi would probably chuckle and move on.

"That settles it then, now can we please go to the food court?" The only brunette in the group whined.

"Sure Sasha."

The piercing itself hadn't hurt, it was the dull throb afterward that did. Honestly Armin had no idea how Mikasa and Eren could pierce their faces and ears multiple times.

Although the needle currently in his ear hurt, the pearl that was attached made it worth it.

Armin was standing outside a random shop the girls had decided to go into, looking at his newly pierced ears in the reflection of the glass, when a large dark shadow approached from behind him.

"Hey babe," a familiar voice whispered in his ear.

"Jeezus Christ, Eren what are you doing here?" The blonde practically yelled in surprise.

"Well I came here to get Mikasa a birthday gift, but to my surprise a cute blond of whom I recognized was standing alone."

Armin blushed at the complement, and feeling a bit more confident than usual, snuck his arms around his boyfriend. He didn't know if it was the fact that the mall was almost empty, or that he looked like a girl and no homophobes could yell at them, but he stood on his tip toes and pressed a quick peck to the brunette's lips.

"What brought this on?"

"I don't know," Armin mumbled in his boyfriend's hoodie.

"Is it because you got your ears done," Eren said, rubbing the smaller boys back.

"You noticed?" The blue and said pulling away, blushing.

"Of course I noticed."

"Yeah and hope that that's not the only thing he noticed," a new voice broke through their little bubble.

"Jean shut the fuck up," Eren said pulling Armin tighter into his body.

"I'm just saying, why is he dressed like that," the horse teased.

"Because he looks Amazing, unlike you." Mikasa said, coming out of the store with the other girls and defending one of her best friends.

"Ymir, Marco and Connie are in the bathroom," Eren broke the tension," why don't we go sit on that bench over there?"

The six of them took a seat on the small plank of wood. Except for Armin who didn't have a place to sit and was dragged onto Eren's lap.

"We'll discuss it later," the brunette whispered into his boyfriend's ear. Armin nods already dreading the conversation.

Eren had expressed before that he wasn't interested in women. Armin hadn't thought about why he had asked the question until that moment, he was looking for validation from one of the most important people in his life.

Eren's response hadn't hurt him too deeply, as it could have ment he wasn't interested in Mikasa or people with her aesthetic. But nonetheless it had hurt a bit.

When Ymir and the two other boys emerged the group moved on to the next location, that being hot topic. The nine teenagers hung out together before splitting into their original groups and parting ways.

"But did you have to practically make out?" Sasha said fake gagging, as if recalling the show Historia and Ymir had put on moments before.

"Yes. You know how my girlfriend gets if she doesn't have her mandatory goodnight kiss," the female blonde sighed.

"Still it was gross, you know what I need to clear my mind. A movie night with popcorn and candy."

"You always want candy Sasha," Armin pointed out, his hands full of bags and dress pockets full of receipts.

The girl huffed, threw a stuck out tongue at him, before unlocking the car and throwing her share of bags in the trunk. He responded with a wrinkle of his nose, before following her example and placing his bag in gently.

He climbed into the back seat with Historia, while Mikasa and Sasha took the front. The car started and lulled him into a gentle drowsiness, he had started to doze off when his head hit Historia's shoulder.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"Nah, it's fine," she responded, grabbing his arm and gently bringing his head back down to her shoulder, allowing her brother to close his eyes and rest.

"You wake him up."

"No you do it."

"You're loud enough that both of you woke me up."

"Oops, sorry Armin," Mikasa said from where she was standing above him outside the car.

"Come on movie time!" Sasha stage whispered excitedly, mindful of the sleeping neighbors.

"Alright, but don't be surprised if I fall asleep again."

"Whatever, I chose the princess bride," the brunette said, already rushing into her house.


"Yes, Eren?"

"Do you want to be a girl?"

The blond paused putting down the book he was reading and looked at his boyfriend. It had been several days since they had seen each other at the mall, and they hadn't had much alone time to talk about it.

"I don't know."

"Do you want to not be male?"


Eren was silent for a while contemplating his partner's answer. They were in the brunette's room, having just finished their homework and relaxing.

"Do you want to be a they/them like Dr.Hange?"

"I don't know, sometimes?"

Eren flipped himself over onto his stomach and grabbed the blond's waist, hugging him. He started to press butterfly kisses onto the creamy white skin, before inhaling deeply and burying himself in the scent of Armin.

"Sometimes, I'm comfortable being male and being addressed as such, but sometimes I'd rather be referred to as female." The blond said tracing fingers through Eren's hair, " Sometimes I just don't know what I want to be."

The brunette nodded, and looked up.

"That's fine, if you're feeling like a girl you're my gorgeous girl, and if you feel like a boy, then you're my handsome boy."

It took a moment of silence and a few sniffles before Eren felt a couple of drips on his face.

"Please don't cry baby, I love you no matter what," Eren said, sitting up and pressing kisses on his partners cheeks and lips.

"You mean it?"

"How could I not."

"Im gender fluid."

"I figured," Historia said.

"You did!" Armin asked her sister incredulously, as she wrapped her arms around her.

"Course, you looked way too good with long hair and in a dress."

"I knew I shouldn't have cut my hair."

"Nah it's fine, I can just get you hair extensions if you want."


"No problem."

"I love you."

"I love you too."



"Mom, wants to know if you want to wear a suit or a dress to our wedding," Eren said, walking into his partner's room looking down at his phone.

"God, I knew we shouldn't have told her, I mean we're not even out of highschool yet and she's planning our marriage," the blond said, banging his head against the book he was reading.

"So that means if I propose, you'd say yes?"

"Don't you dare."

"I'm not going to," the brunette paused," at least not yet."


"We've technically been engaged since kindergarten."

"Eren that was a piece of grass."

"So? I pronounced my undying love for you and you accepted."

"Why am I dating you?"

"Because you love me?"

Armin sighed," because I love you."

"Yay, I love you too, my handsome boy."

"Mhm, actually I'm feeling feminine now."

"My gorgeous girl."