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The small dark haired boy didn't like the way the older boy was looking at his brother, he didn't like it one bit. Kai, a tall, muscle mountain, or so it seemed to him, had picked on his brother since they'd started school there a few years before. He'd push and pull at him, grip his hair and take his money, and his brother would only look at him with deep dark eyes. He'd never cry or plead to be left alone, he'd merely stare at the bulking boy who was a good two years older than he was, until he got bored and moved on to someone else who was smaller than himself. It happened a lot. 

This year though, this year was different, this year the bully had gone too far. This was the time, the one and only time Kai had made his brother cry, he and his friends had his brother circled in the play ground calling him names and laughing at him, their jibes getting worse as soon as they tracked the first tear falling down his chubby little cheek.

"Faggot!" Kai had yelled at him, pushing his small body against the school shed, the hard brick knocking the breath from his body.

"Faggot!" The others yelled giggling, as Kai gripped his shirt, pulling him up almost onto his toes.

"Yeah, dirty little gay faggot was trying to see my dick in the boys toilets," he sneered in his face, and shook him hard.


"Gay boy!.."

The others joined in spurring the taller boy on, laughing and cheering, clapping their hands, their mean little faces full of glee as they watched as the smaller boy cried his eyes out, his dark eyes widening in fear as the taller boy drew his pudgy fist back ready to pound his victim.

Kai's dark eyes glittered meanly, in his now red, sweaty face, his heart beating in excitement at the thought of mangling such a sweet and pretty face, that's what angered him the most. Not the fact that this little faggot was always so weirdly quiet, or the fact he knew that he sometimes watched him, no, it was because he was pretty, he was so fucking pretty, so pretty that Kai himself  couldn't help but want to look at him. That's what pissed him off so much, he ain't no fa-

Just then, out of nowhere he felt a massive blow to the side of his body, the momentum of something solid knocked him off balance. He let out a startled cry as he saw a blur of black and white in his peripheral vision before the object pushed him onto the ground, his head slamming off the playground concrete. In a flurry of movement, screams and shouts, he was flung onto his back and his hips were pinned to the ground. He was hardly able to get a sound out, let alone a breath before he felt the blows to his face, his skin stinging and burning with pain.

"You asshole! You leave my brother alone or I'll fucking kill you! I'll kill you!!" A small, high pitched angry voice filled his ears, as its owner continued to reign blows to his face and head.

"Jungkook, no!" Jimin got up from where Kai had dropped him on the ground, and rushed to where his brother had the other pinned down.

"Stop it! Get off-" another punch to Kai's face cut him off. He tried to grip at Jungkook's school shirt but the boy was moving so fast, so furiously, he couldn't keep hold of the material.

"How do you like it? How do you like it huh?!" Jungkook screamed at him, his small hand gripped at the boys hair and pulled with all his might, his other fist squeezing at his jaw, his fingernails embedding in the skin, drawing little crescents of blood.

"...bullied my brother too fucking long!" he screeched breathily, his little body beginning to tire, but his fists kept going, smashing into Kai's face.

"Jungkook!" Jimin reached down to try pulling at his brother, but he was immovable, he tugged at his arm, disrupting his flow just a little, but it was enough for Kai to move and his arm swung up, his fist catching the side of Jungkook's face, his thumb nail tearing his soft skin, but the boy barely acknowledged the sting, he was so enraged. He tugged his arm back hard, out of Jimin's grasp and smashed his fist into Kai's nose hard, the boy screamed in pain as he heard the crunch of bone and his eyes streamed with water, his reflex  to grip Jungkook's hand and twist. Jungkook felt pain shoot up his hand and wrist, white hot and he fell forward, his head colliding hard with Kai's mouth, blood spurted out, over Jungkook's forehead and down Kai's chin and neck. 

The boy was wailing in pain, the crowd around him gasping, some with shock, some with excitement, some glad to see Kai get his ass beat by a kid younger than himself. No one saw the advancing figure of the teacher approaching, only when Jungkook was lifted bodily, kicking and screaming did the crowd acknowledge his presence. Jimin was crying, trying to calm his enraged brother down. He hated to see his baby brother like that, his face was covered in blood and his shirt was torn, his bottom lip was swollen and bleeding, but it was the fact he was crying with rage hurt Jimin more. It was his fault and he hated it.

The school had to notify all parents involved and the three boys had to be taken to the emergency room to see to their injuries. Jungkook was sullen the whole time he was there, even when his mother had scolded him for fighting, he said nothing. He suffered a cut to his cheek, it's scar he will always carry, a cut lip and a broken index finger, he came out of it much better than Kai did, he had various cuts to his face, a broken nose, and he needed stitches to the inside of his mouth where his teeth sliced through when Jungkook head butted his face. He was lucky he didn't lose his front teeth, Jungkook smirked satisfied when he heard this.

Kai's father took him out of school and sent him to  boarding school before he was suspended, as it did at long last, come to light that he'd been bullying quite a lot of other kids, most younger than himself. It seemed to be a happy occasion for most of the other students. Jungkook's part in the fight wasn't exactly over looked, for although he had come to his brothers defence, fighting was fighting, and the school frowned upon physical violence. In the end he was given a two week exclusion, for which his mother had grounded him.

As Jungkook grew he did tend to get into more trouble, his nature was his nature, and no matter the punishment he still wouldn't tolerate bullying of any kind. Jimin admired his brother in many ways, he was determined, sweet, strong, if a little stubborn, but always had the courage of his own convictions. He would always be someone Jimin would want to have his back. Their mother always said he was just like their father, strong willed, independent and never knew when to back down. 

Jimin was more diplomatic, just like their mother, they were both thinkers and conversationalists, they liked to endlessly talk problems through. But despite being so different in nature, the boys were very close, whenever either was in trouble with their mother, with school, or with other kids, they always relied and cried on each other. Nothing changed as they grew older. They were best friends and nothing would change that.




"So that's it? Just pack our stuff, forget our friends, our school, our life? And get dragged to some shit town that no one's ever even heard of?"  The boy's voice was close to breaking as he looked incredulously at his mother. "We don't even get a say?" his ebony eyes glittered with anger.

"I lost my job at the hospital and it appears I've been black balled from every other one, the money from your father is long gone." She rounded on him angrily pulling things from his closet and tossing them on his unmade bed. "I can't pay the mortgage, and the bank is taking the house." Her voice rose as she turned to him, her cheeks flushed. "So, no Jungkook, you do not get a say!" she yelled frustrated, running her hands through her long dark hair with its fine silver strands. 

She stood and looked at her son as he poked the side of his cheek with his tongue, a sure sign that he was angry and trying his hardest to reign it in, a habit he'd picked up after his father. She hated that they had to move, leave everything that they'd known, after all the boys had spent a lot of their young lives in this house, in this town, but she had no choice now. The long arm of her family had reached her and her children, and there would be no escaping this time. She would have to return home, bringing her beautiful boys with her. Jimin understands, but Jungkook, her baby, he thinks she's ruining his life. 

She can only pray that he's wrong.

"Jungkookie.." She put her arms out to him, wanting to embrace him, she wanted to comfort him, but she also needed his comfort, his understanding.

"No." She could hear the tears in his voice as he'd rejected her, brushed past her, and stormed down stairs, slamming the outside door. 

She slumped down onto the bed amongst the array of messy clothes, lowering her head, her small hand gripping the soft, red material of her son's hoodie.

"He'll come around, mom," a soft voice told her.

She looked up and saw the encouraging smile of her oldest son, Jimin. His beautiful, dark elongated eyes, crinkling up as he smiled at her.

"I hope so Chimmy." She called him by the name Jungkook had given him as a toddler because he couldn't say his name properly. Jimin crossed the room and sat gingerly on the bed beside her, taking her small hand in his own,

"He will. He's just upset, but he knows deep down we have no choice." He turned to her with a small smile. "Besides, once he gets behind the wheel tomorrow morning he'll be fine," he said, making his mother laugh out loud.

"So wish you hadn't promised him that." She shakes her head, soft dark hair falling over her slim shoulder, "he drives like a maniac!" she chuckled, tilting her face to allow her son to lightly kiss her cheek.






Namjoon sighed softly as he gazed into the fire Yoongi had lit, the orange flames dancing brightly across his dark orbs, their glow making his gorgeous features paler than they actually were. He was lost in thought, the beer bottle warming rapidly in his hands as he continually rolled it between his warm palms.

"Dude," a voice hazily made its way across the flames, "you're spacing again," a warm smile evident in the tone, and Namjoon looked up and across the orange flamed barrier to smile at his cousin, Taehyung.

"Sorry dude, I was miles away," Namjoon chuckled to himself, shaking his head a little, soft white hair moving easily with the movement.

"Aww, he was day dreaming of his human again," a voice from behind teased and Namjoon turned to smile up at it's owner, as he breezed by and took his seat by the fire. 

Yugyeom grinned at his friend as he lifted a bottle of cold beer to his lips. His eye brows wiggling suggestively.

"Shut up, shit head," Hoshi hissed at his brother. "He can't help how he feels, it's not easy-"

"You're only saying that because you're dying to bang Josh -yew-uhhhh!" Yugyeom's laughter turned to squeaks as Hoshi launched himself at his brother, knocking him into the loose dirt around the camp fire, trying to choke him, only to succeed in making his giggles riotous.

"You know," he chuckled loudly, his sweet face bright red with laughing so hard at Hoshi's murderous glare. "I'm right!" he struggled under his brother's grip

"Shit you know!" Hoshi screeched at him, his face scarlet. Pissed, Yugyeom had outed him like that, the little fucktard.

"If I didn't know you two were brothers, I'd think you were the ones wanting to fuck each other judging the amount of hands on action you have," Taehyung chuckled, watching the as the pair stiffened and instantly separated.


"Fuck no!"

They glared at each other as they dusted their clothes down. They're brothers and they're close, despite their constant skirmishes, but fuck, they weren't that close. 

In the vampire world there were no strict morals, now it's not to say that siblings fuck each other, but it has happened on occasion, and although it's not to every ones taste, its not exactly frowned upon. Some do it to keep their blood lines as pure as they can be, some actually, over the long centuries, did become attracted  to each other, and of course, some were born that way. 

Either way, it didn't matter. Vampires were a law unto themselves. They lived how they wanted to live, and did want they wanted, for the most part, and it wasn't ever up for question. Sibling entanglements weren't questioned, same sex relationships weren't either. The only thing particularly frowned upon, was vampire-human relationships.

Humans were very necessary to the vampires for obvious reasons and they weren't exactly looked down upon. They lived among them, while maybe not equally, for how could they be when they were a vampires main source of sustenance? But they were respected as such, and they were paid well for their services. Some human families for generations were specifically bred for this line of work. Certain human families fed certain vampire families. They were, as said, well paid, well educated and had the freedom of having their own families, own careers and the freedom to more or less do as they pleased. They were well looked after and protected by the vampire clans, but when its bitten down to the bare bones, they were owned. There was no getting away from it, no matter how you dress it up.

Friendship did exist between humans and vampires too, although it wasn't really encouraged, no matter how fond, sweet, nice or fortuitous the symbiotic relationship was, humans were not classed as equals. It's also the reason relationships between them weren't really allowed either, relationships should be equal, but how can they be when one feeds off the others very life force? Sexual relationships were turned a blind eye to, sex was just that, wasn't it? Sex, and most people wanted and needed it, but usually it didn't go any further than that.

On occasion, vampires did breed humans if an heir was wanted or required, although vampires can procreate, it was obviously not the case for same sex vampire couples, and so a human surrogate was often used. Vampires would never surrogate for other vampires, for possessiveness and jealousy was part of their natures and any child made by a vampire is forever theirs. It was simpler to breed with a human for this purpose and avoid vampire blood vendettas.

If it all sounds quite cold and clinical? It is. The 'younger' generation of vampire children didn't always see eye to eye with the elders on this outlook. They shared schools, friendships and interests with human children, being in the modern technological age, their outlook was different, and it often embarrassed the younger ones, so they had to be very careful with the humans they chose as friends. Ultimately though, they did tend to band with their own kind.

Namjoon however had found himself in a dilemma for he was in fact, maybe not in love with a human boy, but he had very definite feelings for him. Kim Seokjin was member of the Kim vampire household, and both Namjoon and Taehyung had befriended him, and Namjoon had always found him alluring. His large dark eyes, perfect smooth, creamy skin and beautifully shaped luscious lips had more than on one occasion, had Namjoon's heart pounding like it wanted to escape its body. He had never made any advances toward him, but he did get the feeling that Seokjin was flirting a little. It was in his wickedly innocent little smiles he gave the other, coupled with soft looks from his lowered eyes, eye lashes fluttering  as the dark eyes pinned him. He could be imagining it, but he didn't think so. He hasn't encouraged him, and there in lay his dilemma. 

Should he?


"I don't get why you're wasting your time on them," Yugyeom huffed, pushing his hand through his unruly curly hair. "They're nothing more than walking blood bags." He took a deep breath, his hand reaching into the cooler for another beer.

"You sound like dad," Hoshi told him with a snort, knowing it would annoy his brother.

"He's an ass hole." Yugyeom flipped the lid off the beer bottle and took a long chug on it, "but he's got a point," he sighed, picked up a charred bit of branch and threw it onto the fire, flames sparked and hissed. "You can't have one. You should let it go." His face was sullen as he looked from Hoshi to Namjoon in turn. "Unless you really want to hurt someone you claim to care for." His voice held a seriousness none of them had ever heard.

"Yuggie-" Hoshi started, a little taken aback at the U-turn in his brothers usually bratty attitude, and Yugyeom pinned him with a look,

"They're the ones that will pay for it," he said softly, seriously. "Don't be so fucking selfish," he finished and stood up from the fire side and threw the bottle far off into the trees, his eyes cast  skyward, taking in the twinkling light of the overhead stars. No one said anything, and just looked at each other in turn.

"Ahh fuck," Yoongi's dulcet tones broke the silence and they all turned their eyes to him. His usual grumpy demeanour grumpier than usual as he shut his phone off and looked at his friends.

"Yoongi?" Taehyung asked, watching as his friend sighed deeply and bit his bottom lip. His pale skin milky white against the deepening darkness.

"What's up? You're more morose sounding than ever," Taehyung chuckled, his deep voice rich and melodic.

"The Jeons are coming back," he stated, annoyance clear in his tone.

"The fucking Jeons!" He groused louder, his dark eyes sparking blue, his index finger and thumb absently circling together to create a soft hum, a crackle of blue and orange arced between the digits as he frowned deeply.

"Dude, chill," Taehyung advised with a smile, a long slim hand resting on Yoongis wrist. "Last time you leaked energy, Yuggie jizzed his pants," he laughed, inciting laughter from the others and Yugyeom just spread his arms with an unabashed smile.

"Hey, free orgasm." His cheeks pinked at the memory. "If you gave that without trying." The curly haired boy returned to his place by the fire. "Imagine how it would feel if you tried." He threw a kiss at Yoongi, who narrowed his dark eyes at him.

"Ever had a case of severe blue balls?" Yoongi enquired, his lips twisting in a fake sweet smile, Yuggie flicked his tongue out suggestively, his eyes challenging.

"Wanna see?" Yoongi asked, turning his hands over, to open them to an electric blue fluid arc, fingers to palms as heat radiated out, its intensity almost dousing the flames of the camp fire, warmth beginning to uncomfortably engulf the others around it. But the warmth evaporated as quick as it started.

Namjoon gazed over, his mouth agape at what he saw, well it was one way to stop an angry male witch, Hoseok was straddling Yoongi and kissing him passionately. Not that vampires are easily shocked, cause, yanno, vampires, but it was never wise to interrupt magic, and yeah, well Yoongi and Hoseok weren't together, and as far as anyone knew, they had never hooked up either.

"What?" Hoseok asked as he pulled away from the kiss and out of Yoongi's lap to look at their collectively shocked faces. "We were getting off topic," he muttered and sat on his ass next to the stupefied witch.

"Yeah, the Jeons," Namjoon coughed awkwardly clearing his throat. He hates when Yoongi does that, its like the underside of an orgasmic high, without the fun of getting there and it leaves an urge to stick your dick in the first available hole. Not fun..

The mention of the Jeon name had Yoongi's attention and the mint headed boys lips mashed together as he gritted his teeth in anger.

"They shouldn't be allowed back anywhere near this town," he scowled hatefully, and the others simply looked at each other. They all knew the Jeon family, and to some extent had dealings with them. The boys at the camp fire for example where childhood friends, they all went to the town pre school run by Yoongi's mother and grandmother. They had been friends and played together. Of course they couldn't really recall such things as actual connection to the two Jeon brothers, but they had seen pictures of themselves sitting with them at the art table, covered in paint and laughing, and sitting at a class party complete with party hats, streamers and cake with candles. 

They knew who they were and that they'd had them in their lives for a brief time, but that's all. Namjoon of course was different, he is a vampire elder, although like all vampires, they stop ageing at 18, or 20 in some cases, but its not advised as if the 'change from human like, grow to complete vampirism' is pushed back for too long, it can result in the vampires inability to do so and will be left to die, somewhere between vampire and not at all human.

Namjoon was already 20. Yes, his change was a little later, and he had been for 230 years by the time all his now friends had been born, so he remembered the Jeon children and their parents vividly. He remembers the uproar it caused in the community, not to mention in the Jeon vampire clan, when the family had upped and disappeared. No one knew where to and no one knew how. Suspicion was rife in the town when it happened and most of the hear say surrounded a certain witch family. The Mins. Yoongi's family. No one dared accuse outright of course, because out of the three witch families, Yoongi's were the most powerful. The most trusted and most respected, until the Jeon debacle that is, and with that came a lot of problems.

You may wonder at Yoongi's apparent hatred for that particular vampire family, but it is understandable to a degree. His family was suspected of helping them to leave without the patriarch's consent or knowledge. Jeon Wonwoo was a formidable and unforgiving father, grand father and leader. He knew his daughter was close friends with Yoongi's mother Ha Ri, and his grandmother Rose, something he never fully approved of. As a vampire, his daughter was far superior to the witch family, they were after all, human, they may be supernatural beings, but they were ultimately still human and therefore inferior.

What an asshole, huh? 

You wonder at the witch community not putting these uppity vampire dick wads in their places right? Mmm, they were rendered incapable centuries ago, a pact made by Wonwoo's grand father and Yoongi's maternal great, great, great, an a few more greats beside, grand mother, that although the witches are powerful, they were still subservient to the vampires, and a spell was cast that no witch, that was, is, and will come to be, can ever fatally harm a vampire, and in return witch kind will forever have a place in their society, no witch finder generals shall ever hunt, torture and kill their kind, and of course, the mark of total subservience would be lifted. It was, but the stigma of being human was still there, and although the majority of vampires didn't make anything of it, The Jeon line did. The Jeon line being Wonwoo himself.

The Mins were irrevocably tied to that vampire clan, and although it didn't bother Yoongi really, when he was a child, because he didn't know the impact of his babyhood friends leaving had on his family, not until he grew up, into teen, and young adulthood, and he'd felt it, heard the whispers about the mysterious disappearance of the Jeons and how it was more likely their doing.

While Yoongi's family weren't exactly shunned, people, vampire, human and other witch kind, were too afraid of their power to outright banish and shun them, they were still a little ostracized all the same and Granny Min felt her friends drawing back little by little, until a year ago when Yoongi got the news that his grandmother had been killed in a car 'accident' a car accident that had taken place outwith the confines of their town. It coincided with the sighting of the Jeons, and thus lead the young witch to believe his grandmother had finally paid the price of their disappearance. This is why he hated them.

He didn't want them coming back here and stirring up trouble, he didn't want to have to look at their smug Jeon faces and watch them parade around as if they owned the place, expecting everyone to bow and pander to them, and he certainly didn't want to be stuck in any classes with them at school. He won't be responsible for what he might do to them.

"There's nothing we can do about it Yoongi," Hoseok said, standing up and began to shuck off his school uniform, getting ready for their usual Friday night swim in the lake.

"I wouldn't count on it," Yoongi retorted, admiring his friends long elegant legs as he stood only in his underwear.

"Yoongi, you know you can't actually hurt them," Namjoon said, concern pooling the depths of his dark eyes.

"And it's forbidden to even try. Yoongi-" Hoshi started to get worried for him,

"I don't care," he ground out stubbornly, pulling at his own school tie and getting to his feet.

"Yoongi, you can't blame them for something their grand father did," Namjoon tried to reason. He might not really care much for the Jeon family, but that doesn't mean they should all be tarred with the same brush. After all, Hoseok is actually part of that particular family tree through marriage, and he's been nothing but a little ball of sunshine since he'd been born. Maybe the Jeon boy's would be the same. You can't choose the family you're born into, can you?

"Who's fucking side are you on, Joon?" Yoongi growled, glaring at his friend and Namjoon stood up, hands splayed in an attempt at appeasement. He merely shook his head deciding not to get into it any further. It was evident that Yoongi was beyond listening to anyone right now, and he didn't want to get into a fight with him. Instead he just shucked off his own clothes and made a dash for the lake along with Yugyeom, Hoshi and Hoseok, leaving Taehyung and Yoongi to follow..

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Jungkook stretched his denim clad legs out tiredly, the muscles aching from being cramped in the truck for so long. They'd been on the road for hours, each piece of scenery more boring than the last, an endless supply of grey boring buildings followed by even more boring dusty little settlement towns with boring clumps of greenery here and there. For the most part he'd slept on and off trying to make the time go faster and stave off the temptation to throw himself out of the moving car. How boring could one car trip be? And there was only so many games you could play on your phone before the charge ran out. 

Just where the hell was this home town of his mothers? He yawned tiredly turning his face to see his brother asleep on the back seat, his cherubic little cheeks flushed pink in his sleep, his black locks blowing gently about his head from the breeze cascading through the open window.

"How long was I out?" he asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, blinking as he turned back to look at his mother who smiled serenely, never taking her eyes off the road.

"About six hours sweetie," she said softly, mindful of waking Jimin, who'd only just dropped off, Jungkook's eyes widened in his sleep flushed face.

"Six hours?!" He exclaimed, lowering his voice when his mother shushed him. "What time is it?" he asked and pulled his hoodie sleeve up to look at his wrist watch, 5.23 am, he groaned inwardly, they've been driving for the better part of 36 hours now.

"It's alright," his mother chuckled softly. "We're here," she informed him as she turned the slowing vehicle off road a little.

"We are?" he asked, his head twisting this way and that, peering through the truck window attempting to see something. 


All he saw was loose shapes in the shadowy distance.

He turned in his seat once again, to nudge Jimin's shoulder as his mother opened the truck door and slipped gracefully outside, her expression cool and unreadable.

"Chimmy, we're here," he whispered, gently shaking his shoulder, his gaze tracking his mothers movements.

Jimin yawned like a sleepy kitten, sat up and stretched his limbs, "where's mom?" he asked, his voice a little husky from sleep. Jungkook smiled at his brother, noting the little sleep line on his otherwise smooth cheek, he must have been dozing on a wire or something to have left such a mark.

"She's outside looking at something," he said twisting around to see her leaning against the hood of the truck, "fuck knows what though, cause I can't see shit," he told him, his eye brows furrowed as he once again cast his eyes into the distance. Jimin sat forward to rest his arms across the back of the vacated drivers seat and peered outside, a small smile creeping onto his face.

"You don't see it?" he asked nodding his head forward, dark eyes sparkling in the illumination of the truck's lit interior. Jungkook squinted in concentration staring straight ahead.

"I don't see anything!" he groused in irritation.

Jimin chuckled softly and pulled his brother closer to him and proceeded to point out the window, "It's right there!"

Jungkook turned to him, looked at him like he was bat shit crazy, "Chim, there's nothing there!" He screeched and Jimin just laughed.

"That's because you're just not seeing." He clicked his tongue and huffed at his brother.

"Ew, dude," Jungkook scrunched his nose up. "Your breath stinks!" he fake gagged reaching for the door handle and got out of the truck.

"Yeah? And what did you eat for breakfast? Dog shit?!" Jimin whined as he followed his brother, though not before subtly huffing a breath into his own hand to smell it's odour.

Jungkook caught that action and gave a small snort of laughter, his eyes cast up to the somewhat lightening sky, it's blue, orange and pink hues pushing the darkness aside. He nestled his butt against the truck front next to his mother, smiling gratefully as she handed him a cool bottle of water. He twisted the cap off eagerly before drawing the coldness deeply down his parched throat, relishing its freshness. He felt a slight movement of the trucks hood as Jimin joined them, his small hand automatically reaching up for the bottle his brother was currently drinking from, smiling as it was handed to him to finish its refreshing contents.

"Mom?" Jungkook asked, his eyes searching the side of his mothers face, a shadowy golden tint on her skin. 

"Home," she whispered softly, her voice trembled with something, not fear exactly, but trepidation? Her gaze never wavered as she stared intently into the distance.

Jungkook turned and followed her gaze, his eyes focusing as the darkness had faded quite a bit since they'd stopped, and what had looked like shadowy half dead trees and rocks in the dark, had begun to shape into something else as the sun started to push through. He blinked rapidly, his heart beat accelerated a little as he recognised what looked like the outskirts of a town? It was still a fair bit in the distance but it was definitely a town he decided.

"See it?" she asked her youngest son, her eyes flitting from her line of sight, to Jungkook who looked perplexed at the question.

"Sure mom," he said, his brows furrowed. "It's a town, it's kinda hard to miss," he sighed heavily and scratched his head, his thick dark hair bouncing as he did so. "Are we heading or what?" he asked, tearing his eyes from the towns distant view and made his way to the passenger side door again. He felt hot and sticky, and a little irritated. "Swear to god this shitville town better have showers," he muttered as he got in and waited for his mom and brother to get back in the truck.

In a matter of minutes they were driving towards the town, the heat and dust of the desert road became, well,  maybe not less warm, but less dusty and Jungkook looked in the wing mirror and what seemed like rapidly retreating desert now looked lush and green.

How the fuck did I miss that? He wondered vaguely.


The town it's self was very different from what Jungkook had imagined. It was not some little hick town, with people skulking around shoe less, with teeth missing, and driving beat up old rusted buckets, not unlike Cherry Bomb, the name he'd given their truck because of it's cherry red colour, the bomb part being fairly accurate now, as she did tend to blow the exhaust every now and then, but Cherry was family, so she didn't count.

Cherry baby, you're so going to look outta place here, he thought with a smile as he rolled the window down.

The town itself screamed wealth. The houses looked more like mini mansions, each one grander than the last, the sand stone colour of their brick work gleamed brightly in the sun. They were everywhere! The opulence was undeniable, each mansion, yeah mansion Jungkook had decided, was more beautiful than the previous one they passed. All the lawns were deep green and beautifully kept, with patches of brightly coloured, lustrous flowers festooning the cool green of the gardens. Even the garages were enormous and could easily house a family of four, their sand stone decor finished to blend in with the houses, sorry, mansions they were built for. 

There was nothing out of place in the Maple and Oak tree lined streets. Nothing. No litter, no tatty shop signs, no dingy little cafes or family owned eateries here. Everything was upmarket, from the stores with their enormous glass windows displaying their expensive jewellery and watches, to designer clothes and furniture stores, to the very best in dining experience. 

Wasn't there a coffee shop in this place? An arcade?

Now let's not even get started on cars, hmm? Every one they passed were expensive, out of this world 'fuck I'd kill to have one of those' kind of cars. From Bugatti, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, and even a Rolls Royce dotted about here and there.

Where were all the poor people cars? Point of fact, are there any poor people in this town? Something told Jungkook that no poor people existed in this place. Probably weren't allowed. Probably had poor people detectors and police with gas masks and giant brooms to brush anyone not  wearing at least Gucci shit, out of their town! He cackled to himself, his beautiful bunny smile on show. 

This place was seriously well to do, that must mean his mom's family were too. He wasn't sure how he felt about that, I mean if looks were anything to go by, no one here liked anything out of place, Jungkook would most likely be ejected head first for keeping an untidy bedroom. He felt a little uneasiness roil in his stomach as his eyes quickly scanned everywhere they trundled past. Something about the place just didn't sit right with him.

"What you looking at Jungkookie?" Jimin asked sitting forward, his elbows resting on the back of his brothers seat.

"There're no people out." He nodded a little at the deserted streets, the feeling growing in the pit of his stomach.

"It's early yet," Jimin commented, his own dark eyes scanning the stillness of the streets, he checked his wrist watch briefly, noting that it was just a little after 7 now,  but surely there would be some kind of activity...

"Not that early," Jungkook said,  mirroring his brother's action, checking his watch.

"Well, by the looks of it, the people in this place are stinking rich, most of them probably don't roll out their beds before 11 am," he chuckled lightly. "Or they're all on vacation, sailing on giant boats that reflect their giant ego's!" 

"What have you boy's got against rich people?" their mother asked listening to her sons conversation. "Didn't I raise you better than that? You never judge-"

"A book by it's cover," both boy's chimed in with a chuckle, making her laugh.

"But first impressions last, mom," Jungkook quoted another one of his mothers sayings, his beautiful dark eyes shining as he smiled.

"That usually only applies to a person Jungkookie," she told him with a smile in her voice.

"You're not the boss of me," he laughed a little and ruffled the back of her hair.

They passed by a hospital, a really huge hospital that actually had the air of a very expensive hotel. Why was it so big? It was bigger than 5 of your average apartment buildings. Rich people. One room for them and other for their servants, and they did like to be pampered didn't they? So no surprise they'd have a huge ass hospital for that very purpose. He scoffed, and turned his gaze away from the hospital, as the truck trundled down the street and turned a corner to see another massive building. 

This one was pale cream coloured stone with tall Oriel windows, dotted all around it with at least four doors that he could see from this side, all painted a deep, dark red. The lawns, there were three, each separated by a small spring green 2 foot bush, bordered by a row of  multicoloured flowers each side of it, at least  a dozen, white painted wooden lunch tables and benches dotted the lawns. Yeah, they were that big. 

A school?

The opening of one of the red doors caught his eye and he looked over to see a bunch of students streaming out and down the steps, some going straight to the lunch tables and some just milling around in small groups chatting and laughing. The boys were dressed in charcoal grey pants, pale mint green button shirts, black blazers, some edged with the same mint as the shirts, black shoes and finished off with a  silver, black and mint green striped tie. Of course the girls were similarly dressed, but with short charcoal grey skirts instead of pants. The crest on the blazers was too far for him to clearly make out what it was. Not that it mattered, he didn't want to be going to some preppy rich kid school. 


Taehyung looked up from his conversation with Namjoon and Yoongi when he heard a back fire. All heads turned in the direction of the sound, all saw the reddish looking, rust bucket that passed, barely, as someones truck. Most of the students burst out laughing at the sight, noting its occupants didn't even have the grace to be embarrassed at being seen in such a disaster. The smile dropped off his face as his eyes clashed with large, dark, doe ones and they held him mesmerised for a few moments as the vehicle passed the front of the school.

"Someone's drooling," Jimin commented with a chuckle at the awed look on his brothers face.

"That's a guy!" Jungkook spluttered, his eyes wide and his cheeks flushed.

"Who said you were drooling over a guy?" his brother chuckled, catching him out and Jungkook punched him on the arm making him laugh harder. His heart was doing triple time as he tore his gaze away from the tall, slender male with the silvery blonde hair and the unbelievably beautiful face. 

He was still thinking about him when their mother turned the truck onto a drive way and stopped the engine. She turned in her seat to face them, her beautiful features pinched a little.

"Why you looking so worried, mom?" Her youngest son asked, feeling a little anxious at her expression.

"It's just been a long time baby," she answered and softly pushed his dark locks away from his forehead. "Our family isn't the easiest to get along with." Her gaze flitted from Jungkook to Jimin. "And truthfully, the last time I saw your grandfather, your dad had just died and we weren't on the best of terms," she finished with a small, sad, smile. 

"But," she plastered on a false, bright smile. "That was a long time ago, I'm sure it'll be different now." She turned back in her seat and opened the truck door and hopped out, leaving the boys to look at one another, not altogether buying her story. Regardless, they opened the doors and joined her at the back of the vehicle and proceeded to take out their bags before making their way to front door. She didn't even have to knock, the door was immediately opened and they were greeted by a handsome, dark haired man, looking to be in his 50's maybe, who had a ready smile on his rosy cheeked face.

"Miss Seulgi!" he cried happily, his eyes roaming her face. "It's so good to have you with us again." His smile widened as he stepped back to let them in.

"Thank you, Junhui," she smiled back at him politely. "It's nice to be home." The lie falls easily from her lips.

"Oh my!" Junhui gasped a little as he took in the appearance of the boys, his dark eyes sparkling as he smiled at their nervous faces, "you boys have gotten so big!" he exclaimed.

"One of us has," Jungkook whispered with a cheeky grin and Jimin side elbowed him, his dark eyes flashed in annoyance. It was always a thorn in Jimin's side that his baby brother had been taller than him since he turned 13 years old, a fact Jungkook always enjoyed rubbing in his face, but despite that, he loved and adored him any way. Little butt munch.

"Jimin. Jungkook," she smiled at her boys. "This is Junhui, our family butler," watching as the two boys bowed to Junhui in greeting.

"Your rooms are all ready for you," he smiled at each of them. "I'll see to it that the rest of your luggage is brought to your rooms," he took Seulgi's bag from her small hand and proceeded to the foot of the staircase "Just follow me." 

The boys followed on behind their mother, hefting their bags over their shoulders as wide, dark eyes took in the decor of their 'home'. It was tastefully done with pale cream walls, deep charcoal wood work on the doors and the stair case and it's handrail. The light hanging from the ceiling was crystal and silver with matching wall fittings that lit the way up the stair case. There was a tall silver and smoke glass table sitting near the entrance way which held a duck egg coloured vase housing baby's breath and lilac roses. The duck egg curtains that hung from the elegant windows where undoubtedly hand woven silk. It wasn't quite what either expected, as it's you know, a mansion, with, you know, grand parents..

Once inside their respective bed rooms, huge of course, each with silken sheets, plump silken pillows aplenty and thick silk covered feather duvets on the queen size beds. Jungkook's in shades of blue, grey, silver and white. Jimin's in shades of green, grey , cream and pale lemon. Their mother's room was the one she had growing up, before she got married, only the subtle pink hues had been replaced by ivory, creams and gold. All of them beautifully done. Seulgi smiled as she looked around the room. Only the best for Jeon Wonwoo would do.

She lay back on the luxurious bed, her fingers gliding over the silk covered duvet, feeling every indentation of the glorious material as her boy's came bursting into the room full of enthusiastic chatter, both bounding onto her bed to describe in great detail just how awesome their bedrooms were, but even more awesome was the fact that both had 100 inch curve screen T.V's in their rooms, complete with the latest  X box, Play Station consoles, games and gadgets there was. Hours and hours of fun to be had. They couldn't be happier at that moment. She chuckled watching their animated faces as they chattered on, their beauty never ceasing to amaze her. 

Jimin was more like her own side of the family, he was especially like her brother Jung Soo. Both of them had elongated eyes that crinkled and all but disappeared when they laughed, and both of them had luscious kissable lips that all the girls drooled over. Jungkook got his looks from his father. Every time he smiled his bunny smile, every time she looked into his large doe eyes, her husband looked back her and her heart clenched painfully in her chest. Her children were beautiful and sweet, loving, and strong. She was extremely lucky to have them, she reminded herself of that every day. JaeHyun might be gone, but at least a part of him will live on forever in each of her boys. 

"Still think we're making a mistake coming here Kookie dough?" she asked with a soft laugh, pinching Jungkook's cheek.

"You haven't called me that since I was twelve," her youngest laughed, feeling happy his mother was smiling again.

"Since you found the first hair on your nut sack!" Jimin guffawed, remembering that day his brother came careening into the kitchen to boast to his older sibling that he was now a man, only to be horrified to see his mother standing there up to her elbows in soap suds as she washed the dishes. 

"Shut up, short stack!" Jungkook squeaked, his face flaming red as he smacked his brother on the chest, as Jimin laughed louder. Seulgi pressed a hand to her mouth, stifling a laugh, recalling the incident herself. The pride on his little face that was quickly replaced by abject horror when he noticed she'd been standing there, the poor baby about turned quick smart, ran out of the kitchen, up the stairs to his room and hid under his bed sheets refusing to come out until Jimin assured him their mom was in bed. He'd need at least until morning to get over his embarrassment and be able to face her again. 

"Aw, my little man," she chuckled, ruffling his thick dark hair lovingly.

"No mom, that's Jimin," he retorted gleefully, watching Jimin's face as he stopped laughing and attacked him. Seulgi loved to see the boys like that, full of fun and silliness. She only hoped that being here changed nothing.

They'd rough housed only for a few minutes before Jungkook yowled in pain.

"Ow Chim, that hurts!" Jungkook squawked, his brother had him pinned down and his head twisted to the side. When the fuck did Jimin get stronger than me?  he wildly thought.

"Chim!" He squawked louder, unable to shuck his brother off him, his weight a little suffocating.

"Jimin!" His mother's voice held a commanding tone to it as she gripped her son's upper arm.

Was that a growl? Jungkook thought. 

Jungkook couldn't see his brothers face as their mother successfully pulled him off him, off the bed, and dragged him out of the room and yelled for Jun Wei. He didn't see the feral look that turned his gorgeous dark brown eyes to blood red, didn't see the fine sheen of sweat that covered his brothers face, nor the sharp white canines that slid effortlessly, elegantly down to rest on his plump lower lip. He didn't see the brutal struggle that flit across his face as he fought the urge to sink his fangs into his own baby brothers neck.

"What the fuck just happened?" A very dazed and dishevelled Jungkook asked himself, his face was scarlet from struggling with his brother and his heart was thudding hard in his chest. 

He slid off the bed, the silken duvet slipping to the floor, straightening his clothes before he turned the door knob and peering out into the hallway. He couldn't see anyone about.

"Mom?" he called out into the eerie silence. "Chimminie?" his voice wavered a little.

Where the fuck did they go? He carefully walked along the length of the hallway to the top of the stairs, still hearing and seeing nothing, he descended the stairs swiftly, taking them two at a time.

Down in the basement, a large spacious basement that was anything but basement like, Jimin was biting into a blood bag. O neg, his favourite. He was sucking it down thirstily, little drips slipping from the corner of his mouth. Seulgi was sitting next to him stroking his dark hair thoughtfully, her eyes scanning his face, the rosiness coming back to his cheeks as he drank.

Jimin had only been through the change for a year, so he was still very young, and it wasn't easy to keep control of his hunger. It was a good job, Seulgi had been there, because under the red mist of hunger, Jimin wouldn't have been able to stop himself from attacking Jungkook, and he'd have been in danger of killing him.

"I'm sorry, mom," Jimin said breathing deeply through his nose, his lips stained red with blood.

"Oh baby, it's not your fault." She caressed his warm cheek. "I should have made sure you'd fed enough before we left." Self recrimination in her soft voice.

"Is Jungkookie alright?" he asked, sucking his bottom lip. "Did-did I hurt him?" he asked quietly, regret in his dark eyes.

"No baby, you didn't," she smiled then. "He's perfectly fine. I promise." She gracefully stood and walked over the drinks cabinet and poured herself a single malt whisky, finishing it in two gulps, her chest swarming with heat the liquid infused.

"We will have to explain it all to him," she told him as she poured another shot of whisky. "I should have told him everything before we left," she sighed and slid gracefully into the deep green easy chair, swirling the gold liquid in her glass.

"How do think he will take it?" Jimin asked, his body lightly stinging with heat the blood bag provided.

"Much like you did," she snorted lightly. "But I know he will come to terms with it. He hasn't got a choice," taking a breath she raised the glass to her lips and took a sip of her drink, "I shouldn't have left it so late with you. I'm so sorry for that," she smiled at him softly. "At least this time I have a chance to explain  before the change starts to hit him. He will be scared, I know, but he'll at least know why his body is doing what it's doing." She tilted her head back and finished the contents of her glass, as she met her son's eyes. She wished that she had told Jimin, and of course Jungkook, the real truth of their family. 

Fact of the matter was it didn't really matter, all this running away from her family, her boys were still vampires, there was no getting away from that, and at least if they'd been allowed to  continued to be brought up in amongst her family and relatives, there would have been no issues. No fear, and everything would have been second nature to them, as it was, she was going to have to go through the conversation again, and again watch the disbelief and fear on her child's face once she explained to him who and what they are.

On the other hand though, taking them away from her family, her father especially, seemed like the right thing to do. It was the right thing to do, but she should have done it earlier, as soon as she felt the shift in her fathers affections for his grandsons, she should have left. Her husband might still have been alive if she had listened to her own instincts. That's the sickening thing about hind sight isn't it? It changes nothing and all it creates is feelings of irrational anger at yourself for not seeing the shit coming in the first place. But what's done is done, and now all she can do is see to it that her father doesn't have too much influence over her sons.

"Come on," she smiled as she took the empty bag from Jimin's hands and cast in into a waste paper bin for Junhui to dispose of at a later date. "Jungkook will be wondering what happened."


Not that they needed to actually worry, for Jungkook had found the kitchen, and by the time they'd found him he was sitting getting tucked into a plate of home made waffles drizzled with honey, and a side of crispy, streaky bacon and scrambled eggs. He looked up, his cheeks puffed out as he chewed on some bacon, as his mother and brother came into the kitchen. His gaze tracked from one to the other, looking for something. Looking for any indication of what had happened earlier, was all about. His eyes focused on his mothers face for a few moments, her expression giving nothing away, as usual. He shrugged a little thinking it wasn't the first time something had gone on between his mother and brother, some silent kind of communication, only they seemed to get, and as before he let it go. If it was that important, they'd tell him, right?

"Sorry bro," Jimin said. "you know me, and the height thing," he chuckled a little, holding his brothers gaze, "must've been more tired than I thought." he finished and slid into a seat opposite him and helped himself to the food that was laid out on the table as Seulgi moved about the kitchen to make fresh coffee.

Jungkook smiled widely shoving some streaky bacon into his mouth as Jimin noisily squirted syrup onto his waffles. "Short in stature, short in patience, right?" he chuckled as Jimin flipped him off.

Chapter Text

After a few days of settling in to their new life, the boys, after much moaning and whinging about having to go to the posh school, they go to get fitted for their uniforms. It felt strange having to be measured for school wear, as back at their old schools, they usually had off the peg clothes, a couple pairs of trousers, a few shirts, sweaters and shoes to last them the whole term. Not so here. Here it was bespoke clothes of the very finest quality, hand made leather shoes, hand stitched initialled school shirts of the finest, softest cotton, and special cashmere blazers. They were there all day being measured, fitted and pulled and pushed. They would have a few made to last them a few weeks and back again for more.

From there they were ushered by their mother into one of many designer shops to get casual clothes, dress clothes, nightwear, underwear and sneakers and shoes. Not that the boys minded new clothes, I mean, who would? It's just the amount of money being spent on them. Seulgi gave a tense little smile.

"Your grandfather just wants to spoil you, give you the best of everything," she told them, her eyes falling to the gold pinkie ring Jungkook was twisting nervously. 

It was closer to the truth if she'd said, Jeon Wonwoo couldn't have his blood wandering around town in rags where anyone could see them, after all the Jeons were the oldest, richest, and most powerful family in their town, so money was no object. 

After a leisurely lunch at a particularly fancy ass restaurant, Seulgi took them to a car dealership. Now they were here, in amongst the upper class, Cherry Bomb had to retire,

"No fucking way, mom!" Jungkook screeched when he was informed of the latest.

"Language, Jungkook!" His mother scolded him, colour high on her cheeks.

"But mom, that was dad's truck!" Jimin whined a little. He was with his brother on this one.

"I'm not giving her up just to be like all these other snooty, stuck up ass holes here!" Jungkooks eyes blazed with feeling.

"Mom, we learned to drive in Cherry-"

"After all the talk you two put out there, wanting sports cars since you were 6 years old!" She said wide eyed, a laugh in her voice, "And now the unattainable, is very much attainable, you don't want it?" she said waving her hand airily in the direction of luxury available for their perusal, "you just need to pick," she whispered, "Cherry will stick out like a sore thumb," she finished, watching the expressions on their faces as their dark eyes ate up the luxury in front of them.

"I don't care," Jungkook says, peeling his eyes away from a particularly hot and sexy, red Aston Martin Valkyrie roadster. "Cherry's my baby." he swallowed the saliva pooling his mouth as he turned fully away from that sweet, sweet motor.

"She was good enough for dad," he said folding his arms, showing he meant business

"And that's good enough for us," Jimin said looking at Jungkook, who nodded in agreement, "she stays." 

"I suppose we could find a mechanic to fix her exhaust, and repaint her," she said with a smile, secretly happy that the boy's were sticking to their guns. Wonwoo was going to love that. Image is everything.

"Phhht! No one touches her," Jimin scoffed. "I'll do it myself,"

Their grandfather will love that more, leaky oil staining his perfect drive way, along with two loud teenage boys tinkling around with an old rust bucket. She couldn't wait for him to come back from his travels and get an eyeful of that. She wonders how he will deal with two boy's who are just as strong willed as he is.



Dressed in their new school uniforms, the boys sat at the table eating breakfast consisting of croissants, danish pastries, bacon and eggs, juice and in Jungkook's case, banana milk. They weren't altogether looking forward to school, aside from the stuffy uniforms, and the fact their grandfather founded the school, they didn't know anyone, and it was always difficult making new friends, the older you got, the harder it seemed to be, right? They did however have a relative attending the same school. 

Jung Hoseok, he was their cousin, well not exactly their cousin, Hoseok's mother was actually Seulgi's cousin, but close enough huh? Not that they remember him as they left town when they were toddlers, but at least they had someone sort of on their side right? They had a feeling that they were going to need it.

After checking they had everything they needed, Seulgi fixed Jungkooks crooked tie for the third time and reminded him again the need for a chat after school that day. She decided she'd have to tell him about their family, who he was, and of course what he was. She didn't dare leave it any longer, as her father would be home by the end of that week, and she couldn't have her youngest asking why grandfather looked younger than his mother did. Besides, who knows what situations might arise in school? And it's better he be prepared. Truth be told, she should have explained the minute she knew there was no avoiding coming home.



Walking into the school and strolling down the main corridor giving off an aura of nonchalance was harder than it appeared, both Jimin and Jungkook bore looks and stares the second they had pulled into the parking lot and slid out of their beloved Cherry. All eyes continued to follow them as they strode confidently through the hallways as they headed to the office to pick up their prospective class schedules, smiling politely at the office assistant as she handed them their papers and locker keys.

"Feel like a fucking celebrity," Jimin muttered under his breath making Jungkook chuckle, his swagger hitching up a notch, juuust a little. Jimin's lips twitched a little at his brothers actions as they headed towards the lockers they'd been assigned. Opening them up they shoved in the stuff they'd be needing for their classes, noting that their gym clothes had been neatly placed on a top tier shelf along with toiletries, and monogrammed towels.

"Wow, they think of everything," Jimin remarked, his mouth curving up into a small smile.

"Maybe if you dig deep enough, you'll find monogrammed toilet paper as well!" Jungkook chuckled, leaning his arm on his brothers shoulder.

"Only the very best for my sweet ass," Jimin's tinkling laughter floating across the hallway to where some very disgruntled male students were staring intently at every move they made.

"Fucking Jeons," Yoongi groused. "Only been here five minutes and already they're acting like they fucking own the place." His eyes glittered balefully in his face and Namjoon placed a calming hand on his arm, he definitely didn't want him bleeding any energy here.

After gathering some books together in their back packs, the Jeon boys locked up, turned and walked over, and would have passed through the bunch of obviously glaring boys without incident, if it hadn't been for Yugyeom.

"Hey, I thought janitorial regularly swept the hallways of trash," he stated as Jimin imperceptibly shook his head as he pressed through their crowd, Jungkook close behind.

"Looks like they missed some," Yoongi put in, his eyes flicked scathingly from Jimin to Jungkook who merely snorted as he pushed past him, only to collide with Taehyung, his eyes momentarily widening at the sight of him.

"Watch where you're going," the silver blonde haired boy said, his face expressionless, the boy's still very human scent surprising him a little, making him hold his breath. They stared at each other intently for a brief moment only, before another joined their company breaking the eye contact between them.

"Hey, Tae, I see there's a total crap heap parked in your space, think its time to call a tow!" Hoshi laughed and pulled his phone from his pocket,

"Why bother? Doesn't the janitor usually just shovel the shit away?" Yoongi chimed in with a smirk making the others laugh.

"No one touches that fucking truck," Jungkook ground out, his face pinking in anger as he pushed past Taehyung who in return, gripped his upper arm and swung him back round in front of him. Jungkook didn't have time to retaliate in any way before he felt his arm being  jerked. A red faced, angry Jimin held a very shocked Taehyung by the neck on the floor.

"Touch my brother again and I'll fucking kill you," he seethed, his expression murderous as he squeezed the blonde boy's neck more, the others looking on a little shocked. "Got me?" 

"That goes for the rest of you fuckwads. Understand?" Jimin growled low, his eyes ebony black as he slammed Taehyung hard against the floor, his gaze locking momentarily with each and every vampire surrounding them.

"Pussies," Jimin muttered softly as the others slowly nodded in aquisience, their demeanour somewhat humbled. All except Yoongi who looked extremely pissed, his breathing laboured as he fought the urge to set this ass holes head on fire.

Dude was definitely a Jeon.

As for Jungkook, he was a little pole axed by his brothers actions. Jimin was the quiet one, who rarely said boo to a goose. This turn in events really, really shocked him. If anyone was going to be the 'in your face' brother, it was usually Jungkook himself. So to see Jimin acting so ferociously and so angrily was a little unnerving to say the least, he couldn't say he didn't like it, but it would take some getting used to. He just wondered at the change.

"Let's go, Kookie," Jimin said, gently tugging his brother forward. "I'll walk you to your first class." He slid his hand through and fixed his dark hair, his eyes glittered as he looked the vampire group as Hoshi helped Taehyung back on his feet. The blonde vampire glared at Jimin as he adjusted the tie the other's man-handling knocked askew.

"I'll be seeing you," he nodded at Jungkook, long fingers sliding through his bangs,

"Bite me," Jungkook answered at the underlying threat, pushing Jimin a little as he glowered at Taehyung and they continued down the hall way.

"What'd I miss?" a breathy voice asked from behind and Yoongi turned around and gave Hoseok a look. "Nothing," he answered looking from his friend to the retreating backs of the Jeon brothers. "Absolutely nothing."


Underneath the fact that Jungkook was blown away with his brothers earlier actions, he made a note of wanting to ask him about it later as he wanted to know what prompted such a radical change in him. He had to say though, as first impressions go? Jimin's was undeniably unforgettable, it's unlikely people would want to mess with him he chuckled to himself.

The rest of the morning seemed to go as predicted, people staring and whispering around them, and as the boys were in different years, they didn't share a single class together. Not that it was much of a problem, both boys seemed to be more than capable of holding their own. News of the altercation between the newbies and the most popular and feared group in the school soon got around and people were quick to discuss, dissect, and over all be awed by the new additions. Word was they were the fabled Jeons that evidently feared no one, and more over? They were hot. 

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. 

Girls had been sidling up to them all morning during classes, vying for their attention. Giggling and cooing at every little thing they said, whether it was funny or not. They'd had their biceps felt, their abs poked seductively and had untold requests for their phone numbers, of course such precious details were never divulged. Both boys thought it was kinda funny, a smidge embarrassing, but on the whole, they enjoyed the attention because for the most part it had all been positive.

Jungkook had called his brother as the bell rang to announce lunch time and they agreed to meet by their lockers and go to the cafeteria together. After stuffing their books into their respective lockers, Jungkook peered around and behind them before asking the question that had been burning through his mind all morning.

"So care to tell me what this morning was all about?" He casually asked his sibling.

"You mean saving your ass?" Jimin asked cockily, his lips pursing in a small smile

"Yeah that," he laughed rolling his eyes."And for the record, bro? I could've taken that douche easily." 

Jimin hummed and looked at him, Jungkook recognising the teasing light in his brothers eyes.

"Don't," Jungkook advised, shaking his head with a smile, knowing what was coming next.

"So..." Jimin half turned and looked at his baby brother and asked, "wasn't the douche the one you were staring at when we came to town?" his brows rose salaciously and Jungkook poked him in the ribs.

"You're such a dick," he half yelled, laughing as colour rose in his cheeks.

"Notice you didn't deny it," Jimin pointed out with a smile, his dark eyes crinkling up at the corners.

"Dude, I like girls," The younger whined, the colour in his cheeks deepening.

"Sure you do," he said with a wink, turning his back fully as he turned the corner and went into the cafeteria backwards."We're here," he said, splaying his hands out and promptly knocked someones food tray out of their hands sending it crashing to the floor.

Some kids turned around at the sound, a few clapped and whistled, most just eyed the situation for a second or two then turned back to whatever they were doing.

"Hey, sorry about that," Jimin smiled as he bent down to help pick up the tray, the disgruntled girl's annoyed expression changing to one of interest as she turned her face up to the two boys helping her. She knew who they were right off the bat, everyone knew who the Jeons were, and she wasn't one to follow the pack. She knew Namjoon, Taehyung and their crowd had a strict 'no talking to Jeons' thing going, but she didn't give a crap, she did what she wanted. Besides the two boys in front of her now were hot, and she couldn't decide who's pants she wanted to get into first.

"It's fine," she smiled at Jimin, her small hand brushing his as she slipped the spoon back onto the tray. "All they serve here is slop anyway," she chuckled a little, her eyes lighting on Jungkook, finding his bunny smile more than a little adorable. 

"Uh, you have a little something in your hair," Jimin said rising to his feet along with her, his hand smoothing the dark strands at the side of her face. "Pudding I think." A smile spread across his face as she laughed.

"I'm Lisa by the way," she said and extended her hand.

"Pleasure to meet you. I'm Jimin," he smiled and enveloped her small, smooth hand in his. "This is my brother Jungkook," he said, his eyes flicking to the younger who was holding the tray in his hands. The younger's dark eyes looked extremely large in his pale face.

"Jungkook, you alright?" Jimin asked, concern lacing his voice as he took in his appearance.

"I'm fine," he said, his heart racing a little as he held his hand out to introduce himself to Lisa. She held his hand, noting how cool and damp it felt and she stepped closer to him, her small pretty nose sniffed at the air around him, "you're.." she blinked a little and Jungkook looked at her expectantly.

"He's probably starving," Jimin laughed easily and took the tray from Jungkooks slightly shaking hands and put it down on an empty table, "come on Kook," he said and tugged his brothers sleeve, smiling at a confused Lisa before heading over to the lunch counter to order an array of food.

Once they'd settled at a table they started eating, well Jimin ate, Jungkook more or less wolfed a lot of it down and was in the process of picking from Jimins dishes, when a shadow cast over them. Both boys looked up to see a boy with deep red hair standing with his hands in his pockets.

"Hi," he said, removing a hand from his pocket and proffered it to Jungkook. "I'm Hoseok," he smiled, he smiled a smile that lit up the whole room, the look of happiness on his face looked so genuine. After shaking hands with the boys he rubbed his neck awkwardly for a moment.

"Uh, do you mind if we, uh... join you?" he asked, turning a little to gaze at a group of boys sitting at a table in the far corner of the room. Jimin snorted as he followed Hoseok's gaze to see the boys from earlier that morning, looking at them with interest. Hoseok looked back at Jimin, again rubbing his neck awkwardly.

"And have them spoil my appetite? I think no," he smiled up at Hoseok. "I like to enjoy my food," he said, looking to the side, distracted by the happy slurping noises Jungkook was making. He chuckled briefly. "And so apparently does my brother," he smiled indulgently and pushed his plate of noodles in front of Jungkook who's cheeks were pink and bulging with food.

Hoseok sighed dejectedly and turned to leave to make his way back to his friends when Jimin's next words stopped him.

"You however," he said taking a sip from his bottled peach tea, "can stay,"

Hoseok turned back around with a warm smile, "may I?" he asked and sat down when Jimin nodded in affirmation.

"So, I hear we're related?" Jimin asked, relaxing back in his seat, his dark eyes holding Hoseok's

"In a manner of speaking, yeah, we are," he nodded, his eyes moving to a silent Jungkook who was still feeding his face with the intensity of a man who'd been starved for week.

"Our mothers are cousins," Hoseok stated and unbuttoned his shirt at the top and loosened his tie a little, "so I've been the one delegated to show you guys around-" 

"It's a school," Jungkook muttered around a mouth full of strawberry pudding. "How difficult can it be?" he snorted as he swallowed

"The town," Hoseok finished, his eyes bored into the boy as he gulped down water from a bottle.

"What's to see? Trees, fancy houses, school, more fancy houses, trees and some fancy ass stores," Jungkook shrugged and Jimin chuckled.

"Wow, you don't make it easy, do you?" Hoseok asked, looking from one brother to the other. "You're not exactly friendly," he observed next with a small smile of his own.

"Look," Jimin said, leaning forward. "You probably want us here as much as we want to be here." his eyes glittered as he stared at him. "so we'd just as soon keep ourselves to ourselves."

"What he said," Jungkook, nodded his head to the side a little, indicating his brother.

Jimin noted the crest fallen look on Hoseok's face and sighed a little. It somewhat galled him to acknowledge it, but they did in fact need friends, everyone needed friends. It's just their first outing among the town didn't seem to go well, and it looked like his baby brother was correct in his assumptions that this place was full of rich ass holes. And okay, they're new here, and most new kids do seem to get some kind of roasting from other well established kids, it was almost a rite of passage, they'd moved a couple of times and been the brunt of it, but it always passed. Here though, here felt different. Here it felt like that they weren't just the new kids on the block, it was more than that, felt more than that. It felt like a personal vendetta, but he couldn't figure out why that would be, nor could he figure out how he knew it was fact. 

Did it mean they shouldn't try?

"Look-" he started to say when Jungkook started coughing violently.

"Kook?" he turned around to see his brothers face, not purple like you would expect with coughing so hard, his skin was chalk white, and his eyes looked too large and too bright in his ashen face.

Jungkook pushed up from his seat sending it clattering to the floor as he thumped at his own chest. His heart was hammering a mile a minute and he thought he was going to choke. He blinked once and Jimin and Hoseok were at his side, his brothers voice too loud to his ears, the lights in the cafeteria all too bright now as his vision swam. 

Am I dying? he thought.

Suddenly he felt his insides shift and a searing pain shot through his stomach, his throat felt like it was going to explode as he projectile vomited up the contents of his stomach. Food, water, bile and blood flew across the table and splattered all over the floor. 

By this point other students, including Tae, Namjoon and their group had started to shuffle forward to see what was going on, and of course it was more than apparent to them what it was, what they didn't understand was why he wasn't at home when this happened, most of them went through this part of the change in private.

"Fuck!" he muttered, his throat on fire as more and more liquid came up. He felt like he was going to drown in it as more of the foul stuff forced its way up his throat and out of his mouth.

"Jungkook.." Jimins disembodied voice floated around his head and he began to sweat profusely, his back muscles danced under Jimin's and Hoseok's hands, the latter looking at Jimin in confusion.

"He's still...?" Hoseok asked a little shocked, and Jimin nodded. He needed to get his brother home, but he didn't dare move him while he was still puking his guts out.

"Chimmy!" he squeaked, the pain in his stomach intensifying as his stomach burned and he felt needles jabbing every part of his body, "wha-? Wha's hap-?" blood and bile erupted once again from his mouth, the last few spurts trickling over his chin and down his uniform.

I am dying, he thought wildly as the puking subsided but the sudden screeching in his ears making him slip from Jimin and Hoseok's grip and painfully on to his knees. He felt like he was burning from the inside out, his body was soaked with sweat, every sense he had was intensified a thousand fold. 

Now that he stopped throwing up Jimin and Hoseok helped him to his feet and promptly took him to the truck. Jimin was taking him straight home, this was something the school nurse could definitely not handle. He would want to be at home with him and their mother. Fuck knows she definitely couldn't hold their chat off any longer.

Jimin had called their mother as soon as he had Jungkook in the back with Hoseok to let her know they were coming home. They got him stripped down to his boxers and got him into his bed to watch over him. It was all too familiar for Seulgi and she knew that there was nothing anyone could really do, it was something that couldn't be held back, or changed, it had to run it's course. 

"Thanks for your help Hoseok," Jimin told him as he walked him to the front door. "I appreciate it." He gave a small smile and shook hands with the smiling red head.

"No problem, I don't envy you. This shit's hard to cope with," he said and stepped out the door. "I guess we won't see you for a few days huh?" he asked next and Jimin nodded, still aware of the groans coming from his brothers room.


Jungkook awoke in his bed. He wracked his brain trying to remember how he got there? He slid his hand under the silken sheets and found he was only wearing his boxer shorts, who the fuck undressed me? he thought and sat upright. He reached over and switched on the bedside lamp, his eyes catching the clock which showed 2.15 am.  How long was I asleep? 

He threw the duvet and sheets back and slid his feet onto the floor, his toes curling into the thick soft, grey Persian carpet. Pushing himself upright he felt a shooting pain through his head, as a rush of memories flooded his mind, the days events cast before his eyes in disjointed images. He remembered the overwhelming smell of the cafeteria, a myriad of scents flooded his nose, the ear splitting sounds of other peoples chewing, their laughter, their conversations and he remembered it being too much for his body to cope with. But the worst thing was the feeling of inescapable nausea as he swallowed that last morsel of food, he remembered the distinct feeling of wrongness as it hit his stomach and he could think of nothing but getting it out of his body, and all of these sensations hit him all at once, it seemed instantaneous, but felt like an agonisingly long time while he was regurgitating every single thing he'd consumed that day.

Slinging on some grey sweats and a grey tee shirt, he traipsed downstairs and into the kitchen to get himself a cold glass of water. He couldn't be sure if the after taste of regurgitated food was actually in his mouth or he was only tasting the memory of it. Either way he needed to slake his thirst.

His mother and brother where in the kitchen when he walked in, almost making him jump out of his skin. They were sitting at the table with a pot of coffee between them, both had their hands wrapped around a steaming cupful. Looks like they were waiting for someone, his eyes flicked from one to the other. He looked at his mother expectantly.

"Sit down Jungkookie, I need to talk to you," she said softly and placed her cup on the table before pouring coffee for him.

He looked over at his brother who merely smile at him, he found this somehow comforting. How bad can it be? Was he about to be told he's dying of some hereditary disease? Only one way to find out.


Chapter Text

He slid himself onto a chair at the table and faced his mother, his dark eyes huge in his face.

"I have something to tell you baby, and it's something I should have told you a long time ago." She reached over and took his hand in her own, her thumb rubbing the side of his. "It's just I'm not sure where to start." She smiled nervously and he frowned, the uncertain look on her face making him nervous.

"I'm dying or something, right? I have some nasty ass, run's in the family disease and I'm going to die," he asked, his eyes boring into her and he heard Jimin snicker softly, he slid his gaze to his brother. 

Nothing like a little early morning drama Jimin thought.

"No, baby, you're not dying," Seulgi's soft voice drew his attention back to her. "You're going through the change," she informed him breathily. "You're going through the change," she repeated holding his Bambi eyes. "And you'll never die,"

Her son blinked at her in confusion, and his hand began to sweat in her grasp. "What change? Mom," he queries, his mouth going dry as he looked over to his brother and back at her. "What change? what the hell are you talking about?"

Isn't the change something usually middle aged women go through?

Seulgi sighed feeling her son's heart beat tripping up, might as well go for it she thought. "we're vampires, Jungkook," she said seriously, her brows furrowing slightly. "Me, Jimin, and now you."

Jungkook looked at her like she'd gone completely mad. What is this? Some kind of sick joke? What's wrong with her?

"Not funny mother." He stared at her, but the serious, still look on her face, had him a little worried. "I felt like death all day and you're making half assed jokes." His voice wavered a little, he turned once again to look at Jimin who'd said nothing at this point, this was ridiculous and it was more than creeping him out a little. 

Was it April fool's already?

"It's no joke Jungkook," his mother said next. "We are vampires. Our whole family, the town, well most of it anyway," she rushed out, feeling she wouldn't finish if she stopped to draw breath. "I just should have told you a long time ago," she finished and waited for his reaction. He was either going to be cool and relaxed about it, or he was going to scream like a little girl and run away. She was hoping for the former.

"You're serious about this?" and she nodded in affirmation. He slid his hand from hers and shakily pushed it through his still dishevelled hair, his mind working over time to digest not only what his mother said, but the fact she was fucking serious...

"Dad?" he swallowed, his throat tight, his eyes dark and watchful.

"No, not your father," she said softly, a smile ghosted her lips as she thought of him, "he was human," 

"It's what got him killed though," Jimin said speaking for the first time, suppressed anger in his voice.

"What?!" Jungkook swung his gaze from his mother to his brother, looking for clarification.

"Being human is what got dad killed," Jimin said, his voice laced with definite anger, and a little hatred. "Right mom?".

Looking back at Seulgi, Jungkook waited, his heart drumming loudly in his chest, fearing what she was going to say. She looked down at the yellow table cloth, her eyes shielded a little from him, gathering herself before she answered.

"Yes," she whispered, lifting her eyes to see the pain and disappointment in her youngest's dark ones. God he looked so much like his father right now, her heart twisted painfully. "Officially it was deemed an accident, a hunting accident," her voice was small. "I could never prove it, but I knew it was your grand fathers doing," she said, her face was pinched and white recalling that day. "it's frowned upon you see," she said, her voice still barely a whisper. "Human and vampire relationships are a strict no no-"

"So your father killed my father for being human?" Jungkook asked, anger rising in his chest. What the fuck!? "And you brought us back here!?" He scraped his chair back and stood up, his face flushed with anger. "Are you fucking kidding me?!" he raged at her, his ebony eyes glittering as he stared at her. "your dick father killed ours and you bring us back here? You expect what, mom? A happy family reunion? You expect me not to want to tear the head off of the man who did this to me? To us?!" he stressed, sweat trickled down his spine, his body flushed with indignation and anger, and a little fear. 

"Jungkook it's not that simple! You know nothing about this family!" she stood up, her eyes blazing, she knew it was natural he felt this way, but he didn't know she didn't have any choice left.. If she didn't come back to the fold, her boys would be killed. Somehow her father would have engineered it, of that there is no doubt in her mind, and they couldn't keep running forever. Her fathers reach is very long. There's nowhere he can't reach, and sadly, there's no one he can't pay off for information. They'd never escape him.

"Kook, I had the same reaction when I found out and-"

"You knew about this and you didn't tell me?" His eyes lazered into his brothers, conveying hurt and betrayal "how could you not tell me?!" anger rising once again, his whole body thrummed with it.

What the fucking fuuuck!! he screamed internally.

"Jungkook!" Jimins voice rose. "It's not that simple. Sure I'm full of anger and hatred for what that ass hole did! But like we've said, it's not that simple," a little defeat laced his voice. "Now are you going to sit so mom can explain to you, what and who we are and what this all means?"

He looked at his older brother before sliding his gaze to his mother and nodded. Both took a breath before sitting back down. Calmly and collectively Seulgi told their family story..

A story about an old vampire clan, a very old vampire clan. The Jeons. The fact that her father, the head of their clan is over 2 thousand years old. She told him about his uncle Jeon Jung Soo, her fathers right hand man. She told him about his grandmother who was over a thousand years old when she was decapitated by angry villagers in China when they were on a business trip. She told him how sweet and loving her mother was, how warm and kind, the complete and utter opposite to her father, who didn't so much as shed a tear for his wife's demise. Her father, their grand father was cold, unfeeling and cared only for money, status and of course power, he cared nothing for others, even his own family were nothing but acquisitions to him, something he owned and ultimately controlled. She told him that she herself was fifteen hundred years old, and she'd seen many changes in the world, a world she'd drifted through, doing what she could to make her existence bearable since her mothers death.

She told him of the other oldest and most powerful vampire clan, The Kims, a family who were and are, a force to be reckoned with, The Jeons and The Kims had been at war for centuries, fighting over land, over money and over human kind. Sounds disgusting, but it's how it was, how it always was. Of course with the world advancing, along with it's people, generation after generation coming out of the shadows and pushing themselves up, the little people weren't little any more, and changes had to be made. The little people became organised, strong and of course fearless to many things. This fearlessness made the vampire clans of the world rethink how they did things. No more killing as they pleased, people noticed these things and so a need for control and cooperation grew.

They decided that for all their strength and power they would have to stay hidden, some didn't like it, stuck their heads out and up too often and ended up losing them, some like the Jeons and Kims were smarter than that. They adapted, and their powers, clans and fortunes grew. They own multi-million dollar corporations all over the globe, had workers and spies everywhere taking care of every eventuality that could possibly bring about their destruction. For all being out in the world, they weren't actually out in the world.

Sure they had delegates and trustees doing countless, thankless jobs, but always with a tight reign on them. Nothing escaped the elders. But the elders themselves, along with their families stayed in well to do towns like the one they were currently residing in. Enchanted lands, enchanted by witches, enchanted parts of land that to an outsider, and by outsider, I mean humans, couldn't be detected by the naked eye. These towns looked like patches of open, barren desert, places too difficult looking to cultivate much of anything, and if a human accidentally wandered close, be it on foot or in transportation, they'd find themselves turned around and not even realising it had happened. Although there are humans in these towns, these humans are the ones born there, the ones born to serve vampire kind, these humans never leave the boundaries and so to the world at large, they don't exist.

Jungkook listened to it all with rapt fascination, a little shock, and more than a little horror, but he accepted it all. Mostly because its part of him, especially now as he was starting the change.

He listened intently about how his mother had went to the outside world, fed up of being cloistered under her father. She wanted to do good for the world, vampire kind scorned, she went into nursing, and she loved it, although she knew her father would tolerate her absence only for so long. She'd managed almost fifty years of living a happy, normal human like life, when she'd met their father. She met him in hospital when he'd been visiting his only relative and he immediately fell for her. They talked a lot during those visits, though she tried to keep it from developing into anything  romantic, she knew it wasn't allowed and especially as Jae Hyun was an outside human.

Even the fact Jae Hyun found her sucking down a blood bag at the hospital didn't deter him. She'd under estimated her hunger and hadn't taken blood for a few days due to a heavy work load. She was shocked at him finding her like that, but considering he didn't scream his head off, reach for the holy water, and call on the power of Van Helsing, she decided  he could be trusted, and although a bit panicked, she told him what she was. He didn't care, and she wasn't sure if it was a good or a bad thing. People can get caught up in vampire romance, not realising it's true impact. But Jae Hyun wouldn't be discouraged. He pursued her relentlessly, vigorously until she found herself caving and falling for him.

They got married, and soon after had Jimin, a year later Jungkook. Things had been going well until news of the marriage and procreation of children reached her fathers ears, and that when the summoning's had started.. 


"What happened?" her youngest asked, drinking the luke warm coffee in his cup, making a face as he swallowed the tepid liquid.

"I went back on little visits at first to appease him, never with you boys, or Jae Hyun. I didn't fully trust my father. He's possessive and jealous as are a lot of our kind," she smiled wistfully. "I wanted to believe he had changed. Each time I would visit home he would beg me to bring you boys," she sighed and ran slender fingers through her hair.

"And you did it?" Jungkook asked, his face full of curiosity, now his mother had started, he couldn't wait to hear it all.

"Yes," she smiled, twisting a lock of her hair around her finger over and over. "He convinced me you would be safe, you are his blood, and of course he extended the promise of safety to your father, because he was your father," she took a breath and looked her son straight in the eye. "Humans lived among us, so there was no reason why your father couldn't be one of the privileged. All he wanted was his family back in the fold."

Suddenly her face clouded over and her eyes darkened, lost in the memories of their time with her father.

"It was the biggest mistake of my life," she spoke quietly, slowly. "Everything was fine, great even, at first. Jae Hyun got on brilliantly with your grand father, he was smart, witty, strong and determined, traits my father valued in people, we all settled in and I'd let go of my reservations." She took a deep breath, her lips quirked a little. "I think we'd only been here nine months, maybe ten, when things started to change. My father was extra loving with you boys, and who would blame him? You are exception children, bright, beautiful and loving. But vampires by nature are possessive and jealous as I said, and he was spending more time with you than was normal for him, and he was finding reasons, excuses to keep Jae Hyun away from the house."

She unwound the hair from her finger and let her hands slip softly into her lap, her fingers picking at the soft peach silk pyjama bottoms she wore. "It continued like that until the day your father failed to come back from his weekly hunting trip with your grand father. He told me that there had been an accident, one of the other hunters must've mistaken Jae Hyun for a deer and shot him by mistake." She lifted a shaky hand and placed it on the table in front of her, her dark eyes bright with unshed tears. "By the time I arrived at the hospital he had been pronounced dead," she sniffed softly and bit her lip. "To say I was beside myself with grief was an understatement." Tears spilled soft and warm from her pained eyes and slid silently down her cheeks. "I was so devastated by his death that I could barely function. For weeks I cried, wouldn't feed. I could barely do anything, I was so handicapped by the loss."

Wiping the tears away from her cheeks, she levelled a gaze at Jungkook, who reached for her small hand to encase it gently in his own.

"I knew my father was behind it, I knew it in my heart. As always he was unaffected, not by the loss of his son in law, his grand sons father, not even by the heart felt agony of his daughter. He only revelled in the thought of having you and your brother all to himself."

"Did you confront him?" Jungkook asked next, his brown doe eyes gazed at her and she shook her head.

"No, I couldn't risk it, for that's when I started to make plans to escape with you." She squeezed his hand a little. "I recruited my dearest friends, Jung Jisoo ,  Min Ha Ri,  and her mother Rose, both of whom are powerful witches." She turned Jungkook's hand over in her own, her fingers brushing the gold pinky ring he wore. "Rose enchanted the rings you and Jimin wear, to hide you from supernaturals, as soon as it was on your finger you would be unreadable to them." Jungkook looked at the golden ring, blinking a little, he was hardly aware of it most of the time.

"But we were what? Toddlers when we left?" Surely..

"They're enchanted Jungkook, they grew as you grew," she smiled a little. "They were designed that way. You wouldn't have noticed that you never lost them, or the fact they had never, ever been off your fingers, they never dulled or scratched because of the power with in them."

"Crazy, right?" Jimin chuckled, twisting the ring on his own pinky. "A little piece of gold hiding us from the big bad."

"Though I don't know if they would have hidden you forever, Rose couldn't be sure that when you went through the change, if its power would hold." She sighed a little. "Not that it mattered because my father found us anyway, and it had nothing to do with the the rings failing." 

"Then how did he?" he asked a little perplexed.

"He always suspected that Ha Ri and Rose knew more than they revealed, after all I'd been going to meet them in various places over the years, not only to see how they were, but also in order to renew the glamour. I wanted to pass as human so I would have to look like I was ageing appropriately too, and that's what they did for me. It was after the second last time I met Ha Ri, that my father contacted me, demanding I come home with his grand sons. Of course I didn't and we moved, but shortly after I got a second command. Only this time, he made sure I lost my job, and made sure I couldn't get another one," she sighed heavily, looking from one son to the other. "I got tired of running and I thought, it doesn't matter how many times we run, he will find us now wherever we go, and as Jimin began going through the change, I knew I was beat. My boys are vampires no matter what and I would have to tell you everything anyway. So..."

"So now we're here," Jungkook mused, his lips pursed thoughtfully. "In this stuck up town with stuffy stuck up vampire assholes-"

"And witches," Jimin put in. "Don't forget the witches," his cheeks puffing in a genuine smile. "Oh, and some token humans."

"Nope," Jungkook said nodding. "We can't forget the humans," his bunny smile breaking free.

"You okay, baby?" his mother asked, watching as he leaned back against the chair.

"I'm a vampire?" He half asked, half stated.

"Yep," his brother answered.

"Do I turn into a bat?"


"A rabid wolf?"


"Swirly green mist at least!?"

"Not a chance."

"Damn it! How am I supposed to get around town then?"

"In a fancy-ass set of wheels, like every other fanged ass hole in this town!" Jimin chuckled, making his brother laugh.

As life changing talks go, that one went fairly well Seulgi thought to herself. Jungkook seemed to have accepted it, and was a little awed by his heritage, but the issue of his grand father killing his father was yet to be fully addressed, and she knew that one day it would need a reckoning. She was still thinking about it when the boys went back upstairs chattering.

"So, coffins. Do we get to sleep in coffins?" Jungkook asked his brother, who rolled his eyes.

"Nah, too narrow, and you know you like to sleep with your ass in the air. You'd never get the lid to stay down," Jimin chuckled and his brother scoffed.

"Virgins?" he asked next, stopping in front of Jimin's bedroom door. "Do we get to seduce the towns virgins?" he grinned cheekily as his brother opened his bedroom door and stepped inside.

"Dude, its 2020, there are no virgins," he informed him. "Except you," he smiled evilly.

"Yeah, well.." he rubbed his chin. "Hey!" he groused and chased a laughing Jimin into his room.


The next day Jungkook was feeling a little better and insisted he go to school, it wasn't known exactly how long it would take for him to change, and he wasn't going to hang around the house every day waiting, so he decided that Jimin could keep an eye on him and help him through. When he asked how he would know it was over, his mother and brother both, told him he would know, he would feel it bone deep, his vampire nature would take over and the thought of drinking blood from a warm, live human would no longer repulse him. He will gladly partake in the ruby red fluid, no matter the packaging.

Morning break came, and Taehyung, Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok, Yugyeom, Baekhyun and Hoshi, were sitting at one of the tables outside devouring snacks, their eyes tracking the Jeon boys as they sat at another table, that was instantly surrounded by eager, simpering girls. Nothing new there, this school was full of sluts, eager to do what's necessary to be considered 'relevant' and after all the Jeon family name was just as important and influential as Kim. So it was no surprise there would be more than a few fawning all over the newest arrivals.

"He doesn't look too bad for someone looking like he was at death's door yesterday, huh?" Hoshi asked, picking the label from his juice bottle.

"No, he doesn't," Taehyung narrowed his eyes, assessing Jungkook's demeanour. He looks like he was revelling in the attention.

"Anyway," Hoseok said, drawing Tae's attention back to him. "My mom asked me to be friends with them," he said looking at each of their faces in turn. "I know you guy's don't like them, especially you Yoonie," he said as Yoongi opened his mouth to speak. "Jeons are assholes, I know, but Jimin and Jungkook were brought up away from the rest of their family-"

"So?" Yoongi interrupted, his dark brows furrowed. "You think that makes them alright? You think that that qualifies as a basis for friendship?" he asked, his expression one of mild disbelief.

"Yoongi, they haven't done anythi-" Baekhyun started, his dark eyes wandering over to where the boys were sitting chattering and laughing with the girls crowding their table.

"The fuck can you say that?!" he hissed back at him, as anger stirred in his chest. "You know what that family did!" he spat angrily, heat rising in his cheeks.

"That was Wonwoo!" Yugyeom put in, his voice a harsh whisper. "They," he stressed with a nod of his head in the direction of Jungkook and Jimin, "didn't do anything, it's not really their fault their grand father is a dick!" 

"Hate to admit it," Namjoon said calmly tugging his ear lobe gently. "But they might have a point. Most of our families have done fucked up shit in their time. Does that mean we were responsible for what they did?"

Yoongi stared at him, his mouth hanging open a little.

"Just sayin'," Namjoon shrugged his shoulders and leaned back in his chair.

"Wow," Yoongi scoffed, his eyes glittering in his pink face. "Never thought I'd see the day you would stick up for a Jeon." He stood up from his seat and scooped his jacket up from the table, "you can do what you want, be friends, suck up or whatever," he said through gritted teeth. "I sure as fuck won't." And he strode away from the table in the direction of the main building, no doubt heading for the music room where he can take his frustration out on the piano there.

"Shit," Hoseok muttered. "Begining to wish I hadn't said anything,"

"It's fine Seoksie," Namjoon sighed watching Yoongi's retreating form. "My family asked me the same as yours did." He pursed his lips. "I expect yours did too huh, Tae?" 

Taehyung merely nodded, an unreadable, thoughtful expression on his face, and turned his eyes back to the boy with the bunny smile and huge dark eyes.


Seulgi smoothed down the the front of her expensive Armani pants and adjusted the white silk shirt into the waist band and flicked away imaginary bits of lint. Anything to waste time and delay the moment she'd have to knock on her friends front door. She hadn't seen Ha Ri for 6 months, since Ha Ri's mother Rose had been killed in a very suspicious car crash. 

"Fuck," she muttered, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. She took a deep breath she knocked on the door loud and confidently. She waited only a few minutes before the door was pulled open to reveal Ha Ri standing in the door way looking as beautiful and vibrant as ever, her short blonde hair framing her face and her eyes widened when she saw who was standing on her door step.

"Hello Ri Ri," she said tentatively, a small nervous smile on her face

"Seulgi!" she exclaimed and pulled her friend into a warm embrace her slender arms hugging the vampire tightly.

"I'm so sorry Ri," she whispered into her friends shoulder as she squeezed her back gently. "I'm so sorry about Rose." Her voice wobbled slightly as Ha Ri pulled back from the hug.

"Come inside," Ha Ri said and pulled her friend by the hand and into house, familiar baking smells assaulting Seulgi's senses and making her, as always when she visited, feel at home.

"She thought of you as a daughter," Ha Ri smiled as she bade her to sit on one of the warm over stuffed arm chairs in the lounge.

"I spent more time here with you two than I did in my own home," the vampire laughed softly, her deep brown eyes roaming all over the very familiar contents of the room. She had been away fifteen years and barely anything had changed. She liked that.

"Ri." She held her hand out to her friend who squeezed her fingers gently, swiftly.

"Don't." Ha Ri shook her head a little. "It wasn't your fault," she disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a small tray with cups, saucers and a pot of extra strong tea. "We agreed to help you, and Rose wouldn't have had it any other way," she paused to pour them tea and offered an array of cakes that appeared out of nowhere on the small wooden coffee table.

"She loved you," the witch smiled fondly at her friend who lifted her cup with a trembling hand.

"And I loved her, so much," she sighed a little. "She was like a mother to me, Ri, and I shouldn't have gotten either of you involved." She put her tea cup back down hastily, tea spilling over the side.

"It was our choice to help you Seulgi," Ha Ri told her, her dark eyes expressive. "You really think we'd have left you to deal with that monster of a father, after what he did to Jae Hyun?" She leaned forward and took Seulgi's hand in hers, "we wanted you and the boys to be safe-"

"But your mother paid the price for it!" Seulgi's eyes filled with tears, and her throat ached with pain for the woman sitting facing her now.

Ha Ri nodded, her own eyes glistening with tears, "She did, and I miss her every single day. But what's done is done." She sniffled hard. "There's no changing it, but I don't blame you or your boys Seulgi," and her tears slid softly down her cheeks.

"He got his way in the end," the vampire snorted, derisively. "He has us back where he wants us. I let Rose and you down, Ri." She looked at her friend, regret in her eyes.

"You have your boys to think about Seulgi. We do whatever it takes to protect our children." 

"I can't help feeling I've let them down too," she whispered, sliding her hand free from her friends to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

"They're older now Seulgi, you'll just have to hope they have more of you in them than their grand father."

Both women laughed at that, but it was something for her to hang on to, the fact that her boys question and argue over everything. Wonwoo won't find either of them a push over. They won't bow down just for the asking, and it doesn't matter how much money he throws at them.


Chapter Text

A couple of weeks had gone by, and although Jungkook was not yet through the change, he was coping better with it than Jimin did apparently, but that didn't mean to say that he didn't have his uncontrollable moments, he did and some days he had to stay back from school with his mother at his side. Most vampires don't hit the change process until their 18th birthday, but Jungkook started earlier, almost five months before his birthday, which made the process longer, maybe not more painful, but definitely longer.

As this was going on though, they made some progress on the friends front. Hoseok took to them like a duck to water, the others had slowly come around, and although they weren't friends in the strictest sense, they were getting there. Pride was a big thing in this town, in this school, so it wouldn't be the done thing for the Kim clan to exactly fall over their feet to be friends with the Jeon boys, so while the Parks, Baekhyun, Yugyeom and Hoshi, where fine with being friends, Taehyung and Namjoon were still a little cool with them, it was a big thing for them to even sit at the same table.

Min Yoongi was a different matter altogether, he had pretty much distanced himself from his friends, not that he didn't hang out with them, he did. It's just if they, especially Tae and Joon, were anywhere near the Jeons then he wouldn't, couldn't, bring himself to go near them. And they all still hung out in the woods for their Friday night ritual of drinking and messing around by the camp fire. Jungkook and Jimin were never invited, it was strictly a Jeon free zone.


His class had finished their showers after gym class and were in the process of getting dressed, when Jungkook felt the familiar wave of nausea in the pit of his stomach as the heat ran amok over his skin, leaving him in a sheen of sweat. He knew he had to get out of there as the noise and chatter of his peers  amplified a hundred fold, the feeling, the pain, like steel spikes digging mercilessly into his skull, making his vision blur, the scent of vampire and human blood alike, making the nausea worse.

He grabbed his back pack into his arms, pressing it close to his chest, his shirt sticking to his skin as his heart hammered loudly, painfully against his rib cage as he barged out of the dressing rooms, and out into the hallways. The disembodied voices and heart beats in the air vibrated painfully all around him, and his mouth pooled with water.  His irises, unknowingly to him, flushed a deep, deep red, their appearance making the human kids he passed in the hallways, more than a little nervous, as they backed up and flattened themselves against the first available wall, fear rushing through their systems as they held their breaths, waiting for him to pass without incident. 

He stumbled through the hallway leading to the nearest front exit, his body on fire when a familiar scent hit his senses, and his heart accelerated. He knew this scent, he wanted it, craved it. Vanilla and soft, sweet chamomile, it was a scent that was around him almost every day, and for the most part he was successful at ignoring it, but on days like these, it was almost impossible to ignore. He hated it. Hated it.

He stumbled out side and leaned against the wall to fish his phone from his pants pocket, dropping his back pack as he fumbled with the icons, books and stationary scattered out and down the steps.

"Hyung.." He breathed down the line, his voice barely a whisper, but it was all Jimin needed to know that his brother was in trouble, and he set out with Hoseok and Yugyeom in tow to find him.

He wandered unsteadily but purposefully down the steps and across the green lawns, following the scent he could no longer resist, the draw to his veins painful. The heat in his loins grossly uncomfortable, but he was being pulled along like magnet to metal. He had no choice, and he growled low and soft when his blood red eyes found and fastened on the familiar silvery blonde hair, the long slender body leaning casually against an ivy covered wall.




The mantra burned through his mind.

The young blonde haired vampire, looked up from his book, the aroma of wild strawberries soaked in the unmistakable scent of heated arousal, wrapped in warm human like blood, hitting his senses. He would know it anywhere, Jeon Jungkook. He'd experienced his intoxicating allure the minute he'd set eyes on him that very first day he'd past by in that obscenely flatulent truck.

Now the boy was striding, well, wavering in his direction, his body heat was a little suffocating, his blood temperature elevated and the strawberry and fresh rain scent was almost over powering. He immediately put himself on guard as the rookie vampire advanced purposefully, his intent impossible to hide. 

Taehyung stood, his heart beating erratically and he tried to calm himself, the scent from Jungkook washing over him, his own sexual desire triggered by the lust rolling off in waves by the other. He had been through this himself, so he wasn't sure if the other's desire was directed at him in particular, or it was simply the sexual heat generated by the change that had the younger in a sate of want. Either way, he had to fight the temptation to 'help him'.

Jungkook stared at him through heavy lidded eyes, his pupils blown wide, almost swamping the red of his irises, and a moan escaped his lips as he breathed Taehyung's scent deeply through his nose, the scent flowing down his throat making his teeth ache. 

He raised his hands, and placed them palm down against Taehyung's chest, his fingers tingling under the heat from the vampires body as he gently, but, greedily slid his hands over the expanse of his chest, as the need to touch him more intensified. With a soft whine slipping from his parched lips, he pushed his hands up to clamp on the vampires well defined shoulders.

Taehyung froze in place as he knew that any sudden movement by him could trigger an attack response in the other, and although under normal circumstances, he could more than hold his own. Vampires going through the change are extraordinarily strong, not to mention undeniably aggressive, so he didn't want to chance a potential blood bath.

"Jeon," he whispered soft and low, and his low toned voice resonated deeply within Jungkook. It's sound vibrating down his body and settled low in his loins, stirring, heating, making him ache. 

He stepped closer to the vampire, his lower body brushing the others and he let out a small whimper, his body visibly trembled softly at the touch. His eyes latched on to Taehyung's full, pink lips, mesmerised as the vampire parted them unconsciously, unwittingly releasing more of his own intoxicating scent.

"Want," he whispered, his tongue gliding over his own somewhat dry bottom lip, the action causing the vampire to swallow the water pooling his mouth. Jungkook whined lowly, his eyes drifted to the vampires neck, the soft, tan skin looked so smooth and sweet that he wanted nothing more than to thrust his fangs deeply into it and taste the sweet, delicious blood that would burst into his thirst dried mouth.

"Tae." His voice a softly cracked whisper, his breath emitting a deep concentrated burst of his wild strawberry scent. It's intoxicating allure assaulting and over powering the young blonde vampire, creating a deep and primal need to bury the painful bone in his pants completely and permanently inside this beautiful boy in front of him.

"Jungkook." Taehyung tried again, his voice strained, conscious of the fact that the boy now leaned his forehead against his, his skin damp and burning hot, his breath coming in short pants and it caressed the others cheek, as Jungkook turned his face down toward the vampires neck, the vanilla scent intensifying the closer he got to that deliciously enticing collar bone.

Taehyung sighed breathily, unintentionally as he felt Jungkook press his nose to his sensitive skin and breathe deeply, stamping down on the urge to thrust his long delicate fingers into the boys raven hair and clamp him to his neck. His eyes flickering violently, the irises flowing from full blown black to searing red, as he fought and swallowed down his own lust.

"Ah shit," the vampire muttered. His quivering body tensed and his heart beat jumped a little. He didn't want this, I want this, he growled internally at his own thoughts, he didn't want to be marked! Mark me, please..

Marking was special. It was either a symbol of love or a mark of ownership. In the strictest sense of ownership, it meant one vampire yielded power over another, it symbolised weakness. It meant you were someones bitch. 

For all the desire he was feeling, Taehyung didn't want this.

It's just lust. 



He was about to place his hands on Jungkook's hips to try ease him away, when he felt the searing heat on his neck, it was moist, and soft and immeasurably pleasurable. Jungkook was tasting him, lapping  his tongue along his collar bone and up his neck, and he was whimpering, the sound making desire explode in Taehyung's loins and made his now painfully rock hard cock twitch. He bit his plump bottom lip, closed his eyes, and waited for the bite that would come swiftly now.

It didn't happen.

Jungkook felt a wave of pure need wash over him as he pulled back from the sweet tasting skin, his tongue flicking over the soft flesh, and Taehyung's involuntary moan at the contact made him rock hard in his pants. The pain of sharp canines pushing down through his gums rushed through his body, bringing him out of his trance a little, realisation of what he was about to do, hit,  and he had to fight the urge to bite down on that delectably tasty skin. He was in agony but his sharp fangs barely scathing the quivering flesh of the vampires neck.

He whines as if in pain, as Taehyung had taken the opportunity Jungkooks' hesitation gave him, and pushed the still dazed boy away from him, the action leaving him feeling cold, as somewhere in his mind he missed the boy's warmth. 

Both of them were breathing hard, chest heaving in agitation, staring deeply at each other when Jimin, Yugyeom and Hoseok approached them, a little out of breath. They had witnessed the scene way back across the court yard and had come careening over as fast as their legs could take them, knowing how badly wrong this situation could go.

"You alright?" Jimin breathed the question, as he held his brothers shoulders and peered into his flushed face. Jungkook nodded and huffed out an affirmative, his dark eyes glittered with unspent desire in his pink face. Satisfied, his brother smiled, cupped the younger's cheek briefly, his small thumb caressed the tender skin, then slid his hand back to his shoulders, and looked down. A smile played on his lips.

"Uh, Kook," he indicated with a nod and Jungkook looked down to see the bulge still very prominent in his pants. His face flushed deeply, and he grabbed the back pack Yugyeom had in his hands and held it flush against his crotch, knocking Jimin's hands from his shoulders, and Hoseok chuckled softly.

The red haired vampire then turned to Taehyung, who run his fingers through his hair, sweeping his damp bangs from his forehead, the black of his pupils still swamping the deep chocolate brown of his eyes. Hoseok's eyebrow quirked upward when he saw the younger's  unmistakable erection straining his school pants. 

"Shut up!" Taehyung yelled, his cheeks stained red, making the others laugh and drawing Jungkook's gaze. "And keep that psycho away from me!" he spat looking from Jungkook to Jimin, before shoving Yugyeom out of the way. 

"Move," he muttered and stalked away toward the school building, his cheeks still flaming. 

Hoseok smiled widely, happily and slung an arm over Yugyeom's shoulder. He'd never seen Taehyung so flustered, vampires had come on to his friend hundreds of times, humans too with their enticing scent, and Tae would brush them coldly away. Most of them couldn't get him to raise an eyebrow let alone anything else. Yet along comes Mr Jeon, someone he claims doesn't interest him, and he leaves with wood hard enough to hold up a marquee.

This ought to be interesting..


Jimin slid his arm protectively around his brother's shoulder as he lead him back to school, but didn't go back inside, instead, they went to the parking lot and got into their truck. He watched as Jungkook pushed trembling fingers through his still damp, dark hair. He felt for him, going through transition was anything but easy. He rummaged around the glove box and took out a bottle of water, and handed it to the younger, who muttered a grateful 'Thanks'.  He sat silently and watched as his brother drank down almost half the bottle's contents, watching his colour slowly return to normal.

"Okay?" Jimin asked, gazing intently at him, and Jungkook nodded, though he shifted a little, uncomfortable that his erection hadn't fully died down, and his brother didn't miss a thing.

"Do you like him Kook?" He asked next, watching his baby brother squirm in his seat, his face flushing cutely.

"No," he stated firmly and gulped more water down, his hand lightly shaking.

"Your boner says different," he pointed out, teasing.

"That's blood lust!" He all but yelled. "You know that's the blood lust." His eyes were saucers in his sweet, pink face.

"You went to him," Jimin pointed out with a smile.

"I didn't go to him, I was just trying to get away and there he was," he said, sucking the cool liquid down like his life depended on it.

"So you didn't capture his scent and feel the need to seek him out?" he asked with a smile in his voice.

"No!" He huffed, annoyed. "I told you, he was just there!" He cried and rubbed his face with his hand in agitation.

"Hey, I'm just yanking your chain, man!" Jimin laughed, even though he knew deep down that his brother had been attracted to the vampire the second they rolled into town.

"God, hyung! How do you do this?" He asked, his face flushing a deep pink. "It's fucking killing me!" He whined loudly and slammed a fist on the dash board.

"It's the same for us all, Kook." His brother smiled sympathetically. "Do you remember way back at the beginning of last year? How I would disappear and how moody I was?" 

Jungkook stared at him and he nodded slowly. "When mom said you were going through something personal?" he asked and Jimin nodded.

"You were a total dick to me then!" Jungkook accused, his brow furrowed. "So that was the change?"

"Yeah, that was the change," he nodded with a smile. "It was hell if I recall, and I'm sorry I put you through that." He smiled apologetically and Jungkook squeezed his hand comfortingly.

"I wanted to bash your face in some times," the younger told him making him laugh. "But now I know what it was, I get it."

"Yeah, I was totally freaked out when it started happening at first. But when mom explained what it was and who we really are? I don't know, I kind of accepted it after I got over the initial 'why me?' thing. But I had her to help me, and when I disappeared? that was actually Min Ha Ri, she had to magically bind me at home, and silence the room so you wouldn't know I was there. My hunger was insatiable at first, unlike you, baby bro," he smiled softly at him. "I didn't fight my urges, I wanted blood pretty quickly and after I attacked a homeless guy, mom knew I was trouble. I couldn't control myself Kook." He looked at him, his eyes sad at the memory.

"If left unchecked? I'd have killed, and I don't know if it would have bothered me," he sighed heavily. "It certainly wouldn't have at the time, but in hind sight, I can't tell. It wasn't just that." He looked at his brother again and bit his lip. "You looked tantalisingly tasty to me, your still very human smelling blood drove me crazy at times."

Jungkook's eyes widened at this piece if news, his brother would've fed from him? 

"You'd feed on anyone if you were hungry enough," he said, knowing the train of his brother's thoughts. "So mom had to take steps, which resulted in the bindings, and she fed me vampire blood, her blood, blood she'd stored for those occasions, and it dampened the cravings." He shifted a little in his seat and clawed through the glove box for more water.

"Part of me knew I was being a dick to you, but I couldn't help it, couldn't control it, and when you argued back, like the brat you are," he chuckled and opened the water bottle he'd found. "You made my blood boil and it made it harder to resist attacking you, fortunately mom was there, took a lot of time from work to be there too. Ha Ri, or Rose was there when she couldn't be." He chugged down some water and rubbed his thigh a little.

"The hardest thing though was the lust. Natural lust during the change, is bad enough, but when you can't satisfy blood lust? It turns on itself and sexual lust becomes a tool, a tool to break you down so that during the throes of passion, barriers fall and you can kill, sexual lust just becomes lust for that persons blood. It's tricky to tell," he said and Jungkook looked at him, shock and awe in his expression and he swallowed. All the while Jimin spoke of lust, all he could see was Taehyung lying beneath him, undone.

"I-" He swallowed again, his tongue coated in saliva. "I remember hearing you sometimes through the wall?" Jungkook's face pinked in embarrassment. "One time when Jaden from our school was over and you guys were loud."  He laughed rubbing the back of his neck. 

"Yeah, at that time I wanted to fuck everything that moved!" He chuckled loudly. "And when I couldn't-"

"Yeah, dude, I heard you," Jungkook stopped him mid sentence. "I walked in on you jerking off in the utility room. Your dick in your hand and your ass squeezed tight against the washer." His face scrunched up at the memory. "Only reason I walked in was because the machine was vibrating so fucking loud, that I didn't hear you," he finished, remembering how he walked in, saw what his brother was doing, and promptly walked back out again, Jimin was so busy pleasuring himself, he didn't even notice.

"You did?" he chuckled shaking his head. "Ahh, that was a good one. You should try it the next time your dick's aching to be up Taehyungs ass."  He received a punch from his brother who flushed fiery red.

"All I'm saying? When the urges hit, do something about it. There are plenty girls, and guys at our school who will be willing to help you release the beast." He smiled and ruffled his brothers hair.

Only problem was, Jungkook only seemed to desire one person when these feelings surfaced. Taehyung, a beautiful, ethereal boy that was rude and he didn't like very much. So why was it his face he pictured every time he had his hand in his boxers palming himself?

"And when the urge for blood really kicks in, and it will, don't deny yourself." Jimin looked at him with a serious expression. "It might be a good idea if you started taking a little blood every time you have one of these episodes." 

"Hyung, I've never really felt that urge," he said and bit his lip, looking away from Jimin to look out of the window.

"Not until today, am I right?" Jimin asked softly, he knows his brother very well.

"Not until today," he clarified turning to look at him, and smiled a little. "But that could just mean I'm nearing the end, right? It doesn't necessarily mean anything else," he reasoned, his mouth dry.

"Yeah, it could, but you won't get to the end if you don't drink, it will speed up transition. I am really surprised its taken you this long to feel the hunger, unless it is connected to Taehyung," he mused, watching his brother carefully.

"It's not Taehyung," Jungkook stated vehemently and got out of the truck and hastily shut the door and strode across the parking lot towards the science building.

The vampire smiled to himself, at least the talk went well. He only wanted what was best for his baby brother, and he hated seeing him in pain. But little did Jimin know that there had been another boy in pain, a boy who had been in his bed ill for days when he was going through his final transitioning, a boy who thought he was dying. A boy who had suddenly recovered and felt stronger than ever, but who had no idea why. A boy who's life would be forever tied to his.  And that boy was Min Yoongi.

Jimin got out a few minutes after and leaned against the side of the truck and ran his fingers through the front of his hair, sighing a little in frustration. Jungkook should know that he would never judge him, after all Jimin himself is openly gay, it's nothing to be ashamed of. He decided he'd wait a while longer and try to talk to him about it again, that's if he hasn't already sunk his fangs into a certain blonde vampire in a fit of passion before then. The imagery of that pulling a smile from him.

He chuckled lightly to himself and turned around to lock the truck door when he caught sight of mint green hair. Min Yoongi. Min Yoongi was standing across the way and he was staring. 

At him

Jimin blinked and stared back, amused. The mint haired boy had made it more than clear that he had no interest in getting know neither him nor his brother. In fact, he treated them with an open hostility that was rather breath taking. Not that they had much of a conversation beyond a few grunted of what Jimin supposed was 'hello', more than a few derisive snorting sounds and definitely more 'fuck off Jeons'' than he could count, so to find him casually, openly, staring at him, was more than a little surprising.

Jimin smiled and raised his hand in a small wave as he rounded the truck and headed in Yoongi's direction, the mint haired boy  furrowed his dark brows and ignored the greeting, turned his back and casually made his way toward the school building.

Jimin sighed and rolled his eyes as he followed the same route Yoongi had taken, after all, it was time for their English class, and what harm could it do to subtly check out his cute little ass on the way there? Some day he'd prize a conversation out of moody boy. Jimin never gave up on anything, and he wasn't going to give up on becoming friends with Yoongi either. 

For the rest of the school day Taehyung pointedly ignored Jungkook, any place Jungkook appeared, Taehyung vacated. He didn't want to think about his reaction to him at all, not that he was interested in such a baby like him anyway. No, he wasn't, he told himself. No matter how cute the wrapping was, he wasn't interested in what was underneath. He was a Jeon after all, and although they'd all agreed, with the exception of Yoongi of course, they would give them a chance, it didn't mean that there could be anything between them. It was impossible.

Wasn't it?

He would just keep his distance, especially since they boy was going through the change, he was particularly potent right now, his scent would be driving a lot of vampires crazy, not just him. He had to admit though, he hadn't been that turned on in a long time. Maybe never, he felt like his cock wanted to burst out of his pants and ram itself deep inside the Jeon boy's ass and he wouldn't have cared who saw at that particular moment. Fuck he was a second away from letting the rookie bite him, bite him for fuck sake! No one makes a bitch out of Kim Taehyung.



Yoongi was slamming his books back into his locker, his frustration had reached new heights. His frustration was with himself this time. Imagine being caught staring by that fuck wad! It's not merely the fact he'd been caught staring per se, it was the fact he was staring at all. I mean, it's not even as if the dude was that good looking, was he? He'd seen better and turned them down. He snorted to himself, his brows deeply furrowed. What the fuck is it with Jeons? They don't even have to do much of anything to stir up trouble.  

He knew he'd known them when they were all kids, but he had no actual memories of them at all, all he knew was the pictures that his mother had of them all together in kindergarten. And his mother and grandmother had talked very little about that particular family over the years. Now they're here once again and they're beginning to wind themselves into their lives once again, which means, feelings and involvement and attachment. He didn't want any of those things, he couldn't afford them, not when he'd planned on some day bringing the patriarch of the Jeon family down. To do that he'd have to avoid any kind of friendship with them, he couldn't afford to start liking them. It was bad enough that Seulgi, their mother, had already been to his house and talked his mother round into not blaming her for what happened. Yoongi didn't care, it was the choices she made that got his grand mother Rose killed. 

"So what did the locker ever do to you? Try talking to you?" Jimin's voice laced with laughter came from behind him and his temper went into over drive. He spun round and gripped Jimin by his shirt front and slammed him into the lockers opposite making Jimin grunt.

"What the fuck do I have to do to get you to stay the fuck away from me?!" Yoongi yelled in his face, his fist tightening in the smooth, soft shirt, to grind into Jimin's chest.

"Hey, you were the one that was staring." Jimin smiled wickedly, and flicked his tongue over his bottom lip. "Could give a guy the wrong impression." He finished, his eyes twinkling mischievously. This seemed to set Yoongi off as he pulled Jimin back and slammed him harder into the lockers, his face red with anger.

"Fucking Jeon. I wouldn't touch you with some one else's! Just keep the fuck out of my face," he spat venomously, his irises circling burnt orange, waves of electricity hummed from his body. "Or I'll make you sorry you even looked at me." His face was damp with perspiration and there was a high flush on his cheeks. Unseen to Jimin, Yoongi rubbed his middle finger and thumb in small circles building up energy.

"I think you're protesting way too much, little witch," Jimin  whispered, placing his warm hand gently on top of the hand almost embedded in his chest. "And it isn't wise to threaten a vampire." He pressed his face closer to the witch's, his black pupils bleeding into the red of his irises, his body heat elevated and his own unique scent of peppermint and roses seeping from his skin, enveloping himself and Yoongi as his arousal grew.

Yoongi had separated finger from thumb, blue electrical sparks arced between them, his idea was to release Jimin's sexual desire and embarrass him, what he didn't reckon on was his own attraction to the vampire being triggered as his own eyes swirled with cerulean blue, sexual heat roiling in his stomach. The pair stared at one another, the atmosphere pulsing around them, heat growing to an uncomfortable level, eyes glazed over and lips pinked and grew swollen with want, with need, and pants grew unbearably tight. He dazedly raised his hand, the blue flame intensified and arced frantically back and forth the closer Yoongi moved it to Jimins face, his heart racing erratically. Mesmerised by those dark elongated eyes, and the pink soft tongue that nervously licked across that impossibly suckable bottom lip.

"Get a room!" Some one coughed from behind Yoongi effectively breaking the spell, and visibly shaken he immediately drops his grip on Jimin, the blue arc petered out in an instant. It's effect was not so easily dropped, however. Yoongi still felt the heat of desire pool in his abdomen and he was all too aware of the awkward, somewhat sticky situation going on in his underwear, his dick screaming in protest.

Jimin's eyes glittered, his pupils slowly getting back to normal, and he took long, slow breaths in attempt to cool his core temperature, but it did nothing to stop the erratic beating of his heart as he looked at Yoongi, who's face was still flushed a pretty shade of scarlet. To make matters worse, he turns around to see Yugyeom, Baekhyun, Hoseok and Namjoon standing gaping at him with open mouths. Namjoon rubs his neck, awkwardly flicking his gaze between Yoongi and Jimin.

"Don't," Yoongi seethed as he pushed through the middle of his friends, heat still pulsating from his body as he run down the hallway leaving them stunned as they stared after him.

Chapter Text

"A party? Father you can't be serious?!" Seulgi exclaimed, her slim hand on her chest, the fingers fiddling with the beads of her pearl necklace.

"Of course I'm serious. I have my family back under my roof where they belong. I want to celebrate it," Wonwoo said as he poured himself a large whisky from the crystal decanter on the maple wood drinks cabinet.

"Celebrate that you've won you mean," she said, her dark eyes expressing her displeasure, "you want to prove to everyone that no one escapes you forever. You're trying to humiliate me in front of the whole town, aren't you?" She lifted her eyes to hold her fathers, who merely smiled at her. "I mean you are inviting everyone. Right?" she asked, still holding his gaze.

"Right," he affirmed, "everyone is invited," he swallowed the large whiskey in one go and placed the glass back on the cabinet. "But it's not to humiliate you. No, that would only serve to bring to light the fact that my own daughter out smarted me for years," he smiled, but as always it never reached his eyes. "I just want everyone to share in my happiness that's all." 

"Happiness?" she asked, gliding past him to reach for the bottle of Balvenie scotch, only the best for her father, and poured herself a measure. "You don't know what that means Wonwoo," she turned to him, irritated. "You're not capable of happiness. Showing it, or feeling it. You need a heart to feel that emotion and I learned a long time ago you don't possess one." With that she gulped at the golden liquid, her eyes watered a little at the burn in her throat.


"You don't even love the boys, you never did," her voice rose. "You only wanted them here because Jeon blood runs in their veins. You never even loved me when I was growing up." She tugged her own hair in frustration. "Why can't you just leave us be!?" 

"Sweetheart," he repeated and lifted a slim hand up to smooth his daughter's ruffled hair, taking his time to tuck a stray lock behind her ear. "You're my family and it's my job to look after you. All of you. Now what kind of parent would I be if I didn't do that? Hmm?" He looked at her and smiled softly, the smile making him devastatingly handsome, but a smile that hid the sickening truth of the who he really was. "So a party it is, to welcome my beautiful grand children home. Besides, the invitations have already gone out."

"With any luck they'll all turn you down," she muttered and he laughed heartily. She knew that unfortunately everyone would come just to see what would happen next. See if there were going to be any family fire works. Besides, Jeon Wonwoo wanted a party with everyone there, then that's what he would have. No one refuses him anything, it just wasn't worth it. Seulgi's father was the most powerful and the most hated vampire in their town, he held too many secrets about others to be fully liked. Not that it mattered, he wasn't interested in being liked, he was only interested in wielding power and that's exactly what he did. 




The boys disliked their grand father on sight, Jungkook especially found it hard to be in the same house, let alone the same room as him, knowing that he had his father killed. How could anyone do that? He might be Jeon in name, but he had too much of his father in him to be anything other than a Lee, and one day he and Jimin would make that man pay for what he'd done to them. That besides, Jeon Wonwoo was not an easy person to like anyway. The way he walked into a room and demanded all eyes to be on him, like he was the be all, end all, was off putting in the extreme. 

He reeked of arrogance, and every question he asked he wasn't really interested in the answer, he paid only minor lip service to any question that he was asked. Not that the boys had asked him much and they were only polite to him because of their mother. No, the decision was made that they would spend as little time with him as they could get away with. It didn't matter that he had blathered on about his businesses, that were one day going to be their businesses, and between them they would corner the markets in every global corner. They were just words to the boys for neither had any intention in following their grand fathers footsteps. What he had done to them, to their mother, had all but blinded them to everything else about him.


Hoseok was thoroughly thrashing Jimin at another game of Overwatch when Jungkook came into the room laden with cans of soda, gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies and two large bags of barbecue chips clenched between his teeth.

"Dude, just give up!" Hoseok chuckled, his smile lighting up the whole room as usual, "It's painful watching you cry," his laughter raucous as he once again killed Jimin in the game.

"Ugh!" Jimin whined and threw the controller onto the bed before throwing himself back onto the thick duvet, a look of total defeat on his face.

"He's too good, bro," Jungkook chuckled, letting the goodies slip from his hands, and Hoseok immediately launched himself at a packet of chips.

"There's not a whole lot to do around here," Hoseok smiled tearing the chip bag open to delve into the barbecue flavoured goodness. "What else am I going to do? gaming, fucking, or jerking off," he muttered a little incoherently, his mouth filled with chips. "After a while they all get boring." He swallowed the mass in his mouth as he dived in for more.

"You cant be fucking the right girls then," Jungkook chuckled as he sat on the bed and popped the can of orange soda open and drawing a cool mouthful.

"Who said I fuck girls?" Hoseok asked with a mischievous smile, his eyes lighting on Jungkooks face.

"I just assumed," Jungkook replied, his cheeks pinking a little at the way Hoseok was eyeing him.

"I'm a vampire," he smiled, stuffing more chips in his eager mouth. "Never assume with a vampire. After all, a hole's a hole!" he quipped.

"Ew, dude! Fuck!" Jungkook spluttered the pink on his face deepening.

"Love to," Hoseok gave him a wink, a salacious grin spreading over his face and Jimin smacked him.

"That's my baby brother!" he grouched, his eyes gleaming darkly.

"Aw, you feeling left out?" Hoseok asked playfully and ruffled Jimins hair. "There's enough Hoseok for both of you," he smiled, and slid his fingers softly down Jimins cheek. "If you're into threesomes..." he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively making Jungkook laugh, his cheeks now flaming.

"Dick!" he playfully smacked the vampire and sucked down a huge mouthful of soda in attempt to kill his embarrassment.

"Dick," Hoseok agreed, "definitely dick!" he laughed and Jimin rolled his eyes.




Hoseok stayed for another couple of hours, to of course, thrash Jimin yet again at Overwatch, to which the smaller whined loudly, much to the others amusement. Jungkook was another matter, it wasn't so easy to beat the younger boy, he definitely had some proper skills when it came to gaming. In the end the younger managed to leave things, one game up. A fact he was very proud of, and a fact that left Jimin whining more now that there were two boys to beat his ass on gaming night. Sad times, he muttered shaking his head.

Hoseok was drinking a bag of blood supplied by Jun Wei, normally he would just go home and drink from one of the many servants there, or to follow vampire protocol,  the Jeons would make the offer of the use of a staff member here, but with Jungkook not yet fully transitioned, Hoseok decided the blood bag would be best. He didn't fail to notice though, that the younger had nervously licked his lips as he watched the vampire feed, his gaze slightly feverish.

"Hyung?" Jungkook asked, his mouth still a little moist as he watched Hoseok finally drain the plastic bag of its contents, Hoseok raised his brows in askance. "How come no one," he started and took the empty bag from his friend, and stared at the last few thin vein like scarlet droplets left inside it. "I mean, outside of JeonsTown, knows of our existence?" he looked up as Jimin came back into the room holding more soda in his arms, his eyes looking from one to the other.

"No one knows because we're very careful, have been since the beginning of time," Hoseok said matter of factly, and lay back on the sumptuous  silver silk covered pillow. "And part of being careful was building purpose built towns like this one, enchanted desert lands, with the help of the witches under our power at the time. As you know, no human eyes can detect it, only those touched by the supernatural can actually enter. We're safe Jungkook."

"I'm not worried about that, I can handle myself. It's just, well, " he searched for the best way to ask his question. "How do people not know though, I mean Wonwoo and others leave here and go into the real world-"

"The real world?" Hoseok snickered and Jungkook blushed. "We're all very practised at it, we have to be, I mean we don't effectively feed on humans in broad daylight in the outside world, and of course with the witch glamour, we can age as we please or as we need," he smiled and slid his long fingers through his deep red hair, his eyes flitting from one brother to another. "There's nothing our witch kind can't do, except bring back the dead," he said puffing out a breath. "That's serious dark magics, and no one can control dark magic, its forbidden pretty much, and no one here would even try, as its too unpredictable. And," he said with a seriousness in his voice, "if a witch were to be caught practising it, it's punishable by death," he finished somberly.

Jimin shuddered, his mind suddenly flitting to Yoongi, the gorgeous mint haired male witch. His obvious anger somehow making him seem a candidate for such dark magic practices, but maybe he's too smart for that. Hopefully. For as much as his animosity irked him, he wouldn't want to see anything ever happen to him.

"My grand fathers decree by any chance?" Jimin asked, the look on his face displaying he already knew the answer.

"Mostly, yes. Wonwoo isn't massively liked as you know, and he doesn't like others having too much power. He likes control too much to allow it. But all vampire kind agree that dark magic isn't something to mess around in," Hoseok answered seriously, just the thought of an uncontrolled witch made him goose bump all over.

"You sound like you know him well," Jimin commented with a small smile, and Hoseok chuckled.

"Not really, I'm not old enough or important enough to actually cross paths with him," he told them, a little bitterness in his voice. "But I've heard enough from other elders to know that he's ruthless in getting what he wants, or when rules are broken, Even if he simply doesn't like you," he shrugged his shoulders.

"Wow," Jimin breathed out softly. "He truly is an asshole. Who knew!?" he chuckled making the others laugh.

"Anyway, to answer your question Jungkook," Hoseok smiled, "No one knows because the witches protect us with concealment spells, and we don't run around eating the population, in the real world as you call it," he smiled and Jungkook poked his tongue out at him. "There's no trail to us, paper or otherwise," he finished and poked his own tongue out.

"There's nothing written?" Jimin asked, a little taken aback. "No chronicles of how we came into being? No long ass family tree to explore?"

"Chronicles?" Hoseok scoffed, "it's not an Ann Rice novel!" again Jimin rolled his eyes at him. "There's no need for chronicles because we remember everything. It's safer that way." 

"Yeah, no chance any pesky young, Wonwoo hating vampire can leaf through the chronicles and find his weaknesses, never mind vampire secrets. Right?" he asked and Hoseok gave him a congratulatory nod.

"He thinks of everything," Jimin mused, "fucker.."

"Maybe so," the youngest put in. "But what's stopping any of the humans here running off into the real world," he shot a glance at Hoseok, who merely smiled. "And blabbing to any one who will listen?" he asked, snaking a bag of chips his brother had just opened.

"That's because, they're treated well, taken care of and can have great lives," the red head shrugged again.

"But no real freedom," Jungkook stated, his dark eyes searched the red heads, finding what he needed.

"No," he sighed. "No real freedom, but they are protected and unfortunately they do know that if they blab most likely they wouldn't be believed, not with the scepticism there is in today's society, and no human could find us under the warding," he told them, taking a great interest suddenly in his nails.

"What?" Jimin asked picking up his uneasiness and Hoseok sighed heavily.

"They wouldn't blab cause they know that if that were to happen, then the elders would see to it that the human and every single member of their family would be slaughtered. It's widely known, so there's no human person would even try," he finished with a heavy heart, it was something he never agreed with.

"Holy shit," Jungkook breathed, pushing his dark bangs away from his now sticky fore head.

"Wonwoo?" Jimin then asked and this time, Hoseok gave him a somewhat apologetic nod.

"That's fucked up," Jungkook said, a look of total disgust on his face. His grand father really was a piece of work.

"It's evil," Jimin simply said, though nothing surprised him when it came to Wonwoo.

"I know, but it's the law of our land," he says looking from one to the other. "Vampires are superior, it's just how it is," he frowned at look on their faces and he rushed to clarify. "Not that I think that way! I have a lot of human friends and I don't see them any different from myself, except maybe, I'm stronger, drink blood and live forever..." he trailed off a little. He hated moments like these because it always made him look at how things really were with their existence, and invariably, he never liked what he saw.  

The elders never questioned anything, to them it just was, is and forever shall be. Others, the younger up and coming vampires tended to view the world differently, humans were humans, not cattle bred for feeding, even though logically they knew they still needed their blood. There was no getting away from that, and animal blood just wasn't an option. But where was the solution? Maybe some day their generation could up with a fairer way to live side by side with their human neighbours. Who knows?

Even after Hoseok had left, Jungkook's head was still teeming with questions. He was a vampire and there was no disputing it, no. There were just some aspects he didn't get and perhaps he never would. He sat cross legged on his bed, strewn with hastily dropped chips, cookies and a smattering of sour Skittles. His expression thoughtful, his mind playing over the conversation they'd had with Hoseok.

"What you thinking about Kook?" Jimin asked, plonking himself down in front of his brother, a ready smile on his face.

"Nothing, Chimminie, I'm fine," he smiled a little shaking the thoughts away.

"I know you're worried about the final transition, but I promise you, it's nothing," he smiled widely, his elongated eyes crinkling up at the corners. "I mean, I did it, and I'm fine, right?" he laughed splaying his hands a little. His heart started beating a little quicker than normal at the look on Jungkook's face. "I know you're having a hard time with this, but its only because you're still relatively human. Once your transition is over, you'll feel differently." He gripped his brothers hands in his own. "You will," he smiled, trying his best to reassure him.

The look on Jungkook's face though told him his brother was anything but fine, his eyes were huge in his face and they were filled with bright, glittering unshed tears.

"Oh shit, Kook ah," he said softly and pulled him into a hug, his arms wrapped gently around him.

"What is it? Tell me what's wrong," he urged quietly, his small hand making circles of comfort on his baby brothers back.

"I. I just ha-hate how this feels," he sniffled softly pressing his cheek against Jimin's shoulder, big fat tears escaping from his doe eyes. "And I know I'm finally making friends now, but it do-doesn't feel right," he cried softly, tears staining Jimin's school shirt. "It doesn't fe-feel like h-home," he swallowed the lump in his throat, his face sodden with tears.

Jimin shifted a little to push his brother gently away to look into his tearful eyes, a small smile playing on his lips. "Like I said, it's because you're still feeling very, very human, and all that's going on is heightened for you," his small gentle hand wiped a tear from his brothers face. "Once you start taking blood you'll start to feel it, the acceptance and it won't be as frightening as it feels right now," he said and gazed into his eyes meaningfully. "But you need to start taking blood Kookie," Jimin told him, his tone soft but serious.

"When its final, I'll be like everyone else," he muttered huskily, tears in his voice, his mind wandering, thinking how cold a lot of the vampires are and he visibly shivered in his brothers warm hold.

"You'll be like me," Jimin smiled encouragingly at him. "And a weight will be lifted. You'll see," he said, smiling wider.

"Will it?" his brother asked, unconvinced, a pained look in his dark eyes.

"What is it Jungkook?" Jimin asked again, not seeing what the problem could actually be.

"What if I.." he took a deep breath. "Mom says I'm like dad." 

"Yeah, you look exactly like he was at your age," Jimin chuckled a little, wondering where he was going with this.

"My personality, my temper," he sucked in a breath and bit his plump bottom lip.

"Haha, yeah you're both hot headed-"

"What if I become a monster!?" he interrupted fearfully and Jimin's eyes widened. "Sometimes I can't control my temper, Jimin, what if I.. " he couldn't finish as fresh tears cascaded down his already wet cheeks.

"Hey Kookie, come on. You're not so bad, you're just how dad was, like mom said, hot headed and stubborn, that's all," he whispered kindly trying to ease his brothers uncertainty.

"Am I though?" he asked next, dark watery eyes held his. "What if it's not just from dad? What if I'm more like him, like Wonwoo? Maybe that's why I get so fucking angry. I'm-" 

"Hey, hey! Jungkook listen to me, you're not like him," he ground out, his brow furrowed, "alright? You're nothing like him," he breathed hard, his eyes deep and dark. "He kills and hurts because he's possessive, jealous and a megalomaniacal, paranoid... delusionalistic dick wad," Jimin run on, his eyes never leaving his brothers tear filled ones. "I've only ever seen you hurt someone while defended some one else, someone being wronged or bullied. You're good Jungkook," the vampire spoke softly to his little brother. "You act out of injustice. Not because you like to cause pain. You're the complete opposite of him."

Jungkook sniffled loudly, his eyes brimming. "Delusionalistic dick-wad?" he blurted with a small smile in his voice, his head hurting a little.

"Yeah, well okay, I got carried away but you know what I mean," he grinned, making Jungkook laugh. "Doesn't mean it isn't true though," he laughed, glad to see his brother a little happier.

They looked at each other for a few moments, Jimin cupping his brothers face in hands, allowing his small thumbs to glide over the last of the wetness on his soft cheeks, smoothing them away.

"You have nothing to worry about," Jimin whispered earnestly. "Once this is all over, you are going to be just fine. Alright?" he asked, smiling as Jungkook leaned into his hands taking the comfort they offered.

Jungkook, sighed jaggedly and nodded. "I love you Chimmie," he whispered gratefully to him.

"I love you too." He leaned over and kissed his forehead gently. "Idiot," he remarked, making him laugh loudly.



Jimin stayed with him until he fell asleep, talking to him about when they were kids. He tried to get him to try his first blood bag, but he refused. He probably would have benefited greatly from it, it's ability to keep him calm and ally his fears would have done wonders for him. 

His hopes for him to have an untroubled sleep didn't come to fruition, for Jungkook dreamt of monsters, of long sharp canine teeth that tore mercilessly at his flesh and sucked hard and deep on his veins, the pain immeasurable as he felt himself drifting away, only to stare blinking into the mirror, his own face covered in blood and his mouth in pain, as the sharp canines  slid out from his gums, filling his mouth with his own blood. He gagged uncontrollably his stomach knotting and clenching as his gut churned in protest while the blood poured relentlessly down his throat, his body beginning to burn with sensation...

...his head rolled back onto the pillow, his raven black hair a total contrast to it's crisp whiteness. His shoulders rubbed gently against the silken material as he was slid down the bed, and his naked body shivered involuntary as the bed sheet was cast aside. He closed his eyes and hissed as the soft, moist tongue slid hotly from the curve in his groin, and lingered softly, creating small circular patterns on his hot soft skin that covered his hip bone, strong sharp teeth scraped tenderly, teasingly over the bone and Jungkook drew a breath as he waited for the bite. 

In stead he was treated to a wet tongue between soft plump lips that drew and suckled on his sensitive skin. He moaned softly as the skin of his abdomen quivered and goose bumped, feeling the moist warm tongue glide, softly, dipping into his tummy button briefly before continuing its journey up and over his chest, those teasing lips, skimming and suckling wetly on his now hardened nipple, the scrape of sharp teeth heightening the sensation that shot down his body stirring the heat in his crotch, his cock hardening, as he sucked in a breath feeling the heat between his legs, the soft rub of skin on skin, the feeling erotic on his inner thighs. 

He moaned deeper feeling the pressure against his shaft, a soft, deliberate friction engorging his cock further, the thick, long muscle beginning to throb relentlessly. A knee rubbed purposefully against his balls as a pair of soft, warm lips, pressed damp open mouthed kisses against the beating pulse in his neck, sucking deep on the tender skin, nibbling, nipping gently, bruising.

"Oh shit, ahh fuck..." he moaned loudly, his heart hammering as a hand encased his long, hard cock and started stroking him slow and whisper soft, as the warm gentle mouth, pressed super soft kisses up the side of his neck to his ear, a breath stirring the tiny, delicate hairs that covered the extremely erogenous zone.

"I want to feel you inside me." The soft, deep melodic voice spoke making tiny goose bumps race over every part of his body. His heart accelerated at the words, and he opened his eyes to find himself staring into the sultry dark brown eyes of Kim Taehyung, their darkness almost as mesmerising as the timbre of his voice. He let out a hiss as he felt the blonde vampire squeeze his cock hard as he made his way down his warm, hard chest, lips and tongue attacking the dampened skin, with kisses and soft nibbles, his tongue drawing circles across his navel, the wet muscle dipping and gliding into the hollows between his pubic bone and his hip bone. 

"Fuck, Tae..." he moaned, his heart going into over drive as he watched the vampire taking his cock fully into his mouth, swirling his warm, wet tongue over the silken viened skin, then drawing his mouth back up the long, thick shaft, to suckle and lick at the tip eagerly. His mouth slid over the tip and down the silky side, his tongue trailing wetly up and down before taking the shaft into his mouth again, picking up speed as he sucked and licked it, the pressure building as he drew and sucked it deeper into his throat, his teeth lightly scraping, turning Jungkook into a moaning mess, his hands fisting tightly into the silk sheet. Taehyung cast his eyes up and held the younger's watching as he neared his orgasm. He slid his plump lips back to the tip of the hard shaft, releasing it with smile, licked his lips and immediately his sharp canines slid down and embedded themselves into the fleshy muscle and Jungkook's eyes widened in shock as he let out an almighty howl of fear and pain..

"Nuuuggghh!" Jungkook awoke and bolted upright in the middle of his orgasm, streaks of thick white, coating his abdomen and the silken silver bed sheet. His heart hammered in his chest, squeezed tight like he couldn't breathe, his cock still throbbed as he finished ejaculating.

"What the fuck!?" he breathed, his body bathed in sweat as he recalled what just had happened in his dream. He pushed his shaky hands through his hair and thought that he wasn't sure what was more upsetting, getting his cock sucked and bitten, or the fact he dreamt of Taehyung doing it. He took a few moments as his heart beat struggled to return to normal, his breathing levelling out as he tried to shake the blonde vampires image away. He had to admit that he was somewhat surprised he was dreaming of the rude vampire, but he was more surprised that up until he'd gotten his cock bitten, he was really fucking enjoying it. That hot, sexy mouth..

"I heard yelling, Kookie, are you alright?!" Seulgi came rushing into the bedroom, concern written all over face.

Her gaze took in her sons naked, obviously perspiring body, knees splayed and a questionable substance coating his tanned skin and she blanched a little.

"Moooomm!" He whined, his dark eyes, huge in his now hot face and he pulled the sheet tight against his sticky body.

"Oh my!" she muttered, cast her eyes to the side and about turned and rushed back out of the room. She keeps forgetting her baby boy really is no longer a baby.

He wrapped the soiled sheet around his waist as he hopped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom, just as Jimin came barging into the room to see what the fuss was all about.

"What's go-" he started to say, his hair a tousled mess.

"Get out!" The younger shouted and slammed the bathroom door shut. 





"Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuck!!" he seethed as he walked over to the sink unit and looked at his reflection in the mirror. His face was awash in a deep red, his hair was completely dishevelled, and his body was coated in a fine sheen of sweat. Seriously he looked like he'd just gone 15 rounds in a sex marathon. He groaned loudly in frustration as he looked down at his still throbbing member, and cursed himself and cursed that idiot blonde vampire. How the fuck could he allow thoughts of him to get him into such a state? 

He's not that fucking hot, he thought as he marched purposefully into the shower stall and turned the controls to full, piping hot. He pushed his face up into the scalding water and squeezed his eyes closed, trying to fight the unbidden image of Taehyung from running through his head. Images of him as he run his hands down his his body, his skin thrumming with delight at his touch, images of him breathing, sighing hotly in his ear, as his hand gripped, held, and stroked his hot, sensitive cock. Jungkook moaned loudly under the spray as his own hand found its way to his hot pulsing member, and he caught his lip between his teeth, to stifle his moans as he began stroking himself skilfully, slowly at first, enjoying the slow burn, then increasing the pace as Taehyung once again slipped into his thoughts. His breath hitched as Taehyung licked his plump, soft lips.

"Taehyung," he muttered, stroking himself faster, harder, the heat coiling in his abdomen.

 "Tae," he moaned louder thinking of those plump lips sliding warm an wet around his cock, sucking, licking, the coil tightening, as his hand worked faster. His breathing harsher, his moans louder as the pressure tipped over and he came hard.

"Oh, God! Tae," his cock pulsed as his seed spilled hard and fast into the oncoming hot spray. "Tae," he groaned as he rode out his orgasm, his heart pounding hard.

His body was suffused with heat and hunger, and a little frustration, as he felt his still hard cock in his hand, knowing he was far from finished. He stood under the water spray, busy with his hands as he let his minds eye wander again to a certain vampire, and he eagerly pleasured himself over and over, thinking only of Taehyung. 

It was going to be a long morning.

Two hours he was in that shower before he actually felt sated enough and began to wash his tired out body.  He came out with a thick towel around his waist and rubbed a smaller one vigorously through his wet hair when Jimin knocked once before walking in, already dressed in his school uniform.

"Come in," Jungkook said, a note of sarcasm in his tone to which his brother just rolled his eyes.

"Okay," his brother said with a sigh and held out a blood bag in front of him. "You look like hammered shit," he observed taking in his brothers pallor, and the dark shadows under his eyes. Jungkook eyed the blood bag with an unwavering gaze.

"It's time, Kook, and if you're going to be going at it in the bathroom like you have been? You're going to need the energy," Jimin said with a not so innocent look, watching the colour creep back up his brothers neck.

"You heard-"

"Who didn't?" Jimin interrupted, gripping his brothers arm and pushed the blood bag into his hand. "Now drink it," he told him with a serious look.

Jungkook deliberated only for a few moments. He knew the episodes were taking more and more out of him as the days passed, and he was feeling unduly tired. Who knows, maybe the blood will fix not only the stress his body was feeling, but also help him get a grip on his sexual cravings.

He ripped the bag open a little and brought it to his mouth, hesitating for a moment, thinking that once he started down this road there would be no going back. Jimin gave him an encouraging smile as he shrugged a little and took a long draw of the cold blood, his mind noting how thick it felt in his mouth as it coated his tongue before it flowed smoothly down his throat. He found that he actually didn't mind the taste, it didn't taste coppery or gross like you would imagine it would. It actually tasted kind of sweet, a little salty, but definitely good. 

The more he drank, the better he felt, his body seemed to fortify and he felt the fire in his muscles, strengthening. Tiredness left his body and his heart began to beat in  a strange, calm, smooth rhythm. Even his colouring looked better and if truth be told, he felt he could take on the world. Why hadn't he done this before now? he wondered as he drained the last of the blood.

Chapter Text

It had been a surprisingly good day Jimin thought. Jungkook had taken a blood bag after breakfast this morning with out an actual fight, it looks like he's definitely coming to terms with the whole vampire thing and that can only be good. Second, he'd aced the impromptu test in Maths this morning. Third, he'd managed to talk Hoseokie into letting him have the last Ramen cup at lunch time, the guy is a King, and fourth, he'd actually gotten along with everyone in their so called group. Yoongi not really being the exception due to the fact that Jimin just pointedly ignored the green haired witch. It was better that way, although he'd need to remember to have the daggers removed from his back when he got home after school. 

Sitting in English class Yoongi looked around the room, people were chattering in hushed tones about their last homework assignment. Namjoon was smiling as he talked to Jimin and Hoshi, they were planning on asking Yugyeom, Tae and that other Jeon brat, Jungkook to the arcade. Jimin seemed to be excited, as far as he could tell, his face flushing a delicate pink and his eyes grew almost as wide as his smile, apparently neither he  or his brother thought that such a thing existed in JeonsTown. A town without an arcade? What kind of morons were they, Yoongi smirked to himself. 

All day he had been ignored, not by his own friends of course, but by him, Jimin. Did he think he wouldn't notice? That he'd pointedly, purposefully avoided all things Yoongi related the whole time? Not that it actually bothered him, I mean it's not as if he wanted his attention or anything. He didn't. He'd rather munch on his own toenails. But it rankled him that his own friends hadn't noticed, nor cared what was going on. 

He was being excluded. 

It bothered him.

A huge, cat that got the cream, smile, made its way across his face as an idea had formed in his mind. Looking up at Mr Han, the English teacher who had been engrossed at the white board, writing out the beginning of the Romeo and Juliet play, with an excitement as it was one of his favourite ever plays by Shakespeare, apparently. Yoongi had a tendency to drown out such things. 

He hummed low to himself, his eyes sparked into a soft orange and he kept his eyes hooded as their teacher turned to face the class, all students shifted back in their seats, to pretend they hadn't been chattering the whole time he was writing. 

"Now," he addressed the class, his eyes scanning the room for someone to pick on. Most of the class shuffled uncomfortably, trying to avoid being trapped by his gaze, until at last his eyes alighted on Jimin. 

"Ok, newbie," he smiled and leaned to sit  against his desk, as he read out a couple of lines from the play, then smiled at Jimin before stating his question. "What was he asking? what was Romeo asking for? and remember, answer in English,"  he said with a smile and turned away. Jimin groaned inward, English was one of his worst subjects. As the teacher repeated the question in their native Korean, Jimin searched fruitlessly for an answer. 

Unknowingly to the vampire, the green haired witch was chanting a small spell under his breath, his eyes glowing a deeper orange as he whispered, "Indignus," and watched as Jimin's demeanour changed from unsure into glowing confidence.

"Your dick up his ass?" Jimin answered smoothly. 

The class gasped dramatically, a few giggled lowly as both Jimin's and the teachers eyes widened in shocked surprise.

What the fuck?! Jimin thought. 

Yoongi snickered softly, the sound reaching Namjoon's sensitive ears and he glanced over at him. He didn't miss the tell tale orange flame in his friends eyes, even as he cast them down in an attempt at innocence.

"What did you say?" the teacher asked, his eyes glued to Jimin as he stood, his body erect.

"Your dick up his ass?" he repeated loudly, his voice and tone strange even to his own ears.

The class continued to emit gasps and bouts of giggles at the situation. This new boy had some balls. Mr Han was a notorious hard ass on students he considered lazy, stupid, or time wasters. This new kid had at least ticked two of those boxes.

Jimins heart raced a little at what was coming out of his mouth and he didn't know whether to be more scared of that, or the murderous look on his teachers face as it turned from a shade of annoyed to pick, through the spectrum, to land on a eye popping, blood vessel bursting shade of scarlet.

"Yoongi, stop," Namjoon hissed across to him, his brows furrowed.

Yoongi glanced over and gave him an 'I didn't do shit,' kind of shrug, a small satisfied smile played non the less, on his lips as he watched the teachers angry red face.

"Who do you think you're talking to?!" Mr Han virtually screamed at him, embarrassment etched deep on his face.

"A cock sucker?" Jimin fired back swiftly, compulsed to answer, and he clamped his lips closed tight, but it was too late as the class erupted into full scale laughter. which only served to infuriate the teacher more. He marched to Jimin's desk and slammed his hands down hard, his dark eyes glittered.

"I am you're teacher, you're elder! You should have respect. You think its funny? Smart, talking to me this way?!" he  yelled, his face perilously close to the young vampire's, who stared boldly back at him. "You know what I do with spoiled brats like you?"

"Get on your knees and beg to suck their dicks?" Jimin answered seemingly unfazed and the teachers face blanched as he stood up, his body vibrated in anger.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CLASS!" he roared at Jimin as he pointed to the door.

Jimin jumped up swiftly, grabbed his things as the class settled down to a hush of strained giggles and low mumbles. Mr Han never lost his cool and he never, ever threw a student out of his class. 

Namjoon bit his lip as he watched Jimin exit the class hurriedly amidst the hushed whispers of his class mates. Turning his eyes quickly to Yoongi who was smiling widely at the turn of events. He was hoping to embarrass Jimin, but seeing him ejected from the room was a bonus. He was no doubt destined for a summoning from Principle Lee.

"I think that will be all for today class," Mr Han announced, his face still wildly flushed. "You may leave." He turned his back to them and savagely wiped the writing off the white board.

The students all chattered and giggled fervently as they hastily grabbed their belongings and shuffled from the room before he changed his mind and gave them all detention.

Yoongi, Hoshi and Namjoon were the last to leave. Namjoon and Hoshi a little concerned, Yoongi delighted. What was waiting wasn't delightful though as Yoongi felt himself rammed against, and bashed into a hard wall. His eyes widened perceptibly as he heard a harsh groan at his ear, causing the hair on his neck to stand up.

"You think that was funny do you!?" Jimin growled angrily as he pressed the side of Yoongi's face to the wall, the witch struggling to move.

"I thought it was hilarious," Yoongi huffed out, smiling as he side glanced to see Jimin's beautiful face flushed an angry crimson.

"You asshole! What did I ever do to you? Huh?" the vampire angrily asked, his  hand squeezing Yoongi's skull, eliciting a strangled moan from the mint haired witch.

"You're breathing!" Yoongi growled trying to push Jimin away from him but the vampire didn't give an inch, he just growled deeper, his grip on the witch tightening. 

"Jimin, let him go, you're really gonna hurt him." Namjoon stepped over and placed his hand on the vampire's shoulder, he swiftly turned and snapped his teeth at Namjoon, his eyes a deep blood red. He was struggling to control himself. Something about the little witch undoubtedly gets under his skin.

"I should rip his fucking throat out!" He snapped, his teeth inches from Yoongi's face. He pushed his tiny nose up against the witches neck, the scent of his blood rich and oaky, along with the heady scent was the unmistakable smell of fear.

"Smells like he's pissed himself," Jimin commented and thrust Yoongi away from him, his small body spinning a little as his back slammed into the door of an empty class room.

Yoongi's back and jaw was aching, not that he would ever admit to it, as he smirked at the agitated vampire and his eyes fired once again to an orange fire. Namjoon once again stepped in just as Yugyeom and Jungkook appeared to see what was going on.

"Don't be a fucking idiot Yoongi," Namjoon snapped irritably at his friend, he knew if came to one on one, then Jimin was more than capable of ending him.

"Hyung?" Jungkook looked at his brother, who was angrier looking than he'd ever seen him.

Yoongi clicked his tongue, baiting the angry vampire, who was more than ready to go ahead and take him on. Jimin went to lunge again and Jungkook stepped in front of him.

"Don't," he said softly, placing his hand on his brothers chest. Jimin looked into his baby brothers dark eyes, seeing a million different emotions there and his heart slowed, and his breathing evened out as he looked into those ebony orbs. His brothers eyes spoke volumes, they always had. Jimin took a shaky breath and stepped back, the situation defused, and the orange glow disappeared from Yoongi's eyes. 

The witch was calm.

"Besides," Jungkook chirped with a sweet smile. "He's only a human," and Jimin's eyes twitched at the little jibe.

They were just about to disperse and go their separate ways when Mr Han appeared in the hallway with Principle Lee at his side. The tall slender man wore little horn rimmed glasses, sported a pencil moustache, an had an aura as dark as the expensive suit he wore. The suit that didn't quite sit properly, not that it didn't fit, it just looked like it didn't belong.

He was an unpleasant man and there wasn't a single student, vampire, witch or human, that could possibly say that they liked him. Most people avoided him like the plague, there was just something, something unclean about him that made peoples skin tighten and want to rip itself from the body.

"You two!" his reedy voice cried out as he pointed to Yoongi and Jimin and gestured them forward. Yoongi pointed to himself in ignorance and Jimin rolled his eyes.

"Yes, you!" his voice almost cracked making Jungkook stifle a giggle, an action the Principle caught. "Seeing you think its funny, you can just come along as well!"

"Wha-" Jungkook's eyes widened and Yugyeom giggled.

"And you!" Mr Lee pointed at Yugyeom, his small eyes widening in annoyance.

"Wait a minute! what have they done?" Namjoon spoke out, taking steps towards them, in effect shielding the others and stopping them from stepping forward.  

"I don't need to explain myself to you," the principle told him, heat running high on his cheeks as he tweaked his stiff collar, pulling the expensive material away from his sweaty neck.

"In fact, you will all report to room 15 in the Arts building today after classes for detention," he informed them and they all gaped at him.

"For what?!" Hoshi screeched loudly, his voice carrying down the entire length of the hall way.

"Insubordination for one!" he yelled in frustration. "Just be there, or there will be consequences." 

He glared at each of them before turning on his heel with a smirking Mr Han marching quickly behind him. If he'd had his way he'd have expelled them all. Privileged stuck up little shits.

"Nicely done Yoongi," Namjoon muttered at his witch friend before turning to stalk away to his next and final class. Yoongi and Jimin eyed each other for a few minutes, before Jungkook dragged his brother away.

"Sometimes bro, you can be a real bitch!" Hoshi smiled and slung his arm across Yoongi's shoulder making the witch laugh as he let himself be lead down the corridor and out side, Yugyeom following on behind them.


Two hours later they were in detention finishing up on a short essay on the history of their school and its founder, the topic making everyone in the room gag a little. Hoshi yawned, stretched and put his pencil down and gazed around the room at the others feeling bored. He scraped his chair back and left the classroom, leaving the others puzzled by his departure. They didn't wait long until he came back laden with cans of soda in his arms.

After distributing them around, he popped the top of his grape soda, took a long draw and levelled his eyes on the Jeon brothers. He couldn't help himself and he just had to ask them about themselves. Couldn't hurt right? And weren't they supposed to be making in roads in creating a connection with them?

"What do you want to know?" Jimin asked, popping the top of his soda can. The others turned their attention to the conversation, with the exception of Yoongi, who by appearances looked as though he was asleep, but no one was buying it.

"Tell us about where you guys grew up, school..anything really."

Jimin looked at his brother who nodded in encouragement, and a movement caught his eye. Taehyung had walked into the room and slung his back pack onto an empty chair and perched himself on the table, the material of his school pants stretching over his thighs and Jungkook couldn't stop his eyes dropping to devour the sight.

"Hey Tae, where'd you disappear to earlier?" Yugyeom asked, leaning on his hands, elbows on the table.

"I had an appointment with Lisa," he smirked at his friend and Jungkook pushed the inside of his cheek with his tongue, the action not unnoticed by his brother. 

"Well whatever you got up to I don't want to hear it," Hoshi, said and held up his hand, this was something they all had a tendency to do, but today he wasn't interested in how loudly a girl could moan, he was more interested in getting to know more about Jimin and Jungkook.

"Well," Jimin took a breath and launched into the early days of their lives, the part were they had lived in JeonsTown was covered quickly for neither boy really remember much of those days.

"We lived in a pretty big district called Seocho, mom thought the bigger the better, it would be easier to hide, although we didn't know we were hiding at that time. We had a lot of friends and went to a regular elementary school, pretty standard you know? before moving up..." 

"It was a great place to grow up," Jungkook inserted with a bunny smile. "We had a ton of nice neighbours and some pretty cool friends. Every weekend we'd all fire down to the city centre and invade the arcades there and mess around." He sighed at the memory.

"Yeah, mom worked as a nurse there and she was happy, although every now and then she'd get this look on her face you know?" Jimin asked looking at Hoshi. "Like she was worried someone was watching her, and on those occasions she'd insist we'd stay closer to home which lead to a lot of pizza nights with friends and new games for Xbox," he smiled, missing those days. He looked up and saw the feeling reflected on his brothers face.

"Yeah, then we took auto shop so we could fix up Cherry-"

"Cherry?" Taehyung's deep voice reverberated through Jungkook's back, making him shiver.

"Cherry Bomb, our truck?" Jimin smiled, looking at them in turn.

"You actually named that heap of shit?" Namjoon exclaimed, as Jimin glared a little.

"Hey that truck is a classic!" Jungkook whined, making them laugh.

"It's over 20 years old," Jimin informed them. "And there's a very high probability that myself and Kookie were conceived in that heap," he chuckled at their shocked faces, not sure if the shock was due to the trucks age or the fact their parents had sex in it.

"Great suspension," Jungkook winked at Yugyeom who guffawed loudly and slapped his thigh, in turn Jungkook laughed heartily as he playfully punched Yugyeoms shoulder. Taehyung watched the pair with an intensity that would have scared both boys had they seen it. There was definitely a connection being made here, and he didn't like it.

"Yeah, that was our dad's truck, and there was no way in hell my mom was going to part with it, and as we grew older we didn't want to either. Besides, she runs beautifully now," Jimin smiled as Namjoon and Hoshi switched to their table, leaving Yoongi alone at his with Taehyung's butt barely perched on it's edge.

"Kinda smells like home, if you know what I mean?" Jungkook blushed a little and Yugyeom pinched his cheek, and he slapped his hand away with a chuckle.

"You have to take me for a drive sometime, see if this Cherry Bomb is all she's cracked up to be," Yugyeom said with a sweet smile. Jungkook nodded and gave his best bunny smile, the fact that someone else was interested in getting to know Cherry pleased him immensely.

"Deal," he smiled, not understanding the looks everyone seemed to be giving the pair, not getting the fact that Yugyeom might just be interested in the driver more than the truck itself.

"Anyway," Jimin cutting the atmosphere a little for which a certain vampire was grateful. "Things ran as you would expect, just school, vacationing at the water parks a lot which was amazing because a lot of our friends went with their families too. We didn't care about foreign holidays, not that we or anyone we really knew could afford them anyway, so we had fun practically all the time." 

He smiled remembering the time at the huge water slide, when So Jun, their neighbour got the hem of his swim shorts caught on a stray piece of plastic and practically got them torn off, by the time he'd got to the bottom of the slide he had only tattered pieces held at the waist band and he was standing in the water with his junk in his hands flashing his bare ass to a bunch of nervous mothers who started screaming. They found it hilarious, but So Jun, not so much.

"Sounds like you had some fun times," a voice drawled mockingly as its owner lifted his mint green head from its place in his folded arms, and gave Jimin a piercing look. They held each others gazes for a few awkward seconds before someone coughed.

"We did," Jimin answered his eyes never wavering from the mint haired witch.

"Until you started going through the change," Jungkook commented, drawing his brothers attention back to him, and he chuckled a little.

"Yeah, you guy's all must know what that's like, but imagine going through it when you had no clue you were a vampire in training..." he eyes each of them in turn.

"Vampire in training," Namjoon softly chuckled at that, his dimples deep on his cheek giving him a really sweet look.

"All that sickness, the pain, the lust," he whispered at the memory, his dark eyes were expressive.

"Most people enjoy the lust," Taehyung commented, his warm breath caressed the fine hair on Jungkook's jawline as the vampire reached past him to lift a can of soda, his lips whisper close to the boy's ear, making the skin on his neck and cheek, goose bump.

"Oh that I did enjoy," Jimin spoke up, his eyes catching Taehyung's. "It was just the wanting to tear the boy's throat out while fucking him that didn't sit well," he said quite matter of fact.

"Anyway," he continued and took a long sip of his soda. "That was when my mom took me aside and explained who and what I was. It was a bit of an eye opener to say the least," he sighed, taking a few more small sips of the orange drink. "I instantly believed her you know? Here she was telling me this incredulous story about my origins, of my dad being human, a love that wasn't allowed, her running with us shortly after my dads death," he stopped talking to take a breath. "Up until that point we believed our dad was killed in an accident, but to learn your grandfather had him murdered was something else. I wanted to kill that fucker with my own hands then, I was filled with such hatred."  

His eyes glittered as he told the story of his mother begging him to calm down, its too soon for Jungkook to know yet, that they must wait until he, Jimin, had gone through the change.

"Mmm, and you were a complete dick to me then," Jungkook smiled a little at his brother, trying to ignore the knee in his back as Taehyung change his position. "Arguing with mom, slamming doors to keep me out of your room, fucking practically half the seniors in our school night after night." 

"Where you jealous?" Yugyeom asked and Tae rolled his eyes.

"Nah, most of the time it sounded like he was half killing them," he said with a chuckle and his brother gave him a 'so' look and raised a brow. "Besides, how could I be jealous of him fucking all those boys, when I like girls?"

There was more than one frown in the room at that statement, and more than a couple of disbelieving scoffs.

"It must've been so hard coming back here," Hoshi put in, his gaze centred on Jimin who nodded.

"Yeah, why did you come back?" Yugyeom asked,

"We didn't have a choice," Jimin sighed and shifted in his seat. "Once I knew everything, it hadn't been long when my mom told me that Wonwoo had found out where we were and we had to leave." His eyes caught Jungkook's remembering the fight he'd had with his mother, who couldn't explain why they were actually moving,  just that she was fed up and wanted to. He remembered being a complete asshole to her.

"Mom enlisted her friends help, her three besties from JeonsTown and again they helped to hide us, so we disappeared,"  he informed with a twist of his lips. This elicted a growl from Yoongi, his eyes flashed violent orange, and Jimin's brows furrowed for a second before he continued.

"He found us a second time, in a matter of months, only this time something else happened, he'd made sure my mom lost her job and couldn't get another. We had no money, no way of getting credit, all thanks to Wonwoo. So we came here. She knew there was no choice, we are vampires and there's no getting away from it and the rings-"

"Rings?" Namjoon interrupted, his eyes lighted on the gold ring on Jimin's right pinkie as the boy held up his hand.

"Yeah, mom's friends made them," he said and began twisting the band. "They're supposed to hide us from supernaturals, but it wasn't known if they would still hide us once we became full vampires, and mom decided instead of running and only having half a life, we should just come home. And here we are." He  pushed his fingers through the front of his hair.

"Wonwoo is a piece of work," Hoshi put in and Jungkook snickered.

"He's a dick," he stated flatly. "I hated that man on sight, even if mom hadn't clued me in on everything when I started the change, I'd have still hated his arrogant, smug face." His normally sweet features contorted into disgust. 

"He killed our father, killed him, and here he was smiling, and waxing lyrical about our great family, how happy he is to have us home," his voice rose and Jimin placed a calming hand on his arm. "All his plans to have us in, and one day take over his businesses. He makes me sick!" he growled lowly, his eyes dark. "I wanted to tell him to shove his plans up his ass, I want nothing to do with the man," he seethed, his heart going a mile a minute as it always does when he thinks of Wonwoo. 

The boys all sat and just looked at the brothers, not really knowing what to say to them. Maybe they had been misjudged? There was always more than one side to every story, and it seemed that Jimin and Jungkook had as much reason to hate Wonwoo as anyone else did.

Yoongi scraped his chair back loudly and picked up his things without a word and left the room, without so much as a backward glance at the others, he had his own thoughts and misconceptions to deal with. Jungkook watched his retreating back, puzzled.

"Why does Yoongi seem to hate us so much?" He asked no one in particular, the boys all share a look before Namjoon speaks up.

"Your grand father had Rose killed, she was one of your mom's closest friends, but she was also Yoongi's grand mother," he sighed and bit his lip as he watched Jin's face.

"How?" Jimin asked, why didn't his mother say anything? No wonder the witch is so hostile.

"It was a supposed car accident," Taehyung told them. "But it's pretty clear it was Wonwoo's doing,"

"It's why he hates all things Jeon," Namjoon finished with a sad look. After all it wasn't Jimin's or Jungkooks fault that Wonwoo did the things he did.

"Fuck," Jimin whispered and stood up abruptly, his eyes fixed on the doorway Yoongi had went through.

"Jimin, don't do what I think you're going to do," Namjoon told him, Yoongi would not be receptive to him.

"I need to talk to him," Jimin said, making his way to the door and Namjoon sighed.

"He'll be in the music room, class 117," Taehyung's deep voice rang out loudly. "He always goes there when he's upset." He looked around to see Yugyeom and Namjoon stare at him, both wondering if he was trying to help or if he's trying to cause a fight, and prolong the animosity between them.

"What?" he asked, large chocolate eyes flitting from one to the other...

Chapter Text

Jimin found the music room easily, he had followed the beautiful, soulful sound of a piano, and stepped cautiously into it to find Yoongi seated at what looked like a grand piano in a beautiful cherry walnut wood. The witch was an exceptional pianist, and he looked so at peace as he played out the melody. Jimin stood transfixed as he watched a myriad of emotions dance and play across Yoongi's face, the witch was lost in the clear, doleful notes of the melody he was playing now, and the sight had Jimin's heart racing  and he wasn't exactly sure why. 

"What do you want Jeon?" Yoongi's voice broke through Jimin's reverie and startled him a little.

"I want to talk to you," Jimin said, his dark eyes held Yoongi's as he advanced further into the room.

"We have nothing to talk about. I hate you, I hate your brother," he said flatly, his hands working up a strong, quick series of heavy notes. "I hate your whole fucking family," he ground out, dragging his eyes from the vampires, "so you can just go fuck yourself."

"Yeah, not gonna happen," Jimin raised his voice over the loud notes as he stood at the side of the piano.

"What do you want from me Jeon?" Yoongi angrily asked, he stopped playing abruptly.

"I want for you to stop calling me Jeon for starters," Jimin said, his elongated eyes widening a little as he smiled. "I have a name."

"I couldn't give two fucks what your name is," he told him with a poker face. "What I do give a fuck about is the fact you're messing with my concentration," his eyes flickered up to stare at the vampire.

"This is so not going how I want this to go," Jimin sighed and Yoongi snorted in response before he resumed playing, his eyes closed in an attempt to block out the vampire in front of him. The melody was soft and sweet and slow, and the music just flowed soft and easily from his finger tips to the gleaming black and ivory keys.

"I'm sorry," Jimin whispered softly, but the music kept playing, the melody changing from sweet to bitter sweet as the witch ignored him. "I'm sorry for what my family did to yours," he went on softly, looking at Yoongi's fingers as they drifted naturally over the keys. "We," he whispered and bit his lip a little. "My brother and myself. We..." he tried again, drawing a breath, his heart racing a little. "We're ashamed to," his voice rose a little above the music. He had to make Yoongi hear him. 

"Ashamed to be associated with that monster!" His voice echoed around the room as Yoongi had suddenly stopped playing and looked at him. 

Neither boy said anything for a couple of heart beats. Yoongi was shocked to say the least. Shocked that Jimin would admit to something like that, Wonwoo is a monster, but Jeons tend to be Jeons, so...

As for Jimin, he didn't know what he was intending to say, but when he said was ashamed, it wasn't entirely a shock, because he and Jungkook had both discussed it, but it was a little surprising that he'd said it to Yoongi, knowing how much the witch hates him, knowing he could just as easily throw it back at him, saying his apology  was little more than an attempt to salve his own conscience, saying he didn't mean a word of it.

"Wow," Yoongi muttered as he slowly closed over the piano lid, his eyes skimming the vampires pink dusted cheeks.

"Yeah," the vampire chuckled low, his face flushing a deeper pink. "Sucks being a Jeon. I know," he muttered and felt his heart lift  at the sight of Yoongi's lips twitch as he fought a smile.

"I am sorry," Jimin repeated his eyes conveying what his heart felt. "Not that I'm blaming my mom or anything, but she never told us anything about our life, our condition?" he scratched his neck. "Our gra- Wonwoo," he muttered, correcting himself. "Asshole will never be family,"  he hissed under his breath. "We never knew the half of it, even when we got here," he said his eyes catching the mild interest in the witches. 

"Even when I went through the transitioning I never got the full story," he sighed and pushed a nervous hand through his dark bangs. "Fuck, Yoongi, I'm still learning shit about him," he rushed on and Yoongi sat back on his stool unsure whether to stop him or not, he didn't want some pathetic excuse he was going to make to explain his side. 

He didn't want to feel the vampire wasn't responsible in any way, he didn't want to let go of the fire in his belly and he sure as shit didn't want to start seeing the Jeon brothers in a better light. He didn't want to start liking them.

"He killed my father Yoongi, my father," he said, biting his lower lip and his eyes skewered Yoongi's. It looks like Jimin wasn't going to be stopped, so the mint haired boy  just let him get it out of his system.

"My father and your grand mother." He eyed the witch with a pain filled expression. "And there's no way he can ever be excused, and nothing he can say as a defence could ever make that right. He's a stone cold, hate filled sadistic ass hole, and you can't possibly hate him any more than my brother and I do," he informed in a rush of words, his breathing a little harsh. 

"We have his name, Yoongi," he whispered, his voice a little constricted, his dark eyes were pleading as he looked at the green haired witch. "But that's as far as the similarities go." 

Yoongi nodded and folded his arms. "So you're not like him, and I'm sure you think you mean that," he pouted as he spoke, his cat like eyes watchful, "but Jeons have a reputation for liking money, notoriety. Power, " he emphasised the last word as he leaned forward. "What makes you think you'd be able to stand up to his will? He always seems to get what he wants."

"That's the beauty of not actually being brought up around him. My mom ensured that would never happen," he said, leaning his body against the piano as he spoke. "We didn't have a whole lot of money, or things, but we never went without anything important, and we both learned that material things are worthless if you don't have what actually counts. That we had in abundance with my mom." He took a breath and looked at Yoongi and smiled a little.

"You seriously think that if money was any kind of issue I'd still be driving around in our old truck? Before we started school my mom took us to buy any car we wanted, but we both turned her down, and before you ask? Not just because of it's sentimental attachment, but it's because it's who we are." His voice rose a little and his cheeks flushed in anger. "He can throw as much money at us as he wants, and we'd still tell him to cram it up his ass."

"Alright, alright, " Yoongi said raising his hands. "I get it. You wont be bought," he went, carding through his minty locks. "So that means you wont be taking over his evil empire when he abdicates his throne?" he raised a dark brow teasingly, making Jimins flush a little deeper red.

"We both know Jeon Wonwoo is not the type of man to give up anything, and he certainly wont be giving up control to what he considers half breeds. That fucker will literally live forever, and what's his, stays his," Jimin said with absolute certainty.

"Including his grandsons," Yoongi pointed out.

"He never had us to begin with." 

Again things went quiet between them as they studied each other a little.

"You really didn't know anything? Not even your nature?" Yoongi asked and Jimin shook his head.

"Fuck," he breathed out and rubbed his face with his hands.

"You know, Ha Ri came to sit with me a few times when I was losing it during the change," Jimin told him next out of the blue.

"My mom? When? Where?" he asked a bit surprised, not to mention a little weirded out.

"Yeah, when I first started to transition and I was mad with the blood lust and well, y'know, the lust."

"You didn't ?!" Yoongi growled a little his face flushing.

"No, no! " Jimin blurted and held his hands up. "She came to help when my mom couldn't, if she couldn't stay off work. Your mom came to bind me magically so I couldn't escape or hurt Jungkook. She was bad ass by the way," he smiled a little. "She didn't take any shit from me."

"Yeah, it kind of runs in the family,." His lips twitched a little when he thought of how sweet but scary as hell his grandmother could be when she was pissed.

"One day when she came to bind me again I actually tried to bite her, but-" he held up his hand at Yoongi's angry expression. "She was more than ready, believe me. She zapped me in the neck and down I went like a limp dick," he snorted with a laugh. "When I woke up I was trussed up like a Christmas turkey!"

"Yoongi, your mom and Rose? They did so much to help my mom, and me and my brother," he said with so much emotion in his voice that Yoongi looked at him. "And we can't ever thank them enough, and I, " he stammered searching for the right words to follow. "I'm so sorry-"

"I know you are," Yoongi said heart felt. "And I know  my grammy didn't do anything she didn't want to, and she'd always do what was right," he said looking at the vampire, opening up a little, "And some day Jeon fucking Wonwoo should pay for what he did to her," he breathed slowly. "And your father," he finished quietly and Jimin nodded.

"One day he will," Jimin agreed softly and a small, silent communication flowed between them. They both nodded and both gave a little smile of understanding.

"So," Jimin said and clapped his hands. "This party, are you up for it?" He asked, and Yoongi looked like he was thinking about it for long minute.

"Yeah~," he dragged out. "I suppose I could make an appearance."

"Yes!" Jimin chuckled, his eyes bright.

"Chill," Yoongi said. "It's not like we're engaged or anything."

Jimin threw his head back and gave a hearty laugh to which Yoongi responded with a genuine gummy smile of his own.


Namjoon had just come off the phone with Hoseok and apparently they were all going to the take Jimin and Jungkook to the fabled arcade. Fabled because it didn't actually exist in the town itself, it was more of a hidden, forbidden pleasure for them. Being vampires they were supposed to behave a certain way, be a certain way. The elders, especially the Jeons and the Kims wanted their kids to grow up and be just like them, most of the time they never actually took time to understand their own offspring. And for as technologically savvy they were? they didn't understand a thing about their kids' fascination with technology at all. They decided they should be above the need for games and arcades, and of course Insta-what was it again? 

He yawned and rolled his shoulders just as Soekjin walked into the sitting room. He looked and smelled so sweet and deliciously human and Namjoon couldn't help the smile that spread on his face as his eyes lit on his perfect features.

"Hey, Soekjin," he smiled, showing his deep dimples,

"Jin," the human boy corrected. "Only my grandmother calls me Soekjin, and usually only when I'm in trouble," he chuckled as he brushed passed the vampire to replace crystal drinking glasses on the expensive black ornate cabinet.

"My mistake," Namjoons smile widened. "Jin,"

"Hello, Namjoon," he smiled, his onyx eyes bright in his happy face.

"I, uh, I was thinking," he said watching as Jin went about his business in the room. "We're all going to the arcade in about an hour if you're interested?" He asked, scuffing his shoe on the carpet.

"The super duper secret arcade I had to wear a hood to last time?" he asked with an innocent look and the vampire had the grace to look embarrassed.

"Ah that was Yoongi's stipulation," he scoffed, his face reddening. "You know how he is."

"Relax, I'm yanking your chain," Jin told him with a chuckle. "I'll have to finish a couple things before we go, but uh, yeah, I'm in." 

"Well, great!" he enthused, his smile widening in his still flushed face.

"But no hood this time!" Jin wagged his finger at the vampire before sweeping from the room to finish up. 

Jin didn't know how he managed to do it, keep his heart from banging out of his chest. Usually when he caught sight of those dimples, he was lost. Maybe it was the fact for the last year or so he'd been practising keeping himself in check. As everyone knows, human/vampire relationships were not permitted. Jeon Wonwoo's decree. He who must be obeyed, never liked the idea of vampires and humans being together, unless it was, as said, for procreation purposes. Yep, good for brood mares and little else.

He stood in front of Namjoon 35 minutes later dressed in his pale blue ripped jeans, white shirt and a pastel pink sweater, his eyes sparkled warmly in his flushed face. Namjoon seemed to take an age running his eyes over every inch of the humans face.

"You look good, Jin," he smiled appraising the beauty before his eyes.

Jin scoffed, embarrassed and swiped the air in front of his face before nervously pushing his hand through his glossy dark bangs.

"Shall we?" Namjoon smiled as he twirled his car key on his finger and motioned with his hand for Jin to preceed him toward the front door. Jin smiled and nodded as he looked down, his legs carrying him forward. 

Why am I acting like this is a date? Jin asked himself.

Maybe if you stopped thirsting for every crumb of attention he gave you, you wouldn't, he scolded himself. 

It didn't help matters that he felt Namjoon's warm hand on the small of his back as he helped him into the passenger seat of his cobalt blue Ferrari, ensuring he was seated before he got himself ensconced into the drivers seat.


"So you guys do this a lot?" Jimin asked, his elongated eyes wide in his face as he watched Yoongi work his magic.

The mint haired witch smiled his gummy smile as he rose his arms, and delicately manoeuvered his fingers creating what looked like writing, and as he muttered incoherent words under his breath, the make shift pieces of old dried wood that they were all currently staring at, began to take shape into a door. Jungkook and Jimin looked at each other bewildered and Kook ignored the snort from Taehyung, who was standing behind him. Within a few seconds Yoongi had instructed them to hold hands as they went through the wide, white framed oak door.

The boys all felt it, that tingle that passed through their bodies as they paraded through, behind one another, hands all linked, from their own vampire world and into the open human one. Fortunately Yoongi knew the exact coordinates to get them from his spelled drift wood, to the back door of 'Parks Arcade'.

Jimin and Jungkook stared google eyed at their surroundings, the dim lighting enhanced by the flickering of pin ball machines, one armed bandits, basket ball, air hockey, fruit machines, to Arcade pro saturn, boxing games, football games, and racing games. You name it, they had it.

"This is what I'm talking about!" Jungkook chuckled and grabbed his brother by the arm, dragged him to two available racing games and shoved him unceremoniously into the seat, and got ready to kick his ass as usual. 

The other boys dispersed to other games and machines. Yoongi took on Namjoon at the basket ball, Jin took on Hoshi at air hockey, Hoshi winning easily, vampire reflexes don't you know! Yugyeom took on Hoseok at a table tennis game and Taehyung decided to hit a retro Pac Man game. 

They seemingly had a lot of fun and the boys all got to know each other a little better, even though there was proclamations of 'cheater,' and 'no fair's' bandied about the place, it was a fun filled evening. There was quite a bit of competition going on between Yugyeom, Taehyung and Jungkook though, the three constantly playing against the other, all were excellent at the games and it seemed neither wanted to be the loser in anything.

The racing game was down to Yuggy, Kookie, Hoshi and Tae, a champion was still to be determined as was the price. Price not prize, for ultimately it was the last to lose that usually paid the forfeit. The winner just basked in his own glory. So...

Jimin stood next to Yoongi and Jin as they sipped on their smoothies and shakes, watching a flustered Yugyeom fall victim to Jungkook's mad skills at racing, he left him in the dust for the third time running. Jungkook smiled in victory, his big doe eyes shining in his pink, happy face.

"Aw, I can't stay mad at you, cutie!" Yugyeom chuckled and pinched the boys flushed cheeks, a huge smile on his own face as he stared at him.

"Yeah, yeah, quit flirting and move" Hoshi muttered and shoved his brother out of the seat, "let's see how you do against the master!" he smiled evilly at Jungkook who chuckled loudly and prepared himself for the next game. 

Taehyung on the other hand felt himself flush at Hoshi's words, not that he cared really, Yugyeom could crush on who he wanted, that's not what bothered him. No, the fact that Jungkook didn't refute the 'flirting' is what bothered him. 

Was he interested in Yugyeom? Not that he cared.

Jungkook had just beaten Hoshi two games to one, making him the ultimate winner in that round, when they heard Yugyeom squeal with delight as his human friend, and one time crush came into the arcade.

"Vernon!" Yugyeom yelled brightly, his defeat at racing forgotten as he engulfed the human in a hug, the boy flushing in his arms. The two giggled like little kids as they babbled to each other, excitement to see each other evident on their faces.

"Shit!" Hoshi grumbled with a pout and morosely slid himself from the chair as Taehyung leaned over to where Jungkook was seated.

"Hmm, looks like you've lost your little boyfriend," a soft voice chuckled close to Jungkooks ear, the delicate touch of warm breath on his erogenous zone made him shiver.

"I can hold my own," he commented as he turned to face him, a small bunny smile on his lips.

"Looks like you might have to," Tae laughed softly, his deep smooth voice grated, his mouth only a breath away from the other's as they stared into each others dark eyes. Jungkook  groaning inward at the thought of 'accidentally', sweeping his tongue across the vampires pink, plump bottom lip as he licked and wet his own.

"Don't concern yourself with me" Jungkook sucked in a slow breath, their faces still agonisingly close, "I've had plenty of offers," giving his best bunny toothed smile.

"Who's concerned?" The vampire scoffed and slid his tongue across his bottom lip as he stood up. "We racing or not?" he then asked.

Jungkook flicked his head and poked the inside of his cheek with his tongue, his heart beating erratically in his chest, his anger on the rise. Why does he let this ass hole affect him so much??

After a tense two rounds, Jungkook winning the first, and Taehyung the second, the other boys each rooting for their own particular favourite as the excitement mounted. Jungkook felt the sweat trickle down his back as he concentrated hard on what he was doing, making small sounds as he twisted an turned the wheel to avoid crashing into the barriers. 

He growled low and clenched his bottom lip between his teeth and accelerated, unaware of the effect his actions were having on the blonde vampire next to him. The second Jungkook had started to sweat and released his own undeniably sexual scent, had Taehyung on high alert, the sweet, powerful smell enticed his senses, and he had to concentrate harder on what he was doing, but the second he heard the erotic sounds falling from the still human boy's mouth, his concentration was shot. 

Fuck! he thought as he felt a stirring heat pooling in his loins, he shifted uncomfortably in his seat and gritted his teeth as he hit the barrier and went into a tail spin across the race track.

"Yay!" Yugyeom, Vernon, Jimin and Jin yelled happily as Jungkook crossed the finish line with the biggest smile on his face ever, his laughter ringing out around the arcade. The boys gathered around to clap his back as they congratulated him.

"Shit Tae, what the hell happened?" Hoshi asked with a grumble.

"Yeah, no one beats you!" Yoongi whined softly and handed a fifty dollar bill to Namjoon who gleefully secreted it into his pocket.

"Looks like he's met his match," Jimin chuckled, his cheeks puffed out.

"Looks like," Taehyung muttered and looked at Jungkook who simply cocked an eyebrow at him as he was engulfed in a full on bear hug with Yugyeom.

It was settled that Taehyung, being the ultimate loser, had to take everyone in their party to a restaurant and pay for any and everything they wanted to eat, and No, wait staff were not part of the menu. 

They did have a great time together, they went to a high end hotel to eat at the restaurant there and ordered enough food to feed an army. There was practically every conceivable item on the menu brought to their large table, not to mention beer, Soju, water and juice. There was no limit as Taehyung was paying, so Jungkook made sure to order a helping of every single dessert he could see whether he ate it or not. Just the satisfaction of watching the vampire roll his eyes at every new concoction of food was enough for him. 

Taehyung was glad he was separated from Jungkook by Yugyeom and Hoshi as it allowed him to be able to look at him easily and be able to admire his beautiful features. He was beautiful, and it was hard to keep his eyes off him, he didn't have any compunction about arguing with him though, a task made a whole lot easier every time Yugyeom touched him, he fawned over him a lot, but Jungkook didn't seem to mind it and that kind of pissed him off, so he'd find himself taking digs at him for no real reason. He was being spiteful even if his eyes ate the boy up and he hated himself for it. 

He was Kim Taehyung! No one made him feel this inadequate.

Yoongi and Jimin sat together, a little reluctantly at first but after a glass or two of Soju they started to open up a little and found they liked each other a lot and it would be easy to become friends over their love of music and singing. As for Jin and Namjoon, not much changed there, they both really liked each other and had feelings for each other but they both knew deep down to take it further would get them no where, it wasn't allowed and Namjoon liked Jin far too much to casually play with him and then dump him. 

No he couldn't do that to him. It's just the more they talked, the easier they were forming into a kind of unit, and certain things were set, like how they spoke to each other, even at home, Jin never really deferred to the other as a better, or indeed, an elder. He spoke to him as an equal, and as time went on it got easier, so easy that Namjoon never thought about it. How other vampires in his household would see this development.

Hoseok sat with a smile on his face at how everyone was interacting so easily with one another, the two new additions to their group would settle in nicely. He knew himself though that once the guys got over the fact that Jimin and Jungkook were Jeons, they would be more receptive to them, and if he's not mistaken, and he rarely is, there looks to be at least one special relationship between one of the Jeon brothers. Yoongi looks a whole lot happier since he had his chat with Jimin about Wonwoo's wrong doings. So there could be something there? Taehyung had a sort of hate-hate thing going with the youngest Jeon, but maybe there could be something with Jungkook and Yugyeom? He sure was awful hands on with the half human. 

He sighed, wishing he could get a start to his own love life.

They would just have to wait and see how things panned out later.



"So Seulgi, I take it you're not looking forward to this party your fathers insisting on?" Jisoo smiled over her wine glass.

"You mean his victory party?" Seulgi asked, quirking a well defined brow, now that she'd gotten Ha Ri to dispense with the age glamour, she was back to her beautiful 20 year old image, though it did take the boys a bit of getting used to. Their mother was beautiful, young and hot, which shocked them both at first, but she could and did, still kick their ass when they pissed her off.

"His victory party," Jisoo confirmed with a smile and another gulp of white wine. "He does like to rub a persons nose in it," she smiled and held out her glass for Ha Ri to fill.

They were relaxing in Ha Ri's lounge, well away from Wonwoo's household spies, who loved to crawl and pander to the ego maniac. It was their first get together since they had come back to town, and although both Ha Ro and Jisoo were glad to see their friend and her sons, they couldn't help but be a little saddened that all their efforts had basically went for nothing, and Rose had paid the price. Seulgi would never divulge Ha Ri's or Jisoo's involvement in her families disappearance, for she knew that her father would maybe bide his time, but he would still make sure they'd have paid for their involvement. She decided she would take her time in getting her friendship with them back on an even keel, it was easier to fool Wonwoo if he thought she had to mend bridges with her friends, that they'd been hurt by her disappearance and that they'd had no hand in helping her leave.

"Of course he does. My father is a performer if nothing else, and he'll make a great show of welcoming us back into the fold," she said and lifted her glass from the elegant mantle and threw the remaining white wine down her parched throat. "At least the boys and I will have you there, you and your boys," she smiled a little and picked up the wine bottle and tipped the last of its contents into her glass.

"Of course you will," Ha Ri said and clicked her fingers and a fresh bottle of wine appeared in her grasp. "We'll stick to you like glue and distract you from his smug face," the witch chuckled and  filled her friends wine glasses to the brim.

"I hope he goes and stays at the mansion again. He promised me that if I brought the boys home, and after he promised not to have us skinned." She threw a look at Jisoo who visibly wilted. "He said he would move up to the estate and leave the boys and myself the mansion. So far he's hasn't so much as packed a handkerchief," she sighed and took a gulp of wine as her friends looked at her sympathetically.

"The boys can't stand to be in the same room with him, they hate him so much," she said and paced back and forth.

"It's only natural, Seul," Ha Ri said waving her hand over the table and a platter of delicately made savoury pastries appeared. "He killed their father and basically ruined their lives," she finished and looked at Jisoo who nodded.

"Jimin can answer and at least catch his eyes now and again, but Jungkook?" she drew a breath. "He can't hide his hatred, he wont even acknowledge his presence if he can help it."

"He's very like Jae Hyun, that boy of yours," Jisoo commented and Seulgi chuckled.

"Yeah, and I'm scared that's what's going to land him trouble with Wonwoo. My father hated Jae Hyun, and I've seen the way he stares at my son. It scares me." She bit her red plump lip, her face reflecting the feeling.

"He won't be so obvious," Jisoo said. "But the quicker Jungkook completes the change the safer he will be," she finished, reaching to squeeze Seulgi's hand in her own.

"I know," she breathed, returning Jisoo's comforting gesture. "I'm not sure Wonwoo isn't contemplating doing something to the boys, but if they're both full vampires then it's going to be harder for him to dispose of them." Her eyebrows furrowed thoughtfully. "And from what I've seen?" her voice held a positive note. "My boy's have been making their own allies," she smiled at both women, who nodded in agreement.

"They have," Ha Ri affirmed, noting a distinct uplift in Yoongi's mood of late. "And Wonwoo being quintessentially hated by all, gives the boy's a certain kind of protection. If your boys and Yoongi become true friends? Yoongi would do everything in his power to help them. You know that."

Seulgi smiled happily, her face pinking as her gaze flitted between her two remaining dearest friends.

"So Ha Ri," Jisoo interrupted with a salacious grin on her pretty face. "About those strippers you promised..."

Ha Ri threw her head back and laughed, her beautiful dark eyes sparkled and bloomed a vibrant orange as she clicked her fingers and 6 gorgeous, well built Tuxedo clad men, appeared in various parts of the room, ready to entertain, entice and heighten the excitement of the three beautiful women awaiting their performance. 

"Wouldn't this be something to blow the top off Wonwoo's strictly appropriate shin dig?" Seulgi chuckled as one of the hunks began gyrating teasingly in front of her.

"Wouldn't it just?" Ha Ri agreed and cranked up the seductive music.


Chapter Text

The party Wonwoo was so hyped about holding had been put off til the following month as something 'important' had come up, something to do with a human in the business world had dared go against his plans for redeveloping an old shopping centre that could potentially create thousands of jobs, and generate dollars in the billions.

Jungkook had been glad of the delay, for the whole week he'd been feeling the effects of the change, the nearer he was getting to his birthday, which would now be two days after the rearranged party, the more he felt he was losing control over his body. He fought hard in school, and he didn't want anyone to see, or be concerned about him. It took everything in him not to bite and snap at people, even Jimin.

It was particularly hard around a certain silver blonde vampire, and Taehyung's vanilla and chamomile scent was making him crazy. He tried to ignore him and pay more attention to Yugyeom, who chattered and giggled incessantly, his perpetual good mood a wonderful distraction to the sweet, heavy pull of Taehyung's scent. It was excruciating! It seemed the more he tried to avoid any confrontation with the gorgeous vampire, the more, said vampire sought him out to do nothing more, it seemed, than to pick endless arguments with him. 

What the fuck?

Why did he hate him so much?

He was tired of the verbal acrobatics he couldn't avoid with the vampire on those days. 

Tired of being filled and fired up, with the sound and smell, but with no way to taste the vampire on those days. 

Tired of the frustration, and the unfulfilled feeling of going home and palming himself over and over again in the shower on those days.

He wanted it to end.

He's going to have to give in to Lisa.

She hounded him relentlessly, his smell as addictive to her apparently, as Taehyung's was to him.



They were all out in the woods, it being Friday after school of course, this time the Jeon brothers were invited and they had the added company of  Seungkwan. Though they had met him before, and they got on very well with him, they didn't know that much about him. Seungkwan was a vampire elder, he was 50 years older than Namjoon, and yet he was not in high school. A fact that greatly intrigued the Jeon brothers.

"Joon?" the youngest Jeon asked his friend, his ebony eyes darkly eerie in the light of the camp fire. "Uh, you're an elder right?" he asked and Namjoon nodded, taking a swig from his beer bottle. "Well, how come you're still in high school and not doing other.. stuff," he trailed off amidst the sounds of sucking air through teeth and chuckles.

 "Joon?"the elder asked, quirking a dark brow.  Jungkook lowered his lashes and beamed an embarrassed smile. Namjoon had become one of his favourite people.

The elder vampire smiled indulgently at him, pleased the younger felt this comfortable with him.

"Okay," he started, stretching out long legs. "It's actually a punishment."

"For what?" the dark haired boy asked, his gaze flickering over all the faces around him.

"For contemplating not fulfilling my destiny as a vampire in one of the strongest, oldest , most powerful-"

"Blah, blah, blahhhhh!" Yugyeom, Hoshi, Hoseok and Yoongi sing-songed, making the others laugh.

"-families in existence," Namjoon finished with a chuckle, his eyes immediately flitted from Jungkook to rest upon Jin who had been sitting quietly this whole time. 

This was Jin's first outing to the woods with his vampire friends. He knew of the Friday night ritual, but usually it was vampire only, well with the exception of Yoongi. So it was a bit of a surprise to say the least that Namjoon had invited him.

Did I say surprise? Shock was a better fitting word. Never had there been an outsider invited here. Jin cast a look over the faces of Jimin and Jungkook and smiled. A lot had changed since the arrival of the brothers. Who could say it was for the better? He could only hope it was.

"You actually thought about that?" Jin asked, his beautiful face half hidden by the fires glow.

"Yeah, I did," Namjoon spoke quietly and gazed into the flames, watching as the orange and yellow hues fought and danced with the gentle breeze that blew around the fire.

"Why?" Jin asked, scooting forward, it was virtually unheard of for a vampire to reject his heritage.

Namjoon shrugged his shoulders. "I was having a hard time with it you know?" he cocked his head. "I always knew of course, what I was." He bit and worried his bottom lip. "It seemed simple, you grow, you get urges, go through the change, feed and hit your birthday. Boom." He looked up at Jin. "You're a vampire?" 

Some of the others sighed a little and looked down, knowing it was a difficult subject for the elder, especially Seungkwan, he'd known Namjoon the longest and many an evening they'd talk and talk about the rights and wrongs of vampirism, although, the older one got, the more removed you got from humanity? It tended to become morally ambiguous.

"Growing up among humans, being told they're inferior, less than us." He looked at Jin again, who was staring hard at him. "But being brought up to respect them, seemed very conflicted to me," he breathed out softly. "I had human friends, a lot of them, growing up and then to suddenly think of them as food? to know I needed them? I just..." he trailed off looking for the right words.

"You empathised a little too much," Taehyung said, his expression mirroring his cousins.

Namjoon nodded, "yeah, and of course certain humans, friends, can mean more than others, and," he sucked in a huge breath. "Its hard not to want to protect them," his eyes bored into Jin, who was looking a little uncomfortable as everyone else turned to look at him.

"So the upshot of it was, that I delayed the turning process for as long as I could, even though I knew that if I delayed beyond my twentieth birthday, then I'd slowly die." He put out in a rush. "In the end, my need for self preservation kicked in and I allowed the turn." He looked at Jin with an apologetic look on his face.

"Don't beat yourself up," Jin said, a small smile on his plump lips. "I mean, there can't have been many other vampires that would even contemplate holding back for humanity."

None of the others commented, for all knew that the human side of it didn't really come into it, You knew, or you were told, in Jimin and Jungkook's case, you were a vampire, a switch flipped and it just was.

"Yeah, Joonie always thought too much about that," a voice came from behind Taehyung.

They turned around to see Sehun had approached them but they were too immersed in what Namjoon was saying they didn't notice him or his companion who was definitely human.

"Sehun!" Hoseok exclaimed happily and bounded to his feet to go and hug him.

"It's been an age bro," Yoongi smiled up at the handsome stranger, allowing Jimin to scroll over his features.

"Scoot," Sehun said and nudged Yugyeoms thigh with his foot, the younger chuckled and made a space for him and the human boy to sit down.

"My man," Seungkwan chuckled and proceeded to give him their traditional welcome hand shake, of sorts.

"Hey, Kai." Namjoon smiled at the human who seemed unfazed by the others, although his eyes didn't quite stretch to where Jimin and Jungkook were sitting. Both had puzzled looks upon their faces.

Jungkook made to move forward, made to get in Kai's face, made to get into the face of his brothers tormentor, but Jimin placed a hand on his arm and gave it a small squeeze, and Jungkook turned to look at his brother who merely shook his head. Now was not the time or place. Yoongi eyed the pair, watching their silent exchange, wondering what the story was there.

They sat around listening to Sehun chat about his ventures into the human world, working and doing favours for the eldest of the elders, not necessarily for Wonwoo only, which made Jimin and Jungkook stiffen a little. Apparently Sehun had no real affiliation with any particular vampire family. He was free agent as it were, some one needed something?  Sehun was the one to go get it for them, mostly it was information he procured for various vampire big wigs. For all his contacts, and his immeasurable talents, he unsettled a lot of elders, Wonwoo in particular, simply because he wouldn't declare himself definitively for any one family. In Wonwoo's eyes, that made him a loose cannon. 


"So," Sehun directs his gaze at Namjoon, "you finally got the balls to ask him out then?" he nodded his head toward a shocked Jin.

"What?" the human asked, eyes wide as saucers.

"It's not like that!" Namjoon practically screamed at Sehun, who merely chuckled.

"My bad." His smile unabashed. "I guess that's why you're not sitting together," he surmised. "Still, there's nothing like it," he sighed and pushed his hand through Kai's blonde locks and massaged his neck. "Human lovers are amazing," he chirped. "Willing to do anything when they're under."

"Under what?" Jungkook asked giving Sehun a steely gaze.

"Vampire allure," Sehun said as though it was a well known fact.

"Vampire allure?" Jungkook enquired looking from Sehun to Kai, who had yet to speak a word.

"He's a rookie vamp," Taehyung spoke up, informing Sehun of Jungkook's status, his voice mocking. "He doesn't know shit."

"Shut the fuck up!" Jungkook yelled, his face flushing a deep red.

Sehun laughed heartily and leaned forward in Jungkooks direction. "The pull they feel once they've been fucked a few times," he crudely informed him. 

Jungkook's eyes widened and Namjoon cast a worried gaze at Jin, who was still looking rather shocked. This was something he wanted to avoid, Sehun was a great friend, but like a lot of vampires, he didn't put too much thought or effort into treating humans like, humans. He tended to think they were a means to an end, like a lot of their kind.

"So you use humans like sex slaves?" Jungkook asked through gritted teeth.

"We don't all-"

"No, not everyone of u-"

Both Yugyeom and Hoseok blurted at the same time. 

Hoshi rolled his eyes, not wanting another human versus vampire lovers argument, again. Sehun took great pleasure debating this issue, it was something he did to rile up the younger vampires, the newer ones like Hoshi himself, Tae, Hoseok, Yuggy and the Jeon brothers, for mostly vampires their age still had a particular connection to human friends they grew up with. That umbilical cord would be a long time in being cut.

"Hmm," Sehun pretended to think. "Sex slave. Sure," he beamed a smile and Taehyung burst out laughing making Jimin and Jungkook glare at him.

"That's disgusting. You're disgusting!" Jungkook ground out, greatly offended for the boy sitting next to the vampire, saying nothing.

"Chill, I'm yanking your chain."

"Told you he was a rookie!" Taehyung laughed his low throaty laugh.

"Tae, I swear to god..." Hoshi muttered, throwing a look at the blonde vampire.

"Kai is more than that, aren't you, sweet?" Sehun cast look at the blonde, silent human at his side. "He's my personal blood bag," he smiled and ruffled the boy's hair.

"Doesn't he get a say in that?" Jimin then asked. Kai might have been a dick to him way back, but he doesn't deserve what Sehun and that brat Taehyung was implying.

"Of course he does!" he exclaimed. He tilted Kai's face up to look at him, "you're happy being with me aren't you, sweet?" he spoke softly to him.

Kai's face lit up and a smile broke out in his pale handsome face. "Yes, of course I am. I could never be with out you," Kai answered eagerly.

"See?" he turned to Jimin with a satisfied smile. "He wants to be here. And confidentially? He's one hell of a lover," he smugly informed the group.

Jimin lowered his head, despite what Kai was saying, it still didn't seem right. If this is what allure did to people, he wanted nothing to do with it. The blonde human looked like he was definitely under some spell.

"I know what you're thinking," Sehun said looking from Jimin to Jungkook, to Jin.

"I doubt it," Jin snorted quietly and Jungkook scrunched his fingers gently in his.

"It's not as horrible as it sounds."

Jungkook scoffs and Taehyung rolls his eyes at him.

"We do have our own blood vampires. A few in fact because, basically they don't last forever-" he holds up his hand as Jimin went to protest at his use of words. "It's just facts. They don't." He eyed Jungkook before speaking again. "Sometimes a blood ba- human," he amended with a quirk of his mouth. "Can become emotionally attached to their vampire, and well, sometimes attraction can spring up, you know?" he looked at the boys in turn.

"You all know blood lust can turn into plain old lust too, and the danger of feeding on someone, a human, you're so close to can turn sexual, so you essentially feed while you fuck."

"Don't knock it until you try it," Sehun told Jungkook, who threw him a disgusted look. 

"Sometimes love can bloom too, but only on their side, you know? I mean, how can any of us love a human?" he scoffs at the latter part of his statement.

"That's not strictly true-" Namjoon was cut off.

"That's an aberration, Joon!" he exclaimed, a little annoyed. "It's a mind set. If you tell yourself it's impossible, then it will be!" he shook his head.

No one said anything for a moment while Sehun drew breath to calm himself down.

"Although, depending on the human? They can get unnaturally attached, obsessed and crazed due to long term usage." He reached for a bottle of beer from the cooler, opened it and took a long swig.

"That's why it takes practice and patience to have human lovers you drink from. You have to learn when enough is enough."

"So you basically just juice them dry and discard them like so much trash?" Jungkook asked, his dark eyes narrowed.

"Not my choice of words, but yes, that's exactly how you learn," he smiled as Jungkook shook his head.

"Suck, fuck and move on," Taehyung chuckled lightly and Yoongi glanced at him, wondering why he was being unnecessarily crude.

"Precisely!" he smiled and clinked his beer bottle with Taehyung's, as the blonde vampires eyes clashed with the youngest Jeon.

"And what happens to the humans that are too far gone?" Jimin asked, drawing Sehun's gaze. "Are there special asylums for these poor unfortunates?"

The others all looked at each other awkwardly, not saying anything, doing their level best to avoid contact with either Jeon boys eyes. Even Yoongi didn't know where to look.

"They're put down. Humanely of course," Sehun said, quietly taking a sip of beer.

"What does that mean exactly?" Jimin then asked, his eyes boring into Sehun. Somehow knowing he wasn't going to like the answer.

"It means they are put to slee-"

"Put down like a fucking dog?!" Jungkook screeched, totally horrified.

"That's your grandfathers decree!" Taehyung shouted back, standing up as Jungkook got to his feet.

"It's the simplest solution, there's no recovering from the condition," Namjoon couldn't fight the shame he felt as Jin's dark, soulful eyes stared at him in disappointment.

"You're sick, using humans like that," Jungkook curled his hands into fists, so wanting to beat the shit out of Sehun and Taehyung both.

"So I take it you won't be taking a human lover?" Taehyung asked him, his eyes glinting in the fire light, "Well good luck with getting a vampire interested then," he advanced a little in Jungkook's direction.



             "I'd be Kook's lover-" Jungkook, Hoseok and Yugyeom spoke at the same time.

Taehyung threw a glance at Yugyeom before turning back to Jungkook, advancing until he stood directly in front of him.

"Hmm," he said scrutinising his face. "Those rabbit teeth, that slightly too big nose," he drew back a little. "And where the fuck is your top lip?" he finished, the others gasping at his rudeness.

Out of nowhere Jungkook drew his fist back and punched Taehyung full force on the mouth, knocking the shocked blonde vampire on his ass into the dirty ash filled ground.

"Pussy," Taehyung smirked up at him, his eyes glittered balefully, challenging.

"Kook, don't!" Jimin and Yugyeom shouted as they all got to their feet. 

Too late, Jungkook threw himself at the vampire on the ground and began to pound punches into his torso and the side of his head.

"Fucking asshole!" Jungkook screeched as he rained more blows to Taehyung's jaw, the blonde grunted and gripped Jungkook's hair, pulling his head back and snapped his teeth a breath from the boy's neck, his own temper rising. Taehyung growled and pushed the boy onto his back with his vampire strength and straddled his hips slamming his own fist into the hard chest making the other wheeze.

"Fuck, no!" Jimin shouted as he and Yoongi moved, and pulled Taehyung off.

"Get the hell off him Tae!" Yoongi yelled, pulling the blonde backwards as Jimin rounded to stand between him and his brother who was clutching his chest painfully.

"You trying to kill him, you fuck-wad!?" Yugyeom shouted, his face red with anger.

Taehyung struggled to his feet with the help of Namjoon and Hoseok, not so much because he was struggling, more to stop him flinging himself bodily at Jungkook.

"You can't use your strength like that Tae, he's not full vampire yet." Namjoon looked at him. "What's wrong with you?" he asked quizzically.

Taehyung said nothing as he pushed the others hands off of him, shoved through the others and stormed away back towards town.

"Shit," Hoshi muttered watching his friends retreating back. "You okay Jungkook?" he turned back to ask the boy who was coughing hard, trying to catch a breath.

"I don't know what's got into him lately," Namjoon said. "He's usually in more control of himself," he said  shaking his head, ruffling his newly dyed smokey hair.

"Well, I think that's enough excitement for one night," Sehun said and pulled Kai to his side, the human boy curving his body against him, as they bid everyone goodnight. After making sure Jungkook was alright after his altercation with Taehyung, they rest of them dispersed into small groups and just headed back home, the evening ending far differently than they'd expected.


Taehyung was livid after what had happened, he was livid at himself, how could he let his temper get the better of him like that? They were right, he could've killed Jungkook easily. He just didn't understand himself right now, but he was no longer under the illusion that he didn't like the rookie, far from it. He knew that this was going to happen, knew it from the first altercation with him in the school hallway, but that didn't mean he had to like it for fuck sake!

He would have to work harder to fight the attraction he had for him, getting involved with a Jeon just wasn't on, and besides, Taehyung was a free spirit. He didn't want to be tied to anyone, and from what he's seen of the rookies attitude so far, he didn't seem the love them and leave them type at all. No he was unsettling to say the least, so the only thing to do was stay away from him. If only he didn't smell so fucking good! That, plus the fact he simply didn't want to.

He had just sat down at the kitchen table, glass of strawberry milk in his hand when his dad walked in. He was still dressed in his suit jacket, so he'd probably just come from work.

"Hey Tae, you're up late," he said with a smile, putting his briefcase down on the kitchen table.

"Yeah, can't sleep," he smiled at his father as the elder ruffled his hair.

"Too much caffeine?" he asked with a smile as he himself reached for the coffee pot.

"I wish," he muttered and took a sip from his glass, not really tasting the sweet milk.

"What's wrong Tae?" He asked as he set the mug of coffee down and pulled out a chair and settled next to his son. "I know something's been bothering you for a while," he spoke softly as he tugged his tie away from his stark white shirt collar.

Taehyung's brows were furrowed slightly as he turned to look at his father, his expression giving nothing away.

"You forget I know you," his father smiled, his expression so much like his son's. "Besides, your mom told me you've been a little out of sorts since Jimin and Jungkook came back home."

Taehyung looked down at the pink liquid in the glass he was holding, contemplating what to say before taking a small breath, his eyes lifting up to meet the chocolate brown of his fathers.

"Tae." He put a hand on his son's arm and gently patted his smooth skin. "You can tell me anything, you know that," he said, smiling warmly at him.

"You'll think it's stupid," Tae sighed, dark eyes flickered past his father's probing gaze, to look at the wall clock.

"Tae," his fathers voice encouraged, and his son's gaze flickered back to him.

"It's Jungkook," he said in a small breathy voice. "I- he..." the young vampire trailed off and bit his lip.

"He what?" his father asked, interested to know what he was going to say.

"He doesn't remember me dad!" His voice boomed around the kitchen and startled the elder.

"Doesn't remember you?" he asked, puzzled. "What are you taking about Tae?"

"It hurt me so much when he left! I missed him every day, and- and he doesn't even know who the fuck I am!" He shouted, his face flushing a dark red as the need to finally tell some one over whelmed him.

"You remember them leaving?" his father asked, his eyes widening. "Tae, you were four years old. How can you remember that?"

Taehyung nodded emphatically. "I remember everything dad," he spoke a little softer, swallowing the lump that was struggling to form in his throat. "We played together all the time in kindergarten, we ate together, sat together, even napped next to each other," he sighed quietly, his eyes burning a little from the unshed tears he so desperately fought to keep at bay.

"We were so close, like conjoined twins sometimes. No matter what, we reached for each other all the time," he looked at his dad, his dark eyes deep pools of sorrow. "I don't know how I remember him but I do, I can't explain it." 

His father was at a loss for words, no one can remember someone so strong at so young an age can they? Yet his son spoke about the boy with such intensity it shook him. Can it be? 

"I know the others forgot about them, but I never did. I couldn't," he smiled a little as he looked back at his father. "I only stopped crying for him when people stopped talking about them. It scared me, the anger I felt around me. So I held it in, but I never forgot," he sniffed, feeling a tingling in his nose, as tears once more, threatened to fall.


"So can you imagine how I felt, seeing him again and he didn't even know who I was?" His eyes glistened, brimming with tears.

"I can imagine," his father smiled crookedly. "You were pissed beyond belief and gave him a hard time. Right?" he asked and Taehyung nodded, tears finally falling from his burning eyes.

"I've been such a dick to him," he half laughed, half cried as he wiped at the tears on his cheeks. "I wanted him to feel the hurt I was feeling. So I really stuck the boot in." 

"Let me guess," his father handed him a napkin for his face. "You were rude, obnoxious and hurtful?" 

Taehyung nodded, his silky soft hair flowing gently with the movement. "I punched him, dad," he sniffled hard. "I really hurt him," he whispered, tears began to flow again and he pushed the napkin hard against his eye lids, trying to stem the flow. "He's still human and I punched him.."

His father let out a low hiss at this piece of information, he knew very well that a vampire could end a human with a single blow, so he could imagine just how guilty his son would be feeling right now.

"Maybe you should wait a day or so and try talking to him? Tell him how you're sorry, make amends?" he asked and placed a comforting hand on his son's shoulder.

"I can't," he shook his head vehemently. "Things are set between us dad, and I can't change it now," he said, his voice a little husky and he blinked his eyes, dropping the sodden napkin onto the table. "Especially since Yugyeom-" he stopped speaking and cleared his throat, his face flushing a little.

"Yugyeom, what?" his dad asked, holding his gaze.

"Nothing," he smiled a little. "It's nothing dad. Forget it. I'll sort it out myself," he shifted uncomfortably under his fathers scrutiny. "I'm going to bed now, I'm kind of tired." He stood up hastily and shoved the still full glass into the kitchen sink.


"Goodnight dad, and thanks," he smiled awkwardly and fled from the kitchen and headed straight for his room.

What the fuck was that? he thought to himself. He never intended on telling anyone how he remembered Jungkook, and the connection they always seemed to have had. It was something he wanted to keep to himself, because he didn't really understand it, didn't understand why he remembered him so vividly when no one else did. Didn't understand why he felt like he owned the rookie. 


But why? It didn't make sense.