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Lunch at One-Twenty-Five

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They haven’t seen each other for some times and she is nervous. They used to be so close, they used to talk every day, they used to be best friends.

Now she has a new best friend and he has become a stranger to her. She hardly knows how to reach him, what to talk about with him. Calling him has become tough. She finds herself staring at her phone, finger hovering over the call icon.

If not for his son, she might never pick up the courage to see him again. Their last meeting has gone okay--just a little uncomfortable at first. She finds herself feeling close to this person she once loved and cared for many decades ago, and that gives her courage to see him again.

She calls but no one answers, so, she texts him: Hi Scott, can’t wait to see you later! Mulder will be coming too. I’ve called and made the reservation. and don’t worry--he’s nice. ttyl.

After all these years, Fox Mulder is finally going to meet Scott Kelsey. Why am I so antsy about this lunch?

She knows her Mulder. As he is usually sweet, kind, and considerate, he can also be possessive and gets moody at times. He can be territorial and self-centered when given the chance.

How will Mulder react to this kind of....testosterone?

“Only one way to find out,” she mutters to herself as Mulder comes out from his shower, wet hair and a towel around his waist. Not bad for a guy pushing 60, she smiles and he notices it. “Hi Apple Pie,” he greets her with a light kiss, “just let me get dressed and we’ll head out.”

The conversation is lively and stress-free by the time their orders arrive at the table. She glances at the two men while sipping her sweetened peach iced tea and feels silly about her worries earlier.

“Will’s not really into watching sports.” Mulder says without much of an emotion. “He played baseball when he was younger. Sometimes we shoot hoops at the rec center. Kuiper wants to take dance lessons, but she’s too young.”

Scott smiles. “Both of Trent’s daughters took dance lessons. Tessa, the older one, just loves the ballet. Alice’s still too young for it, so she kind of just bounces around her big sister.”

“El...I mean Scott and I learned to dance at our church, didn’t we?” She almost calls him by the wrong name and feels slightly embarrassed. 

The skinny man nods and reaches to squeeze her hands. “It’s alright, Dana, it took Trent’s father a couple of years to start calling me that. Trent asked why didn’t I go for something similar to Ellen, like Alan or Elliot, but I wanted something entirely different.”

“Scott’s a nice name,” She gives him an honest smile. “It suits you.”

She studies her friend’s face. He still has a bony jaw and the same nose that he hated so much in high school. But, as a man, his nose is one of his most distinguished features. He has the same hair color as Mulder but he wears it long, with bangs covering his eyes.

“I like being Scott, Dana.” He sighs, but not a unhappy one. “You once told me I was a natural at being a mom and you didn’t know if you’d be able to do it. And I told you that you just needed to find a man first, do you remember that? You don’t know how happy I was when I heard you and that guy you worked with got together. Now I’m a grandpa and’re a mom. Mulder says you’re a natural, that you have good Mommy radar, too. I just...I’m happy at how life turned out for us.”

“Oooh, Dana, am I that guy you worked with?” Mulder smirks and she ignores him.

“Wait till Sister Andrea finds out that you’re now a man and I became a mom again at 54.” She deadpans.

“Actually, Sister Andrea is 83 years old, and I’m sure she’ll say good for you if she sees that beautiful little girl of yours, and your nice husband with a full head of hair.” He chuckles, “I’m the grandpa with hair, do you know that? I’m just...still trying to find a good hairstyle to go with my face.”

“I’ll give you the address of my guy if you want.” Mulder offers, “Mike’s great, tell him Mulder sent you. Scott, you gotta get your hair cut by a man now. None of those girly hairdressers with them soft hands and scalp messages.”

“....which I’ve never gotten but often hear about.” He adds quickly after seeing his wife’s raised eyebrows. 

“Well, Mulder, can you also recommend some hair products and... maybe some fashion tips for guys our age?” 

“I heard plaid is in for the summer.” Mulder replies. “Hair products...”

“Oh God, the blind leading the blind.” Scully laughs at the two men looking at her across the table. “Scott, I’m so glad to have you back in my life.”

“I'm glad you two are here.” Scott says with smiling eyes, “so glad.”