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I will always be here when you need me

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Rei had never seen Ritsu in that sort of position. He reeked like old booze and the floor around him was filled with empty beer cans. Ritsu was curled up in a fetal position and softly sobbed onto his sleeves.

“Ritsu?” Rei opened his mouth and gently tapped Ritsu’s shoulder, ”Is everything alright?”

Ritsu’s sobbing grew even louder.

“Where did you even get all this alcohol? You aren’t even at the age of drinking yet.”

Rei started picking up the beer cans from the floor. If Ritsu wasn’t ready to talk the least he could do was to help to clean his surroundings.

Suddenly Ritsu reached up Rei’s arm and tugged him.


Ritsu lifted his tear-soaked eyes and puffed up cheeks behind his sleeve. He looked straight at Rei.


Rei didn’t remember when was the last time his brother had voluntarily touched him, yet alone shown him his vulnerable self.

“Anija”, Ritsu drunkenly mumbled, ”Stay.”

Rei didn’t know what to answer so he just stood with his mouth wide open.

Is this Ritsu? Is this really Ritsu?! Does my cute little brother finally need me?!

Ritsu’s eyes started to water again.

“A-a-a-ahh of course! Of course I will stay!” Rei was overjoyed.

He sat down with Ritsu and let him cling onto him.

Rei knew Ritsu was upset for some reason and that upset him too, but this was the first time in years when Ritsu had shown his needy side to him. Their relationship hadn’t been the best in years so Rei was overwhelmed how physically close he finally was to Ritsu.

“Do you need anything?” Rei asked cooingly, ”I want to help you.”

Ritsu buried his face onto Rei’s shoulder. Rei could sense his own pulse going faster.

“Anija….”, Ritsu murmured,”Do you love me?”

“Of course I do. You are the most important thing to me in this world.”

“You won’t leave me?”

“I won’t. I won’t do that again. I promise.”

“You promise promise?”

“Yes yes, I promise promise.”

“Everyone leaves me…”

“I won’t.”

“You did.”

“I know. And I’m sorry. I really promise I won’t leave now.”



“Maa-kun left…”


Rei had his suspicions why Ritsu might be upset, but he didn’t realize it would affect him in this sort of way. He had heard rumors of Mao Isara finding himself a girlfriend though he didn’t know how true those rumors were in a larger scale.

Rei took a deep breath.

“Well, even if Isara-kun would leave I- “

Rei couldn’t finish his sentence when he noticed Ritsu starting to bawl again.


He truly felt sorry for his little brother. He didn’t want anyone to make him hurt like that.

“Anija….”, Ritsu sobbed,”Anija…anija…”

”Im here”, Rei comforted him and softly petted his hair.

“Love me.”


“Love me…. Make me feel needed…”

Rei shivered when suddenly Ritsu started sliding his hands under his shirt.


Rei was surprised at the sudden turn of events. He could feel his face getting flushed up.

Ritsu looked up to him straight to Rei’s eyes. To Rei at this moment Ritsu was the most beautiful being he had ever seen.


Rei brushed his hand on Ritsu’s cheek. He, in fact, had always had romantic feelings towards his own little brother, but he was more than happy to not to make those emotions reality.

Rei couldn’t think straight anymore. His brother seemed helpless, covered in tears and snot, needing someone to make him feel whole again. And if that was all Ritsu needed from him, he was more than happy to assist.

Rei leaned in to kiss Ritsu on his lips. Something they hadn’t done since they were children. To Rei’s delight, Ritsu answered to his kiss. Rei could taste the beer on his mouth, but also something more sweet. Ritsu’s own taste.

Rei could feel Ritsu pressing himself completely against his body. This turned on Rei so bad. He had fantasized about touching Ritsu this way, but the flow of emotions he felt when it was finally real caught him off guard.

Without Rei even noticing Ritsu had started dry humping Rei’s thigh.

“Ritsu…”, Rei could only manage to say when he realized how turned on he himself was. Rei sighed, put his hand onto his own cock and started stroking it in the rhythm of Ritsu’s humps.

His little brother was so occupied in making himself feel good, it made Rei even feel a sort of proudness that he could be the one to help him relieve himself and make him forget all his worries. Ritsu’s cock felt so good rubbing against him and watching him pant on top of him made Rei feel such a bliss he hadn’t felt before. In this moment the only sound coming from both of them were silent, heavy breaths.

Rei felt like he was edging on the point of coming and he saw how Ritsu was gripping into him and making his hips move even faster. Before he even noticed his own hand was covered in cum and his own hips were shaking vibrantly in unison with Ritsu’s who’s groin had also become wet.

Almost too wet.

Rei got shaken up when he noticed that not Ritsu had only come, he also had a large wet spot between his legs that also started soaking up Rei’s thigh. Ritsu’s bladder had given out at the same time he orgasmed.

Rei only found this more endearing. It’s like Ritsu was his own little baby brother again.

“I’m…sorry…”, Ritsu mumbled.

“It’s alright!” Rei assured,”I really don’t mind. I’m just glad I could..”

Rei stopped his sentence when he noticed Ritsu had fallen asleep against him. He looked very content and calm.

“Sleep well Ritsu”, Rei smiled and stroked Ritsu’s hair,”I will always be here when you need me.”