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A Different Life

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“Good morning,” Laura murmurs against Bill’s chest, lying with her face pillowed against him listening to the drum of his heartbeat.  It’s almost 9 am but after spending the entire night losing sleep, never able to leave each other alone for more than a quick nap, they don’t mind spending extra time in bed as long as it is with each other.

“Good morning, my love,” Bill replies running his fingers through her long tresses that are fanned out across his chest and abdomen.  She rolls halfway on top of him resting her chin on his chest, glancing up to his face so she can watch his expressions as she kisses her way from his chest, down his stomach, to his growing arousal between his legs. 

“I can’t get enough of you,” she admits before flicking her tongue on that incredibly sensitive area of his cock that she discovered overnight.  His hips buck at the sensation and she stares up at him with mirth in her eyes and an impish grin.  “Too much?” she asks sitting up on her legs and straddling him before slowly sinking onto him.

“Just right,” he replies watching the sheer joy on her face as she rides him, her perfectly round breasts swaying to their mutual rhythm.  He adores the noises she makes while they make love – the soft sighs and quiet hums at the beginning, followed by the crescendo of gasps, encouraging words, and commands to ‘go faster’ or ‘don’t stop’, then the quietness she experiences right before she explodes with her climax and screams his name.

His thumbs tease her clit slowly bringing her along until she closes her eyes and becomes quiet, her inner walls clenching around him.  This time she lets out a low moan as she runs one hand through her hair and down her body until it comes to rest on his chest. “Oh, Bill!” she exclaims reaching her peak, the waves of her orgasm driving him over the edge.

“Come here,” he says, gently pulling her down on top of him so they are face to face.  He uses his thumb to trace over her lips causing her to smile.  “I love you, Laura Roslin.”

“I love you, Bill Adama,” she replies in a whisper, pressing her lips against his, allowing herself to feel the pure happiness of being with a man that genuinely loves her back.  Are we staying in bed all day?” she asks just as her stomach growls.  “Guess I worked up quite an appetite overnight.”

“Sounds like it,” he chuckles.  “Do you like omelets?”

“Mmm, I love omelets.  Where are we going?”

“You’re staying right here – breakfast in bed for you.  I’ll make us both some omelets in my kitchen.  Anything you don’t like?”

“Maybe nothing too spicy.  Surprise me with the rest.”

He returns 15 minutes later with a plate filled with a large omelet, two bottles of water, and a single fork.  “Sorry, I only have one plate and one fork, so we’ll have to share.  Here,” he says holding a forkful of omelet at her.

“Mmmm, good job,” she says taking a bite.  “What’s the meat?”

“Mild sausage I picked up at the store, Tauron seasoning.  I added mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese.  I have some hot sauce if you’d like some.”

“I’ll pass on the hot sauce but the rest of this is pretty good.”

They take turns eating the omelet then Bill delivers the plate and fork to the kitchen before returning to the bedroom.  “I’m going to shower,” he announces then turns and holds his hand out to her.  “It’s big enough for two if you’d like to join me.” 


It’s 11 am before either one of them is dressed and ready to face the day, having made love in the shower until the water ran cold.  Showering with her lover was something new to Laura, never having lived in a place with a large enough shower to accommodate an amorous adventure, and she thoroughly enjoyed it but found herself wishing for a bigger hot water heater.

They plan to stop by Laura and Jean’s apartment so she can change her clothes into something more comfortable for furniture shopping and so Bill can see where she lives.  Laura had sent Jean a text around closing time of the bar letting her know not to worry about her overnight absence, but she didn’t elaborate.  They drive separately so Laura can leave her car at the apartment complex since she and Bill intend to spend the entire weekend together, neither one willing to let go of the other now that they have reunited.

When Laura enters the apartment, she finds Jean sitting at the small kitchen table eating lunch and studying a law journal.  “There you are,” Jean says.  “How’d it go last night?”

“Well…” Laura says stepping aside so that Bill can enter the apartment. 

Jean smiles a smug smile noticing how content her friend appears and how she and Bill are standing so close together.  “It’s about frakking time!” she exclaims jumping up and embracing her friend, then Bill.

“Thank you, Jean,” Bill says, “for everything.”

“You’re welcome, Bill.  And instead of another book, maybe I could pick your father’s brain sometime?”

“I can make that happen.  He likes talking with law students.”

Laura looks at them both suspiciously, unaware that Bill had a conversation with Jean the day after she broke up with him.

“You didn’t tell her about our talk?” Bill asks surprised.

“Nah, she needed to figure things out on her own,” Jean replies.  “Bill came to see me last Monday at the bar,” she informs Laura.

“I should have known.  I can’t believe you didn’t tell me,” Laura lightly chastises her.

“There’s lots you don’t know.  Your dad texted me before you ever came over last Sunday.  Asked me to let him know if you showed up here and that you were safe.”

“Did you set up the chance encounter with my advisor, too?”

“No, that was all you.  I’m sneaky but not that sneaky. Are you mad?”

“No.  I can’t be mad at people that love me and worry about me.  And you were right about everything you said to me last Sunday.  I needed a kick in the shorts and who better to do that than you, Jean?”

Laura gives Bill a tour of the apartment which takes less than a minute due to the lack of square footage.  “Laura, where do you sleep?” Bill asks when he notices just one bed.

“With Jean.  I put a pillow between us so I don’t accidentally spoon her.”

“Guess that means I won’t be spending any nights here.  Good thing I have my own place now,” he says.

“That is definitely a good thing,” she says changing out of her clothes into something more casual.  “I’m having dinner with my family tonight – do you want to join us?” she asks as she packs an overnight bag and grabs another change of clothes for the therapy appointment on Sunday.

“As long as it’s okay with your dad,” he replies.

Laura had already texted her father to ask if there was room for one more at dinner, to which he replied in the affirmative.  “He already said yes, but I didn’t tell him it was you.  Thought it might be a nice surprise.  He was sort of torn up when he found out what happened last Sunday.”

“Have you told Bill what Sandra did?” Jean asks walking into the bedroom.

“Oh, no, did she get into trouble again?  Is she okay?” Bill asks, his voice thick with worry.

Laura seats herself on the bed next to Bill and explains about the fake dating profile Sandra created using her photo and the name “Laurie Adama”. 

“What the hell was she thinking?” Bill asks.  “That could be kind of dangerous for you if someone recognizes you from the photo.  What’s the security like in this building?”

“Not the best,” Jean quickly replies.  “Lots of break-ins since I’ve lived here.  Mostly just petty theft, nothing violent.”

“I don’t like this, Laura.”

“Bill, really, I’ll be fine.  I carry pepper-spray with me whenever I’m on campus and I always have the door locked when I’m here.”  Her words do nothing toward putting him at ease.  “If it makes you feel any better, you can come to my door when you pick me up, and then walk me back to my door after you drop me off – my personal military escort.”

“Are the laundry facilities in the basement?  Don’t go there alone,” he says.  “I’d rather have you do your laundry at my place.”

“Yes, laundry is in the basement, but I promise I won’t go there alone, right Jean?”

“Um, yeh, sure,” Jean says knowing that Laura isn’t at all concerned about going to the laundry room by herself. 

“Is that your clothes hamper?” Bill asks pointing to a bin near her side of the bed.  When she nods her head, he walks over and picks it up.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“We’ll do your laundry at my place tonight.”


Once they drop off the laundry and Laura’s overnight bag at Bill’s loft, they set out on foot to the shopping area nearby.  Bill had noticed a couple of consignment furniture stores when he initially checked out the area and since his first paycheck is another week away, he hopes to be able to save some money by picking up some quality used furniture.

The first store they browse through doesn’t offer much for large furniture, but they do find a dining table, a coffee table, and an end table.  The second store they visit has sofas and chairs and they quickly find a large brown leather sectional with some matching area rugs.  Bill also finds a huge desk and matching chair.  They decide to return to the first store and purchase the three tables, then purchase the sectional, rugs, desk, and chair from the second store.

“This will look great in your place, Bill,” Laura says running her hands along the soft leather of the sectional.  “We just need to get some lamps and shelves for books, then plates and silverware.”  The clerk that is helping them informs them of a storage room in the back that has those smaller items, so they quickly walk through it before they leave, finding a couple of bookcases and two lamps to add to their purchase.  They arrange for everything to be delivered Sunday while Laura is at family therapy.

They return to Bill’s loft at 3:30, happy with what they accomplished in such a short amount of time.  They decide to wait and shop for kitchen items after family therapy on Sunday.  “What time do we need to be at your dad’s house for dinner tonight?” Bill asks.

“Dinner’s at 6 but I’d like to be there around 5 so I can talk with Sandra.  We didn’t end on a high note last Tuesday when I was there.”

“So, we have around 90 minutes,” Bill says placing a kiss to her lips.  “Any ideas how we can pass the time?”

“Oh, I have a few,” she replies with a devilish grin.  “And they don’t involve doing my laundry.”


They walk the six blocks to the Roslin home, arriving just after 5 pm.  Before they ring the doorbell, Laura turns to Bill.  “Thank you for coming with me.  I love you.”

Bill responds by pulling her in for a passionate kiss.  “I love you, too.  Ready?” 

She nods her head, then rings the doorbell. 

Dave calls from the kitchen, “Sandra, can you please get the door?  That must be Laurie and Jean already.”

Sandra grudgingly emerges from her room where she has been sulking all week.  When she answers the door, she stands there stunned looking at her older sister and Bill with their hands clasped together, appearing happier than she’s ever seen them.  She steps to the side allowing them to enter and Laura swears she sees a small smile form on Sandra’s face but she looks away from them in an attempt to hide it. 

“Let’s go tell Daddy,” Laura whispers leading Bill by the hand to the kitchen where her father is preparing dinner.  “Daddy,” Laura says while he peers into the oven with his back to her. 

“Just a minute, honey, I’m trying to figure out if I need to put a drip pan under this casserole.”

Laura and Bill look at each other both grinning and waiting for the moment that her father turns around.  Dave opens the oven and inserts a drip pan on the lower rack before he turns around to speak to Laura.

“Bill!  Oh, my Gods!  It’s so good to see you again!  Are you the plus one tonight?  I thought you were bringing Jean, Laurie!”  He notices them holding hands and looking very content.  “Are you…together again?” he asks hopefully.

“We are together again,” Bill says looking lovingly at Laura.  “How are you doing, Dave?” he asks shaking his hand.

“You two just made my whole day,” Dave admits.

Laura excuses herself to talk with Sandra while Dave and Bill sit at the table.  “My sister Sara is upstairs with Cheryl, they should be down soon.  When did you get back together?” Dave asks.

“Last night.  We met at the café a few blocks from here and talked.  Dave…I want you to know that I’m in love with Laura.”

“I can see that, and she loves you, too.  It hasn’t been that much of a secret, but I think she needed some time to figure things out.”

“We both did.  And now we’re in a very good place with each other.”


Laura lightly knocks at Sandra’s bedroom asking if she can come in.  She finds her sister lying on her bed facing the opposite wall, so she seats herself on that side of the bed next to her.  “Hey, little sis,” Laura says brushing Sandra’s bangs off her face.  “How’s it going?”

Sandra sits up next to her sister, glancing at her with a slight smile.  “So, you and Bill together again?” she asks.

“Yes, we’re back together.  And you were right, we both love each other.”

“I’m happy for you, Laurie, and for Bill, too.  I really am,” she replies nervously, fidgeting with her hands.

“How have you been?  Tell me what’s going on.”

“I was really mad at Daddy for a few days and I was a jerk to him, but I’m getting kinda tired of it.”

“Have you apologized to him?”

“No, I’ve been avoiding him.  I think it makes him sad.”

“Look, I’ve told you how horrible I was to Momma from middle school through my freshman year.  I regret every second of that, if I could take it all back I would in a heartbeat.  She’s gone now but I think she knew how sorry I was before she passed.  Daddy’s all we have left.  Don’t make the same stupid mistakes I made.  It’s not worth it.”

“I know.  What should I do?” she asks wiping a tear that falls from her eye.

“Maybe start with a hug?”

“After I hug you first,” she replies putting her arms around Laura and hanging on for several seconds.  “I’m so happy for you and Bill.  And, Laurie, I want details.  I’m living vicariously through you now.”

Laura chuckles at her sister’s attempt to be nosy.  “We’ll see.  He is definitely wonderful, the most wonderful man I’ve ever known. C’mon,” she says standing and pulling her sister up with her.  “Let’s go give Daddy that hug.”

When they get to the kitchen, Dave is standing in front of the oven again peering in at the casserole.  Laura nods at Sandra to go to him so she slowly walks up to him, then flings her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder.  They embrace for a long time and Laura can see the tension melt off her father as he holds Sandra tight.

Sara and Cheryl enter the kitchen and upon seeing Bill, Cheryl runs to him with her arms outstretched and leaps into his lap.  “I’m going to be a viper pilot just like you!” she exclaims.

“You are?  That’s great!  Maybe I can be your flight instructor!”

“Hi, I’m Sara, Dave’s sister.  You must be Bill?”

“Nice to meet you, Sara.”

“I want to fly!  I want to fly!” Cheryl yells, demanding Bill to hold her in the air and fly her around.  When he takes her to the living room and her make-believe asteroid field, Sara turns to Laura and offers her a thumbs-up, mouthing the words “He’s hot!” to her.  She pulls Laura aside so Bill can’t hear them.  “Oh, my goodness, Laurie, I may have to rethink my stance on dating.”

“This one’s taken, Aunt Sara.  You’ll have to find your own,” Laura giggles.

“Does he have any brothers?”

“You’re not the first person to ask me that.  No, he doesn’t.”

“Damn.  I really like his rugged good looks.  And look how he is with Cheryl – she adores him.  What I wouldn’t do with a man like that…”

Laura looks at her aunt with her eyebrows raised.  “Been a while, Aunt Sara?”

“Just a few angry pity fraks with Mark the past couple of years, that’s all.  Not even worth mentioning.”

“We need to find you a date.  Maybe Daddy knows some single faculty he can set you up with.”

“I don’t know that I’m willing to trust my brother’s judgment in setting me up.  And I think a faculty member might be kind of boring.  Unless he’s young, then I might be interested.  Or do you know any single grad students?”  Laura looks at her aunt trying to figure out how serious she is about a younger man.  “I’m 50 years old and I’m getting a second wind now that I’m away from Mark.  I just want to have a good time.  I don’t want a serious relationship.”

“Sandra got you thinking about it last Tuesday, didn’t she?”

“Indeed, she did.  And since I don’t live with Mark anymore, I won’t be subjected to endless questions about where I’ve been or who I’m seeing.”

“You should check out the bar where my roommate works.  That’s where I met Bill.  Lots of younger guys there since it’s so close to the university.”

“When can we go?”