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Ice Melting Fire

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A quiet whimper escaped the lips of a lone body laid out on a king size bed, darkness covered the room, only the lights from the city below illuminating the silhouette tangled in the sheets. A hand came from under the blanket that was half wrapped around the wearer, reaching for their head. Green eyes slowly fluttered open at the sound of a needy sigh escaping from their own lips. Asami ran her hand from her forehead down her face, wiping away the thin layer of sweat in the process.

The omega had awoken from a unnaturally vivid dream to a warm sensation in the pit of her stomach, her underwear already becoming damp. The air in her lungs already heavy under all the arousal pheromones her body had been pumping out, her body temperature rising despite the cool breeze coming from the open windows in her room.

Wide eyes stared up at the ceiling when she felt another ping of arousal shoot down her spine going straight to her core, causing another needy whine to escape her lips.

Oh no.” Asami thought, immediately shooting up from her spot in her bed, the blanket falling gracefully off of her lean body into her lap. She rolled to her left, throwing her legs over the edge of the bed to frantically dig through her nightstand drawer, frantically shaking through empty pill bottle after pill bottle.

“I swear I still had some left over. Why are all these fucking empty?!” She spoke to the empty room, panic evident in her voice as the thought rose in her head of spending another heat cycle without any suppressants. Tossing another empty bottle back into the drawer, her eyes met the clock on the nightstand table as she clutched the nightgown that clung to her stomach.


“She might still be up.” Asami reached for her phone next to the clock and dialed a number in her contacts, listening to the line ring a couple times before the owner of the phone picked up.

“Hello….” Opal answered the phone groggily.

“Please tell me you have some suppressants.” Asami hurried out, biting the inside of her cheek to hold back another needy moan from escaping her lips. Her heat was creeping up on her hold onto reality quickly and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could fight the urge to shove her hand into her underwear.

“Asami… Is that you? What’s going on?” Opal said sleep slowly abandoning her voice being replaced with worry.

“I started my heat early Op and I haven’t been able to pick up my refill yet. Please tell me you have some extras.” The omega all but whimpered into the phone, hating how desperate she sounded. She heard some shuffling over the phone from what sounded like Opal getting out of bed and drawers opening and slamming shut. Asami let out a sigh of release she didn’t even realize she was holding in when she heard the fellow omega shake a pill bottle into the receiver end of the phone.

“You’re lucky I just got some more and I’m not due to get mine for a few more weeks. But I’m not leaving the house this late, I’ll send V out to you, so relax.” Asami flushed at the thought of an Alpha seeing her in such a disheveled state. What is Kuvira going to think of her when she sees her usually put together, professional attire, now flustered and desperate for an alpha, desperate to be filled.

“You know Sams,” Opal stated bringing Asami from her embarrassing thoughts. “If you found yourself an alpha to help you take care of your heat, you could sate it in a couple of days, be done with it, and it could be quite fulfilling.”

Asami tightened her hand on the front of her nightgown that threatened to slip under said garment to take care of herself right then and there before Kuvira could even make it to her. “Opal.” Asami groaned out trying to sound more annoyed than turned on in her state of arousal. “Can we talk about this when I’m not in heat? P- Please.” The last part coming out in a slight whimper.

Opal let out a hopeless chuckle at her friend's miserable state. “Alright alright. Don’t be so needy. I think she’s still out having drinks with Korra and the boys, I’ll call her to come get a couple pills and bring them to you.”

“Thank you, Opal. Please tell V I owe her big time for this.” Asami just heard a quiet hum in acknowledgement and a good night before the omega hung up on her.




The sound of the door quietly clicking shut behind Korra was the only thing heard as she made her way through the dark quiet apartment, shoving the spare keys Kuvira had given her into her jeans front pocket. They had just finished last call at the nearby bar they usually attended for Friday night drinks when Opal had called her mate to tell her that Asami had started her heat early and she needed to come home and take some suppressants to the omega right now.

Kuvira begrudgingly did as her omega said, but not without convincing Korra to take them to Asami. Kuvira being the conniving alpha she was managed to rouse Korra to go in her place, using her knowledge of Korra’s crush on Asami against her. Korra reluctantly agreed to take them, claiming that she was just going to be in and out of Asami’s apartment before she could even see the omega. There was no way she was going to allow herself to get wrapped up in dealing with an omega in heat, especially her best friend.

As Korra walked through the seemingly empty apartment looking for a certain omega, she decided that swiftly dropping into the apartment was becoming no longer an option for her. It started off faint, right at the doorway, just the hint of lavender and jasmine called to her, sending a shiver down her back. Her nostrils immediately flared, pupils blown out and her mouth was instantly dry as the scent of omega arousal flooded her senses and got stronger as she made her way through the apartment. Even though she had been in Asami’s apartment plenty of times and knew exactly where to go, the alpha in her guided her to the room where the omega was, each step sending a shockwave of arousal straight to her already shifting clit.

The alpha stopped in front of Asami’s door that was slightly ajar, her hand tightly clutching around the small bag that held the pills in her pocket, the front of her pants tightening at the sight before her. Asami was laying on her stomach face shoved into a pillow, her nightgown was shifted up exposing her toned stomach, a frantic hand was shoved in her underwear and the hand she could see was gripping tightly to her bedsheets. Korra audibly growled when she heard a needy moan escape those perfect plump lips, grabbing at the front of her jeans to try to readjust her bulge that was growing with every passing second she stood there watching the omega.

Korra gave the door three quiet knocks before slowly pushing it open, like she could be modest in a situation like this. She could barely make out the sliver of green in the omega’s eyes, they were completely blown out, Asami gazed finding her icy blues almost instantly in the dark room.

Expecting to be yelled at and turned away, Korra was surprised when she saw Asami calmly remove her hand from inside herself as she rolled onto her back and onto her feet, her intense green eyes never breaking Korra’s gaze.

Despite being caught in a compromised position, the thought of being embarrassed was the furthest thing from Asami’s clouded mind. Korra walking in with her fingers knuckle deep inside of herself only adding on the fuel to her arousal, especially when she caught a glimpse of the growing bulge that Korra was trying to cover up.

“What are you doing here Korra?” Asami barely managed to breathe out as she made her way across the room to where Korra was standing frozen, using every ounce of self-control she could muster up together just to not shove this alpha against her bedroom wall and have her way with her. Her inner omega instincts screaming at her to do anything with this fine alpha at her mercy. To bend over, to submit and be bred by Korra after she caught a whiff of her dominating scent that seemed to be commanding to her and only her. Korra’s scent, normally smelling like the cool winter air after freshly fallen snow and pine, calm and soothing, right now she smelled like a powerful tsunami that just ripped through a city and was trying to tame the fire in Asami’s core.

“Opal called. Heat. Suppressants.” Were the only words Korra was able to form out of her mouth, like words felt weird in her mouth, Asami’s heat was obviously affecting her ability to form any real sentence. Her jaw snapped shut to prevent the growl that seeped its way deep into her throat when Asami took another step closer, slowly eliminating the space between them.

Asami looked down at the bag Korra was holding onto for her dear life and took it in her own hand, examining it amusingly before she tossed it across the room. Korra took a step back once Asami redirected her gaze back onto her, those green eyes blown out from the pure lust swimming behind them. Korra felt paralyzed under the hungry gaze Asami had over her, any rational thoughts she may have had about her getting out of there was completely gone.

“Asami. What are…” Korra whispered out, backing up until her back was pinned against the wall under the gaze of the omega. She felt her body stiffen as Asami took another step forward, closing the gap between them again until the omega’s front was pressed against Korra’s as she nuzzled her nose into the alphas neck, inhaling her scent.

“You smell so good Korra.” Asami moaned against Korra’s neck, brushing her lips against the soft bronze skin right against her pulse point, grinning to herself when she heard Korra basically whimper under her touch.

Asami felt a bit of pride being able to make such a strong and powerful alpha shutter under her touch, the way she had Korra shivering as she ran her delicate fingers under Korra’s shirt. Lightly grazing her fingertips across those incredibly defined abs that laid there.

“We really shouldn’t Asami.” Korra huffed out, turning her head away from Asami as she continued to softly nip at the side of her neck. “It’s just your heat talking.” Korra bit her bottom lip to hold back a moan as Asami started to suck on the skin right below her ear.

“It’s not just my heat talking. I've wanted you for so long, Korra.” Asami whispered in Korra’s ear, biting down on her lobe after. She splayed her hands open under Korra’s shirt and lightly dragged her fingernails down the skin towards the top of her jeans. “I need an alpha.”

Asami gasped as rough hands gripped her shoulders and slammed her back against the wall that she just had Korra pinned against. The alpha’s whole demeaner changing from being almost submissive to Asami to now the omega feeling like she was the prey under Korra’s predatory gaze. The alpha’s face mere inches from Asami’s, she could barely see the snarl that Korra was trying to holding back.

“Asami, I won’t be able to hold back.” Korra growled out leaning her forehead against the omegas, her hands trailing from her shoulders to grip onto Asami’s hips, pulling them flushed against her as she started grinding her bulge against Asami’s thigh.

“Then don’t hold back.” Asami moaned out wrapping both her arms around Korra’s broad shoulders, bringing her closer to her. The heavy pulsing that woke her up in the middle of the night between her legs was now unbearable as Korra continued to grind her hips against hers. “Make me yours. Please.”

At that, Korra surged forward, claiming her lips in a brutal kiss. It tasted like fire and Korra had no intention of dousing this flame anytime soon. Asami kissed back hard, accepting everything Korra had unleashed on her without hesitation. Korra thrust her tongue pass Asami’s lips, delving into the warmth of the omega’s mouth, earning a throaty moan from the latter as soon as their tongues met.

Asami relished in the feeling of this alpha claiming her mouth as if it was her own, one of her hands sliding through Korra’s short choppy hair and gripping it tightly. She caught Korra’s bottom lip in between her teeth and tugged on it roughly until she got the alpha’s attention. When Korra’s icy eyes finally focused on her, she drew back, both of them panting for air.

“Fuck, I need this off you now.” Asami panted out as her hands gripped on to the hem of Korra’s shirt and pulled it over her head, tossing it somewhere on her bedroom floor, leaving Korra in a sports bra.

Korra gripped the back of Asami’s soft plush thighs as she lifted her legs off the ground, Asami moaned at the alpha’s showcase of strength, immediately wrapping her legs around her waist, slender fingers trailing the muscles along her shoulder blades. She pressed Asami further against the wall, pressing her shaft right in between her center, even behind a layer of Asami’s own underwear and her jeans, she could feel the warmth radiating there.

Once Asami felt that bulge directly on her core, she couldn’t help but grind her hips onto the offending appendage. She threw her head back against the wall when Korra equally matched her grinding, gripping the back of her thighs harder, pulling her legs tighter around her waist. She let out a throaty moan when she felt Korra’s mouth on her neck, sucking hungrily. “Please Korra, I need more.” She tugged aggressively on the straps of Korra’s sport bra to try to pry her away from her neck and direct her somewhere else.

Korra reluctantly groaned in agreement as she pushed off the wall, keeping her hands still firmly underneath Asami’s thighs and her lips still sealed on the base of her neck as she walked them to Asami’s bed. When she felt the edge of the bed hit her kneecaps, she lowered the omega on her back, staring down at this disheveled goddess before her. Her usually gorgeous tamed mane was wildly splayed-out underneath her, her swollen lips slightly parted and panting, those green eyes darkened with lust. “Fuck you’re so beautiful ‘Sami.” Korra whimpered out at the sight, her hands hurriedly pulling off her sports bra and going for the belt on her jeans.

Slender fingers swatted Korra’s hands away, she was so busy fumbling with her belt, she hadn’t taken notice of Asami approaching the edge of the bed on her hands and knees. “Allow me.” Asami muttered out, raising an eyebrow to look at the girl above her.

Taking the belt buckle out of Korra’s hands and unclasping it with ease, followed by the sound of her jeans zipper being pulled down her front, never breaking the heated gaze they shared. Asami purred in approval as she lowered the alpha’s jeans inch by inch until the omega could see her prize, only the thin material of Korra’s boxer briefs keeping her from achieving it.

Asami’s breath ghosted across the cloth and Korra’s cock twitched behind the material, she could hear the alpha whining above as she trailed her fingers up the front of strong thighs. Her fingertips flirted with the outline of the shaft, just barely stroking it. She could feel Korra trying to shove her cock into Asami’s hand, but another slim hand on the alpha’s hip kept her in place for the omega’s teasing.

“Asami.” Korra growled the name out, short and louder than anything else she had said that evening. Her reaction made Asami all but outright purr, her thighs rubbing together at the sudden rush of heat. She planted a less than innocent kiss on the clothed tip in front of her before slowly pulling the alpha’s boxers down to reveal it.


Asami gasped when Korra’s length bobbed in front of her face from being released from the confides of her underwear. She swallowed, her mouth suddenly full of saliva at the sight of Korra’s lovely tanned cock, with a flared, pink-tinged tip, and sculpted veins that ran down the impressive length. Primitive thoughts filled the omega’s brain as she bit her bottom lip staring at the cock that was mere inches from her face.




Asami placed one of her hands on the lower abdomen muscle of the alpha and slowly ran her hand down to the base of her cock. Korra hissed as slender pale fingers wrapped around the base and started to pump her length at an excruciating slow rate. Rough fingers ran through Asami’s dark mane, slowly and deliberately grabbing a handful of the dark waves, pulling her head up to look at her controller.

“Don’t tease me, omega.” Korra growled out, pulling Asami’s face closer to her length, the tip just grazing those soft plump lips.

“Yes, alpha.” Asami moaned out against Korra’s forwardness. She gripped Korra’s length tighter and lowered her mouth over the head. She whimpered around the tip, rolling her tongue over and around, lapping up the precum at the slit. All she could think about, all she cared about, was getting more of that addictive flavor.

Korra threw her head back as Asami took her cock into her mouth, gripping the back of the omega’s head to urge her to take more of her cock into her mouth. She wasn’t disappointed when Asami took several more inches into her mouth, letting the head nudge the back of her throat causing Korra’s eyes to roll into the back of her head.

She wanted the omega to choke on it, swallow it, take it as far as she could down her throat. With full control in her hand, Korra wrapped the long black hair around her palm and eased Asami off her length, she smirked as Asami looked up at her with an almost pout on her lips.

“Holy shit...” Korra mumbled, her mouth feeling dry as she licked her lips. She let go of Asami’s hair for just a moment, so she could brush the woman’s hair that had fallen over her eyes and give herself a better view. “You look so fucking hot like this. Hold still, I want to fuck your mouth.”

Asami out right moaned and offered no resistance as Korra threaded her fingers back through her black wavy locks. With both her hands on the back of the omega’s head, all of Korra’s self-control snapped as she thoroughly fucked her throat. Asami moaned with pleasure around her cock, letting herself go limp in Korra’s hands as she started to pump her hips into her face, unrestrained.

In all her past hook ups, Asami had never had someone be so aggressive with her, always treating her like a delicate flower they couldn’t break, a precious CEO they so much couldn’t lay a hand on. Even Korra was always so sweet and such a gentleman whenever they hung out, yet here she was now, gripping the back of her head like her life depended on it as she fucked her throat relentlessly. She was exactly the type of alpha Asami wanted, no needed. Her inner walls clinched around emptiness, jealous at the onslaught her throat was getting.

The omega spread her thighs wider, her fingers slipping past her nightgown and feeling the slick that coated her thighs, her underwear was completely destroyed at this point. She wasted no time sliding her panties to the side, spreading herself open and pushing two fingers as deep inside her as she could go.

A sudden rough thrust made Asami's eyes roll back in her head and choke as the alpha’s length entered the back of her throat again and an embarrassing amount of wet coated her fingers, dripping onto her bed sheet below her.

“Mine. Mine. Mine.” Korra growled the mantra out repeatedly, like it was the only thing the alpha knew how to say.

Asami looked up at Korra's chanting to find the alpha had her lips pulled back in a tooth baring snarl as she rutted into her, letting out an occasional deep gruntled growl. The sight alone was enough to send the omega into submission as if the possessive alpha pheromones Korra was pumping out wasn’t enough. The thought of Korra marking her as her omega sent a shiver down her spine as she grounded her hips into her own hand, moaning around her cock.

Asami’s eyes struggled to stay open, the shockwaves of pleasure shooting up and down her spine as she made rapid and unsteady swipes over her clit with her thumb, her fingers curling inside her most inner walls. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes and a rough cough escaping her lips as she struggled to keep up with Korra’s brutal assault much longer. Asami blinked away the tears, looking up pleadingly at the alpha as the tears ran down her cheeks.

When Korra’s icy gaze finally met hers, Asami felt the pressure on the back of her head relented and Asami pulled herself back, a loud gasp escaping her lips as she panted for air. Her forehead rested against the woman’s hipbone, slowly as she pulled her fingers out of herself and shivered at how close she had come to finishing right then and there. Korra gently stroked Asami’s cheek, her thumb wiping away the strands of drool and precum that hung off her bottom lip.

“Fuck. Such a good omega. You sucked my cock so well.” Korra hissed out at how hard Asami gripped her length as she started to suddenly stroking her, a pleading look on her face.

“Please Korra.” Asami’s voice was slightly hoarse, her breath shaking with her words. The praise Korra gave her lit the blaze inside her even more. “I need more.” She pressed her lips firmly against the side of Korra’s length and began kissing along it. Korra tilted her head as she watched Asami dutifully swirl her tongue around the sensitive tip before taking it between her lips and bobbing her head back down her length again.

“Oh fuck Asami.” The sound of Korra moaning out her name encouraged her to take Korra’s length down her throat again and swallow around the tip causing the alpha's cock to twitch in her mouth. “I’m going to fucking cum if you keep this up, ‘Sami”

Asami let off her cock with a loud pop and sat on her knees to look Korra eye level. The thought of Korra spending anywhere but inside her pussy felt sickening, her heat would not be satisfied until Korra had thoroughly bred her. “If you’re going to cum anywhere, it better be in fucking side me.” Asami growled out possessively grabbing Korra behind her neck pulling her down until their lips met again, parting immediately, wanting to taste each other in.

Korra pushed her tongue into the omega’s mouth and drank the ecstatic moan Asami let out, her alpha pride swelling at the taste of herself on Asami’s tongue. She’ll never let her taste another alpha too, if Korra had anything to say about it. Asami started to move back on the bed pulling Korra down with her until she was lying flat on her back in the middle of the bed with Korra situated in between her legs.

When the need for air became too much Korra broke away first, leaving Asami almost whimpering and started leaving wet trails along the omega’s jaw. She heard Asami gasp in her ear as she started to suck on the delicate skin in between her shoulder and neck, rough hands trailing up Asami’s nightgown, bringing it up Asami’s body. Asami removed her arms from behind Korra’s neck so she could pull her nightgown over her head, and she lifted her hips as Korra finally released her from her soaked panties as she tossed both garments over her shoulders onto the floor.

Korra held her breath as she stared down at Asami, never had she laid her eyes on anything more perfect. The way she stared up at her with half lidded eyes, her cheeks lightly flushed, the way her recently fucked swollen lips were parted as she was slightly panting, her creamy white neck littered with marks already and her breast the perfect size for Korra’s hands.

“Are you just going to stare at me all night?” She heard Asami whisper, slender hands found their way back on either side of her face and her attention was pulled back to those lust filled eyes. Asami angled her hips so she was grinding her slick folds against the underside of Korra’s cock, causing Korra to double over, her head resting on the omega’s collarbone as she continued her grinding. “Or are you actually going to fuck me?”

“I’m still weighing my options.” Korra grinned against her skin, teasingly nibbling at the delicate skin there. Asami wrapped her legs around Korra’s hips as she gave an involuntary jerk, roughly dragging the head of her cock against the omega’s clit.

“Well, let me help make your decision a little easier.” She cooed in her ear, reaching a hand down between their bodies to grab a hold the base of Korra’s length, positioning the tip right at her entrance.

That was apparently all the help Korra needed. Her hands flew to Asami’s hips, holding them in an iron clad grip, and her cock plunged forward sinking into her.

Asami screamed. It had been months since she had taken anything other than her own fingers and even longer before she had been with another alpha and even then, nobody compared to Korra. She was absolutely enormous. She had no choice but to clutch onto the alpha’s back, shuddering and sobbing through the incredible stretch. Korra’s cock thrust inside of her, sinking to the half-way mark, and as it did, Asami came, completely blindsided by the onslaught of pleasure.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck, Korra!” Asami enthused as she came, raking her nails down Korra’s shoulder blades to dig into the base of her spine, leaving red marks in her path. “Don’t stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop!”

“You’re being such a good girl taking my cock so well.” Korra praised. Her hips jogged, instinctively, and the fullness of her shaft slid fully into the grasping, velvety channel, eliciting a needy gasp from the omega. “You feel so fucking good...”

Thrusting felt amazing. Korra’s eyes almost rolled back into her head, but she forced her lids to stop fluttering and her hips rocketed forward. There was a primal trigger going off like rapid-fire in her brain, urging her hips to pummel Asami across the sheets until the dark-haired omega was shouldered roughly against the headboard. The omega didn’t seem to mind, though, if the enthusiastic wails and nails scratching a pathway of delightful pain into Korra’s flexing, well-muscled back were any indication that she was enjoying it. Korra grunted with effort and gripped onto the top of her headboard with all her strength, using it as leverage to slam into the omega.

Being inside Asami was other worldly for Korra. Velvet, slick, burning heat that gripped onto her and barely stretched to accommodate her length, making each thrust a shuddering surge. Rivulets of arousal were pulsing around her cock to puddle on the bed sheet below them and the surrounding skin of Korra’s thighs and pelvis. The base of her cock was throbbing, and that ache began a possessive tug inside her brain, speaking endlessly about mate, and mine. The insidious words were seductive, and before she knew it, her mouth was hovering over Asami’s unclaimed neck, teeth bared.

Korra lowered her mouth, lost, but the feeling of a soft plush pillow brought her up short from the omega’s neck, marking her. She heard Asami gasp in her ear as she made contact with the pillow, her digging into the fabric harder, threatening to tear the material thinking it was Asami’s flesh. Korra’s cock was still aching, so she began the slow and steady grind again, making Asami gasp out her name.

The brutally slow pace didn’t last long once Asami started biting into Korra's shoulder to muffle her screams as she pounded her into the mattress again. She was lost, and the pleasurable ache in her cock was swelling, rising to meet the urgency of her need, she was about to cum and she didn’t know how much longer she was going to hold back.

Korra was honestly surprised with herself that she had lasted this long, but Asami’s heat demanded her to hold back and not spend a single drop a moment too soon. The omega was thrashing, arching, bucking against her, and Korra huffed aggressively, throwing long pale legs over her shoulders to get deeper. Asami’s nails raked down her back once again and the goddess below her was reduced to a series of shivering wails.

“Do it.” Asami managed to speak, heavy lidded eyes that showed the omega’s lust beneath their green. Asami firmly dug her heels into the base of the alpha’s spine, pulling her forward and making her fill her completely. “Do it. Cum inside me alpha.”

She didn’t need to be told twice. Korra threw her head back as Asami screamed below her, a series of rough thrusts after those words were spoken sent Korra in absolute feral mode. The walls around her cock rippled, fluttering wildly, and the omega began to convulse, shaking under her. Asami’s orgasm erupted around the length buried inside her, and Korra moaned at the wet heat that was leaking on her thighs.

“Oh shit. Oh SHIT! Asami, FUCK!” Korra chanted, rocking forward like an animal, grunting with the effort of holding back her own orgasm, until she couldn’t resist any longer. Everything around her was clenching satin and splashes of liquid silk, and she was helpless to resist her own climax as it battered down her senses like a tsunami. She buried her face in Asami’s neck, swooning in on her scent, fighting the urge to bite down on her flesh again.

She couldn’t thrust, but she didn’t need to; the omega’s pussy was milking her cock like a gripping fist pumping every last drop towards the tip. With one last mighty surge, her cock erupted like a fountain, spurting jet after jet into Asami’s welcoming depths as if she was putting out a fire, and the omega moaned throatily, clutching her ever-tighter even as their bodies were irrevocably joined. The knowledge that her seed was spilling deep into the omega was an intoxicating, all-consuming thought, too heavy for Korra to handle in her current state, but her inner alpha was roaring with triumph at the thought of Asami being thoroughly bred.


She shut her eyes on that thought, despite the pleasurable thrill it gave her, and she shuddered again on another spurt. Her lips grazed against the already bruising skin on Asami’s neck, the omega purring, rubbing soothing circles on her marked back.

“That was amazing.” Korra breathed out, her cock already softening as she slowly pulled out of Asami, earning a moan from the woman under her, before rolling onto her back next to her. Asami hummed in response and nudged her nose into Korra’s neck taking in the calming pheromones Korra was pouring out.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” Asami purred against Korra’s skin, laying more into her side as Korra wrapped her arms around the omega, pulling her in tight. “You actually came inside me.”

Korra stiffened remembering what her whole reason for coming to Asami’s apartment in the middle of the night. Blindsided by the grip of Asami’s heat, the bag of suppressants that were tossed at her first arrival completely forgotten, until now.

“Korra, don’t think that this is something that I haven’t thought about, let alone regret.” She indicated to their bodies curled into each other with a limp wrist. “This... I’ve been waiting so long for you to finally make a move. Not really how I was expecting things to happen, but I’m definitely not complaining.”

Korra lifted her head from resting on top of Asami’s. “Seriously? Now I kind of feel bad for having you wait so long.”

“You’re here now, Korra.” She grabbed Korra’s chin between her index and thumb and pulled her face down to give the alpha a languid kiss. “That’s all that matters.”

A sweet glow suffused Korra’s whole being. She hugged Asami to her body, cradling the older womans back firmly pressed to her front, her arms wrapped possessively around her middle as she lightly nibbled on Asami’s shoulders.

“Sleep a little now.” She yawned, the worst part of her heat finally over, Korra finally sedating it enough to finally get some much-needed rest.

Korra hummed as she buried her face in the crook of her neck, after being out all-night drinking and that performance she knew the alpha too wasn’t far from slumber herself. Surprisingly, even with the soft snores in her ear from Korra, sleep still came easy to her, Korra’s deep purring from her chest becoming her new favorite comfort.

Opal could have very well been on to something, this was something Asami could get use to falling asleep to.