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fool me twice, shame on me

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"You were right." Wonwoo said, collapsing on the bed. "He used me."

"There, there." Jun bumped his shoulder sympathetically, sighing. "I told you, those rich types don't care about other people."

But he did care, Wonwoo thought. Or, he did one hell of a good job acting like it. He still remembers when he found Mingyu reading one of the books Wonwoo had mentioned offhandedly during lunch one day. When Wonwoo asked why, Mingyu simply responded, "I want to understand you more." Wonwoo couldn’t properly focus on his cards for a week after.

"Jihoon could beat him up for you." Soonyoung suggested.

Jihoon looked up from where he was polishing a knife. "Do you want me to beat him up for you?"

Now that everything was over, Wonwoo was embarrassed. He wasn't the most infamous cardsharp around for nothing. How could he have even considered throwing away everything he knew for a silly, inconsequential fling?

He was smarter than that.

The hurt he felt started to transform into something sharper, a devious anger.

"I have a better idea." Wonwoo sat up from the bed. "Do you remember Jeonghan and Seungcheol? they have some connections with the Park family..."

Knowing from experience that Wonwoo dealt with his emotions by throwing himself into his work, his friends glanced at him sideways.

Soonyoung looked excited. "It's been a while since we've done something creative! whatever you're thinking, I'm in."

"You've got a plan?" jihoon hummed. "I'm up for it."

Jun nodded the affirmative. "We're all ears."

"Who do you think I am?" Wonwoo said. "You bet I've got a plan. I've got a really good plan."

Mingyu might've had the time of his life hurting him, but Wonwoo was going to make him pay for it.


"No, Mr. Jeon can’t be Wonwoo...he looks too similar!"

"Too similar?" Minghao protested, waving his hands. "Look, he looks the same, he talks the same, he walks the same, he acts the same...he's the same person!"

“No, he’s not.”

“Why hasn’t he told you his first name yet?” Seokmin wondered.

"No, no, that doesn’t matter - don't you see my point?" Mingyu interrupted. "If Wonwoo was to really come back to seek revenge, he'd have changed his hairstyle or dressed completely or something! it's the fact that this guy isn’t hiding anything that makes me so sure he's not Wonwoo!”

Minghao looked thoroughly unimpressed.

"Right, Mingyu, and you're so sure of this because?" Seokmin asked.

"I just know, okay?" Mingyu said. "This guy isn't the type. He isn’t the type to use me for my money." against his wishes, Mingyu's voice had gotten softer as he finished his thought.

“I almost wish that I actually knew all along. That would’ve made beaking up so much easier.”

Telling Wonwoo that he’d known all along was the only thing he could do to save his pride, even though it wasn’t true. Lying wasn’t the good thing to do, of course, but it made him feel a little vindicated, at least. Also, it was the only thing that kept him from crying on the spot.

His friends quieted.

His poor friends, Mingyu thought. It wasn’t their fault that he was so careless with his heart. “I didn’t mean to bring down the mood.”

“Idiot.” Minghao scoffed, though there wasn’t any real heat behind it. “How am I supposed to believe that this “Mr. Jeon” won’t break your heart again this time?”

"Minghao, he's a lost cause," Seokmin laughs, leaning against the doorframe. "Don't say we didn't warn you, Miingyu."

"You two are awful friends." Mingyu stuck out his tongue. "Now get out of here, I've got a date to prepare for."


(miscellaneous quotes from the movie, in no particular order.)

wonwoo: you’re very sweet. don’t let me go.

jihoon: well, it certainly took you a long enough time to come back wearing the same outfit.

minghao: you don't happen to be a mouthpiece, do you? you talk like a law school.

seokmin: what do you want for breakfast? we have fruit, cereal, bacon and eggs, eggs and sausage, sausage and hot cakes, hot cakes and ham, ham and eggs, eggs and bacon, bacon and eggs, eggs and...

mingyu: what I'm trying to say is - only I'm not a poet, I'm a photographer - I've always loved you. I've never loved anyone but you. I know that sounds dull as a drugstore novel, and what I see inside I'll never be able to cast into words, but that's what I mean. I wish we were married and on our honeymoon now.

jeonghan: oh, everyone is apt to fall sometimes!
seungcheol: not over a couch, they don’t.



seungcheol and jeonghan, formerly in the gambling buisness, retired after getting married, now live in a huge mansion, pretending to be related to royalty
joshua, the royalty that jeongcheol are pretending to be related to. secretly a huge fan of seokmin
verkwanchan, servants that work in the jeongcheol estate
96 line, a group of cardsharps and tricksters who've known each other forever
soonhoon, the established couple that shakes their heads at minwon
97 line, best friends. minghao works for mingyu's family buisness (making ale) seokmin is a rising actor


+ if you're curious, these home;run behind the scenes photos are what I sort of had in mind when thinking about this au