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Cold Calls and Hot Tempers

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"...Oh. Well. Fuck off and die then."

It's not the first time Geralt has heard something like that from Jaskier in the past hour, but it *is* the first time he seems genuinely perturbed by whatever the other person has said.

They've been working hard, and as election day draws ever nearer, they're only going to be working harder. Out of everyone, no one is coming at this with a more single-minded focus than Jaskier. He takes *smile while you dial* to a completely different level.

Geralt has always known that his lover was a smooth talker. Jaskier routinely uses that silver tongue of his against him, and in more ways than one. Still, he was entirely unprepared for the experience of watching him phone bank. The man is exceedingly friendly and polite, but not in a way that ever allows him to lose control of the situation. He makes the call script sound natural, and he's made supporters out of even the crankiest person. Geralt doesn't think he's ever had to put together more yard signs in his life.

That's only phone banking, though. Right now, they're working on the text bank. Earlier in the day, Vesemir sent out a pre-written message via ThruText to everyone on the campaign's contact list. Now, the goal is for Jaskier and Geralt to whittle down the list; whether because they're deceased, it's a wrong number, or they just aren't interested, his main goal is to opt-out anyone who needs removed from the larger pool. Then, then can start to reply to those with questions by directing them to the website, archive finished conversations, and organise potential volunteers for election day.

That's for tomorrow, though. Right now, they need to finish removing everyone who, for one reason or another, won't (or can't) be a part of the campaign. Usually, it's a matter of clicking a button, and a pre-written reply will be sent:Sorry about that. We'll remove you from the list. Hope you have a great day In the event that someone replies to the initial message with fuck off or if I get one more message from you I'm not voting for your stupid candidate or anything along those lines, he just doesn't bother sending the message, and removes them quietly. Very occasionally, he'll mumble something like, "Oh no, I'm so scared," or, "I just cringed so hard from second-hand embarrassment, I think I broke something. I should sue for damages, then I'll never have to deal with this shit again." (Geralt has a lot of practise with regards to not reacting to things, but even he has a difficult time keeping from laughing when he's on the phone and hears Jaskier say something particularly colourful to himself.)

This, though, is an entirely new response from Jaskier. Only a second passes between that, and Geralt asking, "What happened?" It's as long as it takes for Geralt to swivel his desk chair to face his lover. Now that Geralt can see him, Jaskier looks... perturbed, really. His brow is furrowed, and he squints at the screen, like he either can't quite make out what it's saying, or can't quite believe it's been said.

Without looking away from the screen, or changing his expression much, Jaskier slowly responds. "I... just got called the n word," he says. "That's..." He looks down at his (far too pale, with all the time he's been spending inside because of this campaign, lately) arm, and continues, "that's a new one."

Geralt frowns. "Remove him from the list," he says, because what else can they do? It's abhorrent, but it's not like it's a surprise that people can be terrible.

"I did, immediately," Jaskier says. "I removed the opt-out message, though, because it says the words hope you have a great day and I'm actually hoping the exact opposite."

Geralt allows himself a small smile. "Makes sense."

Looking directly into his eyes, and with all the seriousness he can muster, Jaskier clarifies, "I hope he gets hit by a bus."

The campaign trail can be far too long, Geralt muses, but at least with Jaskier it can be entertaining, too.