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Stuck with U

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It was a beautiful sunny day in the calm suburbs of Tokyo. You could usually only hear the occasionally cars passing near this calm and quiet residential area. Sometimes, neighbors were talking with each other, the usual greetings and taking each others news time to time. There was a park nearby, where kids were playing and running around freely, playing with the slides and swings.

In one of the houses of the neighborhood, you could hear giggles and laughter from the first floor’s window. Three young boys were sitting next to each other in front of the tv, playing a game on their console. Two of the boys were both pink haired and were almost identically if one was not a bit older than the other. The third one was about the same age as the younger brother and had onyx black hair. The two boys who were playing were so focused, tongues slightly out, and the older boy, who was winning, had a big sly smile plastered on his face.

“Come on Suku! Let me play too!” whined the younger pink haired boy next to his brother.
“Shut up, brat. You’re annoying.” Grunted his elder brother, still focused on the game.
“MOM! Suku won’t let me play with Megumi!” shouted the boy, pouting.

A distant female voice shout from the bottom of the stairs, presumably their mother, shouted back: “Sukuna! Stop messing with your brother!”

Sukuna clicked in tongue in disdain “Tsk, so annoying.”, he grumbled lowly. He gave his remote to his younger brother, who smiled victoriously and excited to be able to play. He moved a bit to give his place to him and slowly approached the other boy, whispering low in his ear. “Hey, Fushiguro. How about we ditch this brat and go play something else huh.” His younger brother furrowed his eyebrows and looked at his brother in betrayal “Hey, I heard you! Don’t you dare, Megumi.” He pouted at the two boys, who were now laughing, and keep on playing the game.

Sukuna side-glanced at the dark-haired boy next to him and smirked to him, before ruffling his hair in affection. Megumi smiled back at him and giggled. His dark green eyes were as round as a marble, sparkling with the reflect of the older boy in it.

Megumi was in love with Itadori Sukuna. He liked how he called out his name, it If he told him to jump of a bridge with him, he would have. ‘Cause he was so smitten. Yes, so in love. He was his first love after all.




“Good morning Tokyo! Today’s weather forecast foresees a high of 12°C with a 90% chance of rain for the evening.” The voice announced on the TV, continuing to announce the forecast and the morning headlines in the background.

Megumi yawned, ruffling his own untamed black hair, and turned off the TV. He then sat down in his own living room, fully dressed in his uniform, and wore his socks. “It’s gonna rain, huh…” He looked out at the window, the first rays of sun piercing though his curtains and landing on his beautiful long dark lashes, as it was very early. The sky was clear, the bluest of the blue, and not a cloud in sight. He huffed, shrugging his shoulders, and got up. He perfumed quickly and grabbed his bag. He looked at his black umbrella next to the door, hesitated a bit and picked it up promptly before going out of his apartment and locking behind him. The weather forecast was usually wrong, but he was never too careful. Better safe than sorry.

He walked to school, absent-minded. The sounds of cars passing by quickly, of people chattering loudly, music coming out of the stores he passed by and the smell of bread from his neighborhood’s bakery submerged him. They were all background noises he got used to. He was very far from the quiet and calm suburb of his childhood. Tokyo was lively everyday, from five in the morning until the end of the evening. His apartment wasn’t exactly soundproofed, but after having a hard time adjusting to the environment for the first few days, he got used to it after a year. As strange as it sounded like, even the ambulance sirens passing by late at night became a little lullaby to make him sleep.

But Megumi was not interested in this world right now. He was deep lost in his thoughts, or to be exact, in his memories. He dreamt of a time when he was young and innocent. When his only thoughts were to go play with this neighbors’ boys and having fun. When his only worry was that whether his crush was playing with them or talking to him today. His three years older childhood friend’s brother. His first love.

Megumi cringed at this thought. It has been more than ten years since that time. Back then, he was ten-year-old. They all grew up. Sukuna have had a lot of girlfriends since then. Megumi dated a few people too. Since he moved out of his parent’s home, he didn’t go back there much. Usually, it was his adoptive dad, Gojo, who came to him. To annoy him, for most of the time. And when he does go back to the suburbs, he doesn’t stay long. He went to the Itadoris’ house only once or twice a year, and each time, Sukuna wasn’t there. Megumi didn’t see him for years now. Probably since he began high school. Now, he has graduated and going to university. That time was really distant now. Sukuna probably doesn’t remember that time. If it was not for this strange and melancholic dream, Megumi would have probably forgot all about it.

“’Morning Fushiguro!” shouted a voice behind me, before putting a hand on Megumi’s shoulder. Speaking of the devil’s brother. The dark-haired boy glanced behind him and was met with a pink haired young man, a big grin plastered on his face. His childhood friend, slightly taller and more built than him, walked beside him, a big bag strapped at his shoulder. “’Morning” Megumi grumbled, unfazed and kept on walking with the same pace to school. The pink haired boy chatted excitedly beside him, as he does normally. Megumi was silent, as usual, and listened to him absently. Occasionally, he would answer him with a hum or a quick answer.
Itadori Yuuji, his childhood friend of ten years and his best friend, was a constant presence in Megumi’s life. They went to the same elementary, middle, and high school. They are even going to the same university. Every day, Yuuji took the bus to meet up with Megumi’s path and go to school together. It was a routine.
Considering that Megumi’s apartment was really close to their establishment, since it was situated in the very center of Tokyo, Yuuji would sometimes come wake up Megumi for school or just hang out at his place. In contrary of Megumi, his childhood friend stayed at his home in Tokyo’s suburb. He was living with his grandfather and never complained about it. He never wanted to get an apartment or asked to be Megumi’s roommate. If he did, the dark-haired boy would have definitely agreed, and his friend knows. But he never did, and Megumi never asked.

It was not a question of financial problems. Yuuji worked part time at a waiter in a sport bar and, even though it was not a big of a salary, he definitely could have saved enough money for an apartment. (If he didn’t spend it all in unnecessary stuff, that is.) All these years with Yuuji have taught him that his childhood friend loved his family and that he would never get away from them. He was comfortable living at home, a contrario to Megumi, who wanted to get out of his parent’s hair as soon as he could. He didn’t know about if he shared Sukuna’s feeling about that subject, though. How would he know, he hasn’t seen him in ages. Or thought about him, as a matter of fact.

“Fushiguro, y’listening to me? You okay?” asked his taller friend, concerned but also lowkey hurt that his friend was not paying attention to him. “Yeah, I’m listening. I’m good.” Simply answered Megumi, not even glancing at his friend. It was always like this. It was a routine. Nothing out of the ordinary, once again. His best friend went back to excitedly chatting again and the rest of the trip to school went as usual.




It was dark outside and pouring. It was raining cats and dogs. Megumi entered opened his apartment door and got inside. He was soaked and so his umbrella, dripping on the old carpet of his door. He grunted, put back his leaking umbrella on the basket and removed his wet shoes. He removed his soaked socks and walked barefoot to the bathroom. Megumi ran his hands through his hair with a sigh, proceeded to remove all his clothes and put them in the dirty laundry basket with his socks. He then entered the shower to warm himself up and wash away the dirt. His muscles relaxed at the lukewarm sensation throughout his entire body.
He came out of it a few minutes later, towel wrapped on his hips and another one scrubbing water out of his thick onyx hair. He went to his bedroom, picked up one of his boxers and some clothes and changed. Megumi went to put his dirty clothes to wash and went to the kitchen to pick himself something to eat. He already ate outside but he still got himself a snack and a glass of water. He then went to his living room and sat down with a sigh. Putting his glass on the table, he lay down on his back and, closing his eyes, his rests his head on the couch.

Megumi didn’t know he was that tired. He woke up, laying on the couch. He didn’t know how much time he passed out. It was still dark and pouring heavily outside. Suddenly, he hears loud banging on his door. The dark-haired boy looked at the door, surprised. He then grabbed his phone to see the time. 11:34pm. Who could this be at this hour? As much as annoying and intrusive, even his parent wouldn’t come at this one and with this weather, on a school night that is. The door banged again. Maybe it was Yuuji? What did he want? Megumi waked up and prompted himself up, wearing his slippers and phone in hand.

There was another knock when Megumi was close to the door. ”Yes, yes, coming.” He slurred, his voice hoarse from his nap. He unlocked his door and opened the door. As the door opened slightly to show the silhouette of who was at the doorstep, thunder stroke very closely and erupted with a loud bang. The light of the phenomenon lightened up the face of the intruder. Megumi froze up in place. His breath hitched and his eyes were about to gauge of its sockets.
The silhouette showed a man in his mid twenties, with large shoulders and muscles nearly popping out of his black tight shirt. He was soaked, from head to toes, and he was not even wearing a coat. The red eyes glancing at Megumi, the latter could recognize them from miles apart. Those eyes and the pink hair, they have been haunting the dark-haired boy wet dreams for a long time. They pierced him though and Megumi felt naked. His heart throbbed. No way, he couldn’t believe it.
“S-S-Sukuna…senpai?” is all he could muster up to say, his voice hoarse and his breath hitched. He cringed at how small his voice was. Megumi didn’t know if the man heard him. Sukuna eyed him, from bottom to up. Megumi felt like he was being scanned; he felt naked, as though his senpai had x-ray vision.
“Hey, Fushiguro”. The low and sensual voice of Sukuna’s voice sent thrills up to Megumi’s back. He trembled from just hearing his voice. He felt so small in front of Sukuna. “You don’t have a girlfriend, right?”

Megumi furrowed his eyebrows, confused. He hasn’t seen Sukuna in years, and he ask him…if he doesn’t have a girlfriend. “” he answers, lost. He sharpens his glance, like it suddenly hit me. “But, why you-“ he begins, before the door he is holding is opening, making him lose balance and almost trip. All Megumi could see now was Sukuna’s massive, tattooed arm in front of him as he’s opening Megumi’s door like it’s nothing. “I’m gonna crash here for a few days. Don’t mind me.” He simply says as he steps inside the apartment, soaked. Megumi watch him dumbfounded, as Sukuna removes his shoes and puts his bag – he didn’t even see that Sukuna was holding a bag – on the floor near the couch.

The apartment door closes behind him as Megumi is eyeing his childhood crush entering his bathroom like he owns the place, mouth agape and mute. He blinked a few times and pinched himself. There was no way. He was dreaming, wasn’t he? The dark-haired boy is left in the middle of the room, not moving, and looking at the floor, still processing the few minutes in his head. He can’t believe what just happened. It’s so messy in his head.

“Oh and,” A pink haired head pops out of the bathroom door, looking at him. Megumi mechanically lifts his head to look at him. “Don’t tell Yuuji that I’m here, hmm?” is what he says, before shutting the bathroom door.

And how could he not oblige to that request when his first love personally requested it.



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Fushiguro Megumi is going insane.

There is no better explanation to this situation. Less than twenty-four hours ago, he could swear he was laying on the couch, all alone, just zapping on the TV endlessly out of boredom, until he left in on a documentary and slept less than five minutes after in front of it. Now, as he is prepping to go to school, a well-built three-year older man with pink hair and tattoos was walking around in his apartment with nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips. Megumi was trying so hard to not get distracted, to not stare the droplets that were falling slowly on the well-defined abs of this sexy man.  He made a conclusion after that. For one, Sukuna’s body was sculpted by the gods. And two, yeah, he is definitely mad. Madly attracted to this being.

“Like what you see?” said the Apollon man, who was holding a glass of water, smirking at a staring Megumi. Heat crept up on the dark-haired boy cheeks and he buried himself back to checking his bag, hiding in embarrassment.  He was caught staring at him. He just hoped he didn’t drool or something. Megumi didn’t answer and propped his bag on his back, ready to leave. He could hear Sukuna’s scoff in the kitchen, but he didn’t add anything and just leaned on the counter, facing the door where Megumi was leaving. “Have a nice day at school, Fushiguro-chan.”, the devil said, emphasising on the last syllabus and Megumi scowled. He was crossing his muscular arms and grinned, satisfied with himself. The dark-haired boy simply rolled his eyes and closed the door behind him.

As it was not enough that Sukuna was here when Megumi slept yesterday and woke up this morning, the older Itadori was also haunting his dreams. It’s been a while since that happened. This time was not a melancholic dream like the other time. No, this time, he dreamt of Sukuna holding him, embracing him, giving him goodnight kisses as they were hugging and smelling each other shampoos. He remembers he was addicted to his odor. He was also addicted to his skin, to the muscular arms holding him preciously. It felt too real. Megumi was almost disappointed that it was not real. Almost, cause the real thing was in the same room as him, looking at him prepping himself to go out and wishing him a good day. Unlike the other times, when he opened his eyes, the object of his dreams and his desire was in front of him. Half-naked and better in real life. Megumi felt slightly guilty at admitting it.

Sukuna was doing it on purpose, Megumi concluded. There was no other reason why Sukuna would deliberately be like this. Or maybe Sukuna has always been like this. He wouldn’t know, he never lived with him. “Until yesterday.” He mumbled to himself. He sighs. The only person who would know about this is Yuuji. But the source of his problem specifically instructed him to not talk to him about it. Megumi tried to get out of Sukuna the reason he has shown up on his doorstep, but the latter just refused to answer. Would Yuuji know? He just hoped that the cops or, worst, bad guys were not looking for him. Megumi had enough problem as it is; he wouldn’t want to hide a wanted man. Before he could freak out even more, he pushed that thought out of his head.

Megumi just wondered how in the hell did he know that his apartment was there. Considering the last time, he saw Sukuna, it was in middle school and… He shook his head, cringing at the thought. He didn’t want to remember what happened last time. His mind went blank. What if Sukuna was holding him what happened then against him? His heart just dropped, and he froze up in place, stopping his pace. “Morning Fushiguro! Everything okay?” gleefully said to his childhood friend behind his back. No, it was not okay. Your brother is at myself and giving me ninety-nine headaches per minute… is what Megumi wanted to say. “You’re a white as a sheet, man. ‘You sick? Wanna go back?” Yuuji poked his head near his best friend’s face, visibly worried. As if cold water was suddenly thrown into his face, Megumi snapped out of it and quicky looked for an answer. The last thing he needed now was Yuuji coming back with him to his apartment. Sukuna would just tear him up to pieces. “Nah, I’m good don’t worry. Just had a bad night.” And before his childhood friend could retort, he adds. “Let’s go, we gonna be late.” Yuuji quietly nodded and followed his friend behind, like a puppy tailing his master.






Megumi couldn’t concentrate for class for the whole day. He was distracted by that beast he left at home. He couldn’t help wondering what Sukuna was doing and the same question that has been bugging him since last night has been going around in circle in his head. Megumi wondered how he could have been sleeping last night. Did Sukuna eat already? He was trying to remember if he left anything good in his fridge for Sukuna. Did he sleep well on the couch? He hoped it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

Damn, he was already acting in the role of a wife. Nonetheless, he should still go get some groceries. Plus, that would give him more time without having to deal with Sukuna.

He headed out to the grocery store on the way home. He was on a tight budget, even though his living expenses were all under Gojo’s care. Megumi wasn’t a big spender. He didn’t have a sweet tooth, always preferring bitter coffee and cheap instant meals over expensive things like sushi. Gojo still insist gifting him sweet souvenirs whenever he comes back from his business trips, even though his ward told him many times it was unnecessary. But the young Fushiguro was never a picky eater.  He ate them anyway. He still wondered how Gojo would eat sweets all day for all these years. He probably had decayed teeth underneath that annoying white smile of his.

He took and paid a basket full of groceries and mostly snacks. He might have bought a bit too much. He didn’t know what Sukuna liked. What does a healthy 23-year-old man eat these days? He wouldn’t know. He shrugged. If the Sukuna didn’t like any of it, he would eventually eat it. Or Megumi could give it to Yuuji when he’ll come hang out next time. Oh right. Megumi remembered. He can’t invite him anymore for the time being. The dark-haired boy scratched his nape in annoyance. This is so frustrating. He bound to figure it out sooner or later.

It’s already half past seven. Is Sukuna waiting for him? A lewd thought of the pink haired man laying on his side wearing sexy lingerie crossed his mind. He shook that thought immediately. What’s wrong with him. “Snap out of it Fushiguro, fantasies shouldn’t be mixed with reality.” he thought to himself.

He took out his apartment key and slowly twisted it in the keyhole. He pushed the door with his back, hands busy with the heavy groceries’ bags. With a grunt, he put them down on the kitchen counter. He arched his painful back and looked around. “Sukuna-senpai?” he called out. No answers. Maybe he was in the bathroom. He checked every room in his flat. No Sukuna in sight.

So Sukuna went out, huh. Where did he go? Megumi wondered if he went to see his friends. His clothes and things were still here. He sighed in relief. He didn’t leave, yet. But he did have a social life. Megumi seemed to forget about that. Maybe he went to get himself drunk and when he comes back, he will have to deal with it. He scratched the back of his head in annoyance. He had no desire to deal with that.

Should he wait for him? No, Sukuna was a grown man. He was already giving him shelter, from whatever he was running away from that he wouldn’t tell Megumi. If he had to babysit him too, he could have just gone to his friend’s place to do that. Does it scream charity on Megumi’s forehead? He didn’t think so.

Taking opportunity of a Sukuna-less quiet time in his flat, he cooked himself some dinner with the ingredients he bought earlier and ate it while reading a book. He left a portion for Sukuna, covering it up with a plate to keep it warm. He then went to his bedroom to change into comfortable clothes, did some homework and exchanged some texts with Yuuji and his girl friend Nobara. He then went to brush his teeth in the bathroom and laid out on the couch, scrolling through his sns feed with the tv on the background. The dark-haired boy looked at the time: it was 11pm and Sukuna still hasn’t come back.

He sighed for the fourteenth time today and pinched the bridge of his nose. He then put his phone on the coffee table next to him and rubbed his eyes. It was too late, and he had to wake up early tomorrow morning. He wanted to call it a night and go sleep in his bedroom, but he felt so drowsy. He eyed Sukuna’s now cold plate sitting on the kitchen counter and suddenly felt like his eyelids were too heavy. Thinking about Sukuna, he quickly fell in the arms of Morpheus.

Megumi’s flat front door opened again at one o’clock. A pink tuff came out of it and he quietly closed the door behind me. He was then blinded by the lights of the apartment. His eyes adjusted slowly and fell on a sweater wearing chunk on the couch, sleeping in front of a powered-on TV. A mocking smile laid out on Sukuna’s face. He quietly dropped his bag on the armchair and loosen his necktie. “What are ya doing here sleeping with your lights on?” he whispered. He then dimmed the lights and turned off the TV.

The pink-haired man approached Megumi, who was sleeping in a fetus position, gripping Sukuna’s shirt, that he left lying on the couch before going out earlier. He gave him an amused look and bent next to him. “Were you waiting for me, little one?” he purred in his ear. He then proceeded to lift him effortlessly into his arm. Megumi’s noise wrinkled out at the alcohol’s smell on Sukuna’s clothes, but he discerned his perfume. “S’kuna...” he slurred, deep in his sleep. The older man didn’t respond to that and moved the younger man into his bedroom, settling him on his bed.






“Good morning, sunshine” purred Sukuna the next day. Megumi was definitely not in a mood. He was tired from waiting past his bedtime. He scowled at him, who was sitting crossed legs on the couch. “Wah, what a scary look. Had trouble sleeping?” he earned another scowl from the dark-haired boy and smirked. Megumi ignored his question, busying himself pouring hot coffee for him to drink. “Where were you last night?” He remembers falling asleep on the couch, but he found himself on his bed this morning. Did Sukuna carry him? Megumi vaguely remembers Sukuna’s alcoholic smell and that made him mad. While he was worrying for him, he had the gall to go barhopping until late at night.

“Why? You were waitin for me?” Flagrantly ignoring him, he went to his bedroom. “I was working.” Answered Sukuna simply. Megumi let out a scoffed laugh. “Yeah, right.” He slipped before he could figure out why he said it. The smell of alcohol said otherwise. It was so reeking from his clothes that even he smelled him while he was in deep sleep. Sukuna sighs. “I had an odd job as a barman. A friend of mine asked me to take on his shift.” Megumi didn’t believe him, but again, why did he even care.

Why was he so mad about it. It’s Sukuna’s business to do whatever the fuck he wanted. He could go get drunk until morning with all Tokyo for all the fuck he would give. But Megumi was unjustifiably pissed at him. What was he expecting? Sukuna being here all the time, saying ‘good morning’, ‘have a good day’ and ‘welcome back’ when he went and came back to school. Just yesterday, he was looking forward to having some peace and deliberately delayed the time he would be stuck in the same room with Sukuna. But instead, thoughts of him were giving him headaches all day long.  

In the end, wherever he went, Sukuna was with him, 24/7, in his mind. How weak minded he was. He didn’t see him for seven years and now he acts like a capricious child. All he could was whine all because he wanted to possess that being and had a hard time admitting it to himself. He couldn’t make him stay by his side all these years; how dare he thinks he could do it now. He was disgusting his guts.

“I won’t stay out anymore. I won’t even work until you tell me to. Satisfied?” No, he wasn’t. It was unjust for him. He was free to go out and wander whenever he wanted to. He could stay or go, be comfortable and living his life. Not to be kept between four walls, prisoned, just to satisfy the dark-haired boy. That’s not what Megumi wanted for him. “Do whatever you want.” He said instead.

But again, what would Sukuna know about what Megumi actually wanted. Who he actually desired.

If only he could busy his pretty mouth from spouting nonsense, though.

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There were a few things about Itadori Sukuna that Megumi could never understand.

He has been studying him for all this time with him. This man showers every second, eats snacks and twice an adult’s worth of calories and he still has a refined body. Every bodybuilder would be jealous of how barely he exercises and still has massive muscles in every inch of his body. All he does all day is eating while sitting leisurely on the couch and watching variety shows. He is also always holding his smartphone. He’s either scrolling his feed all day long and watching videos or spending a massive amount of time talking on the phone.

Megumi once heard him talk to the same person for three hours straight. He remembers it because the onyx haired boy was trying to study for his midterms and could not concentrate in anything else except Sukuna’s conversation. He’s always talking to someone on the phone. His phonebook is something of a mafia boss level. He had that in common with Yuuji, I guess. Both of the brothers were incredible chatterboxes on the phone.  Even when his girl friend Nobara called him, she usually hangs up after thirty minutes. But he usually has a headache after that, because the girl has a habit of talking very fast, fitting a week’s worth of conversation in one phone call. With Yuuji, Megumi’s phone battery has to die out for him to end the call. Sometimes, Megumi doesn’t charge it to avoid Yuuji calling him back. That’s how much he hates making conversation on the phone.

In the end, three weeks went by since Sukuna came on his doorsteps and he still had no clue why Sukuna was here. And how he found his address. Did Yuuji told him? No, he never talked about him in front of him. They weren’t exactly on bad terms, not that he knows of – maybe that’s the reason why Sukuna told him to not tell Yuuji – but they weren’t as close as before. When they were younger and Megumi used to go to the brothers’ house, they were always fighting and bickering at each other for as long as he remembered. The Itadoris always told him that he was the pacifying link between the two of them. Apparently, their relationship was worse when Megumi went home. That was when they were young, it was a different time. He didn’t know about now. Hell, he didn’t know anything about Sukuna’s whereabouts until a few weeks ago.

He doesn’t even know what he does. He reckons he left school early, after senior year or maybe a year after university – Megumi doesn’t know anything about that, and he told him he sometimes works odd jobs. What are his hobbies, what is he interested in life, what are his life prospects? He didn’t understand a thing about Sukuna’s life. He only found out about one thing: Sukuna loved to talk on the phone. And that Sukuna wore glasses to read or look at his tablet. With the rectangle shaped sunglasses sitting on the bridge of his noise, he either looked like a sexy CEO looking at stats and stock exchanges, or a 40-year-old man doing crosswords. He rocks both looks anyways.

And for a reason that is still unknown to Megumi till now, whenever he talked and Megumi was in the same room, he would stare at him the entire time. His blazing gaze followed his every movement. He didn’t understand why he did that, but it was slightly disturbing to constantly have eyes fixating you as you did the most common actions. Sukuna actually do that all the time, silently riveting his gaze on Megumi while the latter did peculiar tasks. Like he was doing now.

After a two-hour phone call, that felt like twenty years in Megumi’s point of view, he hangs up and goes to the bathroom. He hears the shower running. Again. That man showers too much. You’ll think he sweats too much. He doesn’t. Itadori Sukuna never sweats excessively. Another thing to envy him for, especially for guys like Megumi who have clammy hands. He’s perfect.

But Megumi never complained about his excessive showering. He doesn’t pay the water bills; Gojo does. He actually hasn’t complained anything else since Sukuna’s 'night escapade', as he likes to call it in his head. No complaints about the excessive phone calls, or the showers, or the fact he does nothing except lazing around on the couch, or anything else. None. He reconsidered his behavior from the other time and assessed that he may have acted like a brat. He meddled in someone else’s affairs for his own unknown selfish reasons. Megumi acted weird and he officially apologized for it later.

Crashing for a few days became for weeks now. He might as well get used to living with Sukuna. To be able to deal with him 24/7, he had to keep his emotions in check and control himself around him. He shouldn’t be blinded with his own feelings and impose his selfishness on others, that’s what he told himself. Even if it meant to bury his deepest desires to the point of suffocating him.

Despite all that, Megumi still couldn’t get used to see Sukuna coming out of the shower. All his impartiality would melt as soon as he sees the pink haired man’s hips wrapped in a towel. The abs seemed like were calling out to him and he wished every time that he could touch them. He trained himself all these weeks to not be caught staring anymore. But he definitely stopped scrubbing that plate he was cleaning from the kitchen sink. “Wear some clothes at least.” Megumi called out as the older man sat on the couch, half-naked. “Why? Does it distract you?” slurred the 23-year-old man, a sly smile on his face.

As always, whenever Megumi made a comment, Sukuna would make sneaky remarks in return to steal a reaction out of him. He rolled his eyes, redness visible on the tip of his ears. “You’re gonna catch a cold dressed like that.” He retorted while forcefully avoiding eyeing him. The now shining dish he was holding from all that scrubbing looked much more interesting. “Nah, I’m not going to- “he is cut off with a sneeze. Megumi has an amused look on his face, an eyebrow quirking at him. His face reads ‘I told you so’ as he is proud that, for once, he wins the argument. He removes his rubber gloves, drying his hands on his grey  sweatpants and headed to his bedroom, while Sukuna was wearing a white t-shirt. “Oh, Fushiguro. I’m going out, I need you to come with me.” Untamed black hair popped out of the bedroom’s door. “Why?” he questioned. He wondered what was Sukuna’s intention. “Just do as I say, will ya?” ‘Like you ever did that’ he thought, reminiscing their domestic demonstration from a few seconds ago. “Change your clothes, we’re going out in fifteen minutes.” He dictated while heading to the bathroom to change too.

He wondered where Sukuna was taking him. But he shrugged; it was a Saturday night after all, and he didn’t have anything better to do anyways. Megumi wore the first things he found in his closet, a white shirt, black jeans, and black jacket, and after prepping himself for fifteen minutes, they went out together. Megumi noticed that he accidentally matched Sukuna’s clothes, which were a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket and black cargo pants. Sukuna seemed to have noticed too, as he grinned while glancing at him. Even though he was slightly taller, he felt like he was so tiny next to Sukuna. The other’s man broad shoulders were blocking him the view as they walked. He wondered for a moment if they looked like boyfriends, before shaking his head. Intrusives thoughts, begone now.

After walking a few blocks, Sukuna suddenly halted, and Megumi bumped into his muscular back. “We’ here” he said as he entered through a dark olive-colored antic door. Megumi gawked blankly at him while Sukuna hold the door for him and he followed him.

“Mind you’ head” The pink haired man warned. They went down some narrow stairs in the dark, Megumi tailing Sukuna as he was showing the way, until he could see low lights at the end of it. Loud muffled music could be heard from the other side of another black door. Sukuna opened it without further ado.

They emerged to a spacious room, about as big as Megumi’s university’s cafeteria, that could hold at least a few hundred people inside. It looked like an old theater as there were big red curtains and a stage further back. At the center of the stage there was a big elevated black table decorated with LED lights rods, which Megumi supposed it to be a DJ’s mixing table. Half-leather chairs and brown wooden tables were installed by the staff throughout the room, even though the center of the room was left vacant on purpose for a dancefloor. The lights were on, even though they were dimmed, and the dark-haired boy concluded that Sukuna has taken him to a sort of a bar. “Sukuna! ~” called a voice at the bar counter on their left and they waved excitedly at Megumi’s new ‘roommate’. Sukuna waved back at him. “Let’s go” he ordered softly before moving toward the counter. Megumi followed behind, hands in his pockets, while curiously looking around him.

“You came today! And, who’s that with you? Your new gal?” Megumi grimaced at Sukuna and the latter scowled at his friend. “Mahito, this is my childhood friend Fushiguro Megumi.” The younger man’s heart couldn’t help aching at ‘childhood friend’ but at least he was something for him, he told himself. “Sorry dude, I tot thought you were a girl. Did no one ever told ya got beautiful eyelashes?” The dark-haired boy’s cheeks pinked from embarrassment. No, and definitely not this freeloader that have been living at his apartment for weeks now. “Don’t mind this asshole, he is a bit stupid.” “Well, that asshole n stupid friend of yours got you this job last time. Don’t thank him at all.” Megumi glanced at Sukuna, who was abhorring a ‘You believe me now?’ look and smiled victoriously at him. Itadori Sukuna was a spiteful man. Does he ever let anything go? Megumi rolled his eyes.

“Dude, you already stoned? You deadass just confused a young man for a chick.” They continued chattering and friendly bickering for a while. Mahito had aqua shoulder-length hair and weird lined face tattoos. He was wearing punk styled clothes and massive silver rings on each of his right-hand fingers. He grabbed two beers and gave it to them on the counter. “My bad man. Your tab is on me for today, so drink up.” He said pointing to Megumi and winking at him. “Not yours Sukuna.” He gave him an annoyed look in return and took both of the drinks into his hands. Megumi thanked Sukuna’s friend. “Have fun! ~” Mahito shouted from behind the counter as they went near the dancefloor.

They sat down on a table next to the dancefloor and Sukuna gave him his beer. Megumi thanked him and took a sip. He glanced as Sukuna gulped his own, noticing how his Adam’s apple moved, and he fixed his collarbone showing from the movement. When he finished drinking, Sukuna licked his lips and Megumi’s eyes were set on his sharp tongue humidifying his pink pulp lips. He instinctively lowered his gaze and his head, afraid to be caught once again. For God knows why, Sukuna was usually sharp, and he never let an opportunity slip to hackle him. But Sukuna was looking elsewhere. Megumi followed his gaze to near the DJ mixing table. The lights went off, as the lantern on their table and the LED lights were the only thing illuminating their faces, and the music was getting louder as Megumi spoke to him.

“So, what’s your plan?” he asked. Sukuna tore his gaze off where he was looking and turned his eyes to Megumi sitting next to him. “What?” he shouted, his face getting closer to the dark-haired boy’s. It made him blush and unsettled him, but he thanked the gods that it was so dark for him to see anything clearly. “Why did you bring me here?” he shouted back, the music too loud for either of them to hear the other correctly. Sukuna nodded and then smirked at him. He got nearer and the younger one’s face became a different kind of red when he felt his crush’s hot breath tickling his right ear. “Why? To make you totally drunk of course.” He murmured, loud enough for Megumi to hear him. And the redness in the younger man’s face confirmed that he perfectly heard him. He raised his hand to gain a waiter’s attention and ordered two more beers. Megumi wasn’t even half finished with his first one.

“I bet you’re the honest kind of drinker.” Sukuna taunted, a playful smile plastered on his face. “You think I’m lying to you?” Megumi retorted, eyebrow quirking. “I think you lie even to yourself.” Touché. He was a light drinker indeed and tried to drink as slowly as he can. But the beer was really refreshing, and it’s been a while he went out for a drink.

He didn’t expect Sukuna to invite him out like that. Sukuna’s motive was to prove him he really went to work that night. Megumi wished he would just forget about it, but the man was always hung up on things like that. Ever since they were children, he hated that someone didn’t believe his words. Ten years went by since they were playing games in Yuuji’s room and the world changed during that time, but when he’s around Sukuna, it felt like it was only yesterday.  Around him, Megumi’s childish side comes out, and he didn’t exactly hate it.

“So, you mean you never lied to me either?” The dark-haired boy’s cheeks were flushing. He felt alcohol running through his veins. “Not necessarily” Sukuna retorted, grinning as Megumi’s movements became sloppier. The latter gulped down his beer with less refined motion. He eyed the 23-year-old man. “How about you answer my questions then?” he mumbled into Sukuna’s ear. The older man put his elbow on the table and rested his face on his right hand, intrigued. “I’ll let you ask me three questions.” He said, while making a three-hand sign with his left hand. Megumi scoffed. “What, you’ my genie now?” Sukuna laughed. “Your wish is my command, master.” He mocked, slightly bowing. He then leaned fully on his chair, crossing his arms as he was waiting.

“Okay then. First, why did you show up at my doorstep” Megumi began, while rising his fingers as he counted. His had a very drunk voice, that made him cringe. His beer was three quarter empty. He wondered how he even had the strength to think or talk. “who the hell gave you my address and..” he paused. “And?” encouraged Sukuna, who was seemed amused by Megumi’s loosen tongue from the alcoholic drink. ‘What do you feel about me’ he wanted to ask but choke on his words.

He bit his lips, which Sukuna looked at with an eager look. “Why do you shower so damn much?” he slipped out in a crackled drunk voice and pointing accusingly at him with furrowed eyebrows. Sukuna roared in laughter and people sitting on nearby tables fixed them. Megumi let out a laugh too, blushing slightly from being embarrassed and because he is so tipsy. Like Sukuna said, he was an honest drinker. He didn’t mean to say that out loud, nor did he wanted the pink haired man to mind it, but Megumi already had a hard time processing his thoughts. He just looked at how Sukuna’s nose wrinkled when he laughed and how his sharp jaw became more edged.

Sukuna wiped away a tear from the corner of his eye from laughing too much. “Oh man, I was expecting everything but that” he snorted, trying to calm himself somehow but in vain. He then cleared his throat and crossed his arms on the table. “I didn’t hear you complain about that though.” He answered while giving a knowing look. “Well, I- “Sukuna raised his hand, stopping him right there. “As for your flat’s address… you don’t want to know who that is, trust me. You’ll freak out.” Megumi turned to him, already freaking out. But Sukuna didn’t add anything else, just playfully smiling at him. Who in the hell was that stalker who wanted to ruin Megumi’s peace.

“As for you first question” he began, and Megumi’s curiosity peaked up. He looked expectantly at him for the answer. But he noticed Sukuna’s gaze losing his lights and he seemed lost in his thoughts for a moment. “I’ll tell you next time” he smiled looking at Megumi’s disappointed face.

“Let’s go dance.” He dictated before Megumi could retort. He grabbed the latter’s arm and dragged him up without much effort and into the dancefloor. “But I’m a terrible dancer!” shouted Megumi while he was forcefully drawn into the center of the room. “Shaddup you.” He grumbled. He stopped and pulled Megumi close to him, grabbing his waist. The action shut up electrical sensation down his spine and his eyes were drawn to Sukuna’s.

Megumi didn’t hear the music anymore. He could only see Sukuna in front of him. How his flushed cheeks contrasted to his dark red intense eyes. He felt like he was absorbed into that gaze. It was devouring him whole. In that moment, his eyes, his hips, his mind, his heart, his lips; all were Sukuna’s. If he wanted to. Only if he wished for it, he would give it all to him now. He just had to say the words and Megumi would genuinely give it all. All for him.

After that, everything came out fuzzy, and Megumi blacked out completely.

“Sukunaaa~, you’ leaving already?” shouted an annoying voice behind him. He turned his head to see who he was talking to. “Shut up, you’re giving me a headache.” He grumbled, visibly drunk and tired. “Yeah, my drinking buddy is out for the night, so I have no one to drink or dance with now.” He smiled, eyeing from the corner of his eye Megumi whom he carried on his back.

The dark-haired boy was completely passed out, sleeping as though he was dead. But Sukuna could feel his hot breathing tickling his neck. “You could do that with me though” whined Mahito. Sukuna scowled at him. “S’kuna...” mumbled a sleepy Megumi. Mahito looked at him and was stunned at Sukuna’s tender expression. “Alright, have a good nighty night” He waved and they both left in direction of their flat.

The pink haired man grunted and gently laid out Megumi on his bed. He then sat down for a bit on the edge.

He stroked gently Megumi’s sweaty hair out of his face and admired him. The older man then bent down on the bed and deposited a kiss on his forehead. “Good night, my Megumi.” He whispered, before getting up to take his leave. “’Night, S’kuna” he heard, and he couldn’t help but grin widely.




Megumi woke up the next day dehydrated. He was so thirsty. He tried getting up, but pain pounded his head like a hammer. He holds out his head, as it felt like it was gonna come off at any moment from the headache.

The dark-haired boy grabbed his phone on the nightstand. It was off. He grunted and curled himself back in his bed, trying to go back asleep. But the pounding headache from his hangover and the sunlight piercing through his curtains made it impossible. With an annoyed groan, he rolled himself out of bed and stood up lazily.

The dark-haired boy noticed he was still wearing yesterday’s clothes. Which means that he didn’t do anything stupid enough. He still wondered what happened after, though. He wore clean boxers and a more comfortable outfit and came out of his bedroom.

He found Sukuna sitting on one of his kitchen counter’s chair, sipping at his coffee cup. Megumi could see that the older man was also struggling with his hangover, a tired look on his face. “Mornin’” Megumi slurred while pouring himself some coffee too. He peeped and noticed that the coffee cup felt so tiny in Sukuna’s big hand.

“How come you’re always already awake before I do, even though you’re the last to sleep?” he asked as he busied himself grilling some toasts. He was not hungry though, but he had to eat to cure his hangover. “I nap, dumbass.” Megumi ignored his remark, not in a mood for bickering, and offering him a bite. Sukuna shrugged, disgusted at the sight of food.

“You have some aspirin instead? The headache is killing me.” His throat was so sore that his voice croaked when he talked. It was kinda cute, Megumi thought. “Yeah probably. Just a sec, I’ll go grab it from the bathroom.” He puts down his nibbed toast and went to check the bathroom’s medicine cabinet. He picked up a box and found out it was empty. Just his luck. He closed the cabinet, and the loud thump made his head pound with pain once again. He hissed.

“I ran out of painkillers.” He notified while coming back to the kitchen. “It’s fine, I’ll go buy some.” Sukuna grabbed some grey sweatpants and a zip up hoodie of the same tone, that he zipped up to the top. It was so tight that you could see muscular forms, and Megumi couldn’t help but look at his body, despite his head is about to split in two. Sukuna stuffed his wallet in his pocket and Megumi dared to look at his bottom for a second before coming to his senses. When did he became such a lewd pervert. He should just die.

Ruffling his pink haired hair, Sukuna turned the doorknob of the apartment and opened the door with a yawn.

A silhouette was standing in front of the door. Sukuna was taken aback. For a split moment, he thought the door mirrored his younger self. The throbbing headache made him back to his senses.



Chapter Text

Megumi felt like he was found out by his girlfriend’s parents for sneaking into their house.

Yuuji was sitting on a chair, arms crossed and very quiet – too quiet for Megumi’s taste. Sukuna was standing, leaning on the kitchen counter behind where Yuuji was sitting, abhorring a ‘this has nothing do with me’ look – when everything has to do with him. And the dark-haired boy was between the two of them, sitting uncomfortably on his couch, where Sukuna was sleeping just a while ago. If he weren’t in this situation, he would have thought that it probably smelt like him. But now is nor the time or place to have such lewd thoughts.

They have been sitting in this awkward silence for ten minutes. Yuuji’s glass of water was sitting on the coffee table, untouched. This was so too suffocating. It was too much for Megumi’s mental health. And his head was already aching with pain to begin with, but now it doubled. “What are you doing here, Yuuji?” finally asked Megumi to break this unbearable silence, eyeing the younger Itadori’s bag that sat next to his chair. “I tried to call you, but you weren’t answering, so I came to see how you were doing. I thought something happened to you, until...” he stopped talking midway, biting his lips and Megumi felt so guilty. His best friend was actually worried about him and all he did was ignore him these past few weeks. The guilt he felt from not telling a thing to Yuuji weighed him down. He suddenly felt so tired, but he couldn’t relax. He lowered his gaze to the floor shame washing over him.

“What are you doing here, Suku? Do you know how much Grandpa was worried?” Sukuna scoffed. “Yeah, right. Whose fault do you think I’m here in the first place?” Megumi looked incredulously at both of them, trying to follow their conversation as much as he could. “He regrets it, you know. And I think you really do know.” He justifies, looking so serious for the first time in a while in front of his friend. “Maybe, but he should have thought before talking too.” Sighed an annoyed but calm Sukuna. “He never meant to kick you out of the house! When you said that you were-” Sukuna cut him off. “Yuuji, shut the fuck up.” Warned his older brother, urgent.

Megumi’s eyes looked like were about to go out of their sockets. He was kicked of the house? Yuuji’s eyebrows furrowed from his best friend’s surprised expression and turned his head to look at his scowling brother. Yuuji’s look meant ‘You didn’t tell him?’ and Sukuna sighed. He knew that his brother would be such a big mouth.

Megumi glanced at the older Itadori, trying to hide is concern and pity in his eyes, but in vain. “Why didn’t you tell me, Sukuna-senpai?” prompted the dark-haired boy. Both of the Itadoris turned their face at the same time. “’Cause I knew you were gonna look at me like that. “answered the 23-year-old man, a glint of disappoint in his eyes. “But why?” he spurted out before he could think twice. Sukuna’s expression hardened, and he chose to look away from Megumi’s face, ignoring his last question. This conversation is over for him, huh. Yuuji scratched his nape, seeming to know what’s going on, but chose not to dwell on it.

“Anyways, why here Suku? You got a car, don’t you?” It’s the first time that Megumi heard that Sukuna got a car. He also thought that it was weird that there was a car he didn’t know of parked in front of his apartment’s building for weeks now. “Itadori Yuuji, you really want your older brother to sleep in his car, like he got no home? Honestly, you call yourself my brother?” Sukuna taunted, a sly smile plastered on his face. “Oh! If mom and dad could hear you now…” dramatically acted out his older brother “Fine, shut up, you’re annoying.” Yuuji sighed in frustration. He almost forgot that his brother would do everything to make him regrets his words.

“But, I don’t get it!” He shouted. “Why go to Fushiguro’s-“ Both Sukuna and Megumi hissed at the same time, holding their heads in their hands. “What’s happening? Why are you both like that?” Yuuji was alarmed and visibly confused. “Hangover.” Simply answered his older brother. “You drank last night? Suku, did you drive?!” “Hell no, stupid! Who do you take me for?” he barked, making his headache stronger. “We walked to Mahito’s. Now shut up, your whining isn’t making it easier for neither of us.” Yuuji sighed in relief. He then grabbed his bag and from the front pocket, he pulled out a painkiller tablet. He gave one to Megumi and throwed the rest to his brother. “Here for ya two. It’s for muscular pain, but it will do just the same.” Megumi thanked the gods that Yuuji was in the athletics curriculum, which basically meant like he was a walking drugstore. In times like these, it was so handy.

While gulping down the pill, Megumi looked at his best friend. He felt so guilty about lying to him and, even if Sukuna told him to not tell him about it, he probably wouldn’t have anyways. He cared deeply about his friend – even when he was so chatty on the phone and he hated it – but he didn’t deserve to be worried all the time. It wasn’t Megumi’s fault that they came to this situation, but he still felt guilty. He could understand Yuuji’s concern, especially about drinking and driving.

After all, Yuuji & Sukuna’s parents both died seven years ago in a car accident. A drunkard hit them with his car while they were crossing the road, coming out of an annual work party. The dark-haired boy was there for the funerals and he saw how much Yuuji suffered to get through this hard time. Yuuji treated him more like family than a childhood friend and sometimes Megumi thought he didn’t deserve the pink haired boy affection. But he genuinely cared about him. He’s the brother he never had. The fact that Yuuji cared about Megumi like he cared about his older brother’s safety makes the onyx haired boy so warm from affection.

But sometimes Megumi forget that Sukuna was also the Itadoris’ son. He felt their loss as much as Yuuji did. But differently. There was always something different about him. If it weren’t for their perfect physical resemblance and undeliberate habits similarities that made them brothers, Sukuna would just be a childhood friend and a past thought in Megumi’s life. It’s been almost ten years that they didn’t have each other in their lives. Without their shared moments, the one that showed on his doorstep would be a perfect stranger for Megumi, only a friend’s older brother in his eyes. 

But he is not. He is more than that, ever since then, and that’s why Megumi could never push him away. There was something about Sukuna that made him different from his brother, but if the roles were reversed, or if it were Yuuji that was kicked out of his home – for whatever that reason may be – and he came to him, Megumi wouldn’t even have hesitated about giving him shelter about whatever he’s going through, no questions asked.  And it wasn’t even because he has more than ten-year friendship history with Yuuji. If, like Sukuna, Yuuji disappeared from his life for seven years, he would have treated him the same. That’s how Megumi is.

Despite his constant indifferent attitude, Megumi valued loyalty and truly cared about people in his life. Even when people left in the end, they were never really gone from Megumi’s life. Even if there were his true parents who abandoned him when he was young. That’s how he was raised. The only thing Gojo did right in his life.

“Alright, I’ve decided.” Yuuji blurted out, snapping Megumi out of his deep melancholic thoughts. “I’m staying here too, then.” He continued, his arms crossed and nodding. He seemed satisfied by his ingenious idea. “What?” Sukuna uttered, horrified at the prospect of his younger brother staying here to get in his way. “Okay, no problem” simply said the dark-haired boy. Sukuna shift his attention on Megumi in total bewilderment, who just shrugged. Yuuji grinned wildly, glad that his friend approved of his idea.

“What the fuck.” Grumbled Sukuna, who couldn’t understand Megumi’s reasons behind that decision. He glared at the younger boy. The concerned ignored him as he watched as Yuuji was excited, like a puppy who was given belly rubs.  Sukuna watched him too, wondering how it came to this. It was still Megumi’s flat, so he had all the rights to let friends – even his brother – stay over whenever he wanted. But Sukuna still pouted and felt like he was betrayed. He sighed. What a headache this will be.

He wondered where Yuuji was gonna sleep. The couch was too small to fit both of the brothers. His face twisted at the thought that Yuuji and Megumi were going to share the bed. Unless… he’s the one that gets to sleep with Megumi. At that thought, Sukuna smiled secretly. Megumi would never approve it, but he wouldn’t have a choice. Yuuji snored and moved around when he slept. He would know; they shared many rooms in their youth, going to hotels when they used to go on a family holiday. Megumi, who was a light sleeper, wouldn’t definitely want that, would he. Sukuna nodded, satisfied with the arguments he was going to give to let the dark-haired boy sleep in his bedroom. He would easily rest his case like that.

“But you know, Yuuji” began Megumi, and the concerned, who was already prepping himself for the sleepover and getting his stuff out of his bag, stopped, and looked at his friend with puppy eyes. “Don’t you have to stay with your grandpa? He’s gonna be so worried.” Yuuji totally froze and got lost in his thoughts. Sukuna, who was in the other side of the room, lifted his head with hopeful glint in his eyes and smirked. He guessed he could leave his plan to share a bed with Megumi for another time. Both Sukuna and Megumi knew: there was no way he was still going to stay after that. “Good boy.” He mouths to Megumi behind Yuuji’s back. Megumi turns his head, ignoring him but heat creeping out on his cheeks and his ears were getting red. He felt like he was mentally patted on his head. He would lie if he said it didn’t make him feel good.

“Yeah, you’re totally right.” Finally says Yuuji, without much surprise. Megumi wasn’t really trying to save Sukuna’s ass there. He really didn’t mind Yuuji hanging with them. It could have actually saved Megumi a lot of trouble and he would actually get anything done without Sukuna making sly remarks or intensely fix him all the time. He would be too busy dealing with his younger brother. After all, Yuuji never stayed here. Except when he was too drunk to take the bus home and Megumi would let him crash on the couch. But he never explicitly asked. He just thought of his best friend, his hardships, and his values. He liked him for that.

And, hell, it was worth it if he got his senpai to call him a good boy. But he was never going to acknowledge that out loud.

So Yuuji hanged out for the day and chilled with them. He had late lunch with them, as it was already afternoon. There was some bickering from the brothers, but Megumi didn’t mind it much. Rather than that, it made it livelier for him and he liked it. It felt like they were back to the three childhood friends spending the afternoon playing and having fun together, and the dark-haired boy felt nostalgic.

Sukuna made them luncheon, after his younger brother nagged him for it and pointed out that he was a ‘freeloader so he should at least make himself useful’. The older brother grumbled but didn’t complain and complied to his request. Besides, for a reason Megumi couldn’t quite get, Sukuna was in an excellent mood. He beamed while he was making fried rice, side glancing at Megumi with an amused look. And Megumi should let him cook more often because it was absolutely delicious. Seeing Sukuna wearing an apron is definitely worth it too.

They watched some TV, and Sukuna’s sly comments on a telenovela that they were watching, made it even better. Megumi’s cheeks were hurting from laughing too much.

After that, Megumi and Yuuji were working on some homework together in the living room while Sukuna went to shower. The dark-haired boy actually asked the reason why his older brother showered that much and Yuuji shrugged, not having actually a clue either. So, it was still a mystery even from someone who have known him the longest, huh. “It’s probably because he is a dirty man, and he has to constantly cleanse himself off from his dirty thoughts.” Yuuji grinned mischievously, not missing an opportunity to mock his brother. “I can hear you, dumbass!” shouted the older pink haired boy from the running shower and the younger boys roared in laughter.

Megumi lived for these moments when he could count on Yuuji to ally against Sukuna. He missed his best friend’s wits and jokes.

When night began to fall, Yuuji grabbed his bag and went home.

“Fushiguro” he called out before leaving. “If he does anything, like ANYTHING, and acts like a brat-“ he begins pointing at Sukuna like he was a wild animal, but he gets cut off. “You’re the brat, brat.” Retorts the pink haired man, rolling his eyes. “Shut up. Fushiguro, you call me. Immediately. Don’t even think, just call. Got it?” he insisted, giving a warning side glance at his older brother. Megumi nodded and walked with him to the exit. He waved at him. “Call me when you get home man.” Yuuji nodded and waved at him back, taking his phone out and put it into his ear. Megumi figured he was probably going to call his grandfather to notify him he’s on his way back. Knowing Yuuji, he would not report Sukuna’s whereabout and probably take care of it for a while. He wondered sometimes if Yuuji was the reincarnation of a holy saint.

When he came back inside his apartment, Sukuna was sitting on the couch, holding his tablet in his right hand, and staring at Megumi’s laid out homework on his coffee table. “Business major, huh?” he asserted while reading Megumi’s notes. “You’ve got really neat handwriting.” The dark-haired boy sat down on the carpet next to Sukuna, his legs under the table and his back leaning on the couch. His shoulder brushed Sukuna’s long and muscular legs. “Thanks.”  He said, while bringing his laptop in front of him.

“Didn’t Gojo-sensei used to teach this subject?” asked Sukuna, who was looking at Megumi’s PowerPoint as he was writing it.  The dark-haired eyebrow’s quirked at the appellation of sensei on his parent’s name, but he doesn’t point it out. “Yeah, he still does sometimes. Although, he does less, now he’s not a full-time teach’ anymore.” Megumi told him as he typed out rapidly while glancing at his notes. He tried to not be bothered about the older man’s face being too close or the fact that he could smell his bodywash from this close.

“Oh... What does he do now?” questioned Sukuna while still looking at Megumi’s work. “Dunno. He goes on business trips most of the time now.” Sukuna hummed, nodding. He then clicked his tongue. “Gimme that. Your presentation is so boring, it’s giving me a headache.” The dark-haired boy hands raised as his laptop was taken away from him. He glanced at Sukuna who was clicking and typing on it. Megumi looked at his concentrated look from the glasses on the bridge of his nose and his tongue was slightly out. The dark boy eyes couldn’t help but obsess over that tongue and how his Adam’s apple was moving slightly when he swallowed.

He then suddenly grinned wildly, illuminating his whole face proudly. “Here, I fixed it for ya.” Megumi turned his eyes on his new and fresh PowerPoint. He really made it a hundred time better. “Gojo-sensei forced us to be creative in his class and, in the end, it had always comes handy in my life. Best year I ever had if you ask me.” He explained, a nostalgic glint in his voice and smile. The younger boy looked astonishingly at his own work, wondering if it was really the same PowerPoint he was working on. He thanked him, totally in awe. Sukuna ruffled his hair as a response. Megumi blushed at that affectionate gesture.  

The younger boy kept on working at his project. He would ask sometimes for Sukuna’s help, who was laying on the couch, scrolling through his tablet. The pink haired man would show him tricks he could never have learnt from school and corrected his mistakes. Sukuna would talk to him about his year in university, about business plans and school projects. How Gojo would be strict with him in class but would still give special treatment to his ‘favorite student’. And Megumi rolled his eyes at that story, that’s so befitting his parent’s behavior.

He learnt a lot today from and about the 23-year-old man. He was a really good cook; he has impressive PowerPoint skills, and he was convinced to become his alma mater’s football team mascot because they said he was tall and had a scary face. Megumi could not help imagining Sukuna in a tiger costume, dancing and somersaulting with cheerleaders on a field and he giggled.

Megumi couldn’t bring himself to ask the reason he was kicked out of his house, because he thought it would totally break the good mood he was in. He knew he wouldn’t answer anyways, and it was okay. One day will come and he will willingly tell him. Until then, Megumi wouldn’t mind waiting. But he craved to know more about Sukuna, to know all about him. To fill out the ten-year gap they had with stories about his past. He wanted more of him.

The next day, Yuuji came to pick him up. And to check if everything’s alright. “He didn’t do anything stupid, did he?” he asked when Megumi opened the door for him. The dark-haired boy shook his head. “The only thing stupid in my life is your existence.” The older brother taunted while he was cooking in the kitchen. The younger pink-haired boy rolled his eyes in annoyance. “How in the hell can you live with him?” Whispered Yuuji to the dark-haired boy, like they didn’t share the same house for twenty years. Megumi smiled and grabbed his school bag.

Sukuna comes with a lunchbox and gives it to him. “Here., you should eat for your presentation. Good luck.” He smirked and Megumi blushed, taking the deliciously looking meal and stuffing it into his bag. “Where’s mine?” whined Yuuji. Sukuna scoffed. “You’re a grown man with your own allowance. Buy your own lunch.” Answered the older brother in contempt. Yuuji pouted and the brothers argued until it was time to go.

Sukuna’s kind attentions, Yuuji’s presence in his life and this really comfortable routine. Megumi wished for nothing less. For now.

Cause his deepest desires would remind him otherwise. In dreams where Sukuna holds him in tender kisses and tight embrace. He craved for him more and more everyday.

To be his only.

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It has been two months since Sukuna was kicked out the Itadori’s house and came to Megumi’s flat.

As always, Sukuna would be the first to wake up. He wouldn’t especially set an alarm to be able to wake up before the dark-haired man does, but somehow his body is used to not sleep much. Maybe he didn’t need to, but his constant yawning habit said otherwise. Although he slept pretty late last night, way past Megumi’s bedtime, but whenever he did, he would still wake up at 5am everyday. Sukuna didn’t get why. He was not usually an early risen back at home.

You would think it was because the couch is really old and uncomfortable to sleep on, but the pink haired man got accustomed to its springs that threatened to permanently injure his back. They seemed like cotton candy now. But sometimes, he missed his old bed from his room back home. His big double bed with memory foam mattress. It was so cushy, the way it fitted the shape of his body with every sleep. It was considered luxury now compared to his actual ‘bed’.

But the fact that Megumi actually allowed him to put a roof on his head for that long didn’t leave him any room for complains. He wasn’t bold enough to ask him to buy him a bed. And even if he did, where in the hell would he put it, he wondered. In this 400 square feet flat, there was no place for a second tenant, even less for a whole bed. Even in Megumi’s room.

He was satisfied with his current situation. He could have slept in his car, like Yuuji previously stated. It was originally Sukuna’s second option, if Megumi were to refuse him. Or kick him out after the second day. But that day hadn’t come. Yet. And if he did, Sukuna wouldn’t complain. He lasted this long, longer than he actually planned to, and he had to thank Megumi for that.

The younger man was either too kind for that or too polite to not have ask him to vacate after three days. Sukuna wouldn’t want it to be the latter, and he preferred to think that his Megumi was a kind soul. But, as awful people may think he is, he wouldn’t want to trample on that kindness indefinitely.

He didn’t want to worry the young man, but he has been losing sleep for trying to come up for a more permanent solution. To be able to lessen the weight of Megumi’s shoulders and actually move out.  

But, in total honestly, Sukuna was short on money. He tried to work, to do extra shifts and gain extra money from odd jobs, but it was taking too much time. The pink haired man could ask for some advance from his boss where he was working, but that still wouldn’t be enough for him to get a studio nearby. The retail price in Tokyo was high. He would have to move out to another city or go rural. But in the end, the cost of buses tickets and subways would be the same as if he did nothing.

Sukuna sighed and scratched his ruffled pink bed hair in frustration. All this worrisome thinking made him wide awake now. He opened his eyes, the sunlight peaked through the white veil curtains, and he grabbed his phone. It was already 9AM. Not bad for a Saturday morning, but Sukuna was still annoyed that he lost four hours of his life from overthinking about his problems.  This whole situation was beginning to take a toll on his mental health.

He was tired of being awaken like this, but he could not do anything else expect keep looking for rooms. He thought about selling his car too, but he needed it to work. It was an endless loop, a dilemma, and he was not out of the woods yet.

The only other option he really had was to come back home, but it was not going to happen anytime soon. His grandfather was mad at him and it was an issue that he could not ask for forgiveness. It’s not like he did anything wrong, for once. His grandpa was just too old fashioned and rather stubborn.

For all the money in the world, he couldn’t change that. And under different circumstances, he wouldn’t want it either. His grandpa was his grandpa; he liked him like he was. With Yuuji, they were the only family he had left. He had to like them as they were.

Sukuna got up from the couch and made himself some coffee. It was no use to dwell on it now.

Admittedly, he didn’t know it was going to come to this far, but the 23-year-old man was ready for this kind of reaction. Or so he thought.

Staying at Megumi’s wasn’t a part of his plan from the beginning. It was a spur-of-a-moment decision he took, as the opportunity presented itself before him. It was better than sleeping in his car, that’s for sure. Ultimately, he can handle a back-breaking couch all right. As long as he was in a warm place and could sleep a couple of hours, enough for him to be able to function as a decent human being. There was no room for nagging.

He puts down his cup in the kitchen sink, filling it in water and went to the bathroom. He turned the shower’s water on and let it flow as he stripped himself out of his clothes. He thanked God – or in this case, the one who paid the bills, Gojo Satoru – for hot water everyday. He swore that if he ever gets to be successful in life later, his first move would be to contribute to a humanitarian organization that helped the most unfortunate ones to get water and first basic needs. As an almost homeless person – and he got lucky, it could have gone worse – Sukuna understood it would mean the world to them. More than gold or petty possessions. At least, that’s what he felt.

Sukuna suddenly thought about one of Megumi’s three questions he asked the night they went for drinks. The reason why he showered that much. He remembered Yuuji’s theory, about how he is a dirty man that had to clean himself from his dirty thoughts, and he grinned widely. Considering that he was basically undressing Megumi with his glances, he couldn’t have been so far from the truth. I mean, he was not entirely disliking that idea.

He thought about Megumi’s fair skin and how delightful would it feel to nibble at it. How his slender silhouette and narrow hips would fit perfectly in his arms. His dark onyx hair felt so soft and how the touch lingered on his fingers whenever he would dare to ruffle it. And those dark green eyes every time they looked at him, how it pierced right through him. He was addicted to those green stares, how well it contrasted with his white fair skin and his dark hair.

There was something about this younger man that he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, and it attracted Sukuna. An unspeakable feeling washed over him each time that Megumi’s expressions changed and, in due time, Sukuna became obsessed to extract every ounce of reaction out of him. And each time he did that, he wanted to bring out more. Whatever it took, he wanted to see more sides of the dark-haired man. Sukuna was devoted to satisfying that growing craving. He never had enough of Fushiguro Megumi.

Sukuna turned the shower’s temperature valve, and it went from burning hot to ice cold. Considering it was a cold November morning, it was a not a good idea to take an iced shower. But Sukuna still felt warm, as Fushiguro Megumi filled his thoughts, and the 23-year-old wanted to wash them away before the lower part of his body could get the wrong ideas. After all, he had not intention to empty himself in someone else’s shower, especially if that person was still around. Even if that someone is the cause of his sudden peak of interest.

He was not that shameless to do that while Megumi hasn’t left yet and was probably going to wake up soon.

The pink-haired man turned off the shower after cleaning himself thoroughly and wrapped himself as usual with a towel hooked on his hips. He grabbed another one to dry his hair and looked at his reflection in the mirror above the sink. Sukuna grabbed his toothbrush and brushed his teeth, before opening the bathroom’s door.

He was met with a drowsy Megumi who was leaving his bedroom and entering the bathroom behind Sukuna. “’Morning.” He grumbled, still half asleep. Sukuna couldn’t help himself but smile. He was used to see a dazed Megumi every morning, but the older man was definitely not accustomed with his heart skipping a beat at that sight. The thoughts he had in the shower must be messing with him in some ways. “Good morning, sleepyhead.” He purred with his usual smirk, letting the man get through the bathroom.

As Megumi closed the door behind him, Sukuna walked to the kitchen and prepped breakfast. He warmed the coffee and spread some jam on two toasts. When the dark-haired man left the bathroom and came to the kitchen, Sukuna poured coffee on a cup and gave him one of the toasts on a plate, while he nibbed down at the other. Megumi glanced at him, thankful and bashful, and took a sip at the coffee.

“How long have you been awake?” he asked, while biting into the toast and he let out a surprised expression. “’Dis good” he hummed to Sukuna’s delight. The pink-haired man stared at the jam that was dripping on the corner of his mouth and it took him all the effort in the world to suppress the urge to lick it out of his face. “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” He advised, while taking a tissue and wiping his jaw. Megumi blushed before taking the issue from his hand and doing it himself.

“Since 5’.” Sukuna answered, licking the extra jam that stuck to his fingers and the dark-haired man seemed to forget to breathe. The older man glanced at him and a sharp grin stretched out on his face. “What got you so worked out? The hot water is out?” scoffed Megumi and Sukuna laughed at his comment. He may or may not have a bad influence on the younger man.

He followed his gaze, who were focusing on his tattooed abs, and Sukuna smirked but said nothing.  “Adult problems. Ones you wouldn’t get.” He replied nonchalantly and Megumi lifted his eyes, gawking. He was treating him like a child. The dark-haired man pouted, biting at his toast, and Sukuna ruffled his head while he went to the living room to grab some clothes to wear.

He came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, fully dressed, and perfumed, and grabbed his phone on the coffee table.

There was suddenly ringing at his door. Megumi turned around and was about to get up to open the door. “I’ll get it, finish your breakfast.” Sukuna sighed. It was probably his brother, who came here every single day, mostly to pick up Megumi for school or just hang out on weekends, to the older brother’s annoyance and the dark-haired man rejoice. But Sukuna didn’t complain.

The younger man seemed happier since they were back on good terms with his younger brother so Sukuna sucked it up and complied to let Yuuji come everyday. But whenever his young brother was around and when he saw that Megumi’s glinted in happiness at his best friend, he felt like a strange feeling in his guts and can’t help but be harsh to his brother.

When it concerned Megumi, he asserted there was a certain possessiveness emerging in him. He was envious of their closeness. There were times when Sukuna wanted to be the closest thing for Megumi, that he would think of him like he thought about him. That Megumi was his only.

Sukuna turned the doorknob and opened the door, expecting a similar pink hair turf as his in the doorstep. Instead, he was greeted by a girl. She was about Megumi’s age and had orange-brown dyed hair. She was rather petite and about average height he assumed if it wasn’t for her high heels’ stylish boots.

“Fushiguro! Yuuji told me that-“ she voiced rather loudly, before stopping midway and gaping when she noticed that the one opening the door was not Megumi. She seemed surprised for a moment, probably confusing him for a moment for his younger brother. His right eyebrow quirked at the mention of the latter saying something. It never meant anything good and Sukuna was going to make sure he was going to discipline him and that big mouth of his.

“Oh, hi Sukuna-senpai, how do you do.” She recognised with a smaller and polite voice. “’Sup” greeted back the older man and he sided to let her in before closing the door behind her.

“Kugisaki, what are you doing here?” asked Megumi, who was still in pajamas. This Kugisaki seemed to have noticed that, as she was eyeing the younger man in disdain. “You forgot?! I told you we were going to go shopping the other day.” Megumi’s face was written ‘oh shit’ all over it as he seems to have forgot about it, which exasperated the young woman even more.

“You wouldn’t mind if I steal him for a bit today, would you?” she inquired while turning to Sukuna. He glanced at Megumi, who was waiting for his answer. Did he need his permission? The pink haired man endeared at how cute he looked, and he smiled. “Be my guest.” He shrugged; arms crossed. He had other thing to do too and Sukuna actually appreciated for once that Megumi wouldn’t be around when he does.

“Go get changed, I’ll wait for you here.” She said to Megumi and he got up from his chair, in towards his bedroom. Sukuna followed him with his gaze, and he could sense Kugisaki’s stare on him. He felt like he was being scanned thoroughly. The amused smile that stretched on her face seemed like she was understanding some of the situation. Analyze complete.

“Coffee?“ offered the older man and she nodded. Sukuna went to the kitchen and came back with a cup that he gave her. She thanked him and took a sip of it, before humming in delight. “Which way are you going?” he prompted while he went to grab his wallet on the table. “Shibuya.” She replied between two sips. “I’ll drop you off. I’m going that way too.” He suggested, while wearing his watch on his left wrist. Kugisaki nodded and thanked him again, warming herself with the cup of coffee.

Megumi came out of the bedroom a few minutes later, fully dressed up for going out. Sukuna didn’t took the time to admire him, in case Kugisaki would notice – even though it was already too late for that. He grabbed his sunglasses and car keys and opened the door. He let the youngers out before him and locked the door behind them with the spare keys that Megumi gave him.

During the whole car ride, Sukuna could hear Kugisaki loud whispers to Megumi through the music blasting lowly from his car radio. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why did I had to hear it from Yuuji first?” she whispered in disappointment, as though it was the worst person to hear it from. And if he weren’t concentrated on driving and getting through Tokyo’s heavy traffic, he would have rolled his eyes. That brat (Yuuji) talked too much, and he hoped he didn’t tell her the whole story, or he would have signed his own death warrant.

“Sorry, I-I forgot” stammered Megumi, scratching his scalp in remorse. “Yeah, I would forget about telling your actual best gal if there was hot guy living with me.” She mocked, too loudly for Megumi’s sake, who shushed her. Sukuna grinned; he was already liking this Kugisaki.

 He glanced at the younger man through his rear-view mirror and noticed he was fully blushing, trying his best to avoid crossing the older man’s eyes in embarrassment. If Sukuna didn’t have to keep his eyes on the road, he would have kept looking at him to get to see more of the effect he had on the dark-haired man.

After the fifteen minutes ride, both Megumi and Kugisaki got out of the car. Sukuna lowered his right-side window and they both thanked him. “Have fun, kids.” The pink-haired waved with his sunglasses. “See you later.”  He said, smiling to Megumi. Kugisaki bowed and he peeked at them as they left to see the girl dragging the dark-haired man. He leant back on his car seat for a bit. Sukuna let out a satisfied sigh, before leaving to be able to go to his first appointment on time.

Two hours went by and Sukuna visited every flat in Tokyo. It was not a peak season for renting, as most of the renting contracts ended in the summer.

The most affordable ones were in pitiful state, very low maintenance. For a flat like Megumi’s, the price was way higher than his budget. For a studio, he could actually be able to get some funding, but most of the time, they demanded an excessive amount for a deposit and an immediate payment worth of two months rent, which Sukuna didn’t have now.  

His head was spinning from all this research, which concluded in having no luck. He grunted in frustration.

Sukuna was really happy being with Megumi, living with him and being able to see him everyday when he came back. His heart ached at the thought that he will probably see him less, or even wouldn’t have a reason to see him at all. Even if he left a bit of his things and using it as an excuse to come see him each time, that would probably annoy Megumi after a while.

He honestly had no desire to move out and he figured that’s probably why he couldn’t find anything. But even if he didn’t want to, he had to do it for Megumi’s sake, at least.

It was such a pain, but maybe he should start looking for roommates and share a flat with one. No one would beat Megumi as a roommate though. There’s no way he would cook for anyone else. It didn’t give him the same pleasure. But he had to at least try.

He sighed again and grabbed his phone. What he was about to do didn’t please him at all. “Hey, brat.” He began when his younger brother picked up at the third ring. “Are you with Fushiguro and that Kugisaki girl?” he asked. “No, but I’m going to join them later. Why?” Sukuna bit his lip as he dreaded what he was going to say. “I need your help with something.” His face disfigured in distaste. He hated asking for him to help. But he had no choice. “Can you ask your college friends if anyone need a roommate? I need to find a flat in Tokyo asap.” He prompted, humidifying his lips. “Alright, I’ll see what I can do but I can’t guarantee you anything.” The younger brother let know, and Sukuna figured it would not be that easy.  

“And don’t tell Fushiguro yet. I don’t want him to know.” he warned, and he could hear Yuuji whining but he ended the phone call. He sighed for the fourteenth time today. He knew that his younger brother would probably not yield his warning, but at least, he could count on him about finding a roommate, while he still looked for more flats.

He looked at the time and cursed. He was going to be late for work.




It was already half past nine when Sukuna got off from his shift. He was holding a bag of seafoods leftovers in his hand as he got into his car. The smell from the seafood was absolutely repelling for him, as he served it all night as a waiter at the seafood restaurant. He thought that the smell probably lingered on his clothes.

But the pink haired man thought that he could use it to cook something for Megumi tomorrow. He would have to look at recipes and how to properly prep the ingredients, as he never had experience with cooking seafood meals before. The older man grinned the entire ride home, wondering how Megumi will react and what kind of expressions he would make.

He turned slowly the doorknob to the house, afraid of making sounds in case Megumi was sleeping with the lights open and the TV on again. But Megumi was not. He was wrapped under a blanket, reading a book as the moonlight was reflecting on his focused green eyes. His long eyelashes fluttered as he turned the pages slowly. It was a magnificent sight. Sukuna could look at him for hours if he could.

The latter’s heart clenched at the though that, soon, this sight would not be able to welcome him back home anymore. Soon, the younger man would only reappear in his dreams and he will have to go back to a life with no Megumi. Sukuna hated it, so much. It was so unfair.

But he thought that it was for the best. For now, all he can do is to enjoy it while he still can.

When he heard the door close behind Sukuna, the dark-haired man tore his gaze of his book and glanced at the older man. “Had fun today?” asked the pink haired man, smiling, while he went to the kitchen to put the seafood in the fridge. There was no response, but Megumi nodded.

He was awfully quiet. Sukuna thought that maybe he was too tired from staying up too late.

“Are you looking for a roommate?” finally spoke Megumi and Sukuna froze. Itadori Yuuji was now officially a dead man. “I’m going to cut this brat’s useless tongue and feed it to the wolves.” He swore, visibly irritated. It has not even been an entire day. Sukuna promised himself not to share anything with Yuuji anymore. Ever.

“Don’t take it out on Yuuji, he hasn’t told me a thing about it. Well, not directly anyways.” Sukuna poked his head from the fridge’s door and closed it, confused. “He posted an ad on the students’ Facebook page, saying he was looking for someone who needed a roommate. I just figured that it was not for him, but I wasn’t so sure until now.” Megumi explained, an impassible expression on his face. Oh. It’s not that Yuuji was too dumb to not yield his warning, it’s just Megumi who was too clever. A proud smile stretched out on Sukuna’s face. ‘That’s my boy’ he thought. “Yeah, it’s for me.” He revealed in a sigh.

An awkward and heavy silence fell between them. For the first time since Sukuna came here, he didn’t dare to make sly remarks or sneaky comments to get out of it. He pursued his lips, trying to find something to say. “Actually, I-“ he began, before he was cut off. “I know someone. A senpai from my cursus.” Notified Megumi and it left Sukuna dumbfounded. “Oh?” he let out, at loss of words for the first time.

His heart ached at the though that, in the end, Megumi was the one who was going to help him find somewhere else. It was like he was basically kicking him out. Like he should, after all. It was bound to happen, one day or another.

Megumi took a piece of paper from one of his notebooks laying around on the coffee table. “Noritoshi Kamo. He’s getting an MBA degree now, so I guess he’s about your age. His last roommate had an emergency back home and he’s been looking for a roommate since the beginning of this term. You should give him a call.” He said while he scribbled down the information and laid out his hand the carefully folded sheet of paper.

“Thanks.” Finally spoke Sukuna, seeming to have found his ability to speak. He ignored the hissing pain in his chest, a feeling of betrayal and heartbreak washing over him.

The pink-haired man grabbed the piece of paper and thought that he should call him tomorrow afternoon. He had to, at least to ease the dark-haired man and for his help to be in vain.

But then, Megumi wouldn’t let go of the piece of paper. “Say, Sukuna-senpai” The latter lifted his head to meet his eyes. There was something indescribable about his dark eyes, and Sukuna was immersed deeply in their reflection, trying to find out what he was thinking about. “I... Am I a bad roommate?” He stammered, seeming concerned. Sukuna furrowed his eyebrows. “What?” he uttered in total incomprehension. Megumi pursued his lips, searching his words. “Is it the reason you want to move out?” he hesitated.

Sukuna’s eyes opened wide. He could not believe what he heard. It’s for you I’m doing this, idiot. I don’t want to.  But what he saw in the other man’s eyes made him choke on these words. The glint he saw earlier was actually sadness washing over his dark eyes, cloaking them with worry. His gaze screamed ‘Don’t leave me’, with such a vulnerable look. And Sukuna had the urge to pull him into a tight hug and comfort him. But he did not.

Instead, something entirely different happened. A sneaky smirk plastered all over his face and he glanced at Megumi with needy eyes. He was basically eating the younger man with his gaze and it tetanized him. Sukuna snapped out of it and got back to his useful, mischievous, and playful self. Somehow, it’s like he got his mojo back.

“Say, Fushiguro” grumbled Sukuna in his usual low voice and Megumi’s head shot up suddenly, like he just received an electric shock throughout his body. “When did we go from Suku-niisan to Sukuna-senpai?” he asked, his wild grin expanding as he walked toward Fushiguro. Megumi’s eyes widened and he furrowed his eyebrows, scorning. “When will you stop messing with me? I asked you a question!“ he nearly shouted in total disbelief. Sukuna noticed that he seemed tired.

Megumi was tired of this bullshit, of hiding his feelings, when his deepest desires were literally screeching for Sukuna’s touch and presence. He wanted more. It has been eating him from the inside for two whole months and he could not take it anymore. Sukuna letting him know he was leaving him broke something inside of him. It killed him. He didn’t want him to leave. He wanted him to stay with him.

“I am not messing with you.” Sukuna stated in a most serious tone and it gave the dark-haired boy chills in his bones. The older man’s smile disappeared completely, and Megumi was suddenly at a loss of words.

“Hey, do you want to know why I was kicked out the house?” he asked, more of a rhetorical question than actually looking for the dark-haired boy’s answer. Megumi’s curiously arisen in his eyes and it made the older man smirk widely.  Finally…? He nodded slowly, apprehensive and hung up at his lips for the answer he was looking forward to for weeks now.

But Sukuna was really close to him. Too close.

Their faces weren’t even an inch far from each other. And Megumi stopped breathing. It looked like he was about to kiss him. If it weren’t for Sukuna’s eyes, those beautiful hungry eyes that he was too addicted to, locked on his, Megumi would have closed them.

His lips were approaching his right ear and he could feel his hot breathing tingling his sensitive skin. Sukuna whispered sensually in a low voice that made Megumi’s hair rise. “They kicked me out… because I am not straight.”

‘Oh’ was his immediate thought. Megumi would have pitied him; he was not expecting that, and even less to know it like this.

But he didn’t have time to think, because Sukuna captured his lips in a kiss. Furiously. Fervently. Almost beastly, and Megumi didn’t even fight it. He has been longing for it for a long time now.

He cupped Sukuna’s face with his slender trembling hands and kissed him right back with the same intensity. It took the older man by surprise, but he wasn’t distracted long. He smirked and deepened the kiss even further.

Their tongues intertwined, dancing a fever dance and they almost forgot how to breath. They tasted each other like they never did.

Behind all that bestiality, there was nothing cruel or mocking in the kiss. It felt purely honest and passionate. Sukuna held him like he was a fragile being, fearing that he was going to break into pieces if he let him go. And Megumi completely melted at his soft touch.

And suddenly, Megumi broke the kiss and pushed away Sukuna’s face with a strength he didn’t know he had. Before Sukuna could process what just happened, the younger man pulled him in a tight embrace. The dark-haired man held him tightly and crooked his face in the older man’s neck. Sukuna was slightly taken aback. “I’m sorry” Megumi cried in a broken voice.

And before he could take in the reason behind that apology, he felt a wet sensation in his neck dripping slowly to his collarbone. He’s crying? For what? “What are you sorry for, idiot? You did nothing wrong.” He hugged the younger man back, with a tender smile on his face. “I’m sorry”, he repeated, croaking. Sukuna rested his jaw on top of Megumi’s head and stroke slowly his onyx hair.

Sukuna felt inappropriately good. Nobody has ever cried for his sake. And that made him warm. He felt that his heart was so full. When that happened, he didn’t even shed a tear. He knew that coming out to his grandpa meant that the old man going to act like this. Kicking him out was predictable. Hell, it was not the worst thing he could have done. Especially if it turned out that he got to live with Megumi. In that moment, it was the best thing that could have happened.

And that’s when it suddenly hit him. He was fucking in love with Fushiguro Megumi.

The revelation had happened before that actually, when he was thinking about how he was going to cook a good seafood meal for him. How he didn’t want to move out of the apartment and instead continue to spend the time with him. How he was so used to see Megumi all the time and the fact that the dark-haired man stayed out late waiting for him to come back from work made him melt with fondness inside. When he constantly thought about him all the time, wishing to see all his sides and possess him. To make Fushiguro Megumi his.

Maybe it even went further back, before he even showed at his doorstep. When they were younger, and they weren’t just childhood friends. He has loved Megumi ever since they were children. That could explain why he felt like all these years without him were empty, like he was missing a piece. That missing piece was this young man all along.

Sukuna cupped Megumi’s face, brushing with his thumb a tear falling from the corned of his dark green eye, and stroked his cheeks. He had a kind smile for once and was looking at the dark-haired with piercing but sweet eyes.” Thank you, Megumi.” He then kissed him again. A tender and passionate kiss.

The pink-haired man carried him to the couch, holding him gently. He licked Megumi’s salty tears that were falling from his face and hugged him, holding him close to his loudly beating heart on his chest. Megumi grabbed unto Sukuna’s now wet white shirt as the older man stroke his back.

They cuddled silently on the couch. All they could hear was their shallow breaths from being this close and Megumi’s soft and quiet sobs. Sukuna was so fond of this boy.

After a while, Megumi calmed himself. He suddenly lifted his head, like he was struck by lightning, and bumped Sukuna’s jaw. The latter let out a groan, from biting his tongue probably and rubbed his jaw. “What about Yuuji? Did he say he-“ “Yuuji said nothing.” He cut him off. Then sighed when he saw Megumi’s worried look.

“You know my brother…maybe even more than I do now.” He smirked. A playful look on his face, that probably said ‘Should I be jealous?’ but he didn’t add anything as he saw Megumi scowling in disbelief. He cackled, before continuing. “He looked like he didn’t mind. But you know he can’t go against my grandpa. He loves him too much for that.” he had an apologetic look for a moment. “But he knows.” Megumi sighed in relief and relaxed. He then settled back down next to Sukuna and went back in his arms.

Sukuna looked at him. Megumi was fixating an imaginary point on the coffee table, lost in thoughts. Sukuna figured out that his beloved didn’t come out to his best friend yet. He was probably worried about his reaction. For someone you have know for this long, to be something you didn’t expect... But Sukuna wouldn’t be too worried about that. He knows that Yuuji is fond of Megumi either way.

Coming out shouldn’t disappoint anyone. But unfortunately, it still did for some people. So, he could understand Megumi’s concern in the end. Hell, he’s the one who understands him the most in this case. Sukuna wished he could appease his concerns, without dictating him what to do.

Sukuna stroked the boy’s hair and he hummed at the sensation. The pink haired man gave occasional kisses on Megumi’s temple, to which the latter shut his eyes in satisfaction. He then pressed his lips together, trying to find the courage to say what he was going to say. Because there was no way they could go on like this for much longer. They had to talk about that. What actually happened all these years ago.

“I’m sorry for what happened seven years ago.” he murmured, so low that Megumi had a hard time hearing it. The man was fumbling with the dark-haired man strands, twisting it nervously on his long finger. They both stood there in each other arms as they recollected the memory of seven years ago.




Seven years ago. Fushiguro was thirteen years old and Sukuna was sixteen. Sukuna and Yuuji’s parents died of a car accident. The funerals were held. It was morbid. As if they were in a silent movie.

On that day, Megumi went upstairs and saw Sukuna sobbing quietly in his room. “Suku-niisan?” The older boy lifted his head, surprised. He didn’t want to be found out like this. He thought that no one was going to come upstairs now.

“Are you crying?” Asked the 13-year-old boy, worried. “Fushiguro, get out of the room right now.” he threatened. Megumi didn’t listen to him and sat down on the bed next to Sukuna. Their shoulders and hips were touching each other, like they were one whole being. He then embraced Sukuna, forcing him to rest his head on his shoulder. “Here. I’ll lent you my shoulder to cry on.” They stayed quiet there, sitting next to each other without moving an inch.

Sukuna’s weeping sounds died out. There was an awkward tension in the room.

After a few minutes, Sukuna stood up suddenly and went to the door. “You wanna comfort me that much?” Megumi flinched and turned his head to him. He shut the door and there was ‘click’ sound. “Hun” he carefully answered. Before Megumi could comprehend, he felt his world spinning and he found himself pinned to the bed. Sukuna was on top of him, a vile smile on his face.

His eyes were fixing him, a very bad and malicious gaze. “Help me out then.” He then took Megumi’s slender hand and put it on the bulge of his pant. He then stroked it slowly with Megumi’s hand and bit his lips to bury a whimper.

He then intertwined his fingers with Megumi’s and took it forcefully to slither it inside his pants and past his boxers. Megumi felt the hard shaft on his trembling hands. To his horror, he acted by reflex and gripped the hard member with his hand and hold it. Sukuna let out a low grunt. “Stroke it.” Megumi obliged immediately, slowly. “Faster”, he ordered. And Megumi flinched and instinctively obeyed. Sukuna’s arms failed him, supporting himself on top of Megumi with only his elbows as he let out a long ang strained sigh of pleasure.

He hissed incomprehensible words, tilting his head front between his squared-up shoulders. Megumi could feel Sukuna’s hot breath blowing on his neck. He stroked him further, matching the rhythm of his fast heart beating on his chest. He felt like his heart was gonna give out and that Sukuna’s hot cock was gonna pop out off of its place from stroking it so roughly.

The sixteen-year-old boy was covered in redness, a vein on his temple popping out, and broke in sweats as he breathed heavily. His messy hair was tickling Megumi’s cheeks. Sukuna’s hips instinctively began moving, slamming unto Megumi’s hand, and let out a strained sound.

His cock was throbbing and craved for more. He was a mess. He was so close for the release.

“Sukuna?” called out a muffled weak voice from the other side of the door. It was Yuuji’s voice. “Come out of here and go back downstairs.” Sukuna stopped all movement, freezing up, despite his still throbbing member leaking. “Grandpa’s comin’ soon and there’s still people to greet us.” he announced before they could hear footsteps leaving and going down the stairs.

Sukuna’s eyes suddenly shut open and he promptly removed Megumi’s hand out of his pants. The pink-haired boy then got up of the bed and, smudging his hair back in a swift movement, he walked towards the door. He unlocked the door lock and halted before he turned his room’s doorknob.

“Forget all this happened” His bitter voice sent chills down to Megumi’s spine. “But, Suku-“ he began, dazed by the recent events and Sukuna’s sudden changing behavior. “You are Yuuji’s best friend and Yuuji is my brother.” He spitted. “Hence, you are my brother too.” His head turned to him and gave him a mean and disgusted look before opening the door and leaving Megumi hanging there, laying on the bed.

Cold. He felt so cold.

And it was the last time he ever saw Sukuna.

Chapter Text

Sukuna and Megumi stayed like this, silent, in each other’s arms, for a long time.

Megumi was really quiet, lost into his thoughts. It made Sukuna antsy, anxiously playing with the younger’s hair. At some point, as he wrapped the other man’s strands, he might have pulled too hard on them and he stopped, fearing he might hurt him. But there was no reaction from Megumi.

He couldn’t see his expression – and that’s what made him even more nervous – but the dark-haired boy stared blankly in front of him. At some point, Sukuna couldn’t take it anymore. It was his selfish wish – he couldn’t help himself but break this awkward situation he was in. “At that time, I…” he began, and he halted, closing his gaping mouth. He didn’t want to make any excuses. What he did was unforgivable. Megumi probably hated him. He was probably regretting that kiss and he didn’t wish to be with him anymore.

Megumi, who seemed to have come back to his senses, got himself up from Sukuna’s chest he was leaning on. And the older man felt pathetic. His heart sank and he couldn’t help himself think Megumi couldn’t bear to touch him anymore and Sukuna was sure that his fears were proved to be correct. But curious green eyes met his, as the dark-haired boy seemed to be interested in what he had to say in his defense. Not that he did need one. Megumi must not forgive him.

“At that time, I was just a dumb brat, so deep in the closet. I was afraid you were going to talk about it to Yuuji, so instead I-“ he choked on his own words, biting his lower lip. “I’m sorry, Megumi. I didn’t want to hurt you, for real.” He cupped his own face into his hands, hiding his pathetic and revolting face from the man he was apologizing for. It was the truth, but he felt like he was making excuses.

Whatever he said, it wouldn’t change a thing: he was guilty. Sukuna abused of the boy’s affection, then made him do something he didn’t want to do, and to finally dispose of him when he satisfied his crave. And because he was a coward, he made Megumi feel like he was responsible for his selfish act. He was a jerk, the worst kind of it. He didn’t deserve this beautiful man.

The disgusted look he gave to Megumi at that time, it was for himself. He hated himself, for being different, an anomaly in this family. Comparing himself to the younger, straight, and adorable brother he had, he was just a horny teenager who couldn’t help himself but long for his brother’s best friend. He had been tired, grieving, and frustrated. And he took it out on all on the most precious person in his heart. The only one he didn’t want to lose, but in the end, he actually lost him. For what? For his own sexual pleasure. It was revolting.

To redeem himself – or more, to punish himself – he spent seven years rejecting his true self. He hurt other people, had sex with genuine and loving girls he could not reciprocate their feelings with. How could he? When the name he moaned and whined was always Fushiguro Megumi’s. And as if he couldn’t escape from the one he truly desired, he went out with dark haired women. They all had in common black hair or green eyes. They were all truly beautiful, but no one could make his heart beats faster than the man he had spent two months sharing a flat with.

Sukuna spent all these years trying to avoid Megumi, to not show his distasteful and shameless face ever again in front of the dark-haired man. To give him a better life, a future where the pink haired man would not exist and threaten to spoil his well-earned freedom. Without his past action to be a constant reminder that he was treated poorly. Because Megumi deserved to be treated better, more than anyone in this world.

But when he was suggested to live with the dark-haired man, all his reasoning and efforts melted. Sukuna thought he would control himself, to actually give Megumi space and distance himself from him, but in the end he did not.

Sukuna was so deeply attracted to him – he has been since the first moment confused dark green eyes met his on his own doorstep – and he couldn’t help but tease him. The pink haired man thought he was plausible as someone who had no interested in the other man, except for the fact that he liked to poke fun at his childhood friend. But then, Megumi began to bear expressions the older man wasn’t expecting him to have and Sukuna became greedy. Whatever he was trying to achieve and the bit of mature reasoning he had vanished.

From the day he actually let himself into Fushiguro Megumi’s daily life, Sukuna played with fire – his own untameable and burning deep desires – and got burnt. He fell hard for the boy and there was no turning back. He had to stop running away and face the past, as it came to bite him in the ass.

It’s like karma spat on his face. Whatever he did, he could not escape from his feelings. It took him a long time to be in peace with himself, to actually forgive himself. But he will never expect for the younger man to do the same.

To end all things here or go forward were the only two options. For all the money in the world, there was no way they could back to the time when everything was easier. And Sukuna wouldn’t want it another way. He did not regret falling for the boy. The pink haired man could only accept Megumi’s decision, whatever it was. No begging, or pleading. Only acceptance.

“Did you meant what you said back then?” And Megumi’s soft voice made Sukuna flinch. He tore slowly his face away from his palms. The older man looked at him, visibly confused, and trying to remember his words. “About you being my brother’s best friend, so technically my brother?” he questioned, and Megumi nodded. “Hell no.”

Yes, he was really fond of him. But Megumi has always been something more than a brother. Sure, there was a time he considered him as a close friend, when he didn’t know how to distinguish platonic and romantic attraction. Nevertheless, when dark green eyes would appear in his dreams and that sight would suffice to bring the pink haired man to the edge, and when he was disappointed when he woke up that it was not real, there was no doubt in his mind about what Megumi’s existence was to Sukuna.

He could tell him all about it, the effect the dark-haired boy had on Sukuna’s, but he considered to be highly inappropriate, considering the situation. Instead, he glanced fiercely at the man, wondering if his eyes would convey properly his thoughts.

Megumi glanced at him back, searching for the answer he has been looking for all these years in the older man’s stare. He then smiled and laid his hand softly on Sukuna’s.  “Then, I forgive you.” Sukuna’s eyes widen, those words ringing in his words and he can’t believe it.

They were like a sweet melody to his ears, but he furrowed his eyebrows. No. He shouldn’t forgive him. Never. “Megumi, please, don’t. I-“ he begins but the dark-haired boy cut him off. “You told me back then to forget all about it, and I didn’t.” He sighed and Sukuna was dumbfounded, unsure on what the younger man is implying. He didn’t say anything and waited for more.

“If I didn’t want to do it, I would have stopped. If it were too much for me, I would have withdrawn. But I didn’t. Because – for fuck’s sake –  I have always wanted it too. I’m not going to lie and be ashamed to say it, but I fucking enjoyed it.” Megumi was out of breath and he gripped tightly on Sukuna’s clothes. He was not controlling himself anymore, angrily spitting all the words he wanted to tell him all these years.

He had enough of beating himself up for something that happened in the past. He was tired of being ashamed of his feelings, of what he actually felt all this time.

“Yeah it was a fucked-up thing to do, considering the situation” The dark-haired man admitted and Sukuna lowered his head in shame. “But what actually fucked me up was the fact that you rejected me and left me there on the bed. I felt so dumb to actually believe that we could finally have what I longed for all these years.” He glared at him, holding back tears, and licking his lips as he considered what he was going to say. “I won’t forgive you for stealing that from me. I won’t let you go this time.” He snapped at the older man, blushing, and Sukuna’s eyes widened.

Megumi suddenly got up, feeling self-conscious and turned around from him. “It’s getting late. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” And he hastily went to lock himself up in his bedroom, leaving an astounded Sukuna on the couch.

The pink haired man got up from the couch where he was sleeping on and turned the lights off, after changing his clothes to sleep. He laid back down again on the couch and put his cushion he was holding on the back of his head. He processed all the words that the younger man had previously told him and let out a scoff. That was one hell of a declaration of love, he thought to himself.

He closed his eyes, remembering all the expressions the dark-haired man bore and his lips quirked up into a wide smirk. The blushing, the swearing, the lovingly angry confessions he blurted out. ‘I won’t let you go this time’. His heart imploded at that thought.

Sukuna slept that night with a grinning expression bearing his face. He was mad for this man.

Megumi, on the other hand, was still blushing and breathing heavily. He can’t believe he confessed to all those lewd thoughts he has had all these years. ‘I fucking enjoyed it’ he repeated in his mind.

Lying on the bed, he took his cushion and silently screamed into it. The dark-haired boy felt like a little girl, blushing too much to his liking. His heart was thudding in his chest and rang into his ears. He was going crazy, for sure.

In the end, Fushiguro Megumi did not sleep a wink.




Megumi’s eyes opened up suddenly the next day, as nature was calling him. He grunted, tiptoeing to the bathroom, and he glanced at himself in the mirror. He had heavy dark circles under his eyes and an awful looking face. He sighed, flushed the toilet when he was done and exited the bathroom.

Figuring out that he was probably not being able to come back to sleep, despite his yawns and the drowsiness he felt, Megumi went to the kitchen to grab himself a glass of water. The sun wasn’t fully up yet, as it was dawn according to the microwave’s clock, and he glanced at the living room on his way. For once since they have been living together, Sukuna was still asleep. After grabbing his water, Megumi went discreetly to where he was sleeping and quietly crouched next to the couch.

Sukuna was sleeping soundly on his stomach, breathing steadily as his chest lifted slowly. The blanket was only covering his feet and Megumi noticed that he was sleeping with only his boxers. In November. He could not help but glance at him.

It’s the first time he noticed that he had tattoos on his back too and he followed their lines with his eyes. They went from his nape, and went down to his back, and the lines stopped at the waist by the boxers. His stare lingered on the fabric, how it fitted tightly his fine ass.

Megumi blinked before he could have anymore lewd thoughts – his actions yesterday were more than enough embarrassing him for the rest of the week. He then grabbed the blanket at his feet and lifted it up, covering the older man by his shoulders.

Staying there looking at him for a moment, he thought about yesterday. He didn’t want to but couldn’t help thinking about it.

Besides the shameless confession he blurted out yesterday, he had all night to actually think about it. And how many times Megumi played out the memory in his head, he didn’t regret even one bit of what he said.

Yes, he could have said it in a less obvious and horny way. But Megumi knew he had to say what he said to get through Sukuna. His lover was stubborn. And Megumi was afraid that he was going to go away once again.

His pink hair was covering his peaceful sleeping face and before the dark-haired boy could think twice, he brushed them off behind. He stared lovingly at him and lingered his touch on the soft hair. He proceeded to delineate the man’s face, his thumb brushing his cheeks and then his sharp jaw until he reached his chin.

There was a bit of ingrown hair from his beard he shaved almost daily. Maybe because he was a beardless man, Megumi liked the spiked touch brushing his fingers. His eyes lingered on his pink lips and his fingers moved quicker than his thoughts, his thumbs setting on them. They were soft and warm to the touch.

The lips he was casually touching stretched into a smirk. Ruby eyes lazily opened to stare at him. Purely by reflex, he removed his hand from the older man’s face, but the pink haired man grabbed his wrist to stop his withdrawal. “Pervert.” Hummed Sukuna, an amused look on his face. And maybe he was, a pervert. The pink haired man yawned and shifted his weight to lay on his side to be able to face the dark-haired man.

“Sorry, did I wake you up? I thought you were a heavy sleeper like Yuuji.”  Megumi could not help but smile at the handsome face that only had eyes for him. The 23-year-old furrowed his eyebrows. “Did you do this with Yuuji too? You pervert!” he gasped dramatically. Megumi rolled his eyes and glared at him, visibly annoyed.

At that sight, Sukuna let out a laughter that resonated into Megumi’s soul. “I usually am a heavy sleeper, but how can I sleep when you are stripping me with your eyes.” He teased with a smug expression, and the fact that Megumi’s face flushed into a shade of crimson red was absolutely worth it.

“Go back to sleep.” Megumi sulked and he wanted to get up, but the hand that hold his wrist yanked him back down, making him sit on the coffee table. “Only if you keep on doing what you were doing. Felt good.” Sukuna slurred, softly stroking the younger man’s wrist he was holding. And how could he not oblige when his crush personally requested it.

Sukuna let go of his hand and Megumi used it to run his fingers into silky pink hair. The older man hummed at the touch, closing his eyes slowly. With trembling but soothing hands, he outlined the pink-haired man blessed facial features.  Sukuna leant into the touch, as the younger man slender fingers stroke slowly his cheeks. He held them with his own and blow a soft peck at them. Megumi stood still, stopping all movements as his felt the warmth of Sukuna’s soft hands, and stared back into glinting dark red eyes, where he could see his own reflection.

How can they both have a pair of eyes, one nose and lips, a pair of hands and legs, and the same bipedal patterns, but one human was more endearing than the other ? Sukuna’s body was created by the gods from Megumi’s point of view, it was uncanny.

And even if the dark-haired boy were the ugliest being you could set your eyes on – which he hoped he was not, even if he were not at his peak at the moment; he just woke up and all – but in the reflection of Sukuna’s eyes, he felt like he was the most beautiful creature that has ever existed.

Sukuna chose him of all 7.8 billion humans in this earth and still bore such an affection for him. He felt luckier than if he won the lottery today. He felt loved, pampered, worshipped by a man that deserves to be put on a pedestal and glorified until the rest of his days.

Megumi never felt such devotion for him from anyone else. It drove him crazy and made him scared too. If that man ever got tired of him one day and abandoned him like a lot of people did in Megumi’s life, he would stop to exist.

Each second passed diving into his ruby colored eyes made his attachments for him stronger. Hell, it was probably too early, but he could already hear the wedding bells ringing in his mind.

But with Sukuna, he felt like everything would be okay. Each breath the older man took or every time his touch lingered on Megumi’s skin, like a burnt marking sticking to his own soul, he felt like he could through any hardships that life will throw at him. As long as Sukuna was by his side.

Megumi wanted Sukuna to be his for the rest of his days.

He was so lovesick, and he didn’t care if his thoughts made no sense. That’s what people in love felt and for the first time in his life, he understood what reciprocity did to people. He was one of them now. It made him so happy.

A hand brushing one of his black strands brought him back to reality. Megumi’s eyes broke of the mesmerising red stare and glanced at how his beloved’s fingers tucked away his hair behind his ear. It was Megumi’s turn to lean on to the older man’s touch as he stroked his flushed cheek.

He shuts his eyes for a moment before fluttering his thick eyeshadows open to look at the other man’s handsome face. He was eyeing him, observing his every move and facial expression.

The dark-haired boy remembered the way Sukuna would stare at him whenever he was on the phone and how he committed to memory even his most common movement. He gave him that exact look, so focused on Megumi’s attention.

 And, without warning, Sukuna held his hips and effortlessly lift him up. Megumi felt his own world spin and he tensed out at how awfully familiar it felt. But instead, Sukuna rolled on his other side and carefully laid him next to him, pulling the blanket over them.

Megumi’s head propped up on the older man’s muscular left biceps and wrapped him by the hips into a hug.

He wondered how in the hell this narrow couch could fit the two of them, but he didn’t care. He felt so good in Sukuna’s embrace.

Megumi could hear the older man’s fast heartbeats thudding in his ear and he thought that he was the one that was making it happen. He felt like butterflies were fluttering in his stomach. His face blushed at the warmth emanating from Sukuna’s chest he was leaning on and the arms that were wrapped around his slim body. He was hot, in every sense of the word.

The younger man nuzzled his face on Sukuna’s broad chest and sighed in contentment as the pink-haired man rested his chin on Megumi’s hair. The dark-haired boy’s mint shampoo tickled his nose and he let it impregnate his nose. His eyes, nose and lips were full of Megumi’s. He hummed as he blew a quick kiss on the other man’s scalp and stroke lovingly his soft hair.

He felt so tiny in Sukuna’s arm. The 23-year-old man wondered if he was unwillingly crushing him and tried to move without unsettling the man in his arms. But the couch could hardly fit him alone, let alone two man. If they weren’t cuddling as they were – and Sukuna noticed how they fit perfectly, intertwining as if they were matching jigsaw pieces, and it made him so blissful – they wouldn’t be able to be so comfortable.

It was a miracle that Sukuna didn’t fell from it, as he felt like he was on its edge. Megumi arms slide beneath his and palmed possessively at the bottom of his bare back, probably to prevent him from falling. Sukuna smiled at the gentle care he was given and gave him another kiss on the head.

He wished the world could stop at this instant so they would to this all day. If the Moon were to fall, Sukuna wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here, in Megumi’s arms. It was a selfish wish, as Megumi had other ambitions and places he thrived for. But this man made him so vulnerable, and he can’t do anything against it. Nor that he wanted to either. He liked how he becomes when he is with him. He didn’t have to have his barriers up all the time and can actually let his guard down around him.

If Megumi stabbed him with a dagger in his guts at this moment, he wouldn’t even notice it. He was so drunk in this feeling of being loved and cared of. And he fucking adored it.

He makes him better, more at peace with himself – more that he could even be. If it were within his grasp, Sukuna would give the whole world to Megumi. But all he can do now is give his humble self, wholly. He can have all of him and he would give it to him whole-heartedly in a heartbeat.

And to think he was guilty of contributing to this precious’ being suffering. To have let go of him, to have left him hanging for so long and how he ran away like a coward after doing despicable things to him for his own selfish reason; Sukuna still despised himself for it. His gaze darkened at the thought.

“Sorry Megumi. For everything I did.” He mumbled, breaking the fluffy atmosphere they were in. The dark-haired man lifted slowly his head this time and Sukuna broke his embrace to meet his dark green glare.

He could hear the other man sighing and the younger man gave him a dead eyed look, as Sukuna looked at him apologetically. And he felt so vulnerable once again, pathetic under his gaze.

“Will you stop apologizing already ? I already told you- well, I-I’m not going to repeat what I said” and Megumi lowered his gaze, blushing heavily as he remembered his embarrassing thoughts, to which the pink-haired man grinned at. He remembered clearly what the other man told him. “Or I’m…” and his voice died there, trying to come out with the continuation of his threat.

Sukuna lifted his chin with his index to force him to look at him, a smile stretching at the corner of his mouth. “Or what? What you gonna do to me, hmm?” he teased, an amused look on his face. “I-I’ll hit you.” He blurted out, bashful. The older man roared in laughter before cupping his face and placing a peck on his temple. “Cute.” He purred as he pinched possessively at the dark-haired man nose, a wide grin on his face. Megumi’s whole face and ears were as red as a tomato.

Once again, he was hypnotized by his red eyes. They had a glint of fondness in them, and Megumi melted at the way Sukuna’s gaze lingered on his lips. He seemed to hesitate while hungrily longing for them, like he was asking for permission. And it was the dark-haired boy that did the first move, cupping the sharp features of the older man and pulling him into a kiss.

They both closed their eyes, enjoying the pleasure of their mouths crashing. A passionate and most wanted kiss. And, as if his own body were moving on its own accord, Megumi lifted himself up and pinned himself on top of Sukuna’s, still not breaking the kiss.

The pink haired man followed the initiative and shifted himself to the side to lay down on his back. He grabbed the other man’s hips to help him maintain his position as Megumi was holding himself on top with his arms, one on each side of the man beneath him.

The latter’s hands slid down his hips and gripped at the dark-haired man’s ass. It made Megumi gasp, broking the kiss, and his legs gave out. He was sitting on his lap, legs on either side of Sukuna’s hips. Megumi felt his pants getting tighter at the sensation of the other man’s warm bulge on his.

The pink haired man unconsciously licked his lips and Megumi’s blood boiled from that erotic sight. His cock twitched and poked through the light fabric that was the only thing that was standing between them from actually touching each other.  And the dark-haired man’s wild mind actually considered removing it, yearning for the feel of Sukuna’s hot dick on his skin.

Sukuna propped himself up to a sitting position, hands still gripping Megumi’s ass. The motion brought their body closer and felt the older man’s hard cock grinding his. It was probably crushing his member, but he didn’t seem to care. Instead, it twitched and sent down shivering throughout the younger man’s body. He let out a sinful grunt, more like a muffled moan, and Sukuna smiled slyly at his lover’s naughty expression.

“Don’t let me go this time. Make me stay.” He susurrated sensually in the dark-haired man’s ear in a low voice. Of course, he was not going anywhere – not anymore, why would he now. But Megumi seemed to understand his meaning and his eyes coated with pure desire. He was not controlling his movements anymore, making one with his burning craving.

The dark-haired boy closed the distance between the two men’s faces and leant in for a fervent kiss. Sukuna was feeling overwhelmed, at how passionate and wild it was comparing to the others. The way Megumi’s tongue skillfully slipped through his lips and licked his inside cheeks made him whimper in pleasure. Sometimes, the pink haired forgets that Megumi had past experiences and it made it even more enjoyable.

The younger man propped his palms on Sukuna’s chest and nudged him gently enough to force him to lay down on his back, as he did. He then used those same hands to seize the older man’s face and to deepen the kiss even further. Their noses and foreheads flattened as their tongues intertwined and tasted each other hungrily.

Out of breath, they broke the kiss and spit drooled out of their tongues separating reluctantly. But Megumi’s passionate glance did not flicker, and he glanced ardently at his lover. Face flushing in desire, he proceeded to lick Sukuna’s ear, and he buried his face into the other man’s neck. He darted and left trails as he went down slowly.  Sukuna bit down his lower lip and lifted his head in bliss, letting the younger man have whole access.

The pink haired man grabbed the dark hair and ran his fingers through it as the man was now kissing and licking his collarbone. Megumi’s hands were running up and down Sukuna’s muscular body, stroking his arms and his chest as he kept on leaving trails down it.

The older man was humming in pleasure and gasped as he reached his sensitive nipples. He did circular movements around them and they hardened enough for the dark-haired man to be able to suck on them. Megumi’s hot and shuddering breathing sent out electrical waves throughout the man beneath him’s body and his neglected cock twitch again from the touch. “Fuck Megumi…” he let out between two shuddering breaths.

Megumi’s thoughts were racing as he did the work. His mind was clouded from the sexual tension that was raising in their lower parts and all of Sukuna was filling his mind.

He thought about how Sukuna’s fingers were on his hair, pulling his strands from pleasure and yearning, and he remembered them being licked a few days ago and how he longed to actually taste them. He bit on the left nipple as he reminisced and Sukuna’s chest lifted up in response.

The dark-haired boy thought about the feeling of the man’s well-defined tattooed abs on his thumbs, the same ones he peeked at each time Sukuna came out of the shower, and how he longed for so long to actually touch them. He thought about Sukuna’s unholy sounds he was letting out. The breathing, the humming, the moaning. And it honestly drove him on edge.

All he could feel was his throbbing fully hardened cock in his pants, itching to be let free, and his heart thudding so loudly on his chest that it rang in his ears. “’Feel so good, Megumi...” slurred the older man in a soft whimper.  He was so drunk in his lust, enjoying making Sukuna’s twisting in pleasure at his every touch.

 “Megumi, your-ah” began the pink haired man, but Megumi was finally letting go of his abused right nipple, letting it fiddle lazily on his thumb, to suck the man’s neglected harden other nipple. And Sukuna deeply sighed as the dark-haired man licked and bit it bestially, not letting him breathe even for a second. “Your phone is ringing, love.” Sukuna managed to say as Megumi’s phone was vibrating on the coffee table. “Let it be. They’ll call back.” He mumbled on Sukuna’s chest and his lips vibrations hitched the older man’s breathing.

But the phone did not stop ringing and it was making Megumi’s focus flatter. “It’s Gojo-sensei.” Announced Sukuna, who grabbed it to look at the screen. Nope. He wasn’t definitely going to call back. Knowing him, Gojo was going to thunder him with phone calls until he answers. Megumi stopped what he was doing and grunted annoyingly, propping himself up. Sukuna looked at the dark-haired man flushed face from his lust and how it contrasted well to the frustrated glance he now had.

Megumi sighed and grabbed his phone from Sukuna’s hold. “Gojo Satoru, you cockblocker.” He hissed, exasperated, and Sukuna smirked at that comment, before the dark-haired man picked it up and put in on speaker. He signed the pink haired man to be silent, putting his index in front of his lips.

“Satoru, I’m busy. Can I call you back?” he began, but there was shouting and whining from the other end. “Megumi! Finally! I called you 23 times already. Do you know how much I was worried? I was going about to call 911.” The dark-haired boy rolled his eyes at how dramatic his parent was. Such a drama queen.

“And why are you so out of breath? Is everything okay?” he added, and Megumi’s eyes widen, blushing widely, and he eyed Sukuna who was just amused with this interaction. “I-I’m okay, I was just…working out. Don’t worry.” He stammered and Sukuna let out a laugh beside him. “What was that? Is someone with you?” asked the man at the phone. “N-No, it’s the TV that was just a bit loud. I’m alone.”

He scowled at the pink haired man and plastered his free hand on his mouth while holding the phone with the other. “Anyways, what’s going on?” he sighed, looking forward to ending the call to go back to his previous activities. But he knew him and Gojo Satoru loves to chitchat on the phone. That’s how Megumi began to loathe it.

“Yeah, I see... Ow!“ As he tried to focus on whatever his adoptive dad was saying, Sukuna licked the dark-haired man hand on his face and bit it sensually, earning him another scowl from him. “Don’t mind me, I-I just hurt my side on the kitchen’s counter.” He lied as he stared at the older man with puzzled look. Did Sukuna felt neglected from the lack of attention he was getting or was he just teasing him to embarrass him while he was on the phone with his parent? Either way, it frustrated Megumi and the pink haired man seemed to enjoy his helplessness. 

As Gojo – who was driving from the airport as Megumi reckoned – kept on rambling, Megumi muted the call for a moment. “It’s going to take some time.” He notified to the man beside him, and the latter got up from the couch, nodding. Sukuna ruffled his hair as he went toward the bathroom, probably to take a shower. The dark-haired man smiled and blushed as he eyed him grabbing his towel and closing the bathroom’s door behind me. “Yeah Satoru, I’m still listening to you.” He answered, unmuting the call.

“So I’m on my way home now and I’ll stay for a couple of days before going back there.” Finally said his adoptive dad and Megumi rolled his eyes. He should have said that sooner and not go on for a fifteen-minute rant on his latest gossip on one of his flight’s attendant, on which Megumi absolutely gave no fuck whatsoever.

Sukuna had plenty of time to take his shower and he came out of the bathroom as usual – towel wrapped on his hips and wet pink hair. He raised his eyebrow at Megumi, seemed to mean ‘Still talking?’ and Megumi nodded in annoyance.

But he was too focused on drooling over Sukuna’s abs, unconsciously licking his lips as he thought that he still hasn’t tasted them earlier. The older man caught his now obvious stare and smirked as he approached him. He lifted Megumi’s chin with his index and brushed his lips against his, taunting. Megumi’s eyes glinted with lust again as his stare is met with deep ruby eyes.

“Satoru, I’ll come to visit you after. I’ll call you back” he uttered in a hoarse voice, not keening on keeping that promise, but he didn’t care. All he really wanted now was to hang up and go back to snog this attractive man. “Fushiguro Megumi, are you watching that?” Megumi heard at the end of the line, but he hung up and put the phone down on the counter. What Gojo meant by that was obviously porn and why would he need it when he had Itadori Sukuna’s body to taste all for himself?

“Now…where were we?” Sukuna asked in a low grunt, wrapping his arms unto Megumi’s hips, and pulling him for a kiss. Megumi’s hands ran into his jaw, grabbing at his face, and moaned as their mouths crashed once again. The taste of Sukuna’s lips and mouth was something he could never get tired of.

His fingers trailed down slowly to his abs and teasingly gripping the man’s towel. Sukuna’s hands slipped beneath the dark-haired man’s shirt and he held his back and his neck as he pinned him to the wall. He was crushing his whole-body weight on Megumi’s for their crouches to press behind the clothes and towel.

As he yearned for more, Sukuna rolled his hips on the other man’s and they both moaned in the kiss. Their bodies were hot and bothered and Sukuna repeated the motion, to which Megumi’s followed this time with his own hips rolling. His cock was hurting him from the pleasure he was getting, and it drove him crazy. All he wanted now was to remove all his clothes – tear them up even – and be fucked roughly by the older man, who was grunting as their hips grinded sensually.

He was about to do it as they rocked their hips for a third and more intense time, when the doorbell rang and there was loud knocking. They broke the kiss, breathing heavily with tension. “Who is it?!” shouted Sukuna at the door, annoyed that they were interrupted once again.

Megumi, who was still high from the extraordinary session, tensed up. What if it was Satoru and this time he actually came with the authorities and the whole rescue team.  “Suku, Fushiguro, it’s me!” answered back a muffled voice from behind the door. And Megumi sighed in relief, but Sukuna grunted in annoyance. “Here comes the other cockblocker.” He grumbled in irritation, rolling his eyes. The pink haired man sighed and went to open the door before his brother broke it from thumping at it.

“Morning!” beamed Yuuji as he entered in the flat. He looked at his older brother and quirked an eyebrow. “Suku, for fuck’s sake, at least wear some clothes  You ain’t at home, you know.”  He didn’t seem to notice Megumi’s flushed face from his previous activities or his older brother’s heavy breathing, trying to control himself from the strong lust he was feeling under his towel. Sukuna thanked the gods for Yuuji’s denseness.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Megumi announced and got away to the bathroom, trying to avoid the awkwardness of explaining why his pants were so tight. But Yuuji, who let his heavy bag down and sat down on the kitchen’s chair, was too focused on scowling his older brother for his embarrassing lack of respect for his host.

“What did you come here for anyway, except to rot my oxygen.” Yuuji rolled his eyes, visibly not amused.  Sukuna took out his frustration on his younger brother, visibly more irritated than ever for his unannounced barge in. He tried hard not to think that, by now, he would be making love to Megumi on the couch he was sleeping on every night.

Instead, the pink-haired man sighed and went to grab fresh clothes from his bag. He then unwrapped his towel and let it fall at his feet. “What? You’re my brother, it’s not the first time you’ve seen me naked.” He justified, wearing his boxers, as Yuuji’s scowl darkened on him.

“Yeah I know, but that’s disrespectful on Megumi, wandering around like that.” The younger brother pointed out, as he sighed. “He’s in the shower.” Sukuna retorted, as they can hear the hot water running in the bathroom from here. “And he wouldn’t mind. We’re two dudes anyways.” Sukuna smirked as how casual it sounded like, when being totally naked in front of Megumi was all he had in mind. He longed for the younger man’s expression and the wild stare he would get.

“That’s what’s scaring me.” Yuuji muttered in his breath, visibly worried for his best friend. Sukuna ignored his remark. His younger brother made him already a sexual predator when he didn’t even know the whole truth. Sukuna didn’t add anything and focused on wearing ‘some clothes’ as Yuuji instructed him to do.

By the time Sukuna was fully dressed, Megumi came out of the shower. He avoided Sukuna’s eyes on him and promptly went to his room. The older man scoffed and went to the kitchen to make himself and his beloved a cup of coffee.

He then sat down on the kitchen’s chair in front of Yuuji, who was looking at his phone. “Are you gonna come back home soon?” questioned the younger man, still scrolling his feed with his thumb. “Miss me already?” joked Sukuna, not planning on answering him. “Grandpa asked for you.” He reported nonchalantly and the pink-haired man tsked, not believing him a bit. “Yeah, right.”

“What if you don’t find a flat? Are you going to stay until you find one and bother Fushiguro?” He prompted to his older brother’s attention. The latter brother sighed in annoyance. He was in a foul mood and didn’t want to deal with his brother’s whining today. “Yuuji, I’m a grown man. I can handle Megumi just fine.” Oh, and he was handling him just fine.

Yuuji’s eyebrow raised, and he snatched away his eyes from his phone to stare at him. “Since when did you call Fushiguro with his given name?” He interrogated, suspiciously eyeing a smirking Sukuna, but they heard the bedroom’s door opening, and both of the pink-haired faces lifted up.

Megumi came out of his room a few minutes later, fully dressed to Sukuna’s disappointment, and dried his damp black hair with a towel. “So what’s up Yuuji?” he asked, taking the coffee cup Sukuna gave him and grabbing the chair in front of his pink haired friend. “Nothin’ much. I had an errand nearby and decided to come see you. I hope you don’t mind.” He told him, glancing at him with puppy eyes and Megumi shook his head. There was an indescribable sadness washing over on his friend’s eyes and the dark-haired boy wondered what happened that made his friend so down.

“I do” pouted Sukuna beside the younger man and Megumi hit him under the table. Sukuna smiled wickedly and put his hand on his thigh to stroke it, making Megumi startle. He tried to remove his hand from his lap, but the older man grabbed it possessively, and eyed his friend, who did not seem to notice what’s going on under the table.

Instead, Yuuji chattered excitedly, as his good mood seemed to have come back – or maybe he was just hiding his gloom behind his cheerfulness – and showed some things to Megumi on his phone. Sukuna got up his seat and went to the kitchen, grabbing the cups to wash them.

“By the way Suku, someone answered your ad for the flat-“ he halted, smacking his lips with his palm, and a look of horror on his face. “Sorry Suku. Forget it.” He glanced at Megumi as Sukuna quirked an eyebrow at him. So that’s how Megumi was going to originally find out, huh. “It’s fine, he knows about it.” The older man notified him. ‘Thanks to you’ he thought, between scornful and glad at the same time.

At least his brother’s foolishness made him able to witness the dark-haired man’s conflicted and pleading look for him last night. “And you can take it down too, I don’t need it anymore.” He instructed while he was washing the dishes.

“Oh! So you found one? Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you were gonna move out?” Yuuji glowed, a relief in his voice about his concerns. Sukuna didn’t said anything else and glanced at Megumi. The latter’s eyes squinted, raising an eyebrow at him. So, he was the one that had to say it, huh. “Actually Yuuji, he’s not moving out. He’s staying here.” Told Megumi to his best friend and a wide grin splattered on Sukuna’s face.

He was almost certain that the dark-haired man was not going to go back on his words, and he was still going on about the ‘don’t leave me’ thing, but it still felt so good about him actually saying it for the second time. “Oh.” Simply said the younger pink-haired man and glanced at his brother, who just innocently shrugged at him. “Don’t look at me like that. I did not force him.” Sukuna argued before going back to his chore, a gleeful look on his face.

As the boys were talking, Sukuna prepped lunch using the seafood he especially saved for his beloved. He groaned at the fact that he had to concoct something for his brother too, but he still does it anyways.

He was not going to famish their unwanted – for Sukuna at least – guest just because he spoiled his alone time with the dark-haired man – even though he wants to and even to kick him out.

But Sukuna looked lovingly at how Megumi seemed enjoying his younger brother’s company and the way he heard him laugh soundly made him almost forgive Yuuji for it. Almost. He wished he were the one making Megumi laughing like this instead. Sukuna was so jealous of his brother right now.

He thought about how he should have at least left a hickey on Megumi’s neck when he had the chance. It would have been really hard to justify for Megumi, but he would have possessively claimed Megumi as his to anyone other than Sukuna who dared to lay eyes on him.

When the pleasant smell of seafood shot up in Megumi’s nostrils, the dark-haired man got up from his seat and went to help the older man cooking. But Sukuna turned him down and insisted that he sit back down. “It’ll be ready in a minute. Now, shoo, you’re distracting the chef.” He praised himself and shoved the younger man back to the table, grabbing his shoulders to put him back in his seat.

“Yuuji, make yourself useful for once and don’t let him get up again.” But Megumi stood up again a few minutes later to bring out plates and handed them to the older man’s brother to set the table. Sukuna rolled his eyes as he brought the boiling pot with his hands and settled it on the center of the table.

Yuuji was looking at the dish with stars in his eyes, drooling, and proceeded to put some on his plate. Megumi was looking at the same way, not at the cooked meal, but at Sukuna who was removing the oven mitts and his apron. Megumi wished he wore that apron to bed with him, as it suited him perfectly. Sukuna caught his stare and gave him a charming smile. He then went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of citruses before sitting at the table. 

Megumi was about to serve himself up a portion when Sukuna grabbed the tongs from his hands and gave him the best parts on his plate. He then cut up one of the citruses and squeezed it on his beloved’s dish. “Thanks, Sukuna.” Blurted the dark-haired man, blushing at how affectionate the older man was. He felt so doted by his lover, and it filled him with happiness.

The latter smiled and lovingly ruffled his dark hair. “Eat up. Tell me if it’s good enough.” He encouraged, grinning at how cute Megumi looked. He had originally planned to mouth feed him but, again, those plans were ruined by someone barging in. The concerned was already stuffing his mouth and humming at how good it was. Sukuna scoffed; so much for being rude to Megumi when he was lecturing him a few hours ago about it.

He was watching Megumi eating and how is expression lighted up as the food fill his mouth in delight. Sukuna considered not eating and just keep looking at him, a corny thought of ‘you being happy makes me already full.’

But his stare tore away from his beloved and he smacked Yuuji’s hand across the table, who was serving himself seconds. The older brother glared at him and put some seafood on his own plate and giving a few more to Megumi’s already abundant serving.

The younger brother pouted and Sukuna grumbled as he gave him back the tongs. It was too much anyways, they were never going to finish all of it alone, so Sukuna could always count on Yuuji’s gluttony to help him to make it easier to wash the pot afterwards.

When they were done eating, Yuuji laid out on the couch in front of the TV while the two men were doing the dishes together, after Megumi insisted to at least help him out as a thank you for the meal. To which, Sukuna whispered low enough in his ear for his younger brother to not hear them: “I know other ways you can thank me, young man.” And he winked at the dark-haired man, who was blushing intensely. He hit him in the arm, to which the older man giggled at. He loved teasing the dark-haired man.

Yuuji eyed them from the living room. He knows something is different about these two. The way the lovebirds were whispering and looking to each other, and the caring attentions and looks his older brother was giving to his best friend. Something is going on, even the dense Itadori Yuuji could sense it. He hoped he was making absolute nonsense, but the vibe they emanated with each other was not just some friendship that developed from living together.

The pink haired man always knew that Megumi had a soft spot for his older brother, but that was when they were kids. But now, as they were laughing and chattering low enough for Yuuji not to hear them and in a way he can’t see them properly, it felt like they were in their own world. An unbursting bubble surrounded them.

Also, the fact that Sukuna went from calling him Fushiguro to Megumi, with a sweet and kind voice. Even Megumi dropped the honorifics too. Very suspicious.

He squinted his eyes at his older brother’s broad back, that was hiding Megumi’s face – who was crimson red at that time from something Sukuna’s whispered in his ear, but Yuuji couldn’t see that from where he was standing.

The younger Itadori was suspecting that something happened, for them to be closer overnight. And his brother had definitely something to do with it.

But he shoved that thought at the corner of his mind – something to think at later – as they both came toward the living room.

Before lunch, they considered going out to watch a movie in the theaters, but the sky became darker and grey clouds and it meant it would probably rain. Instead, they opted for a movie afternoon session indoors.  They called Kugisaki to join them, but she already had plans set in stones for the night with her roommate.

While his brother heated up some popcorn, Sukuna took a quick call in Megumi’s bedroom, who was gathering some cushions and blankets for them. He took the opportunity of being out of Yuuji’s sight to steal Megumi’s lips for a quick snog and to teasingly grab the dark-haired man ass cheek when he bent down to reach something from his bed, to which Megumi responded with throwing him a pillow on his head. Sukuna roared in laughter.

He finished the call and joined Yuuji in the living room, three bowls worth of popcorn on his arms. Sukuna tricked his younger brother into sitting on the carpet – it was easy, since Yuuji always went with paper in rock-paper-scissors – for him to be able to lie down on Megumi’s lap and stretching his long legs on the couch.

At about halfway through the movie, they could hear Yuuji’s snoring beneath them and the lovebirds looked at each other in an amused look. Knowing he was a heavy sleeper, Megumi grabbed one of the markers that was laying around on the coffee table and drew a moustache and sideburns on the younger Itadori’s face. They giggled like kids, as quiet as they could be.

The thriller movie was really boring in the end, as the only thrilling thing that really happened was Sukuna’s hands caressing Megumi’s skin under his shirt, as they were spooning while watching it. They considered slowly getting up from the couch and go to the bedroom to continue where they left off this morning while Yuuji was sleeping, but even Sukuna was not that shameless to attempt that. His younger brother was not really far and could still walk up on them. Not a very subtle and comfortable way to come out to his best friend, Megumi would think.

But cuddling like this was better than any preliminary they could attempt. It was actually considered one, at least in their opinion, and Sukuna preferred it. It was harmless and really comfortable. He would leave soft kiss sometimes in the younger man’s neck and nuzzle his face, just smelling his bodywash scent. And Megumi’s chest would just burst from overflowing happiness.

They stayed like this for a while after the movie ended, in each others’ arms. Time stopped for a moment, as they looked at each other. Once again, they fitted perfectly as they were laying down on the couch, without either of them likely to fall from it. Sukuna’s thumbs stroked the other man’s cheeks, as Megumi’s eyelashes fluttered from the soft touch. He then would give him a quick kiss and lovingly stroke the dark-haired man’s nose with his own. Megumi laughed at how ridiculously good it felt. They were strongly smitten with each other.

When Megumi got up to go to the bathroom, Sukuna looked sideway at the window. Rain was pouring heavily, as the sky was colored with dark grey clouds. He remembered that the weather was this bad when he first came here in the flat, drenched from the rain. Good times, he thought. The pink haired man then looked down at his peacefully sleeping brother on the floor and sighed. It was already late, and it was probably a hassle to catch two buses with this weather.

Sukuna got up from the couch, grunting at how comfortable it was for once, and nudged with his foot at his younger brother’s side. “Oi, Yuuji. Get up, I’m gonna take you back home.” He told him, while ruffling his hair in irritation.

The younger Itadori sleepily hummed and slowly opened his eyes. He then glanced at his older brother, confused, before he looked at the window. Thunder struck at the same time and he nodded quietly. “’Kay” he answered, his voice hoarse from the drowsiness he was feeling from his nap.

Yuuji stretched out like a cat and wiped off some drool on his chin. His cheek was a bit red from the uncomfortable position he was sleeping in. Sukuna went to grab his keys as Megumi came out of the bathroom at the same time. “Leaving?” he asked the pink haired man, as he glanced at his sluggish best friend who was rubbing his hazel eyes.

“Yeah, I’m dropping him home.” Sukuna announced, reluctant at leaving his boyfriend alone. But he was a big brother and not a jerk to let him go back home soaked to skin when he had a car.

“I’m coming with you.” Megumi said, going to grab his coat but Sukuna hold him by the wrist, shaking his head. “Nah, it’s fine, it’s just Yuuji.” He says as though that his brother was nobody worth the trip. “Stay here and wait for me. I’ll be back soon.” He grinned, excited by the fact that he’ll be waiting for him to come back home, and Megumi reticently obliged since it pleased the older man that much. Sukuna ruffled his black hair as the dark-haired man pouted, and a half-asleep Yuuji eyed them very carefully.

The younger brother grabbed his bag and pulled his best friend into a tight hug, which surprised Megumi. Sukuna let out a jealous glare at this younger brother. “If anything happens… you know what to do.” He whispered low enough for his older brother – who was still eyeing him badly – not to hear, and Megumi blushed in stupefaction.

He wondered if he should tell him the truth, that Sukuna was doing nothing wrong but they were deeply involved with each other. Hell, they were dating – but maybe Yuuji didn’t need to know yet.

Megumi wished he could clear the misunderstanding that seemed to grow in his best friend’s mind, but he said nothing and just nodded. “Alright, enough, you’ll get to see him tomorrow morning at school anyway.” Grumbled Sukuna, who was growing possessive and green by the minute. And Megumi gave him an amused look.

The pink-haired man opened the door and they left, after the best friends waved at each other for the last time – to which Sukuna rolled his eyes but smiled at his boyfriend. The door closed behind them and Megumi let out a sigh before grabbing his phone. He needed to call Gojo back or he would come barge at the door announced tomorrow morning.

The rain heavily poured, and both of the pink haired men hurriedly got into the car. Sukuna wiped off the water drops from his shoulders in a grumble while his younger brother fastened his seatbelt, putting his bag down between his legs.

The trip back home was very quiet except for the sound of the rain tapping on the window and the car’s blinkers and windshield wipers sweeping in a rhythmic sound. Sukuna was focused on the road, who was empty on the highway, and cursed under his breath when some car dangerously cut him off in front of him.

They turned around the corner and arrived in front of the Itadori’s house. Sukuna stopped and pulled the hand brake up. He glanced through his right window at the house – his home, originally, before he was kicked out and now he lived with Megumi – with an inexplicable stare.

Yuuji didn’t know if he was checking for the lights on – meaning that their grandfather was not sleeping yet – or he was just afraid that he was going to get caught coming back here. He pitied his older brother and sadness washed over him to the fact that he was not feeling welcomed anymore, when it was his home too.

“Text me if you want fresh clothes or things from your room, I’ll bring them to you tomorrow morning.” Sukuna tore his gaze away from the porch and eyed his brother, dumbfounded. “You’ll do that?.” He nodded. “Thanks.” The older man didn’t even think about that at all. He prepared himself from being kicking out, so he packed more than the essential. But it’s true that he was running out of clothes – even if they were the most basic things you could wear daily – and his budget was still a bit too tight to buy more. Sukuna thought he was bound to do some shopping at the end of the next week. In the meanwhile, Yuuji could bring him some he must have left in his closet and that would be a huge help for him.

Sukuna was sorry that his younger brother came between his grandpa and him, and deep inside he wished he could do something about that. But he can’t. He was stubborn and so was the elder Itadori. They weren’t flesh and bones if they didn’t at least have something in common and the Itadoris had that. Stubbornness. It ran in the family.

“Alright, I’m not getting out this time so take care.” And of grandpa too, Sukuna thought but he didn’t have to say it out loud for his younger brother to understand. Yuuji nodded and grabbed the door handle, before halting.

Sukuna raised an eyebrow, wondering what his younger brother had to say to him, and longed about coming back quickly to the flat to bury his face into Megumi’s arms. “Suku.” “What?” snapped the older brother, irritated that his younger brother was wasting his time.

“Do you love him?” Yuuji asked and Sukuna knew he wasn’t asking about his grandfather – he was headstrong and a grumpy man, but he was the last parent they had, so of course he did.

From Yuuji’s fierce and serious expression, Sukuna knew that his younger brother put two and two together and definitely referred about Megumi. The way the pink haired man’s expression softened already gave Yuuji his answer, and the sudden change in his older brother’s mood surprised him. But in case it was not enough, he answered him anyway. “Yeah, I do.” Sukuna admitted to his brother in a soft voice, as he smiled at the simple thought of the dark-haired man in his mind.

“Cherish him well. And don’t fuck it up.” Yuuji warned before opening the car’s door and closing it behind him as he went toward the front door. On his way back, Sukuna scoffed. Look at him, giving him warnings. People would think Yuuji was actually the older brother, from being this wise.

Sukuna parked the car in front of the apartment’s building as the rain stopped pouring heavily. He opened the flat’s door slowly and quietly removed his jacket and wet shoes, as he went to change his clothes. The lights were off, so Megumi probably went to bed – it was kind of late and he had school tomorrow – and it disappointed Sukuna a bit, who was looking forward coming back home for him. But he didn’t take it to heart and sighed as he laid down on the couch.

The pink-haired man was pulling the blanket over him when he heard the bedroom’s door open. “S’kuna ?” He turned his head and saw a black-haired head poking through the doorframe. “I thought you were already sleeping, love.” Sukuna told him, an endearing look at his beloved man who was preciously squinting his eyes in the dark. “’Was about to. Come to bed with me?” Suggested the sleepy younger man and Sukuna grinned. He happily got up from the couch and rushed to the bedroom, looking like a puppy who was finally allowed to sleep on the bed with his master. At least, he was glad to leave the uncomfortable couch.

Sukuna closed the bedroom door behind them and cuddled with Megumi on the bed. The younger man rested his head on the older man’s chest and let out a relaxed sigh as he closed his eyes. Sukuna cupped the younger man, letting a hand resting on back. He grabbed his phone with the other one to text Yuuji about his clothes – while angling his screen so that the lights didn’t blind Megumi from the reflection on the bedroom’s white wall – and put it down on the nightstand.

He then tightened his hold on the dark-haired man – who was all curled up on his side leaning on Sukuna – and sighed in satisfaction as he blew a kiss on Megumi’s hair. “Night, Sukuna.” He slurred, humming at the feeling of the pink-haired man soft pecks. “Sweet dreams, my Megumi.” Answered Sukuna, but the younger man was already fast asleep, his breathing slowing down to reach a peaceful pace. Megumi had been probably exhausted all day but still forced himself to stay awake, waiting for him like he requested it. Sukuna’s heart throbbed at that simple thought.

At some point, Sukuna fell asleep too. And to sleep in Megumi’s arms was better than his memory foam double bed mattress, he concluded.

Better than anything else in this world.

Chapter Text

Megumi felt really conflicted. And whenever he felt that way, he always went to the same person to ask for advice. And that person is Kugisaki Nobara.

Nobara was the only one from the few friends he had that knew all about his problem. His gay situation, as she likes to call it. He would have gone to Yuuji – who gives absolutely good advice, mind you – but he was part of the equation, since he still hasn’t come out to him. Yet.

Megumi actually wants to tell him. That he is dating, and happy. But to tell him that he is gay and snogging his older brother? He needed to solve that part first.

That could clear a lot of misunderstandings too. But the dark-haired boy had mixed feelings about his reaction. What if that changed everything? He didn’t want to admit it, but he depended on his best friend’s support and affection. If he had to choose between Sukuna and Yuuji, Megumi would pick the third option: die.

And that’s when Nobara’s insights are really important for him. She would know how to solve it. She always had a way to tear apart the issue that has been bugging him for days and make it seem like nothing. It was Kugisaki’s magic.

Megumi texted his girl friend that morning, telling her he had a puzzle for her to solve, and he needed to talk to her about it when they were alone. So, when Yuuji came to drop off Sukuna’s clothes this morning – who was still sleeping when they left, he has been catching up on those lost insomnia hours – he waited. He said nothing until Yuuji, who was beaming like a sunshine like usual as he chattered on the way to school, went to his own classes and Megumi met up with Nobara.

Nobara and Megumi were in the same business cursus, and that’s how they first met. Initially, it was for a school group project in first semester and, as they were working on it, they sympathised. At some point, they became friends. There was something about the woman’s traits that made him appreciate her and he honestly always felt comfortable being around her.

Nobara was in the human resources branch, whereas Megumi was in the financial management one, and she has had a knack for it since the beginning. She understood with a glance everything she needed to know about someone but still would listen with an attentive ear whatever the other person had to say.

She was really down to earth despite her arrogant vibe at first glance but not a lot of people could understand that. Nobara could easily grab a lot of attention and make people listen to her with her charisma, but she doesn’t use it very often. Megumi could always feel like he can tell all about his concerns and deepest secrets like they were told behind closed doors. If he ever told her he killed somebody, Nobara would not tell a single soul alive. She was perfect at her job.

The dark-haired boy entered his classroom and sat down next to the orange haired woman with a deep sigh. She eyed him with mild concerns but with an amused look on her face.

Kugisaki Nobara loved the riddles Megumi would give her. She had been excited since his text message from this morning and have been wondering what it was all about ever since.

“So what can I help you with this fine morning?” She asked with a grin when the teacher began his class. Megumi took out his things, even though he was not planning to listen to class today.  With all the notebooks opened and ballpoint pen fumbling in her hand, she looked like his assigned psychologist. The Kugisaki-Fushiguro session was now open.

“I’m planning to come out to Yuuji.” He addressed with a nervous look on his face and pursued his lips, trying to come up with a follow-up to his story. Megumi glanced at Nobara who was taking notes – and he thought for a moment she was writing down what he was saying, but she was actually transcribing what was the teacher was writing on the board.  

The way the orange haired woman was able to multitask made her even more competent at her aspiring professional vocation, and Megumi lowkey envied her. His mind can only process one thought at the time. Hence, this discussion; it was supposed to make him able to free some space in his head, like he was some kind of full capacity USB key, and to be able to concentrate on his studies.

But she stopped taking notes and let go of her pen, putting it next to her notepad. Nobara turned to him, a wide grin on her face. “So you are finally dating him, huh?” Megumi furrowed his eyebrows and gave her a confused look. “You’ve known?” He inquired, astounded. “Just a wild guess. I’ve seen the glances you give each other last time. You know me.” She hummed while shrugging her shoulders, a proud smile on her face. The dark-haired boy blinked, trying to find out when exactly that was. “Congrats’” she added. “Thanks.” Blurted her friend, unsure if that was something to be congratulated from, considering the headaches it has brought him.

“So you understand my concerns. He is-“ He began but she cut him off. “Your best friend’s wild and handsome older brother? Yeah, good luck with that dude.” She finished for him nonchalantly and patted his shoulder. “You’re not helping me.” Megumi pouted. “Our session has not ended yet young man. The bill is gonna be really pricey this time.” Nobara made him known while grabbing her pen again to complete her notes.

The dark-haired boy sighed, and his hand went through his hair. “What do you want?” he asked and from her grin, he knows it was going to cost him dearly. “Nothing much, except the usual.” She let out, looking at the board as she was writing. And the usual meant that he owned her one now and Megumi rolled his eyes.

Nobara would probably make him pay his debt one way or another, and it was probably a favor Megumi was not going to like very much. It was nothing petty like money, but business is business for Kugisaki Nobara. This world is always about give and take, and the young woman always lived up to that fact.

“But I’m really glad for you Fushiguro. It was about time for you to be happy. Sukuna-senpai is a great choice.” She says, like the pink-haired man was a menu meal combination for today’s lunch, but Megumi could sense she genuinely meant it. And he felt warm from his friend’s sincerity, and he smiled as his cheeks flushed when he thought of Sukuna.

Megumi then told her all about the recent events. Nobara listened to him thoroughly, nodding at times and she awed at how her dark-haired friend’s expressions softened when he talked about his boyfriend. It was the first time she ever saw him talk about someone else with such devotion, and it made her genuine smile. Her friend was so in love and it showed.

He also filled some blanks for her, especially what happened seven years ago – without telling about all the details, even though she loved details, as he roughly summarised it. But Nobara never judged or disapproved any of it, only nodding and carefully considering all the facts that were presented to her.

The dark-haired man then talked about what Yuuji’s place in this. They both knew Yuuji very well, since Nobara met him through the dark-haired boy, and even if Megumi was the one who knew him the most – since they have been friends for the longest – it never bothered Nobara. She never felt like left out when she was with them. In contrary, they were a trio of good friends.

But even if Yuuji was an extroverted man and got along with anyone from the get-go, Nobara recognized that their common friend always holds Megumi in high regard. He considered the dark-haired boy as his brother and Yuuji was really unpredictable when it came to family.

It was an oblivious fact for anyone who got to know the pink-haired boy. People would think that this straight man is unknowingly deeply in love with Megumi – Nobara even thought it for a moment – but even if he had a special spot in his heart, it was nothing like that. 

“Alright, so let’s gather some information to complete yours.” She stated when Megumi was done with his tale and the latter nodded.

“From what he told me, Yuuji has always known that you “preferred” Sukuna over him – his words not mine – ever since you were kids. But that somehow, he did something to you and you have not been in contact ever since. From what I can gather, he probably referred to this incident from seven years ago and it matches with the story and time Yuuji gave me.” Nobara ranted and Megumi nodded again. He thought that Kugisaki could have been a cop, as she was investigating like she was trying to solve a cold case.

“I think he doesn’t know what happened back then or else he would have not let Sukuna stay with you from the moment he discovered he was sleeping under your roof. Hell, he would even have been more paranoid and probably would have come to you first when he was looking for him. So, I guess it’s a good point.” The orange-haired woman conjectured, and Megumi agreed. He was carefully listening, eating up all her words like he was being brainwashed. “And maybe he doesn’t need to know about it – or at least for now.” The dark-haired man complied, figuring out that coming out to his best friend, telling him he was dating his brother and the latter did non-consensual things under his roof? Not the best idea. Especially if he wanted to stay friends with Yuuji. And he didn’t want his boyfriend cut into little pieces either.

“But you know, Yuuji may be really dense, but he might have noticed something is going on between you two. The way you talk to each other, how you might have become closer overnight, and frankly Fushiguro, you are not doing a good job at hiding it. I mean, ‘I am so smitten with Itadori Sukuna’ is written all over your face.” She noticed with an amused look, grinning at how red her friend became, and he gasped, stammering as he was trying to come up with something to retort. “It won’t be long before the dense Yuuji puts two and two together. Maybe he even had, and he doesn’t want to tell you.” Nobara said, holding her chin with her hand as she was thinking, and Megumi felt agitated.

When she felt Megumi freaking out next to her,  she recognised the impact of her words on him and carefully chose the next words she was going to tell him. “But we don’t know that. I mean, I haven’t received his text yet, so that means he’s still trying to sort it out. Anyways, it’s bound to happen one way or another. Yuuji is slow, but not totally dumb. He will come to you to ask you about it and you have to be prepared.” She warned and Megumi nodded again – he was doing that a lot. But the way Nobara filtered out all his concerns in a way that it was all clear in his mind made it worth it.

He knew that the orange-haired woman didn’t told him all this to spite him, and it was all for his own good. As much as it was tempting to go with the flow and keep on the innocent act, Megumi still wanted to tell him first. If he waited, Yuuji would have found out in a bad way, and maybe despise him, and he didn’t wish for that. Plus, Megumi would probably lose his mind before then.

In all, it was better to tell him as soon as possible and at a good timing. He was afraid of his best friend’s reaction, but it was better than the one he would have if he ever walked up on Sukuna and him in each other’s arms and being lovey-dovey. And once again, he got lost in his thoughts and longed for his boyfriend’s warm embrace. The same one he reluctantly tore off from this morning because he had classes.

“We’re still missing a lot of information though.” Continued his friend and it pulled him back to reality. “Do you think you can ask Sukuna-senpai about it? Maybe he knows something we don’t. And also, how does he feel about telling Yuuji about it. Maybe he doesn’t want to, you know?” She prompted to him and Megumi felt like he was hit by lightening.

He was too caught up about telling his best friend that he was dating his older brother that he didn’t even consider even once to notify Sukuna firsthand. He felt so ashamed from his selfish and thoughtless behavior. “I’ll ask about it” he finally says, biting his lower lip. Megumi was glad he came to talk to Nobara about it or he would have upset his boyfriend with this issue.

Nobara nodded, a smile pursuing her lips. “So, ask Sukuna-senpai about it first and then eventually you can bring up the subject to Yuuji someday. Maybe you can even still casually extract his opinion on it to be able to know what to say. The more information you can gather, the better. You think you can do that?” She asked and Megumi slowly nodded, processing the plan of action Nobara had laid out for him.

Megumi felt like a weight was lifted from his shoulders. His thoughts became clearer, as if it were a messy room that has been cleaned out from the dirt and dust it bore – not that he considered Yuuji as a dirty task to take care of. Talking with his friend has been very much help and he has been needing that very much. It was better than being anxious over it all day.

Like Nobara pointed out, he can’t hide his thoughts and it always ended up translating into his facial expressions. Yuuji would have been concerned from the way Megumi’s eyebrows furrowed all day and, knowing him, his best friend would have pestered him with questions until the dark-haired boy loses it. If Yuuji was suspicious of them, it was probably from the fact that Megumi’s feelings were plastered on his face whenever he thought about Sukuna.

“How’s it going with Maki, by the way?” He asked, as he forgot from their discussion that Nobara was currently dating his cousin. “Oh, you know, we are happy.” She grinned and Megumi smiled at her. So that’s what he looked like when he was talking about Sukuna, huh. The thing love does to somebody. They were both smitten with their partners and the dumb look on their face makes it so obvious. Megumi wished he could see this look on Yuuji’s face one day. They would be a trio of lovesick friends and that made Megumi internally laugh.

Three hours passed really quickly, and the bell rang announcing the end of his morning class. Megumi did not take a single note and he sighed desperately, when he thought that finals were just around the corner and he has been not paying attention. Nobara took pictures of her notes and sent it to him while she gathered her things.

“Thanks Kugisaki, I really owe you one.” He sighed, relieved more than ever. Nobara smirked in response and patted proudly his shoulder when she got up from her seat. She waved at him, asking for feedbacks and updates from their discussion later, and got out from the room to go to her next class.

After that, two weeks went by quickly, as Megumi got too focused on his studies to address his current problem. His daily life was filled with anxiety from the abnormal amount of assignments that he had to do for his classes and studying for the final exams.

But he was glad Sukuna was around during that time because he has been very supportive. He would bring him warm teacups to drink and his meals to his desk so that he did not break his focus. The older man did not bother him, and Megumi got out of his room only for the bathroom or to cuddle up in his arms during breaks on the couch while Sukuna was watching TV. He would just stroke his hands in the dark-haired boy’s hair and gave him tender kisses on his neck to soothe him whenever Megumi felt too stressed.

Sometimes, he would ask him for advice about his work and when his tired eyes would not discern if his words made any sense to anyone else than him.  Sukuna would rub his shoulders when they were too sore from being seated up on the desk all day, and his temples when he felt like he was getting a headache. Megumi fell asleep in his arms every night, exhausted from overworking himself, and Sukuna lifted him up effortlessly from the couch where the dark-haired man dozed off to put him into bed. Every night, Sukuna would lay down next to him on the bed, looking lovingly at him sleeping peacefully, and hold him fondly after wrapping them both with a blanket. And it comforted them both to be able to be with each other like this.

Final exams ended finally, and they went into town for shopping on a Friday afternoon. Sukuna was looking for some things he needed to buy since he was planning on living with the dark-haired man a little bit longer. Yuuji’s drops of fresh clothes from his room had been a huge help, but it was still not enough for him as he missed some to be able to get through the cold December. Even though Megumi kept him very warm in his arms, and he smiled wickedly at that thought.

Megumi was looking for an outfit to wear for the end of term party he was invited to tonight. He was really reluctant on going, preferring to ‘celebrate’ it by staying home with Sukuna – he really wanted to properly thank him for his comfort and support for all this week – but the latter insisted he went to have fun and let out some steam. “We’ll have plenty of time for each other, don’t worry about that part, little one.” He told him in a mischievous smile that made Megumi snort and blush deeply.

The dark-haired man did not rejoice at the thought of having to socialise with people he didn’t know. But the fact that it meant that he could hold hands with Sukuna today, who was dragging him in a lot of different places, and be able to witness forehand his boyfriend’s excitement, made him less grumpy.

They had to stop every two minutes because Sukuna had been asked for his number and his name by a bunch of younger girls and it irritated Megumi. He would understand their interest, because Sukuna was really handsome and really attractive. But he was his boyfriend. He was holding his hand and looked at him only. And the fact people seemed to ignore that made him almost want to possessively kiss him and mark him as his for all to see.

Sukuna savoured the jealous look on his boyfriend’s face, and he enjoyed every minute of being hit on just so he could tease him. The older man bore an amused expression at him as he purposely extended the interaction with the girls. When they were gone, he shifted his attention back to the dark-haired man and grinned widely. “Are you jealous, baby?” Sukuna teased him in a mischievous tone and Megumi huffed, denying it when he is literally green. He growled in response as the pink-haired man roared with laughter and dragged him to the next store.

It was full of people and Megumi felt uncomfortable in this crowd. Sukuna hold his hand tightly as they wandered between the clothes stands. As the pink haired man grabbed a few tees and pants, Megumi let go of his hand and eyed for something that grabbed his interest. He checked the price tag and decided against purchasing it.

“Found something interesting?” whispered his boyfriend against his ear while he looked at the hoodie Megumi was holding, and the dark-haired man shook his head. “It’s too pricey.” Answered the younger man while he folded the cloth and put it back, but Sukuna snatched it away from him and put it on the pile of clothes he was holding on his robust arm. “It’s fine, I’ll buy it for you.”

Megumi gasped. “No, it’s fine, you don’t have to. I-I don’t want it.” He bashfully stammered, but Sukuna furrowed his eyebrows. “Try it on at least before making up your mind.” He insisted but Megumi shook stubbornly his head and tried to seize it to put it back.

Sukuna tsked and sighed, before bending down to whisper in his ear. “Megumi, either I buy you that..” he pointed to a sexy lingerie displayed on the other side of the room and the dark-haired man rolled his dark green eyes. “And I make you wear it every single night to bed. Or you choose something for you. It’s up to you.” The pink-haired man stated, and Megumi scoffed in disbelief.

When he was still not budging, Sukuna shrugged and went toward it, calling a store clerk. The younger man halted him tightly by his wrist and gave him a horrified look. “Alright, fine, buy me this.” He sighed, vanquished, and Sukuna grinned victoriously. “You sure? It would totally have suited you.” He teased and Megumi grunted in annoyance, visibly not amused. Sukuna laughed and ruffled his messy hair as heat crept up his cheeks.

The store clerk came to see them after a few minutes and Sukuna asked for the nearest changing room, which they pointed out to the one in the corner. They thanked them and went together toward it.

After the pink haired man approved every clothe choice, he snatched away the hoodie from Megumi’s hands before he could change his mind, and the latter grumbled at how stubbornly sweet he was, and Sukuna paid for their purchases.

As they got out from the crowded store, Megumi was glad for fresh air. He felt like he almost suffocated inside. They hold hands again as Sukuna was carrying all their bags in his left hand and they seated at an empty bench.  He then went to grab some warm snacks for them and when he came back with two servings in hands, some tall guy was talking to his boyfriend. The pink-haired man’s gaze darkened and, if looks could kill, he would have already murderer this stranger from afar.

“Who was that?” asked grumpily Sukuna while eyeing the man who was leaving. “Dunno. He just asked for the way to the nearest station.” Megumi explained, shrugging, and taking one serving of what Sukuna has brought into his hands. Sukuna scoffed as he handed the snack to him. “Yeah right, don’t people have Google Maps these days? How are there still people asking for their way? The nerve, he was trying to hit on you.” He fulminated, not letting the man out from his sight. Megumi gave him an amused look.

How the tables have turned. Did he look like that earlier? “He was nice.” Let out Megumi with a wicked smile and the way Sukuna scowled at him made him roar out in laughter. The pink haired man sat down next to him as he dug his mouth unto the warm pastry.

Sukuna stared at his mouth. He bent down and took a bite from Megumi’s, who looked at him incredulously. “Not tasty.” He said, gulping down the snack, and the dark-haired man shrugged. Then, Sukuna cupped his face, forcing him to look at him, and leant in for a quick kiss. Megumi was still stunned, not expecting him to do that. “Tasty.” Sukuna nodded, licking his lips from the taste he had from the dark-haired man’s lips.

Megumi blushed like a small boy. “Pervert.” He pouted between two bites, his face red from his previous action. “Takes one to know one.” Retorted nonchalantly the older man and Megumi scowled in disbelief.

Megumi then hit him on the arm, a little too hard that it was enough for Sukuna to almost drop his snack. The pink-haired man furrowed his eyebrows and pinched his cheeks as a punishment. “How dare you hit me, you little scum.” He threatened with a wicked grin on his face at how Megumi was whining that he was hurting him. Sukuna scoffed at how cute he looked and, when he finally let him go, his cheeks were red from the abused treatment.

“Sukuna.” Called out Megumi and  the pink-haired man gulped down the last bite of his serving. “What’s up?” He turned his head toward him, and his right eyebrow raised at how gloom his beloved looked. Did he hurt him that bad? No, he was just deep in thought and he pursued his lips, wondering how he was going to bring up the subject. “I..I want to tell Yuuji about… you know, us.” Megumi began, bashful at how the word ‘us’ felt good to say. “Does it bother you, in any way?” he asked as he glanced at him, looking for any sort of discomfort that announcement may have caused on the older man’s face. It didn’t.

“Yeah… I mean no, it doesn’t, you can even scream it to the world if you want to.” And he smirked at the thought of Megumi on top of a building, shouting ‘I love Sukuna’ and it made him silly. “But…does it mean you will-“ He had a concerned look on his face – not for him, he had his time in the ‘I’m gay’ spotlight. “I’m coming out to Yuuji, yeah.” Megumi cut him off, looking down at the floor, lost in his thoughts. He seems to be having a tough time, as various thoughts were spinning in his mind. There was an awkward tension building up, but Sukuna didn’t want to break his focus.

Instead, the pink-haired man sighed and placed his hand on Megumi’s head, which made him flinch. “Yuuji loves you very much, you know.” He admitted, stroking his dark hair. “That’s the problem. I do too.” Megumi muttered, grabbing the hand that was on his head and put it down on his lap, intertwining their fingers together. “As long as I’m first.” Let out Sukuna with a grin and Megumi scowled at him for the absolute nonsense he was blurting. But the older man knew the meaning behind that love. He just couldn’t help but tease him, as always.

He wished he could comfort him and tell him everything will be okay, but he feared he wasn’t the right person to tell him that. Considering he was kicked out for revealing his true self. But the one that kicked him out was their grandfather, not Yuuji. He may be unpredictable when it came to family, but his younger brother didn’t live under a rock.

They belonged to the generation that grew up knowing that other people could have other sexual preferences and they were raised in awareness about not having gender biased statements. As much as Yuuji loved the younger man, he had no business judging or being disappointed by Megumi’s true self. It didn’t change anything anyways and his younger brother knew that. At least, Sukuna hoped.

“It won’t come to this, but if that brat ever makes you choose between him and me, let me know. I’ll be happy to disfigure some sense into him.” And Megumi laughed and his crystallin laugh resonated in Sukuna’s ears like a beautiful melody. It was probably his possessive self that was speaking, but he was glad that he was the one that was making him laugh. And he hoped he could always make him laugh that way in the future.

Sukuna took his face in his hands and stroke gently on his cheeks. “I’ll be there for you, whatever happens. Don’t forget your promise to me.” He reminded him, staring at him intensely in the eyes. ‘I won’t let you go this time’ The words resonated in his head as he let Sukuna kiss him tenderly. He nodded, feeling warmth emanating from him. Sukuna’s breathing tickled his nose and a smile stretched on his face. Of course he was not going to forget.

“All right, let’s go home. My ass is freezing here.” Megumi let out a chuckle. The older man grabbed their bags in one hand and took the dark-haired man’s hand with the other. They hurried to Sukuna’s car as the strong wind of December’s coldness was rising. It was getting late too, and, to Megumi’s great displeasure, the younger man had to get ready for the party.

On the way back, a horrifying thought crossed Sukuna’s mind while he drove. “Will you tell him about what happened seven years ago too? I reckon he doesn’t know.” He asked, swallowing hard at the thought that his younger brother would probably come barging in wrath. Even if Sukuna was the older and taller brother, Yuuji was in the athletic cursus and his body was well taken care of. In total rage, he would totally beat him to a pulp if he ever knew; and Sukuna would probably let him. He deserved to be for what he did. His guilt would not wash away just like that. It was like a thorn in his heart that he could not remove.

But Megumi gave him a death glare and spanked him on the shoulder. Sukuna winced and it startled him more than anything, as he almost lost control of the car. “What the fuck Megumi? Do you want to die young, huh? I’m fucking driving!” He scolded as he rubbed his shoulder. “You’re still going about that? Maybe you have a dying wish too, huh.” Megumi reprimanded, irritated at how his boyfriend was still beating himself up for what happened in the past.

“And stop whining, you brought it to yourself.” Megumi crossed his arms. “But you hurt me. Twice.” Sukuna pouted and Megumi rolled his eyes. There’s no way that hurt him. Instead, it was his own hand that was throbbing from the pain because it basically felt like it hit a wall.

Megumi rubbed it quietly and Sukuna took his hand in his own, intertwining their fingers, and planted a soft kiss on his knuckles. And for a reason he would not comprehend, Megumi felt turned on by that sight. It had a certain sensuality that could only affect him.

As they got inside the flat, Sukuna put down the bags and they both removed their shoes and coats. Megumi closed the door behind them, and he could hear the older man wince. He turned around and saw him hold his shoulder in pain. The dark-haired man wondered if he really did hurt him and gave him a concerned look.

But Sukuna smirked and he cupped his face into his hands. Megumi grunted and let himself be kissed by the pink-haired man, rolling his eyes. Sukuna broke the kiss after a while, satisfied. “Alright, go get ready now, young man.” He spanked his ass and Megumi let out a startled whimper. He let out a frustrated grumble as he went toward the bedroom with his shopping bag. That man was going to be the death of him for sure.

“It’s a bit early for dinner, but do you want something before you go?” he shouted for the dark-haired man to hear him. Megumi got out of his bedroom as he went toward the bathroom. “It’s fine, don’t bother. I’ll eat something there.” Sukuna nodded as he went to lay down on the couch. “Don’t make yourself too pretty or else I won’t let you out of here.” He teased and he earned a groan from his boyfriend. “Shut up.” He screamed from the bathroom and Sukuna roared in laughter.

Megumi was finally ready and Sukuna offered to drive him there, but he refused, insisting he was meeting up with Yuuji in front of the building to take the bus. The dark-haired man bent down for a kiss and Sukuna hummed, stroking his neck. “Try to have some fun. And text me when you get there.” And Megumi rolled his eyes at how Sukuna looked like a doting parent rather than a boyfriend, but still obliged and got out of the flat.

Sukuna sighed and considered grabbing a beer from the fridge but decided against it. ‘Just in case’ he thought. Nothing would probably happen since the party was at a flat – Nobara and her roommate’s apparently – and that Megumi was with Yuuji anyways. As much as he had a hard time admitting it, his younger brother would take a bullet for him before he could let Megumi get hurt in any ways. And Sukuna scoffed at how vulnerable and doting he had become when it came to Fushiguro Megumi.

He received a text from his beloved, telling him he has arrived at the party, and Sukuna asked him for the address. Just in case. He reckoned Megumi probably rolled his eyes now, and he smirked at that thought. He knew him by heart by now.

Sukuna wondered if he was having fun by now. Should he go and take a quick peek? He decided against it. It would probably spoil the dark-haired man’s fun and, knowing him, he would take the opportunity to beg the older man to take him back to the flat. Besides, Sukuna was too lazy to get up from the couch right now. The flat was warm and cozy right now and it was the older man’s duty to keep it like this until his beloved get back. And he thought he probably looked like a female bird guarding their nest until his mate would come back with food. That was a completely ridiculous thought, but he didn’t mind. He was a brainless man when it came to Megumi.

Sukuna changed the channels on TV and, while he was watching a soap opera he found, he dozed off. He dreamt that Megumi got into a car accident and lost his memories. All he remembered was what happened seven years ago in his room and he hold him responsible for it. His heart sank at that thought. Megumi’s loath and mean words felt too real for him.

He woke up suddenly, startled from his previous dream, as his phone was ringing. Still in a daze from his nap, his guts turned upside down when he saw that Yuuji was calling him. He was concerned that something happened to them – to his beloved – and picked it up instantly.

“Yuuji? Is something wrong?” his voice was husky and filled with worry. “Suku, you have to come. Fushiguro, he-“ and the voice call cut off from there. His blood boiled at those words and his breath hitched from panic. “What about Megumi? Hello? Yuuji!” he screamed into the phone, losing his mind. “Fuck!”

And Itadori Sukuna did not think twice. He grabbed his car keys from the table and hurriedly went out of the flat.