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The small dark haired boy didn't like the way the older boy was looking at his brother, he didn't like it one bit. Kai, a tall, muscle mountain, or so it seemed to him, had picked on his brother since they'd started school there a few years before. He'd push and pull at him, grip his hair and take his money, and his brother would only look at him with deep dark eyes. He'd never cry or plead to be left alone, he'd merely stare at the bulking boy who was a good two years older than he was, until he got bored and moved on to someone else who was smaller than himself. It happened a lot. 

This year though, this year was different, this year the bully had gone too far. This was the time, the one and only time Kai had made his brother cry, he and his friends had his brother circled in the play ground calling him names and laughing at him, their jibes getting worse as soon as they tracked the first tear falling down his chubby little cheek.

"Faggot!" Kai had yelled at him, pushing his small body against the school shed, the hard brick knocking the breath from his body.

"Faggot!" The others yelled giggling, as Kai gripped his shirt, pulling him up almost onto his toes.

"Yeah, dirty little gay faggot was trying to see my dick in the boys toilets," he sneered in his face, and shook him hard.


"Gay boy!.."

The others joined in spurring the taller boy on, laughing and cheering, clapping their hands, their mean little faces full of glee as they watched as the smaller boy cried his eyes out, his dark eyes widening in fear as the taller boy drew his pudgy fist back ready to pound his victim.

Kai's dark eyes glittered meanly, in his now red, sweaty face, his heart beating in excitement at the thought of mangling such a sweet and pretty face, that's what angered him the most. Not the fact that this little faggot was always so weirdly quiet, or the fact he knew that he sometimes watched him, no, it was because he was pretty, he was so fucking pretty, so pretty that Kai himself  couldn't help but want to look at him. That's what pissed him off so much, he ain't no fa-

Just then, out of nowhere he felt a massive blow to the side of his body, the momentum of something solid knocked him off balance. He let out a startled cry as he saw a blur of black and white in his peripheral vision before the object pushed him onto the ground, his head slamming off the playground concrete. In a flurry of movement, screams and shouts, he was flung onto his back and his hips were pinned to the ground. He was hardly able to get a sound out, let alone a breath before he felt the blows to his face, his skin stinging and burning with pain.

"You asshole! You leave my brother alone or I'll fucking kill you! I'll kill you!!" A small, high pitched angry voice filled his ears, as its owner continued to reign blows to his face and head.

"Jungkook, no!" Jimin got up from where Kai had dropped him on the ground, and rushed to where his brother had the other pinned down.

"Stop it! Get off-" another punch to Kai's face cut him off. He tried to grip at Jungkook's school shirt but the boy was moving so fast, so furiously, he couldn't keep hold of the material.

"How do you like it? How do you like it huh?!" Jungkook screamed at him, his small hand gripped at the boys hair and pulled with all his might, his other fist squeezing at his jaw, his fingernails embedding in the skin, drawing little crescents of blood.

"...bullied my brother too fucking long!" he screeched breathily, his little body beginning to tire, but his fists kept going, smashing into Kai's face.

"Jungkook!" Jimin reached down to try pulling at his brother, but he was immovable, he tugged at his arm, disrupting his flow just a little, but it was enough for Kai to move and his arm swung up, his fist catching the side of Jungkook's face, his thumb nail tearing his soft skin, but the boy barely acknowledged the sting, he was so enraged. He tugged his arm back hard, out of Jimin's grasp and smashed his fist into Kai's nose hard, the boy screamed in pain as he heard the crunch of bone and his eyes streamed with water, his reflex  to grip Jungkook's hand and twist. Jungkook felt pain shoot up his hand and wrist, white hot and he fell forward, his head colliding hard with Kai's mouth, blood spurted out, over Jungkook's forehead and down Kai's chin and neck. 

The boy was wailing in pain, the crowd around him gasping, some with shock, some with excitement, some glad to see Kai get his ass beat by a kid younger than himself. No one saw the advancing figure of the teacher approaching, only when Jungkook was lifted bodily, kicking and screaming did the crowd acknowledge his presence. Jimin was crying, trying to calm his enraged brother down. He hated to see his baby brother like that, his face was covered in blood and his shirt was torn, his bottom lip was swollen and bleeding, but it was the fact he was crying with rage hurt Jimin more. It was his fault and he hated it.

The school had to notify all parents involved and the three boys had to be taken to the emergency room to see to their injuries. Jungkook was sullen the whole time he was there, even when his mother had scolded him for fighting, he said nothing. He suffered a cut to his cheek, it's scar he will always carry, a cut lip and a broken index finger, he came out of it much better than Kai did, he had various cuts to his face, a broken nose, and he needed stitches to the inside of his mouth where his teeth sliced through when Jungkook head butted his face. He was lucky he didn't lose his front teeth, Jungkook smirked satisfied when he heard this.

Kai's father took him out of school and sent him to  boarding school before he was suspended, as it did at long last, come to light that he'd been bullying quite a lot of other kids, most younger than himself. It seemed to be a happy occasion for most of the other students. Jungkook's part in the fight wasn't exactly over looked, for although he had come to his brothers defence, fighting was fighting, and the school frowned upon physical violence. In the end he was given a two week exclusion, for which his mother had grounded him.

As Jungkook grew he did tend to get into more trouble, his nature was his nature, and no matter the punishment he still wouldn't tolerate bullying of any kind. Jimin admired his brother in many ways, he was determined, sweet, strong, if a little stubborn, but always had the courage of his own convictions. He would always be someone Jimin would want to have his back. Their mother always said he was just like their father, strong willed, independent and never knew when to back down. 

Jimin was more diplomatic, just like their mother, they were both thinkers and conversationalists, they liked to endlessly talk problems through. But despite being so different in nature, the boys were very close, whenever either was in trouble with their mother, with school, or with other kids, they always relied and cried on each other. Nothing changed as they grew older. They were best friends and nothing would change that.




"So that's it? Just pack our stuff, forget our friends, our school, our life? And get dragged to some shit town that no one's ever even heard of?"  The boy's voice was close to breaking as he looked incredulously at his mother. "We don't even get a say?" his ebony eyes glittered with anger.

"I lost my job at the hospital and it appears I've been black balled from every other one, the money from your father is long gone." She rounded on him angrily pulling things from his closet and tossing them on his unmade bed. "I can't pay the mortgage, and the bank is taking the house." Her voice rose as she turned to him, her cheeks flushed. "So, no Jungkook, you do not get a say!" she yelled frustrated, running her hands through her long dark hair with its fine silver strands. 

She stood and looked at her son as he poked the side of his cheek with his tongue, a sure sign that he was angry and trying his hardest to reign it in, a habit he'd picked up after his father. She hated that they had to move, leave everything that they'd known, after all the boys had spent a lot of their young lives in this house, in this town, but she had no choice now. The long arm of her family had reached her and her children, and there would be no escaping this time. She would have to return home, bringing her beautiful boys with her. Jimin understands, but Jungkook, her baby, he thinks she's ruining his life. 

She can only pray that he's wrong.

"Jungkookie.." She put her arms out to him, wanting to embrace him, she wanted to comfort him, but she also needed his comfort, his understanding.

"No." She could hear the tears in his voice as he'd rejected her, brushed past her, and stormed down stairs, slamming the outside door. 

She slumped down onto the bed amongst the array of messy clothes, lowering her head, her small hand gripping the soft, red material of her son's hoodie.

"He'll come around, mom," a soft voice told her.

She looked up and saw the encouraging smile of her oldest son, Jimin. His beautiful, dark elongated eyes, crinkling up as he smiled at her.

"I hope so Chimmy." She called him by the name Jungkook had given him as a toddler because he couldn't say his name properly. Jimin crossed the room and sat gingerly on the bed beside her, taking her small hand in his own,

"He will. He's just upset, but he knows deep down we have no choice." He turned to her with a small smile. "Besides, once he gets behind the wheel tomorrow morning he'll be fine," he said, making his mother laugh out loud.

"So wish you hadn't promised him that." She shakes her head, soft dark hair falling over her slim shoulder, "he drives like a maniac!" she chuckled, tilting her face to allow her son to lightly kiss her cheek.






Namjoon sighed softly as he gazed into the fire Yoongi had lit, the orange flames dancing brightly across his dark orbs, their glow making his gorgeous features paler than they actually were. He was lost in thought, the beer bottle warming rapidly in his hands as he continually rolled it between his warm palms.

"Dude," a voice hazily made its way across the flames, "you're spacing again," a warm smile evident in the tone, and Namjoon looked up and across the orange flamed barrier to smile at his cousin, Taehyung.

"Sorry dude, I was miles away," Namjoon chuckled to himself, shaking his head a little, soft white hair moving easily with the movement.

"Aww, he was day dreaming of his human again," a voice from behind teased and Namjoon turned to smile up at it's owner, as he breezed by and took his seat by the fire. 

Yugyeom grinned at his friend as he lifted a bottle of cold beer to his lips. His eye brows wiggling suggestively.

"Shut up, shit head," Hoshi hissed at his brother. "He can't help how he feels, it's not easy-"

"You're only saying that because you're dying to bang Josh -yew-uhhhh!" Yugyeom's laughter turned to squeaks as Hoshi launched himself at his brother, knocking him into the loose dirt around the camp fire, trying to choke him, only to succeed in making his giggles riotous.

"You know," he chuckled loudly, his sweet face bright red with laughing so hard at Hoshi's murderous glare. "I'm right!" he struggled under his brother's grip

"Shit you know!" Hoshi screeched at him, his face scarlet. Pissed, Yugyeom had outed him like that, the little fucktard.

"If I didn't know you two were brothers, I'd think you were the ones wanting to fuck each other judging the amount of hands on action you have," Taehyung chuckled, watching the as the pair stiffened and instantly separated.


"Fuck no!"

They glared at each other as they dusted their clothes down. They're brothers and they're close, despite their constant skirmishes, but fuck, they weren't that close. 

In the vampire world there were no strict morals, now it's not to say that siblings fuck each other, but it has happened on occasion, and although it's not to every ones taste, its not exactly frowned upon. Some do it to keep their blood lines as pure as they can be, some actually, over the long centuries, did become attracted  to each other, and of course, some were born that way. 

Either way, it didn't matter. Vampires were a law unto themselves. They lived how they wanted to live, and did want they wanted, for the most part, and it wasn't ever up for question. Sibling entanglements weren't questioned, same sex relationships weren't either. The only thing particularly frowned upon, was vampire-human relationships.

Humans were very necessary to the vampires for obvious reasons and they weren't exactly looked down upon. They lived among them, while maybe not equally, for how could they be when they were a vampires main source of sustenance? But they were respected as such, and they were paid well for their services. Some human families for generations were specifically bred for this line of work. Certain human families fed certain vampire families. They were, as said, well paid, well educated and had the freedom of having their own families, own careers and the freedom to more or less do as they pleased. They were well looked after and protected by the vampire clans, but when its bitten down to the bare bones, they were owned. There was no getting away from it, no matter how you dress it up.

Friendship did exist between humans and vampires too, although it wasn't really encouraged, no matter how fond, sweet, nice or fortuitous the symbiotic relationship was, humans were not classed as equals. It's also the reason relationships between them weren't really allowed either, relationships should be equal, but how can they be when one feeds off the others very life force? Sexual relationships were turned a blind eye to, sex was just that, wasn't it? Sex, and most people wanted and needed it, but usually it didn't go any further than that.

On occasion, vampires did breed humans if an heir was wanted or required, although vampires can procreate, it was obviously not the case for same sex vampire couples, and so a human surrogate was often used. Vampires would never surrogate for other vampires, for possessiveness and jealousy was part of their natures and any child made by a vampire is forever theirs. It was simpler to breed with a human for this purpose and avoid vampire blood vendettas.

If it all sounds quite cold and clinical? It is. The 'younger' generation of vampire children didn't always see eye to eye with the elders on this outlook. They shared schools, friendships and interests with human children, being in the modern technological age, their outlook was different, and it often embarrassed the younger ones, so they had to be very careful with the humans they chose as friends. Ultimately though, they did tend to band with their own kind.

Namjoon however had found himself in a dilemma for he was in fact, maybe not in love with a human boy, but he had very definite feelings for him. Kim Seokjin was member of the Kim vampire household, and both Namjoon and Taehyung had befriended him, and Namjoon had always found him alluring. His large dark eyes, perfect smooth, creamy skin and beautifully shaped luscious lips had more than on one occasion, had Namjoon's heart pounding like it wanted to escape its body. He had never made any advances toward him, but he did get the feeling that Seokjin was flirting a little. It was in his wickedly innocent little smiles he gave the other, coupled with soft looks from his lowered eyes, eye lashes fluttering  as the dark eyes pinned him. He could be imagining it, but he didn't think so. He hasn't encouraged him, and there in lay his dilemma. 

Should he?


"I don't get why you're wasting your time on them," Yugyeom huffed, pushing his hand through his unruly curly hair. "They're nothing more than walking blood bags." He took a deep breath, his hand reaching into the cooler for another beer.

"You sound like dad," Hoshi told him with a snort, knowing it would annoy his brother.

"He's an ass hole." Yugyeom flipped the lid off the beer bottle and took a long chug on it, "but he's got a point," he sighed, picked up a charred bit of branch and threw it onto the fire, flames sparked and hissed. "You can't have one. You should let it go." His face was sullen as he looked from Hoshi to Namjoon in turn. "Unless you really want to hurt someone you claim to care for." His voice held a seriousness none of them had ever heard.

"Yuggie-" Hoshi started, a little taken aback at the U-turn in his brothers usually bratty attitude, and Yugyeom pinned him with a look,

"They're the ones that will pay for it," he said softly, seriously. "Don't be so fucking selfish," he finished and stood up from the fire side and threw the bottle far off into the trees, his eyes cast  skyward, taking in the twinkling light of the overhead stars. No one said anything, and just looked at each other in turn.

"Ahh fuck," Yoongi's dulcet tones broke the silence and they all turned their eyes to him. His usual grumpy demeanour grumpier than usual as he shut his phone off and looked at his friends.

"Yoongi?" Taehyung asked, watching as his friend sighed deeply and bit his bottom lip. His pale skin milky white against the deepening darkness.

"What's up? You're more morose sounding than ever," Taehyung chuckled, his deep voice rich and melodic.

"The Jeons are coming back," he stated, annoyance clear in his tone.

"The fucking Jeons!" He groused louder, his dark eyes sparking blue, his index finger and thumb absently circling together to create a soft hum, a crackle of blue and orange arced between the digits as he frowned deeply.

"Dude, chill," Taehyung advised with a smile, a long slim hand resting on Yoongis wrist. "Last time you leaked energy, Yuggie jizzed his pants," he laughed, inciting laughter from the others and Yugyeom just spread his arms with an unabashed smile.

"Hey, free orgasm." His cheeks pinked at the memory. "If you gave that without trying." The curly haired boy returned to his place by the fire. "Imagine how it would feel if you tried." He threw a kiss at Yoongi, who narrowed his dark eyes at him.

"Ever had a case of severe blue balls?" Yoongi enquired, his lips twisting in a fake sweet smile, Yuggie flicked his tongue out suggestively, his eyes challenging.

"Wanna see?" Yoongi asked, turning his hands over, to open them to an electric blue fluid arc, fingers to palms as heat radiated out, its intensity almost dousing the flames of the camp fire, warmth beginning to uncomfortably engulf the others around it. But the warmth evaporated as quick as it started.

Namjoon gazed over, his mouth agape at what he saw, well it was one way to stop an angry male witch, Hoseok was straddling Yoongi and kissing him passionately. Not that vampires are easily shocked, cause, yanno, vampires, but it was never wise to interrupt magic, and yeah, well Yoongi and Hoseok weren't together, and as far as anyone knew, they had never hooked up either.

"What?" Hoseok asked as he pulled away from the kiss and out of Yoongi's lap to look at their collectively shocked faces. "We were getting off topic," he muttered and sat on his ass next to the stupefied witch.

"Yeah, the Jeons," Namjoon coughed awkwardly clearing his throat. He hates when Yoongi does that, its like the underside of an orgasmic high, without the fun of getting there and it leaves an urge to stick your dick in the first available hole. Not fun..

The mention of the Jeon name had Yoongi's attention and the mint headed boys lips mashed together as he gritted his teeth in anger.

"They shouldn't be allowed back anywhere near this town," he scowled hatefully, and the others simply looked at each other. They all knew the Jeon family, and to some extent had dealings with them. The boys at the camp fire for example where childhood friends, they all went to the town pre school run by Yoongi's mother and grandmother. They had been friends and played together. Of course they couldn't really recall such things as actual connection to the two Jeon brothers, but they had seen pictures of themselves sitting with them at the art table, covered in paint and laughing, and sitting at a class party complete with party hats, streamers and cake with candles. 

They knew who they were and that they'd had them in their lives for a brief time, but that's all. Namjoon of course was different, he is a vampire elder, although like all vampires, they stop ageing at 18, or 20 in some cases, but its not advised as if the 'change from human like, grow to complete vampirism' is pushed back for too long, it can result in the vampires inability to do so and will be left to die, somewhere between vampire and not at all human.

Namjoon was already 20. Yes, his change was a little later, and he had been for 230 years by the time all his now friends had been born, so he remembered the Jeon children and their parents vividly. He remembers the uproar it caused in the community, not to mention in the Jeon vampire clan, when the family had upped and disappeared. No one knew where to and no one knew how. Suspicion was rife in the town when it happened and most of the hear say surrounded a certain witch family. The Mins. Yoongi's family. No one dared accuse outright of course, because out of the three witch families, Yoongi's were the most powerful. The most trusted and most respected, until the Jeon debacle that is, and with that came a lot of problems.

You may wonder at Yoongi's apparent hatred for that particular vampire family, but it is understandable to a degree. His family was suspected of helping them to leave without the patriarch's consent or knowledge. Jeon Wonwoo was a formidable and unforgiving father, grand father and leader. He knew his daughter was close friends with Yoongi's mother Ha Ri, and his grandmother Rose, something he never fully approved of. As a vampire, his daughter was far superior to the witch family, they were after all, human, they may be supernatural beings, but they were ultimately still human and therefore inferior.

What an asshole, huh? 

You wonder at the witch community not putting these uppity vampire dick wads in their places right? Mmm, they were rendered incapable centuries ago, a pact made by Wonwoo's grand father and Yoongi's maternal great, great, great, an a few more greats beside, grand mother, that although the witches are powerful, they were still subservient to the vampires, and a spell was cast that no witch, that was, is, and will come to be, can ever fatally harm a vampire, and in return witch kind will forever have a place in their society, no witch finder generals shall ever hunt, torture and kill their kind, and of course, the mark of total subservience would be lifted. It was, but the stigma of being human was still there, and although the majority of vampires didn't make anything of it, The Jeon line did. The Jeon line being Wonwoo himself.

The Mins were irrevocably tied to that vampire clan, and although it didn't bother Yoongi really, when he was a child, because he didn't know the impact of his babyhood friends leaving had on his family, not until he grew up, into teen, and young adulthood, and he'd felt it, heard the whispers about the mysterious disappearance of the Jeons and how it was more likely their doing.

While Yoongi's family weren't exactly shunned, people, vampire, human and other witch kind, were too afraid of their power to outright banish and shun them, they were still a little ostracized all the same and Granny Min felt her friends drawing back little by little, until a year ago when Yoongi got the news that his grandmother had been killed in a car 'accident' a car accident that had taken place outwith the confines of their town. It coincided with the sighting of the Jeons, and thus lead the young witch to believe his grandmother had finally paid the price of their disappearance. This is why he hated them.

He didn't want them coming back here and stirring up trouble, he didn't want to have to look at their smug Jeon faces and watch them parade around as if they owned the place, expecting everyone to bow and pander to them, and he certainly didn't want to be stuck in any classes with them at school. He won't be responsible for what he might do to them.

"There's nothing we can do about it Yoongi," Hoseok said, standing up and began to shuck off his school uniform, getting ready for their usual Friday night swim in the lake.

"I wouldn't count on it," Yoongi retorted, admiring his friends long elegant legs as he stood only in his underwear.

"Yoongi, you know you can't actually hurt them," Namjoon said, concern pooling the depths of his dark eyes.

"And it's forbidden to even try. Yoongi-" Hoshi started to get worried for him,

"I don't care," he ground out stubbornly, pulling at his own school tie and getting to his feet.

"Yoongi, you can't blame them for something their grand father did," Namjoon tried to reason. He might not really care much for the Jeon family, but that doesn't mean they should all be tarred with the same brush. After all, Hoseok is actually part of that particular family tree through marriage, and he's been nothing but a little ball of sunshine since he'd been born. Maybe the Jeon boy's would be the same. You can't choose the family you're born into, can you?

"Who's fucking side are you on, Joon?" Yoongi growled, glaring at his friend and Namjoon stood up, hands splayed in an attempt at appeasement. He merely shook his head deciding not to get into it any further. It was evident that Yoongi was beyond listening to anyone right now, and he didn't want to get into a fight with him. Instead he just shucked off his own clothes and made a dash for the lake along with Yugyeom, Hoshi and Hoseok, leaving Taehyung and Yoongi to follow..