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Beatrice Elizabeth Mattel was spoiled. There was no easier way to put it.

Growing up she had anything and everything she wanted, courtesy of her father who was the top lawyer in the state of New York, and maybe all of America.

If Trixie wanted new shoes? She would be wearing them within the next hour. A new baby pink jeep to match Cher's from Clueless? You would see the same car speeding down the street the same week. Move to New York because little old Milwaukee was too little and too old for miss Beatrice? Private jet the next month.

Trixie had everything she could ask for, except one thing- love. As cheesy as it may sound, Trixie just wanted someone to love her. When her mother abandoned her as a three-year-old, her father became a shell of who he once was. Although Trixie doesn't have any clear memories of her childhood, she remembered the feeling. Cuddling up with her parents on their large sofa to watch Disney movies after a long day at the playground, or dressing up as a nurse to plaster on bandaids on fake scars that had been poorly drawn on her father's legs with a red felt-tip marker. She could recall the feeling of love that had abandoned her along with her mother.

Her father dove into work after Valarie left. Waking up at 5 am and coming home at midnight, just to utter a faint "goodnight" if Trixie was still awake listening to Dolly Parton. Trixie knew that her dad was avoiding her on purpose. She reminded him too much of Valarie, that every time he saw his daughter his heart shattered once more.

Trixie had gotten used to the loneliness and had replaced her family with designer shoes, purses, and dresses. The days spent on the playground had been substituted with partying every night and making out with every single boy she could find. She was adored in New York and she knew it. From the outside, she had a perfect life. Hundreds of friends, hundreds of lovers, and hundreds of dollars.

But after all, she just wanted to be loved.

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Trixie hated mornings. She hated waking up and being forced to start her day before she felt ready which, in hindsight, she never felt. After classes, she would go out and stay up late partying and drinking with her friends, maybe even finding a guy to keep her occupied for the night. The day after, she always regretted it though. But, after all, you can not teach an old dog new tricks.

Today was one of those mornings.

Her alarm had been going off for two minutes already, but Trixie desperately tried to ignore it, burying her aching head under her mountain of pillows. When she realized that she was not going to be able to sleep any longer, she groaned and slowly sat up, turning her alarm off. She put on her pink fluffy bunny slippers and a pink hoodie, walking into the bathroom. Before looking in the mirror, she closed her eyes, mentally preparing herself from the trainwreck she was about to witness. Counting down from three, her eyes shot open and a squeal of disgust left her mouth. Residue from makeup covered her face and big dark circles ringed around her eyes. She had a fake eyelash stuck to her cheek and her previously vibrant pink lipstick was now smeared around her lips. Running her fingers through her hair, she physically cringed at the tangles and stickiness of some parts, obviously being from some sort of soda or liquor that had been spilled on her the night before.

"Fucking hell", she groaned, before taking a deep breath and getting to work, mercilessly cleaning her face before jumping in the shower and scrubbing her body clean. As she was lathering her hair in strawberry-scented shampoo, she started contemplating her options. Either, she goes to school on time but with damp hair, no makeup, and a hoodie that only requires throwing on, or, getting to school late, but looking like she just walked off the runway of a Dolly Parton-inspired fashion show in Milan. As always, she decided on the latter and slowed down, taking the time to do a hair mask and covering her body in lotion.

After an hour's work, she was ready to call her driver to take her to school. Her hair had been stylishly curled and pulled back in a half updo, and her eyes were lined with a thick black liner with her trademark pink lipgloss coating her lips. After spending half an hour rummaging through her closet, she had decided on a light blue collared dress with mesh sleeves that perfectly flaunted her wide hips, small waist, and large chest.

Trixie's body had always been a struggle for her. Even with a picture-perfect silhouette that created a flawless 50s pinup doll image, she had never been quite content with it. When she was around sixteen, the boys in her school started to notice the timid barbie that hid in the music room as much as her schedule allowed. The doll became a frequent topic in the cafeteria and each of the jocks had made it their mission to be the first to have sex with Trixie Mattel. She became a constellation prize for the boys and an icon for all of the girls who wanted to be noticed too.

At first, Trixie had been disgusted by the boys since she had never really considered any of them as cute or attractive before. Their crude comments about her body made her realize just how many guys were actually pigs. However, as people started idolizing her, she understood that this can be a way for her to find herself and do something worthwhile.

She began to go to every party she was invited to and making out with every boy who wanted her. Alcohol quickly became her best friend as it gave her the confidence she needed to become this new persona she was creating.

The first boy she had sex with was Ryan Johnson. He was the quarterback on the football team and the crush of every girl in school. He was conventionally attractive, and when he asked Trixie to follow him upstairs to his parents' room, she accepted the invite.

It was fast and painful. He obviously did not have any sense of compassion as he chased his orgasm by slamming into Trixie so hard that she thought she was going to start bleeding. The moans that left her mouth were not at all from pleasure like Ryan thought. When he had finished he kissed her greedily and asked her to be his girlfriend. Immediately Trixie had burst out laughing saying how "Never in a million years would I want to be your girlfriend if you fuck me like that again", and left the room. The conversation had been heard by the party-goers since they had turned off the music whilst awaiting the result of the hookup. The rest of the football team knew that Ryan was going to ask her that evening and were all filled with jealousy and dread.

As she exited the room she had frozen as she noticed the entire crowd staring up at her with blank expressions on their faces. She felt like throwing up. She was not sure if it was from the alcohol, sex, or judgment.

She had grabbed a drink from the staircase, raised it, and yelled "Trixie Mattel is officially a fucking slut" and downed the burning liquid. The audience had erupted into cheers, howls, and whistles, and she had from that day on become infamous at her school.

Even though she created her own narrative, the event had led her to grow less and less self-confident in her body. Every person she met saw her for her body and nothing else. The worst part was that she sought their validation. She was only happy when her body was being praised, and she could never be the one to do it herself.



Trixie quickly put on her white gogo boots and sprayed her signature vanilla perfume after calling her driver and left her apartment, running down the stairs of the complex before entering the outside world. It was raining as usual, and she began to regret the decision of wearing a dress during fall. Mark pulled up and she got in as she cursed under her breath as she realized she had already missed a full lesson. But after all: the day can only get better from here, right?


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Katya did not know why she bothered to turn on her alarm anymore. When its shrill sound echoed through her one-bedroom apartment she had already been awake for four hours, only getting two hours of sleep.

Katya was a light sleeper. She always had been. Even the smallest sound could wake her up, which is what had happened today when her Abyssinian cat Tabitha had knocked a plant over in the living room. Her half-hearted attempt to get some decent rest had once again become postponed, and she had found herself sweeping up dirt from the floor whilst conversing with Tabitha about why plants are friends and not enemies. She had then laughed at the absurdity of the situation since half of her plants had died and now resembled brown dust in various shapes.

Katya, contrary to popular beliefs, was not a cat person. At all. She hated animals who could not live on their own and were dependant on her. Not to mention, cats were like weird roommates who listen to EDM at the highest volume whilst writing in their diary, hissing at you if you ever sustained eye contact. Tabitha was different. She was the only creature whom Katya could confide in after a long day at school. Who would not offer pointless advice when she just wanted to get something off her chest and would cuddle her in bed whenever she attempted to fix her sleep schedule.

She had gotten Tabitha a little over two years ago after her parents had passed away suddenly in a fatal car crash. She did not feel grief over their passing, she felt relief. Her parents had never been prominent figures in her life, pushing her away to pursue their own jobs anywhere that was not close to Katya. They were immigrants from Russia, here for the 'American dream'. Her mother Natasha had tried becoming a model but was never scouted anywhere bigger than playing the role of a mother in a kids commercial for a new toy. Both she and her husband, Alexander, had been fortunate enough to have a child who they could send off to every acting gig they could find for toddlers. To the average person, her parents came across as loving of one another, and especially of Katya. She knew that the image would ideally fit their family, but it was far from the truth. Her mother constantly blamed Katya for her body insecurities that had developed after she had given birth to her, and her father pestered her almost every day about her grades not being good enough. They tried to find every single thing wrong with her to improve so that she herself could become famous. It was a foul tactic, but one that surely would work- Katya becomes famous, her parents bathe in her wealth and basking in her glory. Their denial of her dreams and constant neglect had led her to become addicted to drugs at fifteen. Her anxiety had developed as a young child, but in her teenage years, it was unbearable. Her parents had found out about her drug use by discovering a bong under her bed but never saw it as a problem since she was still well enough to rehearse lines and look pretty.

When her parents died Katya had been able to decline the job offers that arose and send herself to rehab to focus on getting her life back on track. Her best friend Violet had persuaded her to go after finding Katya in an alleyway too high to even recognize Violet's face. At rehab, she had met Bianca. She was a recovering alcoholic who had been in at the facility for a little over three years, not because she needed to, but because she wanted to. Bianca had taken it upon herself to mentor the addicts since she herself knew how difficult it was to let go of narcotics. After a few months of tutoring, the rehab center had decided to hire her as a coach for the patients to talk to and help them get their life back after leaving so that they would not relapse. The instant Bianca had met Katya, she had taken her under her wing. She was only seventeen at the time, lost both of her parental figures, and clearly would not survive the world on her own. Bianca helped her get clean, finish high school and get into college, the one which she currently attended. She had decided to move with Katya from Boston to New York after getting a job offer at a Broadway company as a seamstress since she was well known as one of the biggest designers in New Orleans before going into rehab. Katya knew that if it were not for Bianca, she would not have gotten very far in life, and had often told her that she owed her entire life to her.

People had stopped offering her jobs after the news broke about her addiction, and now media had just labeled her as a failed child prodigy. Nothing could have made her more pleased.

After moving to New York, Katya had bought herself a cat when Violet suggested it, acknowledging the fact that she herself had bought one with her girlfriend because it helped cure loneliness when they were away from each other. At that point, Katya had joked about going back to rehab if Violet ever got sappy with her again. The same night, a brown Abyssinian had been picked up from a breeder and was now laying happily on Katya's couch in her new apartment.

Present-day, after Katya had found herself pondering over if it was too late to abort a cat as she put the plant in a glass for momentary use before she could buy a new pot, she walked across the room to turn off the ringing alarm. She had been doing yoga for the past hour after finishing the new book that she had bought two days earlier at the book shop. She had opted for something in French since she spoke it fluently after learning it in recovery. Currently, she was minoring in language studies in college, so she decided to buy 'Le Deuxième Sexe' by Simone de Beauvoir for practicing.

Now, she grabbed her phone and headphones and shuffled her playlist, ending up with Brain Damage by Pink Floyd. Strutting over to her kitchen table, she picked up the brushes and many canvases that laid scattered around the room, being careful not to knock over any buckets of paint. On the table lay a sketch that she had begun working on a week prior. She could not get herself to finish it, because something was missing. It lacked warmth. Comfort. Familiarity. Growing frustrated, she turned up the volume of the music and started making herself a coffee.

As time passed by, it quickly became 07:00, meaning that she had about an hour to get to school. She jumped in the shower scrubbing herself clean before drying her hair and messily running her hands through it. Katya smudged a black eyeshadow around her eyes and delicately coating her lips in her cherry-flavoured red lipgloss, before heading to her closet. As per usual, she opted for something dark and red, choosing dark leather pants and a maroon coloured silk shirt which she left half unbuttoned, letting it loosely drape over her shoulders. She bed farewell to Tabitha and hurried out of her apartment, grabbing her phone, headphones, and a new Russian novel she could keep herself occupied with. Today was going to be a good day, right?


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Trixie had nearly fallen asleep to the mellow tones and melancholy feeling of Nancy Sinatra's voice streaming through her headphones as Mark drove her to school. Her hangover had subsided a bit, having taken an Advil and drunk a few glasses of water in the car, but the lack of sleep had caught up with her. The drive to NYU was around half an hour long, so she took advantage of the opportunity to rest her eyes.

"We have arrived at New York University, miss Beatrice", Mark said slowly, careful to not startle the young girl.

"Thanks, Mark, and you know you can call me Trixie. As per usual I'm expecting to be done at five for you to pick me up, but I'll text you if there are any rearrangements", Trixie groaned, stretching her limbs like a cat before collecting her items that had been spread out during the ride.

"I know, I know. Trixie, please try to stay at home tonight okay? This is the third time this week that you have been out partying, and it's only Friday! I'm worried about you and your grades. You know that you're late today as well".

Trixie understood his despair. Mark had become like a parental figure when her dad started leaving her alone more and more often. He had seen her cry in the back seat of his car more times than they both could remember at this point, and had even carried her inside her house on those instances when she had been too drunk to walk. Mark was the most consistent person in her life, and it hurt her to know that she was causing him pain by acting out.

"I won't Mark I promise. Maybe I'll invite Kim, Adore, and Pearl over to watch Clueless again. I promise I won't drink. I think I've run out of alcohol in my apartment anyway".

"Thank you, Trixie, and I know how much you love Paul Rudd! Don't we all though. My husband has forbidden me to watch anything with Mr. Rudd in it because he knows that if I ever meet Paul, I'm leaving him. Oh, honey".

"Oh hoooneeeyyyy", Trixie let out a giggle, instantly feeling better after hearing about Mark and Eddie's relationship. She had always admired how much they loved each other after twenty years of marriage, and often took part in gatherings with them and their friends. Everyone always loved to hear her sing and play the guitar, and by the end of the night, she would be wailing along to I'm coming out by Diana Ross out of tune with all of the other older gays. She got out of the car and shouted a 'bye' before shutting the door behind her, Mark driving off soon after.

Standing outside of NYU was always surreal to Trixie. The building towered over her and it had such immense power over everyone who entered. But Trixie used the energy to her advantage, choosing to exude power and wealth every time she walked the corridors of the old university. Once inside, she could feel people's eyes on her, either wanting to be her or wanting to be with her. It did not make her cower down in fear anymore, for now, she stood tall and smiled mischievously at the pupils staring at her. If girls tried to shield their partners from looking at her she would throw a wink their way and sway her hips as she passed by. She always thought the girlfriends were naive for not being trusting of their partners. Trixie would never intentionally ruin a relationship for her own benefit, but as she walked, radiating confidence, people definitely thought otherwise.

Her class was right beside the library which she loved. Libraries had always brought serenity to her, and every time she entered one she immediately felt tranquil. As she looked through the glass panes shielding her from the books she caught eyes with the one person who, as opposed to everyone else, held power over her. Katya Zamolodchikova. Although only having had brief interactions with her before, she felt as though Katya went out of her way to annoy her. She never gave her the respect or validity she strived for and had instead settled to call her Barbie. Trixie would probably have found the nickname charming and endearing coming from anyone else's mouth but hers, yet she could not help but feel as though Katya was patronizing her. Why? She did not know.

Katya gave her a devilish smirk as she looked up from her sketchbook to meet her eyes. Trixie felt her cheeks flush and breath hitch, almost walking into a professor as she kept eye contact with Katya in a silent battle to win dominance. As per usual, Trixie turned her head away and lost. She could almost hear Katya scoff behind her but quickly scurried away to find the classroom she was looking for.

Regaining her breath and once again settling into her mindset, she flung open the door of the lecture hall, causing a harsh stare from the teacher and silent 'awes' from the students who had turned their heads to look at the newcomer. Kim, Pearl, and Adore had sat in the back, as usual, saving a seat for her next to the staircase so that she could easily slip in knowing that she would be late again. Adore started waving, ushering Trixie toward them as though she thought she would sit somewhere else. With a big smile, Trixie ascended the stairs before seating herself next to Adore.

"Trix where were you! We were starting to wonder if you had abandoned us again!", Adore whispered as she pulled the barbie into a tight hug.

"Calm down Dory, I just had some extra work to do on myself this morning, considering that I woke up with sticky hair and a fake eyelash on my cheek! Also, you know I only ever abandoned you one day, and that was because I had woken up by throwing up", she said back in the same low tone as Adore.

"Trixie don't tell me you slept in your makeup! If you break out again I swear I'm going to kill you. You know I need your face to practice on!" Kim said a bit too loud, earning shushes from the rest of the group.

"Kimberly Chi I'm not going to break out again. I've been using Pearl's skincare regime and now I'm basically a baby".

The group all let out low giggles before returning to listening to the professor. Trixie sighed as she faced the front. She was unsure of which class she was in at the moment. Judging by the chalkboard at the front she assumed it was language and literary studies. The class was pointless, considering that her major was within the performing arts. She glanced at the clock hanging on the wall groaning at the fact there were only ten minutes left, not allowing her to get some extra sleep.

Soon enough though, the students were packing up their desks and the teacher started rambling about homework for next week's class. Trixie stood up grabbed her stuff, eager to leave the room to go eat lunch, considering that she had not eaten anything other than a bite of Adore's croissant that she had been given. As she was about to exit, the professor called her name and asked her for a moment alone after class. Trixie huffed and rolled her eyes but, nonetheless, making her way over to the teacher's podium.

"Miss Mattel, I have been informed that you shall be sent to the principal's office as soon as possible, and therefore I suggest you pay him a visit before your lunchbreak".

Trixie's face immediately went pale with his words, but slowly nodded as she saw him expecting an answer.

"Um, d-do you have any idea about what the meeting is regarding", she questioned and felt fury boil in her body as the teacher let out a patronizing laugh.

"Well, considering that this is the third time this week that you were late to my lecture and have not taken a single note since this term began, I think it might be regarding that".

She completely lost the confident facade that protected her earlier and backed away slowly from the podium, before clutching tightly onto her belongings as she ran out of the classroom. Once out, she began rapidly walking toward the principal's office, not willing to look anyone of the pupils in the eye as she passed them. As she passed the administrative area she took a turn and steadied herself before knocking on the principal's door. After hearing a faint 'come in', she took a deep breath and opened the door with a bright smile plastered on her face. If she was going to get in trouble, she was set on charming her way out of it.

The principal was a respected, a little bit older than middle-aged, bald man who always wore a suit. His laugh had become infamous at the university, as many often imitated it after hearing it echo through the corridors while talking to his assistant Michelle.

"Good morning, Mr. Charles, what can I do for you today", Trixie asked with an innocent voice, unaware of the other presence in the room.

"Ah, hello Beatrice, please take a seat next to Katya", he retorted with a smile.

Trixie felt her soul leave her body and prayed to all higher powers in the world that this Katya was a different Katya than she thought? Surely, considering that the name Katya is as common as the name Katie in Russia, someone else could have the same name as her here in New York? Surely, when she turns her head to face the other student she will not be met with messy, wavy, shoulder-length, blonde hair with blunt bangs? Surely?

"Hello, Barbie".

Oh no...

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"Ah, hello Beatrice, please take a seat next to Katya".

Katya could visibly see the color draining from Trixie's face. The Russian could not help but smirk with pleasure at the blonde bombshell as her innocent facade fell apart in front of Katya as Trixie realized that she was not going to be alone with Mr. Charles.

"Hello, Barbie", Katya said smugly, not bothering to wipe her grin off her face. She could not remember how, when, where, or why, she started referring to Trixie with a nickname, but she was pleased to know that a blush always arose on the doll's cheeks when Katya spoke to her.

"Um yes, right away sir. I'm sorry I didn't notice you, Katya", Trixie replied, ignoring the Russian's obvious smirk. She sat down in the chair and plastered on another brilliant smile, observing the principal awaiting some sort of explanation as to why she was there.

Katya could not help but feel deceived by Trixie's charm and elegance. In school, she has such a bad reputation that she gives Joan Jett a run for her money. Well, define bad, Katya reasoned. The Barbie had clearly made a name for herself by repeatedly calling herself a slut, even going so far as to flaunt it in her Instagram bio, writing "America's most infamous whore". Everyone envied her, and as far as Katya was concerned, Trixie loved it. The validation she sought was evident, and, although Katya admired her for keeping her head up and branding herself before anyone else got the chance to, she also prided herself in being one of the few people who did not fall at Trixie's feet. She was determined to win the silent war that had been going on between them since the beginning of term, and there was no other way out than the barbie surrendering.

Now, sitting beside her, she found it hard to not be completely whipped by the doll. Trixie was her dream girl, as cliché as it may sound. Katya had dated many people in her days, even Violet for a while before deciding that girlfriends who spend all their time together gushing over their individual crushes, may just be platonic after all. But Trixie was different from anyone she had ever seen before. Katya would never admit it to herself, but she worshipped the doll. A perfect 50s housewife style combined with a shape that put Aphrodite to shame is the only way Katya had come to describe her. She is the kind of woman the Russian would sketch out in her notebooks when she had lost focus on whatever movie set she was on at that moment. The kind of drawings clearly exaggerating the female body in a way that she did not think was possible to find in real life, but saw on Trixie. Seeing her in the library earlier that morning had been further confirmation that she needed to get laid judging by the dampness that had been created underneath her leather pants when Trixie had looked away and Katya had won the power, leaving her to make up several scenarios in her head about gaining dominance in a different setting.

The only thing standing in Katya's way of jumping the Barbie's bones as she sat next to her in the principal's office that chilly, rainy, fall morning, was the fact that she hated her. She hated Trixie Mattel with all of her gut. To be so incredibly privileged and to act like a brat expecting everyone to obey your every order was completely mindblowing to Katya. How could someone so beautiful have such an ugly heart? Granted, she had never really talked to the doll before, other than uttering a small 'hi' or 'can you pass me that paper, barbie?' during class. But regardless of that, Katya knew that her suspicions of Trixie being a spoiled brat would be confirmed the second she saw that innocent, charming, fake smile plastered on the doll's face as she greeted the principal.

Currently, Trixie was curling a strand of hair with her finger as she waited for Mr. Charles to speak.

"Ladies, I'm sure you're wondering what brings you here today", he said, pushing his glasses up further on his nose. After earning a few nods from both of the students he continued.

"Beatrice as you know, your grades have plummeted from the beginning of term until now and you know that bringing down the average at our school will lead to detrimental consequences, meaning expulsion. Ms. Mattel, you're failing every class!".

Katya could not help but snicker and smirk at that, which earned her a look that could kill from the barbie. Yeah, whatever Mr. Charles' plan was, it was not going to be good.

"Sir, I understand that I haven't been taking my academic studies very seriously recently, but I can assure you that it will be fine if you give me until the end of the year to-".

"Beatrice listen to me. I will give you until the end of the year to bring your grades up. However, due to the severity of the situation, I have consulted with your father regarding this issue".

Katya could literally hear the breath hitch in Trixie's throat as Mr. Charles mentioned her dad. She felt bad for the barbie as she realized that their father-daughter relationship probably did not consist of pleasant dinners or 'I love you' texts.

"Starting next week Monday, Katya will be your tutor. Considering her grades are straight A's and you take all the same classes aside from language and literature studies, where Katya managed to achieve her merits in high school for that course, your father and I believe that this will be a great match. You will be seated next to each other in every class so that Beatrice stays on track. Of course, this will also have benefits for Katya since Mr. Mattel has offered to pay you for your service. Additionally, since coincidentally neither of you have roommates, you will be housing together starting Wednesday next week, so you have two days to pack up and everything. This was a firm request from your father and something that he will not budge on since he is determined that you graduate with a 4.0 GPA, his words, not mine. You can decide among yourselves whose apartment to move into and if you cannot decide we'll place you in a dormitory here at school. Is that understood?".

He looked so pleased with himself that one could think he had just solved the mystery behind Mona Lisa's smile. Katya's stomach had dropped and she could feel the color draining from her face. Similarly, Trixie had lost the polite smile and was now staring jaw-dropped at the principal with wide eyes.

"Sir with all due respect you cannot seriously expect me to move in with a stranger and tutor her? This seems like a human-rights violation!", Katya finally managed to say after the knowledge had been processed. She had completely lost her calm and smugness and was now boiling with rage at the absurdity of the situation.

"Yeah, I agree! I understand that my father is strict but I will not move in with some looser I don't know just because she's a nerd!", Trixie retorted. It was cheap, but Katya could feel herself wanting to punch the barbie next to her.

"That's rich coming from miss 'failing all her classes'. Seriously, Mr. Charles, you know her reputation. She'll be un-teachable! I wouldn't put it past her to ask for a bottle of vodka before every study session!".

"At least I have a fucking social life bitch! The only thing you do is sit in the library pondering and trying to find reasons to continue living!".

As the two students argued and bickered amongst themselves, coming up with any hurtful insults they could, Katya would not put it past the principal as he resigned right then and there. She could tell when looking at Trixie that this was the single most menacing thing that had ever happened to her. She looked like a wild animal ready to pounce on Katya at any second, and even though she had fantasized about Trixie jumping on her many times before, she realized that this was not the time nor place and that this situation had gotten out of hand. Glancing over at the principal, she almost felt bad when noticing that he almost looked afraid of the two girls in front of him. He had completely lost control of the conversation and now looked like he was on the verge of leaving the room. Katya realized that she had no other option but to agree, and, although she did not want to admit it to herself, a small part of her wanted to help Trixie out.

"Katya you are so-", Trixie started, again trying to come up with a new insult to push the argument further, but Katya interrupted her.

"You know what? Fine. I'll do it. But just let the record show that I'm only doing this for my own benefit and not hers. Also, I demand a two-bedroom apartment issued out by either the school or Trixie's father. Otherwise, I won't live with her. I need to find some sort of privacy now that you're forcing me to be joined at the hip with her. Well, have a nice day, I will be leaving now".

And with that, she got up from the chair and slammed the door behind her not looking back.

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The door loudly slammed shut behind Katya, making Trixie jump slightly before once again directing her attention toward the now disheveled principal in front of her. Her mouth had gone dry and her body felt boiling and freezing at the same time. At one point the doll even felt like throwing up due to the intensity of the meeting, as the realization of what had just gone down finally hit.

"Well, that was something", Mr. Charles sighed deeply before continuing. "I guess I should conclude this meeting since Katya just upped and left. Please shut the door behind you, but gently. This school can't afford another broken door"

"You can't be serious, Principal Charles? You're seriously going to let her get away with that? And seriously going to force me to move in with her?"

"I'm sorry Beatrice, but I'm obliged to listen to your father's rules. He's only doing this for your own benefit"

"My own benefit? Who do you think you are! There is absolutely no way in hell that I'm going to benefit from being around that trainwreck of a woman! Bullshit! She'll completely ruin my reputation!"

"Please calm down Beatrice I think-"

"Don't tell me to calm down! You're the one who's forcing me to move in with a stranger!"

"Beatrice I-"

"No, you know what? Fine. I'll do it. But you better get my dad to pay for a decent apartment. I will absolutely not settle for anything less than a two-bedroom one with easy access to town. Also, I would like to have a pool and gym in the apartment complex, which I expect you to let my father know, as I'm not going to be speaking to him right now unless absolutely obliged to. I'll be on my way now, Mr. Charles", Trixie said as she stood up and slammed the door behind her just as hard as her soon-to-be roommate had done.

She speeded down the halls to try to find someone to rant to, preferably Kim, Adore, or Pearl, obviously. However, just as she was about to turn the corner, she collided with someone, making them drop their books to the floor with a loud thud. She internally groaned but thanked the Gods above that she did not fall dramatically or spill a beverage on the other like in every cheesy rom-com out there, which would evidently have caused a bigger scene.

"Fucking hell, watch where you're going dude", the girl said as she bent down to pick up her books which had become since become spread out on the ground beneath them along with some additional miscellaneous items which she had been carrying as well. Trixie immediately recognized Katya's voice and audibly groaned this time around.

"Well, I was trying to calm down from a not so pleasant meeting that I had with Mr. Charles a few minutes ago. Do you remember that?", she said, almost giggling at how the Russian had whipped her head up as Trixie had begun talking.

"Oh, hello Barbie. Do you usually calm down by training for a marathon? Seriously, you could probably compete next to Usain Bolt in the Olympics at your speed. And yes, I remember our delightful meeting. How could I forget? I'm being paired up and forced to move in with the self-acclaimed school slut due to her failing all of her classes. Not even a goldfish would forget that".

"You're fucking vile, Katya. How the fuck am I supposed to put up with living with you 'til the end of term. I might just kill myself. Or pull a Ted Bundy and kill you. I am from Wisconsin after all. The serial-killer capital"

"You know, if I didn't have such deep-rooted hate for you, I might have laughed at that. In a different universe, we'd be great friends. Maybe even lovers"

"Oh, fuck you. There's no fucking chance in the world that anyone could ever want to be friends with a bitch like you"

"Language принцесса. Calm down малышка. Dolls don't swear. Anyways, I have no other choice than to accept this agreement, which, I will admit, will probably be for the best. I get paid to study now, which will be helpful, considering I doubt that you'll actually do any of your work"

Trixie would never admit it, but hearing Katya speak Russian was easily one of the most attractive things she had ever heard. To her, it did not matter if Katya was literally insulting her, all she knew was that she wanted the woman to never stop speaking. Nonetheless, she quickly composed herself before once again, retorting with an angry statement.

"You're an idiot, and apparently, you've met your first doll who does in fact curse. But whatever, as long as you keep out of my way, we'll be fine. And no, I won't slack off. I'll actually do my work, but only to get you away from my ass".

"детка with that ass you won't get rid of me anytime soon"

"My god you're crude! You're a fucking bitch"

At this point, Trixie could feel the air change in the room, and the tension could easily be cut with a knife. There was no one to be seen in the corridors which was not uncommon since most students spent their time in lectures or in different study rooms. Katya had collected her spewed-out items long ago and was now starting to back Trixie into the wall behind her. The doll's breath hitched in her throat and she had to focus in order to not squeeze her thighs together thinking about how hot Katya was when she was mad. Now, the two were so close that she could feel the shorter girl's breath against her neck whilst her back was firmly pressed against the wall.

"And you're a brat who throws fits whenever something doesn't go your way or someone doesn't fall at your feet. You're a spoiled brat, Barbie"

Trixie felt fury coursing through her body at that. How could Katya, who had never taken a second to even attempt to get to know her, dare to call her a brat? Just as she was about to come up with another cheap jab, Katya placed her finger on Trixie's lips to shut her up.

"Save it for another time Barbie doll. You'll be stuck with me for at least the coming eight months, so you'll have time to hate me then instead", she said as her body swiftly moved away from Trixie's, as students started filling the corridor, likely due to some lesson finishing. Trixie let out a breath she was unaware of that she was holding in.

"Oh and just so you know, I hope you like cats!".

Trixie shut her eyes for a moment to regain her confidence. She was not liking the way Katya was making her feel. Never before had she been so questioning of her sexuality as she was at the moment. It almost made her feel scared. The factors that had before made her so sure that she was straight were now nowhere to be found as she rummaged through her brain trying to convince herself that she really was only into guys. Once again, she decided to leave the conflict for another day as she started walking toward the cafeteria to try to find her friends.

"Hey, Trix, wait up!", she heard Kim shout behind her. Turning around she was delighted to see all three members of her support system walking toward her with worried looks on their faces, most likely due to the fact that she had missed lunch.

"Oh thank god you're here guys, I was just about to look for you!"

"Yeah bitch, what the hell happened? Why weren't you at lunch? I missed gossiping about our daddy issues together", Adore whined.

"Next time Dory, but I do have piping, boiling, scorching, hot tea for y'all if you're ready"

"Girl spill!", Pearl chimed in.

"Well, due to me failing all of my classes, I'm going to basically be locked up with Katya Zamo for the coming eight months!".

"Um, elaborate please", Pearl responded whilst the other two nodded in agreement.

Trixie quickly explained everything that had happened from the start of the meeting to the end, getting concerned gasps or 'oh no she didn't':s here and there. She purposefully left out the scene caused after she had left the principal's office, not wanting to deal with the repercussions of explaining how she was severely turned on by her 'rival' speaking Russian to her.

They promised to help her move out tomorrow and to watch Clueless with her during a sleepover they impulsively planned today after school, knowing that it was her favorite movie. They parted ways as they all made ways to separate classrooms since their upcoming classes were all different. As Trixie entered hers, she made eye contact with a familiar face with red lipstick and heavy black eyeshadow who was smirking at her.

Trixie knew that she would have to deal with the consequences of not studying someday, but today was a little too soon for that, she thought as she sank down onto a chair at a free desk. For once, she actually opened her notebook she had brought, but instead of listening to the intricate details of today's class, she opted to daydream whilst doodling small pink hearts with her baby-pink clueless-replica pen all over the paper in front of her.

Chapter Text

Adore, Pearl, and Kim had been helping Trixie pack all day after the news broke yesterday at the principal's office. She had spoken to her father who had told her over a short phone call that he had found an apartment which she was going to have to accept without any arguments. In any other situation, Trixie would have fought back, pushing her father's boundaries until he gave in and gave her whatever she asked for. However, she knew that she was on thin ice due to her declining grades, and had decided not to push her luck. The housing was not bad at all and did include a gym and pool just like the doll had asked for which had made her squeal in excitement.

Trixie was just about to pick up a box containing different vinyl records when Adore, who had been in the kitchen with Kim and Pearl labeling finished boxes, barged into her bedroom without warning.

"Jesus Dory, you scared the living shit out of me!", she said, clutching her hand over her heart in shock from the intruder.

"Sooooorry, but I have a very very important question to ask you!"

"Okay, shoot."

"Have you, perhaps, told Katya about your dad choosing an apartment and that you can start moving in tomorrow?"

"Um no, I don't have any of her contact info, and I don't care enough about her to find any."

"Well, yes, I get that, but wouldn't it be easier to avoid conflict for once? Choose the path more traveled?"


Trixie knew that her friend was right. She had thought about contacting Katya right after the phone call whilst still in her excited state. She had even found the thought of living with the Russian sort of thrilling and was for a split second thankful for the principal to have paired them together. She would have an amazing apartment and a very hot roommate. But ultimately, she had decided against letting her know because Katya was Katya and she was supposed to hate Katya. And she did hate her. Hating Katya was an easy concept. A good one at that. Liking Katya would be unreasonable since she hated her. Well, after all, even though she loathed the Russian, she could still fuck her, right? Hate sex? The mere thought had made her blush profusely and squeeze her thighs together.

She had decided to save that thought for a later time.

Now, Trixie was silently debating in her mind whilst Adore paced around the room whilst going on about the reasons telling Katya about the apartment was a good idea. She let out a deep sigh which made her friend still her actions and give her an understanding smile.

"I know that this is a hindrance, but it is for her too, Trix. Creating barriers between you will just end up being bad and you know that"

"I know that. I know that Dory, I know. Okay, I'll tell her, do you have her Instagram handle?"

"You don't follow her? Um okay, well it's Katya underscore Zamo. I'm gonna order pizza, vegetarian pepperoni?"

"With extra cheese, you're the best Dory", Trixie replied, smiling widely at her friend.

"Don't I know it bitch".

As the door shut behind her, she sat down and typed katya_zamo into the search bar of the app. She clicked on the first profile she found and drew a harsh breath when viewing the Russian's photos. Katya was clearly an athlete, which was made evident by the many shirtless pictures, wearing just a sports bra in various yoga positions. It did not fit the bad girl image that she portrayed to the world at school, but rather a middle-aged fitness coach who likes to drink a few glasses too many during dinner with her husband. A few images of her on her trademark bike wearing a leather jacket were spewed throughout her feed, and some with her and her friends. Trixie recognized Violet since they had a few classes together, but there was a brunette who seemed very close to the girl. The barbie felt a sting of jealousy running through her body and mentally cursed Katya for getting her hooked so easily. But she wasn't hooked, Trixie reminded herself. Because, again, Katya was Katya.

After a few minutes of sleuthing, Trixie clicked the 'follow' button and started to type a message to Katya.

beatricemattel: hi katya, it's trixie. i just wanted to let u know that dad found a place and it'll be ready to move into tmrw. here's the address (generic street name). sry i haven't told u earlier

Well, that is good enough, she thought whilst making her way into the kitchen to help with the last few boxes.


Throughout the evening Trixie felt drawn to her phone, growing more and more agitated as she constantly checked her social media to see that Katya had neither seen nor replied to her text. Her friends had left and she had just laid down on the sofa when her phone vibrated with a notification. She quickly scrambled to her feet and aimlessly felt around the cushions of the furniture to find the device. It took far too long for Trixie's liking, but when she found her phone, Katya had replied.

katya_zamo: Well hello, Beatrice, fancy hearing from you. Thank you for fixing everything and thank you for actually telling me. I was expecting you to tap out of this agreement, but so far so good I guess. See you tomorrow then, кукла.

Trixie felt rage boil inside of her after having read the message and instantly typed back.

beatricemattel: don't think im going to give up that easy zamo. i NEVER lose. ps u type like a grandma

Just as fast as she had replied, Katya had sent her a message back in response.

katya_zamo: We'll have to see about that, Mattel. I'll have you wrapped around my finger in no time, just you wait and see. Ps, you look hot in your pictures.


Hot. Katya had just called her hot. HOT. A blush spread across the barbie's cheeks, and she found herself to be embarrassingly turned on by how the conversation had taken a turn. The hate that she felt for Katya was just as high as the hate she felt for Trixie, and thoughts of long nights of arguing turning into pleasure crossed her mind. At this point, she was too horny to ignore the situation stirring underneath her shorts, and went to her bed, leaving different items of clothing spewed around the apartment behind her.

Trixie ran her hands across her naked form where she laid in her cool sheets, envisioning how this would play out if Katya was here to take care of her.

The Russian would start slow, kissing her neck and gradually going down to her large breasts.

Trixie let out a moan as she pinched her nipples, growing more and more desperate to touch herself, but restricted the urge.

Then, Katya would continue down to her stomach, before looking up at the doll and telling her that she was beautiful. She would be gentle with Trixie the first few times, before understanding that the barbie did not want to be gentle at all, really.

And that would be perfect for them both.

The temptation to feel herself became too much, and she brought her hand down to her pussy, finding that she was extremely wet already.

Katya would tease me about this if she was here.

She began to draw small, lazy circles around her heat, not yet granting herself the privilege of more. Her other hand, which had rested on her boob awaiting instruction, started going over her sensitive nipples once again, making her hiss inwardly. Soon enough, she sped up her movements and was now lightly panting and moaning while circling her clit. Trixie abruptly stopped and brought her hand to her mouth and stuck two fingers in to gain more moisture, before bringing her hand back down, shoving the fingers inside her pussy with a high-pitched moan. The stretch she felt made her smile with ecstasy as she rammed her fingers in and out of her hole.

She would call me a slut whilst curling her fingers inside me, making me see stars. I would call her a bitch and she would smirk at me, wrapping her hand around my throat, going even faster until I reach euphoria.

Trixie could feel her orgasm building up inside of her, and she was almost screaming in pleasure at this point. Sure enough, not even a minute later, she reached her high, moaning out Katya's name so loud that she was sure her neighbors would have heard her.

She would tell me what a good girl I have been and would lay beside me, holding me and running her fingers through my hair as I drift off into sleep.

The mere thought of her had brought her euphoria.

Chapter Text

Katya had been packing up her apartment all day. Trixie had texted her yesterday telling her that she would be able to move in today, which was a relief considering she and Tabitha had just about run out of money to pay rent. Actually, the opportunity to tutor the barbie may have been a blessing in disguise. Their current apartment really looked like something you would see Chris Hansen investigate on Crime watch. Even though Katya had tried to make the most out of it, she had not yet managed to make it look very homely. Aside from the hundreds of art supplies scattered around the apartment, she had long since understood why her landlords, two women in their 90s (although to Katya they each looked about 217) who only spoke Greek, rented it to her for such a low price. There were few others in her apartment complex which Katya was thankful for as privacy was something she valued a great deal, but there were many reasons why Violet, Bianca, and her never hung out in the dungeon she called home. Old, rustic wallpaper of some sort of phallic-looking flower? Animal? The Russian had never really been able to determine. The window would not open no matter how hard she pulled, and the glass been stale and yellow ever since she had moved in. The bathroom was admittedly the worst. Black mold lined the floors of the shower, and no matter how hard she tried, she could never get rid of the spiders that had infested themselves among her sanitary products. Not to mention, she hardly ever had any hot water.

So, yeah. Maybe she was a tad bit grateful that the principal had proposed that she and Trixie move in together and that she would be paid for studying with someone. And, yeah. Maybe she was extremely happy that someone was Beatrice Mattel- the most attractive woman she had ever seen. But, of course, she would never tell anyone that and especially not Trixie.

Currently, Katya was loading suitcases and boxes into the trunk of Bianca's SUV, cursing herself for not wearing some sort of raincoat considering she had become completely soaked by the water pouring down from above.

"Katya there is no way in hell I'm letting you into my car without getting you a head-to-toe poncho or something. You're going to drench my seat!"

"Don't worry B, it won't be much different to summer when I'm drenched... In sweat"

"I swear I hate you. Why oh why did I chose to come here with you"

"I ask myself the same question every day. Now, where's Tabitha?"

"Your daughter is in the backseat sleeping. Maybe you should join her, considering it would make my life ten times better if you would shut up"

"Ha. Ha. Ha", Katya deadpanned while jumping in the car and pretending to shake the water off of her body like a dog.




At 7 pm Katya had finally finished unpacking her things in her bedroom. Trixie had not arrived yet, which is why she at first hesitated to unload the boxes for the kitchen and living room but realizing the barbie would probably not arrive until later, the areas were decorated with red accent pieces and small plastic hands. She had also set up her easel and canvases in the far right corner of the living room which granted her a lovely view of Manhattan which she had decided to, in the spur of the moment, paint.

Now, Katya was covered in paint, with various shades of brown having been swatched on her arms as she had forgotten where the pallette had been put. She was just about to paint the detail on a small sign of a café when she heard the door open.

"Shit fuck", she mumbled to herself as she viewed in horror a thin dark line that had been smeared across the painting as she had jumped in shock.

"Well this is a warm welcome home", Trixie drew sarcastically as she closed the door behind her and began taking off her boots.

"You could have knocked. You ruined my painting barbie", she retorted as her hands moved frantically across the canvas in an attempt to conceal the mistake.

"Considering I'm all the way over here and you're the one holding the paintbrush, I'd say that's an inaccurate statement. Why the hell are you painting anyways?"

"Well I arrived like eight hours ago, and finished packing up all of my stuff so I decided to make myself busy. Do you like the interior design?"

For the first time since arriving, Trixie observed the apartment. Red was obviously a color adored by the Russian considering most of the accents were in one shade of red or another. There were also small hands? Spewed evenly throughout the apartment, placed as though they were Faberge eggs. The absurdity of the decor made Trixie want to laugh out loud, but she contained herself due to the fact that yesterday's nighttime adventures would not leave her mind. For goodness sake, she was standing in the same room as someone who had made her cum in her dreams! And unfortunately, her mind seemed to be adamant about keeping the memory fresh. The doll could also see a few canvases where her roommate was standing, which she hoped were not done by Katya because if they were, she might have just proposed there and then.

The only advantage to Katya according to Trixie was the small cat that had made its way up to her and was now stroking its warm body against the barbie's legs. She bent down and grinned at it, scratching it behind its small ears.

"Katya, why did you decorate the house without consulting me?", she said, turning to face her roommate.

"Well, you weren't here, and frankly, I don't really value your opinions" Katya had resumed painting after deciding to change the black line to a leash that would have a dog fastened to it. Happy little accidents and whatnot. She smirked to herself as she heard Trixie's breath speed up with rage over the comment, but camly continued making small brush strokes to create a German Shepard.

"You know what-"

"Save it, Barbie. Obviously, you can change things around, I'm just teasing. It's your daddy's money after all!"

"Jesus fucking christ you're annoying! Whatever, which room is mine?"

"To your left, baby."

Trixie could not help the blush that arose at the pet name but concealed it by locking herself in her room.

Her completely empty room.

Trixie groaned at the knowledge that her stuff would not arrive until tomorrow since she had ordered movers. Now, she was stuck in an empty room, without a bed, and probably going to have to sleep on the floor since her friends were all busy studying for an upcoming exam and would not be available for a sleepover.

After aimlessly staring at her walls for a few minutes, Trixie finally emerged from her bedroom and made her way to Katya's maroon-colored sofa which had been placed in the middle of the living room. Although the sofa was not Trixie's aesthetic at all, it felt like heaven as she laid down among the many pillows that adorned the couch.

"So are we keeping the sofa? You seem to be enjoying it a whole bit."

"I'll have to think about it. I'll also have to sleep here tonight judging by the fact that all of my stuff isn't arriving until tomorrow. For now, I'll have to settle with your adorable cat. I am a vegetarian after all."

"Tomorrow? Why tomorrow?"

"Well, the movers couldn't-"

"Movers! Of course. Little miss princess can't carry a single box because her daddy thought her to be a 'dependent' woman, yeeees girl!", Katya snorted, cutting the doll off.

"Shut up! Stop acting as though you know my entire life story just because I'm rich!", Trixie hissed.

"Well my version isn't far from the truth now, is it? I said it once and I'll say it again. You're a brat, Trixie."

"Enough. I'm going to take a shower".

Katya's mind instantly filled up with images of the bombshell's body in the shower. A vision, which she hoped would be discovered outside of her dreams soon enough. However, the thoughts were quickly pushed aside.

"Well if you're going to take a shower, at least let me help you-", she started.


"- by getting you a towel."

"Oh...", Trixie said lowely. She could feel the blood rushing to her head, and soon enough she was mercilessly blushing again.

"Yeah, 'oh'. Did you really think I was gonna offer to wash your body for you? Jesus Christ. Anyways, let me borrow you a towel considering barbies apparently don't unpack their stuff until the day after they move in, like a psychopath."

"No. I fare very well on my own thanks, and I don't need nor want your help."



45 minutes later Trixie was slowly coming to regret letting her pride get in the way of loaning a towel as she stood dripping water on Katya's shower mat with some Russian words on it. Using the dress she had worn previously to her shower, she wrapped the fabric around her figure, leaving the front covered but the back bare. Why did everything need to be so difficult today, she asked herself as she walked out of the bathroom and into the living room to ask for a towel.

As Katya saw Trixie with her long, thick legs and heavy cleavage on display, she almost came on the spot. Her mouth went dry, and she could feel her heart speed up.

"Well, you were right. I need a towel, please."

"I told you so princess.", Katya said, making her way into her room to dig up a fuzzy white towel from her closet. She also looked around and found the largest set of pajamas she had, which coincidentally ended up being a pink silk set that she had received from some distant relative at her graduation and had never worn.

"Here you go, Barbie. You know, next time you should really learn how to do things yourself. Then, maybe these things wouldn't happen!"

"I hate you."

"I know you do baby. I'm ordering Chinese by the way, you want any?"

"As much as I love Chinese, my hatred for you overpowers it, so no. I wouldn't like Chinese."

"Your loss baby girl."



Trixie had spent the past hour in the bathroom, waiting for Katya to have left the living room so that she would be able to take over the couch. There was another bathroom connecting to Katya's room, so she did not worry about taking too long. After what felt like forever, she heard a single knock and a faint 'goodnight'. Five minutes later, Trixie declared it safe to ascend from the bathroom and enter the living room.

The time was about one am already, and Trixie was starving and tired. She was just about to, in her mind, go on a long tangent about when offered food, you say 'yes', when she saw two boxes of takeout and a sticky note attached to one of them.

Dear Beatrice. I got you food anyways. Don't worry, it's all vegetarian since you said you were. I hope you like it barbie! xx, Katya<3

Trixie could not help but grin widely and feel her heart flutter as she read the note over and over again.

Maybe this would not be so bad after all.

Chapter Text

Katya had slept abnormally well through the night, getting six hours in total before being woken up by Tabitha meowing loudly in her face at 04:56. She had decided to get up anyway, since her alarm was set on 05:00, and left her room to get her yoga mat which she had left in the corner of the living room. Trixie was asleep on the sofa, and Katya tip-toed through the area, quietly shushing Tabitha who was straying behind her, still whining. She poured some cat food into Tabitha's bowl before grabbing her mat and began walking out to the balcony when she saw empty takeout boxes on the coffee table and looked at Trixie. It was one of the most adorable things she had seen. The barbie laying faced toward Katya with her cheeks slightly squished together and letting out quiet, angelic snores. Her long blonde hair in soft curls cascading down her body and skin rosy. She looked like a cherub, and Katya wanted to wrap her arms around her and cuddle the doll all day.

The cool autumn air hit her suddenly. She let out a shiver and cracked a smile, loving how the breeze cooled her naturally warm body. She rolled out her mat and got into child's pose as a start.

Yoga had always been like therapy for Katya. Ever since she was young, during her years as a miserable and lonely child actor, it had kept her grounded when she felt like floating away. Even during her most difficult times, Katya kept up yoga. It had become a ritual for her, and she loved the comfort of being completely alone and in her own little world.

At 07:00, Katya went inside and pulled a hoodie over her head. She had been outside for two hours at that point. One and a half was spent doing yoga, and half an hour watching the sunrise whilst finishing her painting from yesterday. Once inside, she went to the kitchen which connected to the living room, and set up her coffee machine. It was not expensive, yet it made the best coffee she had ever tasted. Violet even forced her to bring her a coffee every day with the motivation "I'll kill you if you don't". That was enough for Katya to agree since she knew that Violet was extremely serious about coffee. Besides, Violet paid her 2 dollars per cup.

She heard groaning from the sofa and leaned against the counter with her coffee between her hands and a smirk on her lips.

Trixie woke up to the strong scent of coffee and felt her mouth almost salivating. She lazily stretched and raised her head, eyes peeking over the sofa where she found Katya, grinning. The doll blushed and hid her face under the covers when Katya began to speak.

"Good morning Barbie, you look gorgeous. I'll make you coffee, any special requests?"

"Can you make a latte?"

"Of course! There's vanilla flavor if you'd like?"

"Yes please", Trixie replied with a smile adorning her lips, but still hiding from Katya under the covers.

"Great, one vanilla latte coming up!", Katya said happily and heard Trixie mumble something.

"Sorry Trix, what was that?"

"I said thank you for making me coffee."

"Oh, no problem princess. You might hate me, but I can assure you that this coffee will make you love me"

"Not even a late could make me like you Katya", she deadpanned, but her facade quickly dropped and a shy smile formed.

"Mon Dieu, tu es méchante avec moi mais tu es jolie donc je ne peux pas m'empêcher de te pardonner"

"You- you speak French?", Trixie asked, jaw-dropped.

"Mais bien sûr, ma chérie!"

Trixie ignored her, pretending to be unbothered by the words that left Katya's mouth by getting up swiftly and heading toward the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror with cheeks flushed and lips slightly ajar. At this point, she wished that she lived alone so that she could deal with the situation that had been created by Katya. But that was not the case.


Katya was in the middle of frying eggs for breakfast when the argument had begun. Everything had been fine seconds before, and the conversation had flowed about what rules to have in the house. Trixie had finished her second latte since she insisted that it was the best coffee she had ever had, and needed another one.

"Okay, one important rule that I want is no parties at our house. You can go out of course, but nothing here. Okay?"

"Not okay. It's my house, my father pays for it, and I can do whatever I want. If I want a party I'm gonna have one"

"Seriously? I agreed to your stupid rules, are you really gonna talk back now?"

"Yes. I'll throw as many parties as I want to"

"God you're such a fucking brat, aren't you Barbie. No parties, end of discussion"

"Not end of discussion, I'm having parties"

"Please Trixie, just agree to this. I don't want to fight. I know you're not used to not getting your way, but no parties"

"Why huh? Why is it such a big fucking deal Katya?", Trixie's blood was boiling.

"I- I just don't want you to. Please", Katya pleaded, with a hint of desperation in her voice. She almost looked like she was on the verge of tears, but Trixie was not one to back down and decided to fuel the argument further.

"If you want me to not have any parties in MY house, you're gonna have to give me a reason. Me throwing parties may be a good way for you to meet new friends considering you have none", she retorted with a smirk.

"Because I'm a drug addict and alcoholic Trixie! I didn't want to tell you because you'll realize how much of an idiot I am for letting my bad habits get so severe. I've been sober for two years now, but I tend to avoid parties because I know that if I have a sip of alcohol I'll be in a dumpster smoking crack within three days".


Katya quickly wiped away a tear that began trickling down her cheek and squirmed in the uncomfortable silence that had ensued. Trixie tried to find the right words, but she had built up her own walls so high that she had forgotten how to console anyone else. Now, Katya was standing in front of her, with her guard down and almost crying from the vulnerability she'd shown the doll.

"This is stupid I shouldn't have told you I-, fuck, fucking fuck, I-", she rambled, stepping away from the stove and rushing to the front door, but Trixie grabbed her wrist making her freeze.

"Katya it's okay. I'm really sorry I pushed you, I have a tendency to be insensitive, and this was a great example of it. I've been thinking that I should lay off alcohol for a while as well, and maybe this is just pure luck that we're moving in together. Please let me know if there are any boundaries that you have to help you, or if I can help you in any way. I know I'm just a blonde bimbo, but you can confide in me if you need to. Think of it as my way of paying you back for helping me with my grades. I won't throw any parties here. From now on, I'm a total nerd. And don't think I'm nice, I'm still the slutty mean girl if anyone asks, okay?".

Katya sniffled whilst letting out a giggle and grinning widely. "Okay, Tracy. And, thank you".

"Now then. Breakfast?"

"Breakfast", Katya agreed, nodding with a sincere smile, and Trixie felt her heart flutter.

Chapter Text

As Mark drove the two girls to school, silence had ensued. The vulnerability and compassion that they had found themselves in just two hours earlier were long gone, as they had searched for anything to argue about. Katya had regretted getting so emotional, and had, just after a peaceful breakfast, called Trixie lazy after she had suggested getting Mark to drive them. It was a stupid fight, but Katya's plan to remind Trixie that they were not actually friends had evidently worked, as Trixie had called her driver soon after and left the building with a harsh glare and a loud slam of the door.

Katya knew that the argument was stupid and unnecessary, which is exactly what Bianca had told her when she, in a fit of rage, had called her to rant. Why she had started an argument? The Russian could only guess. Fear of Trixie thinking that she was weak? Fear of Trixie thinking that she was helpless? A crybaby? A worthless, anxiety-ridden, ex-drug addict? Katya had seen her own insecurities in the form of Trixie, and that terrified her. The barbie had not done anything wrong, in hindsight, but Katya could not let anyone see how beaten down she was. No one was allowed to have leverage on her, and therefore she had to remind Trixie that she was stronger than the doll. She did not need her sympathy.

She did not need her love.

When Trixie had entered the apartment again, five minutes after she had slammed the door, Katya was sitting by the kitchen island with her head on the table, overthinking as per usual after getting off the phone with Bianca. When she heard the door open, her head had immediately whipped up.

"I'm not going to let your stupidity and inability to be a decent person get in the way of you getting a free ride to school. Besides, we have school in half an hour, and without a ride, you'll be late."

"Well, well, well. Look who cares about me, huh?"

"Don't flatter yourself. We're leaving in ten minutes. Be ready."

"Whatever you say baby girl", Katya had said smugly, a sly grin adorning her face. She had swiftly hopped off of the barstool and sloppily gulped down the rest of her coffee. Trixie's face had a look of surprise mixed with disgust on it, and Katya had held piercing eye contact with her before putting the cup down, and slowly wiping up the liquid that had trickled down her chin with her thumb. The Russian used her tongue to wipe the coffee off of her finger, before putting it in her mouth and releasing it with a pop. Trixie had quickly gone from composed to a blushing mess, with her jaw agape, and Katya relished in the knowledge that Trixie's reaction was her doing.

The Russian had hurried out to her room to take a quick shower, before smearing some black eyeshadow on her lids and red lipstick on her lips. She had opted for a pair of black fishnets and a red plaid skirt, with a black tank top and a blue denim flannel.

Now, the two blondes were sitting in the car with their respective music streaming through their headphones. Katya thought Trixie perfectly mirrored the image of a malibu barbie, with her pastel pink flowy dress and curly, golden blonde hair cascading down her chest. Her head was laid against the window, slightly facing Katya, with her eyes shut. A smile tugged at the Russian's lips as she viewed Trixie, and she could not help but get out her sketchbook to make a quick outline of the doll's face.

Trixie could feel Katya's eyes on her, but kept her own shut, almost falling asleep to Leonard Cohen's somber voice. When Mark, ten minutes later, announced that they had arrived, her eyes fluttered open, and saw Katya hastily slam some sort of book shut and shove it into her bag before thanking Mark and abruptly getting out of the car.

"Well. That was interesting", Mark concluded.

"What was?"

"The tension between you and your roommate."

"Okay well, that's my cue", she sighed. Mark chuckled at her and turned his head to face her.

"You know I'm only teasing, Trixie. Now go rule them halls diva."

"Oh god, you're so gay", she giggled, stepping out of the car and making her way inside of the school.

Once at her locker, she met up with Kim since both Adore and Pearl were in lessons.

"Girl you have to tell me everything!"

"There's really nothing interesting to mention, Kimberly."

"Bullshit Beatrice, and you know it! You're roommates with you're enemy for christ's sake!"

"Calm down, calm down. She's not my enemy, just a nuisance. But I will tell you, calm your tits."

"Go on then!"

"Well, not now obviously! I'll tell you tonight. You, me, Pearl, and Adore?"


Since Kim had a free period, Trixie decided to join her before her own class, and they went to the music room, where they often hung out and practiced. Trixie, singing, and Kim playing the piano.


Art class. 09:00. Katya's favorite class. She had grabbed her usual seat next to Violet, who had started early and was currently sketching an outline of a dress which she would give to Bianca to make for her. Katya kept looking between the door and Violet's garment, wondering when Trixie would enter.

09:05- Start of class, no sign of the barbie.

09:10- "I finished the dress! Should I add some glitter?". Still no Trixie.

09:15- "Okay class, today I would like you to choose an art style of your liking and produce a painting representing it." Where is she?

09:40- As the door burst open Trixie was faced with curious looks of her classmates and a disapproving one of her teacher. She looked around and found Katya, who was seemingly unbothered, as she was the only one who was not staring at the doll.

"God, I'm so sorry I'm late, I lost track of time I-"

"Take a seat, Ms. Mattel. Your painting will not be satisfactory, I presume, but get Katya to help you."

Katya let out a small, barely audible, giggle and looked up, smirking at Trixie. Most of the students had returned to their paintings, and the teacher stared at her with anticipation, so, she speedwalk to Katya's table and sat down swiftly.

"Look who decided to show up, huh детка? Did the principal really not scare you at all? Or are you deliberately trying to spend more time with me, ангел?"

"Oh shut up Katya, I got stuck in the music room. What are we doing?"

"You have to paint a painting in a style that you like, basically. I'm assuming you have a favorite style?"




"Now, now, barbie, don't get upset. I'm also assuming that you know how to paint?"

"God, you're a bitch. Yes, I know how to paint, thank you very much."

"Great, then don't disturb me. I'll be listening to my Alla Pugacheva."



The rest of the day passed by slowly, and the two girls avoided each other as much as they could, either arguing or ignoring each other during lessons. Besides this, however, there was an underlying tension between them, which they both would notice here and there. There would be a second of eye contact which would leave them both blushing. Holding in breaths as they felt the other one looking at them. Constantly thinking about how pretty the other one was, or how nice they smell.

It was electrifying.

And they both wanted more.

Chapter Text

"UNO! Yes! Pick up three more cards you whore!", Katya wheezed out in between laughs and high-fived Violet who held up her hand, chuckling along.

"You rotted, gutted, son of a bitch! That's not fair!"

"The world isn't fair mother!" Katya retorted in her Maureen voice, causing all three girls to laugh.

Quality time with Bianca and Violet was just what she needed after the hellish week spent alone with Trixie. Although the first two days were spent arguing, they had now entered a phase of ignoring each other, and pretending to live on their own. It was not very difficult at home, since Katya spent most days in her room painting and Trixie was out doing whatever she wanted and returning when Katya was "asleep". During school, they were forced to communicate when the teacher asked them to work in pairs since they were constantly sat together, but with Kim, Pearl, or Adore, to Trixie's right, and Violet to Katya's left, they never actually spoke unless the teacher walked past, leaving Katya to do whatever assigned task they had and Trixie doing nothing.

Katya, Violet, and Bianca had decided to have a night to relax and release the pent-up anger that Katya was holding in, in order for her not to have an outburst at the barbie. They had planned to stay away from any unnecessary distractions such as their phones and other devices and 'stay present' since Violet had taken an online course in "How to make your life better". After countless hours of teasing, Bianca and Katya had agreed and deep down they did think that the idea was clever.

Now, the three friends were sitting in a circle on the floor and playing UNO, countless other board games piled up beside them along with popcorn and soda in cups and bowls. Just as Bianca was about to play a new card, the door opened suddenly, startling the girls and causing them to turn toward it.

"No Kim I promise, it's gonna-", Trixie rambled as she stumbled through the door, Adore, Kim, and Pearl laughing behind her before abruptly stopping.

"Motherfucker", Katya mumbled, barely audibly, and stood up, swiftly walking toward the barbie and her friends who all had shocked expressions on their faces.

"Hello barbie, a pleasure to see you home before 3 am, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave since I'm having friends over", she explained with a sarcastic tone and jaw clenched in a fake smile.

"Ha ha ha, that's so funny considering I live here too and practically own the place. YOU should be the one leaving since I'M having my friends over today", Trixie responded with an unamused expression on her face, an air of confidence clouding around her.

"That's bullshit and you know it. I'm the one forced to live with you since you can't get your shit together so I should be the one with privileges. But, now, now, baby girl, let's not frighten our guests shall we. Welcome, everyone, let's make the most of this uncomfortable misunderstanding. Bianca, Violet, this is Kim, Adore, and Pearl. We're playing board games right now and ordering pizza later. If you want to join us, you're more than welcome to, but if you want to drink alcohol please do so in Trixie's room since two of us are alcoholics!"

There was a moment of silence before Adore enthusiastically said 'party', and ran over to introduce herself to Bianca and Violet after giving Katya a brief hug at the doorway, and everything resumed. Everyone was fine with playing games and decided on monopoly, and Trixie, who had been standing by the door the entire time excused herself to the bathroom but promised to join in a second.

Shutting the door behind her, Trixie took a few wobbly steps toward the sink and standing still, looking at the floor. For some reason, she felt a million feelings at once. She felt like laughing, kicking, screaming, dancing, puking. A whirlwind of emotion hit her at once and suddenly she felt dizzy and slid down onto the floor. Why did Katya have to be so friendly? Why did she have to be such a nice person? And why had Trixie decided to become her worst enemy? She felt her eyes begin to water and immediately wiped away the tears with her sleeves. Outside she could hear laughter and Russian music that had already been playing when she entered the apartment. A smile tugged at her lips at the thought of her and Katya's friend groups merging together before realizing that they were supposed to hate each other, and Trixie felt her eyes water again. With a small sigh, she decided to pull herself together and stood up, reapplying her thick eyeliner and mascara that had been slightly smudged.

As she opened the door she was met with applause and whistles causing her to bow through giggles. All of a sudden, the voice of Svetlana Loboda transitioned into the familiar sounds of Dolly Parton's 'Coat of Many Colors', making Trixie squeal with delight amongst the groans of the people around her.

"Katya, what is this music", Adore questioned whilst laying her head on Bianca's shoulder, making the older woman blush profusely before carefully placing an arm around the green-haired girl who looked up at her with a coy smile on her face.

"What? It's a nice song", Katya replied, shyly glancing over at Trixie who had a huge grin on her face that only grew as the Russian looked at her across the floor, any once of hostility long gone.

Why does she have to be so perfect?


Dolly Parton had been playing all night, and Katya looked adoringly at the barbie as she happily sang along. Kim, Pearl, and Violet had gone home since they all had assignments due the next day. Adore and Bianca had stayed and were lazily swaying around to Nancy Sinatra's 'Something Stupid' since Adore had requested a slow-dance, and Bianca after much persuasion had agreed. Katya was laying on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn watching Trixie playing with Tabitha.

"Who's the best little kitty in the world huh? You are!", the bombshell cooed at the cat making Katya release a small chuckle.

"I think she likes you more than me honestly", Katya said with a smirk causing Trixie to look at her with a bright smile.

"Well, I would like me better too! You never play with her Kats", Trixie replied before tensing at the nickname she called the Russian for the first time. Quickly, she resumed back to Tabitha as to not cause suspicion and avoided looking at Katya. However, Katya was beaming at the progress she was making with Trixie but took notice of the obvious tension the name had caused the barbie.

"I do play with her, but she enjoys cuddling more than anything. Who would have known, huh Trix? Me third-wheeling because of my daughter and classmate?"

"Okay, move, my baby and me, are gonna cuddle together on the couch", Trixie replied.

"No way! I was here first Trixabelle! But you're more than welcome to join me here", the Russian replied with a smirk and spreading out completely since she knew Trixie would never actually go through with it.

"Trixabelle? You're awful, Katya, and I hope you know just how much I and Tabitha hate you", she replied as she picked up Tabitha, cradling her like a baby, and walked up to the sofa.

"Scoot over then", she continued with a giggle, almost feeling drunk even though she had not had a sip of alcohol. Immediately Katya complied with a stunned expression on her face. Trixie laid down with Tabitha still in her arms and backed up slightly on the small area until Katya's body was pressed up against her back.

"This okay?", she asked in a barely audible whisper.

"Yeah, yeah, it's okay", Katya replied at the same volume. She laid completely frozen, baffled that her roommate was beside her, and refused to touch the doll without her permission. Trixie however, was having none of it and fumbled around blindly until she found Katya's arm and placed it gently on her waist, causing Katya to slightly nuzzle her face into the mountain of strawberry-scented, honey-blonde hair which was pooling in front of her. Trixie drew a sharp breath at the intimacy and held back a smile as her mind was going crazy at Katya's warm breath tickling her neck. She could hear Adore and Bianca giggling to themselves somewhere in the building, but paid them no mind.

At some point, she heard the front door close gently and made a mental note to tidy up the games and leftover pizza and soda. But as she laid next to Katya, nose nuzzled in Tabitha's soft fur, her eyelids fluttering shut, she decided that it could wait.

"Goodnight Kats", she whispered into the night.

"Goodnight Trixabelle", Katya whispered back, finding Trixie's hand and intertwining their fingers. Trixie smiled and was slowly transported into dreamland to the soft voice of Brenda Lee.

Chapter Text

Katya's insomnia had been a constant struggle throughout her life. Waking up in the middle of the night and giving up on trying to stay awake, playing podcast episode of some sort of murder mystery. Sometimes, when making art became a constant, time would become relative, leaving her with paint covering her hands at 6 am and deciding to just take a shower before starting her morning routine and going to school. 

Routine. Routines create consistency. Routines keep people from spiraling. During Katya's first meeting at rehab, everyone was asked to write down something that felt consistent to them. Something constant in their life that they could count on. The leader, Mrs. Davis, told the nervous crowd how their 'constant' would be something to grip on when they felt like they were drifting too far away. An anchor of sorts. Katya did not have a 'constant'. At first, she thought of lying and saying that her 'constant' was a pet, song, or a book that she enjoyed. "Hi everyone, I'm Katya and my constant is the book One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey", or "Hi everyone, I'm Yekaterina and my constant is the song Purple Rain by Prince". Stupid. Instead, Katya had written 'routine', in big bold letters, without any sort of elaboration on the subject. 

A routine was simple. Wake up, shower, go to school, come home, homework, dinner, bed. Katya's routine had become more and more complicated as she grew, and her days generally followed the pattern of yoga, shower, school, homework, read, paint, eat, and repeat. It was consistent. Constant. 

Beatrice Elizabeth Mattel must have been a miracle worker. As Katya woke up that morning after the friend gathering, arm wrapped around Trixie, she became fully aware of the fact that she had her ARM wrapped around TRIXIE. Carefully untangling her body from the doll's, she stepped away from the couch, terrified that the smallest noise would cause her to wake up and awkwardly pretend like nothing had happened, or even worse, kick Katya out. Katya was mad. Upset. Why did Trixie have the right to come into her life and ruin her routine? Why did she think she could make Katya feel this way and just pretend as though nothing had happened? But Katya was also ecstatic. Over the moon. Lovesick. Trixie had made her sleep. Trixie had held her hand and whispered goodnight to her. Maybe, for once, she would, in an hour or so, wake up and whisper a 'good morning'. 

Katya quietly made her way to the balcony to fetch her yoga mat, doing her basic stretches that took no longer than fifteen minutes. When she was done, she took the folded up easel standing outside and brought it in, placing it a few meters away from the couch where Trixie was still sleeping. Tabitha had at some point during the night escaped from the barbie's arms and now came trodding up to Katya who immediately picked her up and whispered a 'thank you' since the cat was the reason Trixie slept next to her after all. 

The Russian angled the easel with a fresh canvas on it in order to properly capture Trixie. Maybe it was weird. Maybe Trixie would find it creepy. But as Katya stood in front of the doll, early morning sunlight perfectly showcasing her features, there was no way in hell she could bypass the opportunity to make art out of a masterpiece. 

Her rosy cheeks adorned with freckles, honey-blonde hair cascading down to her slim waist, framing her chest perfectly, and her naturally pink lips slightly parted with soft snores escaping made Katya's heart beat faster. She could blame it on her love of art. She would blame it on the sudden change of her routine. She should blame it on the truth. Trixie.

At 10 am Katya applied the last few strokes of oil paint to her canvas. She had been up for four hours already and felt hunger taking over any other sense. Trixie was still asleep in the same position as when Katya started, only making hushed sounds once in a while in the form of soft sighs. The Russian made her way into the kitchen and began preparing some blueberry pancakes and coffee. It was a Saturday and Katya had no plans. Planning to relax was a foreign concept to her, as making time to do nothing felt unnatural and a waste of time. When the pancakes were finished she stacked a few on two plates and poured syrup on both along with some powdered sugar to top it off. She brought everything to the coffee table by Trixie and kneeled by the sofa so that she was on the same level as the doll.

"Hey, Trixabelle, wake up моя дорогая", Katya said, gently nudging the sleeping girl. She groaned slightly before pulling the blanket that the Russian had laid over her earlier that morning over her head, hiding from the harsh sunlight that beamed through the window. 

"It's almost eleven, babydoll, time for breakfast", Katya continued, slowly petting Trixie into consciousness. A wide open, honey-brown eye made its way out from under the covers, peeking up at Katya, who smiled warmly at the sight.


"Yes, princess, it's time to wake up Trixabelle, we have a long day ahead of us. I made you blueberry pancakes and coffee."

"With milk, sugar, and vanilla?", the doll asked, astonishment adorning her tone.

"With milk, sugar, and vanilla. C'mon, sit up, I need some space!"

Katya was practically beaming. Trixie had not woken up and sprinted into her room. She had not glared at Katya with terror. She had not awkwardly tried to go over yesterday's events. The doll swiftly sat up, and kept the blanket wrapped around her body tightly, shivering slightly since her pajamas for the night only was a plain tanktop and loose shorts, leaving her body freezing due to the cold autumn breeze that crept in through the slightly ajar balcony door Katya had left open to suit her own ideal temperature. The Russian must have noticed her discomfort, because she immediately made a beeline to her room and picked out an oversized hoodie for Trixie. 

"Here, Trixabelle, wear this, sorry for leaving the door open, I get really sweaty after yoga", she said awkwardly as she handed Trixie the clothing. The doll viewed the item with intensity, making Katya feel dizzy. It was a basic hoodie, not much to it. It definitely was not her style, a black base and a print of The Runaways, but as Trixie's smile grew as she ran a hand over the worn-out fabric, Katya was able to let out a breath that had gotten caught in her throat. The Russian sat down on the sofa, consciously leaving obvious space between them to not make the doll, who was busy pulling the hoodie over her head, uncomfortable. However, as Trixie reached over to grab the tv-remote, which was by Katya's side of the table, she sat down right next to the Russian, blushing as their thighs touched. 

"What do you wanna watch Kats?"

"Anything you want mon amour".



Trixie was convinced that Katya was otherworldly. Never had she met someone who with such ease was able to explain how to execute the quadratic formula or use cos, sine, and tan, so that she understood. But here she was, understanding. Their day had been extremely productive, and was filled with Katya's dumb jokes that Trixie could not help but laugh at, and nicknames here and their making the doll blush furiously, and having to excuse herself to the bathroom to calm herself so many times she was convinced that Katya thought she had a urinary infection. The hoodie Katya had lent her had stayed on all day, even after her morning shower, as if it was glued to her body, and Trixie could have sworn she saw Katya's smile grow when she realized. 

Now, Trixie was standing out on the balcony daydreaming whilst Katya made dinner for them both. The domesticity of it all made the barbie's heart flutter. If the world only could be so simple. If she could only hold, kiss, be with Katya. But it was not that easy. Trixie felt tears stinging her eyes, making her let out a low icy laugh at her stupidity. But as she walked back into the living room, something caught her eye.

Easel, canvas, painting. Trixie.

It was not her. It could not be. The girl on the painting looked like a goddess. She looked holy. Long, thick lashes on shut eyelids. Rosy, freckled, cheeks highlighted by sunlight. Honey-blonde, wavy hair that seemed to go on for days. But it is her. Her face, her body, her image. It was practically a photocopy. Trixie felt dumbfounded. Katya made this? Her Katya?

"Hey Trixabelle are you okay with a lot of garlic because I-"

Katya felt her body go numb. Somewhere distant she heard the garlic she was holding hit the floor with a loud thud. But she could only focus on Trixie. Trixie who had tears streaming down her face with her mouth agape. Trixie who was staring at a painting of herself. Katya immediately rushed over to the doll, removing the canvas from the easel which seemed to break the barbie's frozen state of shock.

"Trixie I'm so, so sorry, holy shit you weren't meant to see that I am SO sorry, I'll leave, I, you-"


They were both frozen. Trixie was still crying. Katya had just started. Fear. Unknowing. Regret. Until Katya was tackled to the floor by Trixie throwing her arms around the Russian. 

"I love it. I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love it Kats!", Trixie squealed through sniffles. 

"No Trixie, you don't understand, you HATE this. It's weird, it's creepy, and you hate me", Katya forced out through tears, lazily attempting to get out of the iron grip Trixie had around her, who was still chanting 'I love it'.

"No Kats", Trixie replied, making piercing eyecontact with Katya to make her understand that she was serious. 

"I love it. You painted me. You made me look like an angel. You made me look like a goddess", she continued with a bright smile.

"Trixie... I painted what I saw. Nothing more, nothing less", Katya finalized, making Trixie hug her harder than before.

"Okay Trixabelle I know you love it but if I don't get a decent amount of oxygen within the coming two seconds I will pass away. And the PASTA!"

"Sorry", Trixie responded with a giggle, unwillingly letting Katya go. 

"Thank you", she continued genuinely.

"You were already a masterpiece, Trixabelle".



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6 hours ago

Trixie was laying in her bed. There was a nagging thought in her brain telling her that she was missing someone beside her. She ignored it. Instead, she focused on the larger chunk of her head wondering if her recent Instagram post was too far. She was wearing Katya's shirt. Katya's shirt. 

"I should delete it, fuck", she whispered quietly to herself. It was 3 am. Katya was probably asleep. But she had been awake long enough to have seen the post. She probably thought it was weird and ugly. Just as she sat up and grabbed her phone, it dinged with a notification.

@katya_zamo has liked your post.
@katya_zamo has commented on your post: Masterpiece.

Tears were falling down her face. Why? Relief? Self-pity? Happiness? A combination? All Trixie knew was that she had to talk to someone. Someone who would understand. 

"Hello? Trixie it's like three in the morning", Kim answered after a few rings, sleep laced in her tone.

"I'm sorry Kim I just-"

"Are you crying? What's wrong Trix? Is Katya there to take care of you?".

That just made her cry harder. She clutched the Russian's hoodie tighter in her arms, inhaling her scent which had been made permanent on the fabric. Katya was so stupid for making her feel like this. So out of control. 

"I just- I'm sorry for calling Kim, I really just needed someone to talk to and you're the first person who came to mind and I-"

"No, Trix, shhhhh, it's okay honey. Explain what happened."

"Katya painted me today. Like on a canvas. She made me look like a goddess. She lent me her runaways hoodie. She made me blueberry pancakes and coffee how I like it. Let me be stupid when trying to teach me math. She made me dinner and watched three episodes of 90 days fiance with me while holding my hand. She's an idiot. I hate her so, so much. I hate that she makes me feel like this."

"I understand Trixie."

"I hate her stupid blonde hair and her stupid perfect teeth and red lipstick smile and her stupid flirting and her stupid blue eyes that make me want to stare into them for hours."

"Okay Trix-"

"And you know the most stupid fact? That she could so easily make me fall in love with her." Trixie was full on sobbing at this point, Katya's hoodie fully stained with tears. 

"I just want her to be mine, I just want her to want me, I just want her to hold me and hug me and love me and kiss me and want me."

"I know Trix, I know. I understand Trixie, I really do. When I first met Naomi we were the same way. She was the head tennis captain and I was a nerd who she liked to playfully pick on. One day when I was having a really bad day she came up to me and told me that I looked nice that day. It fully pushed me over the edge, because I thought that she was making fun of me. That day I wasn't wearing any makeup and I hardly looked like myself at all. Not to mention, I had spilt coffee all over my shirt. Anyways, I completely blew up at her, yelling at her for being such a bitch and so rude. God, Trix, I said a lot of hateful things to her. I exploded. When I was done, Naomi was completely shocked. Her jaw was down to the floor, and she was on the verge of tears. I thought it was unfair that she was hurt when she was the one who hurt me in the first place. I also thought that she was gonna yell back, hit me, punch me, anything. Instead, she just whispered 'I'm sorry, I really do think you look pretty today'. That struck me harder than anything else. The most beautiful woman I'd ever seen thought that I looked pretty without makeup and a stain on my shirt. And that's when I knew that I would fall in love with her." 

Trixie could hear the smile plastered on Kim's face through the phone. The doll's crying had stopped half-way through the story, and it felt good to listen. Listen to what love should feel like. Listen to what she was feeling. 

"Thank you, Kimberly."

"No problem, Beatrice. Now get some rest okay?"

"Okay, you too. I love you, and say hi to Naomi from me and tell her that I miss her."

"Of course Trix. I love you too."


Maybe love could be easy, after all.


Chapter Text

Trixie had hardly slept at all that night, instead opting to lay awake and overthinking. Kim had said that she acted the same way with Naomi as Trixie did with Katya. But Kim and Naomi are in love. They are girlfriends. It would be impossible for Katya and her to be the same as her friends because Trixie and Katya are not in love. Right? Right. There was one thought, however, that stuck out among the rest. The barbie had not been with anybody since she moved in with Katya a week ago. She had gone out to parties every single night but never had sex with anybody. Of course, boys hit on her and she playfully flirted back, but never had she gone this long without intimacy. There was not a reason. There is a reason. No, there was not a reason. She is- No. Trixie just wanted to try out being celibate for a while. After all, getting off on her own was still an option. An option that was used every opportunity she got. It was normally before school. Katya always left earlier because she usually walked, and also because she took Russian and French classes every morning. Sometimes, however, the urge to touch herself became too much. One day, for example, she had woken up early to go and drink some water when Katya came back from the gym. At that moment Trixie could have sworn that her heart stopped. Her roommate was wearing the tightest leggings and sports bra she had ever seen. The bra highlighted an indecent amount of cleavage and the sheer fabric clearly highlighted her nipples. Katya had yet to notice Trixie, and as she bent down to take off her shoes, the doll just about fainted at the sight of the Russian's ass. The cherry on top was the beads of sweat that trickled down her body, glistening in the sunlight shining in through the window. Katya had caught her staring, which in hindsight was not very strange considering she had been frozen for several minutes and given her a wink and smirk, causing the heat in Trixie's stomach to grow. She had immediately backed into her room and kept her hand clamped over her mouth to prevent Katya from hearing her as she rapidly pumped two fingers in and out of her to completion. Trixie had reasoned that her sudden need had been due to her lack of intimacy recently. Not Katya. Not at all. Katya had just conveniently been there and reminded her. But her roommate was not hot. And there was one main thought, which was circling in Trixie's head as she laid silently staring at the ceiling. 

Katya is a girl. A girl. What did that mean for Trixie? Is she a lesbian now? No. She could not be. Never ever had she been with a woman. That meant she was straight, right? Yeah. Right. Of course, she had thought about being with a girl a few times (many times) but so did everyone right? Not when you are about to go down on a boy. Shut up. No. Yes? At this point, Trixie did not really know. 

She did not have time to dwell any further, as her alarm rang suddenly making her jolt up. It was seven. Trixie was never up at seven, and especially not on a Sunday. But, nonetheless, she got out of bed and walked into the kitchen, not seeing Katya dishes anywhere, and understood that she was most likely at the gym or in her room painting, as she had noticed that her roommate woke up at around five every single day. 

As she studied the contents of the fridge she was unable to find anything adequate to cook with. She always used the term 'cook' lightly, since the closest Trixie came to cooking anything was making boxed mac and cheese or cups of noodles. Pulling out her phone, Trixie ordered an array of different foods from some local café on Postmates, making sure that both her and Katya would have enough to eat. She chose to not order coffee, since that would be too much of a waste of money, and besides: she preferred Katya's anyway.

Half an hour later Trixie timidly knocked on Katya's door since the food had arrived. She heard a loud noise and a 'fuck' suddenly making her jump up slightly, before the door swung open swiftly, catching the two girls equally off-guard. 

"Uh hi, Trixie", Katya started lacking her usual strong persona. 

"Hi... Listen sorry for... startling you? I just wanted to ask if you wanted to have breakfast together? I ordered from Postmates since I can't really cook but I get if that sounds spoiled or bratty- shit, I shouldn't have said anything I- sorry" Trixie rambled. Of course, Katya would not want to eat her rich-girl breakfast with her. Katya was practically a chef- would she think that Trixie was trying to buy a friendship?

"I- I'd love to eat breakfast with you", Katya replied shyly.


"Of course princess! Let me get dressed and I'll be out in a sec!"

And she was back. The self-confident, flirty personality with a new nickname for Trixie every other sentence she spoke. She had a presence. A presence that made Trixie hang on to every word she spoke. That made Trixie want to fall under her grace, and belong to the Russian.


"Hey Kats, we have to go grocery shopping. We have literally an apple and a broccoli sprout left."

"Of course babydoll, let's go!" Katya replied with a grin.

"You- you want to go together?" Trixie asked, dumbfounded, making her roommates smile quickly falter.

"Is that not what you meant? Sorry", she mumbled.

"NO! I mean no, I want to go together. Please", Trixie said shyly, making Katya smile wider than before.

"Let's go then!"


Somehow, and don't ask Trixie how because she did not know, Katya convinced her to take the bus to the grocery shop. Normally, she would have Mark pick her up, but for some reason, the Russian had insisted on taking public transport. 

"Katya I'm scared", Trixie whimpered after the bus ran over a large pot-hole, making the entire vehicle shake.

"Aw don't be scared, princess", Katya managed to coo out between giggles.

"I literally cannot believe that you've never been on a bus before", she continued.

"I have been on a bus before", Trixie replied with a pout. 

"I've just not been on one for a long time, that's all", she continued before squealing loudly as the bus shook violently again. Her outburst attracted a few glances from the other passengers, but Katya paid them no mind, instead, looking dumbfoundedly at Trixie who had buried her head in Katya's shoulder and tightly wrapped her arms around her in fear.

"You're such a baby", Katya sighed with fake annoyance as her smile tripled in size.


"Spinach, carrots, brussels sprouts-"

"NO! No brussels sprouts Katya, I don't like them!"

"Brussels sprouts are very good for you, baby, so we're getting them"

"But Katyaaaaa", Trixie said with a whine.

"Sorry princess, one of the recipes calls for them!"

"Fine, but you have to get me candy!"

"Ugh, sure, what do you want."

"Twizzlers", Trixie exclaimed loudly, not caring about the other shoppers, and jumped into the shopping cart Katya was pushing around, settling down. She was wearing a baby pink dress with small white hearts all over it which almost left nothing to the imagination. The barbie was sure that the outfit was inappropriate for the store, but the way Katya's eyes roamed her body as the garment slightly rode up her leg made it worth it. 

"Hey Kats, can we study maths later? My test is tomorrow", she said, causally twirling a blonde lock around her fingers.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, sure", she choked out, looking anywhere other than into Trixie's knowing eyes.


Katya had been helping Trixie study for hours before deciding to retire back to their respective bedrooms. It was currently three am, and Katya was awake writing in her journal that she had started to keep a few days ago since her therapist recommended it. Her music was on loud in her headphones, making her unaware of the knocking on her door. However, as it suddenly opened, she let out a small scream at the shock, before calming herself, seeing her roommate in the doorway.

"Jesus Christ Trixie, you scared me half to death!"

"Kats?", she whispered under her breath before letting out a sniffle.

"Oh, baby girl what happened", Katya questioned, getting out of her bed and opening the door to see the barbie better. Her duvet was wrapped around her tightly, and it seemed as though she was clutching onto it for dear life.

"I had a bad dream", she whispered, tears filling her eyes.

"Oh, princess", Katya replied, immediately hugging the doll tightly, whose sobs grew louder. 

"Can I-", Trixie started, after a while, before stopping abruptly.

"Do you want to sleep in here angel?" 

"Yes please", Trixie replied with a small smile.

"C'mon then Trixabelle. Let's get you to bed."

Katya helped Trixie into her bed, before rummaging in her closet to take out a mattress that she used when she had guests over. Trixie, who had been observing her the entire time, had a frown on her face when she turned around to check on her.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm getting a mattress for myself?"



"I want you in here with me please. Please?", Trixie whispered, doubt evident in her tone. Katya stopped what she was doing and walked over to the doll, climbing into bed so that she was facing her. Trixie tangled their limbs together with a smile on her face, giggling like a child, before being cut off by a heavy yawn.

"Go to bed now okay baby? I'll be right here."

"Okay. Why weren't you sleeping Kats", Trixie asked with sleepiness laced in her tone.

"I have insomnia. I never really sleep", she replied with a half-hearted smile.

"No. I make you sleep. You sleep with me okay?" Trixie slurred, falling in and out of consciousness.

"Okay then princess", Katya replied, laughing slightly before kissing Trixie on her forehead.

"Goodnight my angel."

In the morning, they might have considered this a one-time occurrence. A disrupting in their otherwise clear routine. Katya did not know. All she knew was that she slept better than she ever had, that night.


Chapter Text

"KATYA, KATYA, KATYA! Come quick!"

Katya immediately grabbed her old softball bat and ran into the living room as fast as she could.

"WHAT, WHAT", she screamed at the same level as Trixie who was calmly sitting on the sofa with her computer on her lap, looking up at the Russian shocked.

"Why do you have a bat?"

"What do you mean? I needed a weapon to protect you from danger since you yelled at me to come"

"Oh...", Trixie replied, blushing viciously as she looked down shyly.

"Fuck, princess, you scared me."

"I'm sorry", Trixie replied with a pout before smiling widely.

"I got a 98% on my maths test", she squealed, jumping off from the sofa and into Katya's arms who also squealed, easily as delighted.

"Holy shit baby, that's amazing", she said, wrapping her arms tightly around Trixie, who buried her head in her neck.

"I couldn't have done it without you Kats!"

"Okay, we need to celebrate! Let's go out to dinner tonight?"

"YES! Can we have sushi?"

"Of course we can baby girl!"

No one could have predicted Trixie's next move. Not Trixie, not her friends, or family. Least of all Katya. In her sudden excitement, she pulled the Russian in close, crashing her lips against her own. It only lasted around two seconds, but the damage had been done. She pulled away quickly and backed away from Katya. She could hear Katya saying her name, but she felt numb. She had messed up the one good thing she had, as per usual. So she did what she does best. As the doll's back hit the door, she turned around slowly, opened it, and ran away. 


Katya was worried sick. She had not heard from Trixie for five days, and she had no idea if the doll was alive or dead. Of course, the Russian had tried to reach her roommate. God, did she try. 56 calls, 89, messages, but to no avail. Her roommate ignored her. She was hopeless. Trixie had not gone to school the past few days, making everything even worse. It was as though she had completely vanished. Gone off the grid. 

Katya was not doing well. She had not slept at all, and most of her days were spent worrying or crying. Violet was scared to death. Of course, she was. Katya is her best friend, and now she was seeing her in a state that she had only seen the weeks before going to rehab. Katya was not on drugs. She had not had alcohol. But she also knew that if another day passes without any confirmation about the barbie's whereabouts, Katya would be in the sewers. She kept her therapist on speed-dial, in case she felt like breaking, making her disappointed in her own self-confidence. But it was for the best. 

"ADORE, Adore", Katya exclaimed as she saw a flash of green hair in the corridor. The head quickly whipped around and saw a hurried Katya rushing toward her. 

"Hey...", she replied, with a half-hearted smile. She tried not to pity the Russian, but it was difficult. 

"Please, PLEASE, let me see Trixie, let me know that she's okay, let me talk to her, please Adore", Katya said, already on the verge of tears. Today was the first day any of Trixie's friends had been in school, having stayed home with her the past few days to take care of her. 

"I-", she began. As Katya's tears became a freefall, she knew that she could not deny her.

"Okay", she continued. "I'll take you today after school". Katya hugged the green-haired girl tightly and whispered in her ear.

"I'll give you B's number", which caused Adore to squeal with happiness and jumped up and down since she had not talked to Bianca since the friend gathering because she was too afraid to ask for her number before.


"Kim, I'm home", Adore said as she stepped through the door of Kim's dorm. Her own had been occupied by her old roommate who had somehow convinced her to move out so that four of her friends could move in. When asked why she agreed, Adore blamed it on being a libra.

"Oh great, Tri- Katya? What is she doing here?"

"Please Kim, please let me see her, I have not slept in five days since I've been worrying about her. I just want to talk to her, and tell her that everything will be okay."

"I- Okay then. Wait here", Kim replied with a sigh, before going into a bedroom that Katya could only assume was being occupied by Trixie.

"She does not want to talk, but she'll listen", Kim explained when she came out, two minutes later.

"Okay, okay, thank you so much."

Katya walked over to the door, knocking lightly, but getting no response. She knocks on the door a few more times before giving up and leaning on it on her back and sliding down it. On the other side, Trixie sat frozen. Her tear-stained cheek against the door, waiting for something to happen.

"Please just confirm that you're listening, I'm going to talk a lot".

"I'm listening", Trixie replied quietly, making Katya let out a relieved sigh.

"Okay, Beatrice. Let's talk. I am upset. Not because you kissed me, but because you kissed me and ran away. For god's sake, princess did you not think I was going to enjoy it? I have flirted with you since the moment I met you. I cook you dinner every time your home, I wake you up with coffee in the mornings, I help you with your homework, I let you sleep next to me, hell, I even painted a goddamn painting of you while sleeping! Do you think I would do that to someone I did not like? No. You don't even know how many times I tried to gather up the courage to ask you out. To kiss you. And baby I know. I know it's scary. I'm not better than this than you are. Hell, I have so much luggage that I'm carrying around just waiting, waiting, for me to go cooky again so that it can unload. And I know I'm not what you deserve. You deserve the fucking world, Beatrice. And I know that we've been through ups and downs. And I know that you and I might not be compatible at all."

Katya could hear a loud sob on the other end of the door and her own eyes water. Every brain cell in her brain told her that what she was doing was bad. Her throat clogged up in an attempt to stop her. But she could not.

"But despite all of that, I could see myself falling in love with you someday. And if you let me try, I promise I'll try my hardest to make you the happiest little princess in the entire world. Barbie, isn't it funny? Only a few weeks ago we were at each other's throats constantly. And now we're here. Sitting on the floor of your best friend's dorm wondering where on earth do we go from here? Life finds a way", she said in her Maureen voice, making herself chuckle lightly. 

"Anyways babydoll. I understand if I've said too much. I know I have. And I completely understand if you never want to talk to me again. I'll move out, don't worry. But I really, really, want you to come home tonight. It's terrible without you there. You know, I've become so accustomed to making you dinner that every meal I've eaten so far I've made a portion too much", she continued, smiling slightly, before sighing and standing up. 

"I'll leave Trixabelle. Please come home, baby, I miss your presence", Katya said before walking out of the apartment, avoiding the eyes of Kim, Adore, and Naomi.



Trixie did not go home that night.



Chapter Text

Deep breaths. In for four seconds, hold for seven, exhale for eight. Trixie repeated the motions, preparing herself for whatever she was about to walk in on. She was standing in front of her apartment for the first time in a week. 

24 hours ago. That's how long ago Katya talked to her. Told her that she felt everything Trixie did. Spoke the words she had run from. 

"I could see myself falling in love with you someday."

Trixie's eyes watered at the memory but wiped the tears away with her sweater. Deep breaths, deep breaths. The doll did not know what to expect. She had not gone home last night. She had been too much of a coward. No, Trixie. No, she needed time to... process. yes, process. Trixie had always been dramatic. Ever since she was a child: only singing songs that involved heartbreak and always causing a scene when she did not get a barbie doll she wanted. Why was she so scared of this? She wants KatyaAnd Katya wants her. Wanted. Trixie would be stupid to think that the Russian would still like her after all this. 

God this is stupid. What the fuck happened to "I'm such a slut and no one can shake my confidence". Well, Katya can. In four, hold seven, out eight. Her hand had been hovering above the doorknob, terrified of moving and making Katya hear her. 

"And now we're here. Sitting on the floor of your best friend's dorm wondering where on earth do we go from here?"

What would happen now? Even if Katya did forgive her, would they be a couple now? Would they go on dates? Kiss randomly? Stay up until three am watching cheesy romcoms and making each other laugh until their stomachs hurt? Surely not. Katya would find someone else. Someone better than Trixie. Someone with parents that loved them unconditionally. Someone who did not use money as a solution to everything or runs from their problems. Katya would find someone perfect for her. Someone who will wake up early with her and do yoga. Someone who will make her dinner. Someone better than Trixie.

Bite the bullet, Beatrice. And so she did.


Katya was drained. She was running on no sleep, was dehydrated, and hungry. She was tired. Of course, coffee had crossed her mind many times, but every time she went to make some, all she could think about were vanilla lattes. Trixie. Her beautiful, wonderful, Trixie. Her perfect little princess. Except, she was not hers, and she never will be. Her doll had not come home last night. She left Katya with a broken heart. An icy laugh escaped before she could stop it. Jesus Christ. How can someone, someone who is not and never will be your girlfriend, leave you so broken? It was pathetic, really. 

Her phone rings and she turned it over and shuts it off. She had been receiving calls and messages from Violet and Bianca all day. Even some from Adore. Katya had not shown up to school today, which was probably for the best. Instead, she laid in her room with curtains drawn, watching the ceiling fan go around, round, round. It made her dizzy. Pathetic. She felt her breathing begin to quicken its pace, and she sat up in her bed, taking deep breaths. In for four seconds, hold for seven, exhale for eight. She repeated the motion, and soon her breathing was back to normal. 

"I want you all to write down a constant". 

Crying, Katya thought to herself, making her release a shallow chuckle. Tears had been pouring down her face every single second since she left Kim's dorm.

God this is stupid. What the fuck happened to "I'm a person who could not care less about what other people think of me, and no one can make me an emotional mess". Well, Trixie can. 

She glanced down from her ceiling to her bedside table, where her sketchbook lay with a drawing of Trixie. Desperate. A small meow broke her from her stream of consciousness, making her smile slightly. Tabitha jumped up on her bed and gently ran her paw over Katya's arm, something she always did when she was hungry.

"C'mon kitten, let's get you something to eat shall we?"

She picked up the cat, making her way into the kitchen. There were leftover dishes that Katya had not been bothered to deal with and so much food in the fridge that Katya thought she could start a restaurant or something.

"Katya's cafe. No that's dumb, wait. Tabitha's? No, tiny hands? Perhaps. Maybe something Russian, borscht? Go French and call it petit-dejeuner? This is difficult, huh Tabi-"

The door opened, startling both Katya and Tabitha. There she was. Trixie. Her Trixie.


"Why are you here, Beatrice? Because I need to know if I should pack or not", Katya said cooly. Trixie gulped and stayed in the doorway.

"I- I came to apologize."

"For what?"

"Running away. Not coming home."

"Did you think about what I said? About me liking the kiss? About me thinking I could fall in love with you", Katya questioned, slowly inching towards Trixie.

"I did", the doll replied, hesitantly. 

"And?", Katya said, holding in a breath.

Bite the bullet, Beatrice.

"I don't think I can fall in love with you. I know I can", Trixie whispered. Katya felt her heart stop. Trixie felt her heart beat faster.


"Yes Kats", she replied shyly, and she swears she sees Katya's heart physically skip a beat, before falling to the floor because of Katya's body lunging at her. Both of the girls were crying and hugging each other tightly. 

"Katya", Trixie whispered, her voice coming out even more muffled since her head was nuzzled in the Russian's neck.

"Yes princess", Katya replied, lifting the doll's chin to see her better. Trixie gave her a shy smile and Katya grinned back.

"Can I maybe kiss you for real?"

"Do you promise to not run away?"

"I promise", she stated clearly and leaned in.

Now, Trixie had kissed many people in her life. Boys, girls, and anything in between. A lot of them were good in theory, but none of them felt good. When she kissed boys she was not really into it. When she kissed girls, it was usually a dare, and she was almost black-out drunk. Kissing Katya was completely different. As cheesy as it sounds, it was as though their lips fit together like puzzle pieces. They did not need to be extra rough or extra sloppy, overcompensating for a lack of intimacy. No, with Katya, she felt the passion. It was gentle, soft, and kind. There was no malice in the way their lips moved together. It was perfect.

When the two moved away from each other, with wide smiles on their faces, they giggled like children. Trixie's mascara was smudged from tears, and Katya's cheeks were soaked. 

"God, we look a mess don't we babydoll."

"We sure do, Kats."


Their day was spent tidying up the apartment, blushing every time they made eye contact, and stealing small kisses here and there. Katya felt like a fourteen-year-old with a crush, but there was no denying that she loved the feeling. The Russian bought Trixie sushi, as they missed the opportunity to eat it as a celebration the day of Trixie's maths test. 

"This will be our food, Kats", Trixie grinned, mouth full of rice.

"Our food? I like the sound of that. Our. Yeah. Oh, we have to have a song too!"

"We do, silly!"


"Yes! Coat of Many Colors by Dolly!"

"Oh absolutely not. Our song will not be by Dolly Parton."

"But Katyaaaa! That's the song you put on after I cried in the bathroom during our friend gathering!"

"Oh right! I almost forgot about that!"

"No you didn't", Trixie said, taking ahold of Katya's hand.

"No I didn't", Katya replied with a smile.


"Hey princess?"

They were lying together on the sofa, holding each other close whilst watching Clueless.


"What are we", Katya questioned hesitantly. Trixie's eyes widened for a moment before muting the TV and keeping her focus on Katya. 

"I don't want to be your girlfriend. Not yet. I want you to ask me properly. When you feel like there's no going back. When you feel like you love me if you ever do. Not today, baby. I mean, this is so so new, and I'm completely new to the idea of being with someone. But I want to be with you, trust me, I do. But I also want to be with you long-term. And for that to happen I need time to know that it will work. But I don't want to be with anyone else but you, Katya."

Trixie was scared. Of course, she was. She just told Katya to basically wait for her to be ready. That could take weeks, months, maybe even years. She was being selfish. But as she looked at Katya again, who had a wide smile on her face, she felt a flood of relief.

"That's exactly how I feel, barbie. Let's take it slow. I do, however, want to ask you something important. Do you want to go out with me on Friday? Like on a date?"

"You want to take me on a date? YES! YES, of course, I want to Kats!"

"Oh, thank god, I was scared you would say no".

"Aw, baby", she gently cooed. "But why Friday and not earlier? I want to go nowwww!"

"Well, Trixabelle, that's because we have studying to do! You missed a week of school, baby doll, and I'm not getting paid to sit around and stare at your beautiful face all day."

"Oh... Oh yeah, you're getting paid to be with me", Trixie said quietly as she tensed up in Katya's arms.

"No, baby. I'm getting paid to tutor you. Listen, if I wanted money I'd go work at TJ Max. I want to be with you because I want to make you my girlfriend one day. And even if you decide that you want to 'fire' me as your tutor, I'll still help you, baby."


"Because I care about you. And you deserve the world", Katya replied genuinely, without hesitation.

"Can I sleep in your room tonight?" 

"You can sleep in my room any night, barbie."


Chapter Text

Trixie and Katya had been following the same routine every day in preparation for their date. Waking up together in Katya's bed, eating breakfast and drinking coffee, being driven to school by Mark, studying in the library for several hours before going home, and cuddling on the couch whilst watching a movie and eating dinner. Obviously, they spent time apart. Katya painting and Trixie strumming on her guitar or playing Mario Cart. Coincidentally, however, they spent that time apart in the same room. 

The shift from hating each other to stealing small kisses and shy giggles almost gave the girls whiplash, but, nonetheless, they still ended up entangled together in Katya's bed at the end of the night. 

"Good morning, princess, time to wake up darling", she whispered, nudging Trixie slightly. When Trixie instead hid her face below Katya's duvet and groaned something along the line of 'five more minutes', making the Russian try again.

"I've got your latte, my love. Today's the day! Aren't you excited?", she asked, making Trixie immediately jump up making Katya so startled that she fell back, spilling a bit of the coffee on the floor. 

"Oh, Kats, I have to get ready! How long do I have? Oh my god, I have so much to do, so much to do Katya, I don't have time!", she exclaimed frantically, making the Russian wheeze with laughter. 

"What, what! Why are you laughing at me?"

"Trixabelle it's only seven am babydoll! Take things one step at a time, darling. First breakfast, I made you pancakes, and then school, okay? Our date begins at six so you'll have three hours to get ready."

"You're so sweet Katya. You're one of the best people ever, baby", she said genuinely, pulling the Russian in for a kiss before pulling away with a lovesick smile.

"Coffee time!"


"So are you two excited?", Mark asked as he drove the two girls home from school. Trixie had been talking about the date all week after privately letting him know that she thought she might be a lesbian. She was unreasonably nervous to come out to him even though he was the gayest person she's ever met. Nonetheless, she did and Mark was really excited since he thought she was too good for the men she was with anyway.

"YES! Maaarrkkkk help me interrogate Katyaaaa she's refusing to tell me anything about the dateeee", Trixie whined, making the other two laugh.

"Sorry barbie, no hints!"

When they arrived home a few minutes later, Trixie scrambled out of the car and ran up to the apartment, and jumped in the shower. When Katya entered, a few minutes later, having taken way longer, she was greeted with Tabitha, a strong strawberry scent, and Trixie's muffled singing. The domesticity of it all made Trixie break out into a large smile and got into the shower herself.


At 17:46 Trixie still was not finished. Katya had been done for around two hours and was now reading Ariel by Sylvia Plath. She had opted to wear a black lace bra underneath a sheer black blouse which highlighted a decent amount of cleavage. She had paired them with tight, black jeans which sat perfectly on her ass. Her usual smoky eyeshadow had been amped up with dark blue glitter making her eye color stand out even more than usual. Her patience was running out and she was just about to call on Trixie for the millionth time when the doll emerged from her room, making Katya's jaw drop. She was wearing a white dress with a sweetheart neckline, adorned with light purple flowers and a long slit up to her thigh, making Katya's mouth water. Her makeup was her usual bold eye and lip, but she looked classier than usual. She looked like a princess. Trixie stood nervously in the doorway, obviously awaiting a response from Katya who noticed this and choked out some sort of statement.

"I- uh, fuck Trixie, I- you- gorgeous, you gorgeous, I- fuck", she said, making Trixie screech with laughter and walk up to the flustered Russian, running her hands up and down her toned abdomen.

"You look so fucking hot Katya, holy shit. Are you trying to kill me with this cleavage?", she asked, giggling as Katya blushed further. 

"I- um, let's go!", she exclaimed, dragging Trixie out the door who barely managed to fetch her coat on the way out.


They had been walking for a little over an hour at this point making Trixie thank her past self for deciding on sneakers. Katya had taken them to central park where they went for a stroll talking about anything and everything, and those moments of admiration for nature which were filled with silence were never uncomfortable. The best part about the date was the fact that Trixie knew that if Katya was anyone else, even Adore, Kim, or Pearl, she would have left a long time ago. But the Russian was special, and she took every opportunity to make Trixie laugh and feel loved. 

"Wait, Trixabelle! Stop right there, let me take a photo of you baby", Katya said suddenly. Trixie had expected her to take a few shots on her phone, but the Russian fully whipped out a polaroid camera from her backpack (that Trixie had told her she did not need but she had insisted).

"Oh god, Katya! You're so ridiculous!"

"No, princess, I'm being smart. If the FBI decides to hack into all of our phones one day and delete all of my pictures I'll have at least one image to remember this day with, now smile!"

After the picture was taken Katya wanted one of the two of them, and asked a girl who she recognized from school to take it for them.

"Hey, sorry, you're Brianna, right?"

"Uh yeah? Who are you? Oh wait, I've got it, um Katya?"

"Yes! We're in the same art class!"

"Hey Cracker, Monét's here we- oh", a distant voice shouted before running up to the two girls.

"Oh, I know you! You're Katya! I'm Bob and the fatass coming now is Monét. I thought you were harassing poor Bri Bri for a second", she said making Brianna blush furiously and hug the larger girl.

"Oh, no, I was just asking if she could take a picture of me and Trixabelle over there", she said, gesturing toward the barbie who gave a small wave and began walking towards them.

"Oh shit, Trixie Mattel, what a surprise!" Bob exclaimed, earning a quick jab from Monét's elbow.

"Uh, yeah, heh, that's me."

"You to know each other?", Katya asked dumbfoundedly, only getting a headshake from both parties in return.

"No, no, but she is the most popular girl in school. Everyone knows her. But not you two together?"

"We're on a date", Trixie said proudly, without an ounce of discomfort. Katya's eyes widened for a moment before turning to her with a shit-eating grin.

"Oh my god that's so cute!", Brianna exclaimed lifting her head from Bob's body. 

"Okay, let me take the picture!", she continued, making grabby hands towards the camera which Katya immediately handed to her.

"Say cheese!"

They thanked Brianna and followed each other on Instagram and promised to post the polaroid, which Katya did. They parted ways and Trixie followed the Russian to a small hot chocolate stand where they ordered a hot chocolate each and sat down on a bench nearby where they could see the sunset. Trixie laid her head on Katya's shoulder and felt the warmth of the hot chocolate and the Russian's body spread throughout her body.


"Yes, princess?"

"Thank you for this. No one has ever taken me on a date before", Trixie said, barely louder than a whisper making Katya whip her head towards the doll. 

"Are you serious? Why baby?"

"I don't really know", she replied with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "All I know is that I'm here with you now, on the best date of my entire life, wondering how I got so damn lucky". 

"Oh my pretty little princess", she said, pulling the doll in closer towards her body. "Я люблю вас", she continued. It was too early to say in English, but she supposed that it was just the right time in Russian. Trixie did not question it, just leaning up to give Katya a kiss.


The rest of the date was spent at a small 60's inspired diner that Trixie was instantly obsessed with. They ate burgers and shakes, and Trixie put on Dusty Springfield's You Don't Have to Say You Love Me on the jukebox which they coincidentally had, and got annoyed glares from the staff and guests as they danced together, laughing loudly the entire time. There was an underlying tension which they both felt. It was increased with every inappropriate joke told and every time their bodies touched. They both felt in love.


As soon as Trixie closed the door Katya pushed her up against the wall. Trixie leaned in to close the gap between their lips but Katya stopped her, pulling back with a smirk, and putting the doll's arms above her head on the wall. She attempted to kiss Katya again, but the Russian only gave her a patronizing smile making Trixie roll her eyes.

"I don't think this is the right time to roll your eyes at me, princess, considering I decide if I'll let you cum today", making Trixie huff in annoyance.

"Blah blah blah. I decide if I'll let you cum today. Whatever", Trixie said mockingly, which she instantly regretted, seeing Katya's eyes immediately go dark with lust and bringing one of her hands to the barbie's throat and squeezing tightly, but avoiding her windpipe. She leaned in close, attaching her lips to Trixie's ear. 

"You're a fucking brat aren't you, barbie. Treated like a princess fucked like a whore, isn't that right, huh", Katya questioned, sucking harshly on Trixie's neck. She was panting rapidly, and let out a light moan, making Katya smirk. The doll's panties were completely drenched, to the point of embarrassment, and she knew that the Russian would tease her relentlessly about it once she found out.

"Please, please, Katya! I'll be a really good girl, I'll promise."

"Oh so now we're begging for what we want instead of being a brat about it", she retorted with a smirk. "Such a pretty little slut aren't you, Beatrice", she continued, making Trixie moan pathetically loud. 

"You like that, don't you Trixabelle. You like being called a slut and a whore?", she said, leaving sloppy kisses along Trixie's jawline, who was too far gone to properly respond. Katya, however, was having none of it, and left Trixie's body completely, making the doll slide down to the floor, and hitting it limply. The Russian let out an icy laugh and kneeled down to meet Trixie, and tilted her chin up using her pointer finger. The barbie looked completely fucked out already, hardly being touched at all.

"I asked you a question, princess. I need to know what you like in order for me to treat you right, okay baby?", she asked in a much softer tone, which caused Trixie's eyes to water. Katya noticed this and her eyes immediately widened, sitting down next to Trixie and pulling her up into her lap.

"Shhhh, baby girl, it's okay, it's okay, I've got you. Why are you crying, princess?"

"You really care about me don't you", she questioned her partner with a slight sniffle, as she straddled her and buried her face in the crook of Katya's neck.

"Of course baby! I want to make you feel good Trixabelle. That's all I've ever wanted", she replied, lifting the doll's head and pulling her in for a light kiss before wiping her tears away with her thumbs. 

"What do you want baby? We don't have to do this now, just so you know. It's completely up to you, we can wait."

"NO, no, I want this, please. I- I really like when you took charge. It made me feel really, really, good. I love it when you call me princess and tell me that I'm a good girl, but I also want you to treat me like a whore. Call me a slut, spank me, and when you choked me, that felt really good", she replied hazily. Katya could feel Trixie's wetness through her soaked panties, making her bite her lip. The girl in her lap really was the most amazing person she had ever met, and she counted her lucky stars every single day because of it.

"So you like it rough, huh, you naughty little girl".

Trixie smashed their lips together in a rough collision making them both groan. She attempted to put up a fight but eventually letting Katya win dominance as her tongue invaded Trixie's mouth greedily. After a minute or so, they pulled away, catching their breaths as they both panted.

"Take me to you're room Katya, I need you to fuck me literally right this second."

"Such a demanding little slut", Katya mocked, but stood up and immediately dragged Trixie to her room, pushing her down onto her bed. 

She laid there, writhing in Katya's cool satin sheets, lipstick marks all over her face and collar bones, and the Russian thought it was the most amazing scene she's ever seen. Trixie was growing impatient, whining loudly for Katya to do something as she ran her hands along her body, over her dress. 

"Trixie, Trixie, Trixie. God, you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my entire life. Mon Dieu, chaton. Je t'aime, mon amour. Can- would it be okay if I took a picture of you?", she asked hesitantly, partly due to not having ever done anything like this with Trixie before, and partly due to hoping that Trixie did not know enough french to understand her spontaneous love confession. 

"Yeah, yes please, I want to see myself please", she responded pleadingly. Katya had to fuck her right this instant or else she would explode. The Russian took out her polaroid camera and sat adjusted the lighting before snapping a picture of Trixie. The flash blinded her slightly in her hazy state, but she quickly recovered and returned her focus back to Katya, who set the camera down and began to slowly crawl towards her on the bed before stopping abruptly and sitting up on her knees, looking at Trixie.

"Take off your dress princess. Let me see you", Katya demanded, making Trixie jolt up and pull the garment over her head so quickly that it almost made her dizzy. She was wearing a lacy, lilac lingerie set with small embroidered hearts in the fabric letting Katya know how expensive it was. 

"My beautiful baby doll. You really are a goddess, aren't you", she teased, running her hands over Trixie's naked body down to the waistband of her panties which Katya pulled on before letting it go, making it snap harshly on Trixie's hip, causing her to whimper.

"Katya, enough teasing! Please, please make me feel good, mama, I've wanted you to for so long!"

The Russian's jaw instantly dropped at the doll's nickname and felt the heat grow under her tight jeans which she was still wearing. Immediately, she pulled off her blouse and pants, making Trixie moan at the sight of her.

"Mama, huh, Trix? Is that what you want to call me, baby? Want mama to take good care of you", she questioned with a patronizing smirk. Trixie's wetness was seeping out from her panties and onto the sheets making her more and more flustered.

"Katya I swear to fucking god if you don't touch me right this instant I-", she began, but cut herself off with a moan as Katya's fingers found themselves on the soaked fabric of Trixie's panties. With her other hand, she unfastened the doll's bra with her permission and quickly latched onto one of her nipples with her mouth, running her tongue over the bud and occasionally biting down gently, making Trixie whimper and her eyes roll back. Gradually, Katya made her way down her body, leaving marks here and there until she reached Trixie's panties, which she pulled off and was met with her glistening pussy. 

"Mama, please! Take care of me!"

"Shhhh, princess. What do you want? Fingers?", Katya questioned making Trixie rapidly nod before verbalizing her answer:

"Two fingers and your tongue please, mama."

Katya ran her fingers up and down Trixie's fold gathering her wetness before teasing her hole with her two fingers. The doll moaned her name loudly, making Katya give in and slowly push her digits inside of the barbie and attaching her mouth to her clit, switching between giving small licks and sucking harshly. Her fingers sped up and she angled them, repeatedly hitting Trixie's g-spot.

"Oh, mmm, fuck, yeah, mama I'm gonna cum, please may I?"

"Such a good little whore, asking mama for permission to cum, huh slut. Pretty little whore", she said, pumping her fingers in and out so roughly that Trixie's boobs were bouncing erratically. 

"Yes, I'm your whore, I'm yours, please can I cum, I have to please", she shouted desperately, gripping the sheets so hard her knuckles were turning white.

"Cum, princess, come for me baby", she responded, and instantly Trixie came, arching her back off of the bed and moaning sporadically. Katya guided her through her orgasm before pulling her fingers out of the doll and laying beside her on the bed. They both understood that Trixie was too far gone to take care of Katya, so she lazily rubbed circles into her clit whilst the doll gave her kisses along her neck, which made her achieve orgasm after less than a minute due to how turned on she had gotten from watching Trixie. 

When finished, she helped Trixie to the shower, lathering her body with Katya's cherry-scented body wash before gently setting her on the counter and wiping off her makeup. As Katya changed her sheets Trixie stayed still, brushing her teeth before jumping down from the counter and crashing into Katya's bed and almost falling asleep. Katya, however, took longer getting ready, locking the front door, and turning off all of the lights of her apartment before filling up a water bottle.

"Hey princess", she whispered, gently nudging Trixie into consciousness.

"I know you're tired baby, but drink some water first before you go to bed, okay?"

"Mhmm", Trixie responded in a daze, taking small gulps of the water before opening her arms wide and scooting over in the bed and patting the space beside her.

"Come here Kats", she demanded and Katya obliged, laying down next to her and running her hands through Trixie's hair. 

"Taking it slow, huh?"

"Shut up", she replied with a giggle.

"I don't regret it though."

"Me neither."

"Goodnight, princess."

"Goodnight, mama."


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@trixiemattel: I really REALLY like you dumbass

10 hours ago


Chapter Text

Everything had been great since their date. They were still taking it slow but had gone on plenty of dates since then, and were both extremely happy. Trixie had managed (with Katya's help, of course) to raise her grades and was thriving in school and enjoying life. They both had not been with anyone else since then even though they were not official. Although they had not talked about it, neither of them wanted to be with anyone else. Everything was going great. But as always:

It was the calm before the storm. 

On Monday morning, five weeks after Trixie and Katya's date, they arrived at school separately, since the Russian had French class before their classes. When Trixie arrived she walked with a smile on her face which she had had since she and Katya started going out. However, it quickly faded as she saw the students in the hallway staring at her strangely. It was a combination between pity, horror, and disgust, and Trixie rushed to her locker where her friends were waiting for her.

"Hey, guys, what the hell is going on? Everyone is looking at me strangely", she stated with a nervous chuckle making all three girls cringe at her slightly. Pearl was the first to break the silence that had ensued.

"You don't know do you?"

"Know what? What the fuck is going on", she questioned angrily.

"Dylan from maths happened. He posted a video of you two having sex and it's gone viral. Everyone has seen it".

"A-are you serious?"

Trixie was mortified. Not because of the video, since she has been through this in the past and she has a no-fucks-to-give attitude. No, she's terrified because now she has someone who she can lose and who she's in love with. Had Katya seen it? Did she know that the video was from before they started dating? Would she think Trixie cheated on her? Would- Holy shit. She's in love with Katya. 

"Has Katya seen it", she whispered, backing away from her friends. She heard them all calling her name but they sounded miles away. Fuck being present, and she ran out of the building.


It was 12 am when Katya came home to Trixie laying on the sofa crying cuddling Tabitha. She was surprised to see the Russian since the school day did not end until three. 

"Baby girl where were you? You didn't answer you're phone and I got so worried", she exclaimed, whilst taking off her boots and coat. When she heard Trixie sob loudly she immediately rushed to the sofa, pulling the doll up onto her lap. 

"Trixabelle, tell me what's wrong, princess. I can't help you if you don't tell me" she continued, holding the sobbing barbie tightly.

"There's a video. A boy named Dylan posted it. It's of me and him having sex. I don't care about it though. I'm a self-proclaimed slut and I really, REALLY don't care about that Katya I don't want you to think that. But if I show you you'll leave me and I don't want you to".

"Oh my god, Trixie! How are you okay, that's terrible! When did he post it?"

"Two days ago. BUT I promise I did not cheat on you baby it was recorded like a year ago. He's been mad at me for the past few months because I didn't want to have sex with him again and I guess when I started seeing you that was the last straw. I didn't even know he filmed it, I'm so sorry."

"What? No baby don't apologize! I'M sorry that you're going through this baby, and filming sex without consent is a major punishable offense. Will you show me? You don't have to obviously but-"

Trixie cut her off by pulling out her phone and began playing the video.

"You're a slut", the boy said harshly discreetly angling the camera to have them both in the frame and Trixie was now visible, who was sitting up on her knees. 

"Oh shut up dude. Do you want me to jerk you off or not", she responded, not amused at all.
"You're going to suck this dick yeah you whore", he continued. You could hear a belt being unbuckled and a zipper being pulled down before the guy picked up the camera again and filming Trixie who was looking around the room, unbothered and not caring about whatever was going on. She looked as though this was practically second nature. The boy grabbed the strap of Trixie's dress and pulling it down, exposing her bare breast, catching Trixie's attention who looked down at her dress and up at the boy with disgust.
"Go on, suck."

Trixie turned off the video there, not wanting to watch any further. The Russian turned to her and looked at her with horror. Why would you show her, she is going to leave you.

"Holy shit baby, are you okay? I'll fucking kill him, I swear to fucking god. I'm so so so sorry babydoll", she exclaimed, clearly angry.

"Kats? Are you going to leave me?", she replied, looking up with tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

"Wha- NO! Why the hell would I do that baby girl?"

"Because I'm a disgusting slut. I'm a pathetic whore who doesn't deserve love. Fuck you, Katya, thinking that you could change me. Thinking that you could make me a better person. Fuck you. Leave me alone", the doll said through gritted teeth, venom laced in her voice.

"I- No. I won't. I don't want you to change. I never EVER, wanted you to change for me. You haven't changed. You're still the same girl you've always been Trix. If anything, you've grown up, baby girl. I won't leave, because I know you. And I know that you don't want me to leave."

"I do. I do I want you to leave I hate you Katya I hate you so so much", she whispered, but her body betrayed her, gripping Katya's hand so tightly her knuckles went white.

"You don't and I won't. Because I love you. I love you so fucking much Beatrice. I love every single thing about you. I love that you make me repeat maths formulas seven times in a row because you've zoned out. I love coming home to you laying in my bed and reading teen magazines. I love how you hum Dolly Parton songs every other minute, and I love it, even more, when you begin to sing, letting me admire you for a few moments before you catch me and tell me off. I love how you still blush and giggle every time I kiss you, and how you're body seems to fit so perfectly with mine. Fuck Trixabelle, I love everything about you, and I always will."

Trixie did not say anything for a few minutes, processing Katya's words. She was scared that Katya would run away from her and kept her hand firmly clamped around the Russians. But Katya did not move. She sat there, calmly waiting for Trixie to process, petting her head gently. It made Trixie feel safe. Katya does really know her. 

"I love you too", she whispered, before repeating it again a bit louder. 

"I know Trixie. You show me, every single day. And I hope I do the same". 

She does.

"Do you really love me, Katya?" 

"Yes, princess. I've been telling you for weeks!"

"What- no you haven't?"

"Je t'aime. Я люблю вас. French and Russian for 'I love you'", she replied, making Trixie smile sweetly and lean in to steal a kiss. They both pulled away lovesick and happy.

"I will kill that fucker though."

"No, you won't. Because you'd go to jail. And I need you to keep me safe."

"That's right, princess. Are you really okay though?"

"I've gone through this before Katya. I wasn't upset about the video leaking. In reality, I couldn't give less of a fuck. I was just scared you'd leave me."

"But I won't baby."

"No, you won't. Ever. Now please hold me until I fall asleep."

"I'll hold you forever, princess."


The next day at school Trixie and Katya walked in together holding hands. The old Beatrice Mattel was back and better than ever. The air of confidence around them was visible from a mile away. At this point they were unaware of the fact that in just over a year Trixie would be one of the ones to testify against Dylan, sending him to jail for illegal pornography.

Together they would get through anything.


Chapter Text

October. Fucking October. How the fuck is it 25 degrees in October. Katya was laying out by the pool in a small black bikini and had been for the past two hours. She was boiling hot, and on the verge of a heat stroke, but the promise of a tan hue to her pale Russian skin was enough to keep going. Maybe, if she was lucky, Trixie would rub some lotion on her back, soothing her sweaty back and chest. 

The barbie had been gone all day on a study date with Kim in order to finish a music project that Katya could not help her with. She had asked if Bianca and Violet wanted to hang out but they were both suspiciously busy and Katya suspected that they were off with Adore and Pearl respectively, probably on dates or simply getting drunk and fucking. Ever since she had given Adore Bianca's number a few weeks ago they had been all over each other, going on dates and texting non-stop. The green-haired girl brought out a sweeter side of her best friend, and Katya was forever grateful for Adore's persistence to get Bianca to step away from her sewing machine for a few hours once in a while. Violet and Pearl had become very close since their initial meeting and were now together all the time. Since the day of the game night as it was now referred to, the two friendship groups had merged into one and everyone had become great friends. They had also grown more and more close to Monét, Bob, and Brianna, who they had started hanging out with outside of school and often accompanied everyone to central park where they would sit into the late hours of the night laughing about lord knows what.

It brought a smile to Katya's face every time she thought about it. About how perfect she and Trixie seemed to fit together. It would be small gestures that made them fall deeper and deeper in love with each other. Trixie always making sure to touch her every opportunity she got. Walking past Katya and placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, petting her back reassuringly when she was stressed, and always holding her hand if they were out walking. Katya cooking her food, waking her up every morning with a kiss on her forehead and coffee in her hand, buying her chocolate every time she was on her period, and calling her every nickname known to mankind since she knew Trixie loves to feel loved. What was Katya to do other than oblige?

She sighed, turning over to lay on her back before realizing that was even more uncomfortable and instead choosing to sit up, stretching her limbs out and yawning deeply. Grabbing her phone, she checked to see if Trixie had messaged her at all since it was common that they would check up on each other whenever they were away from each other. This time, however, Katya did not have anything other than some group chat texts. Just as she was about to call her, she received a text making her almost drop her phone due to the vibration it caused.

hey kitty kats! sry for not texting, im okay dw!!! me and kim are finishing up soon, but please be ready before seven, i have a surprise for you! 
OH! also, i hope ur drinking plenty of water it's hot out today!

sent 13:29

Katya's lips immediately curled up into a smile, almost giggling at how in-sync her and Trixie were. But surprise. That sounded interesting. Trixie has a surprise for her. Considering Katya was often the one surprising Trixie, she was beyond intrigued and could not help but ask.

Kitty Kats🏹
Hi princess, I was just about to call you! I hope you and Kim are having fun! Surprise huh? Care to let me know what that entails, baby girl?
Oh and don't worry, I'll be wet enough when I see you ;)
sent 13:30

i hate u so much 
im blocking u
and no i can't tell u the surprise because then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore dumbass
sent 13:30

Kitty Kats🏹
Careful with your words babydoll. Wouldn't want mama to punish you for your bad behavior now, would you?

sent 13:31

yekaterina stop it ur making me horny in front of kim
watch out, cuz rn i'll be happy to fuck her instead of u tonite

and naomi can join too dw
sent 13:33

Kitty Kats🏹:  
I've warned you now Beatrice. Behave.

sent 13:33


wait when did this take a turn? lol sorry kats, ilysm now go get ready💘
sent 13:34

Kitty Kats🏹:
I love you more, princess! I'll be ready by seven don't worry<3
sent 13:35

Katya's smile grew at Trixie's brattiness. She was the pinnacle of lovely. The essence of beauty. Everything Katya could ever want, Trixie gave to her. If she wanted to paint her, Trixie would pose. If she wanted to hold her, she would sit in her lap. If she wanted to make love to her, the doll would oblige in pretty lingerie, always trying to make Katya as happy as possible. 

She stood up swiftly, adjusting her bikini top which could at any moment expose a nipple for the whole neighborhood to see. There were quite a few people at the pool, trying to get the last of the sun before the dreaded winter which New York promised to make bleak, cold, and seemingly never-ending. 


Katya looked hot. Hot. She was not afraid to admit it. Adorned in a red mid-thigh length dress which highlighted her curvy body. Her cleavage was on full display which surprised her, considering her boobs were significantly too small to usually fill out a dress like the one she was wearing. Nothing to dwell on, though, because she looked hot and she knew it. 

Trixie should be there any minute now, and Katya was buzzing in anticipation. It was stupid, she knew it was, but she really missed her barbie doll, regardless of the fact that they saw each other earlier that morning. 

When the doll finally walked in at 19:03, Katya's breath hitched. Explaining Trixie's beauty as she stood there in a baby pink flowy dress proved to be impossible as she choked on any words trying to get through her mouth.

"Cat got your tongue, Kitty? You look absolutely stunning", Trixie said after staring at the Russian with a knowing smirk and walked up to her, lifting Katya off of the couch and kissed her passionately making both of them groan. 

"You look so gorgeous, my love. You're fucking ethereal Trixabelle".

"You're one to talk baby. Ready to go?"

"Lead the way!"

And Trixie did, bringing Katya out of the apartment and into the elevator. Instead of going down, however, it went up making the Russian look at Trixie questioningly, but she looked at Katya as though oblivious. When it came to a halt she led her out of the elevator and up the last few stairs to the roof.

"The roof? Why the roof? What's going on Trixie?"

"Patience is a virtue, ignorance is bliss, ars longa vita brevis, my love", she replied before opening the door and revealing the most beautiful sight Katya had ever seen. 

Hundreds of lit candles were spread out on the rooftop making a pathway before parting and surrounding a blanket laid out in the middle where two glasses, a bottle of alcohol-free cider, and two plates of sushi were displayed. Trixie's pink guitar was also there, leaning against a small shelf that stuck out from the roof. 

"I- Trix- What? How? What is all of this baby?"

"Do you like it?", Trixie whispered making Katya's eyes detach from the scene in front of her and find Trixie who was looking at her nervously. The Russian's sudden inability to speak made her instead jump onto her, hugging her tightly and nuzzling her head into Trixie's neck.

"I'll take that as a yes", she giggled, putting Katya down after a while and making their way up to the blanket and taking in the illuminating lights from manhattan which lit up the already bright atmosphere. 


After eating their sushi they laid down on the blanket, talking and laughing as they did best. Trixie admitted to lying about being on a study date and had instead gotten help from her friends to plan everything out and light the candles so that everything would be perfect.

"So uh...", Trixie started after a minute of silence, staring up into the dark night sky. Katya turned her body to look at the doll, and she swore she had never seen someone as perfect.

"I- Well I wanted to sing for you", she blurted out into the open and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before continuing. 

"I wrote two songs. About you. Well actually I have written like a million songs about you but some are not finished yet and some are simply too bad to ever sing. Would- Would you be okay with that?", she asked hesitantely, not wanting to ruin the night or make Katya at all uncomfortable. 

"Trixie- How is it possible that I fall more and more, deeper and deeper in love with you each second that passes? You write me songs? That could honestly make me cry now, and I haven't even heard them yet!"

"Of course I do, and save your tears for later", she said, sitting up and grabbing her guitar, looking at Katya who had also sat up and pulled her knees up against her body, before clearing her throat and strumming a few different notes on the instrument to get into the right headspace. As the first chords of her song played a smile formed on her lips, and she looked at Katya who was already on the verge of tears. 

"So this song is called I Do Like You, which I wrote back when we hated each other", she said with a giggle and clearing her throat again.

And I don't like it when you're never home
And I don't like it when I'm sleeping alone
And I pick up the phone just to call you again
You never say never but you never say when


But I do, and I do like you
And I do, and I do like you


And I don't like it when you call me out
And I don't like it when you're putting me down
Just picking me up on a Saturday night
All 'cause you had to, had to be right


And I do, and I do like you
And I do, and I do like you


Why does the street get louder when it gets dark?
Why do I feel that sound in the pounding in the shape of my heart?
Oooh, oooh, oooh

And I don't like it when I feel I've been had
And I don't like it when I go to bed mad
Just to wake up again in the middle of the night
Why do you leave, baby, why do we fight?

But I do, and I do like you
And I do, and I do like you

Why does the street get louder when it gets dark?
Why do I feel that sound in the pounding in the shape of my heart?
Oooh, oooh, oooh

And I go away, but when I come home again
We'll find a way to go back and rebegin
Back way to the stars
Back into our hearts
We can win

Why does the street get louder when it gets dark?
Why do I feel that sound in the pounding in the shape of my heart?

Oooh, oooh, oooh

The silence was almost overwhelming as the song faded out. Opening her eyes she watched as tears ran down Katya's cheeks and she restrained herself from leaning forward to wipe them, knowing that it would break Trixie out of her trance which she needed to be in to keep the nerves away.

"Trix-", the Russian sobbed.

"Shhhh, Katya, let me continue, my love", she replied, giving Katya a sweet smile before strumming the chords of Red Side Of The Moon.

Judy never asked her for forever
Judy never asked her for the moon
Judy knew that loving her was better
And no one knew her heart like Judy

Judy's never mentioned in the papers
Judy's never noted in the news
Judy knew loving her was safer
Loving from the red side of the moon

Loving you from the red side of the moon
Loving her was funnier than a Saturday cartoon
Someday is a story and it's the one I'm sticking to
Loving from the red side of the moon

Judy grew up stepping right beside her
Loved her from the cover of the crowds
Judy's heart was beating right beside her
Even with the music loud

And Judy's never minded all the waiting
Judy never thought to watch the clock
Judy knew that loving's in the patience
When the red side of the moon is what we've got

Loving you from the red side of the moon
Loving her was easier than a Kristofferson tune
Someday is a story and it's the one I'm sticking to
Loving from the red side of the moon

Judy left her best days in Chicago
Judy had her worst days in the rain
Middle of the winter with so far to go
And she couldn't keep on hitching to that train

And she still listens to the radio
Late night after midnight she tunes in
Sings along to songs and every word she knows
Remembering when the moon was burning red

Loving you from the red side of the moon
Loving her was heavier than a leaded red balloon
Someday is a story and it's the one I'm sticking to
Loving from the red side of the moon

If the first song was sad, Trixie hoped this one was hopeful. She hoped Katya saw past the melancholy tones and listened to the words. And as she looked at her again, she could see that she had. That she understands. It was all the confirmation she needed. 

The Russian was almost heaving, trying to control her irregular breathing and contain the sobs threatening to make themselves heard. But they did. And Katya broke down fully, sobbing and hugging herself and refusing to look at Trixie. She was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with love. 

Trixie set down her guitar and scooted over to Katya, grabbing her and laying them down on the concrete she smiled, pulling the Russian in close and tucking her head into the expanse of Trixie's neck. They did not speak. They did not need to. Katya would take her time. And Trixie would wait for her too. 

"Trixie", she started but got cut off by another sob being released. 

"Shhhh, Katya, I know, I know."

After a few minutes, Katya sat up, wiping her eyes and nose on her arm and looking at Trixie, who was laying down, staring at her and grinning. It was unexplainable to Trixie how Katya still looked perfect with redness coating her nose and around her eyes which were adorned with smeared mascara. Perfect.

"You are the light of my life Trixie. There is not a single part of my heart that I don't love you with". And that was all she needed to say for Trixie to say the five words she'd been choking on the entire night.

"Will you be my girlfriend?".


Trixie knew that only a few months ago she would have laughed it off, pretending as though she was telling Katya a bad joke. Maybe just getting up and leaving and never speaking to the Russian again. But not now. Now she waited. Watched Katya intensely, awaiting an answer. 

"I- YEAH, YES, yes, yes", she said after no longer than ten seconds and once again threw herself on top of Trixie, kissing her passionately before ending up in a similar position to before, but with Trixie tucked into her neck instead. They did not speak but showed their love through touches. Trixie making small circles on Katya's stomach and in return getting slow pets on her head. All of a sudden Katya let out a giggle.

"What, what?", Trixie questioned, joining in on the laughter.

"I- I kinda thought that we were already girlfriends", she said making them both laugh harder.

"I mean, I think we were, but I realized that I'd never asked you and you'd never asked me so here we are."

"Baby if all of the songs you write are that amazing you could probably kill me with the sweet, sweet, melody. You're amazing."

"Well then, careful to not fuck me over Kitty Kats 'cause now I know how to take you out!"

"I take it back, I take it back! I am not in any way affected by your music!"

"Well, we all know that's a lie. The number of tears you produced could fill up an entire ocean!", she replied making them both laugh.

"Speaking of affecting though... You're really effective in one specific area... mama", Trixie teased, her tone immediately going darker.

"As much as I would love to fuck you up here princess, mama's gonna have back pain for months if we do it on the concrete."

"Katya! You act as if you're 86 years old! You're as old as me dumbass. But I'll gladly take this downstairs..."


After cleaning everything up Trixie and Katya made their way into their bedroom which was really Katya's but had been claimed by Trixie as well. As they entered, Trixie's dress was swiftly discarded from her body in between kisses, and Katya's soon thereafter. Their hands were all over each other, and their bras were unclipped by one another and thrown onto the floor, landing with a small thud.

"Baby girl...", she said lowly, trailing off at the end of her sentence as she traced her hands up and down Trixie's body, causing goosebumps to sprout on her overheating skin. Katya gently laid her down on her bed, the cool sheets making Trixie's nipples visibly harden and Katya forms a shit-eating grin when she noticed. 

"Trixie, Trixie, Trixie, my beautiful princess. I love you so fucking much", she continued in such a soft tone that Trixie almost shivered. Writhing around on the bed in anticipation, she whimpered slightly reaching up and making grabby-hands to Katya to make her hurry up. 

"Mama please, I'm so wet for you already", she choked out making Katya laugh patronizingly and crawl up on top of the doll and kiss her roughly, pathing her way down Trixie's body, down to the waistline of her panties before moving up to her ear, nibbling slightly on the lobe, all while the barbie was panting heavily.

"Look at you princess. So ready for mama, my pretty little whore", she whispered into her ear making Trixie moan embarrassingly loud, causing Katya to laugh and lowly call her a slut. Slut. Trixie loved it. She loved hearing Katya degrade her, and it felt liberating. For so long she had shielded herself from any sort of shame by creating a reputation for being 'loose' herself. But now she had Katya, and Katya is her girlfriend. It felt freeing to not have to carry the weight of being someone else. With Katya, she could be herself. And sure, part of it was being a slut, but there was an even bigger part of it which entailed being vulnerable and letting herself be taken care of, be a princess. Luckily, Katya is here for all of that. 

"Baby- Trixie is something wrong? I'm sorry what did I do wrong?", she questioned, worry laced in her tone which had immediately shifted from sultry. Trixie was confused for a moment, looking at her girlfriend with a frown and a slightly parted mouth, staring at her questioningly. 

"What do you mean?"

"Princess you're crying, my love", she replied, wiping the tears trickling down the doll's cheek with her thumb and kissing the corner of her mouth gently.

"I- Oh... sorry mama"

"Tell me why you're crying baby"

"I was just thinking about how much I love you. How perfect you are and how I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You make me a better person, Katya. You make my life worth living. More exciting. More colorful", she sighed dreamily, looking deeply into the Russian's eyes which were now watering. Trixie wrapped her arm around her and pulled her close, feeling Katya's body almost go flaccid, clinging onto the doll's body like she was her life source. Their naked bodies next to each other and Katya's bare chest near Trixie's own made them both high from intimacy.

They laid there for a few minutes, speaking a million words yet remaining silent. After a while Trixie's mind was brought back into reality, to the heat that was not going away any time soon, along with the wetness pooled in her panties, reminding her of what she was missing. She nudged Katya slightly with her shoulder, and when she gained no response, her impatience rapidly grew, making her whine and almost claw at her girlfriend's body.

"Impatient now are we princess? Want me to finish what I started?", she questioned, still laying to Trixie's right but ghosting her fingers over her panties, before placing them on the soaked fabric, featherlight fingers circling her clit through the material.

"Shit, baby, you really are wet aren't you? Who made you like this doll, tell me", she demanded and Trixie could not help but oblige. 

"You mama, it's always you, I love you", she replied in between whimpers, making Katya move down to Trixie's panties, pulling them down and exposing the doll's pussy which glistened in the moonlight shining down through Katya's sheer curtains. She smiled at the sight, gradually becoming more and more overwhelmed at the doll's scent which made her immediately dive in, eating Trixie out until she came, hard. 

It was slow, intimate, easy, perfect. There was not much left to do other than bask in the afterglow of the day. They had plenty of times to fuck. They only had now to stay in this day. The day Trixie had asked Katya to be her girlfriend.

Chapter Text

Beets, carrots, onion, garlic, and cabbage. The rest was at home. Trixie walked through the isles trying to get all of the ingredients for borscht. She had found a recipe online after Katya mentioned that she always ate her grandmother's soup around Christmas time. Although Trixie could not cook, it felt better to cook it than to have it made. It's the thought that counts. Right.

Trixie would never have done this before. It felt weird, but in the past four months of dating, she had changed so incredibly much. Going from drinking every other day to be sober since they began dating, and covering her emotions with an air of confidence being exchanged for being loving and open. As cheesy as it sounds, Katya is the light that had been missing from her life. Providing the love she had dreamed of.


"Hey, kitty Kats!", she exclaimed as her girlfriend rushed through the door to hug her. She had been away all day Christmas shopping with Violet and Bianca.

"I missed you barbie doll", Katya replied squeezing her tightly making Trixie giggle.

"Katyaaaa you saw me like eight hours ago!"

"That's too damn long my love."

As if Katya suddenly regained her senses her eyes squinted slightly as she took in the aroma of the food that had been cooking. 

"Trixabelle... have you cooked?"

"Yeah! I cooked dinner for us", she replied, bringing her out to the balcony where she had laid a table with candles and blankets on the couch that was there. Tabitha was laying on it, making Katya think about how much she loved their little family. When Trixie lifted the lid off of the saucepan Katya almost cried. The care that her girlfriend provided her with was unbelievable.

"Babygirl... who knew you are such a romantic, huh?"

"I made borscht! I don't know how it tastes though, but I remember that you said that your grandmother made it for you. Obviously, it won't be as good but whatever!"

"I love you with all of my heart Beatrice Elizabeth Mattel."

"Oh- I love you too baby! Now let's eat!"

Heaven. Fucking heaven. That god damn soup was the best thing she had ever tasted. Well second. Nothing compared to the taste of Trixie's lips. Both of them. Oh, shut up.

"Trixie- you'll have to make this for me every single day."

"Awww baby! I'll make it every Christmas time, deal?"

"Deal. A great deal. I actually got you something that you can open now."

"OH? What is it? Can I see? I wanna open it!"

"Calm down mon amour! Okay, it's out in the hall, let me get it for you", Katya said, walking out and getting the two boxes and returning holding them behind her back.

"So, they aren't wrapped, but I saw them today and thought that I couldn't not get them for you..."

"Okay!", Trixie exclaimed, the excitement clearly evident in her tone. She held out her hands and closed her eyes, making Katya giggle at her eagerness. She placed the boxes in her outstretched hands.


They were two dolls. Both vintage, clearly, due to the old, slightly paled packaging. The first one was a Dolly Parton barbie doll with a pink, sparkly jumpsuit and a pink guitar. It was clear that if Trixie was a real barbie, this was it. The second one was a Halloween vampire barbie, replicating Katya. It was pale, wore black, and had red lipstick. They looked polar opposites. But somehow fit perfectly together. Trixie viewed them intently, a huge smile on her face before looking up at her girlfriend.

"You and me!"

"Yeah! I'm obviously the Dolly Parton one", she said making Trixie screech with laughter.

"Uh okay a bit too much laughter there, Trixabelle."

"Sorry, sorry, I love you kitty. Where should we display them? On the coffee table? OH! The bookshelf! Perfect, no?"

"Yeah, perfect", she sighed contently, pulling her girlfriend in for a kiss.


"Well, I got you an early Christmas gift."

"Another one?"

"Katya beet soup doesn't count!"

"I will 100% count it baby", she exclaimed making them both giggle. As Trixie opened the door to their room.

Red silk ribbon, a strap, a heart-shaped flogger, and a buttplug were displayed on the bed. Trixie glanced over at Katya whose eyes had significantly widened. On multiple occasions, the couple had conversed about their kinks, likes, and dislikes. However, Trixie had never mentioned being tied up or actually spanked before. Katya was not a stranger to the plug or strap since she and Trixie often used them before, but she had never tied Trixie, or anyone for that matter, up in any way. Neither had she ever spanked someone with anything else but her hand. The doll stepped closer to her girlfriend and guided her over to the bed, sitting her down before cuddling up into Katya, reminding them both of their intimacy and love. 

"We don't have to do anything at all Katya. You know that. But I think this could be a way to explore, my love. I've never used either, so this is new for me too", Trixie uttered slowly, making Katya relax as her body visibly released its tension.

"I want to, princess. I just got overwhelmed for a second baby girl. But knowing that you're as much of a stranger to this as me makes me feel excited".

"Me too", she replied with a grin, pulling Katya in for a kiss. Every time their lips touched Trixie felt like the Russian's lips was the first water she'd encountered after being parched for weeks. They made her feel hungry, excited, restless, wanting. 

Katya pulled away making Trixie whine, but Katya just looked at her with a combination of love and lust. 

"Okay doll. How do you want to go about this? Give me an outline. A revisited proposal for me to accept", Katya said and immediately started wheezing with laughter.

"Oh, god Katyaaaa! You're so stupid", she exclaimed through giggles. 

"Okay, this is what I want. First, you spank me like the little slut I am. Yeah?"

"Y-Yeah", Katya replied, almost out of breath.

"Then I need you to tie me up. Tie me up and tease me for a while. Make me want you, okay?", Trixie continued, turning around to straddle her girlfriend.


"And then put the plug in, and fuck me. Hard", she finished, steadily grinding down onto one of Katya's thighs. Her wetness had soaked the fabric of her lace panties, making the Russian's eyes wander down to her leg and then look up at Trixie again with lustful eyes. She grabbed the barbie's thighs harshly before putting her down on the floor with a certain gentleness. Trixie seemed fucked out already, looking up through thick eyelashes at Katya, eyes significantly darker than usual. Katya stood up, walking in slow, patronizing, circles around Trixie, shaking her head. 

"Pretty little slut. You get naked for me and sit on the bed. I'll be with you in a few moments", Katya said and made her way into the bathroom. Trixie whined a little as she left the room but immediately complied, sitting on her knees waiting. Not patiently, though, since after 10 seconds of waiting, her hand traveled down her body and began drawing circles around her pussy, biting her lip to keep her moans in. When the door opened, about a minute later, Trixie abruptly pulled her hand away and looked innocently at Katya. 

The Russian had touched up her lipstick, scarlet red now coating her plump lips, as well as put on a sheer black robe over her red lace lingerie. Trixie looked her up and down, and when returning to make eye contact, Katya's eyes were close to black. She knows. 

"Trixie. What were you doing?", she questioned, walking closer to the bed until she was standing before her.

"N-Nothing mama. Just waiting", Trixie choked out. Her tongue felt swollen in her mouth and she was slightly panting. Both out of nervousness and having touched herself only moments prior. 

Katya gave her a sly smile before roughly grabbing Trixie's hand (oh god, she knows), bringing her fingers to her mouth, and licking them clean. The motion makes Trixie's eyes roll back, and she shivers slightly before her throat is grabbed harshly, making her eyes widen significantly. 

"If you were doing nothing, then why can I taste you on your fingers, huh? Now I asked you a question and don't you dare lie to me again. What were you doing?"

"T-touching m-myself", Trixie choked out as best as she could, feeling Katya's hand squeeze harder.

"Fucking whore. You couldn't even wait two minutes for me. Pathetic, Trixie", she spat out, letting go of the doll's throat.

"I-I'm sorry, mama! I just need you so so bad!", Trixie exclaimed as she regained her breath, silently praying that Katya would demand her to change positions, as she was soaking the sheets where she was sitting.

"Hm. Hands and knees slut", Katya ordered, making Trixie quickly scramble into the right position, still panting. The Russian grabbed the flogger from the bed and put the other toys on the bedside table, for now, tracing her fingers over Trixie's back which was practically burning. 

"Touching yourself without permission: 5. Lying to me: 10. Understood, whore?"

"Yes mama, I understand."

The flogger trailed over her ass in slow, deliberate, circles. Aside from Trixie's heavy breathing, it was completely silent, and the anticipation was unbearable. She refrained from making any noise, knowing that it would only result in her having to wait further. Without batting an eye, Katya brought the flogger up and down, landing it on Trixie's right cheek with a harsh slap. The noise that left the doll sounded heavenly, and Katya instantly wanted to play it on repeat. Without wasting any time, she brought the whip up again and spanked her repeatedly, staining her ass with red marks that they both adored.

"Five left slut. Count them and thank me."

"Yes, mam-AH! One, thank you mama- TWO, thank you ma- THREE, t-thank you-FOUR, fuck, ah, thank you, mama. FUCK FIVE, thank you, mama!"

Katya smirked at the sight of Trixie's bruised ass, soothing the stinging sensation as she ran her hands over it. Trixie was silently crying, but a smile adorned her face out of pleasure. The Russian flipped her over easily, making Trixie release a small whine as her ass made contact with the bedsheets. Katya walked over to her, kissing her passionately, smiling at Trixie's submission as she let Katya completely dominate her mouth. She released after a minute, leaving them both panting and wanting. 

The ribbons were new territory for both of them. As she tied one to the head post, they both giggled at Katya's frustration when the knot came undone twice before getting it secure. She grabbed one of Trixie's hands and kissed her wrist before tying the silk around it and repeating the process for the other side. 

She chuckled as Trixie laid helpless on the bed, attempting to rub her legs together but being told off by her girlfriend who slapped her thigh gently. 

"Oh, princess. Look how pretty you look tied up for me", Katya said lowly, bringing a chair to sit in front of Trixie's spread legs and leaning back, staring deeply into her eyes.


"Please? You're a begging little whore. Disgusting, Trixie", she replied, leaving the room and grabbing her book before returning to the chair. Trixie looked at her bewildered, but Katya paid her no attention, reading a chapter. 

"Katya", Trixie whispered after what felt like a lifetime and pulled against the restraints. Immediately she whipped her head up, looking at Trixie with a smirk and closing the book, making the doll sigh out with release. However, instead of touching her as she expected, Katya trailed her hand down to her pussy with widespread legs, beginning to circle her clit slowly inside of her panties. As an instinct, Trixie clamped her legs shut trying to get any sort of friction.

"Keep your legs open you fucking slut. Such a pretty view", Katya said making Trixie reluctantly open her legs again and whine.

"You really can't be quiet, can you. Fine. I'll give you something to whine about", she continued, standing up and going to the bedside table to retrieve the plug and lube. Trixie bit down on her lip to contain a moan as Katya coated the plug in lube before inserting a finger in the doll's ass making her breath hitch and eyes roll back. 

"Does that feel good babydoll?", Katya asked as she inserted the plug into Trixie's hole. 

"F-fuck yeah that feels so so good mama!" 

"Shit Trix you're fucking dripping wet. Probably didn't even need lube, pretty little princess."

"Fuuuuckkk, mama please fuck me I need you to fuck me! Mama please!"

"You want the strap?"

"Yes, yes please, Katya no games anymore I'm serious I'm about to cum right now", Trixie exclaimed with a completely serious tone. 

"Fuck okay okay patience princess I'll take good care of you", she replied, rushing back to the table and put the strap on with minimal difficulty. Trixie had been soaking the sheets for some time now, and Katya grinned as she could insert the dick without lube, making them both moan with delight. Trixie absolutely loved the feeling of being full and felt like she'd reached heaven.

"Fuuuuckk, mama, go, go fast please!"

"Don't you dare tell me what to do princess, you know who the boss is here", she said grabbing Trixie's throat again and squeezing.

"But since you asked so nicely", she continued, pumping in and out of Trixie faster and faster, until the doll's tits were bouncing with the force. Katya's fingers found Trixie's clit and began putting pressure on it which made her back arch and moan pathetically loud. With all the stimulation and already having been on the edge for so long, she felt herself getting closer and closer.

"Shit mama I'm gonna fucking cum, please can I cum!"

"Cum, slut."

Euphoria. Fucking euphoria. As Trixie came her back was completely arched, feeling that she could potentially cramp up. Her body convulsed, and her mind became blank. Somewhere she could feel Katya pull out and start petting her head before pulling her up from the bed and into the bathroom, to the shower and washing the doll's body gently. The entire time the Russian hummed the melody of Red Side Of The Moon, trying to bring Trixie back to reality. 

After their shower and changing the sheets, she laid Trixie down on the bed who cuddled up next to her when Katya herself laid down. As always, Katya petted her head and Trixie drew small circles onto her stomach. 

"Kitty Kats?"

"Yes Trixabelle?"

"Merry Christmas time, my love."

"Merry Christmas time, barbie."


Chapter Text

As Trixie carefully made her way up the graveled path up to her father's mansion she immediately regretted having chosen heels. Her usual white gogo boots were now a 3-inch white stiletto, which made it difficult to navigate up the path. Sure, she was just meeting her dad, but she could not help but be intimidated by the man. They had not been close for many years, and although they communicated through money, she knew that any misstep could strip that away in an instant. Having leverage by being two inches taller than him made her feel emulated power. 

It was the end of the term. Trixie and Katya had been together for ten months at this point, and they were doing great. They were practically joined at the hip and happier than ever. The barbie's grades had skyrocketed with Katya's help, and now she had all A's and B's. They studied together before each test, but Trixie always took initiative and had gotten where she was by her own willpower. She did it for herself of course, but she knew that her old habits would remain if she had not met the Russian. I do it for her. For herself. For her. 

She knocked tentatively on the large wooden door which had always been unnecessary, something made clear as the door was pushed open with so much difficulty that Trixie had to aid. She was met by her father's maid whom she had known her entire life. When her mother left and her father stopped talking to her, Alma was the only one she had left. 

"Alma!", she exclaimed and hugged the shorter woman tightly.

"Trixie, you've grown so tall", she said equally as cheery in her Swedish accent that Trixie had become so accustomed to. Just the sound of it alone could make her cry.

"I've missed you, Alma, I haven't seen you in forever!"

"I missed you too Trixie! Do you still remember everything I've taught you?"

"Of course! Okay, let me see... som man bäddar får man ligga?", Trixie replied, shamefully aware of her strong accent.

"Wonderful, my dear. I expect that you still listen to ABBA?"

"Of course! Dolly is still my favorite, but My Love, My Life is still one of my favorite songs in the world", Trixie said, reminiscing of when Alma would sing her to sleep on those days nightmares overtook her dreams.

"Ah, then I have succeeded as a swede. How are you dear? Have you grown out of your bad habits yet", the older woman questioned with a smirk.

"I'm doing very well actually! My grades are up and I have a gi-partner now so that's good."

"Ah! That's so exciting! When can I meet her?"

"Her? How- How did you know?"

"A mother always knows, dear", Alma replied, pulling the doll in for a hug as tears started falling.

"Her name is Katya. She's my roommate and the one meant to tutor me."

"I'm so so happy for you, Trixie. I must get to meet her soon?"

"Of course! I'll introduce you-"

"Beatrice", a loud voice echoed through the front hall making the two women freeze up and almost jump away from each other. Even though Alma had been like a mother to Trixie, she was still just a maid to her dismissive father.

"I want to meet with you in my office", he demanded and made his way towards the room with a timid Trixie following closely behind.


"So. Your grades have gone up significantly."

"Yes, all A's and B's", she replied, trying to not smile, knowing that vulnerability was a flaw according to her dad.

"Mhm. I expect that those will all be A's by the time of your graduation", he replied, instantly making Trixie tense up with sadness.

"Anyway. Since you've raised your grades there is no need for your tutor. I'm firing her today, and she'll move out of the apartment as soon as possible."

"WHAT? NO! Absolutely not that- no Katya is staying with me", she exclaimed in shock, standing up abruptly.

"Sit down Beatrice. There is no reason for you to be living with this girl since she's not useful anymore."

"Katya is staying. Point blank period. She is staying with me".

"Why? What is your motivation", he questioned, clearly aggravated to have been stood up against so many times. The barbie took a deep breath before speaking calmly. 

"Katya and I are in a relationship. She is my girlfriend. Of ten months."

"No. Not happening. I will not have a DYKE for a daughter. You're breaking up immediately", he exclaimed, clearly enraged. Trixie was taken back at the man's blatant homophobia. Even though she had never formally come out to anyone other than her friends, who obviously took it extremely well, she had not prepared to be such a disappointment to her father. Their fury was equally matched.

"You do NOT get to speak to me that way! I'm your daughter for christ's sake!"

"You're no daughter of mine Beatrice, not unless you decide to leave your sinful choices behind. I'll give you a choice. Me, or Katya? Choose me, all this will be forgotten. Choose her? You'll be cut off", he stated, standing up to match Trixie's eye level.



The scent of garlic was strong in the apartment, almost making Katya's mouth salivate. Trixie had been called into a meeting with her father a few hours ago, and she had not been in contact with her since. Obviously, the Russian had texted her, but the doll had not answered which she paid no attention to, guessing that she was just busy. As per usual, she was making dinner for them both. She opted for some teriyaki tofu with rice which was one of their favorites. Even though they usually only made fancy dinner on date nights or on weekends, today felt like a good day to make something nice for them both.

She smiled as she thought of Trixie. She was truly the best person in Katya's life. Her favorite person. Without her girlfriend, she would not know what to do with herself. Their love for each other was strong enough to cross any obstacle. To cross any river. They could do it. Together.

As she was adding the soy sauce, the door flung open and Trixie entered in a swirl, immediately running into Katya's room and burying her face in the pillow on the bed, ignoring the Russian.

Katya left her for a minute, knowing her well enough that the doll would need a moment alone before trying to talk to her. As soon as she heard Trixie's loud muffled sobs, she felt her heart rip out of her heart making her immediately rush towards the bedroom.

A shy knock awoke Trixie from her sadness, making her mumble a quiet 'come in' to the Russian who wrapped her arms around the barbie, her embrace filled with love and care. Katya knew about Trixie's strained relationship with her father, and it made her extremely worried for her.

"What's wrong my love? What did he say", she questioned making Trixie sob harder and hold onto her tighter. Katya felt her own tears begin to fall as the empathy for her girlfriend became overwhelming.

"He- h-he t-told me to choo-se", she choked out, barely audible.

"Sorry, baby girl, I can't understand you. What did you say?"

Trixie cleared her voice and sit up. This could go one of two ways. Now it was just finding out. 

"He told me to choose between you and him", she stated clearly, making Katya visibly tense up.

"Oh... W-what did you say?"

"I said that it was the easiest choice I'll ever make."

The pause seemed never-ending. It seemed detrimental, distrusting, destructive. Katya's breath was fully held at this point. She knew that if she did not fuel her body with oxygen within the next five seconds she would probably faint. Her stomach was in a knot. It is something she always heard as a child. How do you feel? Like your stomach's in a knot?. She was always fascinated by the expression. How did it work? Was it the large intestine that tied itself together? Surely the small intestine, since it's so much longer.

Now that she was feeling it, it was not as fun anymore. Her cheeks had been soaked completely, having cried for the longevity of the conversation. Why would Trixie wait? It's bad news surely. Just fucking spit it out. But why were the corners of her mouth slightly turned up? Happy news? Or was Trixie actually a sociopath who wanted to see Katya suffer.

"I told him that I choose Katya over anyone else any day of my life."

Katya sobbed. Louder than she ever had before. Her body had fallen down with the sudden heaviness off of her shoulders. Trixie chose her. Katya. No, she must be lying. But she isn't. 

"Baby- how- why- are you serious?", she questioned through cries, making the barbie smile at her.

"Katya. You're the love of my life. The love that I've been seeking, looking for for so long. My father's and I's relationship has gone beyond repair for so long now. And I don't care that he cut me off. I have inherited money. I can get a job! Maybe two? We can afford it, baby, it'll be fine, I'm sorry", she said with an equal amount of sorrow and excitement in her tone. Katya looked up at her with red, puffy, eyes. 

"Trixie I love you with all of my heart. Of course, we'll make it! I'll find a better job, we'll pay rent, we'll be fine. As long as I'm with you I'll be the happiest I'll ever be. Even if we live under a fucking bridge I'll be happy."

"God, when did we get so sappy, kitty? All we seem to do is cry", she giggled, making Katya wheeze. 

"C'mon Trixabelle, let's eat. I've made teriyaki tofu!"



"Hey, kitty? What are you doing for summer?", she asked with a mouth stuffed with rice. 

"I want to go to France. I, Bianca, and Violet have been planning to for a while, but I don't wanna go without you. So I guess I'm going wherever you're going. If you'll let me."

"You want me to go to France with you", she asked excitedly, putting down her bowl and chopsticks on the coffee table.

"Yes! Let's explore Trixabelle", she replied pulling Trixie in for a hug, who squealed at her and pushed her down onto the sofa and laid on top of her, kissing her hastily. 

"I love you, Kats."

"I love you too, my dearest darling doll."


Chapter Text

Katya groaned slightly as her eyes fluttered open, immediately getting blinded by the harsh light beaming in through the airplane window on the row in front of her. The slight turbulence had awoken her as the armrests were assaulted with her grip hardening around them in fear. The annoyance of her front-seat neighbor not having enough decency to consider shutting the blinds was almost unbearing. For a second she considered kicking the chair and blaming it on turbulence. It wasn't me. Oh, also, can you shut your fucking window you god damn moron. Not very effective to say the least.

Trixie's light snores pulled her out of her anger and into a state of tranquility. The doll was basically hugging her like a baby koala, head tucked into her neck and a leg thrown over Katya's own. For a second she considered not waking her. Letting her remain in her peaceful slumber where Katya could stare at her for as long as she wanted. What did it matter if she made noise? The silent war between Katya and the front row made her petty but as Trixie's snores grew in sound there was no way they could go on without getting looks.

"Hey, Trixabelle, wake up my love, you're snoring", Katya whispered, gently nudging her girlfriend's shoulders. When she did not get any indication of Trixie having heard her, she began peppering her head with kisses to try to get her attention.

"Katya I swear to god I'll kill you two", Bianca spat out with an eye roll from the aisle seat. There obviously was no real malice behind her statement, but Katya also knew not to fuck around when Bianca was in a pissy mood. Adore reached out her hand across the aisle and put it on top of Bianca's which had gone almost white from gripping the stool so hard. Although she was a self-proclaimed badass, the one thing she did not fuck with was flying.

"Sorry B", she replied, grabbing a bottle of water from her backpack and handing it to Bianca who accepted it with a grateful smile.

"Kitty Kat?", the doll said after a few seconds of Katya petting her head. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes and blinking rapidly at the harsh light from the front-row window.

"Good morning my sweetheart", she replied, ecstatic to see her favorite person conscious again. Trixie looked around taking in the atmosphere around them and bringing a smile to Katya's face at her insistent beauty.

"Are we in France?"

"Babygirl... we're on the plane", Katya choked out in between laughs, making Trixie blush furiously. The Russian glanced at Bianca and was delighted to see her smiling at their exchange as opposed to carving her voodoo dolls of them holding hands which she had, on more than one occasion, showed Katya.

"Oh... Well, how long is it left then?"

"An hour, my love", she replied, looking over at Bianca who now had a grinning Adore in her lap kissing her gently. Katya smiled warmly at the sight before it was disrupted by an air stewardess who abruptly told the pair to separate. Adore muttered something about homophobia under her breath but jumped off of Bianca and sat down in her own seat, pouting with crossed arms. The older woman blew her a kiss

"Katya can you please kiss me now. It's been at least three minutes since I woke up and it's honestly a hate crime that you haven't tried yet", Trixie smirked, also having watched the exchange between the couple next to them.

"Are you trying to prove a point baby girl?"

"Well, I guess I just want to let our friend group know who the elite dykes are."

"So pretty much, I would let Gemma know that she is a fat cunt, right?"

"Right", Trixie giggled, grabbing Katya's jaw and bringing it down to collide their lips together. The Russian's lips are the best she has ever tasted. There is no dispute regarding that. They are soft, delicate, and she knows just how to make them feel the best against Trixie's own. None of her past encounters had made her feel like a giddy teenager as much as Katya does. Something in her lights up. It's almost magical and-

"Okay, okay, that's enough of that, Jesus Christ you're giving the entire plane a lesbian explicit scene", Bianca snapped after a few minutes. The pair separated on command, with two smiles on their faces. It was almost stupid how much the pair loves each other.

"Fuck off B, you wish you and Adore could be like us, you old hag", Trixie replied with sass making Bianca cackle with laughter and Katya wheeze, slapping the doll's thigh rapidly.

"Touché bitch! Now shut up I'm gonna sleep through the rest of this horror ride."


"No baby, the luggage is this way", Katya exclaimed, dragging Trixie by the wrist in the opposite direction.

"Well, how do you know that?"

"I speak french Tallulah."

"Okay, Julius Ceasar", Trixie said, making Katya almost fall down to the floor whilst wheezing with laughter, her girlfriend looking at her with mirth all over.

"H-he is- speaks Greek you whore! You- you-", Katya screamed, cutting herself off with hysterics, and Trixie joining in as well.

"You fucking cunt with your banshee laughter!"

"Bitch- at least I'm not a run-down, possessed teapot!"

"Okay, okay, enough, demons", Kim spoke after a full minute of Trixie and Katya's loud howling which had drawn significant attention from bypassers. On her arm was a half-sleeping Naomi, and to her right Pearl and Violet stood on their phones ignoring the kerfuffle going on in front of them.

"Ah, fucking hell, barbie. I think I broke a lung- wait- a lung collapsed? Or something. Where are Bianca and Adore?", Katya asked, confusedly looking around the area where they were standing.

"Bathroom. Probably hooking up", Kim replied.

"Euw Kim. I did not need that vision in my head thanks", Trixie said with a look of disgust plastered on her face. Kim, however, paid no attention to Trixie and instead listened intently to Naomi whispering something in her ear. It was obviously amusing as Kim gasped in surprise before excusing both her and Naomi to the bathroom and faintly yelling for the remaining people to grab their luggage.

"Well... M'kay then. Luggage Kitty kat?"

"Yep! Pearl, Vi, on y va!"

"Oh god, Katya. Are you gonna speak french the entire time?", Trixie groaned.

"Mais bien sûr ma petite lapine! Do you really hate it that much colombe?"

"No, I like it too much babe! I don't want to be horny the entire time we're here...", Trixie whined, earning a kiss from Katya along with a playful bite on her ear lobe.

"I promise I'll help you out with that later, baby girl. Now luggage!"

"Right, luggage."


"Holy shit! This is amazing Trixie! Look at it!"

After a long cab ride, the couple had finally made it to the Air BnB where they were staying. The group of friends decided to split into pairs as they were all sure that they did not want to... 'overhear', anything they were not supposed to. The apartment that Trixie and Katya were renting was on the smaller side, with a conjoined kitchen and living room with a partition into the bedroom. They did not mind, however, as the decor looked completely immaculate. The room was white and minimalistic, with a clear hotel-room feeling to it. The best part, the one that caught their eyes immediately, was the floor-to-ceiling window that displayed a beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

"WOW! Yes, it is Kitty! Aw, I love this! And the view, Katyaaa", she replied, running out to the balcony and jumping up and down in excitement. Katya followed soon after and grabbed ahold of her in a back hug. Trixie tilted her head backward and rested it on her girlfriend's shoulder.

"Thank you, Katya."

"For what Trix?"

"For taking me here. For being so amazing. For loving me. I love you more than you'll ever know", she replied, and Katya kissed her gently on her nose.

"And I love you just as much. Now, Trixabelle, time to unpack please."

"Kittyyy! I don't wannaaaa", she whined in a bratty tone, stomping her feet slightly.

"Stop being a brat, Beatrice. We're going to be here for two months. Go and unpack."

"Don't Beatrice me", Trixie uttered sourly, pouting as she walked with angry steps towards the suitcase. Katya could not help but smirk at the barbie's antics and ran after her, pushing her up against the wall. Trixie let out a slight gasp at the feeling of the cool wall against her tits, only a sheer fabric covering her from complete exposure. Katya chuckled lowly, and the sound reached the deepest parts of Trixie's stomach.

"I told you to stop being a brat, Beatrice", Katya replied with a patronizing tone, and grabbed ahold of the doll's ass, groping it roughly before giving it a slap. She got a loud moan in return, and Katya stepped away from her body. Without the support, Trixie slid down the wall with a thump as her body hit the floor. Both girls were in awe of their effect on each other. Katya could make Trixie fall to her knees in an instant, begging the Russian to fuck her. On the other hand, Katya was completely entranced by the barbie. From an outside perspective, Trixie was the one who asked for kisses, blushed at pet names, and could stare at Katya painting for hours without getting bored. But the Russian knew. She knows that if Trixie did not ask for kisses, blush at pet names, or pose for Katya's paintings, she would not know what to do with herself. Sure, the two remained individuals, having a healthy relationship without jealousy or messy fights. Of course, they fought, but never raised their voices and were always back to cuddling within a few hours. But, they were still two peas in a pod. Katya would always find a small way to touch her, keep her close. Holding her hand is a given, but even reaching a pinky out to touch Trixie's leg as they laid on the sofa or were sitting together with their friends.

Speaking of friends, a few seconds after Trixie hit the floor the door flew open to reveal Pearl and Violet who wanted to examine everyone else's apartment. They both looked questionably at the doll, but Katya played it off as her feet hurting after a long day of... sitting down?

"It's pretty here! The view is amazing", Pearl commented in her usual sleepy voice. Violet who always spoke her mind replied that it was-

"Pretty, yes. Better than ours, no."

Trixie and Katya gave each other a look and giggled at Violet's antics. Her parents had offered to pay for her and Pearl's house, yes, house. It was a beach house right by the water and was guaranteed to 'be better' than theirs.

"Really, Vi? I could have never guessed! It's not at all like I was cut off and now have to fend for myself in this cruel world", Trixie said, throwing her hand to her head in fake exaggeration. Violet rolled her eyes and Pearl and Katya laughed lightly.

"Excuse me miss Mattel, I would love to remind you that your amazing girlfriend works two jobs to support you", Katya retorted and pulled Trixie up from the floor and into her arms where she was held tightly.

"I love you."

"Oh god, you guys are too fucking fluffy. I feel like I'm gonna throw up. Pearl, can we leave please baby?"

"Of course, sugar", Pearl replied, and Violet blushed, grabbing her hand and kissing it gently.

"We're fluffy? Y'all are disgusting!", Katya exclaimed and Trixie fake gagged.

"Whatever, bye sluts!"

"Bye Lavender!", Trixie yelled back, earning a middle finger in return before the door shut.


Biancs: Adore told me to text and say that she wants to hang out and that she's bored.
Kimchi: can't entertain ur girlfriend you old hag?
Vi: she gets out of breath after two seconds of scissoring. her age is an obstacle for orgasms.
Dory: GUYS!
Dory: SHUT UP!
Dory: fyi, willow makes me cum all the time😡
Dory: right mama?
Biancs: Right, kitten.
Nai nai: euwww, get your kinky convos out of here.
PearlieI'm just glad trixya hasn't started yet. We all know they live off of kinks.
Trix: oh shut up pearl liaison
Kat: We all know you call Lavender mistress in bed ;)
Nai nai: ^
Kat: Got to go!
Biancs: We're going to À Côté de Plage at 8 pm, don't be late!


The sun was absolutely boiling as Trixie laid on her beach chair, soaking in the layer of sweat that had gathered on her body. Katya had been swimming for the past hour, taking time to practice her old gymnastic tricks in the water and on the beach. Trixie could see her if she tilted her head slightly, and did not mind a neck ache in lieu of seeing her girlfriend's flexing body.

The doll had, for once, actually started reading a new book that Katya recommended after being glued to it for a week straight. The 'old Trixie' would have incredulously laughed at her and told her to fuck off. But not this Trixie. It had become a fact that the barbie liked to make a distinction between her now and then. Before and after Katya. She had undergone tremendous changes in her life and credited them all to her girlfriend. Her grades had gone from F's to A's, her mental health had skyrocketed, and, although she occasionally went to parties, she had stayed sober for seven months. Katya tells her all the time that Trixie herself had made all of these changes and that she deserved no credit. Trixie knew that without Katya there would be no Trixie. But, for the sake of principle, it was all her own doing.

"Hey, Trixabelle!"

Katya's cheerful voice drew her out from her hazy state and she offered a small grin in response to the Russian's greeting. Her tranquility was immediately cut short when Katya's freezing body was laid on top of hers making her shriek and push her off. Katya landed on the sand with a thud and started wheezing with laughter, flailing her arms around her.

"God Katya you're soaking wet! You got water on my book", Trixie whined with a pout, barely holding back a smile at her partner's enthusiasm. Katya sat up and grabbed the book, inspecting it slightly before putting it down.

"My book, babe. I don't think anyone would believe that you would buy this book on your own."

"Why not? Gender Trouble by Judith Butler is a timeless classic", she said with a smirk.

"God I love you", Katya replied before kissing her. She got up to lay down next to Trixie on the sunbed but was stopped.

"You have your own chair right there miss ma'am."

"Fine, fine, but as a compromise, you'll have to help me with the sunscreen."

"Great. Someone has to make sure your body doesn't shrivel up and burn even more", Trixie replied making Katya laugh.

Nonetheless, Trixie grabbed her sunscreen and sat down on Katya's lower back. A small sigh left the Russian's mouth at the feeling of her girlfriend's soft hands spreading the cool creme all over her back. Despite the cold substance, her entire body felt warm. Trixie's touch almost felt electric.

"Untie it", Katya said after a while, referring to her bikini top. Trixie obeyed wordlessly, untying the top so that it would completely expose Katya if she turned around. The barbie's nimble fingers gravitated closer and closer to the Russian's tits, still rubbing the creme in.


And Katya did. Turning her body under Trixie so that she was facing her. The doll let out a content sigh at the sight before her, and poured out some more sunscreen into her hand. Katya's chest was burning hot when her hands made contact with it, and Trixie felt herself get aroused as she realized the compromising situation they found themselves in. A harsh breath was drawn by Katya when her nipples were touched by Trixie's palms. Katya's hands were gripping Trixie's thighs.

"Cheeky today, babydoll?"

Trixie giggled and shrugged in response. When she was done with the creme she grabbed the bikini top from under Katya to re-tie it for her, but was stopped.

"Tan lines babe. I'll just go without it", Katya said with a grin.

"But then everyone will see what's mine", she protested with a pout.

"I'm pretty sure my body is mine baby."

"Not when I'm the one who makes you cum", Trixie growled into her ear before getting off of Katya and laying down on her sunbed. Out of instinct, their hands found each other across the space between them, and grasped onto each other. The sun beamed down onto them, making the sunscreen glisten on Trixie's body. Katya could not take her eyes off of her. The doll fumbled a bit with turning the page on the book since she did not want to let go of Katya's hand. When the leaf flipped she grinned contently, proud of her minor accomplishment. And Katya's love for her grew.


"God baby. You're the most perfect person I've ever met."

Katya trailed her hands down Trixie's abdomen, circling around her breasts and playfully pinching her nipples. The doll let out a sigh, pulling her girlfriend into a kiss and grabbed her hand and pushed it down towards her pussy.

"Please Kitty", she whined.

"Shh, baby. I'll take care of you."

She slipped two fingers into her with no resistance, Trixie's wetness almost dripping out of her. Immediately she attached her mouth to Trixie's clit, giving small licks. She went faster, and plunged another finger into Trixie, earning a heavy moan in return. The doll's hands found Katya's tits and began roughly groping them, making the Russian pause her movements for a second before going faster than earlier.

"Shit mama, I'm gonna cum! Can I please?"

"Of course baby girl, come for me, my love", Katya replied, and in an instant Trixie was cumming, releasing onto Katya's fingers and tongue. She pulled out with a grin and looked up at Trixie, who was coming down to earth again. For a second she felt like she was one of the stars in the sky.

"Thank you, my love."


Trixie and Katya were laying in bed after reaching their highs together. The doll could tell that Katya was off. She did not know why, but she was. She knew Katya better than anyone else, probably better than she knew herself. They were open books with each other. If one of them was mad they would talk about it calmly, never raising their voices about each other. Trixie can count on one hand the amount of times that she had made Katya cry. Most recently, was when the Russian was stressed about school work and wanted to talk about it with Trixie. But she wanted to wait until the next morning and not go to bed stressed. Katya got up to leave and started crying out of frustration, small sniffles making themselves heard. A faint "why are you being so mean" was whispered into the night.

And Trixie still swears that her heart broke.

They had talked right after that and the doll comforted her girlfriend. The next day she cried twice thinking about it.

"What's wrong baby?", she asked after a few minutes of silence. Katya looked at her with confusion laced with shock. As though she would not think that Trixie would catch her in her sadness.

"Nothing, nothing."

And Trixie left it at that. Not pushing, just waiting patiently. If Katya wanted to talk, she would. She will. And sure enough:


"Yes, my angel?"

"When did you know you loved me?", she asked, nuzzling her head into Trixie's neck further.

"Oh... okay then baby girl, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I just want to know", she mumbled, playing with the rings on Trixie's nimble fingers.

"There was one moment. A long time ago, before you said it out loud. I think it was early October before the video leaked. I had just had a fight with Pearl, Dory, and Kim about something that seemed really big then but is insignificant now obviously since I can't even remember what it was about. Anyways. I remember the exact conversation. I said Katya, you're my only friend now. And you said You're my only friend Trixie. And I scoffed and said That's not true. And then you kissed me and said No, it's not. But if it was, I'd be just as happy. And that's when I knew that I loved you."

Trixie stared deeply into her girlfriend's eyes which were on the verge of watering. Katya's arms were tightly wrapped around her body as though she was afraid that Trixie would run away. Moments like this, although few and although somber, were some of Trixie's favorites. Being able to see the usually cheery, feisty, and full-of-energy, Katya in a state of vulnerability was reassuring.

She was pulled out from her thoughts as Katya laid light kisses on her cheek and jaw, gradually making her way down Trixie's warm and ready body.

"Round two?"

"Let's play truth or dare!", Adore exclaimed after finishing Clueless. Katya did not care much for the movie, but she did care greatly for her girlfriend mouthing along to every line of it. She caught herself several times staring at Trixie and grinning so widely her cheeks hurt. She was so in love that it felt almost stupid.

Violet and Pearl tried to excuse themselves from the group to do... other things, but Adore refused to let them leave, and one knows that if you fuck with Adore Delano you fuck with Bianca Del Rio. And you do not want to fuck with Bianca Del Rio.

"Okay, who wants to start?"

"Well surely it should be you Adore since you suggested it", Violet replied, annoyed. Pearl grabbed ahold of her hand and gently drew circles onto her palm. You could almost see the tension disappear from Violet, and a smile formed in place of her previous frown.

"Mkay, I'll go. Nai nai, truth or dare?"


"Who's your hall pass?", she asked eagerly, and Kim looked at her with a warning look.

"I am fully devoted to Kimberly Chi and would never have sex with anyone else. Except Cate Blanchett", she replied, and earned a gasp from Kim and laughs from the rest.

"Okay, Naomi your turn."

"Hm. Katya truth or dare?"


"What's the best gift you've ever gotten from Trixie", Naomi asked, and 'oooo's went around the room.

"Well obviously her massive tits that I get to suck on. Just kidding, just kidding. The best present Trixie has ever gotten me is herself. Her personality, generosity, love. Oh and music of course!"

Some aw's were expressed and Violet and Kim fake gagged. But Trixie, Trixie was beaming at her. In the background they could here the game continuing, Pearl being dared to sit in Kim's lap for the rest of the game, but Trixie and Katya were sitting still, staring at each other. And both thought:

I can't wait to marry this woman one day.

Chapter Text

Black was an unusual color on Trixie. Staring at herself in the mirror it was hard to recognize the woman standing in the dark, heavy, robe, with a black cap adorning her long blonde locks. To Trixie, it was almost impossible to believe that she was graduating. Three long years of hard work and dedication. Not to mention the fact that she had quickly gotten promoted at her job at the MAC counter in Macy's. Now, she worked longer shifts than ever and often had to crash on Pearl's couch since it was closer than her own. She absolutely adored her job, contrary to popular belief. Being able to do something that she is good at was incredibly rewarding, and it also helped her tremendously with her fashion and artistry classes at school that she had picked up.

Trixie twirled a strand of her hair that was out of place and pulled it back to where it lay perfectly.

"You look beautiful, barbie."

Katya leaned against the doorframe with her arms crossed, looking at her girlfriend through the mirror. Black was more flattering on Katya, and that was a known fact. It fit the mysterious yet sexy demeanor that Trixie fell for. But still, looking at her in the college administered cap and gown it was unfamiliar yet validating. Trixie knew that her girlfriend would graduate. There was no doubt about it. But she was overwhelmed with pride that Katya had done it- and kept Trixie around for the ride.

Trixie and Katya have been together for three years now when they are graduating, and they are doing better than ever. Everyone around them makes fun of them for being so close, basically joined at the hip every second of the day, but it is all in good fun. Everyone knows that Trixie and Katya are Trixie and Katya. And no one wants anything else.

Their friendship group has obviously had highs and lows as groups do, but like Trixie and Katya, everyone is doing better than ever. A few months ago, Kim and Naomi got engaged. They both knew they were young, but after six years together they decided to make it "official official".

"Hey everyone, listen up!", Kim yelled as Naomi tapped a fork against her wine glass. The friend group had Saturday brunch every week now that people were busy working or studying in their last year of university. It was nice to have time with everyone together. 

Everyone went silent and gave their undivided attention to the head of the table where Naomi and Kim were standing. 

"So we have an announcement!"

"Have you finally decided to shut up indefinitely?", Katya replied with a smirk and Trixie elbowed her, attempting to hold back her laugh but failing. 

"Are you going to leave us alone, indefinitely?", Bianca retorted, and Katya laughed loudly and high five her across the table.

"Well that was a nice introduction", Kim deadpanned but smiled at the two girls. 

"Let's not drag this out. Me, Naomi Smalls, and this woman next to me, Kimberly Chi, are engaged!"

Gasps and excited squeals erupted around the table and soon applause rang around the room. Everyone was congratulating them and expressing their love for the girls.

Now, in a few months, Kim and Naomi are having their wedding, and have been stressing out about planning the wedding. Trixie could not wait for her own. 

Adore and Bianca are still together and are going strong. The two are polar opposites but really bring out a new side of each of the girls, and everyone in the group is appreciative of it. Adore is producing music and is now learning the drums, much to her girlfriend's ears' dismay. Bianca has become (as suspected), a famous fashion designer in America and recently had a collection showed in New York fashion week. Both Pearl and Violet walked in it, and they were almost immediately scouted.

Pearl and Violet broke up after a year together, but have remained best friends since. Violet has a girlfriend named Fame, and Pearl has one named Courtney. They go on double dates together all the time and have made it a staple to watch the worst-rated movies on rotten tomatoes, together. 

Along with all of the original girls, the group has merged together with Monet, Bob, and Brianna who they all grew closer to during the past few years. Trixie loves talking about fashion with Brianna who has a similar style to her, and Monet and Bob have joined Katya, Bianca, and Kim's constant Rolodex of hate that they spew, and one can often find them in the cafeteria laughing loudly at playful insults thrown at each other. 

Trixie leaned back into Katya's gentle embrace, laying her head on her shoulder. They swayed slowly to the vinyl Trixie had put on. "Everybody Loves Somebody" by Dean Martin echoed through the room, and the Russian placed a light kiss on the corner of the doll's mouth. Something fuzzy touched Trixie's calf, and she shrieked loudly, looking down in horror, before laughing and picking Tabitha up and cradling her against her chest.

"Tabitha don't do that, you scared mommy!", she said, giggling at the cat's soft purrs.

"Jesus, baby, you scared the living shit out of me", Katya exclaimed, pushing the doll playfully.

"Don't do that! I'm holding my baby!", Trixie replied, once again leaning against Katya. 

"Our baby, Trixabelle. I'm so proud of you baby. I'm so so so proud of you", Katya whispered into the room, feeling tears well up in her eyes. Seeing Trixie succeed was an unexplainable feeling. Seeing the person you love the most get the recognition they deserve is all good things at once. The smell of rain, cloud gazing, bicycle rides, art museums. Every good feeling at once. 

"Aw honey, don't cry!", Trixie said, turning to face Katya and putting Tabitha down on the floor. A tight hug soon engulfed Katya, and she giggled through sniffles. 

"You're my favorite person, you know that right?", she continued.

"You're my favorite person too. I love you so much, princess."


The ceremony was... ceremonious? Sure. Graduation is difficult to describe. You have been in school for basically your entire life, and now what? It is over. Life goes on. But without tests, grades, teachers, security. You are alone. Then what?

Family. Family stays. 

Trixie's dad did not show up at her graduation. Neither did her mom. Having a family is difficult. You can be completely different people with completely different goals and lifestyles. But yet you are expected to get along because biology says so. But family can be chosen. And that is Trixie's case. Alma was there, cheering her on with a little pride flag in her hand, giving Trixie more than she could have ever asked for. 

And Katya. Katya had her family. Trixie, Violet, Bianca. All the new ones have now become a constant. For some reason or another, everything seemed to fall into place. That is why, when she received an email from an art studio in London offering her a job, it seemed like everything spun 180°. 

It would be selfish to leave her friends behind right? How could she do that? After everything, they have gone through together. Would Katya just leave? No, right? 

London. A dream, really. One so many people dream of. And now, here was a perfect opportunity to make it come true. Walking along the streets in the winter, looking at the lights illuminating the sky. Finding vintage lesbian literature in antique bookshops. 

But Trixie. Her Trixie. The one person she would die for. The one person she would give it all up for. But could she really give this up? Long-distance could work. Not really- It could. But would Trixie accept that? Trixie with her need for cuddles. Need to be babied when she has a hint of a cold. Her Trixie. 

"Hey, Trixie."

"What's up, baby?"

Deep breaths. In, out. Trixie looked up from her notebook and set her guitar to the side. She patted the space on the sofa next to her, urging Katya to sit down. But the Russian made no effort to move. In, out. 

"Is everything oka-"

"I got a job offering in London. A- a job at an art studio. I- yeah."

"Oh, my god baby! London! Oh, that will be great! Maybe we can get one of those old-timey places, you know like a house somewhere. We will probably not be able to afford it though, so we'll have to find an apartment first and then save up. OH! And we can go to old bookshops where they sell you know like old lesbian literature that we can stay up late reading, and OH! Drink hot chocolate during winter with Christmas lights and go to parks every day! Oh, Kats, this is so exciting I-"


Trixie freezes and whips her head to look at Katya who has remained in her spot the entire time. Her eyes slightly gaze, and her mouth ajar. The doll felt herself grow panicked. Was this when they break up? Had Katya been waiting for an opportunity to find an excuse to break up with her? And why was she not saying anything? Doing anything? Holy shit I think I am going to die.

Katya could see Trixie tense up. Her body language alluded to an anxiety attack, something the doll often went through during stressful situations. They had become more sporadic the past few months, but it was clear to Katya that she was about to have one. 

The Russian took a step towards the doll making her stand up from the couch and back away instantly.

"Okay baby, I won't touch you, princess. Trixie will you look at me please?"

"Do- Did you not- are you going to break up with me?"

"NO! NO! No, princess, I'm just shocked! Do you really want to go with me? I told them I would have to think about it because I will never go without you."

"Katya. I'll follow you wherever you go", she said, surprised that Katya would ever think Trixie would stay without her. 


Katya walked over to Trixie and asked for permission to hug her, which was immediately granted. The familiar smell of cherries and cigarettes calming Trixie at once.

"Yes, baby! I'll start sending in some demos to labels to see if I can find someone who will produce my music there. London baby. I'm so happy!"

"I love you so much, Beatrice."

"I love you so much, Yekaterina."



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