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All Or Nothing

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A low, desperate whine filled the room as Steve arched his back more, thrusting the dildo harder into his wet hole. Close. He was so close to relief from the unending frustration. But even as he thought it, he could feel that edge slipping further and further away. He let out a cry of frustration, pulling the toy free and throwing it across the room before collapsing onto his back and burying his face in his hands.


Before the serum, Steve hadn’t presented a secondary gender. Just another way that he was kept separate from the world around him. But at least he’d been able to come. The SSR scientists had been hopeful that after the serum he would be transformed into a perfect specimen of alpha masculinity. They had been beyond disappointed that their only super soldier had been an omega, immediately putting him on high doses of suppressants throughout the war.


Maybe it was all of the prior health conditions from his past, or the experimental treatments that had been used on him. Either way, he didn’t know. It hadn’t been until he was recovered from the ice that Steve realized how damaged he was. He couldn’t get hard and he couldn’t come. No matter what or how long he tried. Which always led him to frustration and misery, due to all of the other things that meant he would never have.


Steve would never have an alpha to call his own. Someone to love him, protect him, take him to the submissive heights that other omegas waxed poetic about. No one wanted damaged goods. He might look perfect from the outside, but it was all a lie. Everything special about him came out of a bottle.


He forced himself out of bed and into the shower, cleaned himself as fast as possible, not wanting to linger on thoughts of his body. Afterwards Steve headed to the training floor. It was usually a good place to distract himself from his thoughts.


Natasha and Clint were on treadmills in the corner, and Tony was walking towards a sparring mat. “Hey Spangles! Wanna go a few rounds?”


Steve pasted on a false smile, walked to the older Alpha’s side. Being that close to him was torture. Tony smelled woodsy, rich and decadent, and the scent would linger on Steve’s skin for hours, making him ache inside. Of course he never responded to Steve as an omega. Only a teammate, maybe a friend at best. Of course not. Tony Stark was known for only having the best. He’d never choose a broken omega who had the body of an alpha.


“Sure Tony. No problem.”


They started their normal routine of warm ups and practice, but something was off. Steve didn’t feel right, kept needing to shake his head to try to clear out some of the cobwebs. A pain in his side sent him down to the ground. He thought he heard a concerned voice asking if he was alright, but it seemed to come from a great distance. The world was spinning around him, the way it used to when he’d have an asthma attack and couldn’t get enough air into his lungs.


Steve started to panic. This was wrong. Everything was wrong. He couldn’t breathe. Then the world went dark around him, and he was alone.

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Steve knew he was in medical before he even opened his eyes. The steady beeping of the heart monitor and that certain antiseptic smell were instantly recognizable. When he did open his eyes, he almost wished he hadn’t. Fury was sitting in a chair against the wall, face twisted in a scowl.




“Captain. It seems we have a problem.”


“I can’t imagine what, Sir.”


Fury stood and began to pace. “Yeah, sounds about like what you’ve been trying to sell for a while now. Only you’re out of time. Your hormonal levels are so fucked up, they don’t even know where to start. I have been advised that the only solution is a medical guardianship.”


Steve felt fine tremors begin to run through his muscles. When he spoke again his voice was a whisper. “Please don’t do this.”


“You’ve left me no choice.”


The worst thing Steve could imagine was to have an alpha who didn’t want him, but was forced to take him anyway. A medically coerced bonding. He shook his head frantically, trying to deny the entire situation, but Fury continued over his protests.


“It’s a miracle you’re still functioning, Cap. We’re not even talking about having to bench you, we’re talking about survival. And unfortunately, you’re so far out on the spectrum, we had to find a similarly placed alpha as a match. Which left us with a lot fewer options. Do you understand what I am saying to you?”


Steve pulled his knees up to his chest, instinctively trying to make himself smaller. “I do. You’re saying I don’t have a choice. So, who is it? Who’s the poor bastard who got stuck with me?” Nightmare scenarios began to flash behind his closed eyes as options like Rumlow or Rollins immediately came to mind.


“It turns out SHEILD only has access to one alpha high level enough to balance you out. Tony Stark.”


Steve gasped, the air punched out of him at the words. His situation could actually get worse. This was worse. The man that he secretly lusted after in his most private fantasies, who’s scent could make him burn with desire for days, was being forced to take him. In a lifetime of unfair situations, this one was at the top of Steve’s list. “I can’t… I just can’t…”


“It’s already done, Cap. You’re both on medical leave for the foreseeable future. We have no idea how long it’s gonna take to get you stable. If it means anything? I am sorry.” When Steve didn’t say anything, he left the room, door closing softly behind him. He waited, body heavy and aching with emotional agony for Tony to come for him.


Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long before there was a soft rap on the door, followed by only a moment’s hesitation before Tony entered the room. His expression was softer than usual, as was his voice when he finally spoke. “Hey Capsicle. Heard you were a little under the weather.”


Steve turned his face away to stare at the wall. “Don’t.”




“Don’t bother to pretend that you’re here for any reason other than being ordered to by SHIELD.”


The bed dipped beside him under Tony’s weight before fingers gripped his chin roughly, forcing Steve to meet his gaze. “And when do I ever do anything I don’t want to? Especially just because I’m told to.”


Steve could feel wetness welling up in his eyes, blinked furiously to try to clear it away. “I’m damaged goods, Tony. I know it, SHEILD knows it, and now you do too.”


“Steve, I’m warning you. I will not tolerate anyone talking about my omega like that. Not even you. I don’t want to punish you in your hospital bed, but I will.” Tony’s voice was hard, demanding. A part of Steve wanted to roll out of the bed, drop to his knees, and offer the other man everything.


“You don’t understand…”


“Enough, Steve. We’re done talking. I’m going to claim you, then take you home and take care of you, like you need me to. This is getting us nowhere.”


“I can’t even get hard, Tony! I can’t come! I can’t do anything right! I’m broken.”


He had expected the other man to make excuses and flee. Instead his eyes gleamed and went dark with pleasure. “Really, now? Well, I suppose that does change things a little. It seems I’ve gotten my hands on a very submissive omega. Don’t worry, sweetheart, I know exactly how to handle you. Let’s get you taken care of so I can take you home, now.”


Without waiting for a response, Tony moved over him on the bed, one hand pinning his shoulder while the other fisted in his hair, jerking his neck to the side. He tried to struggle, but his body felt weak and unresponsive. He couldn’t even lift his arms to push the other man away. Sharp teeth positioned themselves over his bonding gland, tearing a cry from his lips as they sank in hard enough to rupture it. A wave of sensation washed over his body with the rush of hormones, pleasure and need so intense that he began to leak.


Tony nuzzled into the bite mark, licking and sucking at the torn flesh, his hard cock grinding down against Steve’s soft one. He could feel his body move, pressing up to meet each thrust, muscles tightening as he came closer than he could remember to release. Then Tony was pulling back, moving away, and he was left writhing on the bed, unfulfilled need pounding through his body.


A gentle hand brushed the hair back from his forehead. Tony’s voice was rough. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ll take care of you. Let me get you cleared with medical, and then I’m taking you home. We’ll finish this there. Understood?”


Steve nodded, tears clinging to his lashes, blurring the room as Tony slipped out of it. A nurse came in within minutes to remove the IV and return his clothes. He dressed slowly, feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. He didn’t know what was supposed to happen next, could only hope that Tony did.


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Steve was quiet on the ride back to the tower. He stared out the window, not really seeing anything in front of him. A part of him felt like he was floating, but that was just hormones from the bonding bite. The rest of him felt numb with unhappiness. Tony was his alpha, the man he had wanted almost from the beginning. He should have been ecstatic, but it wasn’t real. Nothing was.


He didn’t notice the car stopping until Tony’s hand was on his arm, leading him into the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Steve was pinned back against the wall, arms tight around him. He hid his face in the genius’ neck, allowing himself the moment of weakness. To accept some of the comfort he had been aching for.


Tony gently rubbed over his back, stroked his hair. “It’s alright, sweetheart. I’m going to take care of you. Give you what you need. I promise, you can trust me, Steve.”


“I do trust you, Tony.”


“Then what’s all this? Why do you smell miserable?”


Steve burrows closer, inhaling the scent of his skin, memorizing it. “I wanted to be someone’s choice. Not an obligation.”


“It’s not like that.” Tony’s arms tightened around him. “But I think it’s going to take a while for you to really believe me. That’s okay, Steve. I’ll prove it to you.”


When the doors finally opened, Tony dragged him through the penthouse, straight to the bedroom. He shoved Steve back onto the bed, watching him sprawl helplessly across it. That strange sense of weakness was back, leaving Steve passive and unable to resist as Tony efficiently stripped him before rolling him over, urging him onto his stomach. “Present for me, my sweet omega. I know you want to.”


A soft whimper fell from Steve’s lips as he clumsily got his knees under him, lifting his hips. He could feel the slick sliding out of him, dripping over his thighs. He’d been soaked since Tony had bit him in medical. He felt hazy, like he was moving underwater.


Bare skin pressed against his back. Steve hadn’t heard Tony strip, had lost a few moments in his confused state. The head of Tony’s cock pressed against his hole, burning hot like a brand, and steadily pressing into him. Teeth sank back into Steve’s neck, tearing open the bonding bite from earlier, causing his hips to arch back, pressing Tony deeper into his sensitive passage. It was overwhelming, intense, like nothing he had felt from his own attempts.


Calloused hands gripped his hips, holding him in position to take the punishing thrusts from his alpha. Tony kept him angled so every thrust pounded against his prostate and rubbed over the omega glands deeper inside of him. As the pleasure built, Steve felt his cock twitch and slowly fill. In shock, he reached out to take himself in hand, to stroke and finally find release.


Tony gripped his wrist hard, pulling it behind his back and keeping it pinned there. “No.”




“I said no. That’s not for you, sweetheart. You come on my cock or not at all.”

Steve gasped, writhing against the other man. “Tony! Tony, please!”


Tony’s thrusts became harder, brutal. Steve could feel the beginnings of his knot rubbing against his rim. It made his skin burn, his body throb with need. He didn’t understand why his alpha wasn’t letting him have this, was telling him no.


With a loud groan against his ear, Tony thrust deep, knot swelling to lock them together. Steve could feel the heavy pulses of come filling him, the tight stretch as he struggled to accommodate a knot for the first time. His cock ached, and he struggled to free himself from Tony’s grip. “Alpha, please!”


Tony’s hands tightened, forcing him to be still. He pulsed his hips, letting his knot tug at the inside of Steve’s hole, working his slick glands. He finally went limp in his arms, soft helpless whimpers falling from parted lips. “That’s right, my good omega. You take me so well. You’re so good for your alpha.”


“Please…” Steve could feel his body clenching around Tony’s cock over and over again, milking him. He was hard and aching and confused.


“Sweet boy. I’m taking care of you. Alphas get to come. Sweet submissive omegas release. But you never learned how before the serum, so now your body’s confused. If I let you come like an alpha, it would feel really good. So good.” He ground deeper into Steve’s body with a moan. “But it would be worse for you in the long run. I have to take care of my boy. Do right by you. Even if you don’t like it. Even if it’s not what you want.”


“I… I don’t want that. Tony, I don’t want that. Wanna come. Please? I never get hard, I can’t. And now…” He trailed off with a sob. It wasn’t fair.


“And I said no. That’s final. And if you keep arguing, you’ll be punished.”


“What? No! Tony, that’s not fair!”


“None of this is fair, sweetheart. Dynamic relationships are inherently unfair. Get used to it.” As his knot slowly deflated, Tony reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a thick silicone plug. Before Steve had a chance to react, his hands were secured behind his back, and Tony slid free of his body, quickly replacing his cock with the plug.


Steve collapsed against the bed, rutting into the sheets, trying to get pressure against his cock, rock onto the plug. Maybe trying to free himself. He wasn’t sure. The edge of orgasm slid out of reach, his cock softening before his eyes. A sob tore from his chest.


Tony wrapped him in his arms, pulling Steve close and holding him. Rubbing his back as he cried helplessly against his alpha’s shoulder. “I know. I know, sweetheart. It’s hard. But it’s for the best. I know what you need.”


Eventually the flow of tears stopped. Steve allowed Tony to lay him back against the bed, tuck a blanket around him and curl him into the heat of his body. He tried to stay awake, but found that he was exhausted. As he drifted away, he heard the soft murmur of Tony talking to JARVIS, but couldn’t understand anything that was said.


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Steve was still handcuffed when he woke up the next morning. His hole ached as it squeezed around the plug still buried inside of him. Tony walked in as he rolled onto his back, trying to stretch sore muscles as much as he was able. The older man was fully dressed, and appeared to have been awake for a while already. Steve felt exposed, naked and restrained on the giant bed.


“Good morning, my omega. How do you feel this morning?”


“Pretty good. Sore. Are you gonna let me out of the handcuffs anytime soon, Tony?”


“Mmmm… Not quite yet. We have some things we need to do today, that you’re not really going to like. The handcuffs make it easier.” He sat down on the bed, ran his hands proprietarily over Steve’s skin.


“If I’m going to react that badly, maybe we should just skip it?” He tried to keep from panting as Tony began to toy with his sensitive nipples, pinching them to hardness.


“No, Steve. I told you, I am going to give you exactly what you need, whether you like it or not. And we’re starting now.” He let go of his chest, moved across the room to retrieve a box from the dresser. “I had JARVIS order a few things last night.”


He straddled Steve’s hips, pulling a slim collar out of the box. “We’re going to start with this one. It’ll make you feel more secure for what’s coming next.” The cool metal slid around Steve’s throat, tight enough to notice but not to choke. Tony finished fastening it, leaning back to survey his work. “This one’s just temporary. I’ll make you a permanent one when I have a chance. One that locks.”


Steve shudders, rocking up against Tony’s weight. He can feel his alpha’s cock start hardening against him. “Tony… Please…”


“Soon, sweet boy. Just a little bit longer.” He leaned down, pressing their lips together, tongue sweeping into Steve’s mouth. Chasing the soft whimpers and whines. “That’s my good boy.”


Steve’s eyes had drifted closed during the kiss, allowing himself to float on the sensation. He felt Tony slide down his thighs, heard soft rustling sounds coming from the box. His eyes flew open with a gasp as he felt Tony grasp his soft cock, slicking a thin layer of lube over it. He arched into the touch, hoping his alpha will keep touching him. Stroke him, get him hard, make him come.


Instead of the longed for pleasure, Steve felt the slide of metal closing around him from all sides. He tried to struggle, but between the handcuffs and Tony sitting on his legs, he couldn’t get enough leverage to get away.


Steve watched in trepidation as Tony fitted his balls through a small metal loop, tightening it around him, adjusting a second piece to come up between them, forcing them apart. His cock was contained in a continuous metal tube, that was tightened down to fit him like a glove, before curving back to fasten to the lower part of the cage. He wouldn’t be able to get hard, would be in agony if his body tried. And even if he succeeded there, the metal loops held his balls tight, preventing him from coming.


He fought then, finally finding the strength to struggle now that it was too late. “No! No, you can’t! Tony! No. Please. Please?”


Tony let his fingertips trail over the metal of the cage, a covetous expression on his face. “You’re so beautiful, Steve. Look so good like this. My sweet little omega.” When their eyes met, Tony’s were blown so wide they looked entirely black. “Did you know that there’s an offshoot of Stark Industries that produces technology to help alphas keep their omegas in line?” He continued on when Steve shook his head. “You’re wearing one of my designs. Bio-imprinted. The only thing that can open that lock is a scan of my fingerprint and my override code. You’re trapped sweetheart. Mine.”


Tony’s fingers wrapped around the metal, squeezing it tightly as he leaned down to devour Steve’s mouth again. None of the sensation could penetrate the thick metal. He whined, rocking up desperately into Tony’s grip, and the older man allowed it. Leisurely exploring his body as Steve chased any hint of pleasure.


Tony’s mouth moved down to his chest, licking and sucking at his nipples, hands coming up to roughly massage his pecs, fingers digging into his flesh. It hurt. Steve must have made some sound, because Tony pulled back to look at him. “You don’t touch yourself here, do you?”


“No. I don’t… I don’t like it.”


“Oh, baby. You have glands here too. They need to be worked to help you release. You should be soft here, not rock hard. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. But you’re going to have to be patient. It might be awhile before we can get your body ready to release like you should.” He kneaded Steve’s chest forcefully, the touch as demanding as the tone of voice it accompanied. It made a shiver run down his spine, tightening his muscles and squeezing his passage around the plug. Steve imagined he could still feel the heat of Tony’s come, fucked deep into him and trapped in place by the toy.


“Please, Tony. It hurts. I can’t… I can’t wait that long. Please.” Tears prickled the corners of his eyes. This wasn’t fair. He was claimed. He had an alpha. He was supposed to be able to enjoy it.


“It’ll be worth it in the long run, my sweet omega. You just have to be patient for me. You can do that, right?”


Steve broke, the tears pouring out of him, sobbing like his heart would break. It was too much to ask of him, but he couldn’t say no. Couldn’t disagree with the man wrapping his arms around him and pressing soft kisses to his face. He would do almost anything for Tony to want him as his omega, to keep him. “Tony…”


“I know. It’s hard. But you’re being such a good boy for me. Fuck, Steve. I need you so much.”


Tony fumbled with the fastening on his pants, freeing his cock as he slid up to straddle Steve’s shoulders. “I’m sorry, baby. I’ll take care of you later, I promise. But I need you right now. Be a good boy and let me have you.”


Steve opened his mouth, let Tony press his cock inside, thrusting down his throat. Making him gag around the thick length. He could feel Tony’s knuckles bumping his lips as he thrust forward desperately, hand wrapped tight around the base of his cock where the knot would pop when he came. Steve wanted to see it, be the cause of it. To feel so good wrapped around the alpha’s cock that he couldn’t get enough. Give him a reason to choose Steve other than medical necessity.


Steve let his tongue flick over the head as he slid out and stroke down the vein when he thrust in again. Hollowed his cheeks and sucked as Tony’s movements became more frantic. Greedily swallowed the come spilling down his throat as Tony groaned out his pleasure above him. When his knot was deflating and his cock soft, he pulled free from Steve’s mouth, settling against him on the bed. “You are such a good fucking boy for me, Steve. How did I get so lucky?”


“You… You think that…?”


“I do, sweetheart. You have no idea how much I want you. The things I want to do to you. I can’t fucking wait. I’m going to ruin you for anyone else. You’re mine.”


Steve lowered his gaze, peering up at Tony through his lashes. “Yes, alpha.”


“Damn right.”

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Tony kept him handcuffed, insisting that he needed to stay in bed and rest while he took care of breakfast. It wasn’t difficult to get Steve to agree. He felt fragile, a little breakable. Everything had changed so quickly, and all of that was overwhelming him as soon as he was left alone. Steve rolled over, burying his face in Tony’s pillow, inhaling the scent of his alpha, letting it calm him. By the time Tony came back with a breakfast tray, Steve no longer felt like he would burst into tears at any moment.


“Here, let’s get these off my good boy. I want to hold you while we have breakfast.” Tony unfastened the restraints from around Steve’s wrists, took a moment to rub the skin soothingly before pressing a soft kiss to each and releasing him. He slid into the bed, tucking Steve into his side and settled the tray over their laps.


Steve blinked at the assortment. There were pancakes, waffles, eggs, every type of breakfast meat, pastries and fruit. As well as coffee, tea, and several different juices. He turned to look at Tony who seemed embarrassed for once. “Tony, even I don’t eat this much.”


“Yeah, well… I wasn’t… Sure what you liked. But I wanted you to have it. To feel… Cared for.”


Steve buried his face against Tony’s shoulder, blinking back tears once more. His voice was a soft whisper. “Thank you, alpha.”


“You are most welcome, my sweet omega.”


Breakfast was soothing in it’s normalcy, even if all the events surrounding it were beyond Steve’s ability to cope with at the moment. He accepted bites of bacon and fruit that Tony fed him by hand, feeling hot and flustered from the attention. Occasionally his cock would throb in it’s confines, causing him to shift on the bed, rocking the plug still buried inside of him. Each time he could feel Tony’s gaze on him like a weight.


When they were finished eating, Tony set the tray aside and pulled Steve over to straddle his lap, tilting his chin so their eyes met. “On a normal day, I would punish you for arguing with me earlier.” He held up a finger to stop Steve from immediately protesting. “But, you are not in any condition for that kind of correction right now, so we’ll make an exception. In the future, if you insult my omega or argue with something that is necessary for your health or wellbeing, you will be punished. Do you understand, Steve?”


“Yes, Tony.”


“Good. Now, I need to get an idea of where you’re at, and what needs to be done. I have some questions that I’m going to need honest answers to.” He waited for Steve to nod before continuing. “I won’t judge you for anything you tell me, honey. And this information stays just between us. Before the serum, did you have a designation?”


Steve’s gaze drops, unable to look at the other man’s face as he answers. “No. Before the serum, I wasn’t even a beta. I was just a null.” He swallows the lump in his throat as Tony’s hands pet soothingly over his back. “I think… I was just too sick to develop right.”


“That’s okay, sweetheart. I know this is hard. Thank you for telling me. I’m assuming that before the serum, you got hard and jerked off when you wanted to come, which is why it’s been so difficult for you after?”


“Yes, Tony.”


“And after you received the serum…?”


“They did a lot of testing. Were hoping the serum would make me an alpha. The SSR was incredibly disappointed when I went into heat.”


Tony pulls him closer, resting his cheek against Steve’s hair. “And was there anyone who helped you through that heat?”


“No. I was left in a room alone to take care of the problem until it was over.”


“Oh, sweetheart. That must have been terrible. And you haven’t… Been with anyone since?”


“Just you.”


Tony nodded, held him tightly to his chest. “So you haven’t worked any of your glands properly since you presented. Steve. You must be in pain all the time. Why didn’t you talk to someone?”


“I… I didn’t know… I thought it was just…”


“Supposed to be that way?” Tony finished, watching him nod miserably. “It’s okay, sweet omega. I’m going to take care of you.”


The assurances made Steve feel soft. He buried his face in the side of Tony’s neck, clinging to him desperately, as though he could disappear at any moment. “Tony… Please, I want…”


“What is it you need, sweet boy. If I can, I’ll give it to you.”


“Please don’t leave me. I’ll be good for you. I’ll let you do anything you want. Just please…”


“Shh… It’s okay. I told you. You’re mine. I am never letting you go, Steve. I know it’s hard right now, but try, okay? You’ll feel better once we get you straightened out. But Steve?” He forced his chin back, brown eyes boring intensely into blue. “I have always wanted you. You were always my first choice. I stepped aside because you pushed me away, didn’t want me. But as soon as Fury told me you needed an alpha… I wasn’t going to let anyone else have you. I need you to remember that. Especially when I have to be mean to you. Okay?”


“Yes, alpha.”


“Good boy.”


Tony kept him on his lap for a long time, petting over his skin and through his hair until he felt drowsy and sluggish. Once he was relaxed, Tony gripped his hips, slowly urging him to turn, settling him with his back against Tony’s chest.


A hot mouth slid down Steve’s neck, over the sensitive bond bite, jolting him back to reality. Tony’s hands slid around his ribs to cup his pecs, kneading them roughly, digging into the hard tissue. It was incredibly painful, but at the same time he could feel sparks of pleasure running down his spine. Without realizing it, his hips were rocking against Tony’s lap, grinding down against the plug. “Tony… Tony, please…”


“That’s right, sweetheart. It feels good, doesn’t it?”


Tony pinched his nipples hard, twisting and rolling them relentlessly. Steve whined as his cock throbbed in the cage, seeming to pulse in time with the stimulation to his chest. His hands dropped down to cover it, fingers sliding over the smooth metal, tugging on it restlessly.


“Is that what you need, honey? To try and fight for a little while before your alpha breaks you down? That’s alright. You go ahead and fight. Maybe if you can get free, I’ll breed you again, let you get nice and hard, stroke you off just the way you were hoping I would. Maybe.”


As if it was the permission he needed, Steve gripped the cage, pulling at the edges, squeezing, trying to force it to give, release his aching cock. He struggled, writhing in Tony’s grip, the pressure building in his chest driving him crazy with want. He sobbed in desperation as the sensations climbed higher and higher, almost like the buildup to orgasm. No matter how hard he fought to get the cage off, it didn’t budge. His hands fell helplessly to his sides as the feeling of weakness overwhelmed him again, hips churning against Tony’s lap as the tension rose in him until it finally broke.


Steve’s pecs spasmed painfully and relaxed. A slow trickle of come dripped from the cock cage. He shook in Tony’s arms, sobbing harder. He felt robbed. Cheated of the pleasure his body had been building up to. Tony made soft shushing noises as he continued to knead at Steve’s chest and toy with his nipples. “It’s okay. You’re doing so good for me, baby. Exactly what you’re supposed to. Just let me.”


“It hurts… Tony, it hurts.”


“I know. You’re just so backed up, sweetheart. Have to get you soft here. Releasing nice and easy for me.”


Tears slipped down Steve’s face as Tony worked him roughly, fueling the ache in his core that never truly went away. “You said… You said it would feel good!”


“It will. But we’ve got to get you there, honey. And that might take a while. Do I need to tie you down? Give you something to struggle against? Or do you need my cock in that sweet hole of yours?”


A full body shudder ripped through Steve. “Please. Please, want you inside. Alpha. Yes.”


Tony moved Steve off his lap, guiding him onto his hands and knees, hips tilted high in welcome. The plug was removed, walls pulsing around nothing, leaving him feeling empty. Only for a moment though, and Steve whimpered in relief as his alpha pressed inside of him, stretching him wider than the plug, not pausing until he was buried deep. Tony’s hands came around to work Steve’s chest, roughly, moaning as Steve squeezed around his cock, rocking against his grip, trying to force him deeper.


“That’s right, sweetheart. Just like that. If you can release like this, you just go ahead.” The pressure built again, worse this time, as Steve struggled against the cage forcing him to stay soft and small. His whole body was on fire, pulsing in the rhythm Tony set with  his thrusting cock and punishing grip. It felt like time stood still for a moment as Steve hung there, body winding tighter and tighter. He thought for a moment that this time he would get what he needed.


Instead there were spasms of pain, like a muscle cramp, from inside his passage. Steve’s rim tightened around Tony’s knot in a wave of discomfort, accompanied by a searing pain just beneath his balls. He sobbed as the same unfulfilling rush from earlier swept through his body, come leaking slowly from the tip of his soft cock.


Tony’s knot grew wider, pressing against the inside of his hole, making the area prickle with discomfort, similar to the pins and needles feeling of a limb going to sleep. Strong arms wrapped tight around him as he cried, until his head felt stuffy and his eyes ached. Tony slipped gently from his body, pressing against Steve’s shoulders, urging him to remain where he was on the bed. A moment later the plug from earlier pressed against him and slipped inside, pulling another painful spasm from his body.


Tony gently urged Steve onto his side, curling their bodies together, trying desperately to soothe the distraught omega.


“What’s wrong with me…?”


“You’ve been neglected for a long time, sweetheart. It’s going to be hard for quite a while. But I’m here. I’m going to make it better, alright?”


Steve sniffled, burrowing deeper into his alpha’s chest, voice small. “It hurt.”


“I know, baby. I’m sorry.” Tony sighed as Steve slowly relaxed against him. “There’s my sweet little omega. It’s okay. I’ll take care of you.”

Chapter Text

Steve had never felt wanted before. Didn’t know what to do with the constant attention that Tony showered on him. For the rest of the first day, the genius kept him tucked close. During meals he still kept one hand touching Steve at all times. Afterwards, the alpha ran steaming water into the tub and bathed Steve with his own hands, gently easing out the plug from the morning and carefully washing the tender area.


All the attention made him feel lightheaded, as though a part of him could float away from his body. Steve tripped over his feet as he was led back to the bedroom and tucked under warm blankets. He dimly heard the rustling of clothing, and was asleep as soon as Tony’s bare body slid into the bed against his own.


Tony woke him the next morning with slow kisses, exploring the depths of Steve’s mouth as though they had all the time in the world. He loved it more than he could put into words. The feel of his alpha’s lips moving against his, gently dominating him, made him feel weak in the best of ways. He couldn’t help the way he clung to Tony’s shoulders, or the soft whimpers that were immediately swallowed by the other man’s mouth.


When they finally parted, Steve brushed a finger over his lower lip. It was swollen and tingling. He glanced up to see Tony watching him, possessiveness in his gaze, and immediately flushed a dark red. “Morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well?”


“Yes Tony.”


“Good. Let’s get breakfast. I’m starving.” Tony led him to the living room, where a thick cushion sat on the ground in front of the couch. “Kneel for me, omega. I’m going to feed you today.”


Steve’s blush intensified. “You don’t have to-“


Tony cut him off. “No. I don’t. I want to. Now, do as you’re told, sweetheart. Remember: I can and will punish you. And I don’t have to hurt you to do it.”


Steve dropped to his knees on the pillow immediately. He wasn’t sure what Tony had in mind, but the other man was known for his creativity. Steve wasn’t in any hurry to find out exactly what he could do to his omega.


His omega. The thought made him stop for a moment. He finally belonged to someone. He had an alpha. Who desperately wanted him, even if he was damaged. At least, that’s what he kept telling Steve. But this was Tony. Before anything else they were friends. So why would Tony lie to him? If this was all part of SHEILD’s plan to keep Captain America functioning, wouldn’t he have just told him as much from the start?


There was a fluttering sensation in his chest. Cautious hope. Maybe this could be real. Maybe he could have this.


Gentle fingers brushing his cheek pulled him from his thoughts, and he offered Tony a tentative smile. “Ready, my beautiful omega?”


“Yes, alpha.”


Tony’s fingers brushed over his lips, occasionally pushing inside Steve’s mouth as he fed him bites of pastry and bits of fruit. Allowing him time to suck the sugar and juice from his skin. There was a second mug on the table, coffee with cream and sugar added, just the way Steve enjoyed it most. Every few bites Tony would press it to his mouth, allow him to take small sips.


Time seemed to stretch out around them. Steve wasn’t sure how long he knelt there, basking in the affection from his alpha. Tony didn’t stop until his stomach was full and Steve was back in the pleasant floaty state he’d fallen into before.


Tony drew him up into his lap, one arm wrapped securely around his waist as he began kissing him again, mouth occasionally sliding away to press kisses over his cheek or down his jaw as Steve struggled to draw in breath. He moaned when Tony’s mouth slid across the curve of his neck, feeling hotter as it rubbed over his bonding bite. The feeling of teeth scraping over the sensitive skin made him shudder and clench inside.


“That’s right. Good omega, letting your alpha take care of you. All you have to do is let me.” Tony’s mouth slid back to his, offering him more of the drugging kisses that Steve couldn’t get enough of. He barely noticed that one of Tony’s hands was working it’s way over his hip, rubbing circles over his ass, before sliding down further to rub behind his balls.


Steve cried out as pain lanced through him from the touch, struggling to free himself from his alpha’s grip. “No! Please! It hurts. Tony, it hurts!”


“It’s okay, sweetheart.” He let out a shaky breath, gently exploring the swollen area before wrapping both arms around Steve, holding him close. “It’s okay. I’m stopping for now. Alright?”


Steve nodded against Tony’s shoulder, clinging to him for comfort. “I’m sorry.”


He cupped Steve’s face in his hands, forcing him to look up and meet his eyes. “You have nothing to apologize for. It’s not your fault. You just… Need a lot of care, that no one ever bothered to give you. And it makes me really fucking angry, but not at you. Never at you, sweetheart. I’m just going to have to get a little more creative to get us through this. It’ll be alright. Okay?”


Steve sniffled. “Yes alpha.”


“There’s my good boy. Why don’t we give it a few days. Get settled in, and then I can start working on your glands?”

“What’ll we do until then?”


Tony’s lips curved upward. “Oh, I’m sure I can think of a few things.”


Steve hid his face again, as the heat of a blush rose in his cheeks.


“Naughty boy. I bet I know what you’re thinking about.” He shook himself, expression becoming more serious. “Besides, you’ve been most of the way down all day, and I think you might need that even more. You ever been in omega-space before?”


“Is that what the floaty thing is?”


Tony suppressed a smile, nodding. “Yes. It is.”


“Then no. I… I’ve never felt anything like any of this before.”


“I know.” Tony pulled him closer, rubbing his back soothingly before returning to the kisses from before. Steve felt like he was slowly being led down a dark and unfamiliar road. But the kisses were addictive, he couldn’t get enough, as was the feel of Tony’s hands running over his bare skin. He pressed closer, willing to offer up anything his alpha wanted.


Steve felt sluggish, as though he was trying to move underwater, sinking deeper every moment. His limbs felt heavy and ungainly. He wasn’t sure if he could move if he tried. Somewhere far away he was still conscious of the hunger inside of him that never went away, but the call of omega-space was more insistent. So for once, Steve stopped fighting. He trust his alpha to keep him safe, and let the peaceful calm carry him away.

Chapter Text

Tony spent most of the next week trying to reassure Steve, and help him navigate falling into omega-space. For the first few days, Steve felt awkward and ungainly, but by the end of the week he was starting to learn how to lean into the sensation. Let it carry him away without struggling to control it.


Over the weekend, Tony had spent a few hours in his workshop, leaving Steve to entertain himself however he wanted. He wasn’t used to having free time. Before the serum his illnesses filled any spare moment he could scratch out for himself. During the war, there simply wasn’t time. He found himself turning to JARVIS for advice and recommendations, and enjoying the things the snarky AI directed him to.


When he came back to the penthouse each night, the first thing Tony did was pull Steve into his arms and kiss him senseless. He began to look forward to the intimacy of being so close to another person. Sharing their space and breath.


Steve was stretched out on the couch, eyes mostly closed, trying to figure out what he should do with himself next. He had just finished another movie on Tony’s “It’s a crime against humanity that you haven’t seen this movie yet” list. The Breakfast Club was weird. Honestly, the entirety of the eighties seemed weird. Steve was almost glad that he’d missed them.


“Captain? If you’re not busy, Sir has requested your presence in his workshop.”


“No problem. Tell him I’ll be right down.” Steve rolled off the couch and onto his feet, hurrying downstairs. He’d never admit it out loud, but he was excited at the thought of spending extra time with his alpha. He’d feel too guilty to ask for it, but Tony called for him, which made everything alright.


Tony smiled up at him when he walked in the door from his position crouched next to a table. “Give me just a minute, sweetheart.”


Steve took the time to look around. Notice the chaos and creativity present in every inch of the space. Somehow it seems to suit the genius perfectly.


“Okay. All done with that. Now. You.” He wiped his hands on a rag and tossed it over a chair. “Strip for me, omega. Now.” There’s was an instant transformation from easygoing to dominant, and Steve responded instinctively. He undressed, folding his clothes neatly and stacking them on a chair, fighting the urge to cover himself.


“Good boy. Come with me.” Tony led him to a soft mat in the corner, urging him to his knees straddling something that resembled a small barrel. He gently spread Steve’s legs farther, fastening restraints around his ankles and just below his knees. His arms were folded behind his back and restrained before being secured to a post just behind him.




“It’ll be alright, sweetheart. Just going to take care of you. I’ll be here the entire time.” He pressed a button on a remote he was holding, and the machine beneath Steve raised itself until the soft silicone nubs were pressed directly against the swollen area behind his balls. He tried to squirm away, protect himself, but the restraints held securely. Once it was positioned where he wanted it, Tony added another set of restraints securing his thighs to the body of the machine and another around his waist holding him against the cool metal of the post. Steve could do nothing but writhe helplessly in his bonds. “Tony…”


“Hush. You need this. I know it’s hard. It’s going to get a lot worse soon. But I know that you can do this.” Tony stepped back, gaze running thoughtfully over Steve’s body, as though checking for anything he might have missed. “I will be here with you the entire time, sweetheart. And if you need me, you call me. Alright?”


Steve nodded hesitantly, unsure of what was going to happen next. He watched Tony move back across the workshop, in direct view at all times, which made something inside of him relax. Tony wouldn’t hurt him. His alpha would keep him safe.


The relief was short lived as the machine he was bound to came to life, vibrating beneath him. Steve tried to fight, struggling against the mixture of pain and pleasure wrecking his body. The spot behind his balls was tight and ached fiercely as the vibrations pounded through him, however this was also the most stimulation his cock had gotten since Tony caged him a week ago. His head fell back with a groan as the cage tightened around him as arousal swelled him in his confines.


The pleasure built, distracting him from the pain for a while. The longer it went on, the more his hole clenched, desperate to be filled, leaking slick all over the surface of the machine. Steve didn’t notice the whimpers and cut off moans that were falling regularly from his lips as he attempted to grind down. His body tensed, the muscles in his legs stiffening. Steve could almost feel the gland tucked above his entrance harden, sending a bolt of pain up through him before it released. A rush of come dripped from the cage, once again without the accompanying pleasure.


Steve tried to relax, rest for a moment, but the vibrations didn’t stop, instead increasing in intensity. His eyes shot up to find Tony, the older man’s eyes dark and hot as he watched him. “Tony…? Tony, please. I need… I need to stop. I can’t…”


“You can, and you will. You’re too sensitive for me to touch, so we’re doing it this way. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of your pretty tits and neck later. Get my sweet omega releasing nice and easy for me, whenever I want.” Tony stepped back, settling himself in a chair facing him, unfastening his pants and freeing his cock, eyes never leaving Steve’s body. He began to slowly stroke himself with one hand, the other still holding the remote, pushing the setting two clicks higher as Steve watched helplessly.


His cries turned louder, desperate. The war between pain and arousal raged through him, with no clear winner. Each time Steve felt like he was close to the edge of orgasm, the pain from his neglected glands was enough to steal the pleasure from his grasp. The vibrations pulsing through his caged cock were enough to make him want to scream. Each time felt like too much, and still his alpha pushed him through more, made him take it. Every time his body released, Tony simply cranked the vibrations higher. He begged and pleaded with the other man to stop, to let him rest. To not make it worse.


Tony ignored the babbled words, following whatever his plan had been in the first place. It felt like hours, days had passed, as he tortured Steve’s body with unending pleasure he couldn’t reach, and pain that pulled him back down to Earth. When the vibrations and soreness were enough to make Steve want to scream, Tony moved to kneel in front of him, gripping his pecs tight, digging his fingers into the glands below each nipple, not trying to work a release from him, but forcing it instead.


Steve did scream this time, as his entire body gave a painful spasm and went slack, slow dribbles of come the only proof that his body had obeyed. He didn’t even try to struggle anymore as his alpha repeated the process again, before moving to his inner thighs, searching for the glands high in the crease and forcing them to give as well. Steve felt hollow, wrung out, as his body gave for Tony. Tears slid down his face, but he could no longer tell if they were from pain or need.


It was awful, and he was afraid it would never end. What if his body was so screwed up he could never release the way Tony wanted him to? Would he still keep Steve locked up? Deny him any scrap of pleasure?


He didn’t realize at first that the machine had gone still, until the sound of Tony’s voice penetrated the miserable fog around him. “Such a good boy. Such a sweet omega for me.” The restraints released but Steve couldn’t hold his own weight, collapsing into Tony’s arms. Each place the metal had bound him was gently massaged and softly kissed. Tony gathered him closer, sliding a hand between his thighs through a mess of slick and come to test the area.


Steve shuddered from the pressure of his fingers, unbearably sensitive, but the feeling was no longer painful. Instead he was hyperaware of any pressure against the spot. He squirmed in Tony’s lap as he rubbed back and forth, occasionally pressing a little harder just to hear Steve moan.


“That’s right, baby. You’re nice and soft here now, just like you’re supposed to be. Once we have you settled, I’m going to tie you down to the bed and run my mouth over every inch of you until you scream. Would you like that, omega?”


“Tony… God yes, please. Need it. Need you.”


“Not tonight, sweetheart.” He pulled away from Steve’s gland, went back to holding him securely in his arms. “I don’t want to hurt you, and it’s been a long day. We’ve been here for hours. You need a drink and something to eat. I’ll take you upstairs.”


Despair crashed over him, making him struggle against Tony’s grip. A soft growl rumbled in his throat. It wasn’t fair. Every time anything felt good, Tony denied him. Steve didn’t know how much he could take. Ignoring Tony, he slid his own hand between his legs, bypassing the cage to rub against the spot that had felt so magical only moments before. However his own touch was both disappointing and short lived.


Tony gripped Steve’s wrist, squeezing hard and jerking his hand away. “Enough.” Dark eyes flashed up at him, and Steve felt the pit of his stomach drop. “Trying to push me, omega? See what I’ll let you get away with?”


“No… I’m sorry, alpha. I didn’t meant to. I…”


Tony leaned forward, teeth digging into the side of his neck and gripping firmly, a growl buzzing against his skin. Steve’s muscles went limp, head falling to the side to expose more of his throat to the other man.”You will obey me, Steve. And when I tell you to do something, that is exactly what you’re going to do. I have been extremely indulgent this past week, but obviously that isn’t what my omega needs. My boy needs something to fight and struggle against. So that is exactly what I’ll give you. Tonight, you are going to rest, because you have still had a very long day. And tomorrow, I’m going to punish you. And when I’m done, we’ll see if you ever disobey me or decide to growl at your alpha again.”


Steve trembled, suddenly feeling very vulnerable. “Yes, alpha. I’m sorry, alpha.”


“Not yet, but you will be.”

Chapter Text

Steve watched Tony with trepidation for the next several days, hoping for any hint of what was coming. Each time the genius noticed, he simply flashed a wicked smile and carried on with whatever he had been doing. It was driving Steve crazy. Which was probably the point.


He did notice improvements in his health starting from the moment he bonded with Tony. It was easier to sleep through the night, especially with the warmth of his alpha curled against his back. His neck was no longer constantly stiff, and the pain in his chest that he had grown accustomed to was gone. Steve’s entire body felt lighter and looser. However, the more time they spent being intimate, the higher his libido seemed to soar. Feeling needy and desperate was starting to become a baseline for him, and each time Tony buried himself deep in Steve’s body, his cock struggled valiantly in it’s confines.


A few days after Tony’s promised punishment, Steve woke to soft tickling touches running over his body. He tried to turn away and was stopped with a metallic clank. His eyes flew open. Tony’s mischievous grin greeted him. “Good morning, sweetheart. Sleep well?”


“I… I did. Thank you, Tony.”


“Good. Now that you’ve had a chance to think about what you did, we’re going to go ahead with your punishment. If that’s alright with you.”


The deceptively kind tone only made Steve’s nervousness spike. Tony could be truly devious  when he chose to be, and Steve had unintentionally turned all of that attention on himself. “Maybe… Maybe we could have breakfast first? Alpha?” His voice squeaked slightly on the last word.


“No honey. I’ll take care of that later. For right now, all you have to do is feel. Can you do that for me?”


“Yes Tony.”


“Good omega.” Tony leaned over Steve’s displayed body and trailed kisses over his chest, letting his goatee scratch over his sensitive skin. Eyes locked with Steve’s his mouth latched onto first one nipple, then the other, teasing them into hard peaks before easing back. Steve groaned, arching off the bed, trying to chase the touch.


“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I won’t be neglecting anything today.” Tony picked up a pair of heavy silver clamps, connected by a thin chain. After carefully positioning one of them around his nipple, he let it snap shut, digging into the tissue and putting constant pressure on the gland underneath. Steve could already feel himself start to leak as the second one was just as purposely placed and closed. A small latch on the side of each one locked it in place. No matter how much he struggled, they wouldn’t be coming free.


“Come on, Steve. Show me what I do to you.”


With a gasp, he writhed in his restraints, pulling at his wrists and ankles, trying to close his legs, shake off the clamps, anything to lessen the sense of pressure. As usual, he remained exactly where Tony had put him. “Alpha…”


“None of that, now. Good boys take the punishments they earn without complaint. Now, ready to move on?”


“How… How much more is there?”


Tony grinned down at him. “Why baby, I can do this all day.”


Steve groaned, letting his head fall back against the pillow. The bed shifted and settled as Tony reached for something on the nightstand. There was a click, followed by slick sounds. Tony’s fingers were suddenly between his cheeks, rubbing insistently against his rim, coating it in a thick gel before pressing inside. A gasp tore from his lips. Everywhere the gel touched immediately started to throb with need. Steve tried to grind down, force the fingers deeper, but Tony resisted. Instead his touches remained shallow, thoroughly working his entrance and the slick glands just inside.


The hard knots from lack of stimulation were slowly rubbed out, until Steve was constantly dripping onto Tony’s hand and the sheets below. It felt so good it was almost painful, as the cramping sensation melted away, leaving him panting and begging for more.


“I think that’s a good start. You just stay right here while I go check on breakfast.”


Steve wanted to scream as Tony got up and walked out of the room. His nipples throbbed constantly under the pressure of the clamps, and he could feel his hole pulsing helplessly, the feeling of emptiness increasing with every second.


Tony returned long minutes later with two cups and a large bowl of fruit. He sat beside Steve on the bed offering him pieces of fruit with his fingers and sips of coffee to wash it down. However Steve kept getting distracted by the increasing throb of his entrance. Tony scolded him several times for squirming, and even slapped his thigh to get his attention when he still couldn’t hold still.


Steve gasped, trying to grind his ass down against the sheets hoping for some friction against his rim. “What did you do to me?”


The wicked grin from earlier returned to Tony’s lips, his eyes dark and predatory. “It’s a stimulant. Increases blood flow when it comes in contact with omega hormones. Does nothing to alpha’s though. I could fill you full of it and fuck you for hours and I wouldn’t feel a thing. Now, you on the other hand…”


“How- God, fuck! How do you make it stop?”


“Language, Steve. Now in theory, it should wear off after several hours. Of course the proteins in an alpha’s come can also deactivate it. But I don’t think you deserve that yet, do you?”


Steve shook his head miserably. “No alpha.”


“And what are you being punished for again?”


“I disobeyed you. And growled when you stopped me.”


Tony arched a brow. “And…?”


“And what? Tony, I can’t even think straight. Help me!”

“If I have to tell you, you’re getting spanked before we’re done, omega.”


Steve jerked futilely at the restraints, wracking his brain for the answer, serving only to shift the clamps back and forth, putting more pressure on his nipples. He could feel come oozing from his cage, dripping down over his thighs to join the mess of slick beneath him. His body was on fire, and no answers were forthcoming. “I don’t know! I don’t know! Tony, please!”


“You touched yourself without my permission, sweetheart. And you just earned yourself a spanking to boot. I think you’ll be a very sorry boy by the time today is over.” He swallowed the rest of his coffee and set the mug aside. “Now, where were we? Oh, yes. I remember.” He made a production of coating this fingers with a thick layer of gel, knowing Steve’s eyes were locked onto the sight. Finally he slid back into Steve’s body, three this time, pressing deep.


Steve howled, arching as high as he was able as Tony pressed firmly against his prostate, milking it for a moment before moving his attention to the gland just beneath it. His omega gland was swollen and rock hard, spasming at the touch. A sharp stabbing pain caused Steve to tighten around Tony’s fingers, leaving him little room to move.


Despite Steve’s protests, Tony continued his ministrations, rubbing the gel into his gland, removing his fingers only to cover them again and return to work. Steve’s entire passage was soaked in it at this point, and throbbing without respite. He was moaning and writhing constantly, no longer able to control himself. Just as his body began to tense, passage fluttering around Tony’s fingers in pleasure, he pulled out, wiping his hands on the sheets.


Steve’s hips jerked into the air, desperately seeking further contact, anything to push him over that edge. He groaned despairingly when none came. Tony stood, stretching his back. “I’m going to get another cup of coffee. You want one, sweetheart?”


“Tony!” Steve’s eyes were wide and pleading. “No. Please. Please don’t leave me like this. I need you. I need you so much…”


“I told you I didn’t have to hurt you to punish you. Now you sit tight. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


Steve fell back against the bed, sobs tearing from his chest.The constant denial was it’s own kind of agony. It felt like every muscle in his body was twitching restlessly. He needed something, anything, to make it stop. It seemed like Tony was gone for even longer this time, finally stepping back into the bedroom with a full cup of coffee and a Starkpad. After setting the cup down, he moved around the room, sorting through several items before returning to the bed.


A piece of leather was slid beneath Steve’s body and wrapped around his waist, fastening above the cage. A second strap was drawn between his legs. A slim curved vibrator was slid inside of him before the strap was fastened, holding it securely in place, pressed firmly against his gland. Steve immediately started shaking his head rapidly, knowing what was coming next. “No. No, please Tony. I can’t. I can’t stand it. It hurts. Please.”


“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I really am. This is the best way to get it to give. And you need this, Steve. You just have to trust me. I know you can do this. And at the moment? You don’t really have a choice.” Tony settled against the headboard beside him, settling the tablet on his lap and sipping his coffee. He gave Steve a chance to get used to the pressure before turning the vibrator on.


Spikes of pain lanced through his passage as the vibrations thrummed to life inside of him. He struggled, swearing and crying as the vibrator continued to work. After an unbearably long time, the sensation shifted, still painful, but not as sharp. His passage spasmed repeatedly, more like cramps then anything else. Tony stayed by his side, stroking his hair and murmuring encouragement and praise.


Steve relaxed back against the bed as his body spasmed, more come trickling from his cock, and the gland buried inside of him seemed to go numb. Tony turned off the vibrator with the small remote he had kept close to him the entire time. “I think it’s time for a break, sweetheart. I’m going to go grab something and then be right back. Okay?”


Steve nodded tiredly, eyes fluttering shut. His entire body ached like he’d run a marathon then gotten into a fist fight. And he still wasn’t done. If he didn’t trust Tony, know what sort of person he was, it would be easy to assume he was needlessly torturing him for his own amusement. The problem was that Steve did know him. And if Tony said that he had to do this, that it was for his own good… Tony might completely ignore his own health and well being, but never anyone else’s. Especially someone he felt responsible for.


Steve hadn’t realized how attuned he was to the alpha’s presence, until he felt him the moment he entered the room. He squeezed his eyes tighter shut, fighting back tears, as suddenly all of the things he had heard about finding a mate when he was younger filled his mind. He understood now, why people talked about their alpha being their other half, of feeling connected. Why there were so many romance stories about meeting that special person and knowing that they were it. The one.


Tony gently brushed the tears off his cheeks. “Are you alright, sweetheart? Is it too much? I don’t want to draw this out more than it has to be, but I don’t want to hurt you, either. Talk to me.”


Steve blinked his eyes open, meeting the concerned brown ones above. A wave of emotion rolled over him, making his heart swell in his chest. “I…” He had to swallow before he could continue. “It’s okay, Tony. Not fun, but I can handle it. For you. For us.”


Tony leaned down, pressing their foreheads together. “I’ve never seen you look like this when you cry, Steve. Please tell me?”


Tears brimmed again, as Steve gazed adoringly up at his alpha. His mate. “You’re… This is just… Everything I always wanted, and was so sure I would never have… No one ever chose me. Except for you. And it’s…”


Tony pressed their lips together in a soft kiss, lingered until Steve was breathless. “I just hope you don’t regret it later. You could do better, sweetheart. I just took advantage of the situation. I wanted you so much, Steve.”


“Tony…” Steve leaned up as much as he could, tucking his face against the other man’s neck. “Why do you think I crashed like I did in the gym, instead of anywhere else? It was you. When we’d spar, you’d get so close. I could smell you on my skin for the rest of the day. I could feel you. And I wanted that. So much.”

Tony eased him back down to the bed, stroked his cheek, an odd look on his handsome face. “We’re both idiots you know. Wanting each other and trying so hard to hide it.”


“Yeah, I guess we are.”


“I want this to be over. To be able to show you how good it can be for us. Can you be a good boy? Take a little bit more for me?”


Steve bit his lip, nodded hesitantly. “Yes alpha. I… I want to be good for you.”


“There’s my sweet boy. Ready?” He waited for Steve to nod before turning the vibrator on again. It was no longer painful, the gland itself still feeling numb. Which meant he could focus on how the rest of him felt. A different kind of torture. His nipples were still aching, the pressure from the clamps going straight to his groin. His rim was clenching around the vibrator, but it was too narrow to provide any satisfaction, and too short to press as deep as he needed it.


Steve struggled against the restraints again, hips grinding back against the sheets then thrusting up into the air, desperately seeking friction on his hole or his cock and receiving neither. He could feel Tony’s eyes on him, enjoying the sight of his omega being tormented with pleasure rather than pain.


Hard shudders began to run through his body, mini contractions that forced more come from him until his balls were empty and hollow feeling, and it still didn’t stop. Tension was coiling tighter, somewhere inside of him that he wasn’t used to. It was frightening in its intensity, causing him to whimper and pull on the restraints. Tony’s hand stroked his stomach, trying to soothe, but Steve fought against the touch.


“Tony! Tony, too much! I can’t… I can’t…”


“Oh you definitely can, sweetheart. And we’re not stopping this time until you do. You want to know what you get in exchange for your little cocklet being locked up for me? You’re gonna find out, Steve. And I can’t wait to hear you scream.”


Steve shuddered at the low, dangerous tone in the other man’s voice. He felt another spasm deep inside his passage, and suddenly the numbness was gone, replaced instead by the most overwhelming pleasure he had ever felt. Each nerve felt like it was being stroked, every muscle locked up tight as the sensation built. It was similar to what he had felt a few times, when the dildo hit the right spots inside, but far beyond.


The edges of his vision went fuzzy. It felt like he couldn’t draw breath. He was pushed higher and higher, straining for something he couldn’t name. Tendrils of fire seemed to radiate out though his body. He could feel it spreading like a wave.


It finally broke, pleasure ripping through his body, tearing screams from his throat. He convulsed in the chains, thrusting back against the bed like he was riding Tony’s cock. Unlike before the serum, when he could still come, it wasn’t a burst of pleasure that immediately ebbed. It went on and on, the vibrator stimulating him to release over and over again, until he was a sobbing wreck on the bed, twitching with overstimulation.


Tony’s voice finally penetrated the fog surrounding him. “That’s right, sweetheart. Just like that. So good for me. One more time. Just one. Then you can rest.”


Steve sobbed as his tired body wound tight again, ramping up easier then ever, before plummeting over the edge, releasing around the toy again. Breathless with the length of time the pleasure coursed through his body before he was finally allowed to collapse against the bed, his alpha turning off the vibrator and allowing him to rest.


Muscles spasmed in small twitches, his breath still ragged. Steve could feel the glands in his nipples pulsing against the grip of the clamps, his passage clenching repeatedly around the toy still strapped inside of him. “Alpha… Alpha, please.”


“What do you need, omega?”


“Need you inside of me. Please.”


“It’s going to be a lot. Are you sure you can handle it? And you still owe me a spanking.” Even as he said it, Tony was stripping off his shirt, unfastening his pants and kicking them down. He released the leather straps, and Steve cried out as the vibrator slipped out of him, leaving him feeling empty. Just as quickly it was replaced with his alpha’s cock, plunging deep and rubbing over all the newly sensitive places within him.


Tony gripped his hips hard enough to bruise, pulling them higher so the head of his cock slammed against Steve’s gland with every thrust. He wailed, giving himself up to the pleasure, his alpha pushing him to release again before burying deep, knot swelling, pressing against the now soft slick glands lining his passage. Steve’s cock twitched in his cage, valiantly trying to harden, but the feeling was secondary to the pleasure sweeping through him from his alpha’s knot, locking in place and drawing out his release with every movement of their bodies.


They fell back against the bed, Tony’s arms wrapped around Steve, holding him close. Like an anchor keeping him from drifting away. The floaty sensation was back. Omega-space Tony had called it. He murmured his alpha’s name, nuzzling into the curve of his neck. For the first time in his life Steve felt completely safe and loved.

Chapter Text

It was late afternoon before Steve came back to himself enough to be aware of his surroundings. His body felt soft, still wrung out and tender from earlier, but the endless frustrating need that had haunted him since he presented was finally quiet. He stretched out his stiff muscles, pleased to realize that Tony had removed the restraints at some point. Steve rolled over, pressing his face against the other man’s thigh. Tony was still leaning back against the headboard, fiddling with various things on his tablet. He carded his fingers through Steve’s hair, smiling down at him.


“Feel better, sweetheart?”


“Yes. God, yes. So much. Thank you, Tony.”


“You’re welcome.” He set the tablet aside and turned his full attention on Steve. “Do you want to finish the last of your punishment now, or do you want to have lunch and relax a while first?”


Steve whined, burrowing deeper into the muscular thigh beneath him. “Is neither an option?”


Tony’s lips twitched with amusement. “No honey, it’s not. Let’s get it over with now. Then I can spend the rest of the day being nice to you. How does that sound?”


“Fine.” Steve could feel himself pouting and chose to ignore it. Tony was right. Better to get it over with rather than drawing it out. And there was still a small part of him that was unsettled, knowing his alpha was displeased with him and wanting nothing more than to make it better.


“Present for me, omega.”


Steve shifted back onto his hands and knees, stretching his arms out in front of him, forehead resting against the soft blankets and ass offered up in the air, thighs spread wide. The soft murmur of appreciation from behind him made him flush with pride.


“Are you ready? I want you to hold position until I’m done. Alright?”


“Yes, alpha.” Steve was expecting a hard palm to land on his offered ass or thighs. Instead two fingers smacked down firmly against his exposed hole. It barely stung, even after Tony repeated the strike several times in a row. But Steve felt tears slide down his face regardless. His entrance burned and stung under Tony’s fingers, the sensations heightened after his glands had been so thoroughly worked earlier. It was terrible and overwhelming. And somehow still made him want to come. Or release. Or whatever it was that his body did now.


Steve buried his face deeper in the comforter, feeling his hips rocking back to meet each smack. Soft keening sounds escaped his throat. The gentle spanking went on and on, until Steve was on the edge of release. That’s when Tony stopped, fingers still against his entrance, feeling it pulse and squeeze against them.


“Good boy. I think that’s enough for tonight.”


“Tony…?” Steve peered up at him from beneath his lashes, pleading with his eyes for relief.


“Yes, sweetheart?”


“I… I didn’t…”


“I know that. You can’t expect to always get what you want. And sometimes? I enjoy watching you suffer. Knowing you’re needy and aching? That I get to decide if you’ve earned it or not? I fucking love that.” Tony gripped his wrist, tugged him up and out of the bed. “Come on. You need to eat. Lunch and a movie. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you release again later.”


Steve shuddered. “And if I don’t want to wait?”


“Oh, sweetheart. You have no idea the things I could do to you.” Tony pulled him against his chest, gripping his hips. Steve could feel his cock, hard and twitching, pressed against him as he spoke, voice low with a hint of growl against his ear. “I could plug you up with ginger, spank you and watch you cry from the burn. I could put you in full chastity. Nothing touching your skin except for smooth metal. Locked up tight except for when I decide to play with you. Or I could stretch you open, work the biggest plug I own into you, make you run laps for me until you’re legs won’t work, you’ve released so many times. I could numb you up and fuck you all night long, and you’d feel nothing at all, but you’d want it. Need it. Because that’s the secret. Whatever your alpha wants? You want too.”


Steve collapsed into Tony’s arms, trembling, the images painted by the other man’s words vivid behind his eyes. And he was right. If he knew his alpha wanted it, he’d crave it. Wouldn’t be able to help himself. “Alpha, please!”


Tony’s mouth crashed against him, as though he were trying to devour him. Teeth scraped over his lower lip, making it throb, before a slick tongue swept into his mouth to tease and explore. Steve clung to his shoulders, trying to press closer, needing as much of him as he could get. The scent of Tony’s cologne and skin swirled around him, making him feel dizzy and weak.


Eventually the kiss gentled, soft sweeps of lips against his own, tongue brushing over the sore spot where his alpha had bit him, making him feel fragile. Tony guided them to the couch, tucked him tightly against his side, allowed Steve to bury his face in his neck once more, overwhelmed, this time by emotion. “Please don’t leave me.”


Tony placed a soft kiss on his hair. “Never, sweetheart. I could never walk away from you. You’re all mine. And I’m yours.”


Steve nodded against his skin, still struggling with the fear that Tony would decide he had made a mistake, that he wasn’t good enough. That he wanted someone else.


“It’s okay. I’ll tell you as many times as I need to, Steve. I’m not going anywhere.”

Chapter Text

Steve felt like he was floating through the next week. Tony’s presence was overwhelming in the best ways, and he was always there. They became so attuned to each other that it made him want to cry. That was what he needed and was denied for so long. If he had his way, they’d never leave the penthouse again. But of course, the world never worked that way.


Eight days after the bonding, SHEILD called them both in for a mission. Steve felt strange, walking into the conference room with the rest of the team. Tony sat beside him for the debrief, a hand resting on his thigh, which was nice. But before he knew what happened, they were in the middle of a fire fight.


Steve reacted on autopilot, the way he always did. Throwing the shield, taking the brunt of the damage over his teammates. After all, if anyone deserved to suffer, it was him. He had to lock away a bolt of panic every time he lost sight of the Iron Man suit in the confusion. Tony could handle himself. He always did.


It wasn’t until several hours later when he was overseeing treatment for minor wounds sustained by Clint and Natasha that Tony came to find him. The other man seemed displeased, his mouth set in a hard line. Steve felt his stomach clench. His alpha was unhappy with him, and he wasn’t sure why. Was it because he didn’t fight hard enough? Or maybe Tony was angry because the others had gotten injured. Steve should have tried harder.


He could feel his thoughts spiraling downwards, but didn’t know what to do. Tony only wanted him because SHEILD needed him to fight. But if he couldn’t even do that right, would the alpha not want him anymore? Would he throw him away and find a better mate? Would Steve have to watch?


“Steve!” Tony’s voice was harsh, snapping Steve’s eyes up to his face. “Have you heard anything I’ve said?”


“No alpha…” Steve hung his head in shame. He couldn’t even listen right.


“Okay, enough. Natasha, make sure everyone gets taken care of. Steve? We’re going upstairs right now. And don’t you even think about arguing with me.”


Steve let his mouth snap shut, following Tony into the elevator instead. He could almost feel the anger simmering in him. They were quiet the entire trip up to the penthouse. As soon as the doors closed, Tony spun around to face him.


“Strip. Now.”


He struggled with his uniform, trying to pull it off as fast as possible, not stopping until it was a heap on the floor.


“You stay right there. Do not move. Understand?”


“Yes alpha.” He heard Tony move around behind him, forced himself to stay still as pain lanced up his arm. Tony silently treated the injuries he hadn’t even realized he’d sustained, and Steve’s stomach knotted up further. He’d done something wrong, but what was it?


“How long do you think it’ll take you to heal minor injuries?”


“An hour or so? Maybe.”


“Good. Then I have some time to get ready.”


Desperate tears slid down Steve’s face. He dropped to his knees, burrowing against Tony’s thigh, clinging to him. “I’m sorry! Please! I don’t know what I did wrong… Please don’t leave me, alpha. I’ll do better. I promise, I’ll do better!”


Tony let out a long sigh. “Oh Steve…” He curled a hand around the back of his neck, holding him against his thigh, the other began softly stroking through his hair. Soothing. “You don’t get it, do you? You scared me today. I spent hours watching you throwing yourself right in the path of danger. You care so much about everyone else, and so little about yourself.”


“I’m sorry. I…”


Tony leaned down, pressed a soft kiss to the top of Steve’s head. “You don’t know how to fix it, do you? Which is why I’m here. You weren’t taking care of my omega today. Which is why once you’ve healed, and had something to eat, I’m going to punish you. And I’m going to do it after each and every mission where you are reckless and careless with my sweet boy. Understand?”


“Yes Tony.”


“Good. Come on sweetheart. Let me take care of you for a bit.” Tony gently guided Steve to his feet, supporting him when he stumbled. He led him to a cushion beside a chair at the table, eased him back down to his knees. Relief flooded Steve, making him feel dizzy and disoriented. Tony was going to punish him. His alpha was going to correct his behavior, not get rid of him. He accepted bites of food from Tony’s fingers, sips of water from a glass whenever it was held down. He wasn’t sure how long he stayed there, floating on the waves of relief, but when he was finally urged to move, his wounds were healed and muscles stiff.


“Back with me, Steve?”


“Yes, Tony.”


“Good. Are you ready for your punishment?”


Steve nodded, eyes glued to the floor.


“JARVIS, you know what to do.”


“Yes Sir.”


Tony turned his attention back to Steve, snapping his fingers and gesturing for him to stand. “Follow me.”


Steve stumbled to his feet and unsteadily followed Tony into the elevator, shivering from nerves rather than cold. When the doors opened he was lead out into the middle of the training room. His eyes darted around, hoping none of their teammates would be there to see him like this. Naked and cowed beside his alpha. “Tony?”


“It’s just us, Steve. We’re on lockdown. No one’s coming in until I allow it.” He caught Steve’s chin, forcing him to look up. “I’m a possessive man. No one gets to see you like this but me. Alright?”


Steve nodded in relief, allowing himself to be dragged over to a high bench and unceremoniously shoved down over it. A sharp slap landed against his thigh, cautioning him to stay still, before callused fingers began rubbing against his entrance. He could feel himself immediately begin to get wet. It was a new sensation and still made him feel uncomfortable.


Cool plastic pressed deep into him, sliding back and leaving him feeling soaked as it slipped free. “What…?”


“Lube shooter, sweetheart. Got something special for you today.” Thick silicone pressed against Steve’s rim, stretching him impossibly wide. He cried out as it pressed deep, and then deeper still. Steve swore he could feel it in his throat, as his body spasmed around the intrusion. It was pressed far enough into him that the pleasure was painful. He squirmed, desperately wanting it out.


Leather straps fastened around his waist, keeping the thick dildo exactly where it was. When he flailed, Tony caught his arms, holding them behind his back. His body was burning and aching, he could feel his passage trying to milk the toy inside of him, reacting as though he had been teased for hours already instead of only a few minutes. He gasped, turning begging eyes on his alpha.


“Figured it out, did you? That cream is filled with omega hormones. Should keep you nice and horny for at least a few hours.” He slapped Steve’s thigh again. “Okay, up. Don’t make me tell you twice.”


Steve straightened from his bent position causing the toy inside him to shift deeper, and his knees almost gave out. He grit his teeth, remaining on his feet by willpower alone. His cock throbbed insistently against the metal of the cage, forcefully reminding him of its presence.


Tony leaned back against the bench, gesturing to the open room, before crossing his arms across his chest. “Go ahead, sweetheart. What are you waiting for, an invitation?”


“I… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, alpha…”


Tony smirked. “Obviously you weren’t paying attention. You’re going to run, Steve. As long as I want you to, until I tell you to stop. And every time you stop without my permission, I’m going to bend you over and tighten the cage on your little cocklet. Understand?”


Steve shook his head in denial, eyes wide. “You can’t!”


“I absolutely can. We need to do it at some point anyway. It’ll be better for you after you adapt to the cage, shrink down a bit. Then you’ll be more focused on releasing like you’re supposed to, and not trying to come like an alpha. Now, move. You know the consequences.”


Steve took off in a panic, only managing a few steps before the rocking inside of him nearly dropped him to his knees. He continued on stubbornly, head down, following the indoor track mostly from memory. Every movement increased the throbbing pleasure in his core, quickly building towards release. Steve tried to hold it at bay, felt the burning sensation spread out, making his muscles weak and his limbs tremble.


No more than a single lap of the track had passed before he was crashing to the ground, body jerking helplessly, overwhelmed by his release. He felt Tony move up behind him, rest a gentle hand around the front of his throat as he struggled to regain his breath. In his other hand was a small remote with several buttons and a fingerprint shaped indent. Tony scanned his thumb print and began pressing the small buttons in a sequence.


Steve struggled to find words, beg his alpha not to do this, but before he could, there was a soft metallic sound and the cage around him shrank. Only a few millimeters, but it was enough to make him cry out in despair.


The increased pressure on his soft cock felt almost like a caress in his current state. Steve struggled to his feet, gracelessly stumbling down the track. Each movement of the dildo was torture, stimulating his already sensitive body. It took even less time than before for release to crash over his body. Steve cried out, locking his knees to keep from falling again. Whimpers accompanied every movement, and he could feel his alpha’s eye tracking him around the room.


Slick was pouring out of him, sliding down his thighs to drip onto the ground beneath him as he moved. He couldn’t even pretend to be running anymore. Another release pounded through him, trapping a sob in his throat as he collapsed to his hands and knees. Tony gave him a chance to rise, but his legs were shaking too hard to move.


The sobs came free as he felt the cage pull tighter around him. It almost felt looser around his soft cock until the mechanism was activated, tightening it until he was throbbing again. He knew what his alpha was doing now. Forcing releases until he softened enough to allow the extra room, then stealing it away.


After he had bonded with the other man, he had asked JARVIS for help learning as much as he could about omegas and how they were treated. Since he’d registered as either a beta or a null, Steve hadn’t been required to take the secondary gender education classes, and there was a lot he hadn’t known. Tony had been right. It was common for sexually dysfunctional omegas to be caged, and over time trained to a smaller size. The prevailing thought was that removing any alpha-like physiological quirks helped omegas to function better. Tony was taking care of him. But God, did he hate it.


Tony urged him back to his feet, supporting him in strong arms until he could stand unassisted, then gently pushing him towards the track. Tears slid down his face and his body ached. Even after several releases his body burned for more. Hours, Tony had said the cream could work for hours. Steve shook his head stubbornly. He might know what his alpha was planning, but he didn’t intend to make it easy for him.


Steve lost all track of time, his chest heaving with exertion even though he was moving at a slow pace. Trying to keep himself moving was taking it’s toll, but each time he couldn’t stand it any longer and dropped to the ground, Tony pulled out his control and adjusted the cage, ignoring all of Steve’s begging and pleading. Every inch of his body was throbbing, part of him still craving more. A particularly hard release knocked him to the ground again, and as he felt the cage tightening further, his control broke.


Steve gripped the cage, desperately trying to bend the metal, pull it apart, anything to escape for even a few minutes. He could feel the surface shifting under his fingertips, moving until the metal was wrapped securely around him, not allowing any freedom for him to pry it off. Tears slipped down his cheeks as he felt Tony’s firm grip on the back on his neck. “Tony… Please, no more. I can’t…”


“You can. You know this is for your own good. And maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll eat out that hungry hole of yours when we’re done.”


Steve whined, struggling to his feet then yelping as the dildo began to vibrate inside of him. He barely made it a step before the intensity began to creep up and he fell heavily to the track, unable to get up. The dildo was pressed firmly against his gland, the sensations causing him to writhe helplessly on the ground. Tony stood above him, watching impassively, as he released over and over again at his feet.


Each time Steve thought it might be over, the cage would shrink, increasing the pressure building inside of him to unbearable levels. When he finally thought he might black out, the vibrations finally ceased. He lay there, panting and staring up at the ceiling with unseeing eyes.


“Did you learn your lesson, sweetheart?”


“Yes, alpha.”


“And are you going to place my sweet boy in needless danger anymore?”


“No alpha.”


“Good omega.” Strong arms dragged Steve to his feet, supported him as he unsteadily followed Tony to the elevator. As soon as they were inside, Tony crowded him into the corner, nipping and sucking at his neck, possessive hands running over his chest and hips. Steve could feel Tony’s hard cock pressed against his thigh. “You are so fucking good for me. Even when you hate it. I can’t get enough of you. Not now, not ever.”


He claimed Steve’s mouth in a heated kiss, and all he could do was cling to the other man’s shoulders. The elevator doors opened and Tony dragged him into the penthouse, towards their bedroom. Steve managed a whine of Tony’s name as he was pushed back onto the bed, and he began fumbling with the straps, releasing them and sliding the dildo free. A rush of slick followed, soaking the sheets underneath him, and Steve’s face burned with embarrassment.


Tony gripped his hips, pushing him onto his hands and knees before pulling back so Steve’s hole was displayed in front of him. “Look at you. So pretty and needy. Am I the luckiest alpha in the world or what? And look at this…” His voice shifted to a low growl, hand sliding up to cup the neat package the cage had made of Steve’s cock and balls, tightly compressed and curled back so it was barely noticeable from the right angle. “So fucking pretty. And watching you release like that, over and over like you’re supposed to. Made me want to eat you alive Steve.”


Before he could react, Tony had buried his face between his spread cheeks, devouring his hole the way he had his mouth earlier. One hand gripped his hip bruisingly tight, the other stayed between his thighs stroking delicately over the metal of the cage, caressing it. Steve cried out, his passage clenching around the burning heat of his tongue, slick pouring out into Tony’s mouth and over his thighs. It was overwhelming and he was just the right amount of painfully sensitive to have him releasing beneath him with a loud cry. But it wasn’t enough. He still felt empty and wanting. “Tony! Tony, please!”


“What is it you need, sweetheart? Tell me, and I swear I’ll give it to you.”


“You. Inside. Need you…”


Steve screamed when Tony seated himself in a single thrust, fingers digging into the bedding from the need to hold onto something. There was no time to recover as his alpha began to pound him with all the pent up lust from watching him suffer through their time in the gym. Steve’s passage spasmed, releasing around Tony’s cock, the other man not slowing or stopping, instead chasing his own pleasure.


The beginning of his knot began to swell, teasing at Steve’s abused rim as it rubbed against him. He could feel his body slowly building up, almost entirely pain with very little pleasure. Tony thrust hard, burying himself as deeply into Steve’s body as he could, knot swelling to full size as he came. The pressure on his gland triggered Steve’s final release, his body spasming around his alpha uncontrollably, and the pain finally knocked him into darkness.


When Steve woke, fuzzy and disoriented, the first thing he felt was Tony’s body wrapped tightly around his own. He turned, curling tighter into his embrace. A bottle of water was pressed to his lips, and he drank greedily until his throat was no longer too dry for speech. “Tony?”


“Yeah, sweetheart?”


“You’re not gonna take the cage off, are you…?”


Tony gently stroked his cheek, cupped his jaw. “No honey, I’m not.”


Steve buried his face into Tony’s chest, a wave of grief crushing him. “Why?”


“It’s better for you, sweetheart. You know that. It puts too much pressure on your glands, and if I don’t they’re going to end up impacted again. And we don’t want that. You’ll get used to it. Eventually won’t even notice it anymore. We’ll get you trained up proper, and then maybe I can put you in one of the pretty ones that other omegas wear.”


Steve trembled under the gentle soothing touches. “But I don’t want it… I hate it, Tony. Please?”


Tony’s expression became stern. “Do you want to go back to feeling how you did before? Frustrated all the time? Unable to release, unable to come even if you do get hard? Hmm…?”


Steve could feel the pout, even as he tried to fight it. “You know I don’t.”


“Then this is what we need to do.” Tony rubbed a gentle fingertip over Steve’s lower lip. “But it doesn’t have to be so mean. If you’d stop fighting me all the time, we could do it a different way. Nicer. Make it feel good. How would that be?”


“I… I don’t know how to not fight, Tony.”


“I know. But let me try? We have the next three days free, barring psychopaths or aliens trying to invade the world.” He let out a breath, a soft chuckle. “Never thought I’d say that. Anyway. Give me those three days. Try for me. Give in and let me do this my way. If you hate it, or can’t do it, we’ll figure out something different. Deal?”


Steve raised his head enough to weakly glare up at the older man. “I don’t really have a choice, do I?”


Tony shrugged, a half smile playing at his lips. “Not really. I’m going to do what I have to either way. I will take care of you, whether you like it or not. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”


Steve let out a small huff, chest tight with apprehension. Trust for his mate finally won out. “Fine. Three days. We’ll try it your way. Alpha.”


“Good omega.”





Chapter Text

Steve woke the next morning warm and content, with Tony still curled against his back. He shifted away far enough to stretch out his stiff muscles, before turning to face the other man. He let his gaze run over Tony’s features, his heart tightening in his chest. This was everything he had ever wanted. Love. Affection. A place to belong. And he was still so afraid that he’d lose it. Screw up in some unforgivable way that would make Tony realize that he could do so much better. Shifting closer, Steve pressed against his chest, buried his face in Tony’s throat. Let his alpha’s scent surround and calm him, slowing his breathing to match his deep even breaths. Drifting on the closeness of their bond. His mate.


Sometime later he became aware of Tony’s palms rubbing up and down his back, raised his head to greet him with a smile. “Morning.”


“Morning sweetheart.” Tony’s voice was still rough with sleep. “I’ll never get enough of this, you know. You, here with me. Thank you, Steve. For choosing me.”


Tears pricked at Steve’s eyes, and he hid his face in the other man’s neck again. “Thank you, Tony. You’re all that I want. I promise…”


“I know.” Tony gently tilted Steve’s head up so he could press their lips together. The kiss was soft, gentle. He clung to his shoulders, losing himself in the kiss. Felt Tony press him onto his back, the weight of his body sinking him into the mattress. “Do you trust me, baby?” The words were a soft murmur against his mouth.


“Of course.” Steve relaxed back, letting himself go pliant beneath him.


“And you’ll let me take care of you?”


Steve drew in a trembling breath, let it out slowly. “Yes alpha.”


“Such a good boy.” Tony went back to kissing him with a single minded focus that took his breath away. Steve felt his hard cock pressing into his thigh and moaned against his mouth. “Yeah? You want that? You gonna be a good boy if I let you have it?”


“Yes Tony.”


“Okay, sweetheart. I think you’re ready.” Steve moaned again when he felt fingers press against his rim, sliding around in the slick dripping out of him before stroking inside. Tony twisted and scissored his fingers, stretching him, drawing soft whimpers and cries.


A soft metallic sound drew Steve’s gaze down to his own cock, where the cage had just released. Tony pulled his fingers free from Steve’s body and set the remote down, before gently easing the cage off and setting it on the nightstand.


“I thought you said…?”


“I did. But this is a lesson you need to learn, omega. So we’re getting it out of the way today.” Tony pressed Steve’s thighs wide, burying himself in a single thrust, moaning as Steve clenched and rippled around him, before starting a slow steady in and out movement.


Steve clenched his hands in the bedding, struggling against the urge to touch his hardening cock. Tony glanced down, then back up to his face. “Go ahead, sweetheart. Touch yourself. Jerk off like you want to.” There had to be a trap somewhere, but he didn’t care. Steve immediately wrapped a hand around his cock and began stroking hard and fast, desperate. It felt a little smaller in his grip then before, but Steve pushed the thought from his mind as Tony sped his movements to match his pace.


The pleasure tightened his stomach, made his body clench harder around Tony’s cock. He continued to thrust through the resistance of Steve’s body, sending sparks of pleasure shooting up his spine. Steve felt the edge creeping up on him, certain he would crash over any moment. But nothing happened. He stroked himself faster, rocking down into Tony’s thrusts, felt his cock throbbing inside of him, the knot popping to stretch his rim wide, locking them together. He could feel pulses of come filling him as Tony groaned through his own release.


Steve tightened his grip, slowed his hand, squeezing firmly up and down the length. Lightened his strokes, speeding them up. Nothing worked. A sob tore out of his throat as his cock throbbed, painfully hard and unable to come. Tony eased his hand aside before fastening a metal cock ring firmly around the base. Steve gasped, body jerking at the increased pressure. It was horrible. He wanted it to stop. He dragged in ragged gasps, clinging desperately to Tony’s shoulders. “Alpha, please!”


Tony’s eyes were dark and intense as they bore down into his. Merciless. “What’s the matter, sweetheart? I’m giving you what you want, aren’t I?”


“I can’t… Tony, I can’t…”


“Come? I know that. And by the end of the day? You’ll know it too. You wanted out of the cage, I let you out. You wanted to get hard, try to get off like an alpha. I let you do that too. And you’re going to stay like this, hard and miserable and aching, all day long. And I’m still going to take you, whenever I want to. Whether you can come from it or not. Whether you can release from it or not. Until you’re begging me to put that cage back on you and lock it down tight.”


Steve gasped, eyes wide. “You can’t! Tony, please!”


“I’ve told you how the day is going to go. What do you do, omega?” His voice was steely, unwavering.


“I submit…” Steve whispered, dropping his gaze to the ground.


“Good boy. Now, I think I worked up an appetite. How about breakfast?”


Steve followed behind him miserably, all his focus on the agonizing pounding of his cock. Every step made it shift in the ring, bringing a fresh wave of sensation. He ate breakfast on autopilot, too distracted to pay attention to what he was eating, only glad to be sitting still. After they finished Tony dragged him into the living room, settling him between his legs on the couch and starting something random on the television.


Less than ten minutes later his hands were sliding over Steve’s chest, squeezing his pecs and teasing his nipples into hard points. Steve groaned, head falling back against his shoulder. “Tony…”


“Oh, I’m sorry sweetheart. That’s right, you don’t want me touching you there. You want me touching you here, right?” His hand slid down over Steve’s side, before gripping his cock, starting a quick rhythm. Steve struggled not to scream as equal amounts of pleasure and agony washed over him. His body didn’t know whether to move into the touch or get away, his hips roughly jerking back and forth. And still Tony didn’t stop. He kept stroking, building him higher. Patient.


Mumbled begging and pleading fell from Steve’s lips as Tony drove him closer and closer. And then like some miracle, he was there, coming over Tony’s fist as he continued to pump him. The sensation was nothing like what it had been when he was a beta. It felt like burning knives tearing through the inside of his cock and stabbing deep behind his balls. He screamed, struggling against Tony’s grip, trying to make it stop, even as the serum ensured that he remained hard. Steve finally went limp in his arms, feeling weak and helpless as he sobbed into his alpha’s shoulder.


Finally Tony released his cock, wrapping his arms around his waist and holding him close, murmuring soothing words of comfort against his hair. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ve got you. Your alpha’s got you.”


When Steve had finally calmed, he turned his teary gaze up to Tony’s face. He felt broken down in an entirely new way. His cock throbbed. Denied pleasure made him ache with need. “Tony… Alpha. Please?”


“Please what, Steve? What is it you want?”


“I need… Please make it stop, alpha.”


“You know what to do to end this.” At the frantic shake of Steve’s head, Tony sighed. “Alright then. Up you go. I need you again.”


Steve whined as he was urged to straddle Tony’s lap and sink down onto his cock. He clung to his shoulders, slowly rising and lowering, guided by the hard grip on his hips. He tried to angle the thrusts so they’d rub over his gland, press against his prostate, and Tony allowed it, but it still didn’t bring him release. Eventually Tony took over,thrusting up, pounding deep inside of him. The burning pleasure Steve recognized as building to a release washed through him, and he tensed, straining to reach it. But again, it stalled out, leaving him hard and wanting.


The afternoon passed in a similar fashion, Steve lost to a haze of desire and agony. Before the end of the movie, Tony bent him over the arm of the couch and took his pleasure, leaving Steve bereft. After lunch, it was a knotting over the table. A few hours after that found them back in the bedroom. This time after Tony came, Steve broke down completely, sobbing like his heart was breaking.


“Alpha! Alpha, please!”


“What do you need, sweet boy?”


“My cage. Please. I need it. Want it to stop. Please…”


Tony gripped his neck, letting the pressure calm him. “Such a good boy. Now, are you going to trust your alpha to know what you need from now on?”


Steve nodded miserably. “Yes alpha.”


“Okay. We can do this one of two ways. I’m going to take the ring off. I can either make you come again.” Steve’s eyes widened in panic. “Or, I can give you a small shot that will make you go soft. That way I can get you all locked away and safe.”


“I don’t want it. Please, Tony. Please. Don’t make me. It hurts. It hurts so much.”


“I know. That’s just too much for my soft sweet omega. I’ll take care of you, sweetheart.”


Steve let Tony ease him down onto the mattress. He removed the ring as gently as possible before disappearing into the bathroom. He was back a moment later, cupping Steve’s cock and lifting it out of the way, shushing him softly when he cried out in pain.


Steve barely felt the needle slip into the base, only the cooling sensation that spread through the area from the injection. He let out a sigh of relief as he immediately began to soften. Tony pressed a kiss against his forehead, stroking his hair as they waited for the medication to take full effect.


As soon as Steve’s cock was entirely soft, Tony picked up the cage, sliding it over him and tucking his balls inside. The latch clicked shut, and Tony grabbed the remote, adjusting the settings so it closed firmly around him, pressing hard against the head, forcing him down into a dainty package. It was almost painful, but a relief after the agony he’d experienced through the day. Once it was tightened into place, Tony stretched out beside him, pulling him close.


“There. All better now?” Tony waited for Steve to nod before he continued. “And what have you learned today?”


“I can’t release when I’m out of the cage…”


“And what else?”


“That coming like I used to hurts…”


“Good boy. You did so well today. I know that was hard. Tomorrow will be better. I promise.”


“Yes Tony.” Steve turned his face into the side of Tony’s neck again, feeling impossibly fragile. “And you’ll take care of me?”


“I’ll take care of you. I promise.”





Chapter Text

It was unusual for Steve to sleep in, more so for him to still be asleep after Tony was awake, but the stress of the day before was apparently enough. Steve didn’t wake up until Tony gently shook his shoulder, guiding him as he staggered clumsily out to the table where breakfast was waiting. Tony chuckled when he ignored the food and immediately began gulping down his coffee.


“Isn’t that supposed to be me in the morning?”


Muttered words were garbled by the cup and Tony was intelligent enough to let it go. The table was quiet until Steve was finally awake and aware of his surroundings. A light blush stained his cheeks. “Morning, Tony. Sorry…”


Tony waved the apology away, taking a large bite of pancake before setting his fork down. “No need, sweetheart. I know I’m useless before coffee, why would I expect more from anyone else?”


“Thanks. So what’s the plan for today?”


“Well, yesterday I was horrifically mean to you, so I thought today, I could be nice.”


“You know how to do that?” Steve’s eyes danced with mischief.


“Hey!” Tony gestured with his fork in mock outrage. “I’ll have you know I can be very nice to sweet little omegas who deserve it.”


“Yes Tony.”


“I can! And if you’d stop fighting me for half a minute…”


“I’m trying. I really am.” Steve dropped his gaze to his plate, teasing banter forgotten.


“I know.” Gentle fingers cupped his chin, stroked over his cheek. “And we got all of that unpleasantness out of the way yesterday, so today I can focus on giving you what you need. Which should be nice for both of us. Okay?”


Steve nodded.


“Good. Now finish your breakfast and we can get started.”


Contrary to his words, Tony took his time over their meal. Offering Steve little bites from his fingers. Reaching out to stroke through his hair. Wiping imaginary crumbs from his lips then leaning over to kiss him. It made Steve feel soft, cared for, and he melted at the treatment. Once Tony was satisfied, he drew Steve to his feet and into a long, languid kiss, before gently steering him into the bedroom. “On the bed, sweetheart. I need to get something.”


Steve obediently sat down on the edge of the bed, attention still on the confident movements of his alpha. Tony reappeared moments later with strips of sky blue silk. Without a word, he moved behind Steve on the bed and began winding the material firmly around his forearm. When the first side was suitably bound, the other arm was folded over it and secured behind his back. Once his arms were immobilized, Tony guided him into the center of the bed before using the silk to secure his calves to his thighs.


The material rubbed over Steve’s skin like a caress, making his stomach tighten with desire. The unfulfilled need from the day before seemed to flood back into him, especially when Tony’s clever hands began sliding over his body. Teasing over his bond mark, sending shivers down Steve’s spine. Sliding down his chest to knead at his pecs before flicking his thumbs over hardening nipples. Steve’s eyes fell closed as he arched forward, offering himself to his mate.


“Such a good boy for me.” Tony’s mouth sealed around one nipple, sucking demandingly, his fingers pinching and pulling at the other, working Steve relentlessly until he released with a cry, the pleasure taking him by surprise. It felt good, but after the pain and helplessness of the day before, it was especially welcome. He leaned into every touch as Tony played with his body.


It was as though every release he had been denied yesterday, Tony was determined to give him today. Steve’s chest felt swollen and tight. Every brush of fingertips made him shudder. The suction of Tony’s mouth around his nipples had slick dripping down his thighs. He squirmed in his bonds, enjoying the sensation more than trying to free himself.


Tony pressed their bodies together, claiming his mouth. The thick hair on the alpha’s chest rubbed against Steve’s sensitive skin, his moans devoured by the other man. His arms wrapped around Steve, forcing them even closer as his hands slid lower, fingers stroking into his throbbing passage. Steve’s moan turned into a whine as the gnawing emptiness was finally satisfied. He clenched tight, trying to urge him deeper, and Tony obliged pressing into the core of him.


Steve’s cock throbbed inside the cage, but the sensation was secondary to the way Tony’s fingers stroked through his slick, rubbed against his gland causing sparks of pleasure that built him higher, pushed him even closer to the edge. He wanted to rock back against him, thrust down and force his alpha to move faster or harder, but the silk binding his legs robbed him of leverage. All he could do was take what he was given.


The realization of how helpless he was, the power Tony had over him, was enough to push him over. Come dribbled from the front of the cage and slick gushed over Tony’s hand, leaving Steve trembling and overstimulated. Tony’s ministrations never stopped. He continued to milk pleasure from Steve’s sensitive body, bordering on pain, but never crossing the line.


Steve was struggling in earnest now, uncertain if he was enjoying what was being done to him or desperate to get away. The choice was made for him when Tony replaced his fingers with his cock, thrusting hard while gripping Steve’s hips hard enough to bruise. Holding him in place as Tony chased his own pleasure. It was intense, perfect, and Steve gave himself over to the sensations. Screaming when Tony’s knot locked into place, pressing against his gland and causing him to release each time either of them moved even slightly.


He couldn’t catch his breath, it felt like falling. But Tony’s arms were wrapped tight around his waist, holding him close and keeping him safe. This was where he had always been meant to be. At home, safe and secure with his adoring alpha. It was all he had ever wanted.

Chapter Text

Epilogue: Two Years Later



Steve stepped out of the elevator into the lab, immediately surrounded by the pounding beat of Tony’s music. He paused in the doorway, taking a moment to observe the other man completely in his own element. Holographs of various types were being modified or tossed aside as one of his new prototype cleaner bots climbed the wall like a spider. DUM-E was mixing another smoothie that was largely motor oil as the others tried to clean up tools and discarded parts as Tony bounced around the room from one project to another.


When he finally spotted Steve in the doorway his face broke into a large smile. Seeing the opportunity, Steve carried the plate of sandwiches over to the workbench and dropped a kiss on the genius’ cheek as he waved the music volume down to focus on him. “Hey sweetheart. How’s my sweet little omega today?” He held his arms open and Steve immediately stepped into them, cuddling against his chest.


It seemed like forever ago that they had found each other through SHEILD’s meddling. Steve didn’t miss the constant anxiety that went along with always feeling lacking, as though he would be abandoned at any moment. Tony had been relentless and incredibly patient, forcing Steve to accept that his affections were true, as well as give into the needs of his own body.


It had taken time and work. Neither of them were perfect, and there was a lot of backsliding. Either Tony falling into his own bad habits, or Steve unwilling to back down from a challenge. Friction and fighting and punishments, but they were still together. Steve couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Spending his life with anyone else. “I’m good, alpha.”


“Yeah? JARVIS said you went to the doctor today.” Tony’s hand slid down to press against the plug buried inside Steve’s hole. They’d learned early on that he needed to be filled to feel claimed. Since then Tony had started plugging him each morning. It made it a lot easier to stay calm. He’d picked a large one for the day, it’s girth stretching Steve’s rim with every move, and the added pressure made his knees wobble dangerously.




“Yeah? That what you want? Should I bend you over the bench, have you right here, then plug you back up again?”


Steve nodded furiously, even as Tony was unfastening his pants, pulling them down. He was careful as always working the plug free, before sliding into Steve with a single motion, burying himself to the hilt. Steve dropped his head back against Tony’s shoulder, moaning as he held still inside him, giving them both a moment to enjoy how completely they were joined. It didn’t take long for Tony to start moving, to work up to quick strokes that rubbed the head of his cock over Steve’s gland, had him gasping and clinging to the edge of the bench for support.


Tony had taken training his omega very seriously. After Steve had finally given in and adapted to the cage as well as regular tightening, Tony had made it his mission to ensure every gland was worked thoroughly several times a day. He wanted Steve to be in the best health, but also to release from the barest pressure. And it worked.


Steve pushed back harder into Tony’s embrace, moaning as his hands came up to palm his pecs, teasing at the nipples with harsh pinches until Steve released in his arms with a cry. The scent of his slick always drove Tony wild, and today was no exception. Tony bent him over farther, pressing him into the bench as he pounded deep inside of him, Steve’s next release triggering Tony’s knot.


He groaned, burying his teeth in the side of Steve’s neck and biting down hard enough that he tasted a faint trace of blood. Tony made sure to support him, grip staying tight. His omega always got so overwhelmed from being knotted. He could release so many times that he blacked out from it when Steve had a day when he wanted to struggle. But other times Steve just went lax. Soft and sweet as he clung onto Tony.


Once his knot had gone down and they’d recovered enough for Tony to guide them to the raggedy couch in the corner of his lab, Steve tucked securely in his lap, he nuzzled his throat and asked again. “Did everything go alright at your appointment today, sweetheart?”


Steve let out a lazy hum, burying his face in Tony’s shoulder. “Yeah. Everything’s fine. Better than, actually. Congratulations, alpha. You’re going to be a dad.”