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Bad Move Kitten

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“Fuck, Joonie.”


Yoongi and Namjoon moan, Namjoon pressed up to the bathroom wall as promised, Yoongi viciously attacking his lips with bites and kisses. They wish they could say that their intentions had been innocent when they went in the bathroom, but Namjoon knew the look in Yoongi’s eyes and exactly what it meant. They’d barely made it in the bathroom before Yoongi’s lips were on his. The only issue really is what would happen if they got-


-caught. The two men pull away from each other, Namjoon chuckling at the way Yoongi groans and rolls his eyes. Hoseok and Taehyung step into the bathroom and lock the door behind them, Hoseok smirking and Taehyung nothing less than absolutely giddy.

“Decided to be bad, Kitten?”

“Ai, Hobi, it’s not even my fault this time! You see what Namjoon looks like right now!”

“Sir. Slip up again and I’ll only punish Joonie this time.”

Yoongi and Namjoon both whine at that before Yoongi decides fuck it. He growls at Hoseok and grabs Namjoon by the collar, pulling him closer.

“Sorry, Sir. Namjoonie is mine.”

Yoongi begins kissing Namjoon again, simply smirking when Hosoek tears him away from the taller man. He was in trouble and he knew it. Had planned for it really. Hoseok never could resist the chance to punish him in public.

“Strip,” the man commands, giving Yoongi a stern glare. Yoongi follows orders this time and slowly removes his clothes, showing off for everyone in the room. Taehyung instantly moves to touch him, hands landing on Yoongi’s waist and pulling him close. Before he can do anything else, Hoseok speaks again.


The message is clear as much as it is threatening: ‘Don’t touch. Not yet.’

This was Hoseok’s show now. All of them at his mercy and under his control. Taehyung releases his hold and backs up much to Yoongi’s disagreement.

“Yah. What the hell, Hoseok,” Yoongi protests as he turns back to his boyfriend ready to speak again. The stare Hoseok levels him with is enough to shut him up instantly.

“TaeTae. Do you know how my Kitten likes to be punished while we’re in public?”

Taehyung shakes his head though visibly intrigued.

“To start,” Hoseok approaches Yoongi leaving no more than a foot of space between them, slowly beginning to circle him as he speaks, “Kitten likes to be spanked.”

Hobi punctuates his words with a sharp slap to Yoongi’s ass, earning a yelp from the elder man.

“Then,” Hoseok presses himself against Yoongi’s back, slotting against him perfectly, “He likes to be bent over the sink,” Hoseok bends him over and moves a hand to gently rest between his cheeks, a single finger gently poking at his hole, “and fingered until he’s loose and covered in tears and his own cum.”

Taehyung moans at that and Hoseok looks up to him smirking before he pulls away from Yoongi, leaving him to whine at the sudden cold air and lack of touch.

“Then, if he’s good, I may fuck him. Let him watch himself bouncing on my cock. Leave the door unlocked so if someone wanted, they could see how much of a dirty little slut he is.”

All three of the other men moan this time, each thinking of Yoongi being brutally pounded where anyone could see.

“If he’s bad, he doesn’t get fucked. His ass doesn’t anyway. Yoongi has such a wonderful mouth you know- when he’s not using it to mouth off. But there’s a simple solution to that. Just give the whore something to fill it, and he’s heavenly.”

Yoongi growls at the teasing but does nothing to retaliate knowing more than well the position he’s in.

“Can we punish him like that now? Please, Hyung??”

“Not today, Pup. Bad boys get punished right?”

Taehyung keens at the pet name and nods vigorously, eager to be a good boy. Hoseok pats him on the head then places a hand under his chin, guiding Tae’s eyes to meet his.

“Today, you get to take care of Kitten,” Hobi turns to Yoongi, merciless mirth playing in his eyes, “while you two watch me give Joonie all his favorite punishments.”

Yoongi and Namjoon both whine at the prospect, Hoseok simply smirking at his boyfriend, waiting for all of the inevitable backtracking and begging he was about to witness.

“But Sir, I-“

“Sir you what? Didn’t mean it, Kitten? You’re sorry? You take it all back?”

“This isn’t fair,” the eldest pouts.

“I gave you a chance to behave, didn’t I Kitten?”

Yoongi just frowns and looks away.



“Yeah, what?”

“You gave me a chance to behave, Sir.”

“Good boy. Now go help Tae.”

Yoongi turns his eyes to Tae, deciding to change things up a bit. Taehyung wasn’t Hobi. He could easily get away with way more with Taehyung. He just has to keep Hoseok distracted with Namjoon. Easy. He turns to Namjoon, quickly sending him a pleading look, Namjoon rolling his eyes and huffing a laugh before winking back at him. He was pushing it, far more than usual too and he knew it. If he got caught, well. Luckily, Hoseok doesn’t seem to notice, and Taehyung doesn’t seem to understand what just happened at all. Yoongi turns back to him with a predatory gaze and slowly approaches him. Taehyung gulps when the man finally reaches him and places his hands on Tae’s chest, lightly letting his fingers spread and contract across it.  There’s a bit of a tilt to his lips as he leans in closer to the younger man, pausing right before their lips meet.

“Touch me, Tae.”

It’s a barely-there whisper but within an instant, it has Taehyung grabbing Yoongi’s ass as he pulls him closer, lips smashing into each other like someone had given them a time limit- I mean they kind of had. They could only keep the door locked for so long before people started to complain. The knowledge had them all a little frenzied, Hoseok wasting no time in removing Joonie’s clothes, drinking in every inch of him. He was all smooth, honey skin, and sleek but defined curves. Hoseok kisses him gently before beginning to kiss down his body, biting a bit roughly upon reaching the base of his neck then moving lower.

It’s not long until Hoseok’s focus is drawn to dark buds proudly presenting themselves and begging for Hoseok’s attention. He flicks ones playfully, relishing the way Joonie squirms at it. He’d always had particularly sensitive nipples, the slightest ministrations having him hard as a rock. Hoseok leans down and pulls one into his mouth, Namjoon whining at the feeling and simultaneously pulling away and leaning into it. The older begins to flick his tongue across the hardened nub, biting and tugging it every once in a while, earning tiny moans from the man above him. He pulls back examining his handy work, the area wet and already beginning to bruise as Hoseok flicks the sensitive bud, aiming again just to tease. It’s worth it for the way Namjoon jumps. He moves to the other nipple, offering it the same treatment as the other albeit a little bit rougher.

Hyung,” Joon whines, tugging a bit at Hoseok’s hair, a sign that it was becoming too much.

“Sorry, Baby,” Hoseok moves back up to kiss Namjoon softly, stealing gentle but nevertheless filthy kisses from the taller man and marking his skin for all of the world to see, “Turn around for me?”

Joonie complies, turning to face the sink he’d just been leaning on, gasping when he catches his face in the mirror. He’s flushed, his lips red and wet and a little bit bruised despite the gentleness of their abuse. His neck already has several hickeys forming and a clear bite mark rests just above his shoulder. He liked it.

“Yah. Kitten.”

Namjoon turns his attention to Yoongi and Taehyung, offering a sympathetic look to the man who’d just been caught doing the opposite of being punished. He’d been pressed to the wall, guiding Taehyung’s dick to his hole. Hoseok couldn’t help but think how Yoongi had probably prepped himself before they even left the hotel. How he’d probably been planning this. His Kitten was such a bad kitten.

“Want to explain what you’re doing there?”

Yoongi stares at him wide-eyed and slack-jawed. He could try and explain this away, but the situation was obvious. He’d only get himself in more trouble for lying. Instead, he stayed completely still, waiting for whatever would come next.

“Come here, Kitten,” Hoseok commands, any sign of the amusement from earlier gone. Yoongi quickly obeys, Taehyung following suit despite not being called upon.

“What were you about to do?”

“…I’m Sorry, Sir.”

“Kitten. What were you about to do?”

Yoongi stares at the ground. This was different than usual. He’d broken too many rules. He’d missed out on any chance of a reward. This was true punishment. The stern look of Hoseok as he treated Yoongi like nothing more than a misbehaving/disobedient child. The humiliation of being genuinely scolded in front of his dongsaengs and being able to do nothing about it. He hated it. But that’s why Hoseok had to do it. 


The elder man looks up at the use of his real name, noting the hint of worry and care in Hoseok’s eyes.

“Sorry. I- I was about to get Taehyungie to fuck me, Sir.”

There’s a brief silence between the two, Hoseok staring into his eyes, the worry not going away, but he continues anyway.

“Getting Taehyungie to fuck you. And is that what you were supposed to be doing?”


“No what?”

“No, Sir.”

“What were you supposed to be doing, Kitten?”

“Helping TaeTae while watching you punish Joonie.”

Hoseok contemplates carrying it on for a moment, but he never could handle seriously punishing Yoongi for too long.

“Then do that. No more misbehaving, Kitten.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Hoseok stares at him a moment longer, worry still tugging at the back of his mind.



The younger male breathes a soft breath of relief then turns to Taehyung.

“I know you want to, but no fucking him right now, and no letting him take control. He’s here to cater to you. He’s at your mercy. Understood?”

Normally Yoongi would whine in protest, but he wanted to be good now, eager to show Hoseok that he’s not just a brat and regain his approval- not that he needed to. They both knew no matter what, Hobi still adored him. Yoongi and Taehyung nod, Hoseok stepping forward and placing a hand around the base of Yoongi’s neck. He kisses him roughly, biting his lip a little harder than necessary.

“Last Chance, Kitten,” he looks the shorter male in the eye with an intense gaze full of warning and care, “Be good.”

The entire display had Yoongi’s knees weak, his eyes glued to Hoseok’s completely entranced. The hand around his neck tightens, pulling him back a bit. He nods once more and Hoseok releases him, turning back to Namjoon and gently rubbing his ass before slapping it harshly, earning a whorish moan from the younger. Joonie adored pain. Loved things just a little bit too rough. As much as he was sad for Yoongi, he was glad Yoongi pissed Hoseok off so much. He wanted it to hurt. Another slap lands, harder than before and leaving a delicious stinging warmth across his ass cheeks. Hoseok grunts, getting his attention and oh yeah. He was supposed to count. Another shock of pain graces his skin and Namjoon practically mewls.


“Good boy.”

Hoseok soothes his skin for a moment with a gentle caress before pulling his hand back for another sharp slap, the sound of his skin hitting Joonie’s echoing around the bathroom and earning a mix of moans and whimpers from the three other men. Namjoon continues his count and Hoseok glances over to Yoongi, the man just standing and watching until he catches Hoseok’s gaze. Quickly he turns to Taehyung bearing his neck to the younger male and averting his gaze.

“Please use me, Tae-ah.”

Taehyung simply smirks.


Yoongi’s eyes jump to his, confused and a bit worried until he sees the small smile playing on the man’s lips.

“Call me, Hyung.”

The older male stares like a deer in headlights, almost immediately ready to protest, but he swallows down his pride and moves closer to Taehyung, this time never letting their eyes disconnect.

“Please use me, Hyung.”

The groan-turned growl that comes out of Taehyung is nothing short of purely primal, the male grabbing Yoongi by the waist and yanking him so their bodies are flush.

Their kiss is a flurry of teeth and tongue, Taehyung taking pleasure in the way Yoongi submits to him entirely. He snakes a hand up Yoongi’s back letting it rest in the older’s hair for a moment before grabbing a handful and harshly tugging. Yoongi whines at the pain but lets Taehyung direct him nonetheless. He turns Yoongi to face Hoseok and Namjoon, the latter moaning high in his throat, tears streaming down his face as Hoseok hit him for- the 16th time if his count is anything to go by.

“Wish that was you, don’t you, Kitten? Wish you hadn’t been so bad? Wish Hobi-hyu- Sir had you pinned up against the sink, making you count for him?”

Taehyung revels in the shiver that shoots up his spine as the breath from his words hit the man’s skin. He was cute like this. So ripe for the taking. So pretty. So flush. So compliant. So- ready. Taehyung grunts his frustration remembering what Hoseok said before it hits him.

“Hyung,” Taehyung directs his attention to Hoseok who pauses what he’s doing to look at him, “Do you have any lube?”

Hoseok slaps Namjoon’s ass once more, Namjoon choking out a slightly louder than intended “20”. His ass was bright red at this point, most of his brain’s functions stuck on the resonating sting spread across his flesh and the pleasure that came with it. Hoseok hadn’t bothered holding back, and god, as much as Namjoon knew it was over, he almost wished it wasn’t. Hoseok soothes the bruised skin with gentle touches as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a travel size bottle of lube.

“What do you need it for?”

“Want to fuck his thighs.”

Yoongi gasps and Namjoon moans at the mention of one of his favorites. Hoseok eyes both of them, noting the way they both seem to wish they were in the other’s place right now. He clicks open the bottle and pours a decent amount on his fingers then tosses it to Taehyung.

“Good thinking, Pup.”

That’s all the encouragement he needs before he’s bending Yoongi forward ever so slightly, spreading his legs. He can’t help the way his hands land on Yoongi’s cheeks, spreading them apart to reveal his puckered hole. He smirks and bend’s down to lick a single stripe between his cheeks chuckling at the choked yet needy noise the elder makes. He pokes his tongue at Yoongi’s rim experimentally a few times, the man releasing sweet soft moans, his legs shaking a bit. It’s then that Taehyung remembers Yoongi hasn’t been touched at all since this whole thing started. With that, he licks another stripe, this time lifting a single finger to Yoongi’s hole, circling it briefly before dipping the digit in. Yoongi jumps at the sudden intrusion a loud, breathy moan escaping his lips and momentarily gaining Hoseok’s attention. He expects to see some amount of sterness or annoyance, but instead, the younger simply smirks. Yoongi looks at him breathless and confused before another moan is forced through him, Taehyung having switched from one knuckle to two whole fingers pushed as deep as they could go. They explore for a moment, circling right where Yoongi wants them most, then suddenly disappear much to Yoongi’s dismay. He turns back to see Taehyung with the same mischievous smirk Hoseok had had as he examines his fingers.

“Maybe we didn’t need lube at all considering how wet you are for me, Kitten.”

It was true. Yoongi’s prep had left him well lubricated, a shiny, cherry-scented liquid covering Taehyung’s digits. Yoongi whines hoping to get the other male’s attention again, wiggling his ass a bit when Taehyung finally looks up at him. Taehyung’s gaze falls to the tiny ring gaping around nothing, eager to be filled again. He simply blows on it, laughing at the way Yoongi shudders, then spreads Yoongi’s thighs a little bit more as he pours lube onto his hand, not bothering to warm it before he slathers it on Yoongi’s skin. There’s a slight yelp at the coldness drawing all three men’s attention, all of them taking in Yoongi’s current state. He was panting ever so slightly, each little touch from Tae having him tensing and shivering, his body flushed from head to toe. What really held their interest though was his dick, painfully hard and becoming a deep shade of red. Taehyung flicks it, chuckling at the way Yoongi gasps and whimpers. Nothing had even happened yet, but he was just as wrecked as Joonie.

“Look at him, Joon. So desperate for anything Tae gives him.”

Hoseok smirks as Joonie moans at the sight, the sound being cut then amplified as Hoseok slides two fingers past his rim.

“He’s so pretty, right, Joonie?”

There’s no response this time, the younger too busy crying wanton moans at a suddenly added third finger, Hoseok taking his time with it, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of Joonie’s hole. He kisses the back of the younger’s neck as he spreads the digits as far as they’ll go, twisting them and turning them.

Hyungie, Please.”

“Please what, Joonie?”

“Mo-Ahh! More!” he stutters out, his hole clenching around Hoseok’s fingers as they finally press into his prostate. Their movements are gentle at first, teasing really, the elder man going as slow as possible just to mess with the younger.


The cry is a plead for something- anything, Namjoon eagerly pushing back onto Hoseok’s finger’s searching for more. Hoseok simply shushes his whines and kisses just below his ear as he slips in a fourth finger, savoring the way Namjoon keens at the addition.



Yoongi stares wide-eyed at the two, Taehyung brutally thrusting between his pinned-together thighs, the sound of skin slapping skin echoing through the bathroom. It’s clear to see how sensitive the elder has become, moaning at each little movement, silently begging for Taehyung to fuck just a little bit higher. Taehyung thought about it too. Holding Yoongi’s hips still and suddenly slamming into him without warning. Fucking him with abandon and making him cry and beg and thank him for everything being given.

Instead, he continues teasing his hyung, occasionally slapping his dick against the elder’s ass or whispering his dirty thoughts in Yoongi’s ear.

“Hyung, please! I can’t! I need-“

“Need what, Kitten? Need Hyung’s cock in your ass?”

Yoongi moans at the thought, whimpering when Taehyung just chuckles against his ear.

“Tell you what. Promise to keep being a good boy for Hyung and I’ll let Joonie suck you off while I fuck your thighs.”

“I’ll be good, Hyung! I promise! Just- Please! More!

Taehyung smirks and bites Yoongi’s neck roughly causing the elder to cry out in pain and pleasure. Hoseok and Namjoon pause to see what’s happening both freezing entirely at what they see.

“Hobi-hyung. Kitten’s been good.”


“Let him have Joonie’s mouth.”

Hoseok contemplates the idea, looking between the two men being punished. He could easily let Yoongi suffer tonight, letting him leave the bathroom painfully hard and littered in bruises he can’t take pride in with nothing to soothe him but a near-freezing shower back at the hotel, but I guess he’s a benevolent god.


That’s all the permission Namjoon needs before he’s readjusting so he’s bent over in front of Yoongi, hands braced on his thighs and inevitably pushing them closer together much to Taehyung’s delight. He looks up at the man above them, biting a thoughtful lip at the teary eyes staring back at him.




“Green. Please, Joonie. Can’t- I need- AH!!

Before he can finish the sentence, Joonie is wrapping his lips around Yoongi’s dick, taking him down to the base with a practiced ease. The feeling is nearly enough to send Yoongi over the edge, but he knows the rules. He promised to be a good boy and that’s what he intended to do. Namjoon swallows around Yoongi’s girth pulling a deep moan from the older man before beginning to bob his head. Before long, Hoseok is moving his fingers again, fucking into Namjoon’s ass and hitting his prostate with each thrust.

Fuck. God, you guys are fucking sexy,” Taehyung huffs as his pace becomes a bit quicker and more erratic, Yoongi bouncing off of him and into Namjoon’s mouth with each thrust, “So fucking beautiful.”

Namjoon moans, the vibration of it like heaven on Yoongi’s cock. Hoseok watches the three of them quietly, still thrusting his fingers and occasionally focusing them on Joon’s most sensitive spot.

“F-Fuck! Kitten, I’m-!!”

Taehyung practically shouts as he cums, spurts of it landing across Joonie’s chest. The youngest male rides out his orgasm, shallowly thrusting between Yoongi’s thighs before pulling away entirely and pressing against the male in a half embrace. He trails his hands up Yoongi’s stomach, watching over his shoulder as Namjoon chokes on his cock before pulling off with a pop and starting again. His fingers flick and pull at Yoongi’s nipples pulling a string of whimpers and whines from the male, tears streaming down his face as he makes eye contact with Hoseok.


Hoseok looks at his boyfriend, seemingly nonchalant.

“Yes, Kitten?”


“Please what, Kitten?”

He knew exactly what the man wanted. Taehyung had cum, which meant it should be Yoongi’s turn. Or at least that’s how it would normally go. But Yoongi had been bad after all.

Wanna cum! Please, Sir! Please!

“Uh-uh, Kitten. Joonie hasn’t cummed yet.”

Yoongi groans his frustration, sending a pleading look to the male currently licking stripes up his dick and poking playfully (read: meanly) at the tip with his tongue. It was a cruel thing really. Yoongi had to wait for Namjoon, but Namjoon was at Hoseok’s mercy and they all knew it.

Namjoon turns to look at Hoseok, a question playing across his eyes. Hoseok simply nods and Namjoon begins fucking himself on Hobi’s fingers, riding them as though his life depended on it. The mere minutes it takes for Namjoon to push himself over the edge feel like an eternity in Yoongi’s positively wrecked mind. As soon as it’s over, his body covered in lube and sweat and cum and hickeys and bites and bruises and his own tears, Yoongi turns back to Hoseok, who walks over to him slowly. He gives him a soft, loving smile as he plants a gentle kiss on his lips.

“My perfect, stupid, little Kitten. Had to go being bad just so you could get yourself punished.”

Yoongi whines, urging Hoseok to get on with it, the younger only rolling his eyes fondly.

“Fine. Cum for me baby.”