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Keith wakes up and nuzzles into the chest under him causing lance to smile, "Morning Kitten". His ears perk at the sound of his partner's laugh and he purrs lightly tail wrapping around lance's leg. Keith mumbles morning into Lance's shirt and snuggles closer to them, stealing their warmth. They laugh and kiss the top of Keith's head, running their fingers through his hair. Keith leans into the touch and purrs louder. "Just wanna stay here all day", Keith groans, and Lance sighs softly, " I'm sure we can today you need a break anyway, you've been overexerting yourself and I know you won't admit that but please just rest today". Keith rolls his eyes but agrees anyway if not just to spend time with his partner. Rolling over so that he's laying on his back. Lance wraps their arms around Keith's waist laying their head on top of Keith's. Keith closes his eyes and relaxes more against Lance and Lance continues to stroke Keith's hair humming lightly. They both drift off for a few hours.