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Not because I like you...

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~ Adora P.O.V. ~

It was the first day of the rest of her life. Well, that was how Adora saw it anyway, a new experience for them all, a change from the life she’d left behind. She checked the clock on her phone and her eyes widened, naturally she had slept in. Her homescreen showed 14 missed calls from Glimmer (and 14 apology texts from Bow for Glimmer waking her 2 hours early). A photo popped up on the screen of Glimmer, asleep on the sofa drooling, Adora inwardly groaned before swiping to answer the facetime call.

“I bet she’ll still be in be- I TOLD YOU SHE WOULD BE- I called you 14 times how come you look like you just woke up?”

“because I have?” Adora could see Bow in the background shaking his head “since when have you cared, you’re never up early”

“OF COURSE, I CARE HOW DAR- Bow was freaking out and came over at 4AM this morning so as to not be late and he thought you’d get up if you thought I was mad” Glimmer’s face was very close to the phone as if she was attempting to whisper into it

“tell Bow I’ll be 5 minutes” Adora said, already heaving her legs off her bed, smiling gently at her friend, hanging up before Bow could say anything. Adora did get up, after 5 minutes of scrolling through her phone, she walked over to her wardrobe and took out a white turtleneck, red jacket and some grey leggings. It was her usual outfit, but she wanted to be herself for her first day. She pulled up her hair into a ponytail, pulling out a few strands around her face and pinning them back on top of her head. Adora walked downstairs, the house was quiet, it usually was. Her sister, well, adopted sister Mara went to work early in the mornings so Adora was alone to get herself ready. She had been taken in by the Greyskull’s when she was 10, she had to move away from her friends, she often thought about them. But now she had Glimmer and Bow, they had accepted her at her new school, and they’d been friends ever since, even now going to the same college as them felt like some sort of dream. She got out a croissant and began eating it as she wandered about the house, packing her school bag with the books she needed for the day, and some snacks, just in case. It was a big day for her, she would never admit it, but she was getting increasingly nervous. She was to begin to train to take over the mantle of the She-Ra, a legendary warrior. The position had previously been held for many years by Mara, she had given it up recently to live like a ‘normal’ adult. Adora had been found by Mara specifically, she was ‘destined’ to be the next great warrior… she had a hard time believing it herself. Mara would always be the She-Ra however and Adora simply had no idea how she was going to be able to fill those boots.

A horn sounded outside, pulling her from her thoughts, it was followed by the sound of someone yelling her name “ADORAAAAA!”, she laughed softly to herself as she slung the bags over her shoulder, held onto the suitcase handle and grabbed another croissant and left the house, locking the door behind her, and running outside, waving the pastry.

“Adora we’ve been here for 15 minutes!” Glimmer yelled over Bow, seemingly annoyed but Adora saw the small glint in her eyes and how the corners of her mouth lifted a little. Bow was gripping the wheel sharply, there was a bemused look in his face but Adora could tell he was stressed that she was 10 minutes later than she said she would be.

“You should’ve messaged me!” she said as she opened the door and threw her bag inside, closing the door behind her as she sat down and leant forward, taking the AUX lead and plugging it into her phone.

“No Adora please not Mother Mother this early in the morning I do not want to feel things this early” Glimmer groaned as Bow started the car

“It’s literally 10:30, what do you mean early?” Bow said with a small shake of the head as he began to drive, “but also, no Adora put something else onnnn” he looked at her in the mirror.

Adora rolled her eyes and grinned, clicking on a song by Ashnikko, sitting back and nodding her head to the beat, Glimmer and Bow didn’t protest.

“So, are we all ready for this?” Bow asked over the music, clearly trying to engage the two girls in some sort of conversation to mask his nerves, “everyone we met at that induction day was nice, the whole day was nice actually”

“except when Glimmer fell in the pond” Adora laughed, remembering the day. At the time, it wasn’t funny, Glimmer was mad, and the pond was dirty and kind of smelly.

“it wasn’t funny, Adora, it was cold and wet and smelt awful” Glimmer turned to face her around the chair, using her hand to try and swat Adora who laughed as she moved out of the way to where Glimmer couldn’t reach her.

“and everyone we met was lovely” Bow continued, ignoring whatever the commotion was in the seat beside him, he’d grown accustomed to their bickering and he wasn’t so above it that he couldn’t admit he had been the centre of them once or twice. “and we can also now meet everyone who didn’t go to that induction and gain some more friends!”

Glimmer groaned, showing her distaste for Bow’s positivity, “why do we have to meet MORE people? If they weren’t at the induction and didn’t want to go then I don’t blame them frankly, it was a boring day- and do NOT mention the pool thing again!” She said sharply, turning around in her seat once again to stare Adora down, almost daring her to say something.

Adora held up her hands with a laugh, “what?! I wasn’t going to say anything! What was so funny about when you tripped over your own foot and fell in the pool?” She managed to keep a straight face in mock anger, “No! tell me, what was so funny that the pond was filthy and you slipped on the bottom as you were trying to get out and fell in ag-“ Adora was stopped mid-sentence as Glimmer had taken off her converse shoes that she had been wearing and thrown it at Adora’s head, hitting her in the middle of her forehead. She rubbed her head and groaned, Glimmer smirked at her, even Adora could admit that she did deserve that one, she decided to leave it for now but would certainly be bringing it up every second she could.

She turned to face the window, her chin resting in her hand as she watched the cars zoom past. It was in her interests to learn to drive but she always knew from her clumsy nature she would probably be bad at it, but she wanted to try at least. She’d always imagined these long road trips with the future love of her life, it just seemed perfect to her. Adora found herself in another daydream, imagining all sorts of scenarios from what school was going to be like to her being the saviour if someone tried to rob the car that second…they varied to say the least. She was brought out of her stupor by Glimmer hitting her with another shoe, what was it with the shoes being used against her today??

“Adora! Stop daydreaming already?? We’re here and I need other shoe back!” It took Adora a second to realise what Glimmer was saying to her and picked up the pink shoe and handed it back, her eyes refusing to leave the sight in the window.

There were students all over the grounds, in groups, alone, on phones, reading books and looking generally like new students. The grass they were on had clearly been mowed in advance of their arrival, the light green-dark green strips running up and down the grounds. Her sister, Mara, had previously attended the school and told her about the old building in front of her, the number of rooms and books was enough to interest Mara but there were courts that had been failed to be mentioned. Adora loved sports in her down time and just from the car, she could see wide football grounds, rugby, tennis, basketball, it was astounding to her. The building itself stood, grand in stature, like a regal monarch, the vines swirled around the old towers at the sides, the front building was covered in murals and blooming flowers, supposedly courtesy of that flower girl they had met… she was pretty.

But Adora’s attention was suddenly captured by someone else. She was familiar, very familiar. Adora smiled excitedly, it had been ages, she couldn’t quite believe it, she had to talk to her again. She turned to grab her bag and then opened the car door. With her excitement, she opened the car door more forcefully than she had meant to and hit an unsuspecting Bow, who had come to open it for her, with the top of the door. He recoiled a little but stood and smiled.

“geez Adora, be careful, sometimes you really don’t know your own strength” He rubbed his chest where he had been hit and closed the door for her, more gently than she probably would have done herself.

“Oh Bow, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there, are you okay?” she asked, temporarily forgetting her rush for her friend. He raised his eyebrows with a small smirk as Glimmer appeared at his arm.

“don’t worry Adora, it would take more than that to get me” he chuckled and put his hand out in an awkward thumbs up. Adora and Glimmer both looked at him then each other. Adora shrugged and Glimmer patted her friend’s arm.

“alright Bow, this is awkward now, lets just get the stuff from the car” She dragged him towards the boot of the car, he turned to look at Adora when he passed, he shook his head in confusion at how he just acted, Adora simply sent him a knowing smirk.

She remembered her excitement suddenly and looked around. The girl had gone. She refused to stop looking however, and stood, her eyes scanning over the unique crowd of students, everyone was different here, the school accepted everyone across the kingdoms, all sorts of people were here but she was looking for one specific cat girl. Glimmer appeared at her side and frowned at her

“What’re you looking at?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips as she looked into the crowd, mocking Adora’s concentrating face. Adora shoved her lightly and shook her head, she figured she was just going to have to find the girl another time, maybe they’d have lessons together, she wouldn’t be able to go through an entire 3 years here without at least seeing everyone once. She had time she supposed. Glimmer raised her eyebrows when she didn’t receive an answer and huffed “fine, whatever, here” she dumped a bag into Adora’s arms and leant a suitcase against her legs. Adora snapped out of her daze and held the bag and gripped the suitcase handle with a small smile. It was finally time to go and see everyone, it was surreal.

She, Glimmer and Bow walked through the crowds. Adora kept an eye out for the girl but didn’t see her, they made their way inside and signed in at the front desk, getting their room keys. They all had separate rooms, Glimmer and Adora were on the same floor and Bow was upstairs. They made their way up to the rooms. Each floor had different decorations on the walls, some were silver, some were blue, some were pink, and others were purple. A similarity across all floors were the paintings on the walls of esteemed previous students who had brought honour to the school. They reached Adora’s and Glimmer’s floor, it was splashed out with golden decorations. Adora felt Glimmer sigh beside her, Adora swallowed nervously. This was evidently the floor for the highest up students, each dorm room door had decorations on and a plaque, they were the future rulers of the kingdoms. As they walked down the corridor, they read the names on each plaque.

‘Princess Mermista of Salineas’, ‘Princess Perfuma of Plumeria’, ‘Princess Frosta of the Kingdom of Snows’, ‘Princess Scorpia of the Black Garnet’, ‘Princess Entrapta of Dryl’.

Then finally…

‘Princess Glimmer of Brightmoon’, and ‘Warrior Princess She-Ra’

Adora and Glimmer exchanged a glance and bid farewell to Bow. They reached for their room handles at the same time. Inside, Adora found almost an entire apartment house, it was very golden she noted immediately. There was a living room on the right, a grand coffee table in the middle and empty shelves sitting under a mirror. The television in the corner stood untouched since Mara had left last year. On her left, the kitchen; it had a marble island with some chairs around it and all of the furniture and appliances looked like they were the very best. She turned to a door on her right which led into a bedroom. It was bigger than her entire ground floor at home, the bed had way too many pillows on it and was bright pink, it wasn’t so much her colour, she also sank right down into it as she sat. She scrambled up out of the hole of fabric she’d fallen into and sat on the edge carefully. She looked around the room, the huge windows overlooked the grounds, dark red curtains surrounding them. Empty shelves lined the rooms waiting to be filled, there was one full bookcase with any books she needed on She-Ra. Adora groaned and flopped back onto her bed. This was all too much for her, she didn’t want to be treated like royalty, unlike the princesses, she hadn’t grown up around wealth, even with Mara being She-Ra. They had always wanted Adora to grow up humble.

There was a knock on her door, before she could even sit up to ask them in, Glimmer walked through the door, Bow following behind her. They both audibly gasped as they looked around the room.

“This is so much better than my room, mines way too pink, just like home…I bet my mother requested it for me” Glimmer huffed indignantly and crossed her arms. Adora groaned from her bed, she had been sucked back into the sheets again and didn’t want to attempt to get up.

“It’s so bright, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Both of your rooms are better than mine, I may be friends with you guys but I’m literally just a normal student” Bow grinned, “But it is actually pretty nice, very neutral…like a forest cottage or something” he mused a little then noticed Glimmer looking at him with raised eyebrows before chuckling to himself and looking away, changing the subject quickly, “Perfuma asked us out today to go to the café, I told her we’d go, she’s anxious to meet the new She-Ra, and so are the others” Bow perched on the edge of the seat by the mirror, Glimmer leant on the 4-poster bedpost.

Adora frowned, she didn’t know anyone else, she wasn’t ready to meet princesses, she wasn’t a princess, she wasn’t who they thought she was. Adora groaned and covered her face with her hands and sighed.

“Others?” she asked, although she knew they would be unimpressed that she wasn’t Mara, she was still curious about them. The stories she had been told about the other kingdoms and the ‘girls at school’ by her sister, she did want to meet them.

“Yep, I think Perfuma mentioned that we’d be joined by the other Princesses…” he caught sight of Adora and Glimmer’s faces, “Oh names? Well; there’s Mermista and I believe Seahawk, her…well not boyfriend but I don’t know what’s going on there, Frosta, Entrapta, Scorpia and their friend Catra” he counted each name off his fingers and then smiled at them both.

Adora sat up hurriedly, startling both of her friends without meaning to. She struggled to stay above the sheets, the bed was bouncier than she was used to. “did you say Catra?” she asked quickly, giving Bow a look to hurry him for an answer.

“uhh, yes? Why?”

“just… no reasons, I know her…well, knew her I guess” Adora shrugged. She was finally going to be able to see the girl which she had left for her new life, it hadn’t been her fault to leave, but she always felt guilty about leaving Catra behind, they had always been very close together. But maybe it was a different Catra? No, surely there was only one, she had given her that name after all, no one else would think of that name besides a child, which she had been when they’d met. Adora could tell Bow and Glimmer had exchanged some kind of look over her sudden outburst but was glad that they had decided to not question her responses. She held her arms up in the air, needing some assistance to move out of the mould her body had made in the bed.

Glimmer laughed and Bow moved to grab Adora’s arm, pulling her up. Adora fell forward slightly, Bow had been stronger than she’d anticipated. Bow turned to Glimmer and scrunched his nose a little “appreciate the help”

“you’re most welcome, now, let’s go! I can’t wait to see Frosta again, it’s been so long! Adora, you’ll love Seahawk, he’s an ass but he’s very much like you” Glimmer smirked

“oh shut up” Adora picked up a pillow and threw it at her friend, Glimmer returned the shot but Adora caught it and placed it back on the bed, she was nervous she had to admit, meeting new people wasn’t really her thing, but she had to be the new She-Ra, meaning she had to meet people all the time. “Are you going dressed like that?” she pointed at Glimmer who was wearing leggings, a hoodie and the converse.

Glimmer widened her arms and nodded, her pink and purple hair shaking. “of course, what’s wrong with it?!”

“Nothing! Nothing I promise, I was just wondering what I should wear or whether we’re being princess-y?” Adora grimaced as she looked in her mirror, she debated pulling her hair out of her signature ponytail but opted for leaving it up.

“Adora, you look fine, let’s just go, they’ll be waiting for us” Bow rolled his eyes, a smile on his face. Even though he didn’t really show it, Adora could tell that the man was ready to explode, he loved meeting people and social gatherings, it was right up his street. Adora nodded a little and swallowed as the three of them walked towards the door.