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As Trixie carefully made her way up the graveled path up to her father's mansion she immediately regretted having chosen heels. Her usual white gogo boots were now a 3-inch white stiletto, which made it difficult to navigate up the path. Sure, she was just meeting her dad, but she could not help but be intimidated by the man. They had not been close for many years, and although they communicated through money, she knew that any misstep could strip that away in an instant. Having leverage by being two inches taller than him made her feel emulated power. 

It was the end of the term. Trixie and Katya had been together for ten months at this point, and they were doing great. They were practically joined at the hip and happier than ever. The barbie's grades had skyrocketed with Katya's help, and now she had all A's and B's. They studied together before each test, but Trixie always took initiative and had gotten where she was by her own willpower. She did it for herself of course, but she knew that her old habits would remain if she had not met the Russian. I do it for her. For herself. For her. 

She knocked tentatively on the large wooden door which had always been unnecessary, something made clear as the door was pushed open with so much difficulty that Trixie had to aid. She was met by her father's maid whom she had known her entire life. When her mother left and her father stopped talking to her, Alma was the only one she had left. 

"Alma!", she exclaimed and hugged the shorter woman tightly.

"Trixie, you've grown so tall", she said equally as cheery in her Swedish accent that Trixie had become so accustomed to. Just the sound of it alone could make her cry.

"I've missed you, Alma, I haven't seen you in forever!"

"I missed you too Trixie! Do you still remember everything I've taught you?"

"Of course! Okay, let me see... som man bäddar får man ligga?", Trixie replied, shamefully aware of her strong accent.

"Wonderful, my dear. I expect that you still listen to ABBA?"

"Of course! Dolly is still my favorite, but My Love, My Life is still one of my favorite songs in the world", Trixie said, reminiscing of when Alma would sing her to sleep on those days nightmares overtook her dreams.

"Ah, then I have succeeded as a swede. How are you dear? Have you grown out of your bad habits yet", the older woman questioned with a smirk.

"I'm doing very well actually! My grades are up and I have a gi-partner now so that's good."

"Ah! That's so exciting! When can I meet her?"

"Her? How- How did you know?"

"A mother always knows, dear", Alma replied, pulling the doll in for a hug as tears started falling.

"Her name is Katya. She's my roommate and the one meant to tutor me."

"I'm so so happy for you, Trixie. I must get to meet her soon?"

"Of course! I'll introduce you-"

"Beatrice", a loud voice echoed through the front hall making the two women freeze up and almost jump away from each other. Even though Alma had been like a mother to Trixie, she was still just a maid to her dismissive father.

"I want to meet with you in my office", he demanded and made his way towards the room with a timid Trixie following closely behind.


"So. Your grades have gone up significantly."

"Yes, all A's and B's", she replied, trying to not smile, knowing that vulnerability was a flaw according to her dad.

"Mhm. I expect that those will all be A's by the time of your graduation", he replied, instantly making Trixie tense up with sadness.

"Anyway. Since you've raised your grades there is no need for your tutor. I'm firing her today, and she'll move out of the apartment as soon as possible."

"WHAT? NO! Absolutely not that- no Katya is staying with me", she exclaimed in shock, standing up abruptly.

"Sit down Beatrice. There is no reason for you to be living with this girl since she's not useful anymore."

"Katya is staying. Point blank period. She is staying with me".

"Why? What is your motivation", he questioned, clearly aggravated to have been stood up against so many times. The barbie took a deep breath before speaking calmly. 

"Katya and I are in a relationship. She is my girlfriend. Of ten months."

"No. Not happening. I will not have a DYKE for a daughter. You're breaking up immediately", he exclaimed, clearly enraged. Trixie was taken back at the man's blatant homophobia. Even though she had never formally come out to anyone other than her friends, who obviously took it extremely well, she had not prepared to be such a disappointment to her father. Their fury was equally matched.

"You do NOT get to speak to me that way! I'm your daughter for christ's sake!"

"You're no daughter of mine Beatrice, not unless you decide to leave your sinful choices behind. I'll give you a choice. Me, or Katya? Choose me, all this will be forgotten. Choose her? You'll be cut off", he stated, standing up to match Trixie's eye level.



The scent of garlic was strong in the apartment, almost making Katya's mouth salivate. Trixie had been called into a meeting with her father a few hours ago, and she had not been in contact with her since. Obviously, the Russian had texted her, but the doll had not answered which she paid no attention to, guessing that she was just busy. As per usual, she was making dinner for them both. She opted for some teriyaki tofu with rice which was one of their favorites. Even though they usually only made fancy dinner on date nights or on weekends, today felt like a good day to make something nice for them both.

She smiled as she thought of Trixie. She was truly the best person in Katya's life. Her favorite person. Without her girlfriend, she would not know what to do with herself. Their love for each other was strong enough to cross any obstacle. To cross any river. They could do it. Together.

As she was adding the soy sauce, the door flung open and Trixie entered in a swirl, immediately running into Katya's room and burying her face in the pillow on the bed, ignoring the Russian.

Katya left her for a minute, knowing her well enough that the doll would need a moment alone before trying to talk to her. As soon as she heard Trixie's loud muffled sobs, she felt her heart rip out of her heart making her immediately rush towards the bedroom.

A shy knock awoke Trixie from her sadness, making her mumble a quiet 'come in' to the Russian who wrapped her arms around the barbie, her embrace filled with love and care. Katya knew about Trixie's strained relationship with her father, and it made her extremely worried for her.

"What's wrong my love? What did he say", she questioned making Trixie sob harder and hold onto her tighter. Katya felt her own tears begin to fall as the empathy for her girlfriend became overwhelming.

"He- h-he t-told me to choo-se", she choked out, barely audible.

"Sorry, baby girl, I can't understand you. What did you say?"

Trixie cleared her voice and sit up. This could go one of two ways. Now it was just finding out. 

"He told me to choose between you and him", she stated clearly, making Katya visibly tense up.

"Oh... W-what did you say?"

"I said that it was the easiest choice I'll ever make."

The pause seemed never-ending. It seemed detrimental, distrusting, destructive. Katya's breath was fully held at this point. She knew that if she did not fuel her body with oxygen within the next five seconds she would probably faint. Her stomach was in a knot. It is something she always heard as a child. How do you feel? Like your stomach's in a knot?. She was always fascinated by the expression. How did it work? Was it the large intestine that tied itself together? Surely the small intestine, since it's so much longer.

Now that she was feeling it, it was not as fun anymore. Her cheeks had been soaked completely, having cried for the longevity of the conversation. Why would Trixie wait? It's bad news surely. Just fucking spit it out. But why were the corners of her mouth slightly turned up? Happy news? Or was Trixie actually a sociopath who wanted to see Katya suffer.

"I told him that I choose Katya over anyone else any day of my life."

Katya sobbed. Louder than she ever had before. Her body had fallen down with the sudden heaviness off of her shoulders. Trixie chose her. Katya. No, she must be lying. But she isn't. 

"Baby- how- why- are you serious?", she questioned through cries, making the barbie smile at her.

"Katya. You're the love of my life. The love that I've been seeking, looking for for so long. My father's and I's relationship has gone beyond repair for so long now. And I don't care that he cut me off. I have inherited money. I can get a job! Maybe two? We can afford it, baby, it'll be fine, I'm sorry", she said with an equal amount of sorrow and excitement in her tone. Katya looked up at her with red, puffy, eyes. 

"Trixie I love you with all of my heart. Of course, we'll make it! I'll find a better job, we'll pay rent, we'll be fine. As long as I'm with you I'll be the happiest I'll ever be. Even if we live under a fucking bridge I'll be happy."

"God, when did we get so sappy, kitty? All we seem to do is cry", she giggled, making Katya wheeze. 

"C'mon Trixabelle, let's eat. I've made teriyaki tofu!"



"Hey, kitty? What are you doing for summer?", she asked with a mouth stuffed with rice. 

"I want to go to France. I, Bianca, and Violet have been planning to for a while, but I don't wanna go without you. So I guess I'm going wherever you're going. If you'll let me."

"You want me to go to France with you", she asked excitedly, putting down her bowl and chopsticks on the coffee table.

"Yes! Let's explore Trixabelle", she replied pulling Trixie in for a hug, who squealed at her and pushed her down onto the sofa and laid on top of her, kissing her hastily. 

"I love you, Kats."

"I love you too, my dearest darling doll."