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On the Seventh Day...

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Victoria sighs languidly while tapping away on her tablet’s touch screen to fire off another series of email responses. This would probably go a lot easier if she would get on her laptop or at least go to retrieve her glasses from the top of the dresser a few feet away, but both options sound intolerably inconvenient to her, as ensconced as she is in her comfy, king-size bed on this lazy Sunday morning. She’d actually promised that she wouldn’t work at all today, but a gallery like The Chase Space isn’t going to run itself, at least not to Victoria’s exacting and, admittedly, anal-retentive standards. She figures a few emails before getting up to fart around her spacious Seattle apartment is a fair compromise.


A gentle knock on the bedroom door gives her a start. She had been certain that she’d have the place to herself for a while yet... a glance at the time confirms that church shouldn’t be letting out for another half hour or so, not counting lunch and assorted errands besides. Did one of the girls stay behind today? she wonders, reaching over to turn off the white-noise generator on her bedside table before calling out “... who is it ?”


“It’s just me,” a familiar voice responds as the door swings open.


“... Katie ?” 


Victoria stares in awe as her girlfriend breezes into the bedroom, the diminutive woman pressing her back against the door as it shuts behind her. It’s less the fact that Kate is inexplicably standing in their shared boudoir during what are normally prime Jesus hours… no, what has her dumbstruck is that Kate is somehow even less dressed than when she got up and kissed her goodbye earlier this morning. 


Victoria’s trained photographer’s eye drinks in every detail of the vision before her, fastidiously snapping images with her mind’s camera to thoroughly capture this exquisite subject:


< SNAP > Three frilly hair scrunchies, orange, white, and purple, that hug her left arm just above the wrist;


< SNAP > Her honey-colored hair, no longer tangled and bedraggled, that spills down around her in voluminous, teased out waves;

< SNAP > A white and teal t-shirt with a floral print from high school, a couple sizes too small these days, one that licentiously accentuates Kate’s newfound curves;

< SNAP > The tantalizing stretch of pale tummy above a pair of lacy teal panties that leave very little to the imagination;

< SNAP SNAP >  A touch of mascara that highlights the hazel eyes that sparkle back at Victoria. Confident. Knowing. Expectant ;

< SNAP SNAP SNAP > Her lips, parted just so, painted that aggressive shade of red that never fails to get Victoria’s heart racing; 

< SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP >  And perhaps the pièce de résistance … a black satin choker that clings to her throat, clasped tightly in the front by the cutest little white rabbit pendant. 


Victoria thanks her lucky stars that her far-sightedness allows her to see Kate clearly even without her glasses. Whatever her intentions might be today, they quite clearly are NOT Vatican-sanctioned. It’s certainly enough to make her strangely feel both under and over dressed at the same time, in her baggy Cowboy Bebop tee and black boyshorts, her own short blond hair mussed and surely sticking up every which way.


It seems like only yesterday when the tiny, overwrought waif of a girl showed up on Victoria’s doorstep with her two traumatized sisters in tow, orphaned and homeless, following the freak storm that ravaged their home town of Arcadia Bay. It seemed like a batshit insane idea at the time, the bully offering her former victim a place to stay, even if only for a few weeks… but that very same storm had taken Victoria’s parents as well, and living in this enormous apartment with only their ghosts to keep her company had made her so fucking lonely . And with Kate having literally nowhere else to turn, how could she not? 


But somehow, those few weeks turned to months. And through no few trials and tribulations, tears shed, and grief shared, Victoria came to love Lynn and Grace like they were the sisters she never had. And she came to love Kate too, not as a sister or even a friend but something much, much more... and by some miracle, her love had been returned. The months became years, the very best years of Victoria’s life, and that tiny waif of a girl became this confident, sexy, fucking ravishing (though yes, still tiny) woman that now stands before her.


“Sorry,” Kate says demurely, though her eyes don’t give the impression of someone who is sorry at all . “I just wanted to make sure you were awake…”


Oh you bet your tight ass I’m awake NOW


Victoria glances at her tablet. Amir is still waiting on a response for where to set the bidding for the latest Caulfield-Price piece for the upcoming auction. Jessica seems anxious to confirm if they’re planning to attend the Grand Opening of the Milan office the week after. All important, time sensitive details but… Fuck it. Victoria tosses the device to the side without particularly caring where it lands, an act that earns an amused curl from those luscious red lips. Her girlfriend is standing a few feet away, all tarted-up like something out of her wet-dreams, and giving her that look. She may be an admitted workaholic and proud of it, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t have her priorities straight.


Trying to maintain some air of composure, Victoria crosses her arms over her chest and gives Kate a wry, appreciative grin. “Damn, babe. You’re giving the concept of ‘Sunday Best’ a whole new meaning.” 


She tries not to let herself get distracted by the way Kate’s slow, deep breaths seem to be stretching the bonds of her shirt, or by the fact that it’s either cold as shit in the living room, or the twins are feeling very perky today. And she mostly succeeds. Mostly . “What’d you, like, make it all the way to church and realize you left your pants and umm… bra at home? Not that I’m complaining or whatever.”


She winces internally. She’s been trying to train herself out of rushing to fill any pause with ‘like’s or ‘umm’s or ‘whatever’s lately. It’s a childish habit, unbecoming of the badass businesswoman and gallery owner that she strives to be in honor of her parents’ memory. But they definitely slip out on occasions like these, when her girlfriend has her well and thoroughly on the backfoot, standing there with her dirty-blonde head cocked to the side and one finger ‘innocently’ toying with the rabbit on her pale throat as though she doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing. 


In Victoria’s defense, it’s not that Kate is looking so goddamn gorgeous right now that has her so tongue-tied, because, quite frankly, Kate always looks gorgeous. It’s more the fact that today she’s quite clearly gorgeous with such... intent . She is gorgeous in a way that makes Victoria seriously doubt whether she’s ready for whatever Kate’s planning.


Those red lips purse into a sexy little heart-shaped smirk. “I figured church could do without me, this time...” Kate airily returns, before giving Victoria a level, questioning look. With one blonde eyebrow raised, she asks “You… do remember what day it is today?”


Victoria’s mind races... Did they make plans? Usually she is fastidious about updating her calendar whenever they do, or at the very least having her administrative assistant do it for her, but with everything going on lately... It’s also not their dating anniversary, nor is it either of their birthdays or Lynn’s or Grace’s or anyone else Victoria can think of… not that Kate’s current “feisty sex-kitten” look screams ‘getting ready for my kid sister’s birthday party’ obviously. And Victoria is pretty sure Kate wouldn’t want either of them to--


That last bit raises a fair question even if it is mostly a stall for time. “ Wait … if you’re not at church right now, then where are the girls?”


“Grace is hanging out with her friends today...” Kate says. That tracks. The middle Marsh sibling only has a few weeks left before she’s off to Julliard, and has been trying to maximize her remaining time with the friends she’ll leave behind... especially that cute Park girl. “And Lynnie has a date with Hector. Her curfew isn’t til ten.”


Victoria’s breath catches as Kate slowly begins to saunter over to the bed, the sway of her hips as alluring as it is deliberate. This, of course, means that Kate has Victoria to herself-- at her mercy -- for the better part of the day... With not a care in the world over how much sound they might make in the process. 


“And you…”, Kate adds as she draws ever closer, those lips holding the shape of an enticing red o that makes Victoria’s boyshorts suddenly seem far too restrictive. “... are dodging my question.”


Yep, on second thought, Victoria is definitely not prepared for whatever her petite lapin has in store. Rolling her eyes at the sheer audacity of that entirely accurate accusation, Victoria petulantly concedes “I D K, it’s... Sunday?”


Kate tilts her head in thought, then shrugs as though very mildly impressed. “Well, you’re a quarter right, but... you can’t think of any reason why I’ve been looking forward to Sunday all week?”


“Umm… I’m really drawing a blank here babe…”


“As I recall…” Kate hints, snapping one of those scrunchies against her skin before pulling it off. “We were sitting right there when we talked about it the other day…” Kate slides into bed and up onto her knees, pulling her hair back and through the first scrunchie, then the second, needing all three before she can tame her long, dirty-blonde mane into a serviceable ponytail that almost manages to reach all the way down to the small of her back even still.


Victoria pulls her knees back to her chest, curling in on herself in an almost defensive posture as Kate practically looms over her while she works. The look on Kate's face is now less playful and more… hungry. Hell, predatory even, the kind of look that makes Victoria’s mouth go instantly dry. Not out of fear, but out of… anticipation. 


This is, after all, a dance they’ve done countless times over the years, with Kate’s desires to play Victoria’s body like one of her violins ever growing commensurate with her confidence. The small and outwardly innocent little bunny delighting in cornering her kitty the moment they're behind closed doors, to show her exactly what rabbits are known for outside of being cute and eating carrots.


Victoria, of course, is here for it . This particular kitty loves to be chased, not that you'll often catch her saying so out loud. Not that, from the smug, knowing looks Kate keeps giving her, it's something that needs to be said at all.


“No guesses?” Kate asks coyly, sliding forwards to lean her weight against Victoria’s shins. The sensation of Kate’s hard nipples brushing the backs of her hands through her shirt sends shivers all the way up Victoria’s arms and down her spine, the heat within her loins quickly growing to match that of her reddened face and neck.


Victoria casts her mind back, as difficult as it may be to think through the thick fog of her own growing arousal. She remembers the two of them cuddling together on the bed, both worn out from a long day, awwing at the cute animal pictures and cackling at the ridiculous meme’s she was scrolling through before bed. But nothing that would have warranted a response quite so elaborate as--


Oh. Kate’s eyes dance with amusement as Victoria’s widen with realization, everything clicking into place at last.


Shit , a lot of things about this past week make so much more sense now. Kate’s won’t-take-no-for-an-answer insistence that Victoria make room in her busy schedule to take today off. All the meals she personally prepared for her, including unusual additions like bananas and scallops, asparagus and walnuts. The near constant reminders to drink more water and stay hydrated.


“Why didn’t you say something? I could’ve made sure to look good for you...” Victoria does her best not to pout at the unfairness of it all while Kate takes her hands. 


“You’re perfect, baby, Kate mumbles as she plants soft kisses on the heels of her hands, then her palms. She even kisses all ten fingertips, her soft lips brushing Victoria’s skin as she speaks. "I’ve got you exactly where and how I want you.” 


With Victoria’s right hand held firmly in both of hers, she adds “Today is all about you…” before taking the middle finger into her mouth right down to the bottom knuckle.


Ohhhh …” Victoria moans, captivated by the sight of Kate gently suckling that finger, by the way the warmth of her tongue makes her skin tingle. It would be impossible not to appreciate the sheer theater of it all… like the way the black mascara makes Kate’s light eyes pop as they watch every miniscule change in her face on the way back up. The way everything Kate’s done since she entered the room has been perfectly designed and executed to slowly build the tension rising within her. Or how that breathtakingly red lipstick, the pony tail, and especially that goddamn choker were surely chosen to telegraph one thing in particular. 


“Katie, you… you don’t have to, you know?” she stammers when her finger is finally free and Kate rests her palms on Victoria’s knees. Despite the half-hearted protest, Kate finds no resistance whatsoever when she begins slowly spreading Victoria’s legs... though Victoria does find herself squirming under the heat of Kate’s gaze as those lusty hazel eyes take in the noticeable fullness of her underwear. 


Gulping hard, she adds “I didn’t, like, tell you about... that... to drop a hint or whatever…”


Kate blinks at that. Once. Twice. Thrice. Then she laughs, a low and throaty chuckle that Victoria can feel from her groin all the way up to the small of her back. 


“Oh Tori,” she says, almost purring out the 'r' as she reaches down between Victoria’s legs to possessively cup her growing bulge, “If you think I’m doing this because I have to… then you’ve got another thing coming.”


Victoria sucks a sharp breath through her teeth. Normally she’d be loath to let a double entendre of that caliber slide, but she’s too distracted by the almost electric feeling of Kate’s touch through the fabric to come up with an immediate response. She gives up entirely when Kate gives her a rub and a gentle squeeze while repositioning herself between Victoria’s legs, making her twitch and jerk as though begging to be released from her confinement.


“Besides…” Kate adds as her eyes take on a devious little twinkle while she trails her fingernails along Victoria’s groin and across her pelvis, stopping to grip the waistband of her boyshorts at both hips. “Aren’t you the one who’s been saying I need more... protein in my diet…?”


KATIE !” Victoria cries, scandalized , her cheeks flushing so hot she’s half-surprised they haven’t started melting off. She is positively weak to those rare occasions when her normally soft-spoken girlfriend weaves dirty talk into her sexual repertoire , and Kate abso-fucking- lutely knows how to use that to her fullest advantage. 


If Kate is at all embarrassed by her own filthy mouth, she doesn’t show it. Because without further ado, Kate tugs Victoria’s underwear down her thighs, biting down on one of those luscious red lips of hers as though to hold back the hungry little moan that wells up at the sight of Victoria's erection, full and thick and readily standing at attention. 


Mmm , oh my…” Kate coos, sliding down onto her elbows to get a closer look. “She’s so happy to see me today…”


“When is she not …?” Victoria snarks plaintively, as Kate gingerly wraps her delicate hand around the base of her shaft, shifting her to an angle that has her pointing directly at Kate’s mouth. Tucking one errant strand of hair back behind her ear, Kate begins as she always does… by leaning down and giving the very tip of Victoria’s penis a quick little kiss, giggling in fascination at the way it swells from even that slightest of touches. Victoria groans at the feeling of those soft lips brushing her sensitive flesh, the hint of red lipstick that they leave behind making her heartbeat thud ever harder in her ears.


Right now, it’s hard for Victoria to imagine that she’d ever been afraid to reveal to Kate that she was trans. It hadn’t been something that was widely known around Blackwell, with Victoria having had the privilege of being able to pass (helped along by her starting puberty blockers and hormone therapy at an early age.) Victoria had always figured that having a penis would make it difficult to be accepted as a woman, and with Kate she’d been doubly anxious... first by her own unfair assumption back at Blackwell that Kate’s religious background would make her a bigot about it, and secondly by her confiding in Victoria much later that she was, in fact, a lesbian.


But Kate was nothing if not accepting when she finally came out. And very enthusiastically accepting after they started dating, showing no hesitation whatsoever when they began exploring each other, save to make sure that Victoria was comfortable at every step along the way of their sexual evolution. And above all, always making sure Victoria knew that to her, Victoria was not just a woman, but the most beautiful and sexy woman Kate had ever seen.


Kate watches Victoria’s face for a few moments with a small, sweet smile, the flood of love and affection and nostalgia reflected in her own shimmering eyes. Victoria wants to tell her just how much she loves her, just how much Kate’s love means to her, but before she can find the words, Kate dips her head down. Victoria’s mind goes B L A N K, “Katie! Oh, Katie…!” being the only thoughts she’s capable of articulating as Kate sucks Victoria’s flanged head, engorged with blood and desire, between her lips with a wet pop that Victoria can feel all the way from her toes


For a time, there are no thoughts of showings or acquisitions, personnel or revenue, internships or charity functions, because for this glorious moment in Victoria’s otherwise hectic life, there is only the immaculate warmth and pull of Kate’s mouth, the swirl of her exquisite tongue as it runs the entire throbbing length of her. 


“Yes, yes, Katie yes...” Victoria groans like a wounded animal at the indescribable sensation of being engulfed by Kate’s tight throat when she plunges down impossibly deep, her red lips wrapping around the very base of her to leave wet, red smears on the way back up. There’s definitely a joke there about the Preacher’s Daughter not having much in the way of a gag reflex... not that Victoria has the wherewithal to think of the words, or the breath to speak them. Especially not while having the very soul sucked out of her body as fiercely and tenaciously as though Kate was trying to pull an apple through a fucking straw .


Fuck, baby, you’re so god damn good ” One of those delicate hands works her shaft as Kate lavishes her head with that expert tongue, the other sneaking beneath Victoria’s shirt to caress and knead and tease at her breasts.  One hand tightly gripping the silk sheets beneath her, the other tangled in Kate’s blonde hair, Victoria’s legs shake with the effort not to bring them tightly together around Kate’s head at the light but very deliberate scrape of Kate’s teeth against her increasingly sensitive glans that sends a jolt of pleasure careening throughout her body. 


I love you,” she cries, “I love you, I love you so fucking much…”  Victoria can feel the orgasm building, feel herself growing thicker with it from every caress, every lick, every pull of those sexy fucking lips.


It doesn’t take her long to bring Victoria past the point of no return… for after all these years together, Kate quite literally knows her lover both inside and out. And while she is most certainly capable of prolonging the moment to a cruelly delightful extent, she also knows exactly how to employ all the tools at her disposal (hands and lips and tongue and fingers and, yes, even teeth) to bring her to that quick, leq-quaking, toe-curling ecstasy whenever she so pleases.. 


But the real trick is in those fucking eyes , adorned with mascara-streaked tears from the effort of taking the entirety of Victoria’s length and girth. Those goddamn gorgeous hazel eyes that she closes to focus her all on the giving of pleasure, only to open again to meet Victoria’s needful gaze. I love you so much , those eyes say. You are my everything . I will forever be yours


Again and again those eyes speak to her, as clearly and emphatically as words ever could, until at last...


...Come for me baby, those loving eyes now plead, Kate’s cheeks pulling inwards as she sucks her way up every goddamn inch of Victoria’s cock. I want it, I need it… please, PLEASE, come for me...


Oh my fucking God, KATIE…! ” Victoria shouts, her own green eyes screwing shut at the wave of intense, tingling pleasure that courses through her. Her hands curl into Kate’s hair hard enough to start pulling it loose from her ponytail, her hips bucking upward and Kate wrapping her arms tightly around the small of her back to pull her in even more. Kate finally slows the pace of her devotions as that swollen member jerks and pulses inside of her, savoring every delicious moment as Victoria spills every last drop of love into her waiting mouth.


If you’d told the bratty, insecure teenager that Victoria was back in Blackwell that in a few years the quiet, prudish little church mouse would be sucking her cock like it was going out of style, she’d have thought you were crazy or high or both to even suggest Kate would be capable of something so crude, so seemingly incompatible with her pure and abstinent ways.


But for Kate, sex was never something crass, or sinful, because for Kate, life was about one thing... Love . Love for God and the blessings of His creation. Love for her community, her family, for the parents and friends she lost and the sisters she chose to raise like her own children. Love for her partner, and all the ways she could express that love: with cuddles and gentle touches; with kindness and acts of service; with knowing when to smother her with affection and when to give her the space she needs to figure things out on her own...


…and, yes, with sex . Because what was sex for Kate if not the ultimate expression of love, the joyous union of bringing one another ever closer to that uniquely heavenly ecstacy that comes of two people who have committed to sharing their lives, bodies, and souls together. Passion, desire, and sexual release are all aspects of her devotion, and in Victoria’s eyes, there couldn’t possibly be someone more devout than Kate Beverly Marsh.


Kate continues her slow and gentle ministrations until Victoria’s body quakes her last, until her ecstatic groans fade to lazy, satisfied “ mmm ”s, until Victoria’s cock grows soft and satiated against her tongue and cheeks. Finally, Kate releases Victoria’s wet and lipstick-stained flesh to hang half-limp between her legs, rising up to her knees for the grand finale of this little performance. Closing her eyes and tilting her chin upwards, Kate gives Victoria a full view of her delectably pale neck and swallows , her choker stretching and its white bunny pendant dancing around the bulge of her throat as Victoria’s seed makes its long way down. 


Smirking as she swabs the excess from corners of those glazed red lips, Kate pauses to lick the remainder from her fingers before sliding up to cuddle herself into Victoria’s waiting arms. 


Victoria pulls her into a long, slow kiss, never having been one to understand why some people are so fucking fragile about tasting themselves on the lips of their lovers. They stay just like that for several minutes more, molding into each other, kissing and contentedly humming and kissing some more until they both grow breathless. 


When Kate pulls away at last, Victoria takes a beat to just admire her . Her dirty-blonde hair, mussed and sweat-dampened, with several wayward strands half free from her ponytail. Her cheeks, marred with black mascara tracks and flushed from a combination of exertion and the hints of embarrassment she only ever seems to show in these moments of post-coital bliss. Her smile, small and sweet and slightly tremulous, the red paint smudged and diluted and just as much left behind on Victoria’s still twitching member as remains on her lips. Her hazel eyes, bluish-brown with little flecks of gold, gleaming with the light of all the endless love and devotion in her heart.


She is Victoria’s lover. Her goddess. And her future wife… if the ring Victoria has hidden away in the safe at the bottom of her shoe closet has anything to say about it, at least. 


“Well...? How would you rate your first Suck Her Dick Sunday so far?” Kate asks, her scratchy voice equal parts hard-earned smugness and a sincere desire to be praised for a job well done.


“Fucking fantastic ” Victoria giggles, giddy and lovestruck and just barely resisting the urge to run to the shoe closet in order to put a ring on it right goddamn now . To think that a four word meme she found on fucking Tumblr of all places could lead to something like... this . She reaches up to touch Kate’s reddened cheek, a caress her partner readily leans into. “Amazing. Five stars!”


“Well…” Kate smirks, turning to kiss and nip at Victoria’s palm before continuing. “... You know this means you have to keep your Sundays clear for me in the future, right? Unless, of course, you want me to come by your office next week…” she waggles her eyebrows, grinning as if to say she wouldn’t mind the latter suggestion at all


“That can… be arranged. Jessica might think you’ve finally convinced me to come to Jesus or whatever, but…”


Kate shrugs, her eyes taking on that tell-tale devilish twinkle that never ceases to amaze her partner. “Well, I wouldn’t say you’re coming to Jesus , but I suppose this is the next best thing...” Victoria’s gasp, half-scandalized and half-sincerely impressed at just how dirty her girlfriend can be when she puts her mind to it, only serves to make Kate’s resulting grin all the more impish.


And if she had any misbegotten notions that they were done for the day, they are completely dispelled by the smokey look in Kate’s eyes. By that tell-tale bite of her lower lip. And of course, by the way her left hand reaches down to start lazily rubbing and squeezing and tugging Victoria’s re-awakening member back to life all over again. 


She isn’t sure whether it’s that look Kate’s giving her or the sensation of her renewed touch or the realization that Kate absolutely intends to drain her fucking dry , on a weekly basis no less , that does the trick... but soon enough she’s rock hard and groaning and begging for more. 


And Kate, curling around to take Victoria from the side this time, most eagerly obliges.


Victoria is already thinking of exactly how she’s going to exact her revenge, earning a muffled, appreciative moan when she sneaks a hand up Kate’s shirt to toy with her breasts as her girlfriend settles into a rhythm once more. Tease Her Clit Tuesday , perhaps? Sit On My Face Saturday ? Whatever she comes up with, it’s bound to be extra as fuck … because just like Kate, Victoria will absolutely pull out all the stops to make sure that every night they spend together is the night of her life.


But for now, she just tilts her head back, her eyelids fluttering shut as fresh moans escape her lips from the renewed and insistent pleasure of Kate’s mouth… content to enjoy this new and exciting tradition of theirs to the fullest.