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Old Debts

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The sunrise over the sea of Cuba was always a view to behold. The first, red beam of the sun, illuminating the waterline of the Caribbean sea, looked like a colourful child's painting.
The higher the sun got the brighter and warmer became the early hour. The waves golden glittering looked welcoming, but Safin knew he had to wait a bit longer to go swimming. The night hunter of the ocean were still too close to the beach. In the shallow water swam garfish and mackerels, as also swarms of barracuda, feasting on smaller, colourful fish.
Safin watched some pelicans, tumbling and clumsy on the beach, but majestic in the air, getting down like arrows to catch their breakfast. Using their throat pouch they fished systematically through the waves. An amusing view for sure, but Safin couldn't relish in that this morning.

He didn't hear Luc at first, but his right hand cleared his throat before approaching his boss. Safin turned to find Luc with two mugs in his hands. Safin took one with a silence nod, blowing on the hot beverage.
It was a strong, green tea, just as bitter as Safin's thoughts. For a long moment both men stood aside to gaze in shared silence upon the water, over thinking their next steps.

An hour ago Luc had got word from the South African source, and ten minutes later it was already on the news. It was done. Luc sighed and sipped at his tea, wondering what was Safin thinking. As if Safin had read his mind he started "I mean, this is what we wanted.. spreading chaos. There is no reason to feel guilty now."

Luc nodded and added: "Quite the contrary. This was our goal. We didn't want to predict when our customers would use the gas."
 That was true. The terror acts in the past with Safin's special Sarin-like nerve gas had hit the public veins. Governments and societies, which had based their wealth by pressuring other countries down, had fallen. The Russian nepotism as the American economy were destroyed. 
It was an amazing outcome and not this much work at the end. One killed scientist, and the boldness to sell the 'breath of chaos' at every reachable terrorist cell to the prize the cell could afford had spread the gas around the world.

Today, two hours ago, three gas attacks had taken part ; Pretoria, nearly 70.000 dead, Cape Town with a dead count of 180.000, and Bloemfontein with now 113.000 dead. 
"Government, Parliament and highest court of appeal..", Luc muttered to himself. 
"Clever. And look at the results.", Safin added, sounding impressed, and looked in his mug. "I wonder how they get their hands on the gas.. Because as I remember we were particularly careful not to sell our weapon into developing countries."

Luc emptied his mug and turned to Safin. "Lyutsifer..", he started, while pronouncing his bosses Russian name lootcefear. "We do know that not all the Russian cells had used their gas. There is always a need of new, unexperimented weapons on the black market. I spoke a moment ago with Yuri." 
Yuri G. , former black market mogul and now board member of a well known Bank, was an acquaintance as also their banker. 
"What did he say for himself?"
"He said that the young men and women today have no honour. They have no goals in life and search only for the green paper."
Safin rolled his eyes and throw the last, bitter rest of the green tea in the water. "As if Yuri started to sell candies on the black market by kind-heartedness.", he hissed , his voice became louder. "It's always about the green! Fucking Paper money!!" 
Luc pursed his lips and waited until Safin's outburst calmed down. 

The sun now higher he observed Safin's face, sun-kissed, acne—scarred, his pointy chin stretched up in a gesture of annoyance. He watched this face became softer after a moment. Safin's blue-greyish eyes followed a pelican in the air, hunting. 
"It could unite the politic parties.", Luc throw in. 
"Or lead to civil war..", Safin muttered. He sighed deeply. "Something South Africa didn't need. Not now. Not ever." 
Luc stayed silence after Safin's words. 
Eventually Safin turned away, to the house. "Let us hear what kind of rumours the news Channel spreading around.", he decided for now.
"Perhaps an announcement would be good. There is no group at the moment to take pridely responsibility."

"I shall consider it.", Safin answered and both men entered the house, still dark and slumbering. 
Out of the darkness of a corridor a woman appeared, dressed in nothing but a long shirt.
She rubbed her eyes and asked: "Safin? You're so early up. Did something happen?"
"Go back to bed, Tatjana.", Safin whispered and forced a smile. "I'll tell you later." 
The woman nodded and threw her braided long hair back over her shoulder.
Safin watched her vanishing, back to the bedroom and clenched his teeth. 
And he had thought he had found peace.