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Carnival of Tears

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Nanami smiled as he gazed down at the bubbly man before him. He chuckled as his pregnant husband missed the target again, making him to pout.

"Kento~" Yuuji looked up at him with a puppy eyed look, tugging gently at Nanami's shirt.

Nanami cocked a brow, a small smile tugging at his lips. "I thought you had it?"

Yuuji's pout deepened. "I did, but these people are cheating somehow." He crossed his hand with a grumble.

Nanami hummed, giving the pinket an amused look. With a chuckle, he kissed Yuuji's lips softly before moving forward to take the last ball.

Like the pro he was, his aim hit true and he got Yuuji's prize for him, which was a cute, small red tiger plushie The Omega stood on his tip toes and laid a kiss on his husband's cheek.

The two went on to continue their date night, enjoying the carnival.

"This cute lil tiger makes me think of Suku nii." Yuuji said behind a cotton candy.

Nanami grimaced at the sheer size of it, but he deduced that there wasn't any problem in indulging Yuuji just this once.

The blond haired man looked at the small tiger plusie under Yuuji's armpit and yep! He saw it.

"Don't tell Nii san that I compared him to an inanimate object. I'd never hear the end of it." Yuuji rolled his eyes.

Nanami chuckled once again, his eyes shining a little in mirth.

Nanami opened his mouth to say something but the sound of someone yelling had him pausing.


Both spouses turned around and they were met with the sight of someone familiar running at them with a weapon in hand.

The next thing Nanami knew was the sounds of Yuuji gasping in pain and screams resonating around the carnival.



Nanami looked at the bloody plushie in his hands. He felt numb all over, absentmindedly recounting the story of what happened minutes ago.

The smell of disinfectant all around him hurt his nose, but he didn't even care.


Nanami, as well as the two police officers, turned their head towards where the two voices came from. The blond wasn't surprised to see Sukuna, Yuuji's twin elder brother, as well as Gojo were running up to them. 

"What the fuck happened?!" Sukuna yelled as he got up to them. The tall behemoth of a man had a look of rage on his face as he looked down at Nanami. "You were supposed to protect him!"

"Sir, please." One of the officers tried to placate him, but one harsh glare with those bone chilling eyes of his has her shutting up.

"Sukuna, calm down." Gojo grabbed Sukuna's bicep and moved him back a little. "What happened, Nanami? We got news that Yuuji was stabbed while you guys were on your date. Who did it?"

"Naoya." Nanami said with a dead voice.

Sukuna's look of rage increased ten times and this time, Gojo joined him.

"I'm going to kill that fucker." Sukuna snarled out.

"I'm sorry but that won't be possible." The other officer said, gaining the attention of Gojo and Sukuna's cold yet burning eyes on him. He gulped before continuing. "The suspect was severly beaten by Mr. Nanami here who went on an Alpha Rage when his mate was harmed. We're even lucky that he got to stop before he snapped Mr. Zenin's neck."

"How unfortunate." Gojo said coldly.

Their conversation was interrupted by the doctor coming out from the operating room. Nanami jumped on his feet, a hopeful look on his face.

The doctor looked sadly at Nanami before softly saying, "I'm sorry, but Mr. Itadori didn't make it."

Those words had everyone frozen solid. It was as if breathes were stolen from the small group.

"And... and the baby?" Nanami whispered. "What about my son?"

The doctor shook his head. "I'm sorry, but both mother and child passed awag. The injury was too severe that it killed both of them. Once again, I'm sorry for your loss."

It became radio silence for Nanami after that. He couldn't hear the sounds of Sukuna and Gojo screaming at the doctor and the police officers. 

He just went numb.

He slowly backtracked and glued himself to the wall. He slid down and sat on the floor.

All Nanami wanted was to spend the night with his husband after many weeks of being busy. All he wanted was Yuuji having some fun after being locked home due to the pregnancy. All he wanted was for his husband to have some quality time with him, not getting stabbed by his ex.

Now, Yuuji and their son were dead, and it was all Nanami's fault.

He was supposed to protect them, but he failed at that.

Nanami pressed the bloody toy to his face and sobbed.


Not caring for his public image, Nanami let out a loud scream, breaking down into loud sobs.

He never felt nor sure Gojo getting down on his knees and trying to comfort him. He just cried, still in disbelief that he had lost half if his life in a matter of hours.