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The Sun within Reach

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"How are you going to go about this? It's not like I can protect him forever. Most likely not long enough." A tall, broad man mused with an edge to his tone. His long black hair blew softly behind him under the pale moonlight.

"He'll have a head start in life if I'm not there. Having me around would just expose him sooner." The other man quickly stated, soon adding, "Besides, he'll learn to handle himself well if you're the one raising him."

"That's not the point."

"Then what is it?"

"I...I can't sing him lullabies."

"That's it?" His friend inquired. "Whatever you can do to make Nahyuta happy, I know you'll put in the effort for him."

Both remained silent, starring at the makeshift tent that contained the focus of their topic. Moments passed between them in understanding and sorrow. In these moments, their hope also grow. Hope for the future. Hope for their children. Hope for a change in this world. But their ideal hopes may contradict with personal ones. They would see them through to the end, whatever the end result may be.

"He should at least have his mother. Why won't you search for her? You know she's alive somewhere." The muscular man implored.

The smaller man sighed, pulling his hat over his eyes. "My presence is what caused them to be separated in the first place. I already put her in that kind of danger. But it'll be even worse for him, so I..." He trailed off for a few seconds, then spoke again, "I can't be the one to find her. It'll have to be you or him when the time is right. If they find each other, that's the best I can hope for."

"You are really leaving me with everything, aren't you?" The taller man said gruffly. There was no anger, just frustration on how fate can be so ironic and cruel.

"I guess I am." The other replied solemnly. 

Once again, there was silence between them. It stretched much longer this time, but one knew this time must be cut short.

"I'll get going now. Take care of him for me. Love him. He'll grow into a fine young man with the proper nourishment." The other man said lightheartedly, pulling on one of his brown sharp locks in front of his forehead.

The dark haired man chuckled, his tone lighter as he replied, "What is he, a plant? That's somewhat ironic coming from you... and considering what he is." He began to lightly scratch his cheek. "Well, considering he's your son, he will shine brighter as he grows."

"I just know he'll shine brighter than me. He's a got the best of both worlds in him after all. Take care, my friend. I can never truly express how grateful I am for what you doing for him. If we ever meet again, I'll be sure to sing for you with the highest praise as we drink through day and night. You might even get a song in your name by yours truly." He promised, though not truly knowing if he could fulfill it.

"Haha! That day can't come soon enough!" The tall man laughed loudly. "Your songs are no joke. I'd be honored. You take care as well. I'll raise and prepare him the best I can for this world. That is my promise to you." He said as he lightly bumped a fist to his friend's heart.

"Thank you, Dhurke. And good luck. May the Sun and Moon watch over you." He replied as he returned the gesture.

"Again, that's very ironic."

Both laughed lightly before entering the tent. The brown-haired man walked up to a cradle holding a baby with similar tiny haired spikes. He leaned down, lightly kissed the baby boy's forehead, turned and slowly walked out of the tent. He paused as exited for a brief moment, took a long, deep breathe, and disappeared into the night.