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The Shen Yuan's (misadventures) adventures

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Shen Yuan was floating amid infinite darkness, when a mechanical voice was heard inside his head.

[Startup code "Stupid author, stupid novel" accepted. Automatic system activated] The mechanical voice said with the same monotonous cadence that the online translator used to use.

[Downloading updates and accessing the synchronization panel. Please wait]






[Updated operating system. Synchronization ...]




Shen Yuan felt his patience disappear, and he began to get angry. Any feelings of excitement that he had initially felt at the novelty of having a system had quickly disappeared. How can it take so long to sync? What kind of shitty connection is this? Sure, I got a newly graduated system? Less one hundred customer service point.

[Synchronization failed. The system is about to reboot. Wait]


Refund! I want a refund, Shen Yuan inwardly yelled.

[Synchronization failed]


[Access denied. Automatic system off. The 9787 system thanks the host for his patience and hope that the service has fulfilled his expectations. Then a short quality survey will be given to the host to assess the experience.]

0 stars. I want to make a complaint. It was Shen Yuan's last rational thought before his vision darkened, and he slipped into unconsciousness.

When Shen Yuan recover consciousness, he felt as if he had just come out of a centrifuge. All his muscles were flabby, his head was spinning, and it seemed like his stomach was going to on strike at any moment.

"Welcome, Shen Yuan." A voice as soft as surly greeted him.

Surprised by the unexpected sound, Shen Yuan quickly opened his eyes only to find himself staring at the vast cloudless sky looming above him. Where I am? I'm pretty sure I haven't been out of my room all day. How did I end up lying in the middle of the street? He was so lost in thought that he couldn't help but be surprised again when his field of vision was clouded by the face of a beautiful woman.

The young woman wore a dark tunic, that revealed the wardrobe of any xianxia themed drama he had seen with his sister, and her long dark blue?! Hair was tied back in an elaborate hairstyle that enhanced her scholarly appearance. At the lack of response on his part, the woman cleared her throat as a slight trace of annoyance appeared on her face.

"Shen Yuan, welcome to the Heavenly Court."


"My name is Ling Wen."

...the fuck...

"Congratulations on your ascension." going on?!