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Cost of The Responsibilities

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MARVEL FANFICTION IDEA (Mutant & Thanos Son TonyStark)

I have a great idea that I think this sound is odd but maybe we hope you like this idea and write it down:

and it's very true:

1 -: Tony is a mutant (one of the strongest mutants)

2 -: Tony was born on earth, but at age 9 Thanos saved and raised him .

3-: Howard is a bad father, hates mutants and will see Tony is a mutant. He experiments on Tony and thanos comes and takes him (Thanos only came for Tony, not to attack the world)

4-: Tony is Thanos' favorite boy. He truly loves and respects Thanos. Thanos is like a father to him but when Tony grows up and gets into an arc reactor accident. (Yes, "Don't waste your life" scenes, but not if you are. Sorry) Thanos disagrees but still loves and respects him .

5- In every movie example,: Tony meets Captain Marvel and Nick Fury in 1990, Tony helps them and they become friends. (Tony calls Fury with Nicky. Nick hates it) and Nick gives him a pager (like a Captain Marvel pager)Later. In 2012, Nick did not reach Carol.after  Then calling Tony. Tony came to NewYork to help Nick. (Tony did not come to earth, just for Nick. He's looking for  ancient one. tony wants to talk to her ).

6-: Tony is famous in Galaxy. It is known as one of the greatest dangers of galaxies; He has a lot of nicknames . Death Merchant, Son of Thanos, Herald of Death, Bluelight of Death.

7: Tony still has a suit but he builds when the arc reactor gets it. Tony doesn't really need a suit, he has mutant power but still uses his own suits.

8 : Tony truly loves his family and does everything to protect them .


-THANOS: Thanos Tony as a kid saved. He didn't kill half of his race like the gamora at that time. This is why Tony sees Thanos as a father figure. Tony really loves Thanos. (Not Thanos's favorite child for nothing: D) Tony never participated in the Thanos genocide but never opposed his father.

-GAMORA AND NEBULA: Tony loves his little sisters; very conservative for them. When Tony is off mission he learns something or tells about his adventure, Gamora and nebula. and Tony doesn't like Gamora fighting the Nebula, but he can't stand up to his father. If someone hurt Gamora or Nebula, they would want to die.

-EBONY MAW:, Tony learned how to use telekinesis and technology. Tony respects him very muchTony can't quite get along with Ebony Maw.

-PROXIMA MİDNİGHT: Tony is taught how to fight and self-defense. Usually he's serious and Tony likes to piss him off.



  Tony meets with them in skrull and kree war tony helps to fight and save them. and being friends, maybe Fury hates him. but Tony knows and calls Nick Fury with Nicky. Tony really likes to make fun of Nicky. Carol loves and respects Tony. after the war you sometimes see him in space or on another planet


I love MCU howard but this is a different Howard. He experimented with Tony ever since Thanos tortured him mutantly for 4 years before saving him. This is why Tony remained so committed to Thanos.


Tony heard Thor's name but never met him. Tony didn't meet her before he came to earth in 2012. Tony meets Loki for the first time in Germany.

When Tony sees them again in 2017 Tony see in Skaar Loki, Thor, Valkyrie Banner and tony. escapes the sakaar and beats the Hela. (Tony fights the Hela Tony beats the Hela, after that hela joins Tony and the Revengers.) But it is too late.Surtur destroys Asgard.l after escaping from Asgard. Hela left the ship and them because Asgard disappeared and had no purpose left,and Asgardians fear hela then she decided to abandon the ship and explore the universe and see lifes . After that, Tony said good luck and left the ship.after that tony says goodby and leave ship <br />Well this is not over but I hope you like this idea, if you write fanatically with this idea, I have a sketch and I have lots of ideas, ask me whatever you want.

WORLD RELATIONS (Avengers, others)


- Steve Rogers (Captain America) 

Tony was a kid, Howard always compared Steve with him. and even about how good Steve was and how disappointed Tony was even while experimenting on Tony. and that is why Tony had a great hatred for Steve. At first, Tony still hated Steve Rogers when Tony personally met Steve when he was in Germany. They still fought like normal vengeful movies, but Tony gradually decided that Steve wasn't a bad person. They are not bff but they respect each other and trust each other.


Natasha's relationship with Tony is like the relationship between Thor and Natasha. but they are a little closer. Tony often jokes with Natasha.


Usually, as in mcu, they protect each other when the place comes, they joke with each other when the place comes.


The relationship betweenTony and Thor is a little strained. they often trusted each other. but they were really at odds with the ultron events. However, after defeating Ultron, they left amicably. years later they saw each other again at scale. After Tony helped Thor escape from skaar and defeat Hela, Thor saw him as one of the few people he could truly trust.


The relationship between Banner Tony and the banner is again the same as in mcu, but banner initially Tony doesn't know exactly who and where he came from, a little less trusting, but in the future they trust and respect each other.

/ Other relationship /

JARVIS : Jarvis is Tony's most trusted person. I was sorry. I can't see Tony and his jokes. He was one of Tony's closest friends after Age of Ultron.

As for DUMM-E, Tony was very attached to Thanos as a kid. Tony was always staying with Thanos when he was on board. When Thanos left the ship, he was alone. He does not meet the gamora and the nebula in these years. He did dumm-e at that time, and Butterfingers did when he was exactly 11-12 years old. Thanos is more fond of Tony than his other children (he is aware of Tony's strength and potential), so unlike Howard, Tony appreciated and rewarded his success and especially Tony more than how to fight and thanos often speaks to and tells Tony . He teaches new things about the universe, Thanos began heading to the planets next to him after Tony turned 13, one of the great natives escaped and tried to attack Thanos, and Tony immediately blocked him and showed his strength. But what he didn't know was that someone caught this on camera and saw Thanos' new child and the power of the entire universe. JARVIS is doing JARVIS on his 16th birthday JARVIS learns everything slowly and grows slowly, so Tony always carries JARVIS with him thanks to the device behind his ear. But when Tony is not on the ship, he integrates JARVIS into the ship's system for the safety of the ship and Thanos. Also in this universe, Edwin was always kind to Tony, at least until he was 6 years old, then he learned that Howard Tonya was a mutant. Then he pretends to die and Jarvis decides he can't stay in the mansion without his little master. Jarvis still lives in this universe as Tony approaches the world. Maybe visit him

Peter Parker:

Peter really does appreciate Tony since he helped 2012 save the world.

Tony sees Peter's potential in 2016 and thinks he's wasted. And for the great war ahead (Thanos threatens to attack the world) Tony wants Peter to really gain experience of the war. so he was sure he would not be seriously injured. It brings it to the airport in Germany. The relationship between Tony and Peter is generally the same as in mcu, but Tony is much more protective here and more interested in peter education. Tony is the role model for Peter.

James Rhodes:

Unfortunately, because Tony hasn't been in the world in almost 33 years. Tony has not met rhodes. And this tight bond has not been established, but when Tony 2012 comes to help the world. After the occupation, they run into James Rhodes. They have a really good relationship. Over the years, they have developed a very strong bond of trust. Tony relied on Rhodey to protect the world even when he was not on earth, and gave him his war machine armor.

Stephen Strange:

Tony met Stephen Strange in 2018 when he opened a portal in front of Stephen and said they should speak. However Tony has known of Stephen's existence since 2016.

The relationship between them is close to mcu, but this time. Tony meets Thanos,  and the ancient one we have different  dialogue as he personally met wong 

and knew kamar-taj. Assuming Tony Thanos is knowledgeable about the threat and the infinity stones.

Pepper Potts and the Happy Hogan:

Unfortunately Tony didn't meet Pepper and Happy.  Tony never owned the Stark industry. Now is the part you have to decide. One of the most important parts of the story is Tony, if you let the sharp industries return from obadiah and take it, most of the gaps in the story will be filled. and Tony is meet happy and Pepper.Tony bought the company from Stein because he discovered that he produced weapons and sold them to terrorists. Tony Stark Industries then transformed the business into a company for clean energy and defense. Tony has a good relationship with Pepper and Happy.

T'ChallaT'Chaka.Shuri and Wakanda:

Tony has been closely associated with Wakanda since saving T'Chaka and T'Challa in 2016, He trusts him very much and knows he won't turn his back on his trust. After seeing Tony Shuri's potential, he started teaching him everything he knew and made improvements. Tony and Shuri make improvements.  black panther outfit. He also made his own new armor using Tony wakanda resources. Tony often jokes with Shuri. Shuri respects Tony and sees him as a very good teacher. Tony warned Wakanda of the future threat and helped them improve their technology. The people of Wakanda respect him for saving the life of Tony kings.



I didn't really think about the relationship between Tony and the Hela, Tony at least saved Hela and Fenrir instead of leaving Hela to die, so Hela really owes Tony. But apart from that, after leaving Hela, Tony is constantly talking to Hela with a crow, but as I said, I didn't think exactly what I was going to be. But if there's an endgame, Hela will be instead of Pepper. And if you ask, he broke up at the same time as Tony (because he was blind to revenge and staying with his people because of anger scared them off), Hela fought all his life and saw so many deaths, and since he is no longer fighting, he decided to wander around the universe and observe lives.



I thought, with whom else should I write about the Tony relationship, but I haven't thought of anyone else, who else do you think I should write, please feel free to write your suggestion.


Guardians of the Galaxy: The Guardians'  relationship with Tony. Tony treats the Galaxy guards as he often criticizes the rocket's other technologies that are not serious, and jokes. (Tony is a protective brother to gamora, which means Tony doesn't like Peter very much) Tony helps defeat Ronan. and protects the Xandar people from harm. and The probe helps the guardians of the galaxy catch the power stone. and even if he doesn't trust xandara, he leaves the stone, trusting that they have one of the most powerful armies in the universe (2018 regrets that too)




Well ... Tony forces are complicated. I think its main strength is telekinesis. like wanda. eg / Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist ... Mutant,

PotterheadAvengerDemigod / I really like this fanfiction. And I think Tony's powers will be like this fanfiction too. of course if you want to change. but I really like telekinesis, it's a much stronger ability.


As a result Tony has these powers 



-Technopathy (maybe) 

-Energy Absorption / Manipulation. 


-More Intelligence


<p> and not small universe 


well .. i'm thinking of the universe. and I changed some things <br />

(if you choose the writing age of the ultron to this universe)


1- Wanda doesn't hate Tony. Wanda and Pietro hate obadiah stein. (Howard and Maria are dead. Stein after taking Stark industries and setting up the Stein industries. ).


Tony saved Pietro in Sokovia. and his pietro and wanda relationship with Tony became a very  good father figure wanda and pietro. Tony teaches how to use his powers.


2 - Tony rescues King T'Chaka. He earns the respect of T'chaka and T'challa, and T'Chaka says Tony will always be welcome in Wakanda.


3- Tony in the movie Ragnarok. Tony fights Hela and Tony wins, but it's too late after Surtur destroys Asgard. Tony decided to save the Hela.we can say that the Hela is like a loki, not very good but not a bad guy


 4- and tony in sibirya don't fight bucky and steve. Even though Zemo showed his family's car accident, he hated Howard and didn't like Maria anyway, so he didn't care


(if civil wars happened)

I am not so thinking about I am not sure anything this but I have some idea <br />

1-wanda and pietro with the Cap team. They really liked Tony but they decided to oppose the deal.




 and ı thinking Tony uses he's real name or uses Thanos' given name. <br />

And tony known on earth with tony stark ı don't think so, but if you decide to write a fanfiction idea if you want we discuss ideas i like it.




Tony really hates carrying his father's last name. What Howard did as a child almost traumatized him (Starks are made of iron, how can someone like you be obvious, you are Stark disgrace.)

That's why he didn't want to hear the name Stark as a child. This name was a trigger for him. I was thinking how to call Tony and Thanos gave him a name / surname, I thought he would. If Tony reveals his true identity to the world, the world will know him as Anthony Edward Stark. but otherwise, he would have been known to Galaxy and Thanos as Anthony Dione. When talking to Tony, Thanos can often call him Dione. And Tony's Wanted posters could have written either Anthony Dione or just Dione Son of Thanos. Now you can ask where Dione came from. In the comics, the future old thanos tells the younger the name that only thanos knows to prove his future self. Since Dione was the name given to him by Thanos' mother before he was born, only after Thanos was born his mother named him Thanos so that Thanos saw Tony as his son so that he could call him Dione. or if you want Tony never use the name Dione. but I think the name dione sounds nice


and you like this idea, my inspiration mostly comes from Merchant of Death Imagined this is a very good fan fiction