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Space Oddity

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Space Oddity


Chapter One: Listening At Bar Stools


Nutter’s Tavern, in a small backwater planet on the farthest spiral of the Andromeda Galaxy, was reputed to be the seediest, dirtiest, nastiest bar within a hundred parsecs of civilized Space. The sort of clientele it attracted were more interested in starting fights, getting drunk, and starting more fights than in behaving. Fortunately for the tavern, and not so fortunately for a few unlucky patrons, the bartender was one Anathema Device. She looked harmless, but she was an Andromedan born human, and as such had been enhanced with several genetic upgrades that allowed her to live in the harsh climate of the planet not so affectionately known as Hell. They also gave her lightning quick reflexes which allowed her to end fights almost before they began.


She was wiping down a brown substance on the counter that seemed to be squeaking at her when the doors to the tavern banged back and Anthony J Crowley came sauntering in, reveling as he always did in the stares he was getting. Anathema sighed, reached under the bar and pulled out a bottle of Jovian whiskey, pouring the volatile alcohol into a special glass. It fizzled and popped, looking like it was boiling hot. She left the bottle next to the glass.


“Heya, Ana!” Crowley slid into the bar stool. Well, as best as he could with his hips. Crowley, like Ana, was human born, but unlike most of the population, who had come to Hell for varying reasons, Crowley had been born here. He had the golden eyes and red hair of the native populace known as Demons, and like the rest of the natives, he could stand very high heat without any problem. Cold, however, sent him into almost a torpor, which meant that for six months of the year, when Hell turned away from its sun and almost literally froze over, Crowley did his best to be as far away as possible. “How’s it going?”


Ana grunted and slapped the brown thing, which hissed at her and scuttled on tiny legs down the bar. “It’s going fine. What about you?”


Crowley slugged his whiskey and poured another, waiting for it to stop bubbling before he drank a bit slower. “I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”


Anathema blinked at him. “Oh, I dunno, maybe because the entire galaxy is talking about the former bounty hunter that refused to do a job for Lucien Morningstar and was subsequently blackballed from the Trade?” Crowley didn’t say anything, just stared into his glass. “Why’d you say no, Anthony? I know Lucien is as crooked as they come, but I’ve seen you take less than scrupulous jobs before. Hell, you’ve got a rep for it.”


Crowley sighed. “This was different, Ana. He...he wanted me to smuggle children.”


Anathema frowned. “But you’ve done that before. Lots of times.”


“Not like this. He wanted me to take them to...” Crowley’s breath hitched. “The Jovian mines. As slaves.” Ana gasped. “I know I’ve done some horrible things for money, and I can’t say I’m proud of them, but don’t hurt children. I told him to shove his money up his ass, and the next thing I know, I’m blackballed. Which is part of the reason why I’m here.”


Ana sighed. “You want to know if I’ve heard anything. I haven’t. But I do need to warn you that Hastur and Ligur have started coming in here in the past few weeks, so unless you want your face rearranged, I suggest you find someplace to hide.”


Crowley grabbed the bottle and slid bonelessly off the bar stool, sauntering his way to a spot where he would be unseen yet still be able to overhear the conversations at the bar. He stared at his arms, which were covered in the tattoos common to most Hunters.


Crowley had the golden skin of a native Hellion, eyes that were a deep, deep gold with snake like slits, and hair that was redder than the sun. He was wearing typical Hellion garb, which consisted of a black robe that clung to every inch of him and was made of a material that refracted and absorbed the heat. He wore his hair long, in defiance of tradition, and kept it off his face by putting it in a complex braid. His feet and legs were bare and also covered in tattoos.


“Hastur, Ligur, hello!” Ana said a trifle too loudly. Crowley immediately flipped the hood of his robe up to obscure his face and scooted closer to the bar. “What can I get you gents?”


“Martian gin, and then you can go polish the other end of the bar. Me and Ligur is having a private talk, you savvy?” Hastur grunted out. Anathema poured the reddish brown liquid into two glasses and made herself scarce. Hastur looked around, his gaze furtive. Crowley strained his ears. “So, whaddaya think? The money’s the best there’s been in a long time.”


“Yeah. But how do we know this ‘Treasure that Talks’ is even real? How do we know ole Tyler isn’t winding us up?”


Crowley tried not to salivate. Tyler was R.P. Tyler, aka the richest man on Hell. Tyler was a ‘collector of oddities’, according to him, and he was forever looking for unusual additions to his zoo. Crowley himself thought the man was a slimeball of the highest order, but he had done quite a few jobs for him, and had been paid very well. Bounty hunters and smugglers such as him couldn’t really afford too many scruples. Except when it came to kids. You don’t hurt kids. He scooted closer.


“Nah, it exists. Problem isn’t that. Problem is, it’s in the Uncharted Zone.”


Crowley could almost hear Ligur gulp. The Uncharted Zone was a section of the galaxy that had been deemed too dangerous to colonize, due to rogue meteors, planets with deadly atmospheres, and other things. Only fools went into the Zone, and it was considered a Galactic Crime to enter without express permission. “Well, I guess that’s it then. No way we’re getting the permits.”


Hastur smirked and pulled two round discs out of his pocket. “Tyler gave ‘em to me. All we need is our biometric prints, and we’re set.”


Crowley drooled and wiped his mouth. He couldn’t imagine how much it must have cost Tyler to have those made, but he knew it had to amount to a pretty penny. Suddenly, what he wanted more than anything was to find this Treasure first. He stood, making sure his hood was concealing his face, then walked by the stool that Hastur was sitting on, limping exaggeratedly. When he reached the stool, he pretended to stumble right into him. Hastur yelped in anger as gin spilled down his front. “Watch it!”


Crowley slurred his voice and fumbled at his shirt. “Sorry, din’t see you, how’s it goin…?” His right hand shot out and snatched the permit discs off the bar, slipping them into a hidden pocket in his robe. “Wanna have a drink?”


Hastur shoved him. “Get off me, you worthless rabble!” Crowley stumbled towards the door, weaving rather neatly between the tables.


Once outside, he took off at a dead run for a transport to take him to the shipyards. He knew it wouldn’t be long before Hastur figured out the discs were missing, and he planned to be at least a thousand miles away before that happened.


Hastur wiped off his shirt. Stupid drunks, running into him and...”Ligur?”




“Please tell me you put the permit discs in the bag.”


Ligur shrugged. “Nope. Thought you had them.”


“That drunk! He stole them! HEY!” Hastur shouted across the bar, and Ana came over, looking unruffled.




“That man that ran into me, where did he go?!”


Ana shrugged. “Didn’t see anyone, sorry.”


“AARRGHH! Come on, maybe we’ll be able to catch him!” They ran out of the bar. Ana sighed and cleaned up.



Crowley ran up the steps of The Bentley. She was a small transport craft, built back in the early days of exploration, and he had lovingly restored her to her former beauty after finding her in a junkyard on Pluto. She was like him, sleek and beautiful, and like him, she loved going fast. Crowley slid into the driver seat and pressed the button. Bentley came to life.


‘I’m a rocket ship on my way to Mars!’ The AI sang out. Crowley smiled and patted the console.


“Hello to you too.” Crowley had, for some odd reason, become enamored with Earth culture, most especially with a band that had been around in the 20th century called Queen. He had spent hours in the Galactic Archives on Pandora(Andromeda’s sister planet) listening to their music, and had wired Bentley’s AI to respond with their song lyrics.


Earth itself was a deserted planet, with most of the populace scattered to the different galaxies. Crowley had been there once, on a job, and had liked it well enough. He knew that it had taken a long, long time for the other civilized races in the universe to accept humans, and there were still some species that reacted with hostility. (It wouldn’t occur to Crowley until later that most of these species lived in the Uncharted Zone.)

He pulled the discs out and slid them into a compartment on the console. He was an old hand at this. Take a disc that has another person’s biometric print on it, run it through a digital scanner, tap a few buttons, and boom, you’ve got yourself a clean disc. These hadn’t even been imprinted yet, much to Crowley’s delight. He typed in his bio code, hit a button, and the discs were imprinted with his genetic print, unable to be used by anyone else. He tucked them back in his pocket, buckled himself in, and took off.



Not ten minutes later, Hastur and Ligur came running into the ship yard. Hastur found an unfortunate worker and grabbed her by the throat. “What was that transport that just took off?!” She choked, and he eased his grip.


“B..Bentley! She’s called Bentley!” Hastur’s eyes went black and he dropped her. She took off.


“CROWLEY! THAT ASSHOLE!” Hastur spun on his heel. “Come on, Ligur. We’re going to catch that bastard, and when we do, the whole fucking Spiral is going to hear him scream.”


Crowley took a deep breath as he approached the Border. Behind him was Civilization. In front was the Uncharted Zone. He eased Bentley closer. When he was at the edge, he spotted the border patrol’s transport.




Crowley slid the disc into the slot. The information was fed into the border patrol’s computer. Five minutes passed, and Crowley was beginning to fear he would have to make the jump into hyperspace when the disc was spat back out.




Crowley released a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding and eased Bentley into the Zone. Now all he had to do was call Tyler. He opened the comm channel and pulled up his number.


Tyler’s ratty face appeared on his screen. “Crowley? Why are you calling me?”


“Oh, just to tell you there’s been a change of plans. I’m going after the Treasure. Now, you can try and send others, but you an’ I both know that there’s nobody better than me at this job.”


“Weren’t you blackballed?”


Crowley leaned back and put his feet up. “Eh, maybe. Consider this my foray into freelancing. But, if you don’t want this treasure, I could always turn Bentley around...”


“NO!” Tyler’s shout was desperate, and Crowley grinned. Rich suckers were so fun. “No, that won’t be necessary. But there is a few conditions. I want it brought back alive and unhurt. This...if you do this, bring it to me, I will make you a very rich man. And you also have to beat Hastur and Ligur to it.”


“So it’s a race? Sounds fun.” Crowley said with a grin. He was pretty sure Bentley could outfly any piece of shit transport that they could acquire.


“Best man wins.” Tyler said before signing off. Crowley’s grin got wider.


The grin faded when he noticed several rather large objects heading straight towards him. “Bentley, evasive maneuvers!” The ship responded, dodging the first of many asteroids and meteors. Crowley strapped himself in and hung on.


Then an asteroid that looked to be the size of a small planet loomed in his vision. Crowley yanked Bentley to one side, but it was too little, too late. There was a horrid tearing sound, and an alarm began to wail. Lights flashed on the console. “No! No no no!”


Bentley spiraled down, her engines dead. Crowley could see a planet beneath him, and he braced for impact.


The ship crashed with a bang that rattled Crowley’s brains in his head. He was flung out of his seat, and collided with something very hard.


Crowley blinked groggily. There was something sticking out of his leg, and something red on his robe.


“Well, fuck.” He managed before passing out.



Aziraphale had been rearranging his books by color when he saw the light on the horizon. He blinked. The sun rose in the North here, and that light had come from the South. His tendrils twitched, and he made a soft trilling sound of confusion. He went outside and flew up a bit, scanning the planet. There. A small craft had crashed! Aziraphale knew what it was, had seen many of them fly over his planet, but none had ever landed here. He trilled in happiness. At last, he would have a companion! But what if the being was scared of him? Aziraphale’s fur darkened, a sign that the Celestial was fretting. But then the thought hit him. The transport had crashed! What if the being needed help?


He flew to the ship, trilling in sympathy at how banged up it was. His tendrils waved, and he landed. At first, he didn’t see anything, but then he spotted something red. Trilling happily, he lifted the debris one handed and gaped at the being that lay beneath it, dead to the world.


He scooted closer. Broken leg, and lots of internal injuries. He stroked his tendrils over the body, healing him. At least Aziraphale assumed it was a him. The Celestial didn’t really have a gender in the strictest sense, but liked to use him and he. The human(Aziraphale was also pretty sure of the species) was still asleep, and night was coming on fast.


Aziraphale scooped the human up and flew towards his cave.

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Chapter Two: Of Such Great Meetings


“Can’t you make this fucking piece of shit fly any faster?” Hastur growled in rage at the hapless pilot. Bad enough that he and Ligur had lost the permit discs to enter the UZ, and bad enough that Tyler had refused to get them any more, citing that he already paid a significant amount for the first ones(and Ligur pointing out he was the richest man on Hell didn’t sway the bastard one inch), but now they had to rely on this twitchy lizard.


Newt was short, and had the green, scaly skin and long tail of the native Pandoran. He also had a not so small crush on Anathema, and had been coming to her bar nightly trying to work up the courage to chat her up. His first foray out consisted of him badly introducing himself, spilling Venusian firewhiskey down the front of his robe, and falling off the stool when his tail decided it wanted to swat at a fly rather than keep him balanced. Anathema thought he was a bit klutzy, but kind of cute, so she had taken it all in stride and gotten him cleaned up and a fresh glass. After that he had started coming to Nutter’s almost every night, slowly gaining confidence. He still got tongue tied whenever Ana smiled at him, but at least now he could hold an entire conversation without reverting to his native clicks and grunts.


Unluckily for him, Newt also happened to be the owner of a small leisure ship, built for short hops and trips to the outer rim of Pandora. Dick Turpin, as the ship was called, was old, lagged constantly, and broke down at the drop of a hat. Newt kept a large sledgehammer under the console and knew the name of every space mechanic between Andromeda and the UZ. Even more unluckily, Hastur and Ligur had somehow found this out and bullied the hapless lizard into taking them on as passengers.


“I t..told you, if I go any f...faster, Border Patrol will notice. We have to g...get close enough for the Hyper Drive to take affect.” Newt said, beads of moisture on his face. Why oh why couldn’t he have put off going to see Ana for just one night? He knew why, because she was sweet, and kind, and rather beautiful. She had even complimented him on his scales, saying how lovely and smooth they were. “I would also suggest that you conceal yourselves under that seat there.” Newt pointed to the back. “I’m going to go fast when I go.”


Hastur grunted and hid under the seat, Ligur crowding next to him. They were both from the Outer Spiral of the Horsehead Galaxy, a small planet called Chamo, and they had left as soon as they could, taking on any job that would allow them to hurt people. They both liked hurting people, and had been detained no less than fifteen times by Galactic Patrol, even spending six years in the Jovian mines. Hastur was pale, with black eyes, while Ligur had dark, bumpy skin and feral yellow eyes. They both trusted nobody but each other. “Think he’ll be able to do it?” Ligur asked, eyes on the pilot. Hastur grunted like a frog.


“He’d better, otherwise we’re going to gut us a lizard and do it ourselves.” He said, lovingly caressing his knife.


Newt gulped. His enhanced hearing had picked up everything, and he felt a tremor go up his spine. “Please work...” He inched as close as he dared to the Border, scanned for any Patrol ships, and when he found none, pressed the button that would take the ship into Hyper Drive.


Dick Turpin leaped forward like a scalded cat, space became elongated, and Newt shrieked. Seconds later, things stabilized, and they were inside the Uncharted Zone, with the Patrol none the wiser. Ligur came out of hiding first, smiling a smile that made Newt’s cold blood turn to ice. “I guess you get to live, Scalie.” Newt winced at the derogatory nickname.

Dick Turpin flew on through the black.



Everything hurt. Crowley swam up out of unconsciousness, wincing at the pain. Even his hair hurt. He blinked, trying to remember what had happened. He had been taking evasive maneuvers to avoid the meteors, there had been something very large, and…


“Oh, Somebody! Bentley!” The ship, from what little Crowley had seen before passing out, had been rather badly damaged. He only hoped the AI wasn’t as well, because without it, Bentley wouldn’t be able to run a diagnostic and repair herself. He had to go check, he…


He sat up and a wave of nausea hit him, so powerful it made him cry out and fall back down. He could make out his surroundings a bit now. He was in some sort of cave, and he was covered in what appeared to be a blanket of the softest fur he had ever felt. There was another pelt under his head, serving as a pillow. Next to him, within easy reach, was a pile of red berries and a crudely carved cup that held what looked like water. He picked up a berry and sniffed at it. It smelled a bit odd, but not too bad. He popped it in his mouth and moaned. It was almost sinfully sweet, the juice sharp on his tongue. He grabbed another, devouring it. Now he just had to figure out how to drink the water. He started to slowly pull himself to a semi upright position when he spotted movement in the mouth of the cave. “Who...who’s there?” Great, he didn’t even have a weapon to defend himself with. “I...I really hope you’re the bloke who saved me, because if not...I...I’ll make a horrible meal! I’m all skin and bones!”


A soft trilling sound reached his ears, and he watched, mouth agape, as his rescuer came into sight. Crowley couldn’t take his eyes off him(?) her(?)them(?) Well, whatever the gender was didn’t matter. What mattered was that his rescuer was beautiful.


They were tall, almost as tall as Crowley, and their six eyes were a brilliant blue. They had fur so blond it was almost white covering most of their soft, plump looking body, except for the chest, which was covered in golden scales that looked to be as hard as armor. Four sets of wings stuck out of their back, their feathers every color of the rainbow. Soft, feathery tendrils extended from where their shoulders were, and these tendrils were waving about in the air, separate of any movements the creature was making. Their hands and feet were covered in downy tufts of fur, and they had blunt claws. They came over to Crowley, smiling, and Crowley gulped. “H..hello?”


Aziraphale trilled happily, waving his tendrils. He was so thrilled that the human was awake. Now he just needed to communicate with him. He reached out a tendril, and the human shrank back, fear on his face. Aziraphale’s fur darkened, and he trilled a sad note, shaking his head. He wouldn’t hurt this human. He wasn’t his brothers and sisters! He blinked, then his fur brightened and he pressed a tendril to his own forehead, trilling in what he hoped was a reassuring tone. The human blinked, and Aziraphale slowly extended another tendril. This time, the human allowed him to press it to his forehead, opening a channel.


Crowley had expected the tendril to feel cold, but instead a warmth spread through him. He sighed, then nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a rich, musical voice inside his head. “Oh, that’s much better. Can you tell me your name? Well, not tell, you just have to think it. I’m Aziraphale.”


“Uh...uh..Crowley. My name’s Crowley. How…?”


Aziraphale smiled. “Telepathic communication. I can’t actually speak the human tongue, my mouth isn’t made for all those silly vowels, but I can open a telepathic channel and communicate that way. If you want me to close it, I shall, but then we’d be at a communication impasse, as it would take many of your years to learn my language.”


“No, no, it’s fine. Just a bit startling, that’s all.” Crowley thought. “Um...can you understand human speech?”


“You mean if you talked normally would I be able to translate? Yes, of course. But there’s more important matters. How did you get here?”


Crowley looked down at his hands. “It’s a long story, Aziraphale.”


The Celestial sat down. “I’ve got nowhere to go.” Crowley smiled tentatively and took a breath.


“Well, it all started a few months ago...”


When he finished, Aziraphale helped him sit up and sip the water, which was the coldest and sweetest Crowley had ever had in his life. He deliberately ignored the fact that Aziraphale’s fingers were cool on his skin and that his fur was incredibly soft and smelled absolutely divine. “It sounds, my dear, like you had no choice. But I can’t help you with this Treasure, I’m afraid. Do you have any idea what it looks like?”


“Not a ruddy clue. Tyler didn’t even have a picture, just told Hastur and Ligur it was in the Uncharted Zone. Which, by the way, leads me to ask why you’re here.”


Crowley looked up and felt himself wanting to drown in those blue eyes. “I mean, this isn’t exactly...well, you just don’t seem like you belong.”


Aziraphale’s fur darkened. “That’s the problem. I didn’t. My...people, they Cast me Out for...seditious thoughts, let’s say.” He stared off into the middle distance, remembering the anger on his brother Gabriel’s face, the revulsion and disgust on his other siblings’. “It’s in the past. I came here because I had nowhere else to go, and I made it my home.”


Crowley sighed. “Until I crashed here and disrupted your routine. I won’t be a burden for long. Depending on the damage, my ship can repair herself fairly quickly.” He gasped. “Aziraphale, when you found me, was there a small object about this big next to me?” He held his hands about six inches apart.


Aziraphale trilled to himself, then flapped his wings. “Yes! I put it on one of my bookshelves. I’ll go get it!” He ran towards the front of the cave, his wings ruffling and catching the light that seemed to be coming from a hole in the ceiling. Crowley gulped as his fur hit the light, seeming to almost glow. Hellborn, but he was gorgeous. Crowley wanted to bury himself in that fur, wanted those claws to scratch and stroke him, wanted those tendrils everywhere.


He had known from a very young age that he was not only gay, but also a Xeno. Humans were okay, and he’d had a few flings with members of his own species, but aliens, they got him hot and bothered. But he had a specific type. If the alien looked humanoid, Crowley wasn’t interested. No, they had to look as alien as possible. He also loved being told what to do in bed. Sadly for him, his love life was as dry as the proverbial desert.


This alien, this Aziraphale, was ticking every last one of Crowley’s ‘please fuck me’ boxes. He was obviously very strong, since he had carried Crowley all the way from the crash site to this cave, he had a soft, kind face, and was bloody fucking gorgeous, with fur that smelled like the best spices ever and was softer than a cloud, eyes that the Hellion wanted to drown in, and thighs that no doubt hid some very nice equipment. Crowley was pretty sure Aziraphale could snap him in half with his thighs, and wouldn’t that be a marvelous way to go?


“Here it is!” Aziraphale waved the mini computer, and Crowley prayed to the Deity that he hadn’t heard his lustful thoughts. He may be a Xeno, but that didn’t mean Aziraphale was.


“Thanks.” He took it, trying not to tremble too badly when their fingers brushed and a jolt of electricity skittered up his spine. He tapped the power button, and to his immense relief it started up.


‘I am a still life, I’m out of control!’ Crowley sighed and tapped a few buttons. Aziraphale watched, head tilted and trilling in soft confusion. Crowley scrolled through the information on screen. “Hellborn, it’s going to take her at least a month to get fully repaired!”


Aziraphale tried not to look too thrilled at the prospect of this rather beautiful human staying with him for a month. “I’ve got plenty of room, my dear. I don’t really sleep, so you’re welcome to my bed. I do hope you don’t mind that my shed pelts are used as blankets and pillows.”


“, not at all.” Crowley croaked out, beet red. He looked around the cave. “Nice place.”


Aziraphale shrugged. “It suits my purposes. Later, when you’ve recovered, I’ll show you the safe places on this planet. But you have to swear to me that no matter what, once night falls, you will not leave this cave, not for anything. There’s things out there that come out at night that not even I can fight against.” Crowley gulped and promised. “Oh, good. I have another question. What are those marks on your pelt, and why do you only have fur on top of your head? I do not know a lot about humans, you see, but I’ve always found them fascinating.”


“’re called tattoos., but on my skin. And it’s hair, not fur.”Crowley reached behind and undid his braid, letting his hair loose. Aziraphale gasped, and Crowley smirked to himself. He knew his hair was one of his best traits, and he kept it looking perfect. “You can can touch it, if you want.” ‘Please want’.


Aziraphale reached out a hand and ran his claws through Crowley’s hair, trilling. “Soft.” Crowley leaned in, his eyes closed at the sensation of Aziraphale’s claws. Oh, they felt so good. Aziraphale scooted closer, his eyes burning into Crowley’s, and just as Crowley was about to close the distance, his stomach growled loudly, startling them both.


Aziraphale jumped back as if scalded, his fur a deep red. “Oh, I am sorry! You must be starving, and the redberries are hardly a significant source of nourishment! I should have something! I’ll be right back!” He darted out of the cave.


Crowley cursed in several languages. Still, he thought, he had a month. A lot could happen in a month.



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Chapter Three: Reach Out Touch Me


There weren’t many nice places on Hell. The planet was one of extremes. Depending on what side you were on, you either got roasted or froze. The native Hellions, or as they liked to call themselves, Demons, tended to mostly live on the South side of the planet, where all the heat was. But every six months, the planet rotated, and the majority of the natives fled underground or to shelters on the North side. East and West tended to stay the same.


The North side of Hell was what could possibly be called the ‘posh’ area, if one stretched the definition of posh to include ‘homes that weren’t in a danger of being collapsed by an avalanche or flooded out when the ocean thawed.’ It consisted of rocky crags, ice caves that held some very nasty beasts with very sharp teeth and claws, and a giant, frozen ocean that dramatically thawed every six months, flooding most of the North side only to refreeze instantly when the sun rotated back to the South side. Yet it was here that the so called ‘rich’ had congregated, and on the high slope of many a hill could be seen manses of varying garishness.


The most garish of these, a large blue monstrosity that sat smack dab in the middle of the highest crag, belonged to one Richard Peter Tyler, or as everyone except his dear Mummy(who called him Petie Pie) called him, R.P. Tyler. Or Mr. Tyler. Tyler was a short, rat faced man who had amassed vast wealth through less than savory means, and had been forced to flee the Saturn colonies when word of those means had reached the ears of the Inter Galactic Police. Hell was notorious for being one of the few places in civilized space that even the IGP hesitated to enter, and the Hellions were not fans of law and order. Tyler had taken the money and run, as the saying goes, and set up shop on Hell.


Tyler didn’t care how he made his money. All he cared was how much. He’d been a smuggler, then when that proved less than lucrative went into quite a few very shady business deals and cleaned up. He had enemies in nearly every galactic quadrant, but none of that made any difference to him.


He walked down a corridor of his massive house, a large black key in his hand. When he reached the end of the corridor, he used the key to unlock a large door. The room behind the door was large, with strange carvings on the walls, ceiling, and floor. In the center of the room was a pair of massive chains that ended in cuffs made of silver, with the same symbols carved into them. There was no light at all save the feeble one from the corridor. Tyler went over to the far right wall and ran his hands down the symbols. Soon, he thought to himself. If Crowley was as good as his reputation suggested, Tyler would soon have the prize of his Collection, a Celestial.


A cough wracked his body, and he gazed ruefully at the spots of blood on his handkerchief. It had to be soon. He didn’t have much longer to wait.


He exited the room, closing and locking the door behind him.




“ley? Owley? Crowley!” Aziraphale’s voice stirred Crowley up into a sort of soupy awareness. The Hellion’s teeth were chattering, his skin had a blue tinge, and he couldn’t stop shaking, even though he was buried under three pelts. “What’s wrong? Why are you turning blue?”


“” Crowley stuttered. He couldn’t seem to get warm, no matter how hard he tried. “D..didn’t tell me...night got so...cccold.”

Aziraphale’s tendrils waved in distress, and he made an unhappy trilling noise. He had gone out to get food for his guest, making sure to not venture too far past the mouth of the cave, and had found some fish in the stream that ran behind his home. They were nasty pieces of work, but tasted rather good, and Aziraphale had eaten his fill before taking some more back to the cave. He was pretty sure that humans ate their food cooked, and had started a fire, then gone over to where Crowley lay to bring him dinner, only to find him nearly unresponsive and ice cold to the touch. “Why are you so cold?”


“M a Hellion.” Crowley mumbled, and by the confused look in Aziraphale’s eyes it was clear he had no clue what Crowley was talking about. “Need heat. Get cold, go into...brumation. Hibernation. Shut down.” He labored out, his breath already starting to slow. “Need heat...”


Aziraphale blinked, then trilled in understanding and scooped Crowley up, blankets and all. Crowley tried and failed not to blush a deep crimson. He carried Crowley over to the fire, setting him down in front of it. Crowley immediately started breathing better and some color came back into his skin. Aziraphale pulled the fish out with a tendril and poked it. He supposed it was done enough. He passed it over to Crowley, who gazed at it with dull eyes, his teeth still chattering. “Eat.”


Crowley blinked, still in a torpor, and Aziraphale gently extended a tendril and pushed his mouth open, placing the fish inside. Crowley chewed and swallowed on instinct, and Aziraphale’s fur brightened as his tendrils waved about in a happy pattern. He fluttered his wings and scooped up another piece of fish. Crowley opened his mouth on his own this time.


“Better?” Aziraphale asked once all the fish was gone. Crowley nodded, and Aziraphale’s whole body wiggled in joy. “Oh, I’m so glad.”


Crowley wrapped himself in the pelts. He was still bloody cold, but the food had warmed his belly, and he didn’t feel like he was going to go into Brumation anymore. A sudden thought hit him, and he looked down at himself. “Uh, Aziraphale?”




“Umm..when were you going to tell me I was buck ass naked?” Crowley asked, trying very hard not to blush. Aziraphale tilted his head, blinking in confusion.


“Naked? What does that mean?” He asked, his tendrils waving in confusion and his fur a strange mix of gold and white.


“When you...found me, I had on a robe. Where is it?”


Aziraphale trilled in confusion, his tendrils twisting together. “I do not understand. What is ‘robe?’ Do you mean the outer pelt you had?” Crowley frowned, then nodded. Aziraphale brightened. Literally. He glowed, and Crowley shielded his eyes. “Sorry. The outer pelt had been badly damaged. I removed it. Was it meant to stay on? It had...what is the human word...redstuff.”




Aziraphale’s wings and tendrils fluttered and his fur turned gold. “Yes! Blood! That is the word! All...blood and tear. Threw away. But if you need pelt for warmth, I can lend you one of my shed ones. Like..robe?” Before Crowley could respond, Aziraphale dashed to the far end of his cave. He returned moments later with something in his arms. “Pelt. Robe for Crowley. Warm.” He held the something out, and Crowley took it. “Try on?”


Crowley gulped and looked around. Not seeing anyplace that he could conceal himself(and more importantly, his rather large erection) he decided to bite the bullet. He stood and dropped the blankets. Aziraphale’s fur went dark red and he made a low trilling sound. “Aziraphale?” Crowley gulped as his companion came closer, his six eyes nearly black. Crowley felt himself trembling as one of the tendrils pressed against his bare chest. It was softer than any feather, and Crowley whimpered. “Aziraphale?”


“Are all humans as beautiful as you?” The Celestial asked, his voice soft and full of awe. “Are they?”


Crowley was shaking with desire. This close, Aziraphale’s scent was maddening, and another tendril was caressing his leg. “M not...m not beautiful. You’ angel.”


“You do not see your beauty, Crowley? I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you. Do you desire me?”


Crowley gulped, trying to maintain control. “I...Aziraphale we hardly know each other, you just rescued me from a bad crash, which...wait. Why aren’t my injuries bad?”


Aziraphale blinked. “Oh, I healed you. You had a broken leg and internal hurts. I healed them.’ Crowley hmmed. “But that does not answer my question.”


“It’s not...I...we just met, we don’t know each other, I’ve got...I mean...”


Aziraphale trilled in annoyance. “Crowley. The answer is simple.” He stepped so that he was inches away from the Hellion, and caressed his face with the tendrils that weren’t busy on his chest and leg. “Do. You. Desire. Me?”


“Yes...” Crowley moaned before crashing his lips against Aziraphale’s soft ones. The Celestial made a sound of excitement and kissed back. Crowley whined and wrapped himself around his angel, his mind blank. Never in his life had he had a kiss this good. Aziraphale tasted of the sun, of heat, of light, of a day spent at a lake while the sun is high in the sky and the flowers are in bloom. Aziraphale’s tendrils, seeming to understand that this was permission, were touching and stroking him everywhere, driving him to heights of desire he never knew could exist. Aziraphale’s fur against his bare skin was electric.


Two tendrils wrapped around Crowley and lifted him up, their owner never breaking the deep kiss. Aziraphale’s tongue was velvet soft and warm, and Crowley realized with a thrill that it was also longer than a human tongue. Crowley slid his tongue into Aziraphale’s mouth, feeling his teeth, which were a bit sharper than human teeth. Crowley wanted those teeth on his skin, marking him up.


Aziraphale lowered Crowley onto his bed, his tendrils caressing every bit of him. Crowley whimpered and swiveled his hips, his erection throbbing. “F’ck me...” Deity, he had never been this horny in his life. He felt as though he wouldn’t be able to breathe until Aziraphale took him. Oh. “Ziraphle...can you?”


Aziraphale sat up on his haunches, a wicked trill coming from his mouth. “Oh, I can.” He slid his hand down between his legs, where the fur was a bit sparser, and pressed. Crowley’s mouth fell open.


“Oh sweet merciful Deity.”


Aziraphale was enormous. His cock was incredibly long and thick, with a bead of moisture at the tip. Crowley wanted to taste it. He got to his knees, then slid forward. Aziraphale watched, his eyes dark. Crowley licked the tip, moaning. Aziraphale tasted so fucking good. “Want to suck you...”


Aziraphale ran his blunt claws through Crowley’s hair. “Yes, my sweet one.” He cursed in his native tongue when Crowley swallowed him down. “Oh, Crowley, my darling, your mouth...”


Crowley smirked to himself. He may be shit at a lot of things, but he was very, very good at sex. He hoped, he prayed that the signals he had been getting were the right ones, and that Aziraphale’s assertiveness meant that Crowley would be able to fulfill a part of him that had been forced to stay hidden for far too long. So he looked up at the alien with a gaze full of worship, silently conveying the message of ‘I’m yours. Do what you want with me.’ He wasn’t sure if Aziraphale understood, but it was worth a try.


Aziraphale came down his throat. Crowley moaned and licked up the bits he had missed. “Taste so good.” There was a rumbling sound that Crowley realized was his equivalent of a laugh.


“Thank you, sweet one. Now, what shall I do with you?”


Crowley fell back on the pelts, his legs spread wide. “Fuck me, please fuck me, use me, break me, fuck me until I can’t move for it, bite me, scratch me, use me, bruise me, make me scream your name, please, Aziraphale, please!”


Aziraphale slid a tendril into his mouth. “Suck.” Crowley sucked, his eyes fixed on Aziraphale’s dark ones. When it was wet enough, Aziraphale pulled out and slid it down to Crowley’s ass, stroking the cleft. “Do you know my species, Crowley?” Crowley whined and shook his head. “I’m a Celestial. You’ve heard of us?” A nod, followed by a keening wail as Aziraphale darted in and sank his teeth into Crowley’s shoulder, then sucked a harsh kiss into the spot. “Did you know that Celestials have the ability to induce...ecstasy in most species?” Aziraphale inquired as his tendril began to inch its way inside Crowley, slick with his saliva. Crowley cursed. Aziraphale smirked and pressed deeper. Crowley cursed louder.


“Fuck, Aziraphale, please!”


Aziraphale pressed against the spot inside, and Crowley shrieked. Aziraphale pulled out his tendril. Crowley took a breath. Aziraphale pulled him close and impaled the Hellion on his cock. Crowley’s breath left his body. “Oh, Deity, you feel so fucking good.”Aziraphale was hot, and thick, and Crowley had never been so full in his life.


Aziraphale smiled down at him. “Oh, my sweet one, you have no idea how good it is about to get.”


After, Crowley could remember things in flashes. He remembered Aziraphale’s tendrils touching him in the most intimate of ways. He remembered teeth, and claws, and biting, and scratching. He remembered being fucked within an inch of his life, and the scent of Aziraphale. He remembered losing count of his orgasms after the eighth one, and wondering how the hell it was possible, but not caring because Aziraphale was inside him and around him and above him and there was bliss and joy and Ecstasy.


When he came back to himself, Aziraphale was lying next to him, running his claws through Crowley’s hair. “Welcome back.”


Crowley tried to speak and couldn’t. Instead, he scooted into Aziraphale’s arms, wrapping himself around the softness and scent of him. Aziraphale trilled happily and hugged him back.





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Chapter Four: Explorations and Discoveries


“You have such beautiful eyes.” Aziraphale said, letting a tendril ghost gently across Crowley’s face. Crowley blushed. “The pupils are so unique. Is that shape common?”


Crowley shook his head. “No, it’s not. Even among Hellions, my eyes were...different. The gold color’s normal, it helps us filter the light when it’s Summer, but the slit pupils are a genetic freak. Even my gold is unusual. Most of us have light gold eyes, but mine are very dark.” Aziraphale trilled in understanding. “What about you? Do all Celestials have such beautiful blue eyes, such soft fur?” Crowley snuggled up closer to Aziraphale, breathing in his scent. Aziraphale ran his hand down his spine, careful of his claws.


“No, they don’t. My brother Gabriel has purple eyes, and his fur is very coarse. His tendrils are covered in spikes, to indicate that he is a High Ranking Member of the Tribe. He’s the one that led the tribunal that forced me into Exile.” Aziraphale said in a light tone, but his fur was dark and his eyes sad. “See, I dared to suggest that we allow other species to visit our planet, perhaps learn some things from us. We’re among the oldest race in the universe, and we’ve got so much to share with everyone. We’re a sort of myth among the civilized planets. But Gabriel and the others, they’ve got a hatred for anything not them that amounts to xenophobia. So, naturally, when I suggested perhaps opening a trade route between Utopia and the Andromeda Quadrant, I found myself shunned and ostracized.”


Crowley laid his head on Aziraphale’s shoulder. “How’d you come to be here?”


Aziraphale chuckled. “Well, after my Trial..’ he spat the word out in disgust, “I was told that I could either take Exile or Binding. I chose Exile, and Gabriel used his power of Creation to make a small ship for me. It would take me to the nearest deserted planet, and after it landed, would dissolve into nothing. This was where it landed. I’ve been here almost two hundred years now.”


Crowley gaped. “Tw...two hundred?!” Aziraphale nodded.


“Yes, I believe so. Why?”


Crowley gulped. “ old are you?”


“Oh, I’m a baby compared to my brothers and sisters. I just turned five hundred. Why, how old are you?”


Crowley’s mouth worked for several seconds before he could answer. “Thirty six. That’s um...that’s a hell of an age gap.”


Aziraphale smiled and kissed him. “Well, from studies I’ve done since being here, humans are adults at the age of eighteen, so I think we’re on firm ground, morally speaking.”


“Two hundred years, all alone. How did you keep from going insane?”


Aziraphale laughed darkly. “Oh, the being alone part wasn’t new. I was always the odd one out, the one that the rest of the Tribe sneered at and dismissed. My brother Sandalphon was a bully. He used to pull my tendrils and push me into puddles to get my fur dirty, then he would tell Mother that I did it to myself, and I would get in trouble. My sisters. Michael and Uriel treated me like their slave, and if I did anything, Michael would use her power to make me be quiet.”


Crowley made a face. “Yeah, I know the feeling. My parents treated me like shit too. Dad was a heavy hand with the belt, and he would use it at the drop of a hat. Mum just sank into the bottle and let him. I used to dream about getting away, of becoming wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, and then coming back to that shit hole in the wall hovel and rubbing it in their faces. I dreamed of them begging me for help and me refusing, citing all the times they treated me like I was less than nothing. They tossed me out when I turned fifteen because they caught me making out with a Jovian boy that was working at the docks. Think they were more disgusted by the fact he was male and not, y’know...covered in blue scales and had four eyes.”


“Are you not attracted to members of your own species?” Aziraphale inquired. Crowley shrugged.


“Eh, we’re okay, but not really. I’ve known since I was twelve that I liked boys, and when I turned thirteen I realized I was a Xeno. Alien biology is just so wonderfully diverse. Lots of fun.” Aziraphale’s fur darkened and he trilled in a soft, sad tone.


“Is this what that was? Just fun?”


Crowley shook his head frantically and climbed into Aziraphale’s lap. “No. This. What just happened between us, was the most transcendent thing I have ever experienced. I’m afraid you’ve quite ruined me for anyone else, Angel. Now, I would very much love to kiss you.” Aziraphale pulled him close, sighing as their lips met in a slow, deep kiss. Crowley ran his fingers through the soft fur on top of Aziraphale’s head, and the Celestial returned the favor, carding his claws through Crowley’s fire red hair. “We fit together so well, Aziraphale. It’s like my whole life has been leading up to this, to me meeting you. Do you…?”


“Yes, my sweet one, I do. The moment I saw you, I felt my world shift. I cannot explain how or why, but our Fates are intrinsically linked now.” Crowley pressed his forehead against Aziraphale’s, smiling brightly.


“You know, humans have this thing called love at first sight. I never believed in it until now. I know it’s crazy, but...I love you, Aziraphale. My soul is calling out to you.”


Aziraphale trilled in joy. “I love you, Crowley.”


“Anthony.” Aziraphale tilted his head. “It’ first name. I want you to call me Anthony.”


“Anthony.” Crowley heard the reverence in Aziraphale’s voice, and he melted into him, kissing him with every ounce of passion. “My darling, sweet Anthony, how I love you.”


“Make love to me again? Please?”


Aziraphale ran a tendril down Crowley’s front. “My sweet, precious one, I would love nothing more. But you are on the verge of falling asleep, and it is very late. Sleep, and in the morning, I will show you the wonders this planet has to offer.”


“Do you sleep?”


“I do, and will sleep so much the better knowing that my love is in my arms.” Crowley sighed and settled into slumber. Aziraphale stroked his hair and followed him into dreams.


The next morning, the Celestial awoke to find that Crowley was rather tangled up in him. Aziraphale didn’t mind that in the least. He ran a claw down the side of his face, a smile on his lips. Crowley was so beautiful like this. The suns hadn’t come up all the way yet, and the light that was entering the cave was a soft gold color that lit up Crowley’s skin and hair, making them glow. Aziraphale wondered what all the pictures meant. He recognized a few as being stars and planets, but others baffled him. There was a round object with strange markings on his chest, and what looked like tendrils with flowers on them winding up his arms. The tendrils had spikes as well.


“That tickles.” Crowley’s sleepy voice made Aziraphale look up. Hazy gold eyes smiled at him. “Hey.”


“What is the meaning behind this?” Aziraphale asked, pressing a hand on the round tattoo. Crowley looked down at it.


“Oh. It’s um...a symbol of a group I used to belong to. Should probably have it removed. need to tell you how I came to crash here.” He sat up, staring at his hands. “After I got booted, I was in a bad place. I fell in with a nasty crowd. Smugglers, bounty hunters that operated without license. I took whatever jobs I could find, and some were, well, less than honest. But I had lines I didn’t cross, no matter what. I realized that I was a pretty damn good Hunter, so I broke away from the illegal side and got my license, which meant legit money and better jobs. Mostly, I was bringing back criminals. I got a rep for being the guy that would take on the jobs nobody wanted, and I knew how to skirt the law enough so the IGP looked the other way. Then this guy, Lucien Morningstar, tells me he wants to hire me for a smuggling operation. I still did those on the side, you see. Mainly smuggling families from one planet to another to find work, or once in a great while delivering drugs from Mars to Jupiter, or back to Mars. He promises to pay me a lot of money, so I go to a meeting place he’s set up.” Crowley gulped. “Turns out what he wanted me to do was to take children to the Jovian mines for use as slave labor.”


“Oh, no! What did you do?”


“Told him to shove his money up his ass and left. Next thing I know, I get a notice from the Hunter’s Collective telling me I’ve been blackballed for refusal to assist a client. I tried telling them that I wasn’t about to deliver fucking slaves, especially not child slaves, but it didn’t work. So, a few weeks...days...dunno, anyway. I’m in a tavern, and I hear two of my former colleagues, Hastur and Ligur, talking about a ‘Treasure that Talks’, and how Tyler, this massively rich bloke who collects...oddities, wants to add it to his collection. I’d done some work for him before, so I stole a permit disc from under Hastur’s nose and flew out here, because this Treasure is supposedly somewhere in the UZ. Ran into an asteroid and crashed.”


Aziraphale trilled in understanding and sympathy. “This Tyler person, does he know what the Treasure looks like?”


“Nope. I think maybe he heard a rumor it existed, and if he hears something rare exists, he wants it for himself.” Crowley stretched, raising his arms above his head. “I don’t suppose there’s anyplace to wash up?”


Aziraphale trilled happily. “Yes, there is! Follow me!” He stood and went towards the back of the cave, Crowley following. There was a large boulder blocking the entrance. Aziraphale rolled it to one side with no effort. Crowley tried very hard not to drool and hissed at his cock to behave. “Here!” The Celestial trilled in glee, pointing at the stream that ran behind the cave.


Crowley knelt down and splashed water on his face. It was ice cold, and the shock invigorated him. He ducked behind a nearby tree and did his business, then walked back to where Aziraphale was sitting and stretched out on the grass. “Twin suns?” The heat was marvelous, sinking into his bones, and he stretched into it, sighing.


Aziraphale was trying to form words, but the sight of Crowley’s beautiful, golden, naked body was like a siren song. “Y...yes. Makes for rather warm days, I find.”


“S marvelous...” Crowley groaned, spreading his toes and fingers wide. “Do you get hot? I mean, with your?”


“My fur? No. I can regulate my body temperature, so no matter how hot it gets, I stay cool. You look rather comfortable.”


“Hellions can withstand extreme heat. Cold not so much, which is odd because Winter lasts for six months.” Aziraphale blinked. “Oh, yeah. Hell doesn’t have spring or autumn. Just Summer, when sometimes the seas boil from the heat, and Winter, when everything freezes over, including the oceans. Most of us, when Winter hits, go into Deep Hibernation. We’ve got more in common with snakes and other reptiles than we do with other humans, at least when it comes to that. It’s why I was so sluggish last night, my body was going into a torpor. I can go for months in hibernation and not need food or water. But when we wake up, we’re hungry, thirsty, and...well, most Hellions are born in Summer.”


“Born?” Aziraphale asked. “What is that?”


“ know, people have sex, have babies?” Aziraphale trilled in confusion. “Well, how does it work with you?”


“Mother created us from the blackness between the stars. Gabriel was first, then Sandalphon, then Michael and Uriel, and last of all me. I was smaller than the others because Mother used most of the black on my siblings.”


“There’s only five of you?” Crowley asked, astonished. Aziraphale nodded. “What about children? What happens when you die, is that the end of your species?”


“What’s die mean?”


“Stop living.”


Aziraphale frowned. “We do not do that. Is it a common thing?”


“Uh, yeah. Everything dies.”


Aziraphale shrugged. “Celestials do not. Do Hellions?” Crowley nodded. “Well, that seems inconvenient. I would advise you not to do it, at least not in my presence.”


Crowley climbed into Aziraphale’s lap and kissed him hard. “I swear by the Deity that I will never willingly part from you.”


Aziraphale kissed him back, his tendrils caressing the golden skin. “Nor will I, my sweet one. Now, would you perhaps like to see this planet from a unique position?” Crowley nodded, and Aziraphale stood and turned so his broad back was to the Hellion. “Then climb on, my love.” Crowley climbed onto Aziraphale’s back, wrapping his arms and legs around him and clinging tight. “Are you ready?”




Aziraphale extended his wings and flapped them hard, launching himself and his passenger into the air. Crowley whooped in glee and nearly toppled over. Two tendrils wrapped themselves around him, anchoring him to Aziraphale’s back. “Hold on, darling!” Aziraphale said with a touch of laughter. “I would hate for you to fall.” He turned and smiled at his lover. “Now, allow me to show you my home.”


Crowley was amazed to discover that what had looked like a desolate planet from above and in the dark was actually a paradise, with jungles and forests full of animals(“These are the friendly ones, the nasty ones live on the other side and come out at night, which is why I have the cave sealed”) and fruits that were strange to Crowley but which Aziraphale of course knew all about. He introduced Crowley to a dark green fuzzy fruit that he called a keewee. It was tart and sweet at the same time. Crowley had shyly admitted that he liked to grow plants, what little could grow in the climates of Hell, and Aziraphale promised to get him cuttings so he could have his own garden, if that was what he wanted. Crowley responded by kissing him until they were both breathless.


“Now, my love, that you have seen everything, I would suggest you hold on tight. We’re going to be flying over the other side of the planet, and I do not want you to fall.” Aziraphale flapped his wings hard. Crowley clung to a tendril.


Aziraphale stayed as high as he could as he flew over the other half of the planet. Crowley could see why. It was a desert, stretching for what seemed like miles, with pools of water scattered about. Large creatures roamed across it, bellowing and calling, getting into fights with each other. “I see what you mean about nasty creatures!” Crowley said. Aziraphale snorted.


“Who, them? They’re stupid, but harmless. No, the really nasty ones come out after dark. These creatures, I’ve flown right in front of them and seconds later they forgot I was even there. Watch!” Crowley shrieked in horror as Aziraphale flew straight at two of the creatures. They stopped fighting and tried to swat at him, but he nimbly dodged all their efforts and flew straight through. “Give it five seconds.” Crowley was trying to make his heart stop beating out of his chest, so Aziraphale counted. Sure enough, they went right back to fighting each other. “I told you. Brains the size of peas.”


“Right. What about the others?”


“Put your hand under my fur at where my wings meet.” Crowley did, and felt a raised scar. “My first night here, I went flying to explore. Ran into one of them. It tore me up pretty good, and I barely made it back to the cave. Fortunately for me, my gift kicked in, and after that I learned very quickly to not leave the cave at night. See, when the Nasty ones comes out, they don’t stay on this side. They like to hunt.”


“Oh.” Crowley said in a small voice. “You risked your life when you rescued me. I never realized that.”


“I couldn’t leave you.” Aziraphale replied. “Would you like to go to your ship? I can fly you there.”


“No, not right now. She’s still in repair mode. But um...can you fly fast?” Aziraphale turned and smirked at the hopeful Crowley.


“Can I fly fast? Hang on tight, my love.” Crowley grinned and held on. Aziraphale flapped his wings then took off like a bullet from a gun.


Crowley whooped in joy. “WAHHHHOOOO!!!”


Aziraphale laughed and flew faster.


They ended up at a lake. Crowley dove in, swimming around. Aziraphale watched from the shore. “Are you coming in?”


“My fur smells awful if it gets wet, so no. But I am rather enjoying watching you, especially since the water looks so beautiful on your naked skin.”


Crowley came sauntering out of the water, his hips swaying. “You know, as hot as it is in the day, it might not be a bad idea for me to just stay naked, and well, during the nights, I’ll have my gorgeous furry angel to keep me warm.” He slid into Aziraphale’s lap, stroking the space between his legs and pulling out his cock. “What do you say?” The Hellion asked as he slid down and took Aziraphale in his mouth.


Aziraphale groaned. “What a..ohh….what a marvelous idea.”

Chapter Text

Chapter Five: Garden Of Delights


Crowley sighed in bliss as he continued to suck Aziraphale’s marvelous cock. The Celestial tasted so very sweet, and Crowley would never get enough of his taste. His rich, sweet, almost floral scent filled Crowley’s nose, and from the low trills Aziraphale was making, it was clear that he was very much enjoying himself as well. Crowley could hear the words of praise in his head, making him feel like he was an object of worship and desire.


Aziraphale pumped his hips, thrusting deep down Crowley’s throat, one hand twisted in the long red tresses while the other dug into the soil. Aziraphale was a voracious reader, had been even before his Exile, and quite a few of the books he had were erotica. Although, before his Exile, he’d never had a practical demonstration of many of the acts that left him with bright red fur, a raging erection, and a deep seated yearning to know what sexual pleasure felt like. After, there was nobody but him, and he had sated himself with his hand, and on a few occasions that made him blush to remember, the tapered end of some very sturdy vines. Then Crowley had come along, unbelievably beautiful, and Aziraphale had rejoiced at the chance for a practical use of all those lovely sexual practices that he had read so much about.


Crowley gave one final hard suck and Aziraphale came down his throat, a harsh howl pouring from his mouth. The Hellion moved so his ass was inches above Aziraphale’s spit damp cock, his eyes wide and pleading. Aziraphale smiled and carded his claws through the hair he loved so much. “Do you want to fuck yourself on me, my love?” Crowley nodded, his hips swiveling in a way that was making Aziraphale dizzy with lust. “Please do.”


Crowley cried out as he lowered himself onto the thick shaft. Deity, but he had never felt anything this good. Aziraphale burned, but it was a burn that Crowley craved, could find himself easily addicted to. Once Aziraphale was fully seated inside him, Crowley placed his hands on the golden scales on his chest. They were so smooth, so cool, and Aziraphale sighed, his eyes fluttering closed. Crowley squeezed his thighs together, and Aziraphale made a low trilling sound. “Crowley...please...move...”


“Yes, my angel.” Crowley whispered, almost overcome by the waves of pleasure that were coursing through him. He began moving, slow at first, but then faster and faster, his entire body undulating like a snake, his hands digging furrows into Aziraphale’s chest, his hips snapping, and Aziraphale dug his claws into Crowley’s thighs and thrust upwards to meet him. Crowley cried out as Aziraphale’s claws buried themselves in his hair and pulled hard. Aziraphale pushed himself up so he could kiss and bite at Crowley’s chest, paying close attention to his nipples, and Crowley’s scream of pleasure echoed across the lake.


“Touch me please Aziraphale please touch me I need you please!” Crowley whined. His cock was throbbing, and he needed to come so badly. Aziraphale looked at him, and Crowley felt a delicious shiver at the wicked glee in his eyes.


“No, I don’t think I will. I want to see if my sweet one can come without my claws or hand on his lovely cock. Do you think you can do that, Anthony? Come just from my cock in your perfect, tight, hot ass? Can you do that, my sweet one, my Hellion, my serpent?” Aziraphale snarled in Crowley’s ear, and Crowley whined and rode him harder, pulling off and impaling himself over and over in desperation and desire. “Good boy, sweet one, my darling, my one, you’re so close, aren’t you, so close, let yourself go, my love.’


Crowley shrieked as he came, spurting all over his chest and stomach. Aziraphale came deep and hard inside him seconds later, his own cry ringing out. Crowley went limp, his breath coming in harsh pants. “Love” He panted, and Aziraphale kissed him gently on the cheek.


“I love you too, darling. Why don’t you get yourself cleaned up, then we can continue our tour? Unless you want to go back to the cave?” Crowley shook his head and wobbled to the lake. Aziraphale watched him swim, his heart full.


Crowley walked out of the water, and Aziraphale smiled ruefully as he came over and knelt at the Celestial’s feet, gazing up at him. “What’s the matter, my sweet one?”


Crowley gulped. “I...I’ll tell you when we get back.” Aziraphale frowned, but accepted the answer. “Right now, though, I want to fly again.” Aziraphale grinned and turned so Crowley could climb on his back.



When they returned to the cave hours later, Crowley seemed almost nervous, fidgeting and wringing his hands together. “You’ve got a lot of books. How did you?”


“Oh, I was permitted to bring things so long as they were not living and could not be used for escape. So I took my library.” Aziraphale replied, watching his lover pace back and forth. “Do hold still, you’re making me dizzy.”


Crowley stood still, but his hands still moved together and he was biting his lip. “Are any of them...erotic?” Aziraphale nodded. “Right. Um. And you’ve read them?”


“Quite a few times, yes. It’s how I knew what to do.” The Celestial said dryly. Crowley gaped at him.


“I was your…?” Aziraphale’s fur turned red and he nodded. “Wow. I mean, wow. You’re a...I want you to, have you ever come across a Dominant/Submissive relationship?’ Crowley asked in a breathless rush. Now came the moment of truth.


Aziraphale blinked, then smiled, a slow, wicked, dark smile that made Crowley tremble and start whimpering. “I have, yes. It always intrigued me, someone giving another so much trust, so much dedication. Why, my sweet one, would you like a relationship like that with me? Would you like me to be your Master, treat you like my pet, my sweet slave, have you around to worship me?”


“Oh, fuck, yes, please.” Crowley whimpered, and Aziraphale’s tendrils shot out and wrapped themselves around him, pulling him so he was inches from Aziraphale. “I will do anything for you, be anything for you, just let me call you Master and worship you, let me have your mouth and your claws and your tendrils and your cock, let me lay at your feet, let me have my head in your lap as you feed me, let me feel your touch, let me kneel while you use my mouth for your pleasure, scratch me, bruise me, make me bleed for you, tie me up, tie me down, let me drown in my love, in you.”


“Oh, my sweet, darling Anthony, of course. My sweet one, my gorgeous pet.” Crowley whined in joy and kissed him. “My darling, my own. How I love you.”


“Master...” Crowley whined happily as Aziraphale stroked his spine, gently pressing in with his claws. “I love you, Master, love you so much.”


“I love you.” Aziraphale said. “Now, from the literature, I understand that there is something called a ‘Safe Word’, should I do anything that you do not like. What would you like it to be?”


Crowley frowned. “Won’t need one.” Aziraphale glared at him. “Fine. about treasure?” Aziraphale nodded, then much to Crowley’s shocked delight shoved him down onto his back.


“Did you know, my love, that my tendrils can act independent of each other and of me?” Crowley nodded, and whined in pleasure as the tendrils began stroking him everywhere. Aziraphale smirked. “Did you know that my wings can do the same thing?” Crowley shook his head, and Aziraphale smiled and brought his wings forward so the tips of all four were touching Crowley’s thighs. “Now, I am not going to touch you except with my wings and tendrils. I want to see how long I can draw out your pleasure and torment. You are not allowed to touch yourself, and you may not come until permitted. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Master!” Crowley cried out. Aziraphale smiled that slow wicked smile and began. At first, the touches were light, almost feathery, tendrils and wings ghosting across golden skin, and Crowley whined. Aziraphale smiled. “Master, feels so good...”


The caresses and touches became firmer, and Crowley writhed, panting and shaking with the need to come. This was torture, it was torment, it was paradise, it was bliss, and the Hellion sobbed in pleasure and need as his cock swelled and became so full, but Master’s tendrils and wings weren’t touching where he so desperately needed them to, and he was going to die, he was going to fly apart just from touch, and he sobbed.


Aziraphale looked down at the sobbing, writhing man below him and smiled. “You’re so beautiful like this, suffering for me, loving me like this, you must be so tormented right now, my poor, sweet, beautiful darling, would you like relief?” Crowley nodded, and Aziraphale stroked his jaw with one claw. “Come.” He ordered, and Crowley came, screaming Aziraphale’s name, sobbing. Aziraphale gathered him in his arms, stroking his spine. “Good boy, such a sweet one, my darling, you did so well.”


Crowley clung to his Master, panting, feeling elation at the praise. “Master...” he sighed in bliss, burying his face in the soft fur. Aziraphale kissed the top of his head, and Crowley sighed in happiness.


“Let me get you cleaned up a bit, love.” Aziraphale whispered, and Crowley sighed as the tendrils stroked over his body, cleaning him rather effectively. Aziraphale scooped his spend into his mouth, moaning. “You taste so very good, my sweet one. Now, I think perhaps we could use some sleep.”


Crowley pressed himself against his master, making a happy hissing noise, and was asleep in moments.


Aziraphale wrapped his wings and tendrils around Crowley and fell asleep with a smile on his face.


A Brief Interlude


How long?!” Tyler demanded, glaring at the quack that dared call himself a doctor.


Six months with treatment, but without, you’re looking at a matter of maybe one. The cancer is aggressive, Mr. Tyler. I would suggest putting your name down on the list, as it can take weeks sometimes to get treatment, even for someone as rich as you.”


Get out, you quack! I don’t need your treatment! I’ve got something so much better coming!”


After the doctor had left, Tyler opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a comm disc. He slid it into the slot on his desk. Seconds later, a six winged creature with purple fur, eyes, and spiked tendrils sticking out of his back appeared hovering over the desk. “You. I thought I made it clear that you were never to contact me. I do the contacting.”


Tyler huffed. “Needs must, Gabriel. I want to know where the Treasure is. He’s one of you, right?”


Gabriel growled. “He is no longer one of us. He wanted us to...become friends with you humans. How pathetic is that? As to knowing where he is, I cannot help you there. The ship I constructed for him took him to the nearest uninhabited planet two hundred years ago. All I know is it’s in that part of space you like to call the Uncharted Zone.”


Tyler sighed. “I know that, but there’s quite a few planets in there.”


Did you send anyone?”


Of course. I sent the best Hunter in the known Universe.”


Then I suggest,” Gabriel said, his voice clipped and cold, “That you call them and find out what is going on. Goodbye.” The comm winked out, and Tyler cursed.


End Interlude


There was a strange ringing sound in the cave. Aziraphale followed the noise, puzzled. It came from the small object Crowley had used to check on his ship. There was a picture of a man with an unpleasant face on it, and Aziraphale frowned. “Anthony?”


Hmm?” Crowley looked up from the drawing he was working on, one of Aziraphale. “Yes, Master?”


Aziraphale came over and handed him the object. Anthony frowned and tapped a button, and the man’s face vanished. “Don’t want to talk to him. Want to draw you.” Aziraphale smiled and kissed him.


It had been two weeks since their relationship became that of Master and Submissive, and both of them couldn’t be happier. Aziraphale found he rather fit the role, and Anthony was so willing, so pliable and obedient. Aziraphale had kept his promise and gotten cuttings for a garden. Crowley had been effusive in his thanks. When he had also shyly confessed that he enjoyed drawing, Aziraphale had found some journals that he had taken with him, along with some pencils. The paper was old, but it was in decent shape, and Aziraphale’s claws made for very good pencil sharpeners.


Crowley loved spending time in his garden, learning about the plants and fruits that flourished on this strange planet. His Master ate mostly a vegetarian diet, with the occasional fish, and Crowley had quickly adapted. The only thing that bothered him a bit was Master ate the fish raw. Crowley had explained that humans did sometimes eat raw fish, but not when it still had the bones and guts.


The animals that inhabited the forests near Master’s cave were docile and intelligent, and Master had patiently shown Crowley how to make them come right up and eat out of his hand. They all had soft fur and light ly colored eyes. Some had four legs, some had two, some had tails, some did not. Master had spent hours with Crowley, telling him all their names. Crowley was especially fond of a small chattery animal with a long tail and a face almost like a human’s that Aziraphale told him was called a monkey, after an animal that had once lived on Earth, if Earth monkeys had four eyes and bright red fur. Aziraphale had a multitude of books on Earth. The Celestial had expressed his desire to visit the planet where Crowley’s ancestors had come from so many centuries ago. “It’s okay, Master. Lots of water.”


There had been one very close call a few days ago. Crowley had been walking in the forest with his monkey friend, whom he had decided to name Adam, and had lost track of the time. When sunset came, it came quick, with both suns almost speeding beneath the horizon. Crowley had suddenly found himself deep in the forest, far from the safety of the cave, and night coming on fast. Adam had chittered in alarm, and Crowley had felt something watching him. He hadn’t bothered to look, he had just turned and bolted in what he fervently hoped was the right direction. Something very large was behind him, and he could feel the hot breath on his skin and hear the snarling sounds.


Something like a thousand needles dipped in acid scraped across his back, and he shrieked in pain and collapsed, sobbing. He could see the cave, but it was too far, and a stinging, freezing numbness was spreading up his legs. Adam had fled to the trees, and Crowley prayed to the Deity that he would be okay. The numbness was up to his chest now, and the Hellion gasped for breath with lungs that felt like they were being squeezed. “I’m sorry, Master...” The creature that had slashed him was over him, drooling and licking its chops.


A blinding light exploded through the forest, and the monster screamed in pain and fell backwards, hissing and spitting. Crowley lifted his head and gaped.


The light was coming from Aziraphale, who was hovering in the air, his blue eyes blazing in rage and his wings extended to their fullest length. His fur was the same golden color as the scales on his chest, and the light that poured from him was a brilliant white tinged in red. His tendrils waved around. “LEAVE HIM ALONE.” The bell like voice rang in Crowley’s head. The monster had whined and dragged itself away from the light. Aziraphale flew down, scooped Crowley up, and carried him back to the cave. “Hang on, darling. I’ve got you.”


So cold, Master, I’m so cold...” Crowley whimpered, tears of pain in his eyes. His teeth chattered, and he could feel himself shutting down. “I’m sorry...”


Don’t be so maudlin, you’ll be fine.”


Aziraphale had turned out to be correct, and Crowley had made sure to make it back to the cave on time from then on.


Tyler had tried calling a few more times, and Crowley had fobbed him off with excuses, but deep down he knew he couldn’t hold him off forever, and with Hastur and Ligur both after the treasure as well, Crowley knew that he couldn’t afford to have them find it first. But Aziraphale still had no idea what it was, or what planet in the Zone it could be on. So Crowley found himself sitting on the shore of the lake, staring at the water and debating with himself. Finding the treasure would mean he would no longer be blackballed, and would have more money than he had ever dreamed of, enough to do anything he desired. But that would mean leaving here, leaving the being that he loved more than anything, possibly for years. He couldn’t bear that.


He picked up his pad and tapped a button. “Bentley, commence Shut Down.” He watched on the screen as Bentley shut herself down. Crowley tucked the pad under his arm and headed back to the cave.


Back to his home.

Chapter Text

Chapter Six: Cold Light Of Utopia


Far, far out past the outer edge of the Uncharted Zone, in a section of space that few had ever explored, in the middle of a cluster of stars, lay the planet of Utopia. It wasn’t a large planet, which suited the inhabitants just fine. There were no buildings, no structures, save one right in the middle of the planet that the inhabitants, who called themselves Celestials, had named the Citadel. The Citadel was a gleaming, glittering white so bright that it caught the rays of the three suns and created a light so blinding that it lit up the sky for miles, making night as bright as day.


If one were to fly over the planet, they would see nothing but vast, empty, white desert stretching for miles, with no trees, no plants, and no form of life. No animals flourished, no birds sang, and the silence stretched on endlessly.


In the Citadel lived the Celestials. Gabriel, the eldest, was a harsh, cruel being who ruled over his brother and sisters with an iron claw. The second born, Sandalphon, shared the cruelty of his brother and liked to boss around their sisters. Michael and Uriel were twins, despite Uriel’s dark fur and Michael’s light colored fur. There had once been another, and Gabriel had done something extremely foolish.


Uriel crossed her tendrils with nerves as she made her way to the throne room. Gabriel had called her, and to disobey an order from the King was tantamount to a Binding Sentence these days. She had no choice but to obey. “You sent for me?” She asked as she entered, her hearts falling at the sight before her.


Gabriel was standing in front of a still figure that resembled a Celestial, only with two wings instead of the normal four or six. It was hairless, with strange hands and feet, and had no tendrils. “What do you think?” He asked, and Uriel reminded herself that any form of dissension would surely earn her a Binding. “I’m about to bring it to life, figured it can be a servant.”


Uriel winced. Gabriel’s Gift was the ability to Create, true, but he could not make things live. That had been the Gift of...Someone else, someone that Gabriel had sent into Exile, not because the someone had wanted to open Utopia to others, but because of a raging, burning jealousy that had been growing steadily through the years, festering and eating away at him. “Gabriel...”


“NO! IT’S GOING TO WORK THIS TIME!” Gabriel roared, his dark purple fur turning even darker and his tendrils twisting together. His sharp beak clacked in anger. Gabriel spoke a word in the ancient Celestial tongue. There was a blinding flash. Uriel covered her eyes. “I did it! It’s alive! It’s...NOOO!”


Uriel opened her eyes. The being, golem, figure, whatever, was lying on the floor in a fetal position, its mouth open in a silent scream and its eyes blank. It was clearly very dead, and as the two Celestials watched, it faded into nothing. Uriel winced, bracing herself for the wrath that she knew was imminent.


“MOTHER DAMN IT!” Gabriel shrieked, making the ceiling above him tremble. “WHY DOESN’T IT WORK?”


Uriel gathered up all her courage. “Because you doomed us and this planet the second you sent Aziraphale into Exile!” She gulped when one of Gabriel’s tendrils wrapped itself around her throat, the spikes digging in.


“I’m sorry, I thought I made it clear to never speak that name in my presence.” Gabriel snarled. Uriel gasped for breath.


“Gabriel...” she choked out, her eyes wide and pleading. Gabriel snarled in impotent rage and released her. She fell to the floor, gasping, her hand on the raised marks on her throat. “You must Rescind your Decree. Find...our brother, bring him back here. Utopia is dying, can’t you see that?!”


“And let him realize how Important he truly is, how much more Mother gave him than all of us?! NEVER!” Gabriel shrieked, and Uriel stared at the floor.


“ have doomed us all. How long do you think we can last, with no food or water except what’s in the stores below? You can just thank Mother that Michael saw what was coming and stocked up. But the stocks cannot last, and you cannot Create food or drink. It has been two hundred years, Gabriel, and we have all watched this place turn from a planet thriving with life to the desolate wasteland it is now.”


“Get out.” Gabriel’s voice was cold, and Uriel stood and left, leaving her brother alone. She made her way down the corridor to a door in the middle. With a sigh, she pushed it open.


The room behind it looked as it had on that day two hundred years ago, when Aziraphale had been given the impossible choice of living while Bound, or of leaving the only home he had ever known. The youngest Celestial had chosen Exile, not wishing to have his power at the beck and call of his brother. The walls had once been a brilliant green, but were now faded almost colorless. A bed with a pile of white pelts, still as soft and clean as when they had been shed, sat in the middle. Uriel went over to the bed and picked up one of the pelts, breathing in the sunlight scent of her baby brother. Tears flowed down her face.


“If Gabriel knows you’re in here, you’ll be in real trouble.” Uriel looked up at Michael, who came into the room and sat next to her, her Gift of Calm making Uriel feel a bit better.


“We should never have listened to Gabriel.” Uriel ground out. “His jealousy and hatred is going to doom us.”


Michael put a tendril around her sister’s shoulders. “Even I could not Calm him, remember?” Uriel nodded. “He was so far gone in rage that I feared for Aziraphale’s life.”


Uriel wiped her eyes. “We don’t die.”


“No, but there are worse things. Gabriel was furious when Aziraphale chose Exile, did you know?” Another nod from the dark furred Celestial. “Had Gabriel had the choice, Aziraphale would be in Binding Chains, a slave and lapdog of our mad brother. Wherever he is, at least that Fate has escaped him.”




Aziraphale rarely did what one would call ‘bathing’. As he had told Crowley, his fur smelled rather awful if it got wet, so he avoided water as much as possible. But once in a while, he got itchy, felt like his fur was grimy, and so he had developed a way of getting clean without any water at all.


However, it was a bit embarrassing, so he made sure Crowley was sound asleep before sneaking out of the cave at sunrise and making his way to a large patch of white sand that lay a few miles down the path. After looking around to make sure nothing was watching, he trotted over to the sand and fell over onto his back, his hands and feet in the air as he rolled around, his tendrils tucked into his chest and his wings fluttering. He rolled and rolled, letting the sand coat every part of him but his face, and was about to stand and shake the sand out when he heard a bright laugh. “Having a bit of a dust up?” Crowley asked, a grin threatening to split his face. Aziraphale growled at him and shook, deliberately sending sand in his direction. The Hellion yelped and ducked, but a few grains got in his hair. “OI!”


Aziraphale stomped past him. “You were supposed to be asleep, foul fiend.” He stopped when Crowley leaped onto his back. Aziraphale turned and glared at him with exasperated affection. “Dust bathing is hardly dignified, you know.”


Crowley kissed his nose. “Everything you do is dignified, Master. And you look so beautiful all ruffled up. Can I help?” He asked, looking so earnest that Aziraphale felt his heart melting. Mother, why did his pet have to be so very wonderful?


“I suppose. I also suppose you want to fly back to our cave?” Crowley giggled and nodded, digging his thighs into Aziraphale’s. Aziraphale sighed and launched himself into the air, grinning at Crowley’s howl of glee.


When they got home, Aziraphale spread his wings as wide as they could go. “Now, I got most of the larger particles when I shook the sand out, but there’s always some tiny ones that get stuck and drive me mad for days until they fall out. Do you think you can get them out now?”


Crowley gulped and nodded. “Yes, Master.” He placed his hand on Aziraphale’s top right wing. The wing was soft and warm, the feathers smooth and silky. This close, he could see that the colors weren’t single stripes, but seemed to almost bleed into each other, creating a rainbow unlike any he’d ever seen before. He began carding his fingers through the feathers, and tiny grains of sand fell onto the floor with a low hissing sound. He repeated the action with the other three wings, until there was a small pile of sand underneath Aziraphale. “Do you need me to groom your fur, Master?”


Aziraphale gulped. “Y..yes, but you need something for that. I’ll just...go get it.” He went over to his bookshelves and reached up, pulling down his fur groomer, a large comb. He came back over and handed it to Crowley. “You um...just comb my fur out, and the sand will fall out.” He turned away, and Crowley began combing out the soft fur. Aziraphale closed his eyes and began trilling in contentment. Crowley’s touch was bliss, and the Celestial felt himself responding. “Anthony?”


Crowley shivered, he knew that tone. “Yes, Master?” He whispered. Aziraphale turned and pulled his love close to him, kissing him with passion. Crowley moaned into the kiss and wrapped his legs around his Master’s waist. “What can I do to pleasure you, Master? Tell me and I will do it.”


“Get on your knees for me, my sweet one.” Aziraphale ordered, and Crowley slid to his knees, his golden eyes wide with adoring devotion. Aziraphale pulled out his already hard cock. “Do you see what your hands on me have done, my love? Do you see how much your touch effects me, how I cannot control myself when you are near?” Crowley whined and reached for his cock. Aziraphale smiled. “Since it was your hands that got me to this state, you are not allowed to touch me. You may use only your mouth to pleasure me, and you are not to touch your own cock.”


“Yes, Master.” Crowley sighed before leaning forward and swallowing him down. The Hellion looked up at his Master, who smiled down at him, his eyes dark with lust and love. Crowley sighed again and began working in earnest, twisting his tongue around Master’s cock and sucking in a slow, steady rhythm he knew Master loved. Above him, Master moaned his name and ran his claws through Crowley’s hair, tugging just this side of painful. Crowley groaned and bobbed his head faster, taking Master deeper into his throat.


It had been two months, he thought. Two months, and surely by now Tyler had moved on to other, bigger things. But even if he hadn’t, Crowley no longer cared. The Treasure could rot, as far as he was concerned. He had his Master, he had his love, and that was all that mattered.


Master was fucking Crowley’s mouth in earnest now, words of praise filling the Hellion’s mind and making him feel like he was floating on air. When Master came, the shout echoed through the cave. Crowley swallowed his spend, moaning as always at the sweet taste of his Master. Master gently pulled out and placed one claw under Crowley’s chin, tilting his head up. “Good boy.” Crowley whined happily at the praise. He was a good boy, he was Master’s good boy, and Master was giving him the look that meant pleasure was to follow. “Go over to the bed, my dear, sweet darling. I will be right behind you.” Crowley scrambled to his feet and ran over to the bed, lying down on it and spreading his legs wide. He knew Master loved seeing him like that, open and ready to be filled with Master’s thick cock. Aziraphale trilled low in his throat as he approached his darling, threading what looked like a piece of Crowley’s old robe between his claws. “I want to try something new, my pet. I’ve been doing some reading, and I would love to try a bit of sensory deprivation. I am going to tie this around your eyes.” Crowley whined in eager anticipation as Aziraphale firmly tied the cloth over his face, cutting off his vision. He sucked in a breath, letting it out slowly when Aziraphale ran his claws down the side of his face, gentle enough to feel. “Are you enjoying this, my pet?”


“Yes, Master.” Crowley sighed out, a peaceful smile on his face. He sighed anew as he felt himself being stroked with Master’s hands and tendrils, his touch sensual and loving. Not being able to see what Master was doing, only being able to hear, smell, and feel him, was creating heights of pleasure that Crowley had never known. Master was trilling low and soft, the sound almost seeming to vibrate into Crowley’s very soul, and the musical voice in his head was telling him how good he was, how sweet, how beautiful and wonderful he was being. Crowley whined and sobbed in bliss, drowning in Master’s touch and praise.


Master entered him slowly, letting his pet feel every drag and pull of his cock, and Crowley cried out. Aziraphale kissed him, shoving his tongue in the Hellion’s hot mouth, sucking the air from his lungs. His tendrils stroked, tugged, and pulled, and Crowley shrieked in pleasure.


Aziraphale pulled six orgasms out of his pet, smiling at each cry of “Master!” that poured from his love’s lush lips.


Crowley blinked against the light when Aziraphale removed the blindfold. His Master was stroking him oh so gently, and Crowley sighed, pressing into his soft fur and humming, a sleepy and blissed out expression on his face. “L’ve you, Master.”


“I love you too, darling.” Aziraphale said, and Crowley climbed into his lap, resting his head on Aziraphale’s soft shoulder. “What’s on my pet’s mind?”


Crowley gulped. “Um...I was thinking about a Hellish tradition. It’ you know what a handfasting is?”


Aziraphale frowned. “No, I don’t believe so.”


Crowley bit his lip. “It’s a...a real old tradition where I’m from, and it’s not...most Hellions get married by an Officiant, these days, because a handfasting, it’s...a bond, pretty much, and can’t be broken, and it doesn’t work if the two people...beings...doing it don’t truly love each other.”


Aziraphale looked intrigued. “How does it work?”


Crowley sighed. “Um, we would bind our hands together with a cloth, and pledge before the Deity to never forsake one another, to always love each other, in this world and the one Beyond. If it works, tradition holds that..our souls, essences, whatever, would be forever linked.”


Aziraphale picked up the cloth he had used for a blindfold. “Will this work?” Crowley nodded, and Aziraphale took Crowley’s hands in his and bound their hands together. Crowley hissed in a breath. “Are there something specific we have to say?”


“Um...I, Anthony Jacob Crowley, do hereby pledge my heart, soul, and body to the Celestial Aziraphale, my Bond Mate from now until Time ends, and do hereby decree that I shall love him, never forsake him, and hold him in my heart of hearts, safe and loved.” Aziraphale gasped as the cloth began to glow. Crowley smiled. “Just, um, repeat what I said.”


“I, Aziraphale Fell, do hereby pledge my heart, soul, and body to the Hellion Anthony, my Bond Mate from now until Time ends, and do hereby decree that I shall love him, never forsake him, and hold him in my heart of hearts, safe and loved.” The glow grew brighter, and there was a flash of light. When the light faded, Crowley was smiling, his eyes bright.


“It worked!” He said in an exuberant tone. Aziraphale laughed as Crowley peppered his face with kisses. “We’re Bound together now, Master. Our hearts are one.”


Aziraphale captured Crowley’s lips in a mind bending kiss. “Oh, my sweet darling, my heart was yours from the start.”

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven: Rain On Your Skin


A Planet Somewhere In The UZ


Run!” Hastur turned and sped past Ligur, who didn’t take the time to ask why his partner had screamed that word. He just turned tail and sped as fast as he could back to Dick Turpin. Newt was lying on the hood, getting some much needed sun, when he noticed them heading at breakneck speed towards his ship. Knowing by now that if he asked any questions he would get in serious trouble, the Pandoran slapped the remote that opened the doors, slid into the ship and settled himself in the driver’s seat. Hastur and Ligur came barreling up the steps seconds later, and Newt smacked the button to close the doors as hard as he could. “Take off! Now!” Hastur yelled, looking even paler than usual.


Newt pressed the Start button. Dick Turpin revved, then made a coughing sound. “Not now!” Newt begged it. He pressed the button again. Nothing. “It may be a few….” Something very large filled the viewscreen. Newt shrieked. “HOLY DEITY, WHAT IS THAT?!”


Whatever it was, it was huge, with bumpy, scaly skin, a face that could stop every timepiece in the Universe, and eight large, bulbous eyes. It also had teeth. Lots and lots of very big, very sharp teeth. It was bearing down on Dick Turpin with a slavering mouth, roaring so loud Newt felt his bones vibrate.


GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” Hastur shrieked. Newt reached under the panel, grabbed the hammer, and smacked it onto Dick Turpin’s controls. The engine roared to life, and Newt sent it hurtling into the sky. The creature’s jaws missed the back of the ship by inches, and Newt shrieked in tandem with Hastur and Ligur. “Deity, that was close.” Hastur panted, waiting for his heartbeat to get back to normal. “You tell anyone about this, Scalie,”


Yeah, I know, I’ll never live long enough to regret it.” Newt muttered under his breath. In the two and a half months since he’d been forced to become their guide through the planets of the Uncharted Zone, Newt had come to learn a few things about his passengers.


Mainly, that they were bullies. They treated him like less than nothing, and more than a few times, he had wanted to simply leave them on whatever planet they were searching and go back to Hell, back to Anathema. He missed her quite a lot, and hoped that she hadn’t moved on to someone else. Someone without scales and a tail.


They also hated a Hunter called Crowley with a passion that shocked Newt. If they weren’t treating him like he was shit on their shoes, they were waxing lyrical with how much they hated this poor man. Newt had wondered if this Crowley fellow had killed a pet or family member of theirs to elicit such hatred, but upon asking was told to mind his own fucking business.


Only consolation is he ain’t found the Treasure yet either.” Ligur said. “You know if he had, he’d be boasting about it in every seedy tavern in the Civilized Zone.”


Flash bastard.” Hastur growled. “Walking around like he’s the Deity’s gift to Hunters. Would you believe he don’t believe in roughing up the bounty? Nah, he’s all ‘They might be criminals, but they still got rights, and I’m not going to hurt them. Soft bastard wouldn’t even do a bit of child smuggling. That job paid good, din’t it?”


Ligur nodded. “Not as good as this one will, if we ever find the bloody thing.”

Well, we’ve got just two more planets on the list.” Newt said. Ligur frowned.


But there’s six more planets in the Zone. Why can’t we explore them?”


They’re gaseous.” Both Hunters looked very confused. “There’s no place to land, they’re not solid.”


Oh.” Both Hunters said. Newt barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Ligur picked at a hangnail while Hastur pulled out his comm to contact Tyler. “No dice on the newest planet, boss.’


You know, these delays are going to cost me.” Tyler said peevishly. Hastur shrugged.


Yeah, well, maybe if you had given us a fuckin’ picture of what this thing looks like, we coulda had it in your home a month ago.”


Tyler growled. “I did not have a picture at the time. However, I may have one now. Would a sketch do?”


Yeah, sure.” Hastur replied. He grimaced as a picture filled his comm screen. “Ugly fucker, ain’t he?” He asked Ligur, who made a face at the photo. “That’s the Treasure? He ain’t even golden.”


Tyler snorted. “There’s an old saying, that not all that glitters is gold. That creature is priceless. It has...a very special power, and I want that power for myself. Now, you say you have two more planets?”


Yeah, Boss.”


Good. Call me with any further developments.” Tyler winked out, then came back on. “Oh, and Hastur? If you even so much as think of betraying me and taking the Treasure for yourself, I will make sure to hunt you across the known galaxies and make both of your deaths very slow and extremely painful. Good day.” The comm went blank again. Hastur snarled and tossed it onto his seat.


Fucking asshole.”



There was a strange sound outside. Crowley lifted his head from Aziraphale’s chest and frowned. The outside looked strange. Something was blocking the sun. Crowley reluctantly stood up and walked over to the entrance. “MASTER!”


Aziraphale bolted awake. Crowley was shrinking back against the cave wall, eyes wide in horror. “Anthony, what in the Name?”


Water, Master! Water is falling from the sky!” Crowley pointed a shaking finger at the water. Master sighed and rolled his eyes.


You woke me up to tell me it’s raining?”


Crowley frowned. “What is raining, Master?”


Aziraphale blinked. “You...don’t know what rain is?” Crowley shook his head, still staring distrustfully at the water falling. Aziraphale held his arms out. “Come here, darling, it’s not going to hurt you.” Crowley came into Aziraphale’s arms. “Okay, so rain is, like you said, water falling from the sky. It’s...oh, wait a second.” Aziraphale went over to his books, returning with one with a picture of the water on it. “Here, read this, it will explain better than I can. But we’re going to have to stay inside until it passes.”


Crowley snuggled up against Aziraphale and dutifully opened the book. It was written in a simple prose, and Crowley found himself able to understand it quite easily. “We do not have rain on Hell, Master. That is why I did not know what it was.”


You’ve been all over the universe.” Aziraphale pointed out dryly. Crowley nodded.


I have, Master, but for some odd reason I never saw rain until today.” He watched the rain falling. “It’s very peaceful, watching it. Does it rain a lot here?”


Every three months, which is why I said we have to stay inside. I’m going to seal the entrance so we don’t get flooded out.” Aziraphale rolled the boulder in front of the cave mouth, then flew up to the ceiling, making sure that the entrance there was well sealed too. He knew that it never flooded high enough to block that entrance, which he was extremely grateful for. He flew back down and Crowley climbed into his lap, kissing him. “Hello, darling.”


How long does the rain last, Master?” Crowley inquired, his golden eyes luminous in the cave light. Aziraphale grinned and ran a tendril up his inner thigh.


Oh, sometimes for days at a time. I used to get so bored, waiting for it to end. Even with my books, tedium crept in. But now that I have such a pliant and beautiful pet, I think tedium will be the last thing on my mind. Does my sweet Mate think he can last for days, letting Master use him for my pleasure?”


Crowley moaned and ran his hand down his chest, pinching at his nipples. “Can last as long as Master desires, as long as Mate wants. I am yours to do with as you desire, my Master and Mate.”


I want to watch you touch yourself.” Aziraphale whispered, and Crowley whined and slid back onto his knees, his right hand on his stomach and his left stroking a nipple. “Imagine it’s my tendrils on you, my darling. Touch yourself like it’s me touching you.”


Crowley’s fingers explored his nipples, pinching and pulling, before sliding down his chest, stroking his bare skin. Aziraphale moaned, and Crowley slid his hand down and took hold of his cock, stroking it into hardness, a moan of pleasure pouring from his mouth. He stroked his legs with the hand not holding his cock, and thrust his hips forward, a truly decadent groan making Aziraphale’s own cock respond. Crowley slid his left hand in his mouth and sucked, his eyes never leaving Aziraphale’s and his hips pistoning wantonly. Aziraphale growled as Crowley slid his spit slick fingers into his asshole, crying out. “Yes, good boy, sweet boy, fuck yourself on your fingers, you are such a good boy, so good for Master.”


Crowley whined and worked his fingers deeper, the hand on his cock pumping hard. “Master Master want to please you, always want to please you, love you, love Master, love you so m...MUCH!” Crowley shrieked as he came. “Master please fuck me, I need your cock, please Master!”


Aziraphale yanked Crowley forward and thrust up into him. Crowley screamed anew with pleasure. “MASTER!”


Fuck, my love, my mate, you feel so wonderful, my darling, my dearest, my light, I am yours, as much as you are mine, I love you so, with each beat of my hearts my love grows, with every breath from my lungs, it expands, I love you, my priceless one, my own treasure, my love, my Anthony.” Aziraphale chanted as he fucked his love slow and deep, pulling out the most wonderful sounds.


I love you, Aziraphale, my Master, my Mate, my heart, my own, you are the breath in my lungs, the beats in my heart, my life is yours, my soul is yours, all I am is yours, I love you so much, more than anything, you are my North, my stars, my guide home, you are my home, my heart, will never stop loving you.”


The rain lasted four days. Aziraphale and Crowley hardly noticed when it stopped, they were so caught up in each other. Crowley noticed first. “Master, the suns!” Sure enough, golden light was filtering through the holes in the ceiling. Aziraphale reluctantly untangled himself from Crowley and went over to the entrance. “Won’t the water come in?” The Hellion asked, concerned. Aziraphale shook his head.


Twin suns mean any water left evaporates very quickly.” He pushed the boulder to one side, blinking against the bright light. “I don’t know about you, but I could use some exercise.” Crowley grinned and laid back on the pelts. Aziraphale chuckled. “Outside exercise, darling. We could both use some fresh air.”


Crowley got up and came over. “Suns feel nice. Warm.” He stepped outside and was immediately set upon by a furry chattering something. “Adam!” He exclaimed in delight. Adam chattered at him and patted his head, clearly happy to see him. Crowley stroked his fur. “Oh, you didn’t get wet!”


Aziraphale chuckled at the pair. “Adam’s got the sense to stay in out of the rain, love. Come on, I want to see if any damage’s been done.” Crowley happily took his hand, Adam riding on his shoulder and chattering away.


There were a few branches that had blown down. Aziraphale gathered them up to use for firewood. A few fruit trees had lost their fruit, and the three of them had a little feast.


They returned to their cave and Aziraphale fixed a breakfast of fruits and fresh water. Adam perched himself on Crowley’s head and chattered endlessly, his bright eyes taking everything in. Crowley fed him bits of fruit and petted him. Aziraphale found it incredibly adorable, even petting Adam himself.


Can we go flying later, Master?”


I suppose. It will be good of me to stretch my wings.” Aziraphale said in a mock bored tone, smiling at Crowley’s whoop of joy. “Oh, did you want to come along?” He asked, laughing at the expression on his love’s face. Crowley whined, nodding. Aziraphale leaned over and pecked him on the nose, laughing anew at the face the Hellion made.



Had Crowley and Aziraphale gone down the path to the right rather than the one to the left, they would have noticed the strange craft that landed in the nearby clearing. Hastur was the first one out, his tranquilizer gun ready and loaded. Tyler wanted this creature, this ‘Treasure’, brought back alive, and the gun was loaded with a tranquilizer that could take down anything, no matter how big it was. “Right. Ligur, you and I will go down that way for about a hundred yards, then split up. Comm on at all times, just in case we run into any trouble. You got your gun?”


Ligur patted his own gun. “Got it. Right, let’s get going. Scalie, don’t you dare take off without us.”


Wouldn’t dream of it,” Newt said dryly, having dreamed of that exact thing many times. Ligur glared at him.


Well, see that you don’t.” He started off, then realized that Hastur wasn’t following. “You coming?”


Hastur turned and smiled, pointing up. Ligur followed his finger. “Well, well, look at that. That thing matches the sketch. Even uglier in real life, ain’t it?” Hastur nodded. “Well, let’s see if we can’t bring it down.” They lifted their guns and fired at the same time.


Aziraphale jerked as he felt a stinging sensation in his shoulder. “What in the…?” He blinked as his vision suddenly trebled, then became hazy. “Anthony?” He faltered, his wings suddenly unable to hold his weight.


Crowley screamed in horror as Aziraphale suddenly went limp and plummeted towards the ground. They hit with an impact that sent dirt and grass flying in the air. Crowley was thrown off and crashed against a tree. There was a sickening, jarring crack, and then everything went black.

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Chapter Eight: Bleeding Down To The Core


Everything hurt. Crowley moaned with pain, and when he tried to open his eyes something that felt like a spear in the back of his head flared up, causing him to cry out. A smooth hand on his shoulder pushed him down, and he heard a gentle, but nervous voice. “Don’t try to move, you’ve got a tree branch on top of you. I’m going to do my best to get it off.” Crowley didn’t respond. There was a heaving, grunting sound, and the horrid weight that had been on his legs lifted. The Hellion shrieked as they flared with renewed pain. “Okay, it’s off. I’m not much of a Medic, but it looks like you’re going to be out of commission for a few hours. Is there someplace safe we can go?”


“C...cave. Three hundred yards...East.” Crowley managed to gasp out. He felt two hands link under his shoulders and lift him up.


“I do apologize in advance for this, but you’re much too tall for me to carry properly. I’ll try to go as steadily as I can and not jostle you too much.”


Crowley allowed himself to be dragged back to the cave. Once inside, whoever it was looked around and spotted the pelts. They dragged Crowley over and laid him down. The scent of Master made the redhead sob, and he buried his face in the pelts. He could hear the other person grunting with exertion as they pushed the boulder into place. “Right.” Crowley listened to the footsteps come closer. There was also a strange dragging sound, like scales in dirt. “Okay, let’s see if there’s any damage.” A smooth, scaly hand ran gently down his body, the owner muttering to themselves. “You’re blessed lucky. No damage that I can see, apart from a nasty goose egg on your head and some rather nasty cuts on your chest and arms. I’ll get you cleaned up, spotted some water somewhere...aha!”


“Where...Master…?” Crowley gasped out as he felt himself being cleaned. He blinked his eyes open. His rescuer was… “You..Pandoran?”


“Yes, I am. My name’s Newt. I know, I know. My parents had a horrible taste in names.” Newt said with a smile. Crowley tried to grin, but it hurt too much. “Who’s your Master?”


“Zira..Aziraphale. Where?”


Newt gulped. “They took him. Hastur and Ligur, they took him and left me stranded here without a means of getting back.”


Crowley broke down sobbing. “No, we have to get him back! I need him. I...I’ll die without him!” He started to sit up, and Newt pushed him back down.


“You are in no fit state to sit up, much less mount a one man rescue operation.”


Crowley snarled, but he knew the lizard was right. Charging in half cocked would only lead to both of them getting hurt. “Fine. But as soon as I’ve recovered, I’m going after those two and when I find them, I will make them regret ever having been birthed.”




Tyler, in the meantime, was trying very hard not to salivate. The Celestial was even more magnificent than he had ever dreamed of. It lay limp in the room Tyler had made for it, using the spell that Gabriel had given him. Hastur and Ligur had already been paid handsomely and were on their way to Nutters to drink and brag. Tyler came into the room and fastened the golden cuffs around the Celestial’s wrists, then dug out a piece of paper from his pocket. From what Gabriel told him, this would Bind the Celestial Aziraphale to him, and make him do his bidding without question. Tyler also pulled out a bottle of smelling salts. He wasn’t sure if they would work, but Gabriel had said that Aziraphale needed to be awake for the Binding to be effective. Tyler uncapped the bottle and shoved it under the flat nose.


Aziraphale sneezed and his eyes flew open. His glance darted around the room, and Tyler saw his fur go almost bone white. He trilled, his tendrils waving. Where was he? Where was Anthony? The last thing he remembered was being stung by something in his shoulder, then seeing the ground suddenly coming up to meet him. There was a strange human here, holding a piece of paper, and another scent, one he hadn’t smelled in almost two hundred years.


“Hello, Sunshine.” Gabriel came into the Room, smiling the smile that never reached his eyes. “This is a touching reunion, isn’t it?”


“G...Gabriel? Why?” Aziraphale gasped out. Gabriel came forward and wrapped two spiked tendrils around Aziraphale’s throat.


“Why. He asks why. You worthless, pathetic excuse for a Celestial! I should have been the one given your power! I AM THE ELDEST! BUT NO, MOTHER HAD TO PASS IT ON TO THE YOUNGEST, THE MOST PATHETIC OF US!”


“P...pass it on?” Aziraphale choked out. Gabriel snarled.


“Mother didn’t know what Gift to give you, since you were so small when you were created. So rather than just scrapping you for a bad job, she gave you her Gift. Life. I didn’t realize how much she had given until about a hundred years after you left. Utopia is no longer a paradise. It’s a desert.”


Aziraphale boggled at the implication. “The...the planet I landed on, it was all desert...and...I brought it to life.” Another thought hit him. “Where’s Anthony?! What have you done with him?!”


“Who?” Gabriel looked genuinely puzzled, and Aziraphale felt relief. At least his mad brother didn’t have his Mate. “Look, we’re wasting time. Tyler, please recite the words on the paper I gave you.”


Aziraphale felt his blood turn to ice. He recognized the runes as being tied specifically to his essence. “Gabriel, please don’t do this. Please don’t take my mind away.” He knew that once a Bind took hold, nothing could break it, and he would be the slave of the ratty looking human, unable to disobey him.


“Sorry, Sunshine, but you’re far too much of a thorn in my side.”


Tyler cleared his throat and recited the words in what he imagined was an imposing voice. Aziraphale shut his eyes. ‘I’m sorry, my love.’ The chains and cuffs flared, then faded. Aziraphale frowned. He felt...he felt the same.


“It didn’t work!” Tyler accused Gabriel. His brother rolled his eyes and snatched the paper from the human.


“Your Celestial is horrible, of course it didn’t work.” Gabriel said. He faced Aziraphale and spoke the Binding Words. Once again, the chains flared, then faded almost instantly. “What is going on?!”


Aziraphale abruptly realized, and began cackling. “It won’t work, Gabriel. I’m already Bound!”


“WHAT?! WHO?!”


Aziraphale was laughing like a madman now. “Mate Bonded, Gabriel. The most powerful Bond in the Universe, one which no spell can break. Oh, my beautiful Hellion, I wonder if he knew how powerful it truly was. So try that spell all you wish, it will never work!” The blond Celestial gasped out, laughing. Gabriel came forward and struck him hard across the face. He fell back, a wicked grin on his face. “Oh dear, have I spoiled your plans, big brother?”


“SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SPACE FLOTSAM! YOU ARE NOTHING!” Gabriel screamed. “SO I CAN’T BIND YOU. BUT YOU...YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY, I SWEAR IT!” He shook himself and spoke in a cold voice. “You can rot here. Those chains may not be able to Bind you, but you’re not strong enough to break them. So we’ll see how long you can hold out, locked in the dark and the cold. I think maybe you’ll be willing to reach a compromise and give us both what we want.”


“And what is that?” Aziraphale asked. Gabriel smiled.


“Well, Tyler here, he’s got advanced cancer. Wants you to cure him and give him life eternal. Me? I just want to bring you home so you can restore Utopia. Of course, I had planned on you being my little lap dog, but there are other methods of persuasion. Very painful ones.” Aziraphale gulped at the sadism in Gabriel’s eyes. “But in the meantime, you’re going to be locked in here until you decide to cooperate. Oh, one more thing.” Gabriel went over to what looked like a light switch on the right wall. He flipped it to the on position. Aziraphale bit back a cry of pain as an electric shock went through his body. “Nifty, isn’t it? Tyler had it rigged up. Every half hour, you’re gonna get some serious voltage. Not enough to stop your hearts, but enough to make it hurt. A lot. And since your secondary power is healing, you’re gonna be able to last much longer than most, which unfortunately also means the pain’s going to be worse each time. I’ll be back in a few days, little brother, and maybe you’ll be more willing to listen to my requests.”


Aziraphale slumped in the chains when they left. “Anthony...” he sobbed out, hoping that his love was alright. He could still smell the Hellion on him, that heady mix of heat and spices that made Aziraphale dizzy. He rattled and tugged at his chains, but they were made of Celestial material, and there was no way he could break them. How had Gabriel fallen so low? The eldest Celestial had always had a bit of an ego, and could be a bully, but to do this, to threaten torture, was beyond the pale. Aziraphale began sobbing, praying that somehow, his Mate would find him.




“I’m telling you, I’m fine!” Crowley snarled, trying to push past Newt. The Pandoran pressed his hand against his chest, his gaze firm.


“And I am telling you, that you still need at least two whole days to recover! You are in no shape to stand! Now lie back down before I make you!” Crowley blinked at the tone.


Please. We’ve already delayed long enough. My angel is in danger, please.” The Hellion begged, not caring how pathetic he sounded. Newt growled.


We have no way of getting off this planet, Crowley! In case you forgot, those two assholes you used to work with stole my ship!”


Crowley grinned. “Yes, but they didn’t steal mine. She’s hidden on the North side of the planet.” He looked over Newt’s shoulder. “Damn it, suns going down. We’ll have to wait until morning.”


Yes, please!” Newt said in relief. Crowley walked over to the bookshelves, running his hands along the spines. “So, this...Aziraphale, tell me about him?”


He’s perfect. He’s kind, and sweet, and strong, but so soft. He’s my Master and Mate, and being apart from him feels like dying.”


Newt smiled. He felt the same way about a certain enhanced human. “Sounds like you love him quite a lot.”


He’s my life. He’s...” Crowley’s eyes widened in shock. “Fuck me, he’s the Treasure! Isn’t he?!”


Newt nodded. “Yeah. Hastur and Ligur were going on and on about it to some bloke named Tyler.” He narrowed his eyes. “Also said that they were a bit surprised you hadn’t done the job.”


I didn’t...I didn’t know it was him.” Crowley said in a quiet voice. “No, that’s not true. I think...a part of me had figured it out, but by then I was so deeply in love with him that the idea of turning him over to that bastard was too horrific to contemplate. I fell so hard and fast, and when he told me he felt the same way, nothing else mattered. Nothing else will ever matter. I need him back.” Crowley went over to their bed and wrapped himself in a pelt, breathing in his Master’s sunlight scent. “My Aziraphale...”


Newt, not really used to comforting sobbing people, patted him awkwardly on the shoulder.


The next morning, after politely being asked to put his rather tattered robe on, Crowley and Newt worked together to dislodge the boulder, both of them heaving and grunting from the strain. They managed to get an opening large enough to slip through. Crowley went first, then stopped so suddenly Newt ran smack into him. “Crowley!”


What...what...” The Hellion gibbered, unable to believe what he was seeing. “They’re...they’re dying. They shouldn’t be dying, why are they dying?” He looked around. “Everything’s dying! What’s going on?”


I don’t know!” Newt said. “But if you’re just going to stand there, could you do it a bit to the right so I can have some breathing room?” Crowley shook himself and turned to Newt.


Come on. My ship’s a bit of a walk from here.” The Hellion set off at a trot, Newt running to catch up.


Crowley sighed in relief as Bentley came into view. The Pandoran behind him was panting for breath. “Bentley, commence Reboot.” There was a whirring sound from the ship, and moments later, the doors slid open and a walkway descended. Crowley and Newt went up it. “Hello, old girl.” Crowley said with affection, patting the console. “I do hope you’ve kept yourself in good order, even during Shut Down.”


Don’t stop me now!” Bentley sang out. Crowley laughed and stroked the instrument panel.


Wouldn’t dream of it. Oh. Newt, this is Bentley, my ship. Also the name of the AI for her. Bentley, this is my friend Newt. Say hello, Newt.”




Crowley indicated for him to sit before sliding into the driver’s seat. “Okay, darling, we need to go faster than we’ve ever gone before. My angel’s in danger, and we need to save him.” He flipped switches, and Bentley’s engine roared to life. “Newt, you may want to hold on to something.”


Why would I...” Newt shrieked as Bentley took off like a shot, pressing him back into the seat. He strapped himself in. “Warn me next time!”


Crowley ignored him, pulling up a star map. “What route did you take to get to the Planet?” Newt leaned forward, and after a few minutes perusal, pointed. “Oh, the long way. Right, can’t afford that. We’re going back the way I came. That one.”


The one that takes us through the asteroid field?” Newt asked, pale. Crowley nodded. “Oh. Wonderful.”


We’ll make it. We have to.” Crowley said. Newt gulped as Bentley flew on through space.



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Chapter Nine: Shattered Hearts


Aziraphale no longer knew what day it was. He didn’t even know if it was day, or night, or evening. All he knew was pain. The chains dug into his dull, limp fur, and the only way he was able to keep track of any semblance of time was by the shocks. As Gabriel had said, they came every half hour, each one a bit stronger, a bit longer and more painful than the one before it. After each one, his healing would kick in, but as he grew more and more exhausted from the repeated onslaught, it took longer and longer to take effect.


Once, long ago(or maybe just a few hours) he had tried breaking the chains, clawing and biting in a frenzy. The chains would not budge, and Aziraphale had screamed his rage and agony to the Heavens, then screamed anew as a shock went through him that was more powerful than any of the ones before it. The message was clear. Try to escape, and the pain would be even worse.


Bright light flooded the Room and the Celestial hissed, slamming his eyes shut. Footsteps approached, and a spiked tendril slapped across his face. He snarled and lashed out with his own tendril, only to scream in pain as the spike from Gabriel’s buried itself in it. “Look at you, the gentle Aziraphale, reduced to a snarling animal. It didn’t have to come to this, you know. You could have said yes.”


“Never.” Aziraphale snarled. He opened his eyes and glared at his brother. “I will never help you.”


Gabriel’s face contorted in rage. “Then you will die here.” He stood and left, slamming the door to Aziraphale’s prison behind him.


Aziraphale curled up as best as he could and sobbed, wishing for the first time that he could die and put an end to this never ending agony.



Crowley breathed a sigh of relief as they passed through the asteroid belt. Even pushing Bentley to her limit, it had taken them almost a month to get through safely. Now came an even bigger hurdle. Crowley’s stolen permit discs were synced to his biometrics, while Newt had simply waited until Patrol was looking the other way and then gunned it. Erasing a disc and putting Newt’s bio pattern on it was feasible, but it would take time that Crowley couldn’t afford. “Newt, when I give the signal, go into the hold and get in the cage there. How are you at being fierce?”


“I suck at it, why?”


“Well, most of the Patrol here are humans who are on their first tour out, and if I can convince them you’re my Bounty, I’ll be able to get by without having to worry about permit discs. Let me see your teeth.” Newt bared his teeth. Crowley grinned. “Good, nice and sharp. Perfect for tearing people to pieces.”


“I eat fish!” Newt yelped. Crowley patted his arm.


“I know that, but I can guarantee those greenies don’t. Spread your claws.” Newt sighed, but did as asked. “Perfect. Now, I’m going to have to cuff you, but they won’t hurt.” Crowley dug in his console and pulled out a pair of cuffs, locking them around Newt’s wrists. “Okay, time for me to put on the best act of my life. You just follow along.”


Crowley slowly approached the Patrol ship, his heart in his throat. He really, really hoped his hunch was right, and this was a new Patrol, not a veteran. “HALT!” Perfect. The Patrol Officer sounded fresh out of Academy. They were so cute at that age, still awed by the vast wonder of space. Cynicism would kick in soon enough, Crowley thought bitterly. “IDENTIFY YOURSELF!”


Crowley flipped on his comm. “Anthony Jacob Crowley, Bounty Hunter, ID Number 3344666, returning from UZ with Bounty. No permit disc for it.”




Crowley dug out his camera and pointed it at Newt. “Smile.” Newt glared at him, but did as requested. Crowley uploaded the picture to the comm and sent it to the Patrol. There was a little shriek of fear, and Newt looked mortally offended. Crowley smirked and stuck his tongue out. “Scary fucker, ain’t he? Wanna know what he did?”


“, that’s fine.” The officer replied. “Permission to pass granted.”


Crowley flew Bentley past the ship. Once they were out of range, he uncuffed Newt. “Good acting.” Newt glared at him and rubbed his wrists.


“It’s going to take at least two weeks to get to Hell, even as fast as this ship goes.” He said, and Crowley gulped.


“I know. I keep having these horrid dreams that...he’s gone. I have to find him, Newt. I need my Mate and Master. I won’t...I don’t want to live in a universe where Aziraphale is gone.”


Newt patted his shoulder. “We’ll find him.”



“Get up!” Gabriel yanked Aziraphale to his feet, the blond Celestial making no effort to resist. The pain was too much. He heard something being dragged across the floor of his prison, and he was pushed into the something. He started to fall forward, only for the hated chains to yank back and anchor him into place. “Wake up! I want you to feel this.” Aziraphale yelped as ice cold water smacked him in the face, shocking him into opening his eyes. Gabriel and Tyler were there, and Aziraphale snarled and lashed out. Gabriel caught a tendril and slashed it. Aziraphale screamed in pain, his healing sluggish from the repeated onslaughts. “Shocking you isn’t working, clearly. So we’re going to try a more...hands on approach. Tyler here has two men waiting behind the door. Men, he tells me, who are very gifted in the art of...persuasion.”


“Torture. You mean torture.” Aziraphale gasped out. “How could you, Gabriel? Is your hatred of me so strong that you have reduced yourself to a brutal tyrant who tortures his own brother?”


Gabriel wrapped his tendrils around Aziraphale’s throat. “My hatred of you knows no bounds, Aziraphale. You are worthless, weak, and kind. You make all of us look like less, and if I could kill you a thousand times over, bring you back, and do it again, I would in a heartsbeat. But I can’t, because Mother made sure we couldn’t die. But I can make you wish for death.” He stepped back. “Tyler, bring your men in.” Tyler nodded, and Aziraphale went pale when he saw the two men that had captured him walk in.

Hello there, ugly.” The pale one said, smiling a smile that would make a dentist weep. He was holding a knife. The knife looked very sharp. “Boss here told me and Ligur,” he indicated his lurking companion, “that he wanted us to do a bit of knife work, beating, that sort of thing. Well, actually, he just said, and I quote. ‘Make it hurt, and don’t stop until he agrees to give me what I want.’ So, wot that means is, we’re going to take our time with you.” Hastur came forward and ran the knife up Aziraphale’s chest. It burned like hellfire, and Aziraphale shrieked. “Oh, yeah, forgot to tell you. Our knives, they’re dipped in a special acid. Burns like anything, especially on an open cut. Here, I’ll show ya.” Hastur opened a small cut on Aziraphale’s arm. The pain was so intense, so all encompassing that the Celestial couldn’t even scream. “Oh no, you ain’t gonna be silent. Me and Ligur, we like it when they scream. Don’t we?”


Music to our ears.” Ligur replied. Hastur twisted the knife. Aziraphale shrieked in agony. “Wot a wonderful sound. Me and Hastur are gonna take turns. Hastur’s good with his knives, but I prefer a more hands on approach.” He cracked his knuckles, grinning. Aziraphale sobbed in terror.


Please...” He yelped as he was punched hard in the face. Hastur glared at him.


Stop sniveling, we ain’t even got started yet.” He slashed at a tendril, and Aziraphale howled in pain. “Oh, so you do feel when they get cut. Ain’t that interesting.”


Aziraphale sobbed as Hastur began. As Ligur had boasted, he was skilled in the ‘art’ of knife torture, opening small cuts everywhere, cuts that burned with the acid and made the Celestial scream with the pain of it. Golden blood flowed from a dozen places, and his healing couldn’t work fast enough. His throat was hoarse from screaming and he no longer knew fully what was happening. All he knew was he was hurt, and he wanted it to end. He wanted to die.



Crowley crouched under the window that led to Tyler’s kitchen. He had left Newt with Anathema, and after filling her in, had gone to Tyler’s manse. Luck had been on his side, and he hadn’t encountered anyone. He sneaked around to the back and found an open window. He was about to climb through when he heard voices.


That poor alien.” Crowley’s ears perked up. “It’s not right, wot Mr. Tyler’s doing to it.”


Nothing we can do.” That was another voice, male to the first voice’s female. “We’re paid to look the other way, Doris.”


It ain’t right! Alien’s got feelings too, Mac!” Doris said. She sounded young, whereas Mac sounded a bit older. “I were down there earlier and I could hear it screaming!” Crowley stuffed his hand in his mouth to stifle a sob. “It were pleading for them to stop!”


Crowley threw all caution to the wind and climbed through the window. Doris shrieked and hid behind Mac, who grabbed a butcher knife off the counter. “You ain’t robbin’ us, boyo!”


Crowley held his hands up. “No, no! I want to know where the young lady was when she heard A...the alien.” Mac looked skeptical. “I swear!”


Doris peeked at him, her gaze appreciative. “Down in the cellars. Go out those doors, second set of stairs down. Can’t miss it.” She blinked as Crowley took off at a dead run. “Well, that was odd.”


Crowley almost ran past the stairs. He skidded to a halt, spun around on his heel, and went down two steps at a time, praying to the Deity that he wasn’t too late.



Newt sipped at his cocktail, worry in his gut. Ana stroked his tail. “Things will be okay, Newt.”


Newt wrapped his tail around her waist, pulling her close and nuzzling her hair, which smelled like violets. “I hope you’re right, Ana. I really hope you’re right.”



Aziraphale was a mass of blood and cuts. He no longer felt the pain, no longer cared what was going on. His mind was on the brink of snapping entirely, and his vocabulary had been reduced to whimpers, snarls, growls, and harsh barks. His tendrils were sliced open, moving sluggishly, and his fur was so matted with his own blood that he no longer knew or cared what color it was. His chest was a mass of pain, for while the armor plates meant he couldn’t be cut there, he could still feel impacts, and Ligur had used him as a punching bag. He knew that his torturers wouldn’t stop unless he did..something. What, though? Oh, right. Give a monster life eternal, and agree to go home with another monster.


There was some sort of commotion. Aziraphale growled, and Hastur turned to Ligur. “Go see what that is.” Ligur nodded and left. Hastur placed his knife against Aziraphale’s arm. “Now, where was I?”


Crowley ran down the corridor, trying his best to hold himself together. He could hear Aziraphale screaming, and the sound made him want to scream himself. He had to stay strong for his Master, had to make it through the pain that was wrenching his soul to pieces.


Well, well, lookie wot we got here.” Ligur came into view, smiling. Crowley snarled in rage. “Did we take something of yours, Crawley?”


Give. Him. Back.” Crowley growled out, and Ligur cackled.


Why, so you can boast that you got the bounty? Don’t think so.” Crowley clenched his fists, and Ligur gaped, then began laughing. “Oh, oh no. Don’t tell me you love the thing. Oh. Oh my Deity, that is priceless! I mean, I knew you were a deviant freak, but this, oh man, this is beyond the pale.”


Where is he?” Crowley snarled. Ligur chuckled wickedly.


In there, with Hastur. Tell you what, why don’t I take you to him? A little lover’s reunion.” Crowley followed Ligur down the hall to a large steel door. “Hey, Hastur, lookie what dropped in.” He shoved Crowley inside. Crowley stumbled, but before he could fall Ligur’s arm was around his throat. “There’s yore lover, Crawley.” Crowley stared at the floor, sobbing, and Ligur yanked his head back. “You wanted to see him, there he is. Ain’t he pretty?”


Crowley screamed at the sight of the bloody, broken, and beaten Celestial. “M...Master?” No answer, and Crowley fought Ligur’s grip, howling and scratching at him. Ligur let him go, and he ran over to Aziraphale, falling to his knees. “Master, please...” Nothing, and Crowley felt himself going numb. “ Please, Master...”


Aww, ain’t that sweet. Sickening, but sweet.” Hastur said. Ligur laughed. Crowley took a deep breath.


You killed him.” He stared with blazing eyes at the limp figure of the being he loved more than life itself. His beautiful, kind, strong, bastard Master was gone, and nothing was worth it any more. Crowley wanted to curl up against the bloody chest and let himself fade into nothing, wanted to end it all, for what good was life, without someone to live for? Crowley had nothing. Aziraphale was gone.


There was a sound. Laughter. Cold, cruel, mocking, and Crowley saw a red mist descend. He was going to kill them. They had killed Aziraphale, killed him slow and painful, and now they were laughing. Something glinted, and he picked it up. A knife, and it was wet with golden blood. Celestial blood. Crowley made a high snarling sound, then screeched in animal rage and launched himself at the nearest target, who happened to be Ligur. He tried to block Crowley’s blow, but the Hellion’s rage was too great. He shrieked as he drove the knife into Ligur’s shoulder. Ligur shrieked as the acid bit into him. Still screaming, Crowley stabbed and stabbed and stabbed.


Ligur toppled to the floor, blood flowing, choking and gasping out his last breaths. Hastur, who had watched the whole thing in stunned horror, had just enough time to choke out a “N…!” before his own knife slashed his throat open so deep that his head nearly came off.


Crowley dropped the knife and fumbled at the chains holding Aziraphale to the chair. They were so strong. “Please, please...” He located the padlock holding them together, dug into his pocket and pulled out a hair pin, stuck it in, and twisted. The lock popped open, and the chains slithered to the floor. Aziraphale followed, landing with a horrid thump.


The sound of footsteps made Crowley turn, the knife in his hand. He lowered it when he saw it was Doris and Mac. “Help me, please!” They came into the room, and Mac gently lifted Aziraphale.


This way, we won’t be seen.” Mac lead them down the corridor to a door. “Right. That leads out of the grounds. You’re on your own.” Crowley nodded and took Aziraphale, wanting to sob at how limp he was. Even his tendrils were still, and his tendrils were never still, even when Master was sleeping. Crowley staggered under his weight, but held on as he made his way to a place he prayed would be safe.


Anathema was setting the table for dinner when she heard the knocking. She went to the front door, opened it, and yelped as Crowley half-fell into her flat, his arms around the oddest alien she had ever seen. “Ana, help me...”


Crowley sat on Ana’s sofa, his knees to his chest and his eyes vacant. Ana had cleaned Aziraphale up, and now the Celestial lay in her bed, still and silent. ‘ Please,’ Crowley prayed, ‘Please, give him back to me. I can’t live without him.’



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Chapter Ten: Comfort and Consequence


Coming back to awareness was a slow, pain filled process. Everything hurt, from the tips of his wings to the end of his claws. He could barely open his eyes. Mother Above, even his eyebrows hurt. Aziraphale made a low, painful trilling sound, more a rumble than anything else.


Where was he? This wasn’t the Room, and it certainly wasn’t any place he recognized. Had his tormentors taken him someplace isolated?! Aziraphale whimpered in fear. They had taken him to a place where his screams wouldn’t be heard, where they could keep on torturing him for as long as they pleased. It didn’t matter. He was too weak, too exhausted to fight back. He accepted that this would be his life from now on. He knew, even if he had said yes to Tyler and Gabriel, their sadism and blood lust would not be satisfied.


A door opened, and Aziraphale could make out the shape of a person. It didn’t look like either of his torturers, but looks could be deceiving. The person came closer, and Aziraphale snarled weakly, one tendril limply lifting up and pointing at them. “Hey, it’s okay.” A human female, and she sounded soothing, her voice low. “You’re safe, it’s okay.” A soft, gentle hand on his wing, and Aziraphale yelped at the pain. “I had a medic come in a few days ago. A friend of mine, Brian. Messy in personal habits, but the best damn Medic this galaxy’s ever seen. He thinks you’ll be okay.”


What Anathema didn’t say was that Brian had spent nearly fifteen minutes raving about Aziraphale’s anatomy before Crowley had snarled at him so fiercely that the Medic had sheepishly began the examination.


“My name’s Anathema. This is my flat. Specifically, my room. Crowley kicked me out and I’ve been staying with Newt.” The woman, Anathema, said in that same soothing tone. But Aziraphale had heard only one word. Crowley. He took a deep breath, and made a low trilling sound. Anathema sounded puzzled. “I’m sorry, I don’t...wait.” She gently lifted one of his tendrils and placed it against her forehead. “Crowley said you communicate telepathically.”


Aziraphale exerted all his effort and opened a channel. “Thony...” He rasped out, too exhausted to say anything more. Anathema nodded and left the room. Aziraphale fell back, his eyes closed and chest heaving just from that little bit.


Scent suddenly filled his nostrils, the scent of spice and apples that have been sitting in the sun, the smell of soft sand and warm nights, and Aziraphale weakly lifted a tendril and let it roam over a face that he would know in his sleep. He trilled in joy, and Crowley, dear, beloved, beautiful Crowley was in his arms, holding him like he never wanted to let go, and sobbing his heart out. “Don’t leave me Master don’t ever leave me I can’t live without you I love you so much, Master, so very much, I don’t know how to be without you, I can’t be without you, can’t be...”


Aziraphale trilled softly and stroked Crowley with a tendril. He was still too weak to speak, but he hoped his beloved got the message. Crowley seemed to understand, pressing a soft, loving kiss to his cheek. “My angel, my Master and Mate.” Crowley whispered, laying his head on Aziraphale’s chest. “I killed them. Hastur and Ligur. Wish I had killed Tyler, too.”


Aziraphale trilled softly. He wondered what had happened to Gabriel. No doubt his cowardly brother had found the quickest route back home. Gabriel had always been the sort that liked to cut and run when things started to go pear shaped for him. “Long?” He managed to ask. Crowley nuzzled him.

“Almost a week, Master. But things have been happening. Ana’s got lots of powerful friends in very high places, so she made some calls, and the police raided Tyler’s house. He wasn’t there. But they found evidence of a major illegal smuggling and slavery ring he’s a part of, and also evidence that he was holding a sentient and sapient being captive, which is false imprisonment, and also that he was planning on acquiring more. Tyler’s got a Galactic Warrant out for his arrest, his assets and house have been seized, and all the space ports have his photo.”


Ana had also taken great pains to assure that Crowley’s name was erased from Tyler’s list of known associates. As far as the law was concerned, Crowley was simply a Hunter who once in a while crossed paths with the man and knew nothing about any illegal operations.


Lucien Morningstar hadn’t been so lucky, and now he was cooling his heels in the lock up along with several members of his gang. Some vowed revenge on Crowley, but Lucien snorted. The Hellion was too much trouble, not worth the time or effort. Besides, it wasn’t the first stretch Lucien had done. Hell, he was practically at home here.


Tyler had been holed up at a motel under an assumed name and guise for almost two weeks. He didn’t dare go outside, as the streets were thick with police, and he was pretty sure that the clerk was starting to get suspicious. Tyler clenched his fists in rage. He was going to find that Celestial, along with the Hellion that had helped him escape with the help of his traitorous servants(whom he had fired on the spot) and force him to do what he wanted. Tyler was used to getting his way, and this time would be no different. He picked up the cloak he had stolen from the hotel laundry earlier that day. The large hood would do a decent job of obscuring his face. He slipped it on, flipped the hood up, and went to the door. Opening it revealed no one around, so Tyler slipped out and headed to the nearest transport that would take him close to his manse, but not so close that the alarm would be raised. Maybe they figured he had somehow slipped past the patrols, he thought.



Aziraphale sat up slowly. He could do that now, sit up without screaming from the pain in his back. His healing factor had been almost gone, but as time went on and it came back, so did the Celestial. He still couldn’t speak beyond a very low, almost raspy trill, and his tendrils would have permanent scars from the knife and Gabriel’s spikes, but his fur was as shiny, soft and smooth as it had ever been, thanks to his pet’s meticulous grooming, his wings were intact(a miracle in itself) and he was starting to be able to eat solid food without throwing up. Best of all, Crowley hadn’t left his side. Aziraphale was a bit miffed that he was too weak to properly enjoy his darling, but the soft kisses and gentle touches they exchanged were more than enough for the Celestial. He couldn’t get enough of his darling Mate’s scent, wanted to drown in the feel and taste of him. Crowley had shocked him one night when the Hellion had started singing. His voice was beautiful, and Aziraphale felt tears pricking his eyes.


The world spun, and Aziraphale braced himself against the bed. Now for the hard part. Slowly, he inched his legs out from the covers and placed his feet on the floor. He counted to twenty, then braced himself and stood. The world trebled, and Aziraphale counted to thirty before it stopped. He took a tiny step forward, trilling happily when he didn’t fall flat on his face.


Crowley was sitting at the dining room table reluctantly poking at a piece of toast. Ana, tired of him not eating, had frogmarched him from Aziraphale’s room, plonked him down at the table, then gone and made breakfast, ordering him to eat. “I’m not hungry.” Ana crossed her arms and gave a glare that would have sent braver men running for the hills. Crowley, who had known her for quite a long time, had sheepishly picked up his fork and dug into the eggs. Now all that was left was the toast, which Crowley didn’t really want, as he wasn’t a huge toast person. Ana simply glared harder. “Newt, you want this?” Newt, who was sitting next to Ana, a smile on his face as she stroked his tail, shook his head.


Can’t eat bread, sorry.”


May I have it?” Crowley spun in his chair. Aziraphale stood in the doorway, swaying but steady. “I rather like toast.”


MASTER!” Crowley launched out of his seat and threw himself into Aziraphale’s willing arms. The Celestial laughed.


Easy, my love, I am still rather weak.” Crowley whined, but lessened his grip and lead Aziraphale over to the table, helping him sit. He moved his chair so it was next to Aziraphale’s, then took his hand. “It smells wonderful.” Crowley broke off a piece and held it out. Aziraphale smiled. “Going to feed me, my darling Mate?” A nod, and Aziraphale opened his mouth. Crowley fed him a piece at a time. The toast was rather good. “My dearest Hellion, you saved my life.”


Crowley leaned over as far as he could without actually climbing into Master’s lap like he so badly wanted to. “They were hurting you.”


Aziraphale stroked him with his blunt claws. “No, my love. Before that. Even before I was captured. I had no life, not until you came into it. I was existing, nothing more, and each day blended into the other. Then you literally come crashing into my life, and I discovered something worth living for. Our Bond saved me from a horrible fate. Celestials, we have this...ability, all of us, called Binding. We can, in essence, enslave another being’s mind. on us, too, but with Celestials, there’s a Ritual involved, since the Magic in us that manifests in our Gifts is tied to our specific essences. The Room that I was in, it was meant to be a Binding for me. Gabriel would have enslaved me, used my gift of Life to force me to do horrible things. But it didn’t work, because I had already Bound myself to another. To you.” Crowley shivered. “I swear upon Mother Above, my darling, that I have not used Binding on you.”


Wasn’t shivering because I thought that. Was just wondering what sort of horrible things your brother can do, Master. You’ve told me a bit about him.”


Aziraphale sighed. “Even I was shocked at the depths of his depravity and sadism. He’s corrupt to the core, but he’s canny. No doubt he’s already back on Utopia, plotting and planning his next attempt to capture and control me.”


I won’t let him touch you again, Master.” Crowley vowed, and Aziraphale kissed the top of his head.


I won’t either, my darling.”



Tyler had made it to his manse, but didn’t dare approach, as it was crawling with the law. Fuming, he made his way down the road, heading for that awful pub that he knew Crowley sometimes frequented. Maybe he would be able to hear something.


The pub was horrible, noisy, and smelled. Tyler made his way up to the bar and sat on a stool that looked less sticky than the others. The bartender, a very large and intimidating looking man, ambled over. “What can I get ya?”


Your best bottle of Earth whiskey, please.” Tyler said, making sure to use a fake accent. The bartender blinked, then laughed.


Buddy, if you think this shit hole can afford Earth whiskey, you’re delusional.” He said. Truth was, it could, but this guy was sketchy. “Best I can do is Jovian.” Tyler grunted, and the bartender got down a bottle and glass. “Four fifty.” Tyler paid and poured himself a glass. The whiskey bubbled. “Drink it before it goes flat, otherwise it tastes horrible.”


Tyler gulped it down, choked, and coughed. The bartender cackled. “Good stuff, ain’t it.” Tyler made a face. He was about to take another sip when someone slid onto the stool next to him.


Saturnian vodka, Jack. And make it a double.” Tyler looked over at his companion. He had the uniform of a Medic, and looked like he hadn’t slept. Jack made the drink and slid it over. The Medic slugged it.


Hey, go easy on that shit, Brian.” Jack said in concern. Brian snorted and indicated that he wanted another.


Jack, have you ever seen something that changes the course of your life forever?”


Not since the last time I got drunk on my day off and went down to the Red Light District.” Jack snarked. Brian snorted. “Why?”


Okay, if I tell you, you have to swear it stays between us.” Jack nodded, and Brian leaned in. “Anathema’s got an alien in her flat.”


You mean the Pandoran? Dude, hate to break it to you, but pretty much everyone that works here and all the barflies know about him. He’s a bit fussy, but okay for a scalie.”


Brian huffed and shook his head. “No, not him. A real proper alien. Here, I got a pic.” Brian pulled out his phone and showed Jack a picture. Jack’s jaw dropped. “Yeah. Weird looking, ain’t he. But that’s not all. His anatomy, it’s like nothing I’ve seen. It’s like if you took a lion, made him able to walk on two legs, then gave it fur that could change colors, four sets of wings that are every color of the rainbow, tendrils growing out of the back, six eyes, and a chest that seems to be made of armor plating. He’d been hurt, really badly, and Ana asked me to examine him. Guess what?” Jack shook his head, and Brian grimaced. “He was healing himself. ” Jack snorted. “I know, I know how it sounds, but it’s the truth. Something in him was healing him. I could almost hear it working.”


Weird. You going back?”


Brian took a slower sip of vodka and nodded. “Yeah. He’s just started getting mobile again, so Ana wants me to come make sure he’s not overexerting himself.” He finished his drink, paid, and left. After making sure Jack wasn’t looking, and that enough time had passed to allay any suspicions, Tyler followed.


Brian knocked on the door to Ana’s flat. It was opened seconds later by Crowley. “Hey Doc.”


Anthony.” Brian replied. “How are you?”


Better, now.” The Hellion stepped aside to let his friend into the flat. Aziraphale was sitting on the sofa, reading one of the few books Ana had. Crowley sat down and slid into his lap. Aziraphale stroked him with a tendril and kept reading. “Doctor’s here, love.”


Aziraphale set his book aside and smiled at Brian, trilling. Crowley grinned. “He wants to know how you are.”


I’m fine, thanks. Let’s see how you’re doing, okay?” Brian came over and pulled his stethoscope out of his bag. “Your hearts rate is a bit better. Breathe in for me?” Aziraphale obliged. “Hmm, still a bit weak, but much better. So what I think happened is, you have a healing factor, right?” Aziraphale nodded. “It was pushed to its limit due to what you went through, but all signs point to it being fully, shall we say, operational, in about, oh, another week. In the meantime, don’t do anything strenuous. You can go for short walks around, but only if Anthony goes with you. Your wings, are they ornamental or operational?” Aziraphale trilled.


Operational.” Crowley said. Brian pursed his lips.


Okay, flying for three weeks. Give you time to get back to full strength, whatever that might be.” He replaced his stethoscope and stood. “Other than that, you’re in excellent shape. If you need anything, just ring me. Ana, always nice to see you. Newt, you too.” Brian said to the couple in the kitchen.


He opened the door and was suddenly shoved to the ground by a cloaked figure. The figure stepped into the flat, holding something in his hand. He lifted it, revealing a gun. “Doctor, I am going to have to ask you to step back into the flat, please. If you do not, I will shoot you.”


Crowley watched as Brian came back inside, his hands up, followed by a figure in a cloak and hood. “Tyler.” The Hellion snarled.


Tyler removed his hood. “Very clever, Crowley. Now, here’s what’s going to happen. You.” He pointed the gun at Aziraphale, who snarled in rage at him. “You are going to give me exactly what I want, or I will blow your pretty lover’s brains out all over this sofa. As for you two,” he addressed Newt and Ana without looking at them, “if you try anything stupid, I will kill Crowley.” He stepped forward and pressed the gun hard into Crowley’s forehead. “Give me what I want, and he lives. You have ten seconds to decide.’


Aziraphale trilled in horror. “Nine.”


Don’t do it, Angel! He’s bluffing! He’s too much of a coward!” Crowley growled, staring in defiance at Tyler. “A coward hiding behind a mask.”




What happened to eight and seven?”


Five. Four. Three...”


I’LL DO IT!” The shout echoed through Crowley’s head, and Aziraphale gulped. “Please...don’t hurt him. I’ll do it.” Crowley hissed in a breath and translated. Tyler’s face lit up.


At last, life eternal!”


Aziraphale beckoned him close, then pressed his tendrils against his chest and spoke in Celestial. Tyler gasped as a beam of light entered him. “There. You have what you wanted. Now please, leave us in peace.”


Tyler laughed. “Oh, what do I care about you two? I’m going to live forever!” He ran out of the flat. Crowley blinked at Aziraphale.


Angel, what have you done?”


Aziraphale smiled beatifically. “Gave him exactly what he asked for. Eternal life. Of course, he forgot to ask me to cure the disease ravaging him. I understand it can be quite painful to go through, especially if one is, say, in prison for several different crimes.” Brian gaped. “Having a healing factor means that I can also sense disease, Doctor, and that Tyler person was ravaged with it.”


On the street below, Tyler, who in his haste had forgotten to put his hood back up, suddenly found himself surrounded.


Crowley laughed as he listened to the police sirens. His Master was such a beautiful bastard.







Chapter Text

Chapter Eleven: Retribution and Recovery


If one were to ask Gabriel, the eldest and Ruler of the Celestials, what sort of being he was, he would tell them he was strong, and smart, and very clever. He would tell them he alone knew how to keep the Citadel running, and that his brothers and sisters looked upon him as a tough, but fair leader and sibling. He would go on to say that his Gift of Creation was priceless compared to Michael’s Gift for Calm, Uriel’s Gift of Understanding, and Sandalphon’s Gift of Strength.


But if one were to ask him, however innocently, about the youngest Celestial Aziraphale, and they would see a change in attitude that was downright horrifying. Gabriel had resented the youngest Celestial from the moment of his Creation by their Mother, when She had pressed her wings and tendrils to Aziraphale’s head and passed on her Life Giving power to him. Aziraphale had never been worthy of such a mighty Gift, Gabriel thought. His brother was too kind, too soft to fully realize the sort of power he truly had.


So Gabriel’s hatred and jealousy consumed him, building and festering, until just the sight of Aziraphale sent him into a towering rage. Aziraphale, of course, could not understand his brother’s hatred towards him, and went about blissfully unaware that Gabriel was plotting.


It hadn’t taken much to get the others on his side. When he wanted, Gabriel could be a very persuasive speaker. Aziraphale had been shocked and hurt at the accusations of sedition and betrayal, insisting that all he wanted to do was establish connections with some of the Civilized Planets, arguing that they had much to give, and also much to learn.


Gabriel, of course, didn’t want this for another reason, because if it happened, chances were that the smuggling operation he ran, in which he created weapons, funneled them through several back channels, and sent them to his human connection(Tyler’s ancestor at the time whom he had met through some of his ‘colleagues’, after all, one doesn’t smuggle in a vacuum) would be discovered. He kept it well hidden from the others, using a deserted part of the Citadel for his operations.


So the eldest condemned his brother for something he hadn’t done, and offered up the choice of Binding, which would erase Aziraphale’s free will and make him a puppet of Gabriel’s, or Exile, to never again return to Utopia. In truth, Gabriel had thrown that in as a joke, and was furious when Aziraphale chose to leave. But the Choice had been made, and Gabriel had no option but to create a small ship that would take Aziraphale to the closest uninhabited planet.


It had started about fifty years after the Exile. Uriel had come to him and told him that the trees were dying, and she couldn’t figure out why. Gabriel had gone to look for himself, and to his considerable shock, realized that not only were they dying, they were fading into nothing. The fade was almost imperceptible, but if one watched closely, they could see it happening, almost like the trees were becoming unraveled, unmade.


Gabriel tried everything he could to stop it. He made trees, but they looked wrong, and without Life to breathe into them, they were nothing but pale imitators. He appealed to their Mother, but she had passed her Gift on to Aziraphale, and even if she hadn’t, she no longer interfered in their lives.


So the once green and lush planet became a harsh desert. Gabriel’s siblings begged him to find Aziraphale and bring him back, but stronger than the fear of what was happening was his hatred and resentment. Gabriel exhausted himself trying to Create life, but failed every time. That was when he opened up connections with R.P. Tyler, knowing that he knew quite a few unsavory sorts that would do anything for money. Gabriel had sent along a description of Aziraphale, along with what he was pretty sure were the coordinates of the planet he had landed on so many years ago. Tyler had agreed to see what he could do(and had already decided, upon hearing what Aziraphale’s Gift was, to keep him for himself and leave Gabriel out altogether). Tyler hadn’t expected Gabriel to leave Utopia, so had been quite alarmed when the Celestial showed up at his manse and demanded to know what the delay was in locating Aziraphale. Tyler informed him that he was having difficulties finding anyone that would willingly go not only into the Uncharted Zone, but to a planet deep in the same Zone. Also, without a photo, how was anyone supposed to know for certain what Aziraphale looked like? Gabriel had pointed out he’d be pretty fucking hard to miss, and Tyler had countered that might be true, but if he(Gabriel) were to offer an incentive, then perhaps finding people willing to risk it for a payoff would be easier to find. Gabriel had considered this. “Tell them it’s a treasure that can speak.”


Tyler had dug up Hastur and Ligur from whatever hole they were in, gone to great trouble to get permit discs for them, then had a conniption when they got stolen by that asshole Crowley. Tyler couldn’t deny that Crowley’s skill was invaluable, since he had used the Hellion himself to smuggle contraband, and had also relied on him for some of his ‘collection’, but the man had a rather infuriating streak of morality and kindness that refused to vanish, no matter how many unsavory jobs he took on.


Gabriel had been thrilled when Hastur and Ligur returned with Aziraphale. Now, finally, he could get his revenge. But his stubborn brother had refused, even when on the brink of death. Gabriel had been set to simply drag him back in the chains he was bound in when the human had showed up. Gabriel had Faded, making himself invisible to human eyes, and watched in horror and disgust as the red haired human unchained Aziraphale, begging him to wake up and calling him Master. When the human attacked Ligur, Gabriel had slipped past them and headed down the corridor, to a private transport that would take him directly to the Citadel. It was a powerful one, and could only be used by him.



Gabriel stepped out of the transport, his head swimming a bit. The distance was great, even for him. “Michael, I’m home!” No answer. Gabriel frowned. Was it him, or was the Citadel more quiet than usual? He headed up the stairs. “Sandalphon?” No answer, and Gabriel began to be a bit angry. “URIEL!” Again, nothing.


Gabriel had reached the door by now. He pushed it open, and gasped in shock. The walls were crumbling, the stones turning to sand as he watched. The place smelled old, like it had been abandoned for years, rather than just the few months he had been gone. Gabriel ran from room to room, calling for his siblings, getting angrier and more scared.


He found the letter in his room, placed neatly on his desk. Michael had written it.




We can no longer survive here. Uriel, Sandy, and I are going to try to find another planet to make our home, one with plants and water that do not rely on our brother, as you so foolishly sent him away. We managed to put together a ship from materials you discarded(yes, I knew about the smuggling) and hope that it is suitable. Uriel knows that you will not follow, as your ego and hubris is too great for you to admit that you made a terrible mistake. Who knows, we may meet again someday, but I doubt it.




Gabriel ripped the letter to pieces and roared in fury. He would show them. How dare they leave him, how dare they leave home! He would create a ship that could go faster than light, and he would find his traitorous siblings and bring them back, Binding all three of them to him, and then he would find Aziraphale, kill that worthless human, and make his brother his puppet. He was going to…


Blinding white light suddenly filled the Citadel, and Gabriel heard a voice that he hadn’t heard for over three hundred years. “GABRIEL, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”


“Mother, I...”




A tendril made of light touched him, and Gabriel screamed as his Gift vanished. He had no chance now of ever getting away, or of using his brother for his own nefarious ends.


He would wander the Citadel, alone with his thoughts, forever.




“Are you sure you can’t stay, just for a bit longer?” Anathema asked Aziraphale. The two of them had become fast and firm friends while Aziraphale recovered, bonding over a love of magic and good liquor. Ana had been gobsmacked when Aziraphale drained an entire bottle of Venusian brandy, which was said to be the most potent in the galaxy, without so much as a single hiccup. Aziraphale had explained that his body processed it very fast, which meant he didn’t get drunk. Crowley, on the other hand, had two glasses and gone on a drunken tirade about how pretty Aziraphale’s eyes were before trying to kiss his tendrils, falling flat on his face, and passing out.


“I would love to, but we need to get home. From what Anthony’s told me, I play a rather important role in the ecosystem. Besides, I’m sure you’re getting sick of me.”


“Never. Tell you what, if I can finagle it so Newt and I can get the permits, we’ll come and visit you. Which reminds me, how are you going to get past the Patrol?”


Crowley grinned. “I’ve still got my disc, and Master will hide in Bentley’s hold.” Aziraphale rolled his eyes.


“Or I could Fade.” Ana and Crowley looked puzzled, and Aziraphale Faded. Crowley rolled his eyes.


“I can still see you.”


Ana stared straight at Aziraphale, squinting. “I can’t. Well, it’s like he’s...there, but if I blink, he’s not.” Aziraphale reappeared, smirking.


“Fading comes in handy when ships pass over your planet and you don’t want them to see you.” Aziraphale said. “Ana, my dear, thank you to both you and Newt for your hospitality and friendship. Anthony, let’s go home.” He Faded again, and followed Crowley out of the building and to the transport to the shipyard.


Crowley introduced him to Bentley, who decided that she very much liked her new passenger. Aziraphale waxed poetic about how lovely and sleek she was. “Hang on to something, Master. Bentley’s about to show you what she can do.”


Crowley gunned her engine, Bentley took off like a shot, and Aziraphale, who loved flying fast when he was the one flying, shrieked in gleeful horror.


They made it past the Border without any trouble. “Now the real challenge. Let’s hope there’s no rogue meteor storms.” Crowley said grimly, and Aziraphale agreed. Bentley flew on. Aziraphale watched Crowley fly her, his hands sure and steady, his body moving as the ship moved, and felt himself growing hard. It had been so long since he had taken his pet, felt and tasted his smooth, delicious skin, buried himself in the tight heat. “Anthony?” He said in a low, dark voice, and Crowley shivered.


“Yes, Master?”


“This ship, does she have automatic pilot?”


“Y..Yes, Master.”


Aziraphale slid closer and let one of his tendrils dip into Crowley’s robe, stroking his nipple. “Turn it on.” Crowley flipped a switch, then with a moan of need slid out of his seat and into Aziraphale’s lap. Aziraphale kissed him hard, pulling him flush against his body, and rutted against him. Crowley whined and shimmied out of his robe. “Oh, my sweet one, how beautiful you are. I need to be inside you, my love, I need to feel you, need to fuck you.” The Celestial growled, stroking himself and pulling out his dripping cock. He traced Crowley’s hole with one gentle claw, and the Hellion gasped.


Take me Master, fuck me hard, fuck me bruised, make it burn, let me feel you, I miss you inside, I need you, Master, need you to take me like an animal, fuck me like an animal, don’t hold back, I love you so much, my angel, my Aziraphale, my Master and Mate, my one and only!”


Aziraphale snarled and impaled Crowley on his cock. The Hellion screeched in joy and began to move, fucking himself on his Master, and Aziraphale dug his claws into Crowley’s waist and fucked up into him, their cries mingling.


They fucked for hours, each of them almost insatiable. By the time they had exhausted themselves, Bentley had made it through the asteroid belt and was on course for home.


Crowley landed Bentley right near their cave. Aziraphale braced himself and stepped out first. “Oh.” He said in a small, choked voice. “I’ve uh...I really did matter, didn’t I?” Crowley stared at the bleak landscape and could only make a noise of agreement. Aziraphale took a breath. “I think I had better get started. Who knows how long it will...” he stopped, his jaw dropping as a tree grew in front of him at a rapid pace, throwing out buds and leaves. “Take.” He blinked, then smiled. “Anthony, my love, would you care to go flying?” Crowley grinned and climbed on, and Aziraphale took off. He flew hard and fast, letting his Gift flow freely, and Crowley whooped and laughed as the Planet came back to life.

A fter so long apart, the Hellion and his Angel were finally together and happy.

Chapter Text

Chapter Twelve: Love And Life Eternal


Aziraphale landed in front of their cave, spreading his wings wide to catch the warmth of the twin suns. Crowley slid off his back and went to the stream, ducking his head under the crystal clear and cold water with a happy cry before sliding all the way under and resurfacing, tossing his hair aside. Aziraphale walked over to the bank, settling down on the soft grass and spreading his claws wide. After so long in captivity, being able to stretch was wonderful.


Crowley swam around for a bit before hauling himself on shore right where Aziraphale was lying. The Hellion lay next to his Master, panting lightly and grinning. “Wish you could come swimming with me, Master. I’ve always wondered what it would be like for you to fuck me in the water.” Aziraphale snorted and turned on his side to face his beautiful pet. Crowley giggled and wriggled close, pressing his wet body against the Celestial. “Master?”


“Yes, my pet?” Aziraphale asked in a deep, amused voice, stroking his chest with a tendril. “What is it?”


“Would you dry me off, please?” Crowley asked demurely. Aziraphale growled deep in his throat and shoved Crowley onto his back, pinning him to the ground. Crowley whined in eager anticipation. “Master.”


“My beautiful, brave, perfect Mate. So good for me, so perfect.” Aziraphale whispered in Crowley’s ear as he stroked and caressed him. Crowley whined at the praise. Aziraphale ducked his head and lapped up the beads of water that were on Crowley’s neck, sighing at the taste of his pet. “You know, I hated this place. Hated the isolation, the endless nights of loneliness. I wanted to escape, so many times I plotted how I would escape.” He licked and sucked the water droplets from Crowley’s chest, paying close attention to his nipples, making them hard, and Crowley moaned and gasped his name.


“What changed, Master?” Crowley gasped out. Aziraphale licked and sucked at his arm, then took each finger in his mouth and licked it dry. “Master...”


“You did, my love. Or rather, you crashing here did. I saw you, and you were so beautiful that I wanted to keep you here, with me. I wanted you from the start, my precious one.” Aziraphale said as he made his way further down Crowley’s perfection, licking, biting, and sucking. Crowley writhed in pleasure, chanting “Master” over and over. Aziraphale kissed his inner thigh, nipping the flesh, and Crowley cried out. Aziraphale pressed a soft kiss to his bollocks, rolling them around on his tongue, and Crowley arched up, whining deep in his throat. “Anthony?”


“Yes, my Master?”


Aziraphale lifted his head and gave his pet a smile that made him shiver. “Would you like to suck me while I suck you?” Crowley whined anew and nodded. Aziraphale moved them so they were lying next to each other. He reached out and gently stroked his love’s perfect, thick cock, earning a low moan of pleasure from the Hellion. “Take my cock out, darling.”


Crowley moaned and reached between Master’s legs, stroking at the slit he could feel there. He pressed down, and Master’s beautiful cock slid out, hard and dripping. Crowley took it in his hand and lapped up the moisture that gathered on the tip, tonguing the slit with a wanton moan. Master tasted so delicious. Crowley licked the shaft, sighing as he felt Master’s rough tongue on his own cock. Master knew Crowley liked it when he took his time, when he treated Crowley like a gourmet meal that had to be savored. Crowley whined at the rasp of Master’s tongue on his hard and sensitive cock, and with a moan, swallowed Master to the hilt, hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard. Master growled in pleasure and took Crowley deep down his throat, digging his claws into Crowley’s ass as he sucked, encouraging him to move without words. Crowley thrust his hips forward, at the same time pulling Master deeper down his throat with a low whine of pleasure. Aziraphale sucked hard, biting, and Crowley screamed around his cock and fucked into the Celestial’s mouth.


They both came at the same moment, their bodies shaking and shuddering from the force of their orgasms. Crowley lapped up the golden spend of his master, sighing in bliss as he felt Aziraphale doing the same. “Master?”


“Yes, my perfect pet?”


Crowley rolled over on his back and arched himself up, exposing his ass as he spread his legs wide. “Fuck me.” Aziraphale snarled and pounced, throwing Crowley’s legs over his shoulders and slamming into him. Crowley screeched in pleasure as Aziraphale pounded into him, flapping his wings to give himself further leverage. “Master, oh yes, please, harder, faster, fuck me Master, fuck me hard, fuck me bruised, break me, make me, I am yours, I am your pet, your slave, your Mate, your toy, I will be anything and everything for my Master, will obey him, will love him, hold him, love you Master, love you more than life, more than anything, my Master, my Aziraphale, my perfect Mate!”


“I love you, Anthony, love you so much, my love, my slave, my toy and pet and perfection, you are the moon to my suns, the fire that burns in so many beautiful ways, you are my salvation, my soul, my perfect love, I will forever love you.” Aziraphale growled as he pounded his pet into the grass, lapping up Crowley’s cries of pleasure, kissing him hard. “Are you close, my perfect darling?”


“Yes!” Crowley cried out, rutting hard against the smooth plates on Master’s chest. Master stroked him with one blunt claw, and Crowley’s vision went white as he came with a scream that shook the skies. “MASTER!”


When he came back to his body, he found he was in the cave, lying warm and comfortable on the bed of pelts. Master was next to him, stroking him oh so softly with his tendrils, trilling words of love and praise that made Crowley feel like he was floating on air. “My darling, my love. I want you with me, always. Will you let me give you the Gift of Life Eternal?”


Crowley gasped and turned to face his master. “You would do that for me?”


“I would do anything for you, my love. The thought of you aging and dying while I remain is too devastating for me to contemplate. I could not exist in a world where you were not. Aziraphale cannot live without his Crowley, nor do I think you can live without me.”


“No, Master, I can’t. I was not living until I met you, and so long as we are together, I am happy.” Aziraphale kissed him, and for several blissful moments they were lost in each other. “How does it work?”


Aziraphale stroked his spine. “How do you mean, my love? I can’t explain the magic involved, I’m afraid.”


Crowley smiled. “Would I be immortal? Can I be hurt? How badly? Will I age at all, or stay how I am?”


“You won’t die, so I suppose you would be immortal. You’ll remain as you are, be as beautiful as you are. You can be hurt, but with that being said, you’ll heal much quicker than a mortal human would. Not as fast as I can. Well, when I’m not being tortured. You won’t get sick.”


“Will you love me forever, Master?” Aziraphale chuckled and kissed his nose.


“Forever and beyond, my darling.”


Crowley grinned. “Then do it, Master. Make it so I’m yours, forever.”


Aziraphale kissed him again, then pressed his tendrils against his heart and spoke the Words. Golden light flowed from the Celestial and into Crowley, who gasped at the sensation. It felt like light, like life, that feeling, and Crowley sobbed in joy. He was going to be with his Master for all Eternity, be able to serve him, love and obey him. There were so many things he wanted to do with Master, and he knew he would never, ever get bored or tired.


“It’s done.” Aziraphale said, his eyes shining. “You’re mine now, forever.” Crowley whimpered in joy and pounced on his Master, kissing him hard. “Oh, my perfect darling, I love you so much, and now I have Eternity to sing your praises. This planet, it can be our very own Paradise, a garden of our making. Oh! Which reminds me, my darling, your garden was rather neglected while we were gone. Perhaps tomorrow we could see about bringing it back? Unless you want me to do it?”


Crowley shook his head. “No, Master. The garden is mine, and I love working in it. I’ve always been good at growing things. My was the one thing they couldn’t take from me. Everything else...I...” Crowley shivered and pressed close. In all the time he had been with Aziraphale, he hadn’t told his Master what life was like for him back home. “I..I told you I got booted for being caught with a Jovian boy, yeah?” Aziraphale nodded. “What I didn’t tell you was that my parents...they liked using me as a punching bag. Well, Dad did. Mum just liked telling me I was a worthless piece of shit that had ruined her life. I was never good enough for them, no matter what I did. I hated sports, which infuriated my father because he was a big jock type, I was shy, and skinny, and looked odd, even for a Hellion, and so was picked on mercilessly at school. I had one refuge. There was an abandoned greenhouse about a mile from our house, and I would go there after school and just walk around, smelling the plants and the soil. Well, one day, the owner caught me. I thought for sure he would haul me before the magistrate for trespassing, but instead he made me a deal. If I would come and help him clean up, he would teach me how to take care of plants. He was a horticulturist, specializing in exotic plants and fruits. He’d been on Earth, collecting native specimens, which was why the greenhouse looked abandoned and overgrown. So every day after school, I’d go to the greenhouse, he’d be there, and I’d weed, or dig up small rocks, or polish the glass, and after he’d determined I did a good job, he would show me how to tell if the soil was wet or dry enough, which plants were edible and which were not, how long they bloomed and if they bore fruit. And I lapped it up.” Crowley sighed. “But, it didn’t last. Mum found out, and because she hated the idea of me being happy, spread horrible rumors about him. Told people that the only reason I was over there was because he was grooming me for sex. Which was laughable, because Jake, that was his name, was very much not into boys. He had a fiance, but that didn’t matter. Dad threatened him, and next thing I know, there goes the one bit of happiness I had. But I still loved plants, so I started a small garden of my own in an abandoned lot. I made sure to keep it hidden from my parents, and they never found out.”

“Oh, darling.” Aziraphale pulled Crowley into his lap. “I don’t have a father, but Mother...she could be very cold, very aloof. She used up a great deal of her power creating us, and I think she hoped we would govern ourselves. She gave each of us Gifts. Gabriel got Creation, Uriel Understanding, Sandalphon Strength, and Michael Calm. I at first thought my Gift was healing, but after Gabriel told me what happened to Utopia, and seeing firsthand what happened here, I realized that she passed her own Gift, that of Life, to me.”


“Would you like to go back home?”


Aziraphale blinked. “Darling, I am home. Utopia was more of a prison than this place ever was. I have everything I could ever want here. Now, I think perhaps we both need some sleep.”


Crowley sighed as Aziraphale covered them both with his pelts. “Keep me warm, Master.”


“Always, my perfect darling, always.”



Time flowed on, and Aziraphale and Crowley flowed with it. Crowley spent hours in his garden, tilling the soil, coaxing the trees and flowers into life, while Aziraphale watched from above. They went on flying expeditions, bringing parts of the planet to life that had been dead and desert for time immemorial.


Anathema and Newt managed to get permit discs and find a ship willing to go through the Zone. Newt loved the heat of the twin suns, stretching out and rumbling happily. “Wonderful. Oh, Ana, tell them!”


“Tell us what, dear?” Aziraphale asked. Ana blushed.


“Well, um, I may be making medical history soon. I’m pregnant.” Aziraphale gaped, and Crowley dropped the book he was holding. Newt beamed.


“I thought...Pandorans and Andromedans, weren’ know...compatible.” Crowley stammered out. Newt grinned.


“So did I, but trust me, Ana and I are very much compatible. Though there is still some worry, so after the third month, she’s been given strict orders by the doctor to not do anything strenuous. Jack’s going to look after the tavern. Now I just have to figure out a way to keep her inside until the baby comes.”


“You could padlock her door shut.” Crowley said dryly, ducking as Ana threw a piece of fruit at him. “Oi!”


“Don’t give him ideas.”


Aziraphale sighed. “Really, you two. Stop behaving like children. Newt, come inside, please. It’s almost sunsdown, and you do not want to be caught out when it gets dark.” Newt came inside, and Aziraphale rolled the boulder into place. “Now. I’ve got a lovely fruit salad with honey from Crowley’s...what did you call them, love?”


“Bees, angel. They’re called bees.” Crowley had found a hive of them on one of his expeditions, and had carefully gathered the hive in a sack and brought it back to the cave. The ‘bees’ looked more like worms with wings, but they secreted a substance that looked and tasted very much like honey, a delicacy that Crowley had tried once, loved, but never gotten to try again. Crowley had tried the ‘bee’s’ honey, and when it didn’t make him sick, had decided he was going to keep them. They now had a rather large hive in the back garden. Crowley harvested their secretions once a week, placing them in small clay jars.


“Ah, yes. There’s also fish from the stream. Cooked for you and my pet.” Aziraphale had already eaten his fish. “I’ve also started experimenting on making wines using the fruit. I don’t know if it’s any good.” He passed a gourd over to Ana, who took a tiny sip.


“Whoa! That’s pretty potent. It’s good. Bit bitter, though. You know, I am a mixologist. I might be able to help you figure out the right balance.”


Aziraphale wiggled happily. “I would be glad of the help.”


So Ana and Newt stayed for another two weeks, Ana helping Aziraphale figure out how to make homemade wine. When they left, Aziraphale gave Ana the bottle that they had perfected. “Think of us when you drink it.”


“Of course. And when the kid’s old enough, we’re coming back for a visit.” Ana said, embracing them both.


After Newt and Anathema, their next visitors gave Aziraphale a shock. Michael explained the truth of what had happened on Utopia, how Gabriel’s fury could not be quelled even by her Calming, and how they had gone along not out of loyalty, but fear. “After you left, the planet started to die, and now it is nothing but desert. We left, but I fear Gabriel may try to follow, so we cannot stay.”


“He won’t.” Crowley said suddenly. “Gabriel cannot leave. He’s trapped on Utopia, just as he planned to trap Aziraphale.” Aziraphale and the others gaped at him. Uriel spoke up.


“How do you know this?”


Crowley smiled. “I know, and you know I am telling the truth.”


Aziraphale touched a tendril to Crowley’s forehead, opening a silent channel. “What is happening, love?”


Crowley pressed his forehead to Aziraphale’s. “Three nights ago, I had a dream. I saw your Mother.” Aziraphale gasped. “She told me that I was destined to be with you, and that she had known from the start that we would meet and fall in love. She told me that you were her favorite, her sweet and gentle angel. She told me of Gabriel’s Fate, and then she told me that while she could not give identical Gifts, she was going to Gift me with Knowledge. I felt her Light enter me, and when I woke up, I felt...different, but in a good way.” He smiled, then trilled, and Aziraphale gasped. “I can speak your language now, Master. I can speak all languages.”


“Oh, my darling...” Aziraphale kissed him, ignoring the whistles and catcalls of his siblings. “Philistines.”


Michael and the others stayed for two days, and before leaving promised to keep in touch. Aziraphale embraced them, thanking them for telling him the truth.



Crowley watched his Master return to their cave, knowing that although he had been grateful for the truth, he was still devastated over what had happened. Master would need comfort in the days to come, Crowley Knew.


Still, that was what he was Made for, and he would do anything for his love and Mate.


“Aziraphale?” Crowley came forward and took his hands, pulling him deeper into their home. “Let me love you, my Master and Mate.”


“Always, my perfect love.”