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It's Gonna Be Me

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It had been pouring. 


It was poetic really. 


Like an inner reflection of all the exhausting emotions, Adrien was feeling. 


He and Kagami were dating. He wasn’t exactly sure how it had happened, but now they were. 


Kagami understood what he went through daily. She understood the expectations, and the perfect image they were required to uphold almost constantly. 


She could relate to him, to his experiences. After fencing together for a bit and their parents constantly putting them together, it was the perfect celebrity relationship. 


He liked Kagami’s company! He liked her. He enjoyed spending time with her and all around, just being in her presence. 


They became so close so fast. Now, here they are. 


The day had gone by fairly quickly, his classes went by without a hitch. A smile rose to his face when Nino walked into class, Alya and Marinette following closely behind. 


“Hey, dude!” Adrien fist-bumping Nino before turning his attention towards Marinette and Alya, “Good morning girls!” 


“Morning Adrien,” Alya said while Marinette flashed him a smile of her own and waved. 


They filed into their seats, and Adrien overheard a conversation between Marinette and Alya. 


“Hey, are you free today? After what happened with Luka...” Alya trailed off, "Well, I just figured you wouldn't want to be alone."


“Thanks, Alya. You can come over for sure,” Marinette smiled gratefully. 


All Adrien heard was that they broke up. 


He didn't know how or why. All he knew was after Luka became akumatized, they were finished. 


He pushed the thought aside when Alya changed the topic, "Anyway, we’re bound to get our acceptance letters from our top choices any day now. You'll be a famous fashion designer, and I get to shout 'that's my best friend' when I write articles about you. ” 


Marinette giggled, “I love your excitement about university Alya. How will I live without you next to me at all times?” Marinette mocked gasped. 


“Girl, hold your sarcasm because you will die without me,” Alya snorted.  


Marinette sighed, “I wish you were wrong.” 


“I’m the highlight of your day,” Alya quipped. 


“That’s also  unfortunately  true,” Marinette teased. 


“Hey, you okay dude?” Nino asked when Adrien seemed unresponsive for a while. 


He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, so he smiled at Nino and said, “Yeah, sorry. Long night.” 


“It’s been a long month, huh. You could use a breather,” Nino offered. 


Adrien gave him an appreciative smile, “I can’t. Kagami and I are going out after fencing.” 


“Right,” Nino grinned, “I completely forgot that you’re no longer the single model of Paris.” 


Adrien rolled his eyes, “Hilarious, Nino.” 


“Honestly, though dude? I never thought you’d date Kagami,” Nino said nonchalantly, “Then again, I’ve never seen you two together so I wouldn’t know. I thought you were totally interested in someone else.”!


That got Adrien’s attention. 


His eyes popped and he demanded, “What? Who?!” 


Nino gave him an unimpressed stare, “Seriously, dude?


“Yes, seriously, who?” 


Nino cocked a brow, “I thought you were into Marinette.” 


He relaxed at the mention of Marinette, “No, is just-.” 


“A friend, I know,” Nino rolled his eyes, finishing his sentence for him, “There was a really big...spark between the two of you but I guess I was wrong.” 


He paused for a second, focusing on what Nino said. 


A spark. 


That was crazy, right? 


“So, have you gotten your acceptance letter yet?” Adrien changed the subject, “I just know you’re going to get in.” 


Nino shook his head, “I’m kind of worried dude. If I don’t the letter this week then I didn’t get in.” 


Adrien put a hand on his shoulder, “It’s a special program for people gifted in music. If anyone’s going to make it, it’s you. You’re a great DJ and anyone with ears can tell.” 


Nino gave him a grateful smile, “Thanks, bro.” 


“Anytime,” Adrien grinned. 


“Did you get your acceptance letters yet to that fancy business school so you can model on the side? Or better yet, your 'secret application,'” Nino waggled his eyebrows. 


Adrien rolled his eyes, “You don’t need to call it that.” 


“You hid the fact that you applied to a local university, for health science, from your father. I’m gonst’a call it a secret application.” 


Adrien chuckled, “Actually, it’s growing on me. ‘Secret Application’ sounds cool.” 


“I know,” Nino grinned before asking, “Dude, you never answered my original question! Have you gotten accepted into anything yet?” 


“Yeah, I got the business school acceptance letter a few days ago. Father was happy that I got into the university of his choice,” Adrien answered casually. 


“Dude, that’s huge! Congrats!” Nino had a wild grin on his face. 


“Thanks, Nino,” Adrien gave him a small smile. 


Nino’s smile fell, “Then why do I have the feeling that you’re not excited you got in and that you don’t want to go?” 


“That’s the thing,” Adrien bit his lip, “I don’t want to. But I don’t have many options right now.” 


“Well, wait until you get your other acceptance letter! I’m positive you got in. Med applications take longer to arrive.” 


“The thing is Nino, I didn’t even know if that’s a career I want,” He sighed, “I just know that I don’t want to model for the rest of my life. It wasn’t my choice," He looked away wistfully, "I just want to help people, and maybe one day, I can teach others how to save people too. That university offers more than one choice, and health sciences keep my options open. ” 


“’re too good for this world,” It was Nino’s turn to pat his shoulder, “You got this.” 


“Thanks, man,” He genuinely smiled this time. 


His classes couldn’t have gone by faster when he had Nino at his side. 

He met up with Kagami a half-hour before fencing started, meaning students were still at the school. 


He was chatting with Marinette, Alya and Nino when Kagami walked in through the front doors. 


“-And then, Manon decides to grab the flour, and as soon as she did, it exploded everywhere! All over her and me. Gosh, I have the worst luck in the world,” Marinette giggled, recounting the story. 


Meanwhile, Adrien was next to tears, “There’s no way Mari. How do these things happen to you?” 


“My girl has more bad luck than Nino when he’s trying to steal my doughnuts” Alya snickered. 


“Babe, they’re delicious and you keep them all to yourself!” Nino defended. 


“Exactly,” She replied. 


“Please, I think I have the worst luck in Paris, except for Hawkmoth, of course,” Marinette joked.


“No Mari, Hawkmoth isn’t lucky, he’s outmatched. Your luck goes hand in hand with your clumsiness,” He teased, waggling his brows to let her know that he was joking, just in case.


Marinette narrowed her eyes, “Low blow, Agreste, low blow.” 


He was about to reply when Kagami joined them. 


“Hello Adrien,” She greeted, pressing a kiss to his cheek. She cuddled his arm protectively as her gaze flashed between Alya and Nino, lingering on Marinette. 


“Hey, Kagami! Are you ready for fencing?” Adrien smiled, staring at her mysterious, brown eyes. 


“Yes, I am. Before we go, could I talk to you for a second?” Kagami asked. 


“Sure,” Adrien answered, a little confused as Kagami practically dragged him away from the group, “Bye guys-“ He tried, already outside of the locker room. 


“Adrien,” Kagami started, sitting next to him on the locker room benches, “You have to do what I’m about to tell you.” 


“Sure, what’s up?” Adrien asked, cocking a brow in confusion. 


“I need you to stop talking to Marinette,” Kagami stated plainly. 


“What?!” Adrien spluttered, “Why?!”


“Because I’ve seen the way you look at her,” She said calmly, “And I don’t want you to leave me for her.” 


“Marinette is just a friend,” Adrien clarified, voice rising, “I’m not just going to stop talking to her!” 


“Well, you’re going to have to. Or else this cannot work,” She motioned between him. 


“Kagami, Marinette is our friend,” Adrien tried to reason with her. 


She shook her head stubbornly, “Nothing is going to get in the way of this relationship. Especially, not Marinette.” 


Adrien shook his head, “This is so messed up! I can’t just drop her.” 


“You have to. I’m telling you to do it. I’m your girlfriend Adrien, you should listen to me. I will not hesitate to end this, although it is perfect,” Kagami insisted, still calm over the entire situation, “I want you to promise me.”


Adrien didn’t want to lose Kagami. He couldn’t bear to. 


“You don’t want to do this Adrien. Think of how good our relationship is,” Kagami coaxed, “Marinette will understand.” 


And Kagami didn’t attend school here so...he could always talk to Marinette during the day, right? 


“Our parents know about this too. Think of how messy it will be if we break up,” She added. 


Don’t do it , a voice in his head tried to interrupt his swirling thoughts, but he was too focused on the idea of losing the one person that understood his life drowned out the thought, and he couldn’t help but come to a final decision. 


He didn’t know what to do. 


He didn’t want Kagami to leave him. Their relationship was so important to him. 


“Fine!” Adrien cried out and he immediately regretted it, looking down in shame, “I promise I’ll stop talking to Marinette.” 


“Good,” Kagami answered, pride present in her voice, “You made the right decision. Now, let’s go or else we’ll be late.” 



Fencing was a literal drag.


As soon as he entered the Agreste mansion, he collapsed unto his bed.


He wanted to run. To forget about all his problems. 


That was why Adrien ended up transforming, although it was late at night and started to run across the rooftops. 


It was pouring rain but he had to see  her . He just had to. 


As if sensing his thoughts, the Dupain-Cheng bakery came into view. 


Adrien might not be allowed to talk to Marinette, but Chat Noir was. 


The lights were on signally she was still awake and he landed on her balcony, pacing as the harsh rain splattered against his face and dampening his hair. 


He was soaking. 


What was he thinking?? Showing up to her balcony in the middle of the night! It was insane! This was all insane. He was stupid! And Marinette was going to hate him forever and-


“Chat Noir?” 


He whipped around to face a confused Marinette, holding a familiar, black umbrella over her head, “What are you doing here?” 


For a second, he couldn’t hear anything but the rain, hitting the ground and his heart beating out of his chest. 


He couldn’t help himself. 


He threw his arms around Marinette and sobbed, “I’m so sorry Marinette!” 


“Kitty, what are you talking about?” Her eyebrows furrowed in concern and she hugged him with one arm. 


“I’m so, so sorry,” Was all he said, continuing to cry in her shoulder. 


Marinette paused, contemplating something before saying, “Okay, come on in. I don’t want you to catch a cold.” 


The rain pounded louder, as Marinette held an umbrella over a sobbing Chat Noir. 

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Marinette didn’t know how she knew to go up to her balcony. 


It was like a sixth sense, she knew something was wrong and she had to check it out. 


That was when she heard the sound of metal boots landing on her rooftop. 


It was a miracle she had heard it over the rain. 


So she quickly grabbed her umbrella, and opened the hatch door, climbing onto her balcony. 


“Chat Noir?” Concern and confusion immediately washed over her as she watched him throw his arms around her, sobbing into her shoulder. 


Immediately, Marinette was filled with a million questions. 


However, there was one question that reigned supreme. 


Why the hell was Chat Noir apologizing and sobbing to her, whilst he was on his balcony? 


She didn’t want to wait with him outside, so she invited him in. She’d kill that cat if he got sick. 


He followed her into her room, taking refuge from the roaring thunder. 


“I heard cats don’t like water,” Marinette attempted to lighten the mood while heading to her closet to find a towel for him. 


Chat sniffled, “They’ve got a point.” 


She wrapped the towel around him before gingerly putting a hand on his shoulder, “If you stayed out there would have gotten a fever.” 


“Luckily, I know the best bakery in Paris,” He tried for a cheeky grin, but it fell as soon as he noticed Marinette’s expression. 


“Do you want to talk about it?” Marinette asked, patiently. 


“I-,” He shut his mouth, contemplating something, “I don’t know.” 


Marinette frowned, as his wet hair clung to his forehead and water dripped down his face, “That’s okay. I’m just worried.” 


“I’m sorry,” He whispered.


Marinette moved a pesky piece of hair that was blocking his vision, and she exclaimed in disbelief, “Kitty, what are you apologizing for? You haven’t done anything.” 


He shook his head, causing raindrops to fly everywhere, “No, Marinette. I did.” 


The rain splattered Marinette slightly and Chat grimaced, “Sorry,” He stood up suddenly, dropping her towel, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be here. I’m...I’m soaking your room and...and you! I should go.” 


“Chat,” Marinette said quietly, “It’s pouring out there.”


“It can’t be that bad,” He replied quickly.


Marinette rolled her eyes, “There’s lightning flashing outside and quite frankly, I wouldn’t like to see what a cat looks like when he’s electrocuted.” 


He cocked his head to the side cutely and frowned, “I wouldn’t get electrocuted.” 


Marinette raised a brow, “You’re carrying a giant metal stick across Paris. You’re literally a human lightning rod. Except you don’t have any fur that will go static.” 


“Ah, right ,” Chat pursed his lips, before looking towards the towel, “Can I have the towel back please?” 


“Of course, but dry your hair please,” Marinette teased. 


He gave her a humourless chuckle, before running a hand through his golden hair, causing Marinette to eye the motion. “Alright.” 


He did as she said, shaking off any remaining raindrops and his hair looked very, very fluffy. He sat down next to her and he let out a deep breath, “I keep making a mess of things today.” 


“That sounds very ominous without any further context,” Marinette quipped, unable to stop herself from putting a hand in his hair, “It’s so fluffy.” 


Chat perked up at her ministrations, not wanting to stop her, “I don’t- I don’t know what context I can give you.” 


Marinette hummed, “Well, try and tell me the story but cut out half the details like you would for a six-year-old.”


He nodded, “So, um, I recently made a very stupid decision. I promised someone I care about something I should never have agreed to. She gave me an ultimatum was bad. I made the wrong decision and now I don’t know what to do.” 


“I see,” Marinette nodded, before quietly asking, “If you can tell me...what did she make you promise?” 


He sighed, near tears, “She made me promise that I can’t talk to my best friend anymore,” He looked down, ashamed, “I can’t believe I agreed to it. She made me choose between her and my best friend.” He pulled at his hair, causing Marinette to retract her hand and rest them in her lap.


“Chat...I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not good that your friend made you pick,” Marinette started.


“Marinette, I agreed with her. I’m going along with it. It’s going to hurt my best friend and that’s the last thing I wanted,” He cried, the tears falling freely, “I’m so stupid! Why the hell would I make a decision like that?” 


“Chat!” Marinette interrupted, clutching his gloved hands, “You’re not stupid. You made a mistake! And that’s okay. That’s normal. I can’t help you as much as I’d like to, but I can offer you this; what are you going to do about it?” 


“Mari, I can’t lose either of them,” He continued to sob, “I thought...I thought if I agreed to stop talking to my best friend, I could find a loophole around it.” 


Marinette smiled encouragingly, “And did you?” 


He looked into her bluebell eyes, and murmured, “Yeah. I guess I did.” 


“Then you’ve got nothing to worry about!” She exclaimed, “I’m sure your best friend will forgive you if you explain to them what’s going on. As for your first friend, I think you need to think things over and have a serious conversation with her. It might not be as bad as you think.” 


Chat gave her a weak smile, “Hopefully.” 


“So...what does this have to do with me?” She asked, brow cocked in confusion. 


Chat tensed and Marinette hastily added, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to! I just wanted to know why you ended up on my balcony and you were crying which makes sense now, but then you apologized to me and-“ 


“Marinette!” Chat interrupted her rambling, “It’s okay.” 


She flushed in embarrassment, nodding for him to continue. 


“I consider you a good friend of mine. As a superhero at least. It’s not often I can just drop in on a random girl’s balcony and she’ll take me in and be kind to me,” He started, “You and my best friend are similar, so I just couldn’t help myself. I had to talk to someone.” 


Marinette paused, as she took in his words before giving him a small smile, “You can always drop by here and talk to me if you need to talk, kitty. My balcony is always open.” 


He gave her a genuinely grateful smile, “Thanks, Princess.” 


She rubbed his hand again before her eyes lit up, “Technically, we have to wait out the storm, so...” 


“So...” He grinned, following her train of thought. 


“What do you wanna do? I have video games, or we could watch a movie or-“ 


My Neighbour Totoro! ” Chat exclaimed, “Can we watch My Neighbour Totoro ? I’ve been in the biggest mood for it.” 


“Like the one by Ghibli Studios?” Marinette questioned, “I’ve heard of it but I’ve never seen it.” 


“You’ll love it!” He grinned, super excited. 


Honestly, Marinette didn’t have the heart to burst his bubble when he looked so happy. She couldn’t do it. 


“Sure, let me set it up,” She smiled. 


That was how Marinette and Chat Noir ended up watching My Neighbour Totoro , cuddled up in a blanket, chilling on her chaise lounge. 

Chapter Text

Marinette was hurt. 


If she was being honest with herself, she was a little bit angry too. 


It had been a normal day at school when she entered her class and smiled at Adrien and greeted him. 


He seemed to slump in his seat as soon as she walked through the doors. He was usually so upbeat and perky in the morning, and never hesitated to strike up a conversation with her. 


He caught her eye for a split second, and Marinette recognized the emotion. 


It was guilt.


Instead of talking to her in his usual bubbly manner, he avoided her gaze causing Marinette felt her stomach churn. 


Strike one. 


Maybe he was just having an off day because as soon as the lunch bell rang, they fell into a familiar conversation. 


He seemed very on edge, flipping his neck in every direction as if he was expecting a sneak attack of some sort. She brushed it off, there could be a very valid reason for his behaviour. 


She was laughing at one of his jokes, Alya and Nino in tow when he got a phone call. His expression paled and he murmured, “Sorry, give me a second.”


“Hello?” He answered anxiously. 


They could hear a faint high-pitched voice on the other end and Marinette, Nino and Alya quickly resumed their conversation. 


“What?” Adrien's voice started to become frantic, “No! No, it’’s not her. It’s okay, you don’t have to-“ 


Marinette turned towards him as his voice became more high pitched and she gave him a concerned brow. 


He gave her an apologetic expression and continued talking to whoever it was on the fun, “You don’t need to come, nothing’s happening, I didn’t-! I’ll meet you after, okay? Yeah, bye.” 


He quickly hung up the phone and let out a small sigh. 


Marinette asked, worry written across her features, “Are you okay?” 


“Yeah, I’m fine!” He straightened his posture and plastered on a smile, as if that entire conversation didn’t happen, “It’s okay now, but I have to go. My bodyguard is waiting for me. I’ll see all of you later!” 


“Well, okay-“ Before Marinette could even reply, Adrien sprinted out of there like his hair was on fire, “Bye.” 


She blew a piece of stray hair out of her face in annoyance. 


“What’s up with him?” Alya asked. 


“Babe...I wish I knew,” Nino replied, shaking his head. 


Marinette frowned, “I think he’s avoiding me? He’s been awkward with me all day.” 


Alya shrugged, “Give it some time. I’m sure it won’t last long.” 


That was an absolute  lie


Strike two. 


What really did it for Marinette, was when they were after school. 


Marinette considered Kagami to be her friend. Hell, besides Adrien, she was her only friend. 


And she didn’t have a problem with them dating. 


She honestly was happy for them. She herself didn’t have time for anyone, and she couldn’t sit and complain that Adrien didn’t love her because she never put herself out there. 


She became so afraid of rejection she never even told him. 


It sucked, but once she became the guardian she really couldn’t afford to put him in danger. 


And then she told Alya. 


But she wouldn’t tell Adrien. 


It wouldn’t exactly accomplish anything. She had no reason to tell him. 


The only other person she would tell was Chat Noir...and he seemed to have his hands full. 


Why was she thinking of Chat Noir? She was in the middle of a rant! 


What took the cake, however, was when the group of four was walking after the school day finished. Adrien was the farthest away from her. 


Then Kagami came in. 


When she saw the four of them together, she snarled, a glare lingering on Marinette. 


“Everyone,” She nodded, to all of them, “We’ll be going.” 


Something about the look she gave Marinette sent a chill up her spine. 


Why was Kagami suddenly so... possessive


Kagami came in, and sister-snatched Adrien. She literally grabbed him by the hand and began to drag him away. 


Adrien suddenly looked very, very uncomfortable. 


“Hey, Adrien. I need your help with something-“ Marinette called out after the pair. They were well within earshot, so there was no way they hadn’t heard her. 


But Adrien walked away. Like she wasn’t there. 


Marinette hoped, that it was a one-time thing. 


But it wasn’t. 


It went on for days.


Marinette felt betrayed. 


Strike three. 


How on earth, would Adrien just...stop talking to her! They were best friends for crying out loud, she cared about him, she...she loved him! 


And he just abandoned her! What the hell? 


Just because he’s in a relationship with Kagami doesn’t mean they have to ice her out! 


All three of them were close, and she cared about them. She’s done a  million  things for the both of them, and now because they’re dating they just  ditch  her? How was that fair! She was content with their friendship, and their happiness. Why would they just leave her? 


Especially Adrien. She’s known him for 5 years and he was just going to drop her?


She thought their friendship was stronger than that. 


But maybe she was wrong. 


Marinette blinked back tears, as she watched Adrien leave hand in hand with Kagami, not even saying goodbye. 


“Hey Mari,” Alya put a hand on her shoulder, “Are you okay?” 


“Yeah, I’m-“ She turned around to face Alya before she realized...this was Alya. The girl she could count on 24/7 and was her sister from another mister. 


She could tear down her walls of fake smiles in front of Alya. 


She sniffled, “No. I’m not fine.” 


Alya embraced her, “I’ll call you later, and we can chat about this.” 


Marinette nodded into the crook of her neck, in silent agreement. 


They said their goodbyes and Marinette trudged back home. 


She was going to have a guest over soon. And she had to be ready. 



Chat Noir took her up on her offer. 


Without fail, he’s been showing up to her balcony every day since the night she found him crying on her balcony. 


For more reasons than she understood. 


Usually, they’ll eat snacks and watch a movie. Sometimes even going as far as helping her with her designs or studying. She knew he was around her age, but that was it. 


This evening, he found her with her hair in a messy bun, digging up a dead plant so she could plant a new one. 


Unfortunately, for him, she was aggressively digging up the dead plant, causing dirt to fly everywhere and getting a little bit on her face. 


That’s when he knew he was in trouble.


“Stupid...plant...can’t even stay alive,” Marinette grumbled, digging up the roots, “I mean same, but I water you! I take care of you! This is disrespectful.” 


“Is the plant responding to your encouragement?” Chat Noir teased, landing next to her. 


Marinette flicked a little dirt on him, playfully, “Yup, Planty is a great listener!”


“What’s got your tail in a knot?” He asked, cocking a brow, his mask following the movement. 


“Lots of things,” She muttered, “It’s stupid, you probably don’t want to hear about it.” 


Au contraire  princess, I would love to hear what  dirt  you've got on people” Chat grinned cheekily.


Marinette glared at him, "I have a watering can next to me, don't make me use it."


" Mari,  no threatening me with watering cans," He whined. 


“Fine. Come on in,” She pursed her lips. 


She took off the little apron she had been wearing to reveal her v-neck t-shirt and sweatpants as pyjamas. He followed her down her staircase, attempting to land on the floor so as not to dirty her bed. 


He quirked his head to the side, “I’ve never seen your hair in a messy bun before. It really suits you.” 


She smiled softly, “Thanks kitty. You're about to see my hair out too then,” She took out her hair tie, and her midnight hair fell across her neck, with a slight wave to it.


She sat down next to him and sighed, “Let’s chat.” 

Chapter Text

Chat’s heart might have stopped. 


He’s seen Marinette with her hair down before. 


He’s always known she was pretty but he hasn’t seen her hair down since they were kids. 


Over time, Marinette only became more beautiful. 


And it hit him at full speed. 


Her long, midnight hair framed her face and had loose strands falling against her collarbone. It complimented her bluebell eyes and looked somehow messy, but cute. 


He must have been staring for a while because 

she cocked her head to the side cutely and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?” 


“Like you said,” His throat was suddenly very dry, “I’ve never seen you with your hair down before. It’s really nice.” 


“Thanks, Chaton,” She blew a piece of stray hair out of her face, “Now, back to the topic at hand. He’s driving me insane!” 


Chat visibly winced, “Who is?” 


“Adrien!” Marinette started pacing, “He’s my best friend and now, he’s acting like I don’t even exist. Both of them are, actually.”


He raised a brow, “Who exactly is both of them?” 


“Adrien and his girlfriend! And I’m friends with both of them! As a matter of fact, I’m Kagami’s  only  friend besides Adrien and now, she keeps glaring at me before literally dragging Adrien away!” She gestured wildly, “He doesn’t even talk to me at school anymore and he looks so antsy, it hurts me to watch.” 


Chat Noir visibly deflated, “Maybe they have a good reason.” 


Marinette pinched the bridge of her nose, “Okay. Say they do. That doesn’t mean they have to cut me off. I would rather know what the issue is than have them keep it from me and just end our friendships.” 


“Well, what if they don’t think you’ll like the truth,” Chat Noir suggested, stepping on dangerous territory. 


Marinette whipped around to face, leaning into his personal face, “That is not their decision to make.” 


Chat felt his heartbeat out of his rib cage, and watched as Marinette retreated, letting out a sigh of exhaustion, “It hurts, to know that my best friend would lie to me.” 


“I’m sure he has a good reason,” Chat tried. 


“He probably does. But I wish it would come from him,” She sat down next to him, a crestfallen expression on her face. 


“I bet,” His expression matched hers, but she didn’t seem to notice. 


“He doesn’t even look me in the eye anymore. And when he’s all guilt. He always seems exhausted and I haven’t seen him smile in days. He’s a literal ray of sunshine and he’s always willing to help others. I’m worried about him, Chat.” 


He looked to her at that, but she seemed deep in thought, her bangs covering her eyes, “I needed his help today and I  know  he could hear me because that boy has the best ears ever. I also wanted to offer him some sort of relief from...whatever’s going on with him. He dodges me like the plague and I haven’t heard him speak besides in class. He just dropped me, and it  hurts .” 


Chat blinked stupidly, absorbing her words. 


“He...hurt you?” He murmured weakly. 


“Yeah,” Marinette turned to face him, “He did.” 


After a couple of minutes gazing into the other’s gaze, she shook her head, “You know what, whatever. It really isn’t any of my business. I’m not bothered. I have no reason to be bothered. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zero.” 


“That’s a lie and you know it,” Chat quipped, “I have a reason to be upset.” 


Marinette shook her head, “I think I’m just blowing this out of proportion. It is getting late though.” 


“Mari,” Chat clutched your hand, “You’re allowed to be upset.” 


Her eyes widened at the gesture and for a second he thought he overstepped. 


The warm smile she gave him removed all his doubts, “I know but I don’t want to be angry with him if I don’t have to.” 


He cocked his head to the side, “You care about him a lot, don’t you?” 


Marinette looked away wistfully, “More than you could ever know. I just want him to be happy.” 


“I’m sure he appreciates it,” Chat smiled softly, being as honest as he could with the exception of the masks. 


“I know he does,” a small smile made its way to her lips. 


They sat in companionable silence for a little bit before Chat Noir checked the time on his baton, “Well, I should get going. I have to meet Ladybug for patrol. I would like to finish our conversation though,” Chat nodded. 


“I don’t think there’s much else to say,” Marinette tried. 


“That’s okay. I have time for an early breakfast tomorrow and can slip out without Fath- I mean...anyone noticing. I know a quiet café with no people during the morning, and they really like me,” He grinned cheekily. 


“Is it a group of teenage girls? Or maybe a cheese factory?” Marinette teased, rolling her eyes. 


“What can I say, I have a way with the ladies,” Chat waggled his brows. 


Pfft , I’d like to see you try,” She challenged, quirking her own brows. 


“Very well. So, would you like to join me for breakfast, princess,” Chat smiled, any teasing glint gone from his voice. 


He was being genuine and serious. 


There was just something about the way he looked at her...


“I would love to, Chaton,” Marinette flicked his bell, “Although I must warn you, I’m not a morning person.”


“Don’t worry, I give wake-up calls,” He snickered. 


Marinette narrowed her eyes, “You wouldn’t dare.”


Try me ,” He smirked, “The café offers an excellent coffee, so you have  nothing  to lose.” 


“Does precious sleep not count?” Marinette turned her nose up, stubbornly. 


“Naps are a thing. So is coffee,” He snorted. 


Marinette sighed reluctantly, “Fine. Just for you.” 


“Yay!” He gave her a quick hug, his tail swishing excitedly. He pulled back, cleared his throat and saluted, “See you, Princess!” 


Marinette giggled to herself quietly, “Silly kitty.” 

Chapter Text

Chat Noir was in an amazing mood. 


He was so incredibly hyped to start off his day with his princess. 


And you know, to talk to her. 


So, he was up bright and early on Saturday morning and landed on her balcony. 


Marinette was not a morning person.


She’s made that abundantly clear.


He was 100% aware of it. 


He knocked on her balcony trapdoor, in hopes of waking her up without inviting himself in. 


And then he heard quiet cries. 


Had it not been for his super hearing, he wouldn’t have picked up on it. 


“Chat,” He heard her murmur, “This isn’t you. Chat, no, stop.” Her voice started to rise.


He should help her! But he shouldn’t intrude. 


Shouldn’t she be sleeping? Was she in danger? 


She was literally calling out for him. 


“Chat,” Marinette cried out and he couldn’t help himself, he pulled open her trapdoor and jumped into her room. 


“Princess?” He searched for any danger. 


Notably, there wasn’t any. 


Just Marinette in her bed, shaking, tears silently falling across her cheeks. 


His eyes widened and he immediately went to her side, “Hey, hey. Mari!” He sat next to her putting her head on his lap, “I need you to wake up, okay? Wake up for me, princess.” 


She continued to murmur sleepily, her shaking slowing down, “Kitty...” 


“I’m right here Mari. I’m right here,” He tucked a piece of stray hair out of his face, “It’s okay. Everything is okay.” 


Suddenly, her eyes widened and she sat up straight, panting heavily with sweat rolling down the side of her face. 


He narrowly managed to dodge her, and she searched around before her eyes set on Chat Noir. 


“How...long...have-“ She started, still trying to calm her beating heart. 


“I just got here, so we could go out for breakfast but you were having nightmares so I was worried,” He explained. 


“That’s sweet of you,” She thanked, clearly distracted, “I don’t sleep talk or anything, do I?” 


“Only when you have nightmares, like today. You were calling out my name,” Chat quirked a brow, but showed no plan to stress her into telling him, “Do you want to explain?” 


She sighed and avoided his gaze, “I don’t really want to talk about it.” 


“That’s okay,” he bit his lip to stop his curiosity from getting the better of him, “We don’t have to talk about it. Do you want to go or...?” He trailed off, not really wanted to finish that sentence. 


She grabbed her pillow just so she could stuff her face in it and say, “It’s too early for this.” She pulled back and looked to Chat, “Yup, let me go get dressed.” 


She excused herself, retrieving her clothing from her closet before entering her bathroom. 


Meanwhile, Chat looked around Marinette’s room. 


He was worried about her. What kind of dream did she have that had him in it? And she woke up terrified! 


He didn’t want to upset her. 


And he still had to talk to Kagami about this...arrangement. There had to be another way where they didn’t have to end their relationship and he could still talk to Marinette.


If Kagami left, it would be for a very, very long time. 


And he couldn’t deal with that abandonment again. 




As he waited for Marinette and looked around her room, he couldn’t help but question if it was really worth it. 


He walked towards her bulletin board, the one that had been filled with pictures of Adrien because she loved fashion. 


Now, it was adorned with group pictures instead, ones where Adrien had a genuine smile and not just model ads. 


There was also a picture of...


Of Luka.


It didn’t bother him. He supposed it made sense. He never really understood why they broke up anyway. 


He didn’t really know the guy. He would like to get to know him better! He was really good at piano and seemed friendly. 


On her desk, there was a new container with colourful spools and thread. It was actually pretty aesthetic.


He moved along to the area near her closet, where there was a trench coat lying on top of one of her dressers.


That was  strange.  


Compared to the rest of her room, it seemed very off. It didn’t match her vibe at all. Maybe she was working on a new design? 


He heard the bathroom door creak open, along with light footsteps walking up next to him. 


“Is that a new design your working on?” Chat asked, motioning to the trench coat. 


She frowned, “No. It, um, belonged to Luka.” 


“Oh. I don’t think I’ve met him before,” Chat blinked his eyes innocently. 


Adrien knew Luka. Chat knew Viperion. But, Chat doesn't know Luka? 


I mean,  sure,  he knows his secret identity, but they’ve never been  formally  introduced. 


“He’s sweet and kind. He’s major in music and he’s very talented. We’re close...or, we used to be,” Marinette murmured. 


“What happened?” He asked, brushing off the uncomfortable feeling that bubbled in his chest when she mentioned Luka. 


“Things didn’t work out. I...I had to keep something from him and I couldn’t give him my full heart. A relationship can’t blossom if someone’s holding it back. He deserved better,” Marinette rubbed her neck nervously, a guilty glint present in her eyes.


“I assume you two...” 


“Dated. Yes. For a couple of months. It didn’t feel right,” She sighed, “I pushed myself away from him. I didn’t want to hurt him.” 


Chat cocked his head to the side, “I’m sure he understood that.” 


Marinette winced, “I’m not entirely sure about that.” 


"Well, you put in the best you could. When it's not right, it's not right," He replied, attempting to comfort her. 


She pouted, "Except, I didn't put in the best I could have."


"I'm sure that's not true."


She shook her head sadly and whispered, "It is."


He was unsure how to proceed. He was worried that if he continued with this conversation, Marinette might feel more guilty. Obviously, she was struggling internally with this and she didn't want to talk about it. 


He wasn't going to press her for details she didn't want to share. 


So, he switched the subject.


“Sorry...I’m not really good with this kind of stuff,” He rubbed his neck with a clawed hand nervously. 


“Don’t worry, you’re doing just fine. I should probably call him so he can pick the coat up though. I think that’s the last of his stuff around here,” Marinette explained, pulling out her phone to send Luka a message. 


She was dress in a cute white, plaited skirt with a long-sleeve pale blue blouse and ballet flats. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and she held a white, leather clutch. 


“Speaking of fashion, you mentioned that you needed Adrien’s help with something...isn’t he that model friend of yours?” Chat asked, still curious about what she needed him for and felt quite guilty about it. At least this way, he could ask without suspicions. 


“I needed him to try on an outfit for me. It’s okay though, it’s not that serious,” Marinette shrugged it off, motioning for him to follow her to the balcony. 


He obliged, walking behind her, “I could help!” He chirped eagerly, “I know a little bit about fashion and I don’t mind helping out.” 


Her eyes lit up with excitement, “Really, thank you!” 


He chuckled, “Anytime, princess.” 


Marinette hummed, turning around before climbing her ladder to look at Chat. She walked around him, looking him up and down so she could compare the height difference to Adrien in case she had to make any adjustments. 


At least, that’s what she kept telling herself. 


Did you know that Chat Noir was very,  very  muscular? 


Because she didn’t. 


Not unless she paid close attention. She blushed at the thought of it. 


“You’re around the same height as him, if not a little taller. I can make some minor adjustments and it should fit!” She beamed. 


“And here I thought you were going to use me for my good looks,” He flashed her a cheeky grin. 


She smirked, “That too,” before walking past him and flicking his bell. 


His eyes popped, staying glued to the spot she previously occupied as a blush coated his cheeks. He processed the fact that Mari replied to his flirty banter with as much slickness. 


She was going to be the death of him. 


She climbed up her ladder, waiting for him on the balcony and called down, “Shall we go?” 


He pulled out of his stupor, rushing up the latter and holding his hand up line a gentleman, “We shall.” 


He clutched her by the waist, pulling her towards him before smirking, “Hang on princess.” 


She shrugged, placing her arms around his neck and burying her face in the crook of his shoulder, “Shouldn’t be too diffic-“ 


Chat didn’t let her finish, already launching them into the Parisian sky. 

Chapter Text

She didn’t want to talk about it. 


She didn’t want to talk about the nightmares that started after Bunnix showed her one possible timeline. 


She didn’t want to talk about how they suddenly reappeared, not long after Chat Noir began to visit her regularly. 


It  haunted  her. 


She didn’t want him to know that. 


So, she wasn’t going to tell him. 


Not even as she clutched his neck for dear life, the wind rushing in her face. 


She couldn’t. 


Marinette wasn’t going to scream. 


She wasn’t afraid of heights or anything, it just felt unnerving to be flying through Paris while clutching onto a leather-clad superhero for support. 


Surprisingly, he was the only thing keeping her grounded and she felt oddly safe in his arms. 


That didn't mean the rush went unnoticed. 


When he set her down on the ground, in front of a cafe, he cleared his throat, “Well, princess, we’re here.” 


She smiled, before turning around to face the café, “Oh my gosh, it’s so cute, vintage and aesthetic! I love it so much!” 


He chuckled, “Well, I’m glad. After you,” He motioned to the door where the waiter kindly let him inside. 


Turns out, Chat Noir saved the owner of the café during a particularly bad Akuma and got hurt in the process. Ever since the manager has been giving him perks at the place. 


Including, hanging out with a girl without the staff selling out their location to the press. 


Kids, sometimes it pays to be a superhero.


She really thought it was nice. She hadn't been out for breakfast, in like, months. In between being the guardian, preparing for university and searching for Hawkmoth she  hasn’t  had much time. 


Alya would come by and bring her food on longer days, but that was about it. 


The waiter took them up to the second level, which was a small outdoor balcony, except it was blocked by buildings and fairly out of any camera’s view. 


They sat down on the victorian metal chairs and Chat started talking, “So! What exactly will you be needing my services as your personal mannequin for?” He teased. 


Marinette raised a brow, “To model some spring and summer outfits I’ve been working on.” 


“Does this entitle swimwear? Princess, if you wanted to look at me shirtless, all you had to do was ask.” He waggled his brows. 


Marinette rolled her eyes, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She sucked her teeth, “Unfortunately, I only make swimwear for girls, so...” 


“Does this mean you’d be wearing one?” He smirked.


Marinette blushed lightly, “Oh no, I might make you wear it instead.” 


Chat’s eyes widened and he pouted, “I’d still make it look good.” 


Marinette snickered, “Are you putting yourself up for it?” 


“Of course! I would look fabulous,” He flipped his hair dramatically. 


“I have no doubt, but I think I’d prefer shirtless,” She winked, “Leather’s good too.” 


Chat died. 


He literally had a heart attack and died. 


His jaw dropped, his face turning crimson.


He couldn’t do anything else but sit there, with wide eyes and  stare.  If he didn’t shut his jaw soon, he would catch flies. 


“What, kitty cat? You can dish but you can’t take?” Marinette smirked, stifling a laugh at his gobsmacked expression. 


It was hilarious. 


She pulled out her phone, took a picture of his face and murmured, “...And save.” 


That pulled Chat out of his stupor, “I just got served.” 


“Yes, you did,” She mused. 


"Don't send that to Ladybug," Chat warned, wagging a finger at her. 


"No promises," Marinette bit her lip, "I might just keep it for blackmail."


“I guess it means I have to take it up a notch,” He breathed. 


“Flirt,” Marinette muttered playfully, dodging his gaze with a smile on her face.  


Chat frowned, “I’m not a flirt.” 


Marinette looked up at him with wide eyes, “What?” 


“I’m not a flirt,” He repeated, “I don’t...really flirt with people.” 


“O-Oh. Don't...don't worry, I was just joking,” Marinette clarified. 


“I know, but I wanted you to know that. I’ve only ever flirted with like, two people,” Chat explained. 


“Ladybug?” Marinette guessed, before realizing that she wasn’t supposed to know that. 


“Is it that obvious?” He asked, another blush coating his cheeks. 


She felt like a stone had sunk to the bottom of her stomach. 


She didn’t  want  to play with his feelings and yet, she already felt like she was. It felt strange to talk about her alter-ego with him and his love for, well,  her.


“I’ve seen the way you look at her,” Marinette squeaked, another blush coating her cheeks as she looked off wistfully, thinking of Adrien and what could never be. 


"Yeah," He sighed dreamily, “I love her. I always will. She doesn’t love me like that though, and I can’t force her. It took me a while but, it was wrong of me not to respect that. I'm okay with it now and I can't wait around forever.” 


“That’s...” Marinette swallowed, “That’s really mature of you. I’m sure she appreciates that.” 


“Yeah,” He paused, lost in his thoughts before changing the subject, “Anyways, what else is new?” 


They chatted for a bit about all sorts of things, as much as they could without Chat revealing anything too personal. They ordered croissants, sheet-pan potatoes, omelettes and fresh-fruit custard tarts, as well as coffee. 


“Y’know, you’ve  always  struck me as a coffee person,” He cocked a brow, a teasing glint in his voice. 


Marinette snorted, taking a sip of her latte macchiato, “You’ve seen what I’m like in the morning. It’s a give-in.” 


“Maybe I should start visiting you before midnight,” He offered. 


“I think I’m much more fun when I’m loopy,” She grinned, "Besides, I pegged you to be more of a latte guy. Don't cats like milk?" 


They continued to chat, mostly teasing one another and just enjoying each other’s company. 


The duo was so caught up in their conversation that neither of them realized that they had been at the café for two hours.


When Chat checked the time, his eyes widened, “I have to go. I’m so sorry, I have a commitment I can’t get out of and-“


“Don’t apologize,” Marinette interrupted, “I understand, and I had a lot of fun.” 


“We’ll do this again soon princess, promise. I can bring you back home if you’d like,” Chat offered.


Marinette shook her head, “No, it’s okay. I’m going to catch up with my best friend.” 


Chat grinned, giving her his two-finger salute, Thanks, Princess. I’ll  cat-ch  you later!” 


He took out his baton, jumping off of the balcony, causing Marinette to shout, “Corny!” Into the distance. 


She swore she could hear his chuckle echoing across Paris. 



Adrien was supposed to meet Kagami. 


That’s why he left Marinette in such a rush. 


“There you are!” Kagami exclaimed, louder than normal. 


“Yup! Sorry, I’m late. Long night,” He chuckled.


“We’ll have to fix your sleep schedule later. Our ice cream almost melted,” Kagami started. 


“I like my ice cream soft?” The way Adrien’s voice piqued at the end turned it into a question. 


“Then you like soup. Ice cream soup. On a soggy cone,” Kagami said sarcastically. 


“Ha, ha, ha,” Adrien replied with just as much sarcasm. 


“Well, at least you are here now. Where shall we go?” Kagami inquired. 


“The Seine! It’s really sunny out so it will be nice,” Adrien cheered. 


“Sure,” They walked hand in hand towards the river, sitting down on the edge, dangling their feet. 


In between bites of ice cream, Adrien cleared his throat, “So, I needed to talk to you about something?” 


“What might that be?” Kagami asked, curiosity slightly present in her voice. 


“I wanted to talk to you about Marinette.” 


Kagami’s hand froze, halfway with a spoon full of ice cream towards his mouth. She retracted the spoon and shifted uncomfortably, “What about her?” 


“I was wondering if we could talk about the promise I made you?” He pleaded, “I don’t think it’s really fair. Marinette is my best friend.”


“And I told you that I didn’t want you leaving me for her-“ 


“Which I wouldn’t since Marinette is just a-“ Adrien started. 


A friend, I know.” Kagami sighed. 


“Exactly. So what’s the problem?” 


Kagami gritted her teeth, “Perhaps, you haven’t noticed the way you look at her but I have. Trust me when I tell you this,” She stared him in the eyes, a threatening expression he’s never seen before present across her features, “I will time and time again prove that we are meant to be together. No one can come between that. I gave you the option and you made your choice.  You  did that, not  me . So don’t complain.” 


“Kagami, you gave me an ultimatum,” Adrien’s eyebrows furrowed in agitation, “It wasn’t a choice.” 


“I didn’t press a knife to your throat and told you to choose me,” Kagami reiterated, “You did it if your own free will.” 


“But you said that we couldn’t even be friends after unless I stopped talking to Marinette, and she’s my best friend. I hurt her and I didn’t want to, “Adrien’s voice began to rise with each passing word, “We keep pretending she doesn’t exist! She’s our friend, we can’t do that.” 


“You can’t pin that on me!” Kagami snarled, “I was  very  clear with Marinette and she hesitated. That’s not my fault!” 


“Yes, I can,” He pressed, “And what are you talking about?” 


“You wouldn’t break your promise,” She turned her nose up stubbornly and ignored his question. 


“I’m hurting her, this can’t keep going,” Adrien said fiercely, determination present across his features, “I won’t let it.” 


Kagami gave him a cold, calculating stare, before clicking her tongue and standing up, “I see. Well, then, we’ve come to crossroads.” 


“Yes, we have,” Adrien followed suit, standing up as well. 


“Do you love me, Adrien?” Kagami murmured, hands clasped behind her back. 


“I-“ He paused. He wasn’t sure how deep their connection with each other was yet, but he knew he loved Kagami. He just wasn’t sure in which way,  “Yes. I love you Kagami. I do.” 


Her eyebrows quirked an inch and she cleared her throat, “To clarify, you said your issue with this is that we keep ignoring Marinette?” 


“Yes, exactly.” 


“Then we don’t,” She finished, a slight glint passing across her face that Adrien didn’t understand. 


It looked... triumphant.  


“Good! I’m glad we’re on the same page,” Adrien let out a sigh of relief, “I was really worried about that.”


“Don’t be,” Kagami smirked, “I’ll take care of it.” 


Chapter Text

It was over. 


Luka knew that. 


So why was it so hard to get over her? She was lying to him and so they broke things off. 


He loved her. 


That was his mistake. 


He shouldn’t have. 


All she did was hurt him. 


And then he found out that his father, a famous musician that was recognized internationally didn’t want him, his son. 


He abandoned him. 


He left a young boy to take care of his sister and their mother. 


He became the man of the house. 


All because Jagged Stone left him. His own father had replaced him with a crocodile. 


To say he was angry was an understatement. He was surprised he hadn’t been akumatized yet. 


Maybe it was because of his love for Marinette. 


He felt lighter, happier when he was around her. 


But then she threw it all away. 


When he received the text from Marinette, he felt hope bubble in his chest. Maybe, just maybe, she was going to be honest with him. 


Then he read the text telling him to come to pick up his jacket. 


His spirits were crushed, just like that. 


Everyone he loved left him. His mother lied to him. Marinette lied to him. His father lied to him. 


He was sick of it. Sick of the lies. 


These were the bitter thoughts that crossed his mind as he made his way over to Marinette’s. 


Luka paused in front of the bakery doors. He remembered when he would visit her so they could go places. Then she would leave for hours and act as if nothing had happened. 


He couldn’t handle this. He just had to get it over with. 


“Luka, how are you?” Mrs. Cheng greeted politely. 


“I’m okay, how are you?” He gave her the most genuine smile he could muster, although he couldn’t tell if it was convincing. 


“I’m fine. Marinette told us you would be passing by. Go on upstairs,” She explained and he nodded, following her instructions. 


He found Marinette in her kitchen, buzzing around and baking something. 


“Oh, Luka! You’re here early! Sorry, I was just, um, baking something,” Marinette wiped her hands across her apron. She met his eyes, widening at the sadness present across his features. 


She felt guilty. Her eyes gave it away. 




“Um, is everything okay?” Marinette inquired, concern present in her eyes. 


No, it wasn’t. 


And she was to blame.


Marinette couldn’t act like everything was fine between them. It wasn’t. So she should stop acting like she’s innocent. 


“Yeah, I’m just tired,” He muttered out instead, biting his tongue to keep from screaming, “You said my jacket is still here?”


“Yeah! Let me just help you upstairs,” She took off her apron and hung it up before leading the way to her room. 


They were halfway up the stairs when Tom called out for her, “Marinette! I need your help with the delivery!” 


“Oh no,” Marinette rubbed her temples, “I have to help him. I completely spaced! It’s been a long day,” She turned to Luka, “You know you’re way around, don’t you? It’s on my dresser. Could you go on up and grab it?” 


He nodded and she smiled, “Okay, good. Thanks!” 


She sprinted down the stairs to help her father and Luka continued his journey up the stairs, shuffling quietly. 


He opened the trapdoor the slightest bit and caught a glimpse of something moving throughout her room. 


That was strange. 


He opened the trapdoor just a little bit more so it wouldn’t squeak and he could have a nether view. 


Then he saw it. 


It was... 


Sass ?


What the hell! Why was Sass chilling in Marinette’s room? 


He heard hushed whispers and a female voice that belonged to another kwami, coming into view. 


Only, this kwami was red with black spots, like a certain Ladybug superheroine... 


That was Ladybug’s kwami! 


Wait... what? 


Why were Sass and Ladybug’s kwami chatting in Marinette’s room? 


A third kwami joined them, this one was green and looked oddly similar to the suit of Carapace. 


Three kwami’s in one place? Without holders? That was beyond irregular. 


After the events of Miracle Queen, he wasn’t even allowed to wield the snake miraculous again. There hasn’t been a new holder with (what used to be) his miraculous either, so it didn’t make sense. 


Shouldn’t the kwamis be with the guardian of the miraculous? 


That was the person that gave him the miraculous originally. Even he knew that. 


Wait a minute Mr. Post Man. 


He whipped out his phone, searching through all the pictures he had of Marinette. He had deleted most of them after they broke up, but he still had a few. 


In all the pictures he’s had of her, she’s never changed her earrings. Not once. 


And they were silver circles. 


He googled a picture of Ladybug. 


It's the same earrings. 


When he had his miraculous, it was silver when he wasn’t transformed. The shape didn’t change though. 


If the same thing happened with Ladybug’s miraculous, then that meant that...


Ladybug was Marinette. 


It made sense: the sudden disappearances during the Akuma attacks, the secrecy, the excuses. 


Why she couldn't tell him the truth. 


It was because she was Ladybug. 




The same Ladybug that told him he couldn’t use his miraculous anymore, the one thing that made him so special. 


The same Ladybug that pushed him away, leaving him heartbroken because she wouldn’t tell him who she was. 


One thought blared across his mind, bitter and full of rejection. 


How dare she. 


How dare she keep the miraculous from him. 


How dare she lie to him! 


How could she do this to him? 


How could she- 


Calm down, Luka, A rational voice in his head thought, You don’t want Hawkmoth to use you. You don’t want to be used anymore. 


It’s time to take matters into your own hands. 


The kwami’s didn’t know he’d been watching them. If he looked distracted and opened the trap door, they’d hear the creak and hide. 


Then he could take his coat without question and pretend he saw nothing. 


So he did. He opened the trapdoor and they fled, as expected. 




He took his black, trench coat, which he was growing quite fond of. 


Luka considered taking the miracle box but thought better of it, she would notice if it was missing and would easily find him. 


It wouldn't be wise.


He wanted to have some fun . Besides, the best secrets are the ones you never tell. 


He whistled, saying goodbye to Marinette and her family, pretending nothing had happened. Like everything hadn't changed. 


Luka was angry.


Nothing good ever came from that. 


When Adrien got home that night, it felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest. 


He was glad he and Kagami had come to terms with Marinette. 


It was great! Now he didn’t have to choose. He was so thankful, honestly. 


And Marinette… 


She truly had been the highlight of his day. Breakfast with her was beyond incredible, and he enjoyed spending time with her, even as Chat Noir.


Who, surprisingly, she was very open with. 


He didn’t mean that she told him all her secrets or anything, she was just so carefree. She seemed to truly be herself around him, no stuttering, no anxiety, just all around banter and hanging out. But when it really came down to it, and he needed her help, she never hesitated to help him. She would put aside all her other priorities just to take care of him.


“That went well,” Adrien breathed out, falling onto his bed. 


“I don’t know kid, Dragon Girl sounded kind of...ominous,” Plagg stated, gulping down a piece of Camembert. 


“Dragon girl?” Adrien quirked a brow. 


“That’s her miraculous, right?” He belched, “I was going to say female Mushu, but she’s not really companionable.” 


“Okay then,” Adrien cleared his throat before frowning, thinking of what he said before, “What are you talking about? She said we wouldn’t ignore Marinette.” 


“Isn't it strange that she just abruptly changed her mind? Think this through, kid. She’s headstrong and paranoid that you’re going to drop her,” Plagg pointed out, “That’s why she offered you that ultimatum in the first place. Do you really think she would just agree with you?” 


Adrien paused, considering his statement, “So what are you suggesting? She has a different motive in mind?” 


“All I’m saying is you should be careful. Sorry kid, but I don’t trust her,” Plagg raised a brow before muttering to himself, “Pigtails treats you much better.” 


“What was that?” Adrien looked to Plagg. 


“I didn’t say anything,” the kwami shrugged, playing it cool. 


“Um,” Adrien gave him a strange look, “Yes, you did. I heard you.” 


“Pfft, you’re hallucinating!” Plagg waved a paw at him, “Go to sleep.” 


“Alright Plagg,” Adrien chuckled.


He settled into bed when he received a text from...Juleka. 


That was strange, his classmate didn’t text him often. 


Juleka : Hey Adrien. 


Juleka : So, I’m really interested in modelling and I know you’re a model. 


Juleka : Is there any way you could help me out? I applied to a model school but I’m not sure if I got in. I think some experience would help me.  


He’s always known Juleka was interested in modelling. She would be a good fit for it. He was more than happy to help her out. 


Adrien : Hey Juleka! I’d love to help out! I could talk to my father and see if I could get you to model at a shoot with me. I’m sure they’ll like you so much, you’ll get a solo gig! 


Adrien : Do you have a portfolio? 


Juleka : Thanks, Adrien. Yeah, I have one. 


Juleka : .PDF attachment 


Adrien : Great! I’ll send this over ASAP and keep you posted. 


Juleka : Thank you once again. 


Adrien : My pleasure. 


He really was excited to help her. Juleka was pretty, and he had no doubt his father would agree, he couldn't imagine it would bother him. Besides, he could pull some strings with the department. If this was Juleka’s calling, he would love to help her out. 


“I said go to sleep!” Plagg whined, already curled up on Adrien’s pillow, “The light, it burns.” 


Adrien rolled his eyes, “I was helping out a friend. And you're a cat, not a vampire. Goodnight, Plagg.” 


Plagg sleepily grumbled in reply. 

Chapter Text

Marinette was in a fairly good mood for a Monday morning. She’d had a lovely time with Chat during the weekend, and she really enjoyed his company. 


She was glad that at least now, she could offer him support without the mask of Ladybug.


She walked into class and was surprised to find Adrien chatting with Juleka in the back row.


Juleka had a huge smile on her face and Marinette wondered what Adrien could have said that would make her so happy. 


The purple-haired girl must have read her mind because she finished her conversation with Adrien and approached Marinette. 


“Hey Marinette,” She whispered, in her usual shy voice, “So, Adrien was helping me out with a modelling gig and I was wondering if you could design the outfits for me?” 


“Oh my gosh, Juleka, that’s incredible!” Marinette cheered, “I’m so happy for you.” 


“Really, it’s no big deal,” She mumbled out and Marinette almost missed it. 


“It totally is. I would love to design your outfits! You’ll be great,” Marinette smiled, cheering her on. 


“Thanks, Marinette,” She gave her a small but grateful smile. 


“Anytime! You got this,” She fist-pumped. 


Juleka returned to her seat and in the process, Marinette caught sight of the awestruck stare Adrien was giving her. 


She flushed, turning away and sitting back in her seat. 


It was so on and off! One second, he couldn’t stop staring at her and the next he won’t even meet her eyes? It didn’t make sense! 


He would talk to her sometimes during class, but not without looking sick to his stomach. When Kagami was here, they both acted like she didn’t exist! 


It was hurting her to her core. 


What was up with him? 




By the time class finished, Marinette still didn’t have the slightest clue what was bothering Adrien. 


Unfortunately, she got her answer in the worst way possible. 


They had left class and were currently sitting on the front steps of the school. Kagami entered and as per usual, launched her arms around Adrien’s neck, planting a kiss on his cheek. 


Then she glared directly at Marinette and said, “So Marinette, I’m sure you noticed that we haven’t been talking to you lately. I thought I made it abundantly clear before I guess I didn’t. So let me reiterate.” 


She let go of Adrien’s hand stomped towards her, backing her against the corner, “I never hesitate. I’ve told you before, Adrien and I are meant to be together. It was me or you and in an instant, he chose me. Not you.  Adrien is worth more than our friendship.” 


Adrien just stood there gaping and wide-eyed. 


“What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t do anything!” Marinette yelled back, obviously confused. 


She tried to ignore the whispers and unwanted attention Kagami was starting to draw.


“Aw, hell no” Alya rolled up her sleeves, marching over.


“Not cool,” Nino agreed, following his girlfriend.


Marinette gave them both a look, “Guys, let me handle this.” 


The couple paused, respecting her wishes but were ready to jump in at any given moment.


She turned back to Kagami, “We’re friends, Kagami. There’s no need for any of this!” 


Her eyes narrowed, “He doesn’t love you, Marinette. He never will. He loves me.” 


Marinette’s eyes widened, pain building in her chest and before she could even reply, Kagami whipped out her phone and played a recording of Adrien.


I love you, Kagami. I do, ” Adrien’s recorded voice came from her phone.


“Kagami-“ Adrien tried to interrupt her, but she paid him no attention.


“I gave him the choice, Marinette. It’s either our relationship, or he stops talking to you. Do you know what he chose?” A victorious smile spread to her features. 


No, ” Marinette gasped out quietly, her gaze flickering to Adrien’s. 


He wouldn’t.


Their friendship was too strong, he wouldn’t just-


The ashamed look he gave her told her all she needed to know. 


Tears started to pool in her eyes. 


“Oh yes. Compared to me, you are  nothing, ” Kagami rubbed salt in the wound and she whispered in Marinette’s ear, “I win.”


“Kagami, that’s enough!” Adrien exclaimed, outraged.


 She pulled back, clearly pleased. The damage was done.


Marinette looked to Alya, with a heartbroken expression. 


“Marinette-“ Alya started, but Marinette had already rushed out of the school, speed walking as fast as she could.


She brushed past Adrien, avoiding his gaze and slamming into him harder than she probably should have. 


“Marinette, wait-“ Adrien called after her and she heard him sprinting to catch up to her, “We have to talk.” 


She ignored his desperate cries for her, continuing to walk as fast as she could but he was just too quick.


His stupid athletic ability. 


“Marinette,  please.  Hear me out,” He pleaded, from right behind her. 


She whipped around to face him, “Is it true? What Kagami said, is it true?”


“Marinette, I-“ Adrien started.


Marinette interrupted, barely levelling her voice, “I need you to look me in the eye and say it. Is it true?” 


He slowly picked up his gaze, as if it had a physical toll on him, “Yes. It is.”


She felt her world shatter. It felt like her heart had been ripped out, and crushed. 


“But I can explain! I thought that-“


“You thought, what? Huh?” She snapped, “What could possibly make this situation any better? Hmm?” 


He avoided her gaze, unable to come up with a good answer. 


“No, Adrien. You listen here, and you listen well.  I was happy for you, for Kagami. I thought our friendship meant more to you than that. I clearly don’t know Kagami, so maybe, I don’t know you,” Her voice started to crack with each passing word, “Every time you ignored me o-or looked past me, I brushed it off. As a matter of fact, I was worried about you. I haven’t seen you in weeks! I was frustrated that you weren’t talking to me, but I wasn’t mad.” 


“You weren’t?” Adrien perked up slightly, unsure if talking would be worse


“No,” She shook her head, “Why didn’t you tell me?” 


“I didn’t want Kagami to leave, I couldn’t lose her,” Adrien attempted to explain.


“But you could lose me?” Marinette sniffled, betrayal present across her features.


“No! God, no, it’s not like that!” Adrien tried. 


“You know what. Kagami can yell at me, she can scream at me, hell, she can shove me against a wall! But you know what hurts the most?” Marinette stared into his eyes as the tears started to fall freely, and she gave him the most pained expression he’s ever seen, “It’s the fact that my best friend promised to stop talking to me, just like that and expected me to be okay with it. Adrien, I care about you. I guess it isn’t mutual.” 


She turned around walking home, leaving Adrien, who looked like a kicked kitten, standing behind her. 


She didn’t want to see him, she didn’t want to talk to him. 


That was the day Adrien Agreste broke the heart of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. 



“Hey Princess,” Chat called out weakly, landing on her balcony. 


Her back was turned to him and he heard faint sniffling. 


“Mari?” He whispered, “What’s wrong?” 


He knew. 


And he couldn’t stop beating himself up for this. 


“I’m in love with him, Chat,” Marinette murmured, still looking off into the distance. 


“You’re in love with...who?” His eyebrows furrowed. 




The name echoed in his head. 








Then it clicked. 


The extent of how much he hurt you had increased tenfold. Not only had he ruined their friendship and left her feeling betrayed, but she loved him, and that left an entirely different scar. 


He should be ecstatic. Someone as amazing as Marinette loved him. 


Instead, guilt and regret bubbled in the pit of his stomach. 


She loved someone that ignored her and abandoned her in her darkest hour because of some stupid promise, because of fear. 


How could he have taken that ultimatum? Kagami stepped out of line today. He should have put her in her place! 


It wasn’t worth it. 


Hurting Marinette wasn’t worth it. 


Chat’s eyes widened, “You’re in love with...that boy?” 


The secret tumbled from her lips but she didn't seem to care. She couldn't keep it in anymore. 


“But he’s in love with another girl,” Her sniffles became louder, and he quietly approached her, “And there’s nothing I can do about it.” She turned around to face him, tears gleaming in the moonlight, “I need you.” 


He immediately enveloped her in a hug, combing her hair with his gloved fingers as she wept into the crook of his neck, “Oh, Mari.” 


“I’m so tired, Chat. I’,” she sobbed, each word barely above a whisper, “And he loves her.” 


He held her as she cried, unsure what to do. 


“It’s okay, Mari-“ Chat began to comfort her. 


She interrupted, shaking in his arms, “No, it’s not okay! None of this is okay. It hasn’t been okay for so long and I’m tired of pretending like it’s okay.” 


“Then don’t pretend,” He murmured. 


Don't pretend.


Marinette didn’t have to pretend around him. He didn’t want her to. 


He wanted to listen, he wanted her to be honest but he wouldn’t get upset if he didn’t tell her everything. He was just concerned for her well-being. 


So, she cried.


She did nothing else but sob into his shoulder. 


“Shhh,” Chat rubbed her back soothingly, “Let it all out.” 


She wept for a little longer before eventually speaking up quietly, “I’ve been in love with him for 4 years. Ever since he gave me his umbrella. I’ve never been more than a friend to him,” She chuckled humourlessly, “It’s pathetic because I couldn’t even tell him.” 


“That’s not your fault, I’m sure you tried,” Chat whispered into her hair. 


She shook her head, “I could have tried harder. I was so worried about ruining our friendship that I didn’t even tell him. I gave him to Kagami, I could have stopped it. I didn’t.” 


“What do you mean?” Chat asked, puzzled. 


How could she have stopped it? What was she talking about? 


“It doesn’t matter anyway because our friendship isn’t that important to him,” She curled in on herself, making her look so small. 


“You matter to him!” He blurted out, before hastily adding, “Anybody would be lucky to have your friendship.” 


“I wanted more,” She cried even harder, “I wanted to love him but he can’t even look me in the eye. I can’t...I can’t,” she choked, “I can’t live like this anymore. Living with the hope that he’ll somehow change his mind and come looking for me. He doesn’t care about me.” 


“Hey!  Hey, that’s not true,” Chat pulled back so he could look her in the eye but she dodged his gaze, “He cares about you! I’m not defending him because, well, he’s stupid but he obviously made a mistake.” 


“He’s in love with another girl, Chat,” Marinette croaked, “It’s over.” 


“Well, what exactly did he say?” Chat murmured, toying with her hair again. 


“That he loves her but-“ Marinette sniffled. 


“But he’s not in love with her,” Chat interrupted, “Maybe he’s still figuring things out.” 


“Whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m so sick of this, Chat,” Marinette threw her hands up in surrender, “I’m so sick of waiting for something, anything, to change. Do you know how much it hurts to love someone but you can’t even tell them? I dumped Luka for him! Sweet, kind, Luka and I couldn’t even give him my heart because I was in love with Adrien!   And I couldn’t even  accept  the fact that he doesn’t want me.” 


“Princess,” He pulled back so he could tilt her chin up to face him, “If I’ve learned anything these past few weeks, it’s that any guy would be more than lucky to have you. You’re amazing Mari,” His voice became quiet, “If Adrien hasn’t realized that by now, then it’s his loss. I think you two need to talk and maybe he can explain himself. Your friendship probably means the world to him.” 


Her eyes widened at his kind words and he wiped away any remaining tears on her face, and he waggled his brows, “If you want, Chat Noir could pay him a nice visit and  knock  some sense into him if you know what I mean.” 


“Look at that, you’re my knight in shining armour,” She gave him a watery laugh, “Swooping in to save the damsel in distress.” 


“Well, that’s why you’re the princess,” He smiled, “I need someone to protect.” 


“You’re doing an excellent job,” She teased dramatically, “Although, I would prefer if you didn’t  kill  Adrien.” 


“I make no promises, he hurt my princess!” Chat Noir grinned cheekily. 


“Your princess?” She cocked a brow at the insinuation. 


He blushed, stammering, “I, um, my bad?” 


“Not the worst thing in the world,” she winked. 


Chat gaped, “How do you do that?” 


“Do what?” She blinked innocently. 


“Banter! And flirt! You’re smooth!” He exclaimed. 


Marinette smirked, “What, do you want some lessons?” 


Chat narrowed his eyes at her, “That’s a low blow, Mari. Low. Blow.”


She shrugged, “At least I don’t make cheesy puns.” 


“Who doesn’t love my puns? You’re just as stubborn as Ladybug, and if she likes my puns then I know deep down you do too,” Chat said indignantly. 


“...Touché,” Marinette snickered


He slipped his hands into hers, “Are you feeling better?” 


“Yeah, I am,” Marinette wiped away her tears, “I think...I’m done Chat. He’s...he’s happy with Kagami. That’s all I wanted for him. He doesn’t need me.” 


“How do you know that?” He hummed, slipping his hands in hers. 


“I think he’s made it clear,” Marinette sighed, “I don’t want to see him right now.” 


Chat’s demeanour dropped although Marinette paid it no attention, and he muttered, “Oh.” 


“I just need space,” Marinette breathed. 


“If he has any brain cells, he’ll come around,” He nodded, rubbing soothing circles on her wrist, "I guarantee he needs you too."


“Thank you, Chat. For everything,” She gave him a grateful smile, “I think I might have been akumatized if you didn’t come around,” She tried for a joke but it came out as more of a statement. 


He held her by the shoulders and looked her in the eyes, “Don’t even joke about that. I would rather give Hawkmoth my miraculous than fight you.” 


Marinette blushed, “I’ll try my best to be careful then.” 


“Good,” He squeezed her shoulders encouragingly. 


They stood there in companionable silence before Marinette offered, “Come in. I made some pastries over the weekend. I think I’m getting to attached to a certain stray cat,” Marinette teased, already opening her trapdoor. “It’s the least I could do for making you, my therapist.” 


“Princess, I will literally be your therapist anytime,” He gave her a soft smile and she felt her knees go weak. 


“I know.”

Chapter Text

“Uppercut, knock the legs out and supersonic combo Marinette-style and-,” She clicked her controller casually while he clicked his furiously, “Booyah!” 


To cheer Marinette up, Chat suggested they play her favourite video game. That was why the pair were huddled in front of Marinette’s computer, cuddled in a fuzzy blanket, controllers in hand. 


Naturally, he was losing. He was doing it on purpose, to improve her mood. 


Chat Noir grumbled, “Do you have to Marinette-style my poor robot every time?” 


Or at least, that’s what he kept telling himself. 


“Sucks to suck, Chat sucks to suck,” Marinette shrugged, a wild grin on her face, “I haven’t played in weeks.” 


“You seemed so rusty,” He cocked a brow. 


“Certain skills never fade,” She cracked her fingers, “Absolutely demolishing you in Ultimate Mecha Strike II brings me so much joy.” 


“I’m glad I could be of service,” He muttered. 


“Don’t be a sore loser, kitty cat,” Marinette flicked his bell. 


“I would never dream of it,” He mused, “It’s certainly entertaining to watch you get so absorbed in your game.” 


“Well, you’re in an easy win,” She nodded. 


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you lose,” He hummed. 


“That’s because, I don’t,” she grinned cheekily. 




“This is my jam, Chaton,” She winked. 


“I can see that,” He chuckled. 


“I do have to go work on some designs though, so this was a nice relief,” She pulled the blanket off of her and started to retreat to her closet. 


“Oh, is it the designs you need me for?” He perked up, “I’ve been dying to see what they look like.” 


“Curiosity killed the cat, y’know,” Marinette quipped while she searched for something in her closet. 


“And satisfaction brought him back,” He replied. 


“Well then this cat is about to be satisfied,” She pulled out a casual dress shirt with a soft green vest, “It is for you. I also have to start designing something for a friend of mine, thought so, I’m going to be up for a while. She has a modelling gig and I’m sure she’s going to be great.” 


“One, it looks amazing,” Chat’s eyes lit up looking at the outfit, “Two, your friend must be excited! You certainly have a lot of faith in her.” 


“Well, she’s incredible. She’s super shy but she would be an amazing model. At least Adrien is helping her achieve her dreams,” She sighed, “I’m proud of her.” She looked to Chat and babbled, “She asked to model my designs! I don’t even know if that’s allowed but I suppose since she asked she is? It’s going to be great!” 


“Your designs are beautiful, Marinette. They’re going to love it!” Chat beamed, his tail swishing excitedly. 


“Yes! So let me finish my spring outfits because I need them done for my art class soon, so if you wouldn’t mind,” She motioned for him to stand in the center of her room while she grabbed her pincushion and measuring tape, sticking a pencil behind her ear. 


“As you wish,” He followed her instructions, slipping the shirt on then holding his arms out like a bird. 


She placed some pins here and there, while he entertained him with some jokes. She was working on his shoulders and seemed to be struggling with a piece of fabric when she let out a frustrated grunt. 


“What’s wrong?” He asked. 


“Your suit is made of indestructible leather, so it’s messing up my measurements since it’s a pretty thick material,” She muttered, “I’m trying to work around it, but it’s pretty annoying. You’re doing great though.” 


“Thanks, Mari, but are you sure there isn’t anything I can do? I don’t want to mess up your outfit,” Chat’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. 


“It’s not like can wish your transformation away, so I’ll just see what I can do,” Marinette shrugged. 


“I can’t wish it away,  but  I could detransform,” Chat suggested. 


Marinette’s eyes widened, “There are one too many problems with that.” 


“No, I mean, I could be blindfolded so you can’t see my face and then you can fix your outfit!” He beamed.


“I don’t know Chat, it’s pretty dangerous. I think Ladybug would absolutely kill you. Besides, how do you know I won’t peak?” She raised a brow with a grin on her face. 


“I trust you,” He replied immediately. 


Marinette felt her cheeks heat up, “That was fast.” 


“I do!” He said stubbornly, “If I’m going to detransform in front of anyone, and know they won’t look, it’s going to be you. With the exception of Ladybug.” 


Marinette considered it. It wouldn’t be for long and honestly, it wasn’t a bad idea. 


These were due soon... 


“Fine,” She sighed, rubbing her temples, “The clothing stand is right there and take this blindfold,” She handed him both the blindfold and the outfit, “Please be careful.” 


“When have I never been careful?” Chat asked, walking behind the room divider. 


“Constantly. Like too many times for me to count,” Marinette pursed her lips. 


“That was way too fast,” He answered. 


“I’m attentive.” 


A flash of green light shone from the divider and she faced away on instinct. 


It was strange, for him to detransform, not so she could figure out his identity but only so he could help her out. There was no timer, no constant danger. It was relaxed and safe. 


It brought a smile to her face, and she felt her nerves light up her body at the idea of “seeing” the boy behind her beloved partner. 


A familiar black kwami slipped zipped out in front of her, “So you must be Pigtails.” 


“Plagg, come back!” Chat Noir groaned from behind the divider, “Don’t bother Mari.” 


“You must be Chat Noir’s kwami,” Marinette smirked, giving him a knowing look.


“How do you know what a kwami is?” Chat inquired. 


Marinette tensed up, before realizing she had a perfectly good explanation, “I had a kwami before. Remember? Multimouse?” 


“Oooohh,” Chat exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, I remember that. You looked adorable in that suit!” 


“Thanks, Chat. Plagg, was it?” She asked, turning back to the kwami, “It’s nice to meet you.” 


“The pleasure is all mine,” The kwami grinned, baring his fangs, “My chosen over here gushes about you non-stop.” 


“Oh, does he now?” Marinette turned towards the clothing stand, a smug look on her face. 


“Plagg!” Chat whined. 


“Mmhmm, 24/7. There’s not a conversation that goes by where he doesn’t bring you up. Dare I say, he’s a smit-“ 


“OKAY, that’s enough!” He cried out nervously. 


Okaaayy ,” Marinette furrowed a brow in confusion, “Is there anything I can get for you Plagg?”


“Camembert,” The little cat replied instantly. 


“Would you look at that, I happen to have Camembert downstairs. What are the odds?” Marinette giggled, thinking of how she stocked up on the cheese when she became the guardian, “I’ll be right back.” 


Marinette glancing to the hiding place of the miracle box, where Tikki was currently resting, and he followed her gaze, nodding in response. 


“Thanks, Pigtails. Nice meeting you,” Plagg saluted, before flying forwards the secret sewing box to meet her. 


Marinette ran downstairs to retrieve the cheese and by the time she came upstairs, she hadn’t been entirely prepared for seeing Chat in the outfit. 


For starters, it fit him near perfectly. 


Secondly, it fit him  too  well. 


It looked very,  very  nice on him. It brought out all his features, from his muscular chest to his broad shoulders and somehow it looked so casual on him. She knew his eyes were actually green so it would have made them pop, and it complimented his hair and skin tone. 


“Mari?” He called out blindly, “I heard the trapdoor open.” 


She climbed up through her trapdoor completely, fighting the blush that threatened to overtake her completely although he couldn’t see it, and she put the cheese plate down, next to the miracle box. 


“Y-Yeah, I’m right here,” She snapped out of her daze. 


It was low cut, so she could see his collarbone, and the top of his chest. 


This wasn’t fair. It should not look this good on him. She didn’t know he was going to be very, very hot in the outfit! Was this legal? 


“So, what do you think?” He did a spin for her, accidentally bumping into the room divider and he rubbed his side, “Ow.” 


“It fits you pretty well,” Marinette giggled, glancing at his hair, “Although one thing is missing.” 


She messed up his hair to give it that Chat Noir look, “Perfect.” She moved him towards the center of her room, and starting to pin a couple of things, “There’s not much to fix. It looks really good in you.” 


“In more ways than one,” Chat smirked, just trying to get a rise from her. 


Marinette blushed, “D-Don’t get cocky now, kitty cat.” 


“Are you...blushing?” Chat’s smug expression only got louder, and she couldn’t even see the top half of his face. 


“How could you possibly know that?” She exclaimed. 


“Call it intuition,” He snickered. 


“I should have covered you’re mouth too,” Marinette deadpanned. 


“That would suck for you though,” He sucked his teeth, “And we both know it.” 


“Wipe that grin off your face alleycat,” Marinette grumbled, “Or I’ll tell Plagg to finish his cheese and tell me more embarrassing things you.” 


“You wouldn’t.” 


“Wouldn’t I?” She challenged. 


“Fine. I will never forget though,” He humphed. 


“You don’t even know if you’re right,” Marinette replied. 


“I probably am.” 


“How would you know?” 


“I just do.” 


“But you can’t see me.” 


“Princess,” He said slowly, “Don’t make me take this blindfold off.”


“You wouldn’t dare,” Marinette called his bluff. 


“Wouldn’t I?” He challenged this time. 


“Fine,” Marinette relented, “Why don’t we both call it quits.” 


“Fine by me,” He agreed, “How’s it going?” 


“Pretty good. I’m just...about...done!” Marinette exclaimed, “Perfect. You can transform now.” 


“Cool!” He cheered, “I’m glad I could help.” 


“Mmhmm,” She smiled, leading him back towards the room divider. 


He quickly undressed, Marinette leaving him to change and then transform. 


“Plagg claws out.”


 She watched Plagg get sucked into the ring, whining, as another flash of green light lit up the room and Chat Noir emerged, with his familiar cat ears and leather suit. 


“I’ll miss the other outfit,” She hummed in appreciation.


“I’m going to take that as I was right,” He smirked, leaning into her personal bubble. 


She pushed his nose back, “And once again, I’m going to reiterate that you have no evidence.” 


He grinned cheekily, “Admit it, you think I’m attractive. Hot, dare I say.” 


“I do think that,” She pulled him by the bell so they were eye level and he was very close, “But I won’t say it again.” 


Marinette released the bell and watched as he turned crimson, enough so that she could see it under his dark mask.


“Man,” He shook his head, “That was smooth.” 


“Come on kitty cat, I have to design and I could use some company,” Marinette motioned for him to follow her to her chaise. 


“As you wish, princess,” Chat smiled. 


“I never should have watched  the Princess Bride  with you,” She bit back a smile, trying to hide her amusement. 


“Oh, it’s a classic and you love it,” He remarked. 


“Fair enough,” Marinette pulled out her sketchbook, “Now, let’s kill time. Any ideas?” 


“Around you, princess?” Chat grinned, “I’ve got plenty.” 

Chapter Text

“Oh my gosh!” Juleka bobbed her head excitedly, shouting louder than Luka’s ever heard before. 


“What?” Luka inquired. 


She held her phone in her hands, radiating with joy, “I got in! Luka, I might get my chance to be a model!”


“Juleka, that’s great!” He asked, giving his sister a hug, then pulling back to look her in the face, “Where is it?” 


“In London! I got into the London College of Fashion! They have a special modelling program, and I guess they changed their mind,” She grinned from ear to ear. 




Juleka was going to London. 


He remembered her telling him how she didn’t get into a fancy modelling program, but he had no idea that was in London! That meant that-


She was leaving him. 


Like everyone else. 


“-And it’s all thanks to Adrien! I guess when he got me that gig, the company contacted my university, meaning as long as I go through with the photo shoot, I’m in!” She mumbled the last bit out, but he’s never heard her share so many words, “This is incredible! Marinette is helping me with the designs and-“ 






That was all he heard. It made him see red. 


Of course. Who else would it be? 


The girl he loved, the one that never reciprocated his feelings, was in love with... Adrien Agreste. 


The mention of his name disgusted him. 


Adrien took away Marinette. Now, he was going to take away his sister. 


He had a pattern for taking away the people he loves most. 


Adrien had to be  stopped


He needed dirt, he needed information, he needed  something


Luka knew plenty about Marinette, especially now that he knew her identity. Adrien was going to be a little more difficult to study. He’s protected from the press, so it had to be an inside job. 


If he approaches Adrien as a fan he won’t get anywhere. But as a friend...


Adrien was naive. He knew that at least. This could work. 


Luka wouldn’t let Adrien take anyone else away from him. He cared for his sister, he didn’t want to ruin her shoot although that would stop her from leaving him. If she found out that he sabotaged the photoshoot, however, it would push Juleka away...


But if he were to blackmail Adrien into cancelling Juleka’s shoot, it would look like Adrien crushed her dreams and she would be none the wiser to Luka. 


He didn’t care if Adrien didn’t like him anyway. 


As for Marinette...


How could she do this to him? How could she help his sister  leave  him? 


He wouldn’t stand for it. 


Marinette already betrayed him. This was going too far. 


Luka devised a plan. It involved two things: 


One, he had to get close with Marinette again, so he knows what’s going on in her life and what would hurt her the most. 


Two, he needed information about Adrien Agreste. 


Luka was going to get it himself.  



Marinette and Chat were having a blast. He had stayed up helping her with her designs for Juleka, and it was well around midnight when Marinette realized, she has skipped dinner. 


And sure, eating food at midnight was horrible, and heavy on the stomach but she had been working so efficiently that she deserved a snack. 


Chat too. He was a good helper. 


That was why Marinette and Chat Noir snuck down into Marinette’s kitchen to make a quick midnight snack. 


They were both superheroes. Their metabolism kicked in quick. 


“Chat-I-don’t-know-your-middle-name-Noir. If you make any form of noise that wakes my parents, I will personally throw you off my balcony,” Marinette whisper shouted, when as soon as they entered the kitchen and almost knocked into a pan. 


“You couldn’t throw me off the roof even if you wanted to,” Chat teased.  


Marinette narrowed her eyes, “I babysat Manon for 5 years, I live in a city where purple butterflies turn people into supervillains when they experience a minor inconvenience and a leather-clad superhero that makes cat puns visits my balcony every night. I know how to throw people.” 


“That’s a little concerning,” Chat rested against the counter when Marinette inched towards him and he flinched, “But you’re still terrifying so I’ll take your word for.” 


She took a deep breath, pulling out some marinated chicken breasts from the fridge that her mom always left in case Marinette was up studying. There were some leftover noodles from dinner sitting on the stove in a pan.


She then retrieved a cutting board and a knife, “I’m holding a knife in my hand, so I’d be careful if I were you.” 


“Point taken,” He watched in anticipation as she pulled out some vegetables from the fridge. She made her way to the sink where she washed them in a bowl before returning to the counter, the bowl with the chicken breast in her other hand. It was like watching a Tasty video and you don’t know what the final product was going to be. 


He grinned, “You look like Colette right now. Angrily chopping things while waving her knife menacingly.” 


“Does that make you Alfredo Linguine?” Marinette mused. 


“I don’t have a rat pulling my hair and teaching me how to cook,” Chat chuckled. 


Marinette cocked a brow, reluctantly asking, “Do you know how to cook?” 


“No, I don’t, actually,” He avoided her gaze, rubbing his neck nervously which was a habit he did when he was nervous, “I never had anyone to teach me.” 


“Oh,” Marinette’s eyebrows furrowed in sadness, “I’m sorry.” 


“It’s no big deal,” He added. 


They stood there as a heavy silence fell onto the room, the only sound of the knife chopping vegetables against the cutting board. 


“I could teach you,” Marinette offered, breaking the ice. 


“You could... teach  me?” Chat cocked a brow as if he’s never heard the words before. 


“Why not. I’m sure you’d be great. It’d be fun, and it beats cooking alone,” Marinette gave him a kind smile. 


“Cooking together,” Chat breathed out in excitement. 


“I’ll be both Colette and Rémy,” Marinette winked. 


“It suits you. Being Multimouse and all,” He grinned, “Which I’m starting to see applies to both your cooking and your multitasking.” 


Marinette smiled, “Now you understand the name.” 


“It’s a pun!” His eyes twinkled with mirth. 


“Yup,” Marinette said, popping the ‘p.’ She handed him an apron, “I don’t know how dirty your suit can get, but I doubt Plagg would hate anything other than cheese on you.” 


“Fair enough,” He walked up to her,” So what are we making, Chef?” 


“Chicken Teriyaki Chow Mein,” Marinette stated. 


“I don’t think I’ve had that before,” Chat’s ears drooped in worry, “What if I mess it up?”


“You’re going to be fine, it’s a simple recipe,” Marinette eased, trying to calm his nerves by hyping him up, “It’s so delicious that you’ll want more, and since I’m going to teach you how to make it, you’ll be able to!” 


“Whatever you say, princess. So, what’s the first step?” He asked. 


“Well, technically, we have all the hard stuff finished for us,” Marinette explained, “My mom cut up the chicken then marinated it a couple of hours ago with salt, pepper and teriyaki sauce. The key is to cover it in plastic wrap then let it sit for over a half-hour so it soaks up the flavour.” 


“Okay, that makes sense,” He rubbed his hands together, “What’s next?” 


“Maman finished that too. She put some oil in that pan and cook the chow mein noodles for around 2 minutes on each side. When it’s golden brown on both sides you can take it off heat,” She instructed.


“Your mom is a power worker, I see,” Chat grinned. 


“Oh, yes. Especially in the kitchen,” She giggled. 


“So, what exactly is left for us to do?” Chat inquired. 


“I’m glad you ask. You chop onions, carrots, broccoli florets and cabbage into thin slices, like this,” She showed him, cutting them up, “You try.” 


“Okay,” He anxiously took the knife and tried to cut a carrot, but didn’t put enough pressure on it and cut off a little edge instead of a full slice. His tail drooped when he realized he messed up, “Sorry. I’m no good at this.” 


 Marinette’s heart stopped in sadness for him, before squeezing his other hand, “Chat, it’s  okay . It’s not that big of a deal and besides, it’s your first time. Carrots are hard to chop and you have to do it a specific way. That’s on me for not showing it to you properly. Why don’t we try like this.“ 


She hovered behind him, almost like hugging his back except she held his arm with the knife with her own. It was like she was controlling his movements, but really she was gently correcting his technique. 


Essentially, she was literally Ratatouilling him. 


He tried not to blush at her close proximity or the way her lithe figure pressed against the small of his back perfectly. Her other hand lay on his hip as she shifted his hold on the knife and made contact with the vegetables on the cutting board. 


“-And now it’s one smooth motion. The faster you chop, the thinner it will be. But don’t hurt yourself,” She warned, her voice very close to his ear. Or maybe he was imagining things. He wasn’t really sure, but all he knew is that Marinette’s warmth made him feel all tingly inside, and he never wanted it to end. 


“Okay,” He hummed, although he hadn’t heard a word she said.


“Good, follow my lead,” She continued to use his hand to chop the carrots until she let go, and he did it by himself.


“Mari, I did it!” He squealed like a little kid on Christmas, “I cut the carrots!”


“Yes, you did! I’m so proud of you kitty cat. Do you want to try the rest?” Marinette questioned and he nodded excitedly. 


Marinette watched as he dutifully chopped all the vegetables, putting them on the side of the cutting board while she murmured words of encouragement. 


“Thanks to my  excellent  teacher,” He motioned to Marinette, “I am the cutting board master! What’s next?” 


“We cook the chicken and the vegetables,” She answered, already pulling out another pan for the chicken and a plate so she could transfer the noodles off the pan, “Which one do you want to cook?”


 “The vegetables,” Chat requested, “I’m a little attached.” 


“And here I thought carrots were for rabbits, not for cats,” Marinette grinned. 


“I’m a cat with exquisite taste buds, to be specific,” He waggled his brows. 


“I can see that. Well, this  cat  needs to come here and put a little bit of olive oil on this pan so he can cook the vegetables before this  rat  with a knife gets mad,” Marinette raised a brow in return.


“…Did you just call yourself a rat?” His lips curled up in a slight smirk. 


She shrugged, “It rhymed. Now get over here.” 


She slowly put the pan on the stove so it didn’t make a sound, and every time she and Chat moved, they tiptoed. 


“Yes ma’am!” He saluted, following her instructions while she cooked the chicken. 


Once both the vegetables and the chicken were cooked, Marinette looked to Chat, “Your pan is bigger so I’m going to combine everything we’ve made to it. Are you ready?”


He rubbed his hands together, “Let’s do this.” 


She added the chicken, then the noodles to the pan which the spring vegetable mix occupied, as well as some leftover teriyaki sauce, and watched as Chat stirred it all together, combining the ingredients into a hearty dish he enjoyed making. 


“It’s done! You did great,” She congratulated him. 


Chat sniffed, “It smells heavenly.”


“Let’s try it then,” Marinette smiled, pulling out two bowls from the cabinet. 


They made their plates and cleaned up, before sitting down. Chat took one bite into the Chow Mein and hummed in satisfaction, “Marinette Dupain-Cheng, this is the most amazing dish I have ever had in my entire life.” 


“Aw, thanks, Kitty. You played a major part in making sure it’s as good as it is, so give yourself a pat on the back,” She said proudly. 


“You’re way too kind Mari. You and your mother are both incredible cooks,” He complimented while stuffing his face with noodles. 


“Well, my mama no raise no fool,” She joked. 


“I can see that,” He bit into a piece of chicken, “I want to eat this for the rest of my life.”


 “Oh, that can be arranged,” Marinette snickered, “I’ll just come and cook your meals for you 24/7.” 


“I don’t know how that’s going to fly with my family,” He smirked, “I might have to marry you first.’ 


“Is this a  purr-posal  then, Chaton?” Marinette teased flirtatiously. 


“That was an amazing pun,” He pointed to her with his fork, a wild grin on his face, “ And yes, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, will you cook for me until the day I die?” 


“Of course,” She bowed. 


“It’s official then,” He chuckled, gesturing towards his plate with his fork “For real though, this is so good.” 


“Thanks, kitty. I’d like to commemorate this moment since it’s such a milestone for you. Besides, my wall upstairs needs decorating,” She winked.


“I made it to the wall of photos?” He gasped dramatically.


“Yes,” She pulled out her phone, setting it to selfie mode and angled it so Chat’s bowl of food was visible, “Now, smile!”


He gave her a goofy grin, throwing in a peace sign, “We should have done this before we ate, right?”


“Totally,” She giggled, as they both finished their dinner, “Worth it. I’m going to print these out and set them up on my wall. It’s getting late and I’m 90% sure you’re around my age, so unless you’re homeschooled, you probably have class tomorrow.”


She shivered at the idea of facing everyone in her class with all the rumours and stares going around. 


He must have noticed her expression because he softly murmured, “Hey. It’s going to be okay. I’ll be here for you after, okay?” 


They got up to put the dishes away before climbing up through Marinette’s trap door, back into her room. 


She gave him a weak smile, “Thanks Chat. I know. I just don’t like the idea of facing him again.”


“I’m sure he feels guilty. Maybe don’t avoid him but also give yourself space, if that makes any sense,” He suggested.


She nodded thoughtfully, “I can do that. Yeah. It’s going to be fine.”


“You got this,” He fist-pumped, fuelling her self-confidence. 


“Yeah! I got this,” She grinned, “Thanks Minou.”


“No problem,” He gave her a soft smile, “And thanks.” 


Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “For what?” 


“For dinner,” He gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before he hopped onto her bed and opened the hatch to the roof. He gave her that signature cocky grin and two-finger salute, “Night Princess!”


It took a while for Marinette’s cheeks to cool down, and even longer for her quiet all thoughts of her kind partner, drifting to sleep with memories of him in mind. 

Chapter Text

As soon as Chat Noir landed in his bedroom that night, he collapsed immediately on his bed. 


“She’s in love with me,” Chat Noir groaned as he detransformed, burying his face in his pillow. 


“Yes, she is,” Plagg agreed, immediately going to his cheese supply. 


He rolled over so he could stare at the ceiling, arms spread out in exhaustion, “She’s in love with me,” He repeated, this time with a wistful sigh.


“Um, you said that already.” 


“I’m so horrible,” Adrien’s expression fell, voice breaking, “I keep lying to her and we’re getting so close and I pushed her away! I hurt her Plagg and I didn’t mean to and I watched Kagami bash her and I did nothing. I did nothing Plagg,” Tears started to fall from his eyes, “I should have done something,  anything , but she looked to me for an answer and I gave her  nothing . I didn’t even have the guts to tell her myself. I couldn’t even look her in the eye and that’s when she knew.” 


“Hey, kid, calm down!” Plagg flew to his side, “It’s going to be okay.” 


“No, it’s not-“ 


“Adrien, breathe with me,” Plagg put a calming paw on his cheek, “It’s going to be okay. Take deep breaths and let it all out.” 


“Okay, okay,” He inhaled deeply, wiping away any teaming tears. He ran a hand through his hair, “This is so messed up.” 


“I ditched my best friend because my girlfriend told me to,” He sniffled, “God, I betrayed the most incredible girl that’s in love with me because someone told me to! Speaking of, what the hell was wrong with Kagami today?” 


He opened his phone to find multiple missed calls and texts from her. 


“I warned you. Dragon girl breathes fire,” Plagg shook his head, “And in this case, Pigtails got caught in the crossfire. It sucks because I really like your princess.” 


“Who wouldn’t like Mari? She’s so...brave, fierce and beautiful. She’s incredible,” He murmured wistfully before his eyes widened, “I royally screwed up.” 


“Yes, you did,” Plagg agreed, “Think about it this way, it’s not every day two people fight for your love.” 


“But Marinette didn’t fight, she just kind of...let Kagami say the things she did. That wasn’t her problem, her problem was with  me  and how I dropped her like that,” Adrien’s eyebrows furrowed in shame, “How could I agree to that ultimatum?!” 


“You made a mistake, big deal. You let your fear of Kagami leaving you,  control  you. Fear is a powerful thing, Adrien. That’s why Hawkmoth is so powerful,” Plagg elaborated, “Not because he’s some  mastermind  with plans to destroy Paris, but because he’s an  idiot  with bad fashion sense that likes to bully teenagers by taking advantage of their fear.”


“That’s a very  eloquent  way of putting that,” Adrien snorted. 


“It’s a gift,” Plagg grinned, baring his fangs. 


“What do I do Plagg?” Adrien groaned, covering his face with his hands. 


“Well, what  can  you do?” Plagg replied. 


“I don’t know! I just can’t believe Kagami said that. How could she? How on earth could I let her treat Mari that way? I didn’t know she recorded me! And it’s entirely out of context. I don’t love her! She shouldn’t even have a say in who I do and do not hang out with! What kind of relationship is that?” 


“#toxic,” Plagg hummed sassily. 


“Yeah! It is toxic! Today proved that me more than anything. We’re better as friends and right now I don’t even know if I want that. I can’t even blame Kagami for all of my problems today,” He rubbed his temples, “What have I done?” 


“Keep going, we’re making progress here,” Plagg grabbed some popcorn and clasped his paws, “What else is bothering you?” 


“Plagg, I hurt her,” He looked like he was near tears once again, “The one thing I was trying to avoid and I did just that.  I’m  the reason Mari is upset, and hurt, and doesn’t wasn’t to see me.  I  ruined our friendship. If I hadn’t visited her she might have been akumatized, and that would have been the worst possible outcome. I care a lot about Mari, Plagg. I even lov-“ He shut his mouth, “I can’t do this. I’m lying to her and it’s eating me up inside. Every time I visit her, and we hang out or we laugh I can hear the words ‘She loves you, and you dropped her’ playing in my mind.” 


“So you dropped her. It’s a huge mess. What are you going to do about it?” Plagg inquired, flying next to Adrien. 


“Well for starters, I’m going to talk to Kagami. This isn’t working. She’s been acting horrible and I can’t be in a relationship with someone that not only attacked my best friend but isolated me from my friends,” He continued to rant, “I haven’t seen Nino in  weeks  because I’m always with Kagami. Even then, she’s always looking at my phone and asking who I’m texting. It’s a  miracle  I can even visit Mari at night.” 


“Ok, great. Dragon Girl was never my preference, so continue,” Plagg nodded. 


“I care about Kagami, and I love her but as a  friend . Things were better before and I don’t think we’re a good match,” Adrien summarized his rant, “Wow, that felt good.” 


“I’m a great therapist that way,” Plagg beamed. 


“The cat kwami of destruction is my therapist?” Adrien quirked a brow. 


“Shut up, I’m working,” Plagg grumbled, “Now, tell me about Pigtails. What are you going to do about her?” 


“I can’t be completely honest. I’ve only kept this up for so long because I’ve been visiting Marinette as Chat. I know she would prefer if I was honest with her so the best thing I can do is just  apologize  to her,” Adrien sighed. 


“Well, what are you apologizing about?” Plagg questioned. 


“Everything. The ultimatum, Kagami’s behaviour, dodging her. I’m going to start small and no matter how long it takes, I’ll build things up. She’s going to be at Juleka’s shoot, so I can talk to her then. That way, I’ll be giving her space and she won’t be mad.” 


“Good plan kid. Are you done?” Plagg grinned. 


“I think Kagami and I need to take a break. If not for my sake, for Marinette’s,” Adrien groaned, “That’s not going to be a fun convo.” 


“Disarm her first. Make sure she doesn’t have a sword on her or something,” The cat kwami shrugged. 


“That’s not bad,” Adrien nodded in agreement. 


“I know. So, I charge by the hour. That will be 6 wheels of Camembert,” Plagg put his paw out to collect his reward. 


“Woah, Woah, I didn’t know I was being  billed !” Adrien exclaimed.


“Well, you are. Pay up,” He flexed his paws.


Adrien cracked his hands, getting ready to negotiate, “3 wheels of Camembert and one special cheese that I have to approve.”


“Deal,” He nuzzled Adrien’s cheek, “Now go to bed, the therapist is tired.” 


Adrien fell asleep, anxious about the conversation to come. 

Chapter Text

Class sucked, to put it nicely. 


Marinette dodged him like the plague. He tried to talk to her and she literally ran away from him. 


Not that he blamed her. 


He had a plan. He was going to stick to the plan. 


But why was the plan so  long


He wanted to talk to Marinette now! 


That’s a stupid idea and you know it , the rational part of his brain though,  Don’t screw yourself over even more. 


Fair enough.


He just had to get through the day. That was easy. wasn’t. 


Entering the class was absolutely horrible when all eyes settled on both Marinette and Adrien flicking between the two. 


Everyone but Marinette. 


It wasn’t until he sat in his seat and ignored everything else, that he felt a pair of bluebell eyes transfixed on him. 


He could literally feel Marinette’s eyes burning a hole in the back of his head. Not to mention the unwelcome whispers from the rest of the class. 


At one point, he heard Marinette snap, facing the back of the class, “If anybody has something to say, say it my face.” 


That seemed to quiet the entire class down. 


He wondered what Marinette had heard since he’s been trying to tune it all out. Thankfully, Mme. Bustier entered class, effectively ending any further discussions. 


“Dude,” Nino whispered, “Is it true? The ultimatum and everything Kagami said yesterday?” 


Adrien sighed, “Yeah. I’ll fill you in later.”


He nodded, “My place?” 


Adrien’s lips quirked upwards in amusement, “I’m supposed to be in fencing tomorrow from 3-4. Uh oh, I guess I forgot to mention that fencing is cancelled this week. Care to kidnap me?”


Nino gave him a sneaky grin, “My pleasure.” 


Thank God for Nino, or else Adrien wasn’t sure he would have survived the day. 


He met with Kagami at a nearby park. 


It was quiet and there weren’t any prying eyes or ears. 




“Adrien?” Kagami called out, “What is this about. You sounded urgent on the phone,” She tried to lean for a kiss, but he swerved. 


“We need to talk,” Adrien stated at her directly in her eyes, lips pressed in a thin line. 


“Alright,” She raised an eyebrow as they sat on a bench, “What’s the issue?” 


He took a deep breath, “What the hell was that yesterday?” 


Kagami rolled her eyes, “This again? I told you we would talk to Marinette-“ 


“I said talk! Not back into a corner and play a recording, making it seem like I could care less about her-“ Adrien snapped. 


“I got the point across! You chose me, I was just letting her know-“ Kagami defended. 


“By rubbing in her face that I abandoned her? I still have no idea why the hell I agreed to that ultimatum in the first place,” Adrien pulled his hair, “I don’t have a good enough reason.” 


“You agreed because you like me more,” Kagami turned her chin up. 


“No Kagami, I agreed because I was afraid of losing you. What I realized is that if you’re going to push me away from all my friends and that you’re paranoid that I’m going to leave you or something, then it’s not worth it. I care a ton about you Kagami, but this’s not working.” 


“What?” Kagami’s eyes went wide and she asked bitterly. 


He sighed, “I’ve been waiting all day to tell you. We abandoned Marinette for no reason. Kagami, every time we’re together you act like I’m going to get up and walk away. I would never do that. Not permanently, anyway. For now, I need a break. We hurt someone we care about. Honestly, Kagami, I’m not sure if I know who you are right now.” 


He winced, “I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks, but I think we both have things we need to learn about. I don’t like being controlled, I have my father for that. I needed a girlfriend, someone who is going to love and support me. Who trusts me enough not to worry about my actions 24/7. You and I make a great team, but I’m not really sure if we’re a good couple. I think we both have a lot to learn.” 


“You lied to me, Adrien,” Kagami gritted her teeth, “I gave you a choice and you’re backing out on it. You told me you wouldn’t leave me for Marinette-“ 


“And I’m not,” Adrien interrupted, “I’m only sharing what I learned  with  you and what I think is  right . I love you Kagami but as a  friend . I don’t think it was right that you recorded me then hurt Marinette. We’re both equally to blame and I’m taking just as much responsibility for it. Kagami,” He looked her in the eye, his voice soft, “You can’t convince me that this doesn’t feel right.”


Kagami narrowed her eyes, “Adrien, I’ve told you time and time again that we are meant to be together. I’m disappointed in you. Your indecisiveness ruined what we had.” 


Adrien let out a deep breath, “Kagami, come on.” 


“No,” Her expression hardened, “This  all  could have been avoided if you dropped Marinette.” 


“I can’t!” He exclaimed, staring into Kagami’s brown eyes, “I can’t drop her. Every time I need to count on someone or get advice, or if I need help I can  always  count on Marinette. And I left her all alone like she hasn’t done everything for me all these years. I hurt her, deeper than anyone can with a knife. I’m owning up to my mistakes, what are you doing?” 


“I’m telling you that you’re wrong and stupid,” Kagami quipped. 


“And I’m telling you that I don’t  care ,” Adrien pursed his lips. 


“We’re not breaking up,” She said stubbornly. 


“We are. Or at least, I am,” He got up, “Kagami if you keep on controlling people and hurting others around you simply because you want something, or someone, you’re going to be left alone with no friends. We both know the feeling. That’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy,” And he gave her a kind smile, “And you’re definitely not my enemy. I hope we can still be friends, but I think, for now, it’s best if we go our separate ways. Goodbye Kagami.” 


Her jaw dropped, watching as Adrien’s figure retreated into the distance, unable to do anything but replay their conversation in her head. 


Maybe, just maybe, Adrien was onto something. 



“Hey, Princess!” Chat Noir landed on her rooftop, immediately climbing through the already open trapdoor, “How is everything-“ His gaze fell on her dishevelled state and the clothes littering the floor, “Oh.” 


“Hey Chat,” She breathed out quickly, running around her room frantically. 


“How is everything?” He asked slowly, concerned at the fact she had bags under her eyes. 


“I’m 90% sure that I’m in need of medical attention due to how many sewing injuries I have but I’m fine. Everything is fine,” She quickly picked up her notebook, running back to her sewing machine. 


“That is literally girl SOS for ‘I’m not fine.’ Can I get you anything? Food, Caffeine, a nap?” He offered, watching her she scrambled for a piece of fabric. 


“No thanks,” She replied, scribbling down something in her notebook. 


“You want to tell me why you’re moving faster than the Road Runner?” He watched her sprint to her closet, quick as lighting to retrieve a different type of fabric, “Or the Flash?” 


“Funny. I’m just-“ She stopped finally, letting out a sigh of relief, “Juleka’s photo shoot is in a couple of days and I really have to finish these. She’s so excited for them and I have some good designs they’re just...” She blew a piece of hair out of her face, “Complicated.” 


“I can see that,” He chuckled, “Why don’t you take a break. Or a quick nap. I’ll wake you up in a bit, promise.” 


“No, No, that’s okay. I can’t make you do that,” Marinette ran a hand through her hair, “I just need this finished and then I can rest.” 


“The hell you will,” Chat muttered indignantly, “Mari, you look like you can barely stand up. When was the last time you sat down? Ate? Slept?” 


“Sleep is something I do not know, nor have I ever heard of,” Marinette turned her head up stubbornly, “I’ll be fine.” 


“I’m not buying it,” He raised a brow, unimpressed, before in one swift movement he scooped her up in his arms, carrying her princess style. 


“What are you doing?” She exclaimed as she set her onto her bed. 


“Sleep,” He commanded. 


“No,” She narrowed her eyes. 


“You’re like a toddler,” He glared. 


“And you’re incorrigible. I have not slept in 48 hours so I would not test me right now,” Marinette challenged, voice low and dangerous. 


“Oh yeah? Well, I fight crazy villains every day, so you tell me who’s more dangerous,” He replied, with as much determination. 


“Me. Very  clearly  me,” She gestured to her entire body. 


“Marinette,” He sighed, “Please?” 


She looked into his little kitty eyes and she couldn’t stop herself. 


She sighed, “Fine.” 


“Yay!” He grinned. 


Marinette finally got a good look at him. And honestly? He looked just as exhausted as her. 


“Wait a minute, did you get any sleep last night?” Marinette scrutinized his features. 


“Uh no?” He winced. 


“Hypocrite! Come on, you need a nap too,” Marinette motioned for him to sit next to her. 


“Mari, I’m supposed to be your alarm clock. I can’t sleep,” He answered. 


“Am I supposed to care? You look exhausted. We can take shifts or set an actual alarm. It’s not the end of the world,” Marinette snorted. 


“It could be,” He pointed out. 


“I’m sure that would one of us up,” Marinette smiled. 


He let out a deep sigh, “Fine. But for like, who minutes.” 


Marinette nodded in agreement, “Fine by me. I just need a power nap.” 


“Okay then.” 


Marinette searched for a pillow, “Oh no. I don’t have enough pillows.” 


“That’s okay, I’ll be fine,” Chat smiled kindly. 


“No, it’s fine. Scoot over. You can rest your head on my shoulder,” Marinette offered instead. 


“You’re short. Shouldn’t it be my shoulder?” Chat snickered. 


“I’m not short!” She exclaimed, outraged. 


He gave her an unimpressed stare. 


“Shut up,” She muttered before she obliged, scooting over and curling up against his side, “This works better.”


“Princess, are you cuddling me?” Chat smirked, raising a brow.


“Shut up,” She gave him an unamused grin, repeating her earlier statement, “I’ll move and you’ll be cold.”


“Aw, no you won’t. You like my heat too much,” He added, unrelenting, "And my cuddles."


“Oh, you like cuddling me too. Don’t think I didn’t notice how you immediately slung an arm around me, Mr. Slick,” Marinette smirked.


Chat’s jaw opened wide as if he was going to protest before looking down at his other that currently resting around Marinette’s waist protectively.


“That’s what I thought,” She gave him a smug grin, before pointing a finger at him threateningly, “Ten minutes. That’s it,” She warned.


“Mmmhmm,” He nodded slowly, “Ten minutes.”


“Alright. Goodnight Chaton,” Marinette murmured.


“Goodnight Princess,” He smiled. 


They cuddled, both sleeping peacefully for longer than 10 minutes. 

Chapter Text


Marinette didn’t want to wake up.


She was just so...comfortable. And her pillow felt particularly nice today. 


Then her pillow moved. 


That was she realized her pillow was Chat Noir’s chest, and somehow during their nap, they became intertwined with each other. One of his arms slipped around her waist, keeping her close while the other rested on her lap, his head leaning against her head.


Her hands had somehow ended up resting against his chest and she let out a high-pitched squeak. 


He woke up with a jolt, blinking away the sleep from his eyes. 


Marinette glared at him, ignoring how adorable he looked waking up and she pointed a finger at him menacingly, “Ten minutes. I said ten minutes.” 


“And yet you looked like you needed sixty,” He yawned. 


“Yeah, but I have work to do! I can’t rest for an hour! I don’t have-“ Marinette balanced herself on her knees so she could be eye level with him. 


“Time?” He raised a brow, “That’s what you have me for, Princess. If you don’t take care of yourself, someone has to.” 


“You’re incorrigible,” She jabbed him in the chest. 


“Girl, please , you need me,” He removed her finger from his chest. 


“Yes- No!” She hastily corrected, “No, I don’t. I don’t.” 


He raised a brow, his lips quirking up into a smirk, “Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Either way, it’s not working.” 


Marinette blushed, unable to come up with a response so she grabbed the nearest pillow she could find and shoved it in his face, “You are the biggest distraction I’m facing today.” 


She only heard his muffled reply. She released him, climbing down her latter and returning to her task at hand. 


He pulled the pillow off of him, “...I was going to say you enjoyed napping on my chest before I was so rudely interrupted.” 


“You asked for it,” She grumbled. 


He jumped down from the balcony, hovering over her, “Oh relax, princess. You slept peacefully.” 


“Yeah, and I learned cat naps aren’t actually cat naps,” Marinette pursed her lips, giving him a glare. 


He shrugged, “Well, only when princesses need their beauty sleep,” He murmured quietly, “Not that you need it.” 


Marinette flushed crimson before smirking, “What was that Chat?” 


Well, well, well how the turntables. 


“Nothing!” He exclaimed, a matching blush covering his features. 


“Oh really,” She stitched a zipper into a piece of fabric, “Because I thought you called me beautiful.” 


He scratched his head innocently, dodging her gaze, “Did I? I don’t recall saying that.”


She gave him an unimpressed stare and he let out a deep breath, “Who’s going to buy that? You are literally the living version of the word beautiful.” 


She blushed again, “Thank you, Chat.” 


“Yeah, don’t mention it,” He murmured, and she could practically feel the heat radiating off of his face, “Can I help?” 


“No, I-“ She looked over her mannequin that was almost full clothes, “Oh no.” 


“What?” Chat asked, eyebrows furrowed in concern. 


“I forgot to order the flowers!” Marinette cried out, searching frantically for them. 


“You forgot to” Chat’s puzzled expression didn’t falter, “What for?” 


“Well, I like to add a sort of natural element to everything I design. For example, I added a feather to a derby hat and it made the whole design,” Marinette gestured wildly, “For Juleka, I needed pansies so I could sew it into the skirt. It would really pull the whole thing together.” 


“So, you don’t need really flowers? You just need fake ones?” 


“Fake ones would be better, simply because I don’t want them to wilt. The pansies are kind of her signature, and I asked, it’s her favourite flower,” Marinette stroked her chin thoughtfully, “To give it that Juleka quality. I don’t think they’ll come in time if I order them now though.” 


“Well then back to the first option, real flowers. Personally, I think it would make the outfit look fresh and alive. Besides, real flowers just hold a specific... Je ne sais quoi . With your designs, I’m sure it’d be paw-some ,” Chat encouraged. 


“Okay, that’s fine. I don’t think I’ll make it to the flower shop in time though,” Marinette muttered. 


“You can’t, but I can,” He puffed out his chest courageously. 


Marinette stifled a laugh, “I know you’re going for brave but all I can see is either a Muppet or the lion from the Wizard of Oz.” 


“I’m helping you, Mari, be nice,” Chat pouted. 


“Okay, okay!” She put her hands up in surrender, “Seriously though if you could get those for me, that’d be great.” 


He bowed, “At your service princess.” 


“Thank you, truly,” She pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, “Now go.”


He stood there frozen momentarily, before sprinting towards her balcony and running towards the flower shop. 


Chat Noir was very thankful that Marinette couldn’t see the way he touched his cheek or the crimson blush that could be seen across Paris.

Luka was very, very bored. 


He’d been following Adrien around for days! 


He didn’t seem to be doing anything shady and the only time he couldn’t spot Adrien was when he entered the mansion.


That place was a fortress!


All he’s learned is that he broke up with Kagami because they hurt Marinette’s feelings. 


Bad for her, good for him. 


That meant that Marinette would be pissed off at Adrien and avoiding him. He knew how she tended to overreact, especially when it came to her feelings for Adrien. This was his chance to sneak back into her life. He didn’t know what he wanted to do with his newfound knowledge just yet, besides making their lives miserable. Although, he was sure he would have heard from her by now if she was crushed.  


That was when he saw Adrien enter a quaint flower shop, and picked out some pansies as well as a rose. 


Wait a minute. Why would Adrien buy flowers? He broke up with Kagami, there was no one else to-


Aw hell no . He did not.


They’re for Marinette, aren’t they? He thought to himself, internally groaning. This threw a giant wrench in his plans. 


Luka was too busy in his misery to notice the fact that Adrien disappeared before his eyes. 


And that Chat Noir was currently running across the rooftops, in the direction of the Dupain-Cheng bakery.


That was crazy. There was no way he was going there. Besides, he had nothing against Chat Noir. Meanwhile, he had to find Adrien.


That was when he saw it. 


A red petal flying in the wind, right where Chat Noir had previously been running.


But didn’t Adrien?


No. No there was no way.


He grabbed his bike, driving towards the bakery at full speed.


Did he miss it? Did he-


Lo and behold, Chat Noir was standing on her balcony with empty hands. He wasn't facing him, but it didn't matter. Chat Noir seemed to nod, then salute before he quickly jumped in through her trap door. 


Oh, thank God. That would have been a close call. 


This, however, brought an entirely new issue into play.


Marinette was friends with Chat Noir. And by the casual drop in on her roof, he suspected they were close. That was why she hadn’t needed him yet. 


She wasn’t heartbroken. 


More importantly, why the hell would a superhero pay attention to one girl in all of Paris unless he knew she was Ladybug. 


And if that was the case, he doubted Marinette would just let him inside. It’s not like she would tell Chat Noir, identities were too important to her. 


So if he didn’t know she was Ladybug yet he kept visiting her, it meant that he was either blackmailing her or something, or he was in love with her and probably knew her as a civilian. 


The latter made more sense. 


He needed a new plan. This was bad. He had to remove Chat Noir from the equation, stat. 


Whatever, the photoshoot was in two days. If his plan went according to plan then Adrien would no longer be an issue.


He was going to get into the Agreste mansion. 


And he knew just how to do it.


For now, he would pocket this piece of information about Marinette and Chat Noir and their forbidden romance. 


"Your flowers have arrived princess," Chat bowed, handing her the pansies through the trapdoor before placing the rose in his mouth.


"Chat!" Marinette giggled, "You're going to poke yourself."


His words came out garbled and Marinette cocked a brow, "You poked your tongue didn't you? Come inside before you hurt yourself again."


He saluted, jumping in through the door, picking the flower out of his mouth, "I thought it'd be better if I kept it in my mouth, but ouch, these things sting." 


"For starters, why on earth would you think that? Second, isn't that usually for when people go dancing together? And third, you're supposed to get them dethorned, Chaton," Marinette rolled her eyes, picking up the pansies and putting it against the outfit, "What's it for?"


"I will keep that in mind," He chuckled, before clearing his throat and rubbing his neck nervously, "It's for you, actually." 


Marinette froze, not quite facing him, "O-Oh?"


"Yeah, it reminded me of you, so um," He tapped her shoulder, attempting to channel his bravado, "For the princess." 


Marinette turned around, staring at the way he shyly handed the rose to her. It was a side of Chat she didn't often see. One, that she realized, she might like more than she would admit. 


"Thank you," Marinette blushed, a small smile on her face as she took the rose from him, "To my knight in shining armour." 


He grinned, "My pleasure."


She put the flower in a vase that was right next to my bedside. 


"I'm almost finished," Marinette exclaimed.


"And I'll keep you company while you work," His tail swished excitedly. 


She gave him a soft smile, "Then let's get started."

Chapter Text

The photoshoot. 


It was finally happening. 


Marinette was anxious to get there early, so she could help Juleka get ready and make sure she was comfortable. 


She had come over yesterday for a last-minute fitting, but she just wanted to be careful. Just in case. 


Then she saw her. 




Are you kidding? How the hell was the Sausage girl still a model? She had zero experience and she still wasn’t fired yet? What? 


As soon as Marinette saw Lila in her path, she immediately swerved, taking a sharp right into the near trailer. 


She closed the door, let out a deep sigh in relief, “Oh, thank God.” 


“Marinette?” A confused voice she had been hoping to avoid calling out. 


Marinette tensed up, slowly turned around to face the emerald green eyes of Adrien Agreste. 


Who was currently shirtless. 


That made sense, she supposed. This was a dressing area for the models. How on earth could she have supposed this was empty? 


“A-Adrien?” Marinette croaked, immediately making eye contact with his chest before blushing furiously, “I’m so sorry I didn’t know.” 


She stared at his surprised eyes before suddenly becoming aware of how hot it was in here. 


“I should go-“ Marinette muttered awkwardly, turning to leave. 


“Stay!” He cried out, “I mean, it’’s okay. It was obviously an accident.” 


Marinette faced him once more, a curious glint in her eyes, “Yeah it was. I was trying to dodge someone.” She gave a guilty stare before scooping her expression once more. 


His shoulders fell, “Me.” 


“Yes-“ Marinette gestured frantically, hastily correcting herself, “No. Kind of? It’s complicated. I was hiding from Lila.” 


Adrien gave her a humourless chuckle, “Yeah makes sense. I’ve been trying to shake her off. She won’t enter my dressing room though.” 


Marinette nodded slowly in agreement, “You should lock your door. Anyone can walk in here. It’’s not safe.” 


“I can see that,” He mused, slipping on a shirt much to his dismay, “I was finishing up anyway. My shoot with Lila is done but I’m staying for Juleka.” 


“That’s kind of you,” Marinette paused, considering her words, “Why do you model with Lila? You don’t believe her lies just as much as me.” 


He rubbed his neck nervously, “It’s a long story.” 


“Let me guess, you cut another deal with her or something?” Marinette joked until she looked at Adrien and noticed the way he winced. Marinette’s jaw dropped, “No you didn’t.” 


“Yes I did,” He did weak jazz hands, and gave her a fake and sheepish smile, “ Surprise .” 


Marinette pinched the bridge of her nose, “Did you not learn your lesson the first time? What, does this have to do with  me  too?”


“Marinette, that was different-“ Adrien reached out for her. 


“No, Adrien it isn’t! You can’t keep making these choices for me-“ 


“I was trying to protect you-“ 


“By icing me out of your life?” Marinette snapped, tears falling down her eyes, “How on earth could you  possibly  think that I would be  okay  with you leaving me. You’re my best friend Adrien. I loved you and you  left  me. You can’t just...expect me to be okay with that.” 


“Pr-,” He corrected himself, “Marinette, I’m sorry.”


“What did you promise Lila, Adrien?” Marinette looked down, bangs covering her eyes. 


“Just listen-“ 


“What did you promise?” She said louder, implying it wasn’t up for discussion. 


He sighed, “I promise we could do shoots together, as long as she lets you back into school.” 


Marinette whipped up to face him, “That was  you You’re  the reason she let me back in? Are you crazy?”


“Yes!” He defended. 


Marinette’s shoulders dropped, “Adrien, why didn’t you tell me?” 


“You would tell me to stop,” He fiddled with his ring, “I can’t do that.” 


“You’re obviously uncomfortable. I can’t have you do that for my sake,” Marinette replied, eyebrows furrowed. 


“For you, I would do it a thousand times over,” His voice was barely above a whisper. 


Marinette’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help it. 


“You’re so irritating!” She exclaimed outraged, “Gosh, you’re making it so incredibly difficult to be mad right now! 


“Wait what?” He furrowed his brows, “Are you mad or are you not...mad?” 


“Adrien, I’m furious!” Marinette laughed humourlessly, “I’m mad you didn’t tell me anything, I’m mad you couldn’t say it to my face, I’m mad you left me. I’m mad you keep on protecting me but you’re paying the price. That’s not fair!” She marched towards him, grabbing a fistful of his t-shirt so they were ground level, “Chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s not at your expense.” 


She let go of his t-shirt, “I have to go help Juleka. I’ll see you.” 


Adrien stood there speechless, blushing at their close proximity. 


She walked towards the exit, “I forgive you, Adrien. I appreciate what you’ve done for me. But I want you to think about that. Tell Kagami the same. I don’t want problems, and I believe in her, no matter what she’s done.” 


She opened the door and Adrien blurted out, “I actually broke things off with Kagami after the incident last” 


Marinette didn’t turn around to face him, “I’m sorry.” 


Then she was gone. 




Luka hated every second of the photoshoot. 


Except for Juleka. He was proud of her.


But mad that she was planning on leaving him. 


Regardless, his plan was to befriend Adrien by getting him out of a tight spot. 


He just had to find- 


Ah. There she was. 


With the beginning of his plan set in motion, Luka approached Marinette. 


“Hey Mari,” Luka greeted, putting on a false smile, “How are you?”


“I’m okay,” She looked off distractedly, “Do you know where Juleka is? I have to give her these.” 


“Yeah she’s in that trailer,” He pointed to one in the distance. He gave her the most thoughtful expression he could muster, “Are you sure you’re okay?” 


“Yeah, I’m-“ He gave her a knowing look and she relented, “No, I’m not. Adrien is driving me insane. I fought with Kagami and he was involved...and things have been pretty awkward since then.”


“I’m so sorry Mari,” He rubbed her back soothingly, “I heard he broke up with Kagami though.” 


Marinette’s eyes widened, “Where did you hear that?” 


“Oh, secrets always come around,” Luka gave a slight glance to the wall which Lila Rossi was currently hiding behind, listening in on their conversation as soon as Marinette said she wasn’t okay. 


She was predictable but useful. 


“Well, I hope they’re both okay. Honestly, I do but I have a bigger issue with his behaviour towards me, more than anything else,” Marinette trilled her lips in frustration. 


“Do you want to talk about it?” Luka inquired. 


“No, it’s okay,” Marinette nodded determinedly, “We have to go help Juleka.” 


“After you,” He bowed dramatically, letting her pass in front of him so he could watch the swish of Lila’s sausage hair, running off towards the crowd. 


This was going to be great. 


Overall, the photoshoot was going great.


Juleka looked incredible in all of Marinette’s designs, but his personal preference was the one with the pansy sewed in the skirt. 


It was a short-sleeve purple, plaid, crop jacket on a black mesh t-shirt tucked into a black jean skirt with a hanging silver chain and matching belt. She wore fishnets and knee-high, black boots. Her hair was put up in space buns, with two strands left out to frame her face, showing off her purple highlights. Her outfit was adorned with black pieces of jewelry including a black choker. 


She wore many other incredible outfits, but that was his personal preference. He knew how much detail Marinette had put into it. 


He watched as Juleka silently watched all the people at the shoot. 


“Are you okay?” Adrien asked, walking up next to her. 


“There are so many people,” She mumbled. 


“You’re going to be great,” Adrien comforted. 


Instead, his words had the complete opposite effect and she started panting. 


“Hey, hey, I need you to breath,” He watched as she started to have a panic attack, crumbling to the floor, unsure what to do, “Do you want me to get Luka?” He got up to leave but she grasped his hand and he understood her meaning although no words were exchanged. 


“O-Okay. I need you to listen to me, Juleka. You are going to go out there, and you are going to be great. I believe in you, okay? Just between me and you, you’re going to be one of the best models here,” He winked, “I can already tell. You’re pretty and you have a lot of talent. It’s something that you’re passionate about, and that’s not something anyone can take away from you,” Her breathing started to slow back to normal and he continued, “You’ve got this.” 


He helped her back up and she gave him a quick hug, “Thank you, Adrien,” She whispered, a smile on her face before she ran over to Marinette, who stood there wide-eyed as she watched the entire exchange. 


They made eye contact for a brief second, but it seemed like time slowed down. 


He could stare into her eyes for days- 


Maybe he would take her dancing. As Chat Noir. She seemed to take a liking better to him than Adrien at the moment. 


She tore her gaze away from him to focus with Juleka, as they exchanged a few words. 


It was Juleka’s time to shine.



Juleka, in fact, did shine. 


His talk with her must have helped because she absolutely  dominated  the shoot. The pictures came out perfect, Marinette’s designs were complimented and she just fit the job. 


Vincent wanted her to return for a gig soon and he was so incredibly happy for her. She came and thanked him after, although she did most of the work. 


He’s never seen her be so comfortable before. It was a really nice feeling to see how happy the gig made her feel. Vincent was practically  begging  for her to join them again. 


To which she accepted. 


There was no doubt Juleka would make a fantastic model. 


That wasn’t the issue though. 


The issue was when- surprise, surprise- he was chatting with Marinette and congratulating her on the success of her designs, and how popular they were among the people at the shoot. 


“Mari! Everyone loved your outfits!” He cheered, “I’m so happy for you!” 


“Thanks, Adrien,” She smiled kindly, “I’m so happy they liked it! It took so long.” 


“I bet, but you can see how much effort you put into it,” He nodded. 


“I sure hope so,” She breathed out, “I-“ 


They were interrupted by two of his fellow models He recognized the two girls as Diane and Camille. 


“Oh my gosh Adrien, we are so sorry for what happened to you,” Diane cried out. 


“It’s so tragic,” Camille chimed in. 


Adrien and Marinette gave each other a matching puzzled look, “Um, I’m sorry. What are you talking about?” 


“How you broke up with your girlfriend!” Diane explained. 


“Yeah that fencing girl of yours,” Camille pulled up, “What’s her name?” 


“Kagami?” Adrien looked super perplexed, matching Marinette’s dumbfounded expression. 


“Yes!” The two girls exclaimed in unison. 


“What?” Adrien’s blood went cold, “Who told you?” 


“I don’t know, some girl,” Camille examined her nails. 


The only person he told was...




She wouldn’t do that though!




He turned to her as the same thought occurred to her and he could see the panic flashing across her eyes as she tried to decide when she could have accidentally slipped it. 


Yet something told him it wasn't her. 


“If you need us for anything, let us know!” Diana encouraged. 


“Exactly,” Camille agreed, “We’re here for you.” 


They waved goodbye making their exit when Adrien whipped around to face Marinette, “This is bad. This is bad. This is really, really bad-“ 


“I didn’t say anything,” Marinette put her hands up in surrender, “I promise.”


“That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried about-“ He never got to finish that sentence, his eyes frantic. 


The paparazzi chose that moment to come marching in, flashing dozens of cameras in their faces and handing them microphones. 






“Adrien, is it true that you broke up with your girlfriend?” 


“Is this a scandal? Did you break up with your girlfriend for this girl right here,” one reporter asked, pointing to Marinette. 


Adrien stood there frantically as the paparazzi continued to close in on him. 


Then a voice saved him. 


From behind a group of people, a person shouted, “Hey, is that the cool, new model wearing a super original outfit?” 


Immediately, the presses attention flicked towards Juleka. 


“Pssst-“ Luka whispered to Adrien, motioning to the back door. 


Adrien followed his line of thought, realizing his escape plan. He nodded, sneaking him out. 


“Is your bodyguard here?” Luka asked as soon as Adrien made it out. 




“I can take you home,” Luka shrugged. 


"Are you sure?" Adrien's eyebrows furrowed.


"Yeah, you helped Juleka get her dream job," Luka put his hands in his pocket. 


“Thanks for the quick save. Is there anything I can do for you?” Adrien offered. 


“Nah, you don’t have to.“ Luke rejected the offer politely. 


"No, I insist," Adrien's eyes lit up, "You could come over! I don't think I've gotten the chance to be friends with you, other than mutual occasions." 


"Would your father be mad?" Luka asked, deep in thought although Adrien didn't notice, "I can't stay for long anyway since I have to get back and bring Juleka home. She'd kill me if I let you get mauled by paparazzi." 


"Nah, he's been cooler about who I hang out with recently. I've got a spare guitar somewhere in the house."


"In that case," Luka grinned, "It would be my genuine pleasure." 


Chapter Text

A tall woman with midnight hair and a red streak, in a tight bun, greeted them upon entry. She clutched her tablet tightly to her chest. 


“Adrien, I didn’t know you were bringing a friend,” She attempted to school her expression, but Luka could see right through her. 


“It was a last-minute arrangement, Nathalie,” Adrien explained. 


“I won’t stay for long, don’t worry,” Luka smiled and he could see the hidden sigh of relief behind her professional manner. 


“Very well then,” the lady named Nathalie nodded. 


She turned to walk around right when a notification dinged and Nathalie froze, like a deer caught in headlights. 


Suddenly, she whipped around, her glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose crookedly from the movement, “Adrien I need to talk to you urgently.” 


“Can it wait, Nathalie?” Adrien slumped. 


“Nope. Not at all. Follow me, quickly,” She hissed. 


“Okay,” He turned to face Luka, “I’m sorry, this should only take a second.” 


“No worries,” He shrugged. 


Adrien followed Nathalie, who was hastily shuffling towards another room, “Make yourself at home!” He called out. 


Luka chuckled, “Thanks, man.” 


As soon as Adrien and Nathalie were out of earshot, he slipped into the nearest room. 


It seemed to be a very fancy office, and he assumed it belonged to Gabriel. 


Strangely, he wasn’t in there. 


How odd. 


Regardless, he figured there had to be something about Adrien here. 


He turned around, facing a large portrait of a pretty blonde woman, with emerald green eyes. Adrien resembled her, so he assumed it was his mother. 


Of course, the  picture-perfect  model has a  picture-perfect  family. 


It made Luka want to puke. He knew Adrien’s father was a dictator but at least he was there. 


He touched the side of the painting. 


Adrien was so dramatic. He complained about all his hardships and problems, and yet he has no idea what other people go through. How other people suffer. 


He had no right to complain. He had everything! The girl, the fame, the love. And yet it was never enough. 


No, he was going to be doing everyone a favour. Sparing everyone of his horribleness. 


He had the audacity to act all  kind  and  innocent,  like the cinnamon roll model boy that no one could hate. 


Spoiler Alert, the man had more haters than Miranda Sings. 


Luka didn’t want to be the villain. 


But sometimes, he had to do the job no one else was willing to do. 


He  loathed  Adrien Agreste. 


He loathed the way everyone took pity on him because of his “rough” family. He hated how everyone idolized him because of his fame. He hated how he basked in the glory and continued to take from others. He was so multitalented and yet, he cared so little for everyone else. 


But what he hated most, was his eyes. 


His emerald green eyes rendered Marinette speechless every time she made eye contact with him. 


His emerald green eyes shone with sorrow and pain although he knew  none


Those  annoying  green eyes. 


The same green eyes he was currently staring into. 


God, he hated those green eyes. 


“Pathetic,” He snarled, trying to poke Emilie in the eyes, to rid himself of the sight. 


Wait a dam minute. 


Now, Luka was a guitarist. He had a deep connection with his music. And music was  technically  a type of art. 


He liked to call it his  inner artistry. 


And if his inner artistry taught him to be anything, it was to be  intuitive. 


That was how he knew that the painting was  hollow


That meant something was behind it! 


Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you? ” He sang to himself quietly as he searched for a way to open the painting. 


He eventually tried pulling it open like a door and there it was. A lovely, beautiful safe. 


It was times like this that Luka was thankful he binged all the Marvel movies in his spare time. 


Particularly, Ant-Man. And if that man taught him anything, it was that all safes are meant to be open. 


They can be cracked. 


And Luka was a musical person... 


In conclusion, Luka knew how to open a safe. 


He pressed his ears against the safe, clicking it sideways until he hit the right combination. It was like listening to a beat, and he just had to find the right notes. 


“25...right,” He murmured, as he heard the gears clack and shift, “12...left. And 17 right.” 


That was when he heard a large click and he smirked, “ Open sesame. ” 


Thank you, Scott Lang. 


He opened the safe without a hassle and inside, he found a book with a familiar symbol as well as an iPad, amongst some other things. 


That symbol on the book though... 


He retrieved the book, flipping through the pages. 


Wait. This book was full of miraculous holders in outfits from different eras. 


What the hell?


That’s why the symbol was so familiar! It’s the same logo as the one on the box the snake miraculous was in when he first received it. 


Why would Adrien, or Gabriel Agreste have a book about the miraculous? And keep it in a safe no less? This didn’t make any sense! 


Marinette should have this book, not them. 


The only person two people that had any ties to the miraculous are likely to have something related to it would be Hawkmoth or Chat Noir. 


But that was insane,  right?  Chat Noir wouldn’t keep this important book in a safe, he would have given it to Ladybug. His trust in her was  immaculate. 


And Adrien’s had a miraculous before. So that wouldn’t work. 


So, the only other option was that...Gabriel Agreste was Hawkmoth.


Well, it’s not the craziest thing he’s learned these past couple of weeks. Clumsy Marinette was Ladybug, so anything was possible. 


Besides, Gabriel was around the age to be having a mid-life crisis and terrorizing Paris. 


But why would he do that? What would he hope to gain?


He flipped through the book and came across a page with the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous and a picture of a purple, glowing man. 


This looked interesting. This person...he looked like he had a lot of power. 


He had a theory, but he had to be sure. 


Besides, there was always more to learn. He just wanted to make sure that Gabriel Agreste was Hawkmoth. 


You can never be too safe. 


He snapped a few pictures of the grimoire, before slipping it back into its place in the safe. 


He contemplated keeping it but figured Gabriel would notice it was missing. That iPad was interesting too, especially since that mysterious book was written in some ancient language. 


Gabriel was a rich and powerful man. He probably decided it by now. In a house this big and technologically advanced, he assumed he would have a virtual copy. 


He opened the iPad, his thievery skills coming into play as he blew on the screen protector and could see the most used combination. 


He slipped through the photos but a few, in particular, caught his eye. 


A translated copy of the book, just as he expected. He downloaded it, emailing it to himself before deleting it from the sent file. That way they would never see it. 


He then nearly put the iPad back. 


There was one more thing he needed.  


Hawkmoth had a lair. A cute, little, butterfly lair. 


“If I were an evil butterfly villain,” Luka murmured to him, closing the portrait of Emilie before tracing it was one finger, “Where would my lair be?” He paused right around her face, “I assume I would have my most secret belongings close to me, in the same place. I wouldn’t want them too far.” 


He kept moving his finger across the painting until it got stuck in a little circle, “Jackpot,” He grinned before finding the other one. 


He clicked one then the other, and when nothing changed he tried clicking both of them at the same time. 


That’s when the floor opened, sending him down a tube, like Gru in Despicable Me. 


“Yeah, this isn’t sketchy at all,” He cheered sarcastically, “Gosh, Paris needs better villains.” 


The elevator led him to a big hallway, with a stained glass window in a butterfly pattern at the very end. There was a green area in the center of the lair, with bushes, trees and butterflies flying about, as well as a mysterious white pod. It was surrounded by a moat and a bridge connected to the center.


It was actually a pretty bougie lair. 


He felt bad for the more construction worker that built this. 


He shrugged, “Not bad.” 


He climbed out of the elevator, walking towards the little garden area. 


The white pod had his curiosity. 


It was only upon reaching it that he realizing it looked like a coffin. 


A coffin with  cool glass , but still a coffin. The windows were tinted. 


He looked around the base of the casket, and he came across a button at the foot of it. He clicked it and the glass turned transparent revealing the body of...


His jaw dropped. 


It was Emilie Agreste. 


She was alive? Or, well, was she?? If she was dead, her body wouldn’t be in this good of a condition. 


She seemed to be in a deep sleep. 


So if she wasn't dead but look like she was sleeping, she was comatose. 


That’s it. 


The puzzle pieces clicked together in his head as he connected the dots, all of Gabriel Agreste/ Hawkmoth’s actions making sense. 


It was his  love . His love for Emilie. 


He wanted her back. 


But, why would he want the miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir? 


He didn’t know yet, but he figured the newly translated book he had would explain how. 


He wanted Hawkmoth gone. He couldn’t have him messing up his plans or attempting to Akumatize him. 


Besides, this offered a renewed plan for him. 


Gabriel’s love for Emilie would be his downfall. That’s what this all was. 


But now, Luka had the opportunity to turn the tides. 


Hawkmoth would no longer be an issue.  


He slipped back into the elevator before walking out of the door like he never left. 


He pretended he’d been outside the whole time, just as Adrien slipped out for a second, “I’m sorry, this is taking a while.0 


Luka shrugged it off, “No worries. I’ve got to go now though. See yeah!” 


“Yeah, bye!” Adrien called out, as Luka left the Agreste manor. 


He came for dirt, but he received a lot more than he bargained for. 



“You want to what?” Marinette asked, bewildered. 


“I want to go dancing in the moonlight. With you,” Chat Noir repeated, making it clear. 


“Like...right now? Her eyebrows furrowed. 


“Yes ma’am! I know a great place, you’ll love it. And, I know for a fact that you’re design free,” His tail swished excitedly and he grinned happily, “It will be so fun cat’s honour.” 


Marinette sighed, “Fine. As long as it’s quiet, and just because it’s you that’s asking me.” 


“Thank you!” He cheered, taking her by the hand and leading her to the rooftop, “Shall we?” 


Marinette took his hand, “We shall.” 

Chapter Text

Marinette thought he had been joking. 


But when he took her to one of those quiet gazebo areas that blasted music, she couldn’t believe her eyes. 


Chat must do a lot of nice things for lots of Parisians because the owner of this outdoor gazebo was more than happy to lend it out to him. 


It was beautiful. 


There weren’t any doors or windows, except for the criss-cross patterns in the ceiling, that allowed the moonlight to filter in. 


“Wow,” Marinette whistled, “I thought you were joking.” 


“Oh never, princess,” Chat Noir put an arm to his chest, “Chat’s honour.” 


“How many nice things do you do for people, Chat?” Marinette questioned, taking in the view. 


He shrugged, “People need my help so I help them. I honestly never thought they would appreciate it that much.” 


“Give yourself some credit,” She smiled, “You do a lot of nice things for people.” 


He chuckled, “I like making the people happy.” 


“That’s just what a hero would say,” Marinette gave him a kind smile. 


“Shall we dance?” He bowed. 


“To what song?” Marinette raised a brow, walking towards him. 


“I have a playlist with a bunch of throwback songs on it. Why don’t we try that?” Chat offered. 


Marinette teased, “What’s your taste in music like? Disney songs with a  hint  of romance? Maybe some Baby Shark?”


“Ha ha ha,” He remarked sarcastically, “If you must know my Disney Song playlist is called  Hakuna Matata  and I reserve it for when I’m in my feels.” 


Marinette snorted, “Understandable.” 


He opened his baton, setting it upright and licking the playlist. The first song that played was  Hips Don’t Lie  by Shakira. 


“Oh my gosh, I love this song!” Marinette’s eyes lit up, “I even know the TikTok dance to it!” 


“Who doesn’t love Shakira Shakira?” Chat answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 


“Right?” Marinette agreed, grinning wildly. 


“And did you just say that you watch Tiktok?” Chat mock gasped, “Never pegged you as a TikTok girl.” 


“Oh shut up, you’re definitely on dad joke TikTok,” Marinette rolled her eyes. 


“But I never knew you could dance,” He raised a brow. 


“I don’t dance in front of people because I’m normally a walking disaster,” She quipped. 


“Well, I’m in an indestructible suit, so I think I can handle whatever you throw at me,” He grinned cheekily. 


“Never say never kitty cat,” Marinette flicked his bell, “Do you know the steps?” 


“Did you doubt it?” Chat’s lips quirked upwards in a slight smile. 


“Not at all,” She murmured. 


They fell into a familiar tango, dancing with each other in perfect sync. Never faltering and never missing a cheek. 


Marinette popped her hip, before spinning into his arms as he held her by the waist. She held his face with two of her fingers, his chin buried in the crook of her neck. 


The proximity was driving her insane. It didn’t help that the moonlight illuminated the crimson blush present on his features. 


She was losing it! 


He was just so close, and it was weirding her out. The fact that she could feel his warm breath against her skin was probably making things worse! 


It didn’t help that she felt a deep rumble in the pit of his stomach and Marinette had to stifle a giggle, “Did you just purr kitty cat?” 


“Take it as a compliment,” He murmured, “Cats purr when they are happy.” 


She whispered, “So you’re suggesting dancing with me makes you happy?” 


“Princess, every moment with you makes me happy,” He said, his voice low and deep, “But I thought you already knew that?” 


“How would I know that?” She asked quietly, still partly facing him in the situation their tangled limbs had put them in. 


“I assumed people's faces when they see you spoke for themselves,” He replied. 


She shook her head, “You overestimate me, Chaton. I’m not as incredible as you think I am.” 


He chuckled, “And you’re not at all as confident as you should be. I’m going to fix that.” 


“You can try, but I’m a hopeless cause,” She turned away from him. 


“That’s the thing,” He tilted her chin back to face him as much as she could, “For all your accomplishments, and you’re kindness and your love, you of all believe deserve to hold ty our chin up high.” 


Marinette shrugged, “That’s sweet but self-esteem is not my priority.” 


“You’re so stubborn,” He huffed, “I’m going to take it upon myself to remind you every day of the incredible person you are Mari. Of who you’ve  become .” 


The song changed to  Its Gonna Be Me  by NSYNC, and he spun her around, before dipping her then setting her upright, his hands holding her waist and her hands resting against his chest. 


She felt a deep, low sound rumbling in the pit of his stomach. 


His purring was adorable, but it didn’t match the butterflies flying in her own stomach. 


“And what about you?” Marinette whispered, “When will you admit that you’re crucial to the safety of Paris?” 


“Never,” He snorted, “Because I’m not.” 


“Wrong answer, that’s an absolute lie,” Marinette responded instantly. 


“It’s not. Ladybug does all the work,” Chat moved Marinette’s arms around his neck so she would be comfortable, not because he loved her warmth. 


“What's wrong, you sacrifice yourself almost every day to save Paris. Ladybug wouldn’t have been able to use her cure if it weren’t for you,” Marinette muttered indignantly, staring into his bright green eyes, unable to pull away, “Parisians are eternally grateful to for that.” 


“I’m not on the same level as her, Mari. I’m just Chat Noir,” He chuckled self-deprecatingly. 


“That's wrong,” She murmured, tilting his head down to face her, “Everyone, including Ladybug, think of you as her partner. As her equal.” 


“And what would you say I am to you Marinette?” He whispered. 


The question so important and delicate and yet, they weren’t supposed to treat it as so. Not even as he leaned in towards her, watching the light bounce off her bluebell eyes. 


“A hero,” She murmured, entranced by his spell, “ My  hero.” 


Baby, when you finally 


“That’s quite the accomplishment wouldn’t you say?” He joked, causing her to giggle. 


Get to love somebody 


“Well,” She hummed, “I suppose you’ve always been my hero.” 


Guess what. 


“That’s all I want.”


It’s Gonna Be Me. 


He closed the distance, kissing her softly but tentatively. It was as if she was porcelain and she would break, and he seemed so scared. As if she might change her mind and push him away. 


By the time he pulled back, his eyes were wide and he waved frantically, “I’m so sorry! You just looked so pretty and I really, really wanted to kiss you-“ He continued to babble but she tuned him out, too busy with her own thoughts. 


He drove her  crazy


He was just so spontaneous, romantic, sweet and kind. He was  perfect  and it was so incredibly  unfair  because she  knew  it was a bad idea.


She cared for him, more than he could possibly understand but she had the  world  to think about, even the safety of the entire universe. 


This relationship could literally be  cataclysmic


But the way he looked at her... made her want to screw the universe over. He looked at her like he was the only woman in the world like she was the sun the moon and the stars.



He guided her when she needed him to. It wasn’t anyone else besides her loyal and loving partner. The thought of seeing him left her stomach somersaulting and excitement flooding her veins. No matter what guise she wore, he always managed to be there for her, right when she needed him to. 


It was remarkable and so incredibly endearing. 


Marinette had been falling. 


And she had been falling  hard  for her partner. 


“Chat,” Marinette interrupted, “That kiss was okay.” 


Chat stopped mid-sentence, a smile slowing creeping up onto his face, “Really?” 


“Yes really,” She giggled, as he leaned in to steal another kiss. 


She stopped him, pressing a finger to his lips, and she whispered, “But can we take things slow? I’m still getting over Adrien and Luka and the last thing I want to do is hurt you.” 


At the mention of Adrien, he recoiled from her as if she burned him and he shook his head, “I can’t do this.” 


Marinette’s heart sank to her stomach, “What are you talking about?” 


“Marinette, I’ve hurt you before and I can’t do it again,” He shook his head frantically, “I can’t pretend like everything is okay because I don’t deserve you, I don’t-“ 


“Chat, it’s  okay . You’ve never hurt me Minou, and there’s nothing you could have done that I wouldn’t forgive you for,” She rubbed his shoulder soothingly but he pulled her off him lightly. 


“Marinette, if I told you who I was you would hate me. You wouldn’t be able to stand me. I can’t live through that, I can’t do that,” Tears gleamed in his eyes. 


“I could never hate you, I could never-“ She made direct eye contact with him, watching the pain and grief behind his eyes. 


She couldn’t understand why he was acting this way! Acting as if he hurt her or she would be repulsed by him. As if she was mad at him. 


Seconds ago, he had just kissed her! What was with the sudden switch? 


She pulled him by the bell, crashing her lips against his, kissing him deeply. His eyes widened before he melted into it, sighing into her lips. She felt his fresh tears fall against her skin and his gloved hands cupping her cheek. 


She pulled back, still holding him by the bell, “I love you Chat Noir.” 


His eyes lit up and for a split second, she watched the excitement flash across his features. 


Then his expression fell and she could feel her heartache. 


He croaked, as if the words physically pained him, “I can’t put you in danger Mari. You’re too important to me.” 


She tasted her salty tears as she fell from her eyes and she sniffled, “Goodnight Chat Noir.” 


“Mari, wait-“ Chat reached out for her but she was already gone, sprinting away from him at full speed. 


That was the day Chat Noir broke the heart of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. 

Chapter Text

Marinette hated everything. 


Okay, that was an exaggeration. 


She hated her feelings. Mainly because they were so overly complicating. 


That was why she was sitting in her room, watching romcoms, eating ice cream and calling Alya. 


“Girl, are you sure you don’t want me to come?” Alya asked over the phone, watching her friend over FaceTime garble down a brownie sundae, “I can postpone with Nino another day.” 


“Alya, this is dinner with his parents. If you have a loving relationship like that, don’t waste it,” She sniffled. 


“Alright then,” She winced, “I’ll visit you ASAP. Things will get better! I still don’t even know the full story.” 


“It’s a long and complicated one,” She said with a spoon full of ice cream, “One, I’m not quite interested in sharing.” 


“You are so lucky to having an amazing metabolism comes with being the superheroine of Paris, because girl, I wish-“ Alya watched in awe as Marinette opened up a tub of ice cream, “Tomorrow I’ll buy you that chocolate you love.” 


“Thank you,” She grumbled out in between a mouth full of ice cream. 


“Tikki? I can’t hear or see you through this, but um, next time I come I’m paying you for Marinette's therapy sessions,” Alya snorted, trying to lighten the mood. 


“Tikki says ‘thank you,’” Marinette glared daggers at Alya, “And I am much too miserable for jokes.” 


“Just be careful, okay? I don’t want you to get akumatized,” Alya’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. 


“That’s sweet but I’m clutching one of the charms that stop people from getting akumatized,” Marinette blew her nose into a tissue, “I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon.” 


“Good,” Alya gave her a small smile, “I can patrol if you need me to, so you don’t have to see him.” 


She shook her head, “That’s sweet but I don’t want him to think that things are off with Ladybug. It could ruin our dynamic when we fight and that would be  much  worse.” 


“Fair enough,” There was a faint voice in the background and Alya turned her head before facing Marinette once more, “Listen, I have to go. Tikki will supervise you until tomorrow after school when we can chat, okay?” 


Marinette sighed, “Yeah. Thanks, Alya.” 


“No problem girl. See ya,” Alya disconnected the call. 


That was when Marinette received a text from Luka. 


Luka : Hey Marinette


Luka : So, I know things have been pretty awkward since the breakup, but I was wondering if we could hang out? Y’know, as friends?


Luka : I just want to be around you right now. 


Marinette sighed. Luka was the least problematic guy in her life at the moment. Maybe it would do her some good to hang out with him. 


She didn’t want to see Adrien or Chat Noir right now anyway... 


“What went wrong Tikki?” Marinette groaned. 


“I’m not sure Marinette, and I don’t think it’s either of your faults. You both will figure it out, I promise,” Tikki assured her, and Marinette gave her a half-smile.


She bit her lip, typing out a quick response to Luka. 


Marinette : That’d be nice. 


Luka : Great! I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7.


Marinette : Sounds good. 


Luka : :)


“I hope so.” 


Marinette’s hope went out the window when she locked herself in a closet. At school. Without Tikki. 


You guys might be thinking,  Marinette, how on earth did you do that?


Well, guys, Marinette doesn’t really know either. 


All she knew is it started when she walked into class the next day looking like the walking dead. 


She arrived early today since she was dodging a certain blonde-haired boy, but she just looked exhausted. For Marinette, this was normal, but today she looked like a total train wreck. 


Her hair was a mess, her eyes had dark bags and her socks didn’t match. 


And she had no patience for crap. 


She didn’t even bat an eye when Chloe cooed, “Aw, did you miss your beauty sleep Dupain-Cheng? You look like you need it.” 


“At least I don’t look like a clown when I leave my house,” Marinette retorted. 


Chloe made a screeching sound before gritting her teeth and marching off to her seat, Sabrina in tow. 


“That was savage,” Alya whispered, a slight grin on her face, “You might want to cool it though before you akumatize her.” 


“At this point, my luck could not get any worse,” Marinette grumbled. 


Marinette with zero filters was not a fun one. 


Especially when Lila waltzed into class and stifled a laugh upon her dishevelled state. 


She walked by Marinette, probably to make some snarky response but Marinette shut her up immediately, “I would be quiet before Hades realizes they have the perfect opening just for you.” 


Lila snapped her jaw shut, before shrugging and returning to her seat. 


“That one was well deserved,” Alya whispered to Marinette as soon as Lila was out of ear-shot. 


“Tell me about it,” Marinette gave her a small smile, resting her head against the desk. 


She was just going to take a cat nap until class started. That was all. That way she wouldn’t have to see Adrien. 


Her plan was working very well. Adrien filed into class, giving her sleeping figure a concerned glance before turning around in his seat. 


She didn’t have to look at the back of his head until class actually started, in which she tried her best to focus so she wouldn’t think of anything else. 


She failed, but that was beside the point. 


Thankfully, her art teacher knocked on the door offering her a welcome distraction. 


“Marinette, could you please go to the supply closet upstairs and retrieve some extra materials for the class later? You’re the only person that knows the exact fabric we need for our newest project, and I’d get it but I have to meet with a parent,” He explained, apologetically. 


“Sure,” She replied, leaving her things and heading upstairs. 


This is where it gets interesting. 


The art closet has a doorknob that locks from the outside, and as soon as you close the door, it fully locks. 


Marinette had been particularly careless today. 


She reached in to search for the fabric but completely forgot to put the door stopper. 


This meant that as soon as she stepped too far in, the door clicked behind her, signifying she was stuck inside. 


She turned around, her eyes wide in horror. She frantically tried to jiggle the knob but it wouldn’t budge. 


Normally, she had Tikki with her. 


Naturally, her recklessness led her to leave her bag with Tikki in it. 


In her defence, She didn’t think she would get locked in! 


In hindsight, she should have known. Anything was possible when it came to her. 


She pounded against the door frantically, screaming out for someone,  anyone. 


“Help!” She cried out but she didn’t hear receding footsteps or any sign that someone was nearby.


She sunk to the ground when her attempts were futile. The closet was far from most classrooms and the only other person to come around would be the janitor.


Someone was bound to find her, right?


“Marinette?” As if on cue, a familiar voice called from outside, “Are you in there?” 


Marinette scrambled upwards, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Chat Noir?” 


“Crap,” She heard him mutter under his breath before she saw a faint flash of green light outside the door and she realized that he had been detransformed, “Yeah it’s me.” 


“I’m stuck,” She croaked, desperate to get out of there. 


“Hey, it's okay," He comforted her through the door, "I'm going to get you out." 


She heard him call for cataclysm, destroying the handle and leaving her with multiple questions flying through her head. 


She should thank him for saving her. She honestly had been scared. They should talk things out. 


But as soon as he opened the closet door and she saw his gorgeous face, the first thing that came to her mind was “What the hell?” 


His eyes widened and he shuffled into the closet next to her, closing the door although it was broken, “Can you keep it down so we don’t get caught?” 


“What are you doing here?” She spluttered, “Are you stalking me?!” 


“No!” He gestured frantically, “I just-, you were gone for a while and-“ 


“How on earth would you know that?” She demanded. 


“I wasn’t-“ 


“You are not someone I’d like to see right now,” She hissed. 


His cat ears dropped, “I’m sorry. You were in trouble and I just wanted to help.” 


“You shouldn’t even be here!” She exclaimed, their voices rising. 


“I just wanted to talk with you!” He tried to reason with her, “We haven’t talked since the night you left and I was hesitant to visit you!” 


“You mean, the night you  broke  my heart all over again after I confided in you? After I trusted you? After I  loved  you?” She spat the words out with venom. 


“It’s not like you're in love with me,” He muttered quietly, "There's a very big difference." 


Her eyes widened in rage, “How would you know what I was feeling? It doesn't matter anyway because we’re never going to find out.” 


His ears perked up at the insinuation and he whispered softly, “Princess, I didn’t  mean  to hurt you.” 


“Oh, that’s rich,” She snorted humourlessly, “You thought breaking my heart  wouldn’t  hurt me.” 


“That's why I freaked out when you kissed me,” He ran a hand through his hair, “Don’t you get it? I’m lying to you and I keep hurting you and I’m not trying to. I couldn't build a relationship with you based on that.” 


“Then be honest with me. Tell me what you want,” She shouted, “I'm tired of games. You’re not the Riddler!” 


“This shouldn’t be this complicated!” 


“But it is! I can’t deal with this right now, Chat. Why are you  here,  at my school, to get me out of a closet I accidentally locked myself in?” Marinette rubbed her temple, attempting to soothe the migraine this conversation was causing. 


“I said I was worried!” 


“That’s not an excuse!” 


“Marinette, I’m trying to explain but you’re being so stubborn and it’s so-“ He gestured wildly, “Infuriating  and  irresistible! How the hell do you do that?” 


“You tell me,” She leaned in, both of them visibly angry but the way they came into close proximity with each other suggested otherwise, “I don’t know what I was thinking. We’re not right for each other!” 


He frowned, pulling away from her, “Mari, I care a whole lot about you. I’m sorry for kissing you and then abandoning you. I shouldn’t have done that.” 


She crossed her arms, “It seems to be a pattern.” 


“But Princess, you have to understand I-” Chat was interrupted.


That's when it went to hell. 


“Marinette? Adrien? Are you two in there?” A third voice from outside called. 


Another voice chimed in, “Yeah dudes, you’ve both been gone for a while and we heard yelling.” 




Marinette barely had time to register the name, or the way Chat’s eyes widened bigger than saucers. 


Marinette’s brain continued the compute the new information while Chat searched for all possible exits as if he would rather be anywhere but there. 


He used his cataclysm already, and his one exit was blocked by people. 


Well. He was going to tell her sooner or later. 


Chat sighed, whispering, “This is not how you were supposed to find out.” 


She looked at him with wide eyes as the doorknob slowly opened. 


“Claws in,” He murmured, Chat Noir’s transformation dissipating to reveal Adrien Agreste. 


Marinette could only stand there and gape when the door opened, revealing Alya, Nino, Mme. Bustier and a couple of their other classmates. 


“I think we have to fix the doorknob,” Nino suggested, staring at the broken knob. 


“That’s my bad,” Adrien winced, “Marinette was trapped in here and I couldn’t open it. I resorted to some,  ahem,  unorthodox methods. Sorry, Mme. Bustier,” Adrien apologized. 


“That’s alright Adrien, you helped Marinette and it’s a safety hazard so I understand,” She nodded understandingly, “But, why are  you  in the closet?” 


“I had to help her reach the fabric she needed,” the lie rolled off his lips effortlessly, as he gestured to the fabric she was clutching like it was her lifeline. 


But that made sense, didn’t it? 


All the lies. All the secrets. 


“Alright,” Mme. Bustier chuckled, before her eyebrows furrowed in concern, “Marinette are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” 


She shook her head, realizing questions would do neither of them any good. 


“Yeah, I’m fine, sorry. Just being trapped in there gave me a scare,” Marinette gave her a small smile. 


“Maybe you should go home? I understand it’s frightening,” Her teacher nodded understandingly. 


“I would like that if it’s alright Mme,” She answered numbly. 


“Of course. I’ll have Alya bring you the homework later,” She nodded. 


Marinette locked eyes with her best friend, whose gaze was currently flicking between her and Adrien, giving her a knowing look. 


The entire group slowly trudged back to class, Adrien giving Marinette side glances the entire time. 


“We’re going to talk about this later,” She hissed quietly, so only he could hear. 


He nodded in response, dread building in his stomach. 


This was not going to end well. 

Chapter Text

Gabriel Agreste rubbed his temple in exhaustion. 


All the rumours about his son’s break up with Mlle. Kagami Tsurgi broke the internet. So he just had to let things sit until the story shifted over to someone else. 


He already dealt with Adrien over the subject, and his ever obedient son guaranteed that he would be quiet about it. 


He knew the breakup was going to happen anyway. Not that Gabriel cared, but he did notice the irritated side glance Adrien gave Kagami every time she was around. It was inevitable. 




He felt his miraculous brooch light up, signifying a negative emotion in Paris. 


Finally, his real fun could begin. 


He poked Emilie’s painting, activating the secret entrance and taking the elevator down to his lair. He walked through the darkness based on muscle memory alone, towards Emilie’s sleeping figure. 


That negative presence felt much too close. 


Of course, it could be Adrien but these feelings...they were pure hatred, anger and abandonement. Adrien could never fathom that even if he tried. 


Something was off. 


As the lights lit up the darkness with each step he took, he gasped in horror when he saw that Emilie’s pod was open. She still looked so peaceful, so happy...


Except now, there was a hooded figure standing over her, a knife pressed to her throat. 


He grabbed hold of his tie, ready to transform. 


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” The figure suggested, his cold voice echoing throughout the room, “You may be fast-“ He pointed to Gabriel’s brooch, still hidden under his tie, “But I’m faster,” He motioned to the knife near Emilie. 


“You’re bluffing,” Gabriel challenged.


“Perhaps,” The man mused, “Are you willing to take that bet?” 


“What do you want?” Gabriel growled, “Money? Cash?” 


“You know what I want,” The figure paused for dramatic effect. “ Hawkmoth .”  


Gabriel’s eyes widened, although by now he should have known. The figure was dress in a black trench coat, and a black fedora, covering his face. 


“Or should I say Shadowmoth? You always have had a flair for the dramatic Mr. Agreste,” the man continued. 


He quickly schooled his expression, “And who might you be?” 


“Ah, Ah, Ah,” He wagged his finger, “That’s for me to know, and you to find out.” 


“I’ve met you before,” Gabriel answered, “Your emotions are familiar. They’re just stronger.” 


“Stop changing the subject,” The figure’s tone turned sharp and icy, “I’m going to frank with you Gabriel, I’m not after your wife. As a matter of fact, I have a much loftier goal in mind, and it’s something you could never achieve.” 


“You want the miraculous,” Gabriel followed his train of thought. 


“Oh no . I want revenge . I want to be a hero. You want to save your wife,” The knife glinted in the darkness and he pressed it closer to Emilie’s throat, “That’s your weakness , Gabriel. It’s why you could never succeed. Love . Love is a weakness. It’s your downfall.” 


Gabriel’s eyebrows hardened, and his lips pressed in a thin line. If this guy wasn’t threatening his wife, he should team up with him. He narrowed his eyes, “So, you want the Miracle Box?” 


The man chuckled, “No, I already have that. I want your miraculous,” The figure’s joking tone switched to a menacing one, “Paris is suffering because of you. I’m doing them a favour. Give me your miraculous, or Emilie dies.” 


He watched him dig the knife closer to her throat and Gabriel cried out, “Okay! Okay, you can have them, just, don’t hurt her.” 


He could hear the masked man’s snarky expression, “Excellent choice, Gabriel. Just take both of them off and give it to me.” 


He took off his tie, touched his miraculous before pausing, “How do I know you won’t hurt her anyway?”


“I told you, killing your wife does me no harm nor does it benefit me. If I kill her, well , it’s a lose-lose situation,” He sucked his teeth, “And I don’t think you want that. So come along, right in the palm of my hand.” 


Gabriel obliged, hesitantly approaching the man. 


“Nooroo, Duusu, I renounce you,” Gabriel sighed. The kwami’s gave each other knowing looks before dropping the miraculous in his hand. 


“Excellent,” He grinned, retracting the knife from Emilie’s throat, “As promised.”


Gabriel let out a huge sigh of relief, cradling his wife’s body. 


“Gabriel, your wish is too costly. It could have killed you in exchange, maybe your son or your assistant,” The man shook his head, “You need to think smaller before you can think bigger.” 


“How did you plan this?” Gabriel choked, “We could have been a team.” 


“Aw, no. No, we couldn’t have,” the man chuckled, the noise sending a chill up his spine, “The difference between you and me is that I have power. K nowledge .” 


The figure retreated towards the elevator, his trench coat blocking flying behind him, “Oh, and congratulations M. Agreste,” He tipped his hat, stepping into the elevator, “Your duties as supervillain of Paris has been relieved. This lair is no longer suited for your needs.” 


The mysterious man smirked, “It’s mine.” 

“So, let me get this straight,” Alya rubbed her temples, already feeling a migraine coming on, “You went dancing under the stars with Chat Noir, literally basking under the moonlight and he kisses you, then you ask to take things slow and he jumps back. Then you kiss him, you tell him that you love him and he tells you he ‘can’t do this.'” 


“That’s not all...” Marinette trailed off. 


“What else then?” Alya’s eyebrows furrowed. 


“I figured out his identity,” Marinette rubbed her arm sheepishly, “And now I’m conflicted.” 


“You WHAT?” Alya exclaimed, eyes popping out of their sockets. 


“Oops?” Marinette gave her a sheepish smile.


“‘Oops?’” Alya repeated, “What do you mean ‘oops?’” 


“I mean oops, you want to hear it Spanish? Ups ,” Marinette grumbled. 


“Marinette...” Alya took a seat next to her, “How the hell did you find out?” 


Marinette buried her face in her hands, “He told me, Alya. We were stuck in a situation where he had to tell me.” 


“Is that why you’ve been acting weirder than usual today?” Alya rubbed her back soothingly. 


Marinette nodded weakly, “Yeah.” 


“So Chat Noir is Adrien then,” Alya stated, matter-of-factly. 


Marinette whipped towards Alya, “How did you...?” 


“I’m not an idiot. That door was obviously cataclysmed,” She shrugged, “I’m Ladybug’s best friend. You were going to tell me anyway.” 


Marinette opened her mouth to protest before quickly shutting it since Alya was right, “Fair enough.” 


“But you’re mad at Adrien for the whole Kagami thing, aren’t you?” Alya inquired. 


“Yes and no! It makes sense why he would agree because he started visiting me as Chat at around the same time. It hurts that he would agree to it, but I can kind of understand it from his perspective,” She thought out loud, “It doesn’t justify his actions, but it at least seems more in character.” 


“And what are your thoughts on the fact that Adrien Agreste is Chat Noir?” Alya crossed her fingers like a therapist. 


Marinette hummed, “Well, I suppose it makes sense? Honestly, they’ve both been acting strange recently, and I think it’s because of the guilt Chat harbours as Adrien, he felt bad lying to me because he hurt me as Adrien. I’m just annoyed he didn’t tell me the promise he made with Kagami, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal."


“So it doesn’t matter to you anymore?” Alya’s eyebrows furrowed. 


“It does but not as much if that makes any sense?” Marinette tried to communicate her thoughts. 


“I’m so confused,” Alya muttered, bewildered. 


Marinette gave her an apologetic look, “What I mean is, I’m mad that he thought I wouldn’t care about when he’s Adrien, and that he stopped talking to me, but the entire idea of fighting over a guy with Kagami is pathetic. That’s why I didn’t really say anything back to her because it’s petty. I was more upset that he thought our friendship could be forgotten so quickly.” 


Alya nodded, “Now that makes sense. I know you can take Kagami down any day too,” She winked. 


Marinette giggled, “Thanks, Alya. With you in my corner, I can’t lose.” 


“You got that right,” She grinned, “But you didn’t answer my question.” 


“Alya, he's...amazing," Marinette sighed wistfully causing Alya to smirk, "The fact that he's the goofy and adorable partner I fell in love with four years ago is an added bonus. He's sweet, kind, loving, respectful, brave, handsome, smart and courageous. He's so genuine! And it took me a while to realize it, but I fell for Chat Noir a long time ago.” 


“So it sounds to me like you’re going to go for it,” Alya smiled encouragingly. 


Marinette frowned, “When I say it out loud, it sounds like it, but honestly Alya? Everything is so complicated right now. I know where I stand, but I have no idea where he is. Not to mention the kiss , and the hanging out. It felt magical and perfect but right now, it's not.” She buried her head in her hands, "He recently left Kagami, and you mean to tell me that suddenly he’s into me? I just can’t wrap my head around that. I’m tired of games. I’m waiting for honest, genuine emotion. Love . And when he feels that for me, I’ll know .” 


Alya wiped away mock tears, “ Bravo , that was just, mwah! So poetic.” 


Marinette playfully bumped her shoulder, “I have a future in poetry.” 


“I can tell,” Alya mused. 


“I don’t think I’m mad at him but I’m certainly frustrated. We need to talk but I honestly don’t know what to say,” She mocked her own words with her hands, “‘I love you but you don’t feel the same way and things are a mess right now?’ I’m broken, Alya and those scars will heal it’s just...a lot to take in.” 

“So you’re going to forgive him just” Alya raised a brow. 


She sighed, “I think so. Now I just need to tell him.” Her cellphone dinged, “Oh, I have to go. I just got a text from Luka saying he’s going to be here in twenty.” 


“Luka?” Alya spluttered, “When did that happen?!” 


Relax, we’re hanging out as just friends,” Marinette assured her. 


“Good, because I think something’s off with him. I just don’t know what,” Alya pondered. 


“Maybe you’re just being paranoid but I’ll be careful just for you,” Marinette teased, “Thanks for the pep talk Alya. I love you.” 


“Aight Imma head out now,” Alya joked and Marinette whined, “Just kidding, I love you too, girl. I’ll see you.” 


Well, Marinette had a fun afternoon planned. 


It was even more fun when she heard the clicking of metal boots landing on her balcony.  Right before she was supposed to meet with Luka. 


She sighed.


It had to happen sometime. 


Marinette climbed out onto her balcony, instead of letting him in. 


“Marinette,” Chat Noir greeted, barely looking into her eyes. 


“Adrien,” She answered, the name slipping from her lips, letting her know that this was real. 


His ears drooped, his tail switching agitatedly, “You’re mad.” 


“Not really, no,” Marinette disagreed, “I’m more frustrated.” 


“Why is that?” He dodged her gaze. 


“Well, the whole Kagami situation makes sense. Or at least, why you would agree is slightly more understandable,” Marinette answered, “And it stings that I fell for you twice, and you rejected me that many times. Although, you initiated the second situation.” 


“I’m sorry,” He looked close to tears, curling in on himself, “I tried to make it work with Kagami and I didn’t know she was going to isolate me from everyone. I thought I could visit you as Chat to make up for it as Adrien but I didn’t realize it would affect you both ways.” 


“I know,” Marinette hummed, “I figured it out. When we danced-“ 


“You’re an excellent dancer by the way,” He tried. 


She gave him a small smile, although he didn’t see it since he was too busy avoiding eye contact at all costs, “Thanks. As I was saying, when we danced everything felt so perfect and so right. Then you kissed me.” 


His eyes widened and he finally made eye contact with her for a split second, “Marinette, about the kiss I-“ 


“Shouldn’t have kissed me,” Marinette interrupted him. 


“What?” His expression fell and he looked crestfallen. 


“Adrien...I can’t live like this,” She croaked, “I can’t live under the expectation that we’re going to be okay. I’ve been hopelessly in love with you for four years and it never hurt as much as this did. I had finally accepted that we weren’t going to be together. And then you gave me false hope.” 


He listened, as she poured her heart out to him, describing how much she hurt him. He could feel the guilt chewing him up from the inside, making him want to puke. 


He did this to her. 


He hurt the girl he loved. 


He had been winding up to tell her, but the words died in his throat. 


“And then you came in as Chat Noir and swept me off my feet. I get it, you were scared. You felt bad lying to me and you freaked out,” Marinette shook her head, “I’m not mad at you, I don’t think I could be if I wanted to. I just need a complete break from you, from this, from us .” 


She chuckled humourlessly rubbing her arm anxiously, “It’s funny because there never was an ‘us.’ I think we’re better as just friends Adrien. That’s what you’ve always wanted, right? It works better for the both of us,” She looked in his eyes, tears streaming down his face, “I don’t think you should visit as Chat Noir anymore. It’s for the best, Adrien.” 


“I don’t believe that,” He replied quietly. 


“That’s okay,” She gave him a watery smile, “I’m happy to be your friend.” 


She walked into her room, the trapdoor clicking shut. He would respect her wishes. 


That was the day Marinette Dupain-Cheng broke the heart of Adrien Agreste and Chat Noir. 


Chapter Text

Luka was having a great day! 


His favourite blueberry kale smoothie was in stock, he successfully blackmailed the supervillain of Paris AND his classes had been light!


Oh.  Right.  Blackmailing the supervillain of Paris. 


Well, Luka currently harboured the butterfly and peacock miraculous, and everyone was none the wiser! He was such a good villain, it's actually pretty easy. 


And now, the f inal  phase of his plan. 


He felt that since he did Marinette’s job for her and stopped Hawkmoth, he at  least  deserved her affection. 


He was a full-fledged hero now and he  deserved  to have a beautiful girl at his side. 


She  was  the superheroine of Paris, so he thought they would be Paris’ perfect hero couple. 


So despite telling Marinette that he wanted to hang out with her as friends, he was planning on wooing her. 


Love was a  funny  thing, and if he could use it to control Hawkmoth, then he could  certainly  convince Marinette to fall for him. 


That brought him back to the biggest issue at hand: Chat Noir. 


But luck must be on his side because he arrived early at Marinette’s and watched Chat Noir chatting with her. Thank God they were out in the open. 


He wondered how long he had been there for, but his entire demeanour from behind looked so sad and...droopy. They must be fighting. 




Now all he had to do was wait them out, and that’s exactly what they did. 


He watched Chat Noir leaving her balcony, head hung low. 


This was his chance to sneak into Marinette’s life forever. Then he could steal her miraculous and wish for the perfect Paris. A world that’s safe and protected. One where everyone recognizes him for the hero that he is. 


No one will take his loved ones from him again. 




“Hey Luka,” Marinette greeted, giving him a small smile, “Where are we off to?” 


“Well, I was thinking Andre’s and then I know this pretty butterfly garden, I hope you don’t mind,” He smiled. 


“Sounds good!” Marinette smiled, walking in step with him, “I missed hanging out with you. I’m sorry things have been so awkward recently.” 


He shrugged, “It’s okay. I get it, things have been a mess with Adrien, Kagami and school. Do you want to talk about it?” 


Put on an act Luka. You’ve got to make her fall for you somehow. 


She shyly tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “Not really. I’m so exhausted from the situation right now that I would like to talk about anything, rather than the complications of my life.” 


“That’s cool,” Luka mused, excited that she was so angry she didn’t want to talk about Adrien. 


They trudged in awkward silence, nearing André’s ice cream stand. 


Marinette was the first to break the silence, “So, what have you been up to lately?” 


Luka almost cackled. 


Well, I threatened the supervillain of Paris, stole his miraculous and stopped him from terrorizing France, I can ruin Adrien’s life now that I have dirt on his dad and I found out your secret identity. 


Luka bit his lip, “Nothing much. Just you’re average music university stuff. Been writing a lot of things and doing some research for a project. Your normal Tuesday.” 


“Cool,” Marinette nodded. They quickly ordered their ice cream before Marinette continued, “What’s the song called?”


“My guitar is my  favourite  family member,” Luka grinned. 


“Oh, like Jagged Stone?” Marinette teased, “How does it feel to be his son?” 


He froze, his lips pressing in a thin line, “Pretty annoying to be honest? Like, I just can’t believe I was his biggest fan and then it turns out I’m his son? And he abandoned me when I was a child for a crocodile,” He frowned, “It’s kind of sad.” 


“Well, at least you know who he is,” Marinette tried, “And he’s making an effort to spend time with you.” 


He chuckled humourlessly, “Not as much as he could.”


“What do you mean?” Marinette’s eyebrows morphed in concern, “Is everything okay?” 


“Yeah,” He faced her, plastering on a smile, “Everything’s okay. Enough about me, how are you doing?”


Marinette rubbed her temples, “I don’t know, Luka. I’m so tired.” 


“That doesn’t sound good,” He put on his best-concerned expression, although he was curious, “Can’t you rest?” 


“I  can’t  Luka,” She sighed, “No matter how hard I try.” 


Well, that sucked. 


“Well, what exactly is the issue?” He inquired. 


“I think I’m just overworked and I’ve got a lot on my mind. Things are so complicated and I just need to rest without worrying about my life constantly getting flipped upside down,” She took a bite of her ice cream, “I don’t want any drama or any problems.”


They walked towards his favourite spot, which was usually quiet and the water played a certain melody. 


“Well, maybe  I  can help with that,” Luka began, staring into Marinette’s bluebell eyes as she clutched her ice cream. 


Marinette cocked her head to the side, her lips quirking upwards in a small smile, “What do you mean?” 


“I’ve been thinking...Marinette I want you back,” Luka blurted out, watching as her eyes widened and he continued, “I care about you a whole lot, and I’ve noticed how much pressure you’re under. We broke up last time because you couldn’t tell me anything, but I want you to know that it’s  okay.  I think we should get back together, even if you don’t tell me anything, I’ll be okay with it.” 


This was it. The final tipping point. 


“Marinette, you’re the most incredible girl. You’re sweet, funny, quirky and shy. You’re the melody I haven’t been able to get out of my head since I met you. You know that already, Marinette,” He tilted her chin up to face him, “I love you.” 


He leaned in, about to capture her lips when she moved her neck and he stopped, dead in his tracks. 


“Luka...I can’t,” She looked at him, sadness present in her expression, “I’m still getting over Adrien, and things are such a mess. My love life is complicated as is and I don’t want to throw you into it. You’re an amazing guy, Luka. But right now, I can’t say yes. I’m sorry too.” 




Luka could feel his heart snap, crumbling to bits. 


She’s done this to him more than once. Why on earth would he stop now. They could have been a power couple! They could have been acknowledged by all of Paris. 


Because she didn’t love him. 


She was still in love with Adrien Agreste. 


It was infuriating, no matter how kind he was to Marinette or how well he treated her, she never budged. She was so hung up on a guy that didn’t want her. 


It was pathetic. 


Love is a weakness. 


His own words rang in his ears. It was marvellous advice really. 


Marinette wasn’t worth it. She didn’t love him so he would have to make her. He was being too kind when he tried to offer it to her. 


Besides, loving Marinette would only put him at risk. Then he’d be as  weak  as Gabriel. 


In a perfect world, Marinette would be his. One where he would rule. 


For now, he would take what was rightfully his. What he earned for all his efforts. 


“Then I’m sorry too,” Luka growled. 


Marinette’s eyebrows furrowed in surprise, right before Luka hit the back of her neck, effectively knocking her out. 


He pressed a finger to her ears, “But I deserve this.” 



He screwed up. He screwed up, he screwed up, he screwed up! 


She knows! And she didn’t want to see him, and he ruined their friendship, their love life or anything they could have had. 


Adrien loved Marinette! 


Now he would never get to tell her because she wanted nothing to do with him. 


After he visited her as Chat and told him to stay away, he literally went home and did nothing but stare at the ceiling for hours. 


How is it that he managed to break the heart of two girls that he cared about? What was wrong with him?! 


He didn’t realize how long it had taken him to fall in love with Marinette. It was stupid, how often he called her a friend when that certainly was not the case. And now he was screwed! 


He could fix this, right? He had been really worried about her!


Then he found out his identity, and it all went to hell. 


Really, he shouldn’t have let things get so complicated as Adrien. And then he shouldn’t have kissed her as Chat Noir before shooting her down because he felt bad that he was Adrien and he was the cause of all her problems.


Did that even make sense? He didn’t think so. 


“How did I let things get so complicated,” He whined into his pillow, “Plagg, I love her and I just ruined my future.” 


“She’ll forgive you, kid,” Plagg answered, bored, “As I’ve told you for the past 6 hours.” 


“But I messed  upppp ,” he continued to pout, “Plagg, I care so much about her. She’s the most amazing girl I have ever met, and she could show up Ladybug. She’s adorable, caring, selfless, brave and kind. She lights up a whole room as soon as she steps into it.” 


“And you’re telling me this, why?” Plagg cocked a brow, “Shouldn’t you be telling her this instead? Go visit her.” 


“But she doesn’t want me to,” He pouted. 


“She  wants  you too,” Plagg stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 


“How on earth could you possibly know that?” Adrien grumbled. 


“Because she’s an angsty woman that told you to stay away.  Translation:  She wants you to go see her,” Plagg gestured.


Adrien sat up, “You know what, you’re right! I’m going to go down there. I’m going to tell her that I’m in love with her and that I always have been, but I was too blinded to see it.” 


“Attaboy!” Plagg cheered, “Now give me cheese, sulking makes me hungry.” 


He grabbed his phone, feeling it buzz in his hand. 


“I haven’t checked it all day,” His features contorted in confusion when he noticed multiple missed calls and unread texts from both Alya and Nino.


As if on cue, his phone vibrated signalling a call from Alya and he picked up, “Hello?” 


“Adrien!” He heard Alya’s voice from the other line, and she sounded shaken to her core. She was obviously crying, her voice hoarse and sniffly. She croaked, "I don't know where she is, I don't-"


“Alya, what’s wrong?” His eyebrows furrowed.


“She was supposed to call me after she went out and when she didn’t I got worried so I came to find her and she wasn’t here and no one knows where she is and-“ Alya garbled out, barely able to string her sentences together, meaning he didn’t understand a word.


“Alya, slow down,” Adrien clutched his phone tightly, a sinking feeling in his stomach, “What happened? Who?”


He could vaguely hear Nino whispering sweet nothings to her and she sniffled.


“Marinette,” Alya choked out, “She’s missing.” 

Chapter Text

Adrien’s phone slipped from his hands, falling to the ground. 


“Kid?” Plagg asked, concerned, “What’s wrong?” 


“She’s missing Plagg,” Adrien answered numbly, horror written across his features, “I don’t know where she is.” 


“Then let’s go find her,” Plagg said determinately. 


Adrien nodded determinately, calling for his transformation, “Let’s get my princess to safety."


He would search through every nook and cranny if he had to. He was going to find her. 


Maybe he wouldn’t have to look that far. 


He got a notification of a news broadcast live from Nadja Chamack. 


He pulled up the footage on his baton. 


“Don’t be bemused, it’s just the news. This is Nadja Chamack and I am live at the scene where a giant threat is written on the side of Montparnasse Tower. The message showed up mere minutes ago and people were  barely  able to identify the perpetrator.” 


Nadja held her earpiece, “Oh wait, I’m just getting some new information that several eyewitnesses state that they saw a purple and blue blur. Could this be a new Akuma? Regardless, the question that has all Parisians on edge is what this ominous message could entail for the city.” 


Chat gasped, as he read the words graffitied on the side of the tower,  If you want her, come get her.


“Hawkmoth,” He paled, feeling sick to his stomach, “He has Marinette.” 




Marinette woke up to darkness. 


It was a damp, uncomfortable area and it sucked, more than anything. 


She blinked away the spots in her vision, eyes adjusting to the darkness. 


The movement caused her head to throb and she tried to feel the area where there was no doubt, a bump on her head. 


Except that was the thing. She couldn’t move. 


Her hands and feet were tied down, and she was sitting on a wooden chair. 


The first thing that came to her mind was  Cliché


“What the hell?” She grumbled to herself, writhing in her bonds. 


The last thing she remembered was...


Luka.  She had been with Luka. They were near the Seine and then- 


What happened after that? 


An Akuma must have attacked and she was caught in the crossfire! Maybe some weird rope villain. She just had to call for Tikki and- 


She hesitated, realizing she should search and see if anyone was around. 


Shadows loomed in every corner and yet she didn’t see to see anyone. She didn’t want to take the risk of transforming, but at least if Tikki was here she would untie her from her bonds. 


“Tikki?” Marinette whispered, “Are you here?” 


The voice that replied was none other than Tikki but sounded very familiar. 


“She’s not there.” 


Marinette froze, tilting her head up to face a vague figure, covered by the shadows. 


“Who are you?” She squinted, trying to make out the blob. 


“A friend,” The man chuckled, sounding a chill up her spine. 


Marinette looked around for any indication to as who he could be. There was a giant butterfly window in the center as well as a little grove. 


Marinette wasn’t stupid. If this wasn’t the whole cliché-supervillain-lair thing, she didn’t know what was. 


But that didn’t belong to Hawkmoth. 


“You’re not Shadowmoth,” Marinette stated. 


“You’re resourceful. I like that,” The figure paced, “You are correct, I’m not Shadowmoth.” 


“Then why the hell would you kidnap me?” Marinette glared. 


“I said I was a friend,” The man soothed although it did nothing to calm her nerves. 


“Then show yourself,” She quipped. 


The figure stepped out of the shadows and Marinette paled, a gasp escaping her lips. 


“Luka?!” Marinette spluttered, “What the hell? Why am I tied up and why are we in Hawkmoth’s basement?” 


“I need something from you,  Ladybug ,” his normally kind expression darkened, Marinette realized that that wasn't Luka. 


Marinette stiffened, schooling her expression and sitting up straight as Luka walked over to her, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 


He shook his hand, something metallic clanging together before he opened his palm and showed them to her, his eyes narrowed, “Oh, but I think you do.” 


He had her earrings. 


Marinette’s eyes widened, “How did you find out?” 


He shrugged, “I walked in on Sass and Tikki when I went to grab my trench coat.” 


“That was weeks ago,” Her features contorted in panic, “Why didn’t you just take them then?” 


He shrugged, “I needed time.” 


Marinette scoffed, “Time for what?” 


“Revenge,”  He paced in front of her, “You see Marinette-“ 


“Oh joy,” Marinette rolled her eyes sarcastically, interrupting him, “It’s time for the cliché villain to monologue. Take a seat, Dr. Doofenshmirtz”


And that made a certain black cat Perry the Platypus. That is, if Marinette didn't get out of these bonds and whack Luka across the head herself. 


He shot her a glare before continuing, “As I was saying, I wanted revenge. Mostly on you and Adrien Agreste. But he’s squeaky clean, I needed dirt.”


 “I didn’t find you after the show,” The pieces clicked together in her head, “ You  were the one that spread the rumours about Kagami so he would think it was me!”


"Oh no," He shook his head, “I didn’t spread the rumours. Lila did.” 


“You manipulated Lila?” Marinette gaped, “All to get back at Adrien? For  what?!”  


 “He took my sister away from me, getting her into that fancy fashion school. In  London ,” Luka growled, “The one other person I loved.” 


“You should have been happy for her!” Marinette’s features contorted in disbelief, “This is a huge opportunity for her and it isn’t your place to be selfish!” 


“I know Marinette!” He snapped loudly before he lowered his voice, “I know . I can’t lose anyone else, but you wouldn’t understand that, would you?” 


He chuckled, the sound dangerous, “You  broke my heart Marinette. One more person gone  from my life and for what? Because you were  sneaking  off as the superheroine of Paris? That wasn’t it, you could have made it work if you wanted to,” He snarled, “It’s because you were too hung up on  Adrien , a guy who  abandoned  you while I was there for you the entire time!” 


She turned her head away from him in sadness, dodging his gaze, “That wasn’t it.” 


He scoffed, “Oh yes it was."


"No it wasn't!" Marinette cried out, "I was worried about you. I cared about you, Luka. I didn't want to put you in danger!"


"You didn't care about me!" Luka spat, "Not the way I cared about you." He grasped her cheeks with two fingers, causing her to face him again, “I loved  you.” 


Her eyes widened but he didn’t stop, “You abandoned me. I’m a  nice  guy Marinette, but you didn’t want that, did you? Adrien Agreste is cruel! But I suppose that’s what you like.”


Marinette pursed her lips, trying to come up with an escape plan, “If you’re such a nice guy then you’ll let me go.” 


He tsked, wagging his finger, “You underestimate me. I’m not going to let you go so you can run back to your little Miracle Box. I still  need  you.” 


“What on earth could you possibly need me for?” She questioned, eyes full of fury and righteous fire. 


He smirked, “Bait.” 


Marinette’s eyebrows furrowed so he continued, “I’ve been watching you for a while and I learned that there’s something else you haven’t shared. Or rather,  someone  else.” 


Chat Noir


He was talking about Chat Noir. 


She couldn’t let that happen. He was out for Adrien, she wouldn’t, she couldn’t- 


Marinette wrinkled her nose in mock confusion, “What are you talking about?” 


Luka paid it no attention, “Chat Noir.” 


Marinette tilted her head in confusion, “Why do you need Chat Noir?” 


“His miraculous of course!” Luka snickered, “I’m not an idiot.” 


“You want the wish,” Marinette followed his train of thought. 


“Now you’ve got it,” He nodded in confirmation, “I have  knowledge , Marinette.  Power . I want a  perfect  world where no one will ever,  ever  leave me again.” 


“Luka,” Marinette said slowly, trying to get it across his thick skull, “That wish will have a terrible cost.” 


“I know,” Luka shrugged, “But not if it’s a wish that won’t alter the balance of reality. My wish is  minor , small. A world  without  Hawkmoth, where  I’m  the hero, where people recognize me for the service I’ve done! I’ve  saved  this city!” 


Marinette’s eyes narrowed, “What are you talking about? How did you save this city?” 


“I accomplished the  one  thing you  couldn’t ,” Luka grinned, “I retrieved the butterfly and peacock miraculous.”  


A series of emotions flashed across Marinette’s face. Surprise, shock, relief and fear, all at once. 


“You have the miraculous?” She whispered quietly, her features settling on terror. 


His lips quirked up in a small smile, “And I have  no  weakness.” 


“Well, the jokes on you,” Marinette shook her head, “Chat Noir doesn’t want to see me right now.” 


“Oh ,I know,” Luka agreed, “You broke his heart. It’s pathetic really because you think you’re so special. But what’s intriguing is that he visits you every single night without fail. And he obviously doesn’t know your identity so, it means one simple thing.” 


Marinette stared at him with steely resolve, “And that is?” 


Luka grinned wickedly, “That he’s in love with you, of course!”


Then Marinette did the unthinkable. 


Marinette laughed. She actually laughed. Maybe out of confusion, may be out of anger but she cackled with all her might. 


Luka blinked, “This was not the reaction I was expecting.” 


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! That’s just really funny," Marinette snorted,  "Shut up Luka, Chat Noir does not  love me.”


“Marinette,” Luka gave her a disbelieving expression, “Do you have eyeballs?” 


Marinette’s laughter ceased and she schooled her expression, “Oh, you were serious?” 


“Yes!” Luka’s eyes narrowed in annoyance, “It taught me something.” 


Marinette bit her lip to stop her from laughing. An image of evil Luka Kermit just kept flopping around in her head instead, “What is that?” 


He dug his fingers in her cheeks painfully, stopping her amusement, “That love is a weakness. And I wouldn’t be caught dead in love with someone. Especially not  you .” 


Marinette winced from the pain, unable to do anything but snarl, “He’s coming for me. Then you’re screwed.” 


Luka dropped his hand from her face, a triumphant smirk on his face. 


“Oh, I’m counting on it.” 

Chapter Text

“How long is this going to take?” Marinette whined, doing anything at all to bother Luka and get on his nerves, “You are such the brooding villain type! It’s so  cliché. ” 


Luka rolled his eyes, “I get it, you’ve never been one for the classics.” 


“I’m just saying, I could be at home, eating popcorn and having a movie night with my best friends and guess what?” Marinette glared, “You’re not invited.” 


“Aww, I’m so sad, whatever shall I do?” He grumbled sarcastically, busying himself with the pictures of the grimoire. 


“We’re going to stop you,” Marinette declared, as if it were obvious, “Evil never wins.” 


Luka chuckled, “I’m not evil.” 


“You’ve got a dark, spooky lair, you kidnapped a person and you’ve been monologuing to me for hours,” Marinette deadpanned, “Oh, and you have no fashion sense. You’re a villain.” 


“Or maybe I’m just Batman”, He quipped. 


“Batman saves the world and I don’t think he’s kidnapped anyone,” Marinette furrowed her brows, trying to remember. 


“I saved the world,” Luka snarled, “You just won’t accept it because I didn’t play by your rules.” 


“You didn’t tell me how you did that,” Marinette inquired. 


“I thought you hated the monologuing,” Luka mimicked. 


Marinette shrugged, “I’m bored. The new episode of the Flash streamed and I missed it.” 


“You are  surprisingly  optimistic considering I kidnapped you,” Luka noted. 


“I hate silence,” Marinette replied. 


Luka sighed, “Might as well kill the time.” 


“Do tell,” Marinette mused. 


“I threatened the thing he loved most,” Luka shrugged, standing in front of the window pane. 


“And that is?” Marinette pressed, raising a brow. 


“His wife,” He said nonchalantly. 


“His wife?!” Marinette spluttered, “What? How?” 


“I pressed a knife to her throat. She couldn’t exactly fight back, she’s close to dead,” Luka answered.  


“Luka that’s horrible! You could have killed her! Is she okay?” Marinette’s eyes widened in horror. 


Relax,  I wasn’t going to hurt her,” He rolled his eyes, “And honestly I don’t know. She’s in some sort of coma.” 


“She was in a coma?” Marinette paused, his words sinking in, and it clicked, “Hawkmoth needed the miraculous to bring her back.” 


“Exactly,” Luka clicked his tongue, “You would never believe who Hawkmoth is.” 


“Could you tell me?” Marinette’s tried, plastering a smile on her face. 


“Why would I do that? I stopped him,” Luka chuckled, “Besides, if I’m going to tell anyone it’s not going to be you.” 


Marinette frowned, “Why not?” 


“The information wouldn’t hurt you,” He inspected the miraculous in his hand, “You’d only be sympathetic for him and I would  hate  to see that.” 


“Him?” Marinette repeated. The only other person Luka had it out for was...




The same Adrien who was no doubt searching everywhere for her. Her kitty was just so loyal like that. 


Luka had been stalking him. If he knew he was Chat he would have taken his miraculous by now so it had to be something else. 


Luka said the knowledge of who Hawkmoth is would  only  hurt Adrien. 


Hawkmoth needed to bring back his wife. 


“Gabriel,” Marinette gasped, “He’s Hawkmoth.” 


Luka chuckled, “Bravo, Marinette. Yes, he is. It would  crush  Adrien to find out. He would do anything to protect him. ” 


“Don’t you think Chat will find out that Gabriel is Hawkmoth if we’re sitting in his lair?” Marinette inquired, trying to change the subject from harming Adrien. 


Luka shook his head, “There’s plenty of ways to access a super evil lair if you know where to look. I was messy with my clues. He’ll find you. He needs to.” 


Marinette pouted, “It sucks to be the bait.” 


“I gave you the option not to be,” Luka pointed out, gesturing wildly, “We-“ 


“We could have ruled the world together, I know,” Marinette rolled her eyes, “How many villain movies have you watched? Are you even the  slightest  bit original?” 


“Well, it paid off,” Luka snorted. 


“Why? Because you’re  unstoppable ?” Marinette jabbed sarcastically, “Anybody who’s  ever  said that never succeeds.” 


“I can’t fail, Marinette,” Luka cackled, walking towards her, “My plan is perfect. I played on the one thing no one can fight, no one can stop. I’m doing this city a service. Why can’t you see that?” 


“Gee, I don’t know,” Marinette rolled her eyes sarcastically, “Maybe it’s because you kidnapped me, threatened to kill Emilie Agreste and you’re currently a threat to Paris. Just some examples out there.” 


“Your sarcasm is admirable,” Luka touched the brooch sitting on his chest instead of his guitar pick, “But we both know you’re just concealing your fear.” 


“I’m not Elsa,” Marinette snorted, “I can’t conceal what I don’t feel.” 


“Feisty,” Luka smirked, tilting her chin up to face her, “It’s a shame you couldn’t love me.” 


“What can I say,” Marinette’s eyes narrowed, “Wannabe villains aren’t my type.” 


“Too bad superheroes are mine,” Luka leaned in, lips almost ghosting hers. 


Marinette’s eyebrows shot up in anger and she whacked her head down on Luka causing him to stumble backwards in pain. 


He clutched his nose, and she could already see the blood streaming down his face. 


“Touch me again,” Marinette threatened, voice low, “And I’ll break  more  than your nose.”


He growled, “One more thing for me to fix.” 


They descended into silence, Marinette still on edge and ready to end Luka if he as much as took a  step  closer to her. 


“When he comes, and he  will, ” Marinette broke the silence, “He’s coming for you.” 


“I have an army,” Luka growled. 


“So do I,” Marinette narrowed her eyes, “You see Luka, despite your  elaborate  scheme, you’re going to fail.” 


“Because I’m evil, right?” He mused, “You went over this.” 


“No,” She shook her head, “You made one  fatal  mistake.” 


Luka grit his teeth, “What would that be?” 


“You underestimated me,” She stated. 


“That’s not that bad,” Luka scoffed. 


“Oh, and you forgot something,” Marinette grinned smugly, “I’m his princess.” 


Luka opened his mouth to respond but didn’t get the chance. 


As if on cue, the wall exploded, revealing Chat Noir standing there, eyes low and furious. He looked very angry and very hot. 


“Don’t touch Marinette,” Chat growled, causing Marinette’s eyes to light up in excitement when he shot her a concerned look. 


He turned his gaze back to his opponent, his eyes widening when he realized who it was, “Luka? What the hell? What are you doing in Hawkmoth’s lair?” 


Marinette used the distraction to her advantage. She stood up before jumping on her chair with all her might, effectively destroying it to bits. She slipped her wrists out of their bonds, rubbing her skin where she had been tied, “Finally.” 


Basically, she pulled a Natasha Romanoff in the first Avengers movie. 


“How long have you been able to do that for?” Luka and Chat Noir asked in unison, one in pride the other in anger, before shooting each other matching glares. 


“The entire time, why?” Marinette answered nonchalantly, before focusing on the problem at hand. 


Chat’s expression turned dangerous, “Why would you take Marinette?” 


“I needed to bring you here,” Luka shrugged, “She was bait.” 


Chat stalked over to him, pulling him up by his t-shirt, “Well you got me. Happy?” 


“Very ,” Luka struggled under his grasp. 


Chat let him go, dropping him to the ground before immediately hurrying over to Marinette and helping her up, “Are you okay?” 


 “I’ve been better,” She smiled taking his hand, “I gave him a bloody nose.” 


“Follow-up details later because I would love to hear that story,” He grinned, his entire body sighing in relief, “I am  so  glad that you’re okay.” 


“I’m so glad you found me,” She let out a dreamy sigh, “How did you?” 


He gave her a small smile, “A location showed up on my baton. I don’t know how, but it just showed up.” 


“Brilliant!” Marinette exclaimed, realizing it must have been Tikki.


"Let's get out of here. What kind of Akuma kidnaps people anyway?"  


Marinette's eyebrows contorted in worry, “Chat wait, he's not an Akuma. Luka has the butterfly and the peacock miraculous.” 


“What?” Chat’s eyes widened. 


“I’ll explain later but we have to have to stop him before-“ Marinette tried but was interrupted when a fully transformed Luka jumped Chat Noir from behind. 


“Too late,” Luka growled, wearing a purple, blue and gray costume, signifying he merged both miraculous. 


“What am I going to call you?” Chat taunted, wrestling to gain the advantage and tackle him, “ Butty? ” 


Luka flipped him over, eyes darkened, “Actually, the name’s Apepillon.”


“It’s always the crazy ones that name themselves,” Chat quipped. 


Meanwhile, Marinette stood uselessly on the side, frantically searching for her miraculous. His suit didn’t have any pockets so he couldn’t keep them on him, right? 


“I wouldn’t count your blessings just yet,” Luka growled. Chat pulled his baton whacking him across the head. 


“Why? I’ve got plenty,” He replied, dodging his attack, “What kind of name is Apepillion? Like a snake-moth hybrid?” 


“You think you’re so brave, coming to save her. But I don’t think she told you why I took her in the first place,” Luka started. 


“I think it’s just because you  suck, ” Chat spat. 


Luka ignored him, still trapped under his grasp, “She didn’t tell you her secret Chat.” 


“Stop talking,” Chat growled, “Cataclysm.” 


Luka began to smile, just as the power of destruction neared his miraculous, “Well, if secrets are going to be shared, then I think you should ask Marinette where Ladybug is.” 


“What are you talking about?” Chat’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, his cataclysm getting dangerously close to its target. 


Marinette paled. 


No. Not here. Not now. 


Luka smirked, “Your princess is Ladybug! Or, was.” 


Chat’s eyes widened, “What?” He made eye contact with Marinette to confirm. His gaze on her seemed to last forever and hurt crept into his beautiful green hues. 


All it took was that split second for Chat to falter, and Luka knocked the wind out of him, sending Chat flying backwards. 


His baton was knocked out of his hands in the process and he groaned. 


He was weaponless. 


But his baton was close to her. 


“I cannot  wait  to know who else fell for Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who else she  broke ,” Luka smiled maniacally, the expression terrifying. 


Chat attempted to sit up, baring his fangs, “I don’t give up so easily.” 


He cocked his head to said, “Me neither.” 


Lula began to slide his ring off his finger. She had to do this now! 


Marinette grabbed his baton, swinging it across Luka's head from behind knocking him, launching him towards Chat. Chat used the opportunity to use his legs and knock Luka off his feet, standing up. 


“Nice hit,” Chat congratulated, scooping Marinette up princess style. 


“Thanks!” She grinned wildly as she pointed to the ground beneath them. He nodded in understanding destroying the floor before jumping down with her in his arms. 


“Bye Felicia!” Marinette saluted. 


Apepillon screamed into the darkness. 


He was going to find them, and he’d be ready. 

Chapter Text

Chat Noir ran in silence, clutching Marinette in his arms. 


They were running through the sewers, trying to hide in the last place Apepillon would look for them. 


Eventually, he broke the silence, “Where should we go?” 


Marinette replied, “I have to go home.” 


Chat slowed, so she could hear him properly, “You won’t be able to.” 


“Why not?” Marinette pouted. 


“Because that’s a suicide mission!” Chat’s eyebrows furrowed, “It’s dangerous, and he’ll no doubt look there first.” 


“I can’t let him get the miracle box!” She countered. 


Chat paused, “So it’s true.” 


Marinette dodged his gaze, “Yeah.” 


He put her down, “Are we going to talk about it?” 


Marinette hugged herself, stepping away from him, “Maybe. I don’t think it’s the right time.” 


“When is going to be the right time?” Chat’s eyebrows furrowed in exhaustion, “Marinette, there’s so much that needs to be said and right now, we’re being chased across Paris by your ex-boyfriend.” 


“That’s embarrassing,” She winced, “And I don’t know when the right time is!” 


“Were you ever going to tell me?” Chat looked down, his expression matching that of a kicked puppy, his entire demeanour drooping. 


“I-I...I don’t know,” She rubbed her arm, “I wanted to, but things were really tense with everything that happened. I wasn’t really sure if it was a good idea.” 


Chat hummed, tail swishing agitatedly, “We’re going to talk about this.” 


“Fine,” She whispered. 




They both stood there awkwardly, dodging the other’s gaze, unsure how to move forward. 


Chat was the first to talk. 


“Did he hurt you?” His eyebrows furrowed in concern, searching her over before his gaze settling on a small gash on her cheek, “You’re bleeding.” 


Marinette touched her face, “I hadn’t realized. It’s not that bad.” 


He ran a hand through his hair, messing it up, “Marinette, I’m so sorry. I should have gotten there earlier but I was so frazzled and he hurt you and I couldn’t stop it.” Tears started to pool in his eyes, “God, you have me a heart attack. Alya called me and they couldn’t find you and I couldn’t find you and oh my gosh, you’re okay.” 


A sob racked through his body, and Marinette froze, watching the sheer terror on his face. 


He was crying because he was so worried about her. 


She loved him. She honest to God loved him. 


That was the problem. 


She swooped him up in a hug, letting him sob into the crook of her neck, “Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay, Chaton. I’m right here. You saved me, alright? That’s all that matters,” She soothed, rubbing his back, “But right now we need a plan.” 


He sniffled, nodding into her shoulder before straightening up, “What’s the plan?”


“I need the miracle box,” Marinette growled, “I can’t believe Luka played me! I don’t even know why he would do this, it’s so out of character for him! I’m pissed off and hurt. He’s on the same list as Chloe and Lila for me.” 


“Oh come on Mari, you don’t hate him,” Chat chuckled, “I’m just as pissed off as you. If not more, but I believe he can be better. That he can come clean. I know you believe in both of them. Forgiveness is something we both have plenty to give, right bugaboo?” 


Marinette’s eyes widened at the nickname, but even more so at the message. He was incredible! Always so kind and patient. 


“Right,” Marinette dodged his gaze, a blush coating her cheeks, “So, we have to stop at my house first. I would like one thing to protect myself with.” 


“Fair enough,” Chat chuckled, “Although I don’t think you need it.” 


Marinette shrugged, “I’d like to punch Luka in the face properly, without using my head.” 


“You punched him with your  head ?” Chat gaped, “Is that how you broke his nose?” 


“Yup,” Marinette said proudly, popping the ‘p.’ 


“Are you Black Widow today? Destroying the chair and whatnot,” Chat grinned. 


She shrugged, “After being Ladybug, you pick up a thing or two.” 


“You’re incredible,” He sighed dreamily. 


Marinette tucked a piece of hair behind her ear shyly, “Thanks. Now, I assume it’s going to be heavily guarded so I hope my parents are okay. If we get there now, maybe he hasn’t managed to cause a problem yet.” 


“How did he get the miraculous anyway?” Chat asked curiously, “I mean, he’s obviously not the original Hawkmoth. He seems like the monologuing type, so did he tell you?” 


“Right!” Marinette exclaimed and Chat nodded his head wildly in agreement. She cleared her throat, as the answer to his question settled on his shoulders, “He did tell me, and, uh...I don’t think you’re going to like the answer.” 


Chat’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What do you mean?” 


“Adrien,” Marinette said slowly, “Hawkmoth was trying to bring back his wife.” 


“What does that have to do with me?” He asked reluctantly, feeling like a stone was sinking in his stomach. 


Marinette sighed, squeezing his hands, “Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth. He was trying to bring your mom back.” 


What ?” His eyes widened in horror, trembling. 


“Adrien, I’m sorry, I just found out and I didn’t know when to tell you-“ Marinette babbled. 


Chat Noir stumbled backwards, “It’s’s not your...” He tried to take deep breaths, already panicking, “All this time...and I thought she left but she’s...she’s gone and he couldn’t tell me. He didn’t...didn’t tell me.” 


Marinette ran over to him, trying to steady him, “Hey, kitty, I got you.” 


Chat cried, “How long has she... where  was she? And he was terrorizing Paris bring her back. He was living with me and I didn’t know. My own father...and my mother gone.” 


“She’s in a coma,” Marinette said quietly, “Or at least, that’s what Luka said. Adrien, I’m so sorry. But now, we can talk to Gabriel properly, okay?” 


Chat didn’t budge, practically hanging in her arms and Marinette whispered in his ear, “We’re going to figure this out together.”


His ears perked up slightly, and she continued, “We’re going to figure this out. I imagine there are some things you’d like to say to him and you have every right to. I don’t want to say it’s going to be okay because that doesn’t sound genuine but I can promise you that I’ll be by your side to figure things out.” 


“Okay,” He murmured, and she could feel his hot tears pressing against her skin from the hug, “Let’s get the miraculous back.” 


“Only when you’re ready,” She replied sympathetically. 


“I want to get this over with,” He sniffled. 


“Okay,” She cooed, “Do you know how to get to the bakery?” 


He nodded, “Yeah I passed by it on my way to find you.” A loud beeping pulled them out of their thoughts, “Oh, I have to detransform. Poor Plagg is barely holding it together.” 


“I might have some food on me if he won’t mind eating macarons,” Marinette offered. 


Chat nodded, “He’s not picky if the situation is dire.” 


“Plagg is adorable,” Marinette grinned, “Let’s give him a rest.” 


“Are you sure you want to...” he motioned to all over himself, “Well, me?” 


Marinette sighed, “It was going to happen sometime wasn’t it.” 


“I suppose. Plagg claws in.” 


Instead of looking exhausted, Plagg flew in front of Marinette, eyes wide, “Pigtails! Did he take Tikki?” 


Marinette dodged his gaze, “I’m sorry Plagg, he kidnapped me and-“ 


“Yeah, yeah, don’t apologize. It’s not your fault,” Plagg’s expression darkened, “It’s that annoying blue-haired boy! He’s really stepping on  thin  ice, kidnapping Pigtails over here, then taking Tikki. When I get my hands on him I’m going to  cataclysm  his face off.  No one  steals Sugar Cube from me!” Plagg threatened, pumping his fists like he was ready to fight, “Feed me so I can take. Him.  Down. ” 


Marinette and Adrien each other matching shocked looks before Marinette numbly handed him the macaron, which Plagg took in a full bite. 


“Chop, chop kid, we don’t have all day,” he clapped his hands, flying in front of Adrien.


“Um, okay,” Adrien answered bewildered, “Plagg, claws out.” 


“I’ve never seen him so  passionate  over anything,” Marinette stated, still in shock over Plagg’s reaction, "Except cheese."


“Me too,” Chat agreed, “Is that what I looked like when you were kidnapped?” 


“Oh no, you’d panic a lot more,” Marinette teased. 


“Funny,” He mocked, as they made their way across the sewers, “Just for that I’m carrying you so we can make this faster.” 


Marinette gasped in surprise, as Chat picked her up princess style. He grinned, “Ready to get Tikki back, my lady?”


Marinette rolled her eyes, “Like you need to ask.” 


He ran at a pace that was fast, but enough so he could still keep conversation with Marinette. 


“Does this mean it was you wearing my miraculous?” Chat asked, eyes trained on the path in front of them. 


“Yessir,” Marinette replied. 


“Did you know we  technically  cosplayed as each other then?” Chat stated. 


“Oh no, I looked completely different with the black cat miraculous than if I were to cosplay you without the miraculous,” Marinette snorted, "The Mister Bug suit is pretty accurate though."


“So you’ve tried to cosplay as me?” Chat smirked, “Princess, I didn’t know you were such a fan.” 


“Shut up,” She countered, “Also, it was a Halloween outfit that Alya wanted to do originally and I would have rocked the outfit.” 


“Oh, do share,” Chat teased, “I would love to imagine how your cosplay of me would look like.” 


“Well for starters, I was going to have thigh-high boots and a leather catsuit. Then some added details and green ribbon,” Marinette explained excitedly. 


“On second thought, I would love to see you in leather and thigh-high boots. I think I would pass out,” Chat expression turned even smugger, “It would be such a good look on you.” 


Marinette blushed. 


Fine, he wants to play that way, so be it. 


“I’m well aware kitty cat, but it’s not half as good as leather as you,” She added, “It doesn’t leave much to the imagination you know.” 


Chat choked, almost tripping over his own two feet at the remark and he croaked, “O-Oh.” 


“Yes. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s very form-fitting,” She smirked. 


“Says the girl in a skintight super suit and looks flawless every time I see her,” Chat muttered to himself. 


Marinette flushed crimson, matching face as they dodged the other’s gaze. 


“Flattered,” Marinette grumbled and he chuckled, the sound sending a purr vibrating across his chest. 


Oh, how she missed his purr. 


Right.  This couldn’t happen. Too many problems. He broke her heart. Bad timing.  Nope. 


But she really,  really,  wanted to kiss him. 


Focus, Marinette! 


They made small talk until they arrived at a manhole cover that was close to the bakery.


“Front entrance?” Chat questioned. 


Marinette nodded, “On my account. Oh, and I’d like your baton just in case.” 


He handed it to her, “Maybe I should get you a sword.” 


They climbed out of the manhole cover, staring at the front of the Dupain-Cheng bakery. They could already hear heavy footsteps thudding from inside. 


“You and me against the world princess,” Chat murmured, eyeing their target with his fist out. 


“Always,” She fist-bumped in reply. 

Chapter Text

Marinette and Chat Noir poked their heads out of the manhole cover, peering up at the bakery. 


“It’s quiet,” Chat’s eyes narrowed, “Too quiet.” 


“Do you think my parents are okay?” Marinette asked quietly, fear washing over her features at the idea that her super-secret identity may have put them in harm's way. 


“Well, they were out looking for you, so they may be outside,” Chat suggested. 


“I hope you’re right, kitty,” Marinette murmured, “We need a plan of attack.” 


“I have a plan,” Chat readied his baton, “ Attack.” 


Just as he jumped out of the sewer, Marinette yanked him by the tail, “Slow your roll, hotshot.” 


He paused, green eyes meeting blue ones. 


She asked with steely resolve, “Where the hell do you think you’re going without me?” 


Chat’s was hit by a sudden wave of awe at her stubbornness, before he ran a hand through his hair in worry, “You can’t come.” 


“Too bad,” She muttered stubbornly, before releasing his tail and climbing out of the sewers, “Let’s go.” 


She stalked towards the bakery and he stood frozen, eyes trained on her retreating figure, “Could you listen to me for 5 seconds? I don’t want you getting hurt!” 


“That’s sweet and all, but I can handle myself,” She opened the bakery door, “Miraculous or not, I’m Ladybug.”


Chat agreed, “I know you are but I also don’t want you to march in here unprotected.” 


“Why not?” She climbed up the stairs, “You do it all the time.” 


Chat gaped, “That’s to protect  you! ” 


“That doesn't make it okay!” Marinette grumbled. 


“So what, is this revenge?” Chat questioned, irritated. 


“A little, yes,” Marinette shot him a glare. 


“Why are you so stubborn? Are you still mad about the Kagami thing and then the dance?” He exclaimed, “I’m sorry for hurting you but don’t put yourself in danger because of it!” 


She whipped around to face him, standing outside the door to her family room, “You mean the night where you kissed me then told me we shouldn’t be together? Yeah, I recall.”


“Well, at least you understand  why  I did that!” He gestured wildly. 


“You played with my feelings, Adrien!” Marinette clutched her heart, “I fell for you twice, and you broke my heart  twice .” 


His ears dropped and she slammed her door open. He reached out for her but she had already entered the loft, eyeing any danger. 


“I didn’t want to!” Chat cried out, calmly saying, “Marinette, I love you.” 


She froze, like a deer caught in headlights. 


“Chat-“ Marinette opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by a figure on the staircase, who was slow clapping dramatically. 


“Well, well, well,” Volpina cooed, “Look what the cat dragged in. You know, when Apepillion told me Chat Noir loved you, I didn’t believe him. I mean, who would be in love with  you , Dupain-Cheng.” 


“Watch it!” Chat snapped. 


Marinette rubbed her temples, “Are you done stealing the voices of little mermaids because I think the role of sea witch is already filled.” 


Volpina growled, “Don’t worry, I have a much better job now.” 


“What could that be?” Marinette snorted, “The circus just finished clown auditions. Maybe you could try again next year.” 


Chat had to stifle his laugh, which only seemed to bother Volpina more. 


“Oh no, Marinette, you’ve got it all  wrong ,” Volpina grinned, “My new job is to  end  your miserable lives.” 


"My life is only miserable when you're a part of it," Marinette glared, rolling up her sleeves, “I’ve been waiting to legally punch you.” 


“You should know by now Marinette,” Volpina’s expression darkened, “I bite.” 


“Baton,” Marinette’s held her hand out to Chat expectantly, “ Now .” 


Chat obliged, staring the Akuma down. He nodded, signalling she should go get the miracle box while he stalled. 


She nodded in understanding, readying the baton before she charged towards Volpina with Chat right next to her. 


Chat took Volpina head-on, swinging punches as she cloned herself. Marinette slipped under her knees, making her way towards her room when Volpina blocked her path. 


“I’ve been wanting to do this since I met you,” Volpina cackled. 


“The feeling is mutual,” Marinette cried out, as she swung a punch at the illusion, hoping to wash it away but was surprised when instead, Volpina clutched the baton, yanking her backwards with it. 


She tumbled straight into Chat, straddling his hips. 


“You always were a klutz Marinette,” Volpina snickered, standing over their entangled bodies, “Any last words before I destroy you both?” 


“Yeah. You always were pretty crummy at keeping your word,” Marinette kicked her in the stomach, sending her backwards. Marinette pushed herself off of Chat about, helping him up, “Catfight?” 


“You read my mind,” Chat grinned.


The clones chased Chat into the kitchen, while a few cornered Marinette. 


“You’re really getting on my nerves!” The Volpinas growled in unison. 


“It’s a gift,” She grinned cheekily, whacking the baton at each of them. 


Meanwhile, Chat frantically searched through the kitchen for any weapon he could find. 


Volpina threw a punch at him and he ducked, opening a cabinet to reveal a giant frying pan.  


It makes a good dinner, maybe it’ll make a good weapon? 


Just as the clones closed in on him, he took the frying pan and walked all the Volpina’s at once, until he hit the actual one who groaned in pain. 


He twirled the weapon in his arms, “Oh mama, I have got to get me one of these!” 


“Cool it blondie,” Marinette called from her right spot in the family room, “If you could stop being Rapunzel, I could use some help!” 


The original Volpina was out of sight, and he assumed she was blending in with one of her other imposters. 


Chat jumped a few from the back, covering Marinette, “Go!” He exclaimed and she obeyed, making a run for her bedroom. 


Chat fought off a few more, but Volpina whacked him from behind, sending him backwards. He quickly got up, punching a Volpina who tuned out to be an illusion. He ended up punching a wall instead, while the actual Volpina hit his leg. 


He groaned in pain, crumbling to the ground. She attempted to strike him on the head, but he blocked it, then used her wrist to judo flip her. She fell next to him, and he used the distraction to get back on his feet. He balled his fists, searching for Marinette to make sure she made it to her room. 


“Chat, look out!” Marinette cried out, tackling the Volpina that had been looming over him, ready to knock him. 


Chat’s eyes widened as a passed-out Volpina lay in front of him. 


“Oh my gosh, Mari that was amazing!” Chat gushed, “That was a close call.” 


Marinette blushed shyly, “Thanks Chat. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I really care about you, I was just scared to tell you earlier.”


Chat cocked his head to the side cutely, “I think we both were.” 


Meanwhile, the real Volpina’s hand covered the real Marinette’s mouth, meaning that the Marinette with Chat was a distraction. Volpina had caught Marinette off guard and grabbed her, building up an illusion wall so Marinette was forced to watch and couldn’t do anything. 


“I thought I’d knock you out, but this much worse for you,” Volpina smirked. 


Marinette struggled against her hold, desperately trying to escape. 


Volpina’s hold on her tightened instead, tilting Marinette’s face to watch, “He’s mine next.” 


It all went to hell when the illusion Marinette stood on her tiptoes, leaning in to kiss him.


Marinette elbowed Volpina in the stomach, releasing her hold on her. She bent down, picking up Chat’s baton from beside her, and smacking Volpina upside the head. 


The illusions disappeared with her, and Chat simply turned to Marinette with a smirk, as she grabbed Volpina’s necklace and said, “You have to cataclysm it.” 


“I know,” He obliged, calling for  cataclysm  and destroying the Akuma that flew out of her necklace. 


Marinette must have hit her hard before Lila still lay on the floor knocked out. 


“Come on,” Marinette motioned for him to follow her upstairs before noticing his expression, “Why are you so smug? You almost fell for an illusion of me.”


He shook his head, “No I didn’t. I just wanted to know what you’d do.”


“Are you serious?” Marinette gaped, “You were trying to make me jealous?!” 


“Yep,” He grinned popping the ‘p.’ 


"How could you even tell?!" She gestured. 


He shrugged, "The illusion didn't touch me. If you were going to kiss me, you'd pull me by the bell. Besides, your stubbornness is irresistible and she had none."


“You’re incorrigible! You go off and doing stupid things like this that worry me,” Marinette snapped. 


“Oh, because you haven’t done things to worry me either,” He rolled his eyes. 


“At least I didn’t make deals with people on my behalf behind your back!” Marinette’s spat. 


“I thought you understood why I did it!” 


“Doesn’t mean I like it!” Marinette started listing things, “I like fashion, I like pearls, I like video games, but I don’t like lies!” 


“Well, now you have them, princess,” Chat muttered. 


Marinette narrowed her eyes, “When I said that we were never meant to be together, I meant it.” 


“Finally,” Chat rolled his eyes, “We agree on something!” 


That was the last thing he said before he cupped her cheeks, crashing his lips against hers and pressing her figure against a wall. 

She threw her arms against his neck, pulling him closer, as he deepened the kiss. 


Marichat May: Kiss

They had spent so much time apart for such stupid reasons. Because they let miscommunication and confusion poison their relationship. He’s been wanting to do this for  weeks  and it was torture to have to wait. He would never make the same mistake twice, and he refused to ever leave his lady, his bugaboo, his princess’ side. 


He poured all of this into the kiss, kissing her senseless until she squealed in surprise. The kiss was desperate and so satisfactory. She just looked so beautiful, in her emerald green wrap dress that hugged her curves in ways that shouldn't be possible. The green made her brilliant bluebell eyes appear even more bright if possible. She was just so  perfect , pressed in his arms against him, her lips on his. 


Nothing felt more right and inevitable. 


She pulled back, whispering against his lips, “This changes nothing.” 


He immediately replied, “Absolutely not.” 


He kissed her again, realizing they probably had to get going and he forced himself to pull away from her lips one last time. 


“Follow me,” She ghosted his lips, voice quiet and lips puffy. 


“Always,” He answered, voice low. 


He obliged her to her desk. She opened up a little spool kit where she clicked on the spools, which were actually buttons, and a compartment opened up with the miracle box. 


“This is so cool,” Chat grinned, “I’m getting major Indiana Jones vibes.” 


Marinette giggled, “I can see that.” 


“So do you have a plan?” Chat questioned, knowing she already had a plan. 


“Yes,” Marinette held the miracle box in her arms, beaming, “I know how we’re going to defeat Apepillon.” 

Chapter Text

Marinette wore two miraculous. 


The bee and the mouse. 


“The mouse miraculous!” Chat beamed, watching her put on the necklace, “I remember when you wore that! I was so disappointed when you couldn’t wear it. You looked adorable in it.” 


Marinette blushed, “Thanks Chat. I figured lots of me and the bee would be better because then we can sneak in. There’s only one more miraculous, but I won’t be wearing it.” 


His mask furrowed, signifying his confusion and she handed him the snake miraculous. 


“Are you trying to make Luka jealous?” Chat asked, hand approaching hers, “Besides, I don’t know if I’m the right person to wear that.” 


“Of course you are,” Marinette insisted, “You did it  once  during miracle queen, and you were great.” 


“Mari, I can’t-“ He pushed her hand back, “I honestly  can’t . I can watch you get hurt, unable to do anything. It’s painful.”


“Hey,” Marinette cupped his cheek, “I’m right here. That’s why I’m trusting you with this because I know you can bring me back.” 


“I don’t want to see that,” He croaked, “It hurts knowing I can’t protect you.” 


“Kitty,” Marinette pressed a kiss to his forehead, “It’s my job to protect you too. It’s not that you could protect because you’re more than capable, it’s because I gave you a job and you listened. It’s also why I’m trusting you with it, okay?” 


He sighed, slipping the miraculous unto his risk, “Fine. I’m not going to like it.” 


“Oh, you’ll forgive me,” She teased, “Back to your earlier point though, Luka’s  already  jealous of you.” 


“Because I’m dating the most amazing and beautiful girl in all of Paris?” Chat stroked his chin thoughtfully, “Yeah, I’d be jealous of me too.” 


“Dork,” She elbowed him playfully before pressing a quick kiss on his lips, “Also, I didn’t know we were dating.”


He smacked his forehead, “So That’s what I forgot to do this morning!” 


Marinette giggled, “Real slick.” 


Chat bowed dramatically, “Will you, princess, date me, the lowly Adrien Agreste?” 


Marinette hummed thoughtfully, “Hmmm, maybe,” She pulled him the bell, “Yes.” 


He smirked, “I told you that you would pull me by the bell.” 


She released him, “Alright, I get it. I was jealous of an illusion. Can we move along?” 


He chuckled, “You know I can’t do that.” 


“Traitor,” She stuck her tongue out at him, “We have one more stop to make.” 


“And that would be?” He asked as Marinette grabbed the miracle box. 


“Alya’s,” Concern washed over her features, “I hope she’s okay. I think I scared her half to death. Maybe my parents are with her too.” 


“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” Chat put his hands up, eyes wide, “Alya knows?!” 


Marinette nodded, “Yeah she’s known for a while. She also figured out that you are, well, Adrien. There’s no time to explain right now, so we’ll clear things up later, okay?” 


“Okay?” His voice piqued insulating, things were in fact, not okay. 


He wasn’t mad or anything, he was kind of surprised Alya figured it out before him. So it was certainly a story he wanted to hear. 


It could be why Alya called him when Marinette went missing. 


“I’m just going to leave the miracle box with her,” Marinette climbed up towards her balcony before stepping down as she remembered something unpleasant, “Oh wait, we have to kick Lila out of my house first.” 


Chat saluted, “I can do it! I think you might kill her.” 


Marinette shrugged, “Touché. I’m going to transform by the time you come up, so make sure you recognize me,” She joked. 


He bowed, kissing her hand, “Of course, how could I forget the lady of my dreams.” 


“Okay, go on kitty,” Marinette hit her face, covering her blush.


Chat obliged walking down the steps to find Lila up and about, currently rifling through Marinette’s things. 


She stopped in front of the picture with Marinette and her family, and she scoffed, “Pathetic.” 


“Ahem,” Chat Noir cleared his throat, causing Lila to whip towards him, “I don’t think that belongs to you.” 


“Oh my gosh, Chat Noir!” She said in her sickeningly sweet voice, “I was just trying to find where I was and I think I was akumatized because I don’t remember anything, and I woke up on the floor and-“ 


“I’m going to stop you right there,” He put a finger up to silence her, “Please,  please  stop talking. The world would be a  much  better place if you could shut up.” 


“Excuse me?” Lila snapped, “Aren’t you supposed to be helping me?” 


“Lila,” Chat breathed slowly to stop himself from strangling her, “You are obviously snooping through Marinette’s things. Your voice is so high, a bird might mistake you for its mother.”


“What is wrong with you?” She cried out, outrage, “What kind of a hero are you?” 


“A real one,” He quipped, examining his nails, “Not a fake one.” 


She growled, “How do I get out of this miserable place?!” 


Chat grinned, “Allow me to door the honours.” 


He picked Lila up with one arm, carrying her like a sack. 


“Hey!” Lila kicked wildly to get out of his grasp, “Put me down!” 


“Just taking out the trash,” He whistled, leaving the bakery and putting her down right outside. He gave her a sarcastic smile, “Please, don’t come back again.” 


He slammed the door shut in her face, before locking it. 


Lila screamed in outraged and Chat simply cupped his ears, “Sorry, glass blocks out the stupidity.” 


He whistled, walking up the steps to find Multimouse conversing with the kwamis about staying with Alya. She held the bee miraculous in her hand


“Hey Chaton,” Multimouse beamed, “Let’s go.” 


Chat scratched his head in confusion, “I’m sorry, I’m looking for another beautiful girl such as yourself? She’s about the same height as you with the same bluebell eyes and the same adorable features. Have you seen her by any chance?” 


Multimouse rolled her eyes, walked towards him and flicking his bell, “I think I might have an idea to where she is.”


“Oh really?” He grinned excitedly, “Because I’d like to get back to my girlfriend ASAP.” 


“Oh yeah, I think I found her,” She pressed a chaste kiss on his lips. 


He hummed in appreciation, “Oh my gosh, Marinette is that you? That’s crazy I never would have figured that out.” 


“Funny,” She bit her lip, “But seriously, we have to get Tikki back.” 


He sighed, crossing his heart, “I promise not to kiss you, thus distracting you from saving the world.” 


“Good kitty cat,” She grinned, before she furrowed her brows, “Adrien, there are two ways we can get to Luka’s lair. Either the way we entered, where he might be expecting us or from your house. If we go through there, are you ready for that?” 


His ears dropped, “Mari, I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready. To find your father is Hawkmoth and he’s been trying to bring back your comatose mother is...a lot to take in. It hasn't sunk in yet because we’re preoccupied. I don’t know if it ever will. All I know is we have to stop him.”


“Adrien,” She clutched his hands, “No matter how long it takes, I’m going to be with you, every step of the way.” 


He slipped her hand against his cheek and melted into her touch, “Okay.” 


She kissed his forehead before pulling back, “We’ll get through this together.” 





Chat Noir and Multimouse were ready to knock on Alya’s window but thought better of it when they noticed she was currently being hugged by Nino. 


He was combing her hair with his fingers as she sobbed into his chest, fear present in all her features. 


Multimouse pressed a longing hand to the window, and Chat rubbed her shoulders soothingly. 


“I feel so bad interrupting,” Multimouse breathed, “Chat, she’s so worried.” 


“I don’t think there’s any way to get this past the both of them,” Chat breathed, “That way we can soothe both their consciences.” 


“Okay,” Multimouse inhaled before knocking on the window. 


Alya’s eyes immediately flicked towards the window sill, a hand flying up to her mouth. 


She ran towards the window, immediately opening it. 


“Chat,” Alya croaked, tears gleaming in her eyes as she glanced at the miracle box, “Is that...” 


“Yeah,” He nodded, “It is.” 


Alya’s eyes flickered to the Multimouse, paling as if she’s seen a ghost, “Is it really you?” 


Nino’s eyebrows in confusion, as Multimouse, exclaimed breathlessly, “Yeah, Alya. It’s me.” 


She threw her arms around Multimouse’s shoulders, exhaling a huge sigh of relief, “Oh my gosh, you’re okay! I was so worried about you, and I wanted to take the miracle box but I didn’t know if it was safe! So I got your parents out of the house and they’re here looking for you and oh God, I was so worried.” 


“Thank God my parents are here,” Marinette buried her head into Alya’s shoulder, “I’m here it’s okay.” 


“What happened?” She pulled back so she could get a good look at her, “You never called and I thought-“ 


“I was kidnapped,” Multimouse stated blatantly, “But Chat saved me and I’m here now!” 


“Woah, Woah, Woah,” Alya wagged a finger, “Kidnapped?! By who?” 


“Luka,” Chat growled his name, “If he lays a finger on her head again, so help me God I’ll-“ 


“Cool it lovebird,” Alya put up a hand, “I assume you know.” 


He nodded, “And I assume you know.” 


Alya put her fist out so Chat Noir could pound it, “I assume there was some plot development in my favourite ship.” 


Chat returned the gesture while giving Marinette a knowing look, “Yup. We’re official.” 


“Good,” Alya’s expression darkened her voice low, “But trust me when I tell you this. Break her heart again and I will  end  you. Capeesh?”


Chat put his hands up in surrender, quickly replying, “Yes ma’am!” 


Alya pulled back, pleased before turning to converse with Multimouse, “So, why do you have the miracle box?” 


“I’d like you to keep it while we hunt down Apepillion,” Multimouse answered as Chat handed the box to her, “He doesn’t know  you  know, so it will be safe here with you.” 


Alya opened her mouth to respond but was interrupted by a high-pitched squeaky sound resembling a hissing teapot. 


The trio whipped around to face a gobsmacked Nino who screamed, “What the  hell ?” 


They all blinked in confusion as Nino continued to scream, “What the actual hell. What is happening right now? Why is the mouse lady talking about being kidnapped and her parents? Because unless you have another sister Alya, the only other parents here belong to Marinette!” He spiralled, “And also, since when did cat boy have a girlfriend other than Ladybug? Why does mouse lady have the miracle box? Shouldn’t the guardian have the miracle box?” 


“Nino, Alya?” Alya’s mother called from downstairs, “Is everything all right up there?” 


“Fine, Mom!” Alya called back before turning to her boyfriend. “Nino!” She cried out, “It’s okay! Mouse lady is-“ 



“Me,” Multimouse detransformed, “Hey dude.” 


“Nette?” He gasped, throwing his arms around her in a hug, “We were so worried about you, and wait-“ He looked her in the eye, “Did you say Luka kidnapped you?? Who’s Apepillion?” 


“Yes, he did kidnap me,” Marinette said slowly, “But Chat saved me. And Luka has the butterfly and peacock miraculous which brings us to a whole series of new issues but that’s a story for another day.” 


“Nette, did you just say that you’re dating Chat Noir?” Nino furrowed his brows in confusion once more, giving her his “big brother” look. 


“Yup,” She shyly tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “Okay, your turn sunshine.” 


Chat Noir detransformed, revealing Adrien, “Hey bro.” 


“Adrien?” Nino gaped, “You can leave your house? In leather? To fight supervillains? I’m honestly surprised, dude. Stoked, but surprised. It all makes sense now.” 


“So, you’re not mad?” Adrien winced. 


“Not at all!” Nino beamed, “Actually, this makes a  ton  of sense.” 


“Awesome,” He hugged Nino, “I missed you, bro.” 


“I did too,” He gave Adrien a Pat on the back, “Now what are you two doing here? You’ve got a musical villain to catch! This feels like Pokémon,” Nino grinned excitedly, “I am so happy to be in the loop.” 


Alya rubbed her boyfriend’s shoulder, “Welcome to the club. I’ll explain the rest and we’ll cover for you with your parents.” 


Marinette shrugged, “It’s okay, by the time we get back, I’ll literally be able to tell my parents we were kidnapped. We got this, and I’ll call you if we need reinforcements.” 


“Perfect,” Alya hugged her best friend, “Stay safe,” She turned to Chat, “Both of you.” 


“The cat and the mouse team up,” He dabbed Adrien up, “Like Tom and Jerry. Good luck man.” 


“Thanks, dude,” Adrien and Marinette transformed, leaving Nino excited. 


Just as they prepared to hop out of the window, Nino cried out, “Wait. Hold on. Where’s Ladybug?” 


“Nino,” Multimouse grinned, “I’m Ladybug.” 


“Ohhhhh-“ Nino held up a finger as the epiphany hit him, Alya spinning him around towards her bed so he could sit and giving the duo a thumbs up. 


One thing was for sure, they had the best friends in the world. 

Chapter Text

The Agreste mansion loomed over him, in the cold, dark night. 


He never liked the mansion. 


Now, it seemed to bother him all the more. He could feel the gloomy presence radiating off of it, and it made him want to cower and flee. 


He had to do it. He had to confront his past, his future, his pain. 


Multimouse squeezed Chat Noir’s hand, reminding him that this time, he wasn’t alone. 


They hopped the gate, walking towards the Agreste mansion. Chat pulled out his baton, Multimouse using her whip as a guard. The bee miraculous was sitting in her hair, ready to strike. 


Chat stood in front of the doors as if he was going to knock. He was so polite, wasn’t he? Raised to be the perfect son. It was hypocrisy. 


His father blamed him for the Agreste name. He needed to sit down. 


He pushed the doors open, thunder flashing in the background. 


“Chat Noir,” Nathalie repeated, a bead of sweating rolling down her forehead, “And Ms...” 


“Multimouse,” The superheroine nodded, “We’re looking for-“ 


“Where is Gabriel Agreste?” Chat Noir hissed, biting his tongue to keep from screaming, “We need to see him right now.” 


Nathalie clutched her iPad, “I could book you an appointment.” 


“This matter is above that,” Multimouse insisted. 


“He’s in his office,” Chat marched towards the doors, completely ignoring Nathalie. 


He slammed the door open, pointing a menacing finger at the figure of Gabriel Agreste, “Did you know there’s a supervillain sitting in your basement? Because I didn’t know there were two.” 


Gabriel whipped around to face him, “What is the meaning of this?” 


“What he means, sir,” Multimouse clutched Chat’s arm to calm him down, “We need to talk with you.” 


“What could this possibly be about?” Gabriel snapped, “I have work to finish and places to be, so if you’ll excuse me.” 


“No!” Chat cried out in outrage, voice echoing across the mansion as he stalked towards Gabriel, “What the hell is wrong with you? How on earth could the famous Gabriel Agreste, known for upholding a ‘perfect’ image he forced onto his son, be Hawkmoth?” 


Gabriel’s eyes went wide before he quickly schooled his expression, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” 


Chat growled, shoving an arm around his throat and holding him against the wall, “Cut the crap, Gabriel!” 


Nathalie exclaimed, “Gabriel!” She hurriedly rushed over but Multimouse held her back for her safety. 


Chat’s voice didn’t lose the dangerous and menacing tone, “You have a  family , you have a son. And you didn’t  mourn  like a normal person. You pushed him away, filling his schedule with activity, after activity. He was just a  kid  and you isolated him from everyone he loved. Your wife is sitting in your basement, and you didn’t even tell  him ! Nobody, not even him, knew if she was alive or dead.” 


“Who do you think you are?” Gabriel croaked. 


Multimouse cried out, “Chat! Calm down, it’s not worth it.” 


His grip on Gabriel’s throat tightened, Multimouse walking up to him and placing a hand on his arm, “Look at me.” 


His gaze on Gabriel hardened and Multimouse pleased, tilting his head to face her, “Chat,  please ?” 


He met her eyes, grief and anger visible. He stared into her bluebell eyes and his gaze softened, along with his hold on Gabriel Agreste. 


He fell to the ground, coughing. 


“Mr. Agreste,” Multimouse replied, “If you agree to hand over all of your miraculous related possessions and stop being Hawkmoth, this doesn’t have to be any more problematic than it already is. We won’t even let the Agreste name tarnish. We’ll simply let the idea of Hawkmoth fade away.”


Gabriel wheezed, “Don’t you get it? If I don’t get the miraculous, Emilie dies.”


“Gabriel,” Multimouse looked him in the eye, “You couldn’t bring her back even if you wanted to. It could destroy the world.” 


“It would be worth it,” He snapped, “For Emilie, it would be worth it.” 


“No,” Chat’s voice was low and bitter, “It wouldn’t be. You could kill someone else instead. You, Nathalie, your  son ,” He screamed, “Did you ever think of him?” 


“Stop talking about my son!” Gabriel angrily exclaimed. 


“I probably know more about him than you do,” His eyes narrowed, “We’re giving you a chance, Gabriel, more than you deserve. Don’t waste it. Is his life worth Emilie’s?” 


Gabriel’s eyes widened, as he thought about the question while Chat yelled, “Is it?!” 


Gabriel dodged his gaze, “No. But there has to be a way to bring her back!” 


“There isn’t, Gabriel! There is no way out of this scenario, there is no way to bring her back. She’s gone!” Chat croaked, “And that’s on you.” 


The one expression Chat thought he would never live to see flashed across Gabriel Agreste: Guilt. 


“Just tell us where the lair is, Mr. Agreste,” Multimouse quietly asked, “We can handle this peacefully.” 


“He doesn’t seem to know that,” Gabriel retorted, shooting a glare at Chat Noir. 


“Don’t make this difficult,” Multimouse warned, “Do it for Adrien. Where is Apepillion?” 


Gabriel’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Who?” 


“The guy who took your miraculous dimwit,” Chat quipped. 


Gabriel gritted his teeth, “He’s using my miraculous?” 


“No duh Sherlock,” Chat remarked. 


Gabriel ignored the comment, considering something before he sighed, “The painting. Two buttons open a secret elevator. It will take you downstairs to the liar.” 


“Show us,” Chat demanded. 


Gabriel pushed himself off the ground, readjusting his tie before walking toward the portrait of Emile. 


His fingers hovered over two circles in the painting, which Chat then realized were holes in the portrait.


Gabriel hesitated, “I have one request.” 


Multimouse and Chat Noir gave each other a questioning look before turning to Marinette. 


“What is it?” Multimouse inquired. 


“Don’t tell Adrien,” Gabriel asked. 


The words sunk into Chat Noir’s head, “Why not? He deserves to know.” 


“You’re right, I can’t do this to him,” Gabriel looked away, motioning for the superhero duo to stand in a specific spot, “Not anymore.” 


Gabriel poked his fingers into the holes, the floor beneath Multimouse and Chat Noir disappearing. 


Chat banged his fists against the window, “You have to tell him about Emilie! You have to!” 


Gabriel gave him a silent nod in reply, turning away, before giving his face disappeared from view. 


Multimouse threw her arms around him, pulling him into a hug, “I’m so sorry.” 


He sobbed into her shoulder, “I can’t-, we can’t do this right now. We have get ready.” He sniffled. 


Multimouse rubbed his shoulder, “We’ll talk about this. I promise.” 


He nodded into her shoulder, pulling back so he could merge the miraculous, Snake Noir standing there instead. 


Marinette whispered, “Multitude.” 


Multimouse merged into ten cute little copies of her, the feeling sending her stomach tingling. She gave the bee miraculous to one of her copies, before she merged it, turning into MultiBee. 


One of the copies hid in Chat’s pocket, while the others hid around the place, ready to strike. 


Apepillion was waiting at the base of the elevator for Snake Noir. He said, “I see you have something that belongs to me.” 


“I see you have a giant hole in your lair,” Snake Noir responded easily. 


“Yeah, well, I learned the Ladybug miraculous doesn’t restore the damage of something it wasn’t created to cause,” Apepillion shrugged. 


“Tikki must hate you,” Snake snorted, “The feeling is mutual.” 


“Where’s your literal sidekick?” The villain’s lips curled up in disgust. 


“Partner,” the hero corrected, “And I refused to let her come.” 


“Aw, playing the Knight in shining armour are we?” He scowled, “Too bad Lila couldn’t finish you when she had the chance.” 


“It’s ironic, I thought you wouldn’t akumatize people against their will,” Snake Noir questioned, slowly walking towards him. 


He shrugged, “I didn’t akumatize her against her will. She  wanted  its power. I simply gave it to her.” 


“Oh, so it was because she wanted you to. Got it,” Snake Noir rolled his eyes, “Alright, can we move this along? I have places to be and people to see, and you’re scheduled time is almost over.”


“Well, next time I’ll make an appointment,” He pulled out his staff and fan, as they both ran towards each other.


“Second chance!” Snake Noir exclaimed, taking Apepillion head-on.


“Where is Marinette?” Apepillion growled, “She’s too stubborn and brave to leave you here alone.” 


“And I’m too stubborn to put her in danger,” He grunted. 


“She wouldn’t care,” Apepillion shook his head, “I know about all the miraculous. Which one is she using?” 


Snake grit his teeth, using his baton as a defence to block his strike, “She’s not here!” 


“She has to be,” Apepillion growled, throwing Snake Noir over him, “Did she use the fox miraculous? The bee? the mouse?” 


“She’s not here!” Snake Noir screamed, chucking him off of him. 


Apepillion pinned him to the ground, “Fine. Then she won’t mind if I take your miraculous.” 


Snake Noir writhed in his grasp, “Cata-“ 


“Don’t,” Apepillion interrupted, “I’ll make you cataclysm yourself. You don’t have the miraculous to fix this.” 


“No, but I can retry it,” He grinned, getting ready to use his bracelet. 


“Not on my watch,” Apepillion hissed pinning him down, “I just have to akumatize you. You seem really angry, I wonder why.” 


“No!” A voice screamed, and Apepillion smirked.


“Liar,” He spat at Snake Noir. 


“Don’t do it!” Snake Noir struggled under Apepillion’s hold. 


“Marinette,” Apepillion smiled, “Come out, come out, wherever you are.” 


“Gladly,” A voice whispered in his ear and Apepillion jumped back, just as Marinette stabbed the bee miraculously into his arm. 


Apepillion froze, and Multimouse turned back to her normal size, immediately throwing her arms around Snake Noir. 


“It’s over,” She whispered into his ears. 


He kissed her forehead, “Yeah. It is.” 


“Let’s get Tikki back,” She grinned, “We have 5 minutes until it wears off.” 


Snake Noir nodded, immediately walking towards Apepillion and taking off the brooch. 


Except, the miraculous wouldn’t budge. 


“Mari,” Snake Noir struggled, “It won’t come off?” 


“What?” Multimouse asked, running back towards him, “That doesn’t make any sense! It has to come off it-“ 


Before Multimouse could even finish her sentence, Apepillion crumbled to the ground, into a thousand tiny bits. 


A loud cackle echoed throughout the lair, “Did you really think I wouldn’t have a plan for when you both returned? I thought that during Marinette’s little  visit  here, she was studying me. I thought she knew that I always have a plan. I know she has the miracle box and I didn’t think you both were this  stupid .” 


“Oh my gosh,” Snake Noir’s eyes widened, “That’s not Luka.” 


“It was a sentimonster,” Multimouse gasped.


“Surprise shawty!” the real Apepillion grinned from behind them, striking them both and sending them backwards, “It was a bold effort. Funny, to say the least.” 


“How are you the guitar man?” Snake groaned from the floor. 


“I was. That was before my melody was broken,” Apepillion grinned, “I’m not going to hurt you both,” He glared at Marinette, “I’m going to make you  suffer .” 


Apepillion pulled out the Ladybug miracle, clicking them onto his ears. 


Multimouse’s necklace beeped frantically, but she couldn’t find it in her to care, “No!” 


Tikki flew out of the earrings, blinking in confusion at the scene before her. The kwami’s eyes widened in realization when Apepillion ordered, “Tikki, what are your magic words.” 


The kwami tried to snap her jaw shot but couldn’t, and found herself forced to answer, “Spots on.” 


“Tikki, Duusu, Nooroo, merge!” Pink light-flooded Luka and his suit now had partly red details with spots all over. 


“The power of creation,” Apepillion grinned, “Manifestation!” 


He opened his yo-yo, and a sudden gust of wind attacked the duo, who could barely hold on. Apepillion quickly rose on a cloud of multicoloured smoke, his weapons glowing. 


“Cool it CrabCake!” Snake Noir grunted, throwing his baton against two walls as Multimouse wrapped her jump rope around the baton, clutching Snake Noir to her side. 


“Luka no!” Multimouse cried out, “The Ladybug miraculous with the others is too strong! You can't wear that many!” 


“I know!” Apepillion cackled, lights flashing around him. 


“Mari, what are you talking about?” Snake Noir asked. 


“If you wear too many miraculous’ it can kill you! It’s going to sap his life force!” Multimouse cried out over the gusting wind. 


His eyes widened in horror and Multimouse cried out frantically, “Use second chance!” 


Snake Noir turned to his bracelet, where his timer was now passed, “I can’t! It’s timed out, I’ll have to detransform.” 


As if on cue, Sass blew out of the miraculous, getting thrown in the wind. 


The kwami fought back, flying towards Apepillion with all his might. 


“Chat, we have to help him!” Multimouse yelled out desperately, “We have to tell him!” 


Apepillion’s figure continued to glow, his figure with bright eyes and glowing power, “All this power is fine! I don’t need the wish, I can rule Paris myself!” 


“Luka, you’ll die!” Multimouse screamed, “It will kill you!” 


“I don’t believe you!” He answered, chuckling, “It’s all mine.” 


“Master Luka!” Sass cried out in his face, trying to distract him from using his weapons, “I was proud to call you my master. I believed in you.” 


“You left me,” Apepillion spat. 


“No, I didn’t! You were the one holder that wielded me with grace,” Sass flew in front of his eyesight, pressing a paw to his cheek, “There's still good in you. Where is it? Where are  you , Luka?” 


For a split second, his expression faltered and the humane, loving Luka was visible. 


But his expression hardened, “Everything I ever loved was taken from me! I want it back!” 


He opened his yo-yo, trying to use the power to create, “I can see it! I can...I can-“ His eyelids started to close as if he was a child fighting to stay awake. 


“Throw me,” Multimouse shook Chat, “Now!” 


“Mari the wind-“ Chat asked, eyes wide. 


“It will die down, trust me!” She cried out. 


“You could get hurt!” He protested but she pressed her lips on his, effectively shutting him up. 


“Do it. Now,” She whispered, with steely resolved. 


He blinked, a small smile creeping onto his features, “That’s my lady.” 


Chat swung her, flinging her towards the dizzy Apepillion. 


Just as she suspected, the wind started to hinder and Multimouse had a straight shot for Apepillion, who was currently falling. She quickly tackled him midair, carrying him in her arms. 


He struggled weakly in her hold, but not enough for her to drop him. 


She quickly landed on the ground, setting him down carefully as her transformation gave out completely. 


She quickly took her earrings off of Luka’s ears, along with the peacock and the butterfly miraculous just to be safe. 


As soon as she relieved him of the last miraculous, his heartbeat quickened, and he let out a huge breath. He panted for a few seconds, long enough for Chat to catch up. 


“ saved me,” Luka breathed slowly. 


Marinette gave him a small smile, “Well, you’re my friend.” 


Luka gave her a quiet laugh, “A friend.” 


That was the last thing Luka said before he passed out. 

Chapter Text

It wasn’t long before they rushed Luka to the hospital. 


The pair had to detransform, Adrien clutching Marinette tightly as Luka was taken in an ambulance to the hospital. 


It didn’t take long for a doctor to chat with the pair, assuring them that Luka was going to be okay, although they were going to take him to the hospital for some extra tests. 


“See?” Adrien tangled a finger in Marinette’s hair, “It’s going to be okay, bugaboo.” 


“I know,” Marinette hugged him tightly, “You’re here.” 


He smiled, burying his face in her hair, “As long as we’re together.”


They stood in comfortable silence before Marinette broke it. 


“Are you okay?” She asked quietly, squeezing his hand, “I think now is the time to process things.” 


He cocked his head to the side, “I don’t know.” 


“Then maybe we should talk,” Marinette cuddled up into his side, “I still have to meet my parents. I’m sure they’ll gladly take you in. 


He chuckled, “That’s sweet. I could use that right now.” 


“Oh, they will gladly adopt you,” Marinette winked. 


“Aw, but then we won’t be able to have three kids-“ Adrien started. 


Marinette finished, “And a hamster?”


Adrien’s eyes widened, “That’s exactly what I was going to say.” 


Marinette giggled, “Do we need any more proof that we’re meant to be together?” 


Adrien buried his head in her hair, “No princess.” 


She watched as the ambulance drove off, her expression darkening once again, “Do you think we should go with him? Juleka’s going to be worried.” 


“I think this could be Luka’s turning point,” Adrien explained, “And I think if we leave him now, we’ll be the ones setting him on this path again.” 


Marinette nodded, “Then maybe we should have gone to the hospital with him.” 


Adrien shrugged, “This just means I’ll get to carry my girlfriend to the hospital.” 


Marinette grinned, “Oh, I like the sound of that.” 


“Same,” He took her hand, leading her to an alley so he could transform. 


“I could transform to y’know,” Marinette rolled her eyes. 


“As much as I would love to see that because it means Ladybug  finally  fell in love with me,” Adrien waggled his brows, “I believe that chivalry isn’t dead.” 


Marinette rolled her eyes as Adrien transformed, “Ah, there’s the leather.” 


“Prefer me like this princess?” Chat smirked. 


Marinette flicked his bell, “A little bit, yes.” 


He flushed, “That was not what I was expecting you to say.” 


Marinette shrugged, “If you’re flirting turns up by 100 as soon as you transform then I deserve to have a little bit of fun.” 


He grinned, “Come on my lady, I know you love my flirting.” 


Marinette dodged his gaze, “if I ever told you, you’d get a big head. Your ego is inflated enough as it is.” 


“You wound me bugaboo,” He pouted. 


She pulled him by the bell, his lips inches away from hers, “And to think we had a whole love square going on here. I don’t know, I’m starting to think I was always in love with Chat Noir.” 


He blinked, his cheeks turning crimson, “And I was always in love with you, Marinette.” 


It was her turn to blush and she suddenly realized how close he was to her, how his eyes fluttered slowly. She noticed how he looked at her like she was a miracle, a gift. 


And God, did she have to look so beautiful in that green wrap dress? 


He couldn’t help himself, he captured her lips in his, her hands immediately making their way to the small of her back. 


He loved her. 


He would shout it a thousand times over. 


He was in love with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. 


It was crazy how long it had taken him to realize it, or how long it had taken him to fall for her. Hell, they had a reverse crush on each other to finally be together. 


He’d waited long enough. 


She squealed in reply, tugging on his bell to pull him closer to her. Patience was a virtue, and when you spend four years pining after the love of your life, you want nothing more than to spend every living second with her. 


He purred in reply, the sound vibrating from his chest as she deepened the kiss, unrelenting and unwilling to stop.  


They basically made out in the alley for ten minutes, until their need to breathe broke them apart. 


He rested his forehead against her, his voice low and sultry, “That took much too long.” 


Marinette panted, “Much.” 


Her eyes flickered to his lips once more and she beat him to it, quickly capturing his lips in one fell swoop. 


She pulled apart quickly to whisper, “You know we can’t spend all day making out here right?” 


He chuckled, the sound lighting her nerves on fire, “I know. I’d like to kiss you in a much nicer place, preferably somewhere that’s  not  surrounded by garbage. Although I’d marry you in a dumpster.” 


Marinette sighed dreamily, “Aw, I’d marry  you  in a dumpster.” 


Chat snickered, “I’m glad I got the proposal out of the way.” 


Marinette rolled her eyes, “Like I wouldn’t say yes.” 


He noted, “Huh, good to know.” 


“Now come on kitty cat,” Marinette smiled, “It’s time to meet the parents?” 


“Shouldn’t I meet them as Adrien?” Chat questioned. 


Marinette shook her head, “I’m going to tell them I was taken as bait for Ladybug and Chat Noir and that they saved me. So they don’t think I ran away or something to give them a heart attack on purpose,” Marinette winced, “They must be so worried.” 


“That’s alright princess,” He grinned, “Chat Noir will put them at ease.” 


Marinette raised a brow, “And who’s going to be my boyfriend? Adrien Agreste or Chat Noir?”


“Both,” Chat nodded, “Both is good.” 


Marinette grinned, “Agreed.” 


“From what I understand you prefer the leather more,” Chat waggled his brows, a huge smirk on his face. 


Marinette smirked, and he immediately knew he lost this battle, “It’s nothing compared to you shirtless.” 


His jaw dropped, his skin turning a crimson red but she didn’t relent there, “The funny thing is, I was joking about that. I guess I just have a charming way with words,” She twirled her hair, “Especially towards cats.” 


Chat froze, dropping Marinette in his arms as she simply swayed her hips, walking towards the alley. He slipped to the ground, unable to stand up. 


She called for Tikki, who grinned upon seeing his broken demeanour. She quickly exchanged a couple casual greetings with Marinette, both so thankful to be in the other’s arms. 


She transformed, the flash of pink light grabbing his attention. 


She flashed him her signature Ladybug smirk, “Coming kitty cat? Or is the suit too much to handle?” 


He flushed even further if possible, and she honestly thought he might explode. 


He ran a hand through his hair as Ladybug launched herself to the rooftop with her yo-yo, “Damn.” 


He eventually got up, pulled out his baton and vaulted himself towards the Dupain-Cheng bakery.  


Ladybug was standing on her balcony and grasping her yo-yo in one hand. 


“Took you long enough,” Ladybug scoffed, putting her yo-yo at her hip. 


“Seriously?” He scoffed, “You expect me to be okay with the fact that you’re so beautiful, and hot, and brave and amazing? And you continuously mock me with your amazing skills? That’s low Mari.” 


She blushed lightly, detransforming, “You’re one to talk.” 


His lips quirked up in a small smile, “What’s that supposed to mean?” 


Marinette shrugged, “I’m just saying, you’re so sweet, caring, forgiving, patient and funny that I managed to fall for you twice without even knowing. Like me, and Chat Noir? It’s a crazy pairing.” 


“Thank you, princess,” He grasped her hand, pressing a quick kiss to it before looking up at her, “What makes us such a crazy pairing?” 


“For starters, we are  literally  crazy. Like we’re chaotic,” Marinette listed the reasons on her fingers while Chat nodded in agreement, “Second, don’t you think it’s so  incredible  how we both managed to fall in love with both sides of each other? I didn’t just fall in love with Adrien Agreste, I managed to fall in love with Chat Noir too. We both ended up with reverse crushes on each other and it worked out! It’s so  perfect , Adrien, it’s hard to believe.” 


“Exactly,” Chat Noir’s tail swished excitedly as his tail coiled itself around her leg, “That’s why it’s perfect, Mari. Because somehow, despite all the obstacles we have and will face, we’ve managed to fall in love with each other time and time again. I honestly believe that no matter what timeline, what universe, we will  always  learn to love each other.” 


Marinette blushed, eyes wide in awe and she whispered, “We’re soulmates.” 


He nodded in agreement, “I’ll find you, princess. Always. You were wrong Marinette,” He grinned, “We’re meant to be together.” 


“I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my entire life,” She hummed, “You were always right kitty cat. I am so  fur-tunate  to have you in my life.” 


His eyes popped and he grinned wildly, “You have never been more attractive than you are at this moment.” 


“I have never wanted to kiss you more in my entire life,” Marinette murmured softly. 


Chat Noir smirked, “Whatever the princess wishes.”