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After the Fall

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Shiro watched in shock when five shiny streaks of blue, red, purple, yellow and green painted the sky in oddly beautiful colors.

Team Voltron - his family - was currently falling from the sky. Their Lions seem to have no power, and they were thrown back into the atmosphere by an explosion which, had the paladins not intervened, would have destroyed half of the planet according to Pidge’s last scans.

Even after defeating Sendak, six zaiforge cannons, a whole invasion and then the most powerful robeast Voltron has ever encountered had they taken the remains of the robeast off planet with the last of their powers.

They had saved everyone.

And everything Shiro could do in return was watch while the people he loved were trapped in their Lions and crashing onto the surface of Earth.

The Atlas came back online a moment after the last Lion crashed.

The comm links to the Paladins opened up again, but they remained silent.

„Paladins!“ Shiro immediately asked with fear laced deeply in his voice, but other than static, no response came.

„Veronika, circle in on their locations. I need to know routes for rescue teams“ Shiro began to order, forcing himself to shove the fear for his family to the side.

„Aye Sir“ Veronika immediately replied.

Her face was white with fear.

Her brother was in one of those lions.

„Coran, send rescue teams out“ Shiro continued.

„Right“ Coran whispered, forcing himself to move back into action.

The person he has begun to think of like a daughter was in one of those Lions.

„Iverson, make sure that everyone that has sustained injuries during the battle gets treatment“

„Yes, Sir“

„Sam, I need status reports on the Atlas. Can we transform back?“ Shiro then asked.

„Y-Yeah. We should be clear to transform again“ Dr. Holt replied, his voice shaky.

His daughter was in one of those Lions.

„Atlas: Prepare for transformation back to ship form. After that, we will land at the Garrison“ Shiro announced.

The Atlas began to shift again.

In the mean time, five rescue teams sent out by Veronica rushed to get to the Lions of Voltron as fast ad they could.

„Sir, are you sure that you don’t need to rest?“ the doctor gently asked Shiro as soon as he stumbled into her office, out of breath from having waited on news for so long.

The rescue teams had arrived at the Garrison with all five Paladins twelve hours ago and they were all immediately rushed to the intensive care unit.

Shiro had just entered the hospital after the rescue teams then - just in time to see the other’s conditions.

They were all unconscious, and their armor was cracked and dented in various places.

Blood painted some parts of them red.

He, Coran, Romelle, Sam and his wife, Veronica and the rest of her family as well as Hunks’ parents were forced to wait until they had been treated and until the doctors had analyzed their conditions.

A few hours had passed by when a doctor came out, asking for relatives of the Altean Princess.

Coran, Shiro and Romelle immediately rose.

„She has sustained no fatal injuries. She has many bruises, contusions and a concussion, but seems fine otherwise. We have moved her into one of the rooms in the officer’s hospital wing. She is still uncurious, but it’s sleep that her body desperately needs“ she explained.

Coran and Shiro sighed with relief.

„Go be with here. Don’t let her be alone when she wakes up“ Shiro said to the other Alteans.

„Are you sure, Shiro?“ Coran asked gently.

„Go. She needs you“ Shiro said, grateful for the older’s concern.

Coran and Romelle nodded and followed the doctor to Allura’s room.

Within the next hour, Hunk and Pidge were cleared with a similar diagnosis, and both of their families rushed to get to their rooms to be there when they woke up again.

Shiro and Lance’s family were the only ones waiting now.

„Family of Lance Mc Clain?“ a doctor asked after another few agonizing hours.

„Yes“ Veronika said immediately and shot up.

„Please, is my son okay?“ Lance’s mother immediately asked.

„Your son will be okay. He has sustained similar injuries like the Green, Yellow and Blue Paladin, but he had a few broken ribs. One of them had to be fixed surgically to prevent it from doing damage to his lungs. He is still in the intensive care unit for supervision, but should wake up soon“ the doctor informed them.

Everyone sighed in relief.

„Can we see him?“ Lance’s father now asked.

„Of course. Right this way“ the doctor said and moved to guide them to Lance’s room.

„Captain Shirogane… Are you okay to stay here alone? I wouldn’t mind waiting until we know of Keith’s condition“ Veronica asked as soon as her parents were out of hearing range.

„Thank you Veronica. I really appreciate it. But you should go be with your brother while I wait for news on mine“ he said with a soft voice.

„Okay“ Veronika replied just as softly.

She squeezed his hand in a brief attempt of comfort and went to hurry after her parents.

Now, another few hours later, Shiro had been asked to come to the office of the senior doctor.

„I am sure that I don’t need rest. Now, please… How is Keith?“ Shiro asked the doctor in whose office he was standing now with a tired and fearful voice.

„Mr. Kogane has sustained contusions and bruising all over his body, just like the others. One of his ribs and his left wrist is broken, but it will heal naturally. What worries us most is the trauma he has sustained to his head. There… His brain pressure was elevated, so we performed an emergency operation. There was bleeding in his brain, and we had to drain it by drilling a small hole in his skull“ the doctor said with a heavy voice.

„What?“ Shiro asked, shocked by these news.

„He is in a coma, and there has been no new rise in brain pressure so far, wich is a really good sign. As long as he remains this stable it is up to him when he wakes up again, which could be any moment or… never. There is a possibility that he could not wake up again at all. The signs don’t point in that direction, but it is still possible. I’m very sorry“ the doctor said.

Shiro had to remind himself to breathe.

„No“ he managed to croak out.

„He is currently resting in the intensive care unit. Would you like to see him?“ the doctor offered with a sad smile.

„Yes. Please“ Shiro was able to choke out.

He managed to pull himself together enough to follow the doctor to a closed door.

„He is in there. I will leave you alone - but please, Mr. Shirogane. Try to get some rest as well“ the doctor said with a sad smile and Shiro nodded.

As soon as he stepped into the room and saw Keith, he let the dam break.

He could make out various machines through the blur of tears - all hooked up to Keith and making sure that his little brother lived.

He was intubated, and a ventilator made sure that he was breathing.

„Keith…“ Shiro whispered and collapsed on a chair that stood near the bed.

„Keith, please wake up again. You’re a fighter. Please“ Shiro whispered through sobs.

He didn’t know when, but he eventually passed out from exhaustion, laying half on Keith’s bed and half sitting on the chair.

„Shiro!“ Sam shouted as soon as he saw Shiro in the halls of the hospital.

„Sam“ Shiro greeted the older man.

„How’s Pidge?“ he asked right after.

„Still a bit shaken, but she will be alright. She has actually been complaining about all the work that she would miss - something about wanting to be a part of rebuilding the planet from scratch when now the chance to do that was there“ Sam chuckled.

„I’m glad that she’s up again“ Shiro said, relieve laced deep into his voice.

He had already visited Pidge, Hunk and Allura when they had awoken on the day after the crash.

Hunk was beyond relieved to be reunited with his family again, and Allura was still sleeping a lot due to massive exhaustion that had something to do with quintessence and her Altean physiology.

Lance had woken the day after that. He was relocated into the same wing as Hunk, Pidge and Allura, and he was relatively fine. He was sleeping a lot as well due to strong painkillers he still received for his aching ribs.

„Any news of Keith?“ Sam asked gently.

„No. It’s been a week, but no change“ Shiro said silently.

„He’s stubborn. I know that he will wake up again, we just have to be patient"

„I know. I’m never giving up on him“ Shiro said with a sad but determined smile.

It was the middle of the night, and Shiro couldn’t sleep.

„Screw it“ he whispered and got up.

He got dressed and wandered down the already familiar route to Keith’s hospital room.

He didn’t bother to knock before he entered - he needed to keep it down anyway since it was long past visiting hours.

He snuck inside and was just turning around from closing the door when he heard a startled shriek, and then a hiss of pain.

„What… Lance?“ Shiro asked in disbelief when he whipped his head around and found Lance sitting on the chair near Keith.

„Yeah.. hey“ Lance said with a pained groan.

„What are you doing here? Are you ok?“ Shiro asked in worry when he saw how Lance’s face was distorted into an expression of agony.

„I didn’t want the strong painkillers anymore, but those that allow me to be coherent still make my ribs hurt like a bitch“ he said through gritted teeth.

„Oh. Do you want me to get a nurse?“ Shiro asked and crouched down near the late teen.

„No!“ Lance said immediately, maybe a bit too loud.

„No“ he repeated, a bit calmer and quieter.

„I… I don’t want to have to leave his side“ he added after a moment of silence.

„I understand“ Shiro said and got another chair.

He placed it near Lance’s and sat down on it with a heavy sigh.

„I guess you couldn’t sleep either?“ Lance asked him after a while.

„Yeah. The last ten days have just been… a lot“ he admitted and slumped back in the chair.

„I understand“ Lance said silently, surprising Shiro.

„What?“ Lance said defiantly when Shiro looked up at him with poorly hidden doubt.

„You have just been through a tough battle where you took on Sendak. Then you crashed together with his ship, and before you even had the chance to get any rest you were suddenly fighting that robeast with us. And since then, you are stressed and worried sick for Keith, all while you are in change of everything now since you’re basically the new admiral and still settling in from being in the Black Lion“ Lance analyzed.

„Uh… yeah“ Shiro said in surprise.

Lance was completely right.

They fell into a calm silence that was only filled with the steady beeps of Keith’s heartbeat monitor and the hisses of air the ventilator produced.

„Why are you here in the middle of the night?“ Shiro asked after a while.

„I’m worried for him. I… I can’t loose him“ Lance whispered into the silence.

Shiro was taken aback by how sincere and hurt Lance sounded.

„He won’t leave us. He’s too stubborn to just… never wake up again“ Shiro said, trying to sound confident, but he failed miserably.

His own fear of Keith never waking up again was seeping through.

„I will never give up on him“ Shiro added, just to say something that sounded more confident.

„Thanks, Shiro. I appreciate it“ Lance said softly and looked at the elder for a moment.

„He will wake up again. I’ll kick his butt if he doesn’t“ Lance added and chuckled lightly at the image.

His ribs flared up in pain again.

„Lance, you need to rest. You are clearly not ready to put so much strain on yourself“ Shiro said with worry in his voice.

„I can’t be without him, Shiro!“ Lance suddenly lashed out.

„I can’t be without him! I can’t just sit in my room and sleep when he is here and could either wake up or die any minute!“ he now practically shouted.

Tears were spilling from his eyes.

Shiro looked at him in bewilderment.

„I— I can’t leave the person I love most alone right now“ Lance whispered, almost too softly for Shiro to hear.

„What?“ he asked after a moment. „Lance… You’re in love with Keith?“ he asked, careful to not sound accusing.

He was actually really really happy for him and both Keith - but he was too surprised and tired to word that feeling in this moment.

„Yeah“ Lance replied silently, staring at Keith’s unmoving and slack face.

„Does he… does he know?“ Shiro asked hesitantly.

„Yes“ Lance whispered with a broken sob.

„He knows. I told him sometime after he returned from the Quantum Abyss. And you know what’s the craziest part?“ Lance asked in a sad tone.

„Did… did he reject you?“ Shiro asked, afraid of the answer.

„Oh, no. On the contrary“ Lance said with a sad chuckle.

His face contorted in pain, but he tried to ignore the stabbing ache in his chest.

„He said that he likes me back. And ... we’ve been together since. We never found a right moment to tell you guys - it was either fight Lotor, fear for your life, survive in space, get to Earth or save Earth. And now, when things have finally settled down, when we could finally be safe, I will never know if the man I love will ever wake up to look me in the eyes again“ Lance sobbed and clasped his hands over his mouth in desperation.

Sobs whacked though his whole body, shaking him and making his ribs hurt even more.

He didn’t even know how hard he had been crying until he felt Shiro’s arms wrap around him carefully.

He was like an anchor for Lance, and Lance desperately leaned into him and cried until he had no more tears left.

Shiro gently rubbed over his back, murmured soothing nothings into his hair and cradled him in his arms the whole time.

When Lance finally pulled back from Shiro, his cheeks were red.

„Thank you, Shiro. And uhm… Sorry for ruining your shirt“ he mumbled silently and gestured towards the damp spot on Shiro’s clothing.

„Don’t worry about that, Lance. I’m glad that I can be here for you. I… I haven’t been while I was.. you know. While the clone was still in this body“ Shiro said with a sigh.

„Shiro, it wasn’t your-“ Lance tried to say, but he was cut off.

„I know. Yet, I feel like I somehow it is. Every time when you were forming Voltron, I was there. I saw everything, I heard everything. I saw your struggles. Your insecurities. I wanted to help. But all I could do was watch helplessly while … he … while the clone pulled you down“ Shiro said with a shaky exhale.

„I tried to reach you so many times, but I just couldn’t break through. And when I finally did, the connection was too weak for me to do anything“ Shiro said and a tear ran down his face.

This time, it was Lance who caught him in a soothing hug.

„The things that he did… He hurt you. He hurt Keith. He… You don’t know this, but when Keith went after me - the clone, when he went after the clone - he was attacking Keith. That scar on his face… I - he … this body did that to him“ Shiro sobbed and hugged Lance back.

„I know that Keith knows that it wasn’t me. But still - to me it feels like it was. Someone with my face and voice had told Keith everything he ever feared. That I had betrayed him. That I had never loved him. That… that I was looking forward to kill and rid the universe of him“ Shiro sobbed.

„Shiro, no…“ Lance tried to soothe him, but it only got worse.

„And the way he treated you. He always picked at you, aways made you think that you were some sort of weak link when in reality you are the reason all of us have sticked together for that long. I am so, so incredibly sorry Lance“ Shiro whispered with a hoarse voice and pulled away to look Lance ein his eyes.

„I’m so sorry“ he only repeated.

„Shiro, it’s not your fault. There is nothing to apologize for“ he said, his eyes watering as well again.

„And it’s like you said - Keith knows how much you love him. Sure… it did hurt him. I know that. But he was mostly hurt because he knew exactly that you were beating yourself up for this. For something that you had no influence on. And he also talked to me about my insecurities. Told me how you, the real you, would never have said those things to me“ Lance reassured him.

„Really?“ Shiro asked with a desperate groan.

„Yeah. Always looking out for us, isn’t he“ Lance said with a watery sob and looked over Shiro’s shoulder at Keith.

„Yeah. He really is“ Shiro croaked and buried his face deeper into Lance’s shoulder.

They sat there for a while even after they gently broke apart.

Shiro and Lance were watching Keith.

They had found a certain comfort in watching how his chest rose in a steady rhythm.

That was, until that steady rhythm got out of rhythm.

„Shiro…?“ Lance asked, panic and fear in his voice.

„I see it“ Shiro whispered, right before they were startled by one of the machines beginning to wail in a high pitched alarm.

Before they even realized what was happening, Keith was seizing. A moment later, a team of nurses and doctors was rushing into the room.

They were surprised to see them, but two nurses immediately shoved them out of the room so that the doctors could get to work.

„What is happening to him?“ Shiro asked with a pained voice.

„We don’t know yet. Please, be patient. I know it’s hard but we are doing everything in our power to help“ one of the nurses said before she hurried back into Keith’s hospital room and closed the door behind her.

„Keith“ Lance sobbed and Shiro barely managed to catch him before he would fall.

„Lance, hey, you need to calm down. Even breaths“ Shiro said, his own voice shaky and desperate.

He shoved his fear aside in favor of helping Lance to not fall into a panic attack.

Shiro slowly eased them down on the wall opposite to Keith’s door and put his hands on the young adults’ shoulders to ground him.

„Breathe with me, Lance“ he said silently and squeezed Lances’ shoulders to get his attention.

Lance managed a shaky inhale.

„That’s it, good. Again, come on“ Shiro nudged him.

He repeated praising and encouraging Lance until he was sure that he could manage on his own.

„Shiro… what if this… what if this is the worst case?“ Lance asked with the tiniest voice Shiro had ever heard the other speak with.

„I don’t know“ he could only respond while Lance leaned into his side.

„All we can do now is wait“ Shiro sniffled and put his arm around Lance.

By the time that the doctors and nurses left the room, Lance had fallen into a light and restless sleep.

He felt Shiro squeeze him lightly with his flesh hand before he realized where he was - and before he remembered what had happened.

When he looked up, one of the doctors was crouching in front of them.

„What happened to him? Is he okay?“ Lance blurted immediately.

„He is stable“ the doctor replied instantly.

Shiro let out a breath he hadn’t realized that he was holding.

"What happened? Why was he seizing?" he asked.

"His body was rejecting the ventilator" the doctor began to explain.

He immediately rose his hands in a calming gesture when he saw how Shiros' and Lances' eyes widened in shock.

"He was rejecting the ventilator because he tried to breathe on his own. The ventilator caused him to choke, that is why he was seizing at some point" the doctor explained.

"He... he is breathing on his own?" Shiro said after a moment filled with surprise and pure relief.

"Yes. We have extubated and his pulse-oxygen is steady and within the normal range. This is a really, really good sign. It could mean that he is going to wake up soon“ the doctor told them with a reassuring smile.

"Oh thank god" Lance whispered and closed his eyes in relief.

„But you, Mr. Mc Clain, should be in bed. You know that you aren't supposed to be much outside of that. And both of you shouldn't be here when visitor times are long over" the doctor said and eyed them accusilgly.

"I'll get him to his room. We're sorry for the inconvenience" Shiro said with guilt in his voice.

"I get it. Just make sure he sleeps in his bed" the doctor said with a gentle smile.

„Of course“ Shiro answered.

He ended up carrying Lance to his hospital bed.

The Red Paladin had already been exhausted and tired when he found him near Keith, but now he isn’t even able to walk anymore without the risk of falling.

„I’m sorry that you had to take care of me. But you’re really good at it. I get why Keith sees you as big brother“ Lance said silently while Shiro tucked him in.

„Lance… Keith is my family, just like you. And I’m really happy that you two found together. Thank you for entrusting me with knowing“ Shiro said gently.

Lance smiled shyly back at him.

„You should sleep.You need it, and I am pretty sure that he also wouldn’t want you to overexert yourself“ he added and turned around to the door.

„Thanks Shiro. Good night“ Lance said, already half asleep.

„Sleep well, Lance“ Shiro said before he left.


„Krolia?“ Shiro asked and turned around.

The Galran was waving at him through the commotion of people preparing everything for the ceremony that as supposed to be held this afternoon.

„It’s so good to see you“ she said and embraced him in a firm hug.

„I’s so good to have you here“ Shiro replied and hugged her back.

They broke apart and Krolia took a step back to reveal Kolivan.

The leader of the Blades stepped up to Shiro as well and shook his hand.

„Shiro… What happened to Keith?“ Krolia asked immediately after.

„He… He’s in a coma. Since the Lions fell from the sky two weeks ago. The other Paladins are relatively fine, but Keith suffered from severe head trauma. He was in surgery, and it wasn’t looking good. Be we have reason to hope - he is breathing on his own again and his body is showing signs of waking up soon“ Shiro summarized the situation.

„I’m so sorry“ he added when he saw the pain in her eyes.

„I am sure that you, Shiro, have done everything you could for my son. You have nothing to apologize for“ she explained gently.

Shiro looked up at her gratefully.

„He’s on the same wing as the others, he got moved there from the ICU yesterday. I already informed the nurses that you were coming today, they are going to show you to his room“ Shiro explained.

„Today is the ceremony?“ Kolivan asked.

„Yes. We are honoring the fallen - and beginning to rebuild. I somehow ended up being the captain of the Atlas - that’s why I have to cut this short, I’m sorry“ Shiro explained.

„I understand. Go lead your people“ Kolivan said with a small smile.

„I will join you after!“ Shiro promised before he was already approached by Veronica who was supposed to brief him about the speech.

„We will see you then“ Krolia replied and turned around to get to her son.

„Today… is a solemn day. Today, we look back at the lives that had been lost, and the sacrifices that have been made here on earth and across the universe. There isn’t one of us here today who…“

Shiro’s sprach was broadcasted to every media possible, even the small TV in Keith’s hospital room, but Krolia didn’t really listen to it.

Ever since she arrived in the hospital room - nearly tumbling over the Red Paladin, who was just on his way back to his room from visiting Keith - she had only eyes for her son.

„I know that he will likely recover again… but I feel like I should have been here“ she whispered into the room that was silent except for Shiro’s voice coming from the TV speakers.

„You know that it is not your fault. And he implied it himself when you found me - we needed to find the remaining Blades. And honestly… from what I have heard, all of the Paladins are lucky to be alive. I don’t want to be heartless, but you couldn’t have done anything here, Krolia“ Kolivan stated carefully.

„I know that. But still. I can’t get rid of this feeling that I left him behind a second time“ she whispered and forced her eyes closed.

„Krolia…“ Kolivan suddenly said, and when she looked up at him, he only pointed at Keith.

She whipped her head around just in time to see Keith stir.

Before she could say something, Keith was opening his eyes.

He was opening his eyes and looking directly at them.

„M… Mom?“ he asked with a raspy and croaked voice.

„Keith“ she exhaled and rushed to him, kneeling down near the bed and carefully taking his hand in hers.

„Mom“ he sighed again and blinked slowly.

„Kolivan“ he then greeted the male Galran who had stepped up behind Krolia.

„Hello young one“ he said, and his usual neutral expression had given away to a relieved one.

„What… happened?“ Keith asked and tried to sit up.

„What do you remember?“ Krolia asked instead of giving him an answer while she gently pushed bim back to remain laying.

„The robeast wanted to self destroy… Wait. Where are the others?! How are they?“ he asked in panic.

„Shhhh, hey, it’s okay. They are all fine. Still in this hospital like you, but they are okay“ she immediately reassured them.

„They are?“ Keith asked again, just to be sure, and slumped back in relief when his mother nodded reassuringly.

„They have all woken up pretty soon after the fall. I talked with Lance earlier - I nearly crashed into him when we got to you. He told us about the other’s condition as well as about yours“ she began to explain.

„Condition? Is that why my head hurts so damn much?“ he asked and closed his eyes against the too bright lights.

„Probably. You have been asleep for two earth-weeks“ she continued.

„Two … weeks?“ Keith asked in disbelief.

„Apparently. Kolivan and I only arrived here today“ she told him.

„Shiro?“ he asked next.

„He said he’d visit later“ Kolivan jumped in and answered.

„And Lance? He is okay, too? He came to visit me?“ he then asked, and a light blush creeped over his cheeks.

„Yes. Your boyfriend is worried sick for you, just like we were“ Krolia informed him.

Keith opened his eyes, but right when he opened his mouth to ask, Krolia already answered his question.

„I may have not been worthy of the title Mother for long, but I for sure did not miss that about you two“ she said gently.

Keith closed his mouth again.

„I’m happy for you. I think his family is currently visiting him, but he will surely come and see you later today“ she continued.

„Okay“ Keith said and managed a smile.

„I shall get a nurse or doctor“ Kolivan said and went to leave the room.

When Shiro entered the hospital wing that was now practically only accessible by the paladins or their relatives and visitors, he was shocked by the commotion.

A nurse and two doctors were running through the hallway - running towards and disappearing into Keith‘s room.

„No“ Shiro whispered ans started to sprint to his room as well.

He stumbled into Lance on the way.

„Woah, what is it with people almost running me over today?“ he mumbled, but immediately looked up to Shiro when the other didn‘t react to his question.

His family had left a while ago and he had been on his way to visit Keith again.

„Are you headed to Keith‘s room as well?“ Lance asked and gestured down the hall where Shiro had seen the doctors and nurse disappear into Keith‘s room.

„Yeah. Sorry. It‘s just - Doctors just rushed in there“ Shiro told Lance what he had seen and started to walk again.

„What? Why?“ Lance asked worriedly and followed him instantly.

He didn‘t need to hear another word - he was already jogging ahead to Keith‘s room.

Shiro was right behind him.

„Please don‘t let him be worse“ Lance whispered in fear when he opened the door to the room.

He didn‘t bother to knock - he wanted to know what was going on.

Lance did not expect the room to be that cramped. All he could see was the backs of the doctors and Kolivan.

„What is going on? Krolia, did he get worse?“ Lance babbled as soon as he entered.

„Please tell me he didn‘t get worse. I can‘t loose him, please, I-“


Everything halted in Lance and Shiro.

There was movement then, and the doctors finally stepped aside, allowing Lance and Shiro to look at Keith.

Keith, who was looking back at them.

„Keith“ they whispered in unison.

„Hi“ Keith said with a shaky voice.

„You‘re awake“ Shiro stated, at loss for words other than those.

„Yeah“ Keith breathed and smiled at them.

That again made Lance move. He sprinted the short distance and threw himself into Keith‘s arms, reminding himself to stop just in time to not crash into him.

„I thought I lost you forever, you idiot! You scared the shit out of me“ Lance sobbed into his shoulder.

„I think we should give them a moment“ Kolivan said silently and nudged Krolia to follow him outside.

The doctors and the nurse were friendly and understanding enough to follow the example of the two Galrans.

„Keith“ Shiro only repeated snd plopped down on the hospital bed, right next to where Lance was still desperately clinging to Keith.

„Shiro“ Keith said and looked up to him over Lance‘s shoulder.

Shiro burst into tears and joined the hug, chuckling happily.

„You really did scare the shit out of us there“ he only said while he pressed his little brother and Lance tighter to his chest.

„Sorry“ Keith said with a raspy voice while he weakly squeezed them back.

„I‘m just glad that you‘re here. That you’re awake“ Lance whispered and leaned back a bit to press a gentle kiss to Keith’s forehead.

„Sorry to have kept you waiting for me. I‘m here now“ Keith said silently and closed his eyes at Lance‘s gentle gesture.

He still didn‘t know all the details of what had happened and of what he had missed - but right then and there, in the secure hold of his brother and partner, he didn‘t care.

All he knew was the warmth and safety of their embrace.