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'Cause like a river runs dry//And leaves it's scars behind//I'll be by your side//'Cause my love//Is set in stone…

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When Agatha escapes the coven she finds a way to disappear herself somewhere new. She had been surprised to find herself watching a Tudor woman die, a Queen.

Find Her

The words seemed to float in the air and soon Agatha disappeared a second time, reappearing in a hospital where a young woman was lying, pale and blonde, beautiful blue eyes fixed on the ceiling. She looked uncomfortable, scared even, and Agatha knew instantly why.

“She’s barren…”

The words are whispered and, when the woman’s sobs start up, Agatha moves into the room, glad she thought to grab a lab coat before entering. She will steal the woman away, use her magic for good for once, let her have a family.

Jane is surprisingly willing to follow her, trusting the coat. She is quiet on the way out and Agatha smiles as she brings the girl home with her, cupping Jane’s face in her hands as she lets the girl feel peace. Jane is easy to settle, to gift with her child, allowing Agatha’s soft hand to slide under her shirt to rest on her stomach, shivering at the tingle of magic.

She leaves Jane with her friends, leaving them to raise the child, but then, one day, Jane finds her hiding across the road, she had always been close to the woman and now destiny wanted them to meet. The boy is nearly thirteen and yet Jane looks no different, none of the Queens do. Agatha’s final gift to the woman she had cared enough to help.

Gentle hands cup Agatha’s face, soft lips meeting her own and Agatha melts, allowing herself to enjoy the kiss, following Jane home and blushing when Jane introduces her as ‘Edward’s other mother’. The Queens seem mostly to not mind but Kitty and Anne have a million questions, so she promises them that Jane is fine, she always will be, she used magic to heal what was left of Henry’s stain on her, to let Jane make and carry and survive having a child.

It’s only when the quiet brunette who had been reading speaks that Agatha understands.

“Jane’s been having nightmares…”

Agatha nods slightly, then casts a small and simple spell, kissing each Queen’s forehead in turn, freeing not just Jane but all of them from Henry’s stains and memories, they will be blessed only with happiness.

Agatha slots into the family easily. Jane is regarded as a ‘shared wife’ she finds out, Cathy, the reader, Anna, the buff brunette who had winked at her with a smirk, and Lina, the quiet woman who seemed to begrudge her her magic, share Jane, and now, now they share with Agatha too. Kit and Anne are the children and never seem to want more than simple affection and gentle words of advice.