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nothing is real but the girl

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Shiv checked her phone for the 15th time in as many minutes. Somehow she had gotten roped into a fucking "Women in Communications" luncheon- she was only halfway through the afternoon and was nearly ready to see just how thick the windows of the 24th floor conference room really were. 

She saw Rhea Jarrell across the room before Rhea saw her. Honestly Shiv was surprised the woman was there. After the Waystar Royco CEO debacle she knew that Rhea had tried to land vaguely on her feet with another company but she'd been bouncing around Midtown offices for a while.

Shiv thought Rhea looked different, softer maybe. She was smiling at some frumpy looking woman that had cornered Shiv earlier about her company's environmental impact. Rhea's hair looked longer and was swept up off her neck in a twist. She was wearing a light colored suit and Shiv would be lying if she said she didn't feel a pang of something that edged too close to sentimental.  

Rhea's head finally did turn, bringing her eyes to meet Shiv's with a crackle of electricity. Shiv knew she should immediately grab any poor soul and start talking to them to move out of Rhea's line of fire. Instead she stayed stuck in place as Rhea walked, no, strode right to her. 

"Siobhan Roy. What a sight for sore eyes." 

Shiv almost turned on her heel right there and walked away from Rhea and her sweet, venomous smile. Almost. 

"Rhea, I'm surprised to see you here. I thought this lunch was for women working in Communications? Or is it have worked as well?" 

Shiv's attempt at verbal sparring was half-hearted and Rhea sensed it right away. 

"Come on, Roy. I know you can give better than that" Rhea teased, bumping her shoulder into Shiv's. 

"You're right- but I promised to come and play nice today. Karolina made me swear that I would try for good optics today." Shiv held up her hands in mock defeat. 

Rhea's saccharine smile widened as she lightly rested her hand on Shiv's elbow and leaned in close to whisper, "Just how nice are you wanting to play?"

 Shiv's mouth went dry and she let out a shaky breath. Why the fuck did this woman have such an effect on her? 

Clearing her throat unceremoniously- Shiv managed to respond, "I don't think nice is what we do, Rhea." 

One of the event organizers started calling for everyone to take their seats so that the speeches could begin. The fifty or so ladies milling around the room began to head for their designated tables.

Rhea nodded her head toward the door and held out her hand, "What do you say we make a run for it?" Shiv didn't hesitate to take the offer. 
There was nothing soft about Rhea as she pushed Shiv into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. Shiv's breath caught in her throat as Rhea's lip quirked into a grin. It was midday and she was sober and yet Shiv felt like she was drunk in a club after being out all night. 

Rhea stepped forward into the younger woman's space. Shiv could step back and end this whole thing but they were so far past the point of no return. She felt her heartbeat hammering in her chest and in the veins in her throat. Shiv's eyes were locked on Rhea's as the older woman raised a hand first to Shiv's cheek for a moment before holding it gently around her throat.

Rhea had opened her mouth to speak but Shiv couldn't let her have that satisfaction. She slammed her mouth against the other woman's, taking advantage of the moment. Kissing Rhea Jarrell was exactly how Shiv had imagined it. She wasn't prepared for how much better the real thing was compared to the daydreams she'd had staring at the older woman across a conference table. 

Everything about Rhea felt sharp and real- her hand at Shiv's throat, teeth nipping at her lip. Shiv ran her hands down Rhea's sides and marveled at how tiny she really was. She found out just how much the woman's small stature was misleading as Rhea managed to ruck up Shiv's skirt and push her back and up onto the counter before the younger woman could protest. 

Rhea was relentlessly pressing kisses to Shiv's lips and neck while sliding her hands up her thighs. Her hand stopped just short of Shiv's center and she pulled back to look the other woman in the eyes. 

Shiv let herself get lost in Rhea's appearance. Her eyes were dark and focused, her lips were swollen and pink. The clip had fallen from her hair and Shiv's fingers had raked it wild. She was devilishly perfect and Shiv knew she was in over her head. 

"Tell me what you want, Siobhan" Rhea's voice was husky and Shiv could tell she was in this just as deep as she was. Shiv grabbed Rhea's wrist and guided her hand higher and higher until the contact was enough to make her bite her lip to hold back a moan. 

"Just fuck me" Shiv whispered because she couldn't trust her voice at full volume to not come out as something near pleading. 

Thankfully Rhea obliged her without putting up a fight. She ripped Shiv's underwear down her legs and pushed into her. Shiv let out a noise that she knew was far too loud for a bathroom in a busy building but any self control she had was out the window the second Rhea's hands were on her. 

Without losing her rhythm Rhea leaned close to Shiv's ear and nipped at the lobe. "If you can't be quiet then I'm going to have to stop, and you don't want me to do that do you?" 

Shaking her head Shiv bit back another moan as the older woman sped up her pace. "Please don't stop" she choked out. 

Shiv felt Rhea everywhere at once. One hand between her legs, the other inside her blouse, mouth leaving a hot trail down her neck and chest. 

"I think I'm going to-" Shiv managed to say between breaths. Unable to stop herself, she knew she had started to lose control. She felt something press against her lips and she quickly clenched down on the fabric proffered to her. 

"That's it. That's a good girl" Rhea coaxed as Shiv whimpered around the lace of her own underwear between her teeth, "Do you think you can come for me, my good girl?" 

She came undone with Rhea's hand between her legs and her own black panties in her mouth and Shiv couldn't stop herself from thinking it's the closest she'd been to God. 

The younger woman was slumped back against the mirror drawing ragged breaths and trying to regain some degree of composure when she noticed Rhea washing her hands and fixing her hair. Shiv knew that she was overreacting but it was sort of a disappointment to her that she hadn't been able to make Rhea look as thoroughly wrecked as she felt right then.

"Do you want me to um, you know, return the favor?" Shiv asked, hopping down from the counter and trying to salvage the wrinkled mess her skirt had become. 

"As much as I'd love to see what that oh-so-eloquent tongue can really do, no, I imagine we've been tempting fate too long as it is." Rhea replied as she took one last look in the mirror to assess her newly reapplied lipstick. 

Shiv didn't have a quick enough response and Rhea brushed past her on her way to the exit. It happened in an instant, but she was sure that she felt the older woman brush her fingers just barely across her knuckles as she passed. 

"I'll see you around" Rhea said as she slipped out the door. Shiv knew that she would.