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Sharing a bed

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This is not the first time they have shared a bed, and she knows it well.

It all started when Itadori appears literally coming out of a box pushed by his eccentric Sensei, coming back from the dead. That night before the start of the competition between Tokyo and Kyoto schools, Nobara and Megumi drag him to his room. And after a short but intense conversation, the three collapse on top of each other. Luckily his newly rejoined partner does it first, letting them let their back tears flow, relieved to hear his heartbeat and smooth, steady breathing.

Nobara would not say that it is a habit, but it is so natural, that she is afraid to look for a word.

Many nights playing video games, watching YouTube videos, movies or simply Kugisaki's head on Itadori's abdomen and his legs on Megumi's thighs; Laughing or in comfortable silence, it ends with the three waking up a little numb (but happy) the next morning.

She has lost count.

A couple of hours ago Yuji knocked on her bedroom door, apologizing for disturbing her when she got out of a restorative shower. With a towel barely covering his body, the teenager blushes.

Cute. She thinks

He invites her to his place, blackmailing her with pizzas and sodas. She cannot be denied. She never would. He fires him promising to join him after putting on his pajamas and slippers.

Still with a towel wrapped around her wet hair and untangled, she gently knocks on the door before entering. She would be lying if she says that she is surprised to see Fushiguro lying on his other partner's bed watching him play a video game. There's an open bag of chips and a can.

Itadori offers her a wide smile and she returns it. Their meetings are never usually so quiet, she admits that they are quite a noisy duo. But they cannot deny the fatigue in their expressions and the dark circles that are beginning to form. Finishing the bridge mission has been the hardest thing to do since the school invasion. Especially for Nobara.

She settles into the empty space looking askance at her companions. It seems they both followed her line of thought, she can smell the soap and mint permeated in the air and the shiny hair. There is no dried blood on the skin anymore. Loose, comfortable, cotton clothing hugs their bodies. It's funny how these two counteract. Itadori wears a yellow duckling T-shirt and magenta pants. Megumi, on the contrary, opted as usual, for the range of gray. She might scoff at how boring it is to dress up. She decides to make a mental note and save it for another day.

Thank any deity out there that you both look more relaxed than a couple hours ago. Alive

Being back in the town where you lost the only person close to you (Nobara is not sure about this) has mobilized Fushiguro in a not very pleasant way. The damn amount of energy I use doesn't help either. He is sunk in the futon with no intention of moving at all. She has not seen him sleep on the return trip, nor ingest anything. She wants to say something until Itadori throws him a soda that falls on his chest. Without a word, he opens it and drinks a little, then goes on and finishes it completely. His gaze meets hers as he undoes the bow on her head. He offers her a warm, tired smile that is returned.

Her eyes search her other companion, the profile focused on the television, the light exploding against the pink tips of his hair.

Itadori cares no less. He's too kind for his own good. Any sorcerer would take this as a ganje of the trade. Of course, he is not just anyone. Their conversation comes back to her mind over and over again. She can see the grief on his face, the guilt, how unhuman he feels. Nobara corrects that. He feels little already, and this only makes him worse. She hopes that her words have been of comfort. He is important to her. It occupies a fundamental place in her life. If that's not enough, she will give him whatever he need. Be his accomplice. She would give him everything.

Thinking about that statement, which feels like the greatest truth of her life, makes her shudder.

Feel the weight of the bed move, when she look, Megumi is behind her (maybe blushing or just tired)

-Your hair is wet- comments the obvious. He has never been skilled with words. She keeps her eyes on him and hopes he continues - You're going to catch a cold.

How attentive has he been to her that he noticed the chill that he surely mistook with cold? Something warms in her chest, she knows he cares for her. They both do. In battles and training they never stop taking a fleeting glance at her. At first it offended her a lot, today, she cannot say the same. Damn they've softened her.

- You care about my Fushiguro-kun - the honorific is a joke. Hope he don't notice the slight tremor in her voice. He responds by rolling his eyes. She is surprised to see a comb (similar to her, but yellow) in his hands.

- Will you let me help? -he offers. He is tired and so is she. Having someone take care of  her hair doesn't sound bad.

She takes out the towel and turns around, finds Yuji staring at them so intensely that she has to look away. Their looks of this style are not new. But  she can't pinpoint when they changed.

Behind her, Megumi arranges her hair, she is surprised by how soft it is, both the touch of her fingers almost caressing her scalp and the use of the comb disarming its knots. It's embarrassing, but she can't help but lean on his care-pleased touch. Her body moves against him almost flush with his chest.

Her attention goes to the pink-haired young man, who has traded video games for a music channel. Or something like that. Nobara's mind is with other priorities.

He brings the pizza box closer, extending a slice and an orange soda to her (although both men hate it), giving her a smile, one of those genuine, relaxed ones that she hasn't seen anyone else direct ... someone else and is with them right now. He crosses his legs next to her while drinking his own cola.

 There back. That strange heat in his chest, from a stupid orange soda. Control tears. Tired, stressed, and injured from the battle, she tries to blame those things for her sensitivity.

A noise takes her out of her thoughts, which is undoubtedly coming from the stomach of the boy who is drying his hair with a dry towel. She looks up to meet an unchanging but flushed face. She tries to hide a smile but it is almost impossible.

She lifts her pizza to the level of hier partner's mouth.

- Say "aaaaaa" Fushiguro-she jokes pushing the food against him. He clicks his tongue in disgust. But anyway, he does it without hesitation. He bites down and she has to restrain himself from complimenting him. She takes her own bite, watching Megumi's cheeks swell sweetly as he chews.

Cute. She thinks.

Her gaze returns to his other partner who is watching the scene, delighted. As if they were both the most wonderful thing he's ever seen.

 -Come- Nobara hums, tapping her thighs gently. She don't have to say it twice, Itadori places her face on them and smirks. Nobara's pajamas are fluffy and long, printed with stars. She feels how long and pointed fingers trace her thighs joining the small white dots on the black background. She has to use all her strength not to flinch with satisfaction at the contact.

Megumi runs her fingers along the nape of his neck and then buries them in his hair, straightening and drying. Nobara's free hand moves without her thinking, to Itadori's hair. Massaging the base and caressing the tips. The young man has no shame of almost moaning at the contact.

 -Kugisakiiii - he cries. She looks at him with a frown- No one has fed me.

-You're the closest to the pizza, idiot-  she tries to scold him, her tone fails.

- You fed Fushiguro - he offers puppy eyes and a sweet pout.

Nobara rolls her eyes and brings the second serving to his mouth.The teenager bites almost to the tips of her fingers, she feels them gently brush her edges. His face becomes sweeter and brighter (if that is possible. Itadori is the sun itself)

She would give anything that the higher ups or any fool who talked about how dangerous is her friend, that he should be dead, or that his mere existence is a curse on humanity sees it that way. How she sees  him. She can't imagine anyone more worthy of living a long and happy life than the young man snuggled against her body.

So she doesn't know what to attribute this to (or yes, but it's hard to accept). She only knows that her face moves closer to his, leaving a sweet kiss on his cheek. He is a little surprised but so happy, that Nobara has doubts if this time she will be able to hold back the tears. So run her face not to look at him. But she cannot escape. Itadori's right hand cradles her face for her to look at him.

Like the sun that he is, he fills her with the only thing that emanate: peace, innocence and sweetness.

Megumi hums curiously after them. Itadori lets out a short but amused laugh.

- Now we are not even - he says while passing his thumb over the cheekbone. He refers to the kiss.

Nobara always annoys Megumi. Because it's so easy to make him nervous and angry, he practically screams for his friends to tease him. But now, she is the one who does not want to look at him. Itadori smiles at him and moves his eyebrows playfully. She feels the weight of her friend against her back and then a face on her shoulder. She barely turns her gaze to find a pale profile, barely flushed, a pointed nose, sweet eyes and long eyelashes that she envies (but loves how they look on him), and the most subtle smile of satisfaction.

 -Come on Kugisakiiiii - Itadori cries louder.

Feel how Megumi adjusts so that her face is embedded in her body.

She bites her lip and barely turns, to press her lips to her cheek. Itadori's hand never lets go of its grip during the entire process. He watches the whole scene from his friend's legs, worshiping these two human beings who are in his life. Nobara leaves her lips there as Megumi looks at Itadori, her hands moving until both boys are holding hands with their friend caged between them.

This moment, away from curses, from clans, from executions, is what all three want. The comfort of the other's body, warm, alive.

Kugisaki smiles when she sees the joined hands and how his idiots look intently at each other. Away from discomfort, she could stare at them all her life.

Itadori mutters something, she can't hear. Megumi's laughter slaps against her back

-Now the one who is totally uneven is you -said Megumi moving her face, she detaches her lips from him, who now looks at her intensely. Their faces from centimeters away. Nobara wonders what would happen if she presses her lips against his, if she will feel the coffee taste of his soda.

Feel the hand that has not released her face, move on her jaw, soft, delicate.

-We have to solve that Fushiguro.

The dark-haired man smiles at her and hugs her shoulders, falling together on the fluffy futon, unable to avoid a funny scream coming out of her throat. She can't deny how shocked she is at the physical contact her normally stoic partner has made. But she knows that behind that facade, he has reserved these attitudes for the two of them. It makes her feel special. Dear.

Yuji follows without holding Megumi's hand, now curled up on Nobara's head. The first embraces her around the waist, pressing her against him, kissing her cheek, once, twice and three times. She tries to push him away laughing, but he insists on kissing any free space of skin.

Fushiguro watches them play before pressing his free hand against her abdomen and kissing her temple. It's a single kiss, it doesn't last long, but it short-circuits inside her.

She could not choose in ten lives which of the two she prefers. She can't do it.

And as if the truck that almost hit her earlier, really did. The obvious hits her. She wants them both. Together. At the same time. Don't imagine doing this if one is missing.

-Can you please stop being sucked into the floor or walls during our missions - she feels Megumi's smile against her temple. But what he says is not a joke.

-You scared us a lot today.- Itadori murmurs against her cheek.

Now she looks at him, his face millimeters from hers, the pink tips of his hair brushing her cheeks. The same curiosity about the lips of her other partner: she wants to taste him. But before doing anything, he snuggles against her neck, lips pressing against her pulse, feeling the blood rush, the heat on her living skin.

Feel the other's chin lean against the top of his head, and she snuggles against his chest. Her free hands go down to his abdomen to take his hands, both warm, a little callused, comfortable. But only for her. It is privacy reserved for moments like this.

They snuggle closer together, if that is possible, the smell of both invades her lungs, their legs intertwine, and she can feel their breath against his skin. They are a lullaby to her body, it relaxes her by sinking deeper against her boys, makes her eyelids heavy, letting all the weight of the past few days (and maybe all this life she chose) disappear for a while. Nobara swears she hears Itadori whispering "please don't ever leave us" 'against her skin, as Megumi hums a nod, squeezing the two of them closer.


Three soft drinks wake her up at dawn, there is still no hint of light filtering through the window. She is still curled up in the same position as last night, only the hands that were on her pajamas are now against her warm skin. She hates herself for breaking this, but she really needs to go to the bathroom.

She separates the limbs that squeeze his body, until Itadori complains and sticks more. "Bath" she whispers and he loosens his grip. She thinks  heard Megumi say "come back" or maybe he just cursed her for waking him up.

She runs on tiptoe almost sighing when she reaches the bathroom.

When she comes out there is a bit of clarity, she sees the clock on the side table reading 6 a.m.

She looks to the futon to see her boys hugging. Filling the space that she left. Itadori has half of her face hidden from Megumi's neck, the arms of one encircling the other. The dim light barely bathes them, marking their features and the hair that falls on them.

How cute. She thinks

Nobara stands next to the bed, looking at them. She would kill and die for these two. If she has to go, she's fine with it. But they have to be safe. She will fight with claws and teeth (perhaps better with hammers and cloves) against anyone who tries to hurt them.

Not wanting to disturb this sweet moment, she settles on the edge of the bed behind Itadori's back. It is not enough to cover that two large hands grab her by the waist and return her to the place she occupies for most of the night. Both young men snuggle against her body.

-I said go back.- Megumi complains against his ear. Oh, so she didn't mishear.

- I didn't want you  wake up. You  looked comfortable.-  she apologizes in a low voice trying to sound annoyed.

-It's not comfortable without you.- Itadori says it like it's the most obvious thing.

Her belly is shaking and her heart is pounding. Maybe, just maybe. They feel the same as her. The chemistry between the two teenagers was obvious, Nobara was always afraid of being left out, of being a bad third. But maybe she isn't sure of that, not now that they cling to her body as if their lives depended on it.

The hands of Itadori and Megumi are snuggled under her clothes, against the skin of her belly, she is not wearing underwear, she is relieved that Itadori's hand does not go up more... But if she is honest with herself, she is a 95 % disappointed that it doesn't. The idea makes her blush terribly.

She stretches her arms to wrap them around the neck and bring them closer. Place a kiss on Fushiguro's chin (near his lower lip) and another on the corner of Itadori's mouth. They both moan softly pleased.

-Sleep- command against his ear. Itadori laughs and his vibration spreads all over her skin.

She restrains himself for not pressing his lips against theirs, but it would be unfair to do that in the moment of unconsciousness of the dream, not to talk about it, not to receive an answer. She knows what is going to happen. It is inevitable that one of these days she throws herself at both of them, angry or crying, overwhelmed by her emotions, yelling her obvious feelings.


She has to work on that a bit.


For now she's going to enjoy this moment, again pressing kisses against the skin near her idiots' lips.