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Beatrice Elizabeth Mattel was spoiled. There was no easier way to put it.

Growing up she had anything and everything she wanted, courtesy of her father who was the top lawyer in the state of New York, and maybe all of America.

If Trixie wanted new shoes? She would be wearing them within the next hour. A new baby pink jeep to match Cher's from Clueless? You would see the same car speeding down the street the same week. Move to New York because little old Milwaukee was too little and too old for miss Beatrice? Private jet the next month.

Trixie had everything she could ask for, except one thing- love. As cheesy as it may sound, Trixie just wanted someone to love her. When her mother abandoned her as a three-year-old, her father became a shell of who he once was. Although Trixie doesn't have any clear memories of her childhood, she remembered the feeling. Cuddling up with her parents on their large sofa to watch Disney movies after a long day at the playground, or dressing up as a nurse to plaster on bandaids on fake scars that had been poorly drawn on her father's legs with a red felt-tip marker. She could recall the feeling of love that had abandoned her along with her mother.

Her father dove into work after Valarie left. Waking up at 5 am and coming home at midnight, just to utter a faint "goodnight" if Trixie was still awake listening to Dolly Parton. Trixie knew that her dad was avoiding her on purpose. She reminded him too much of Valarie, that every time he saw his daughter his heart shattered once more.

Trixie had gotten used to the loneliness and had replaced her family with designer shoes, purses, and dresses. The days spent on the playground had been substituted with partying every night and making out with every single boy she could find. She was adored in New York and she knew it. From the outside, she had a perfect life. Hundreds of friends, hundreds of lovers, and hundreds of dollars.

But after all, she just wanted to be loved.