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Let's Crash the Wedding!

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Ann dragged Anne into the bedroom using her belt, throwing her against the wall and quickly connecting their lips into a passionate embrace. Ann’s fingers stayed hooked under Anne’s belt, pulling her closer, her fingers grazing Anne’s pubic hair. Anne’s hands held Ann’s face before they found themselves gliding through soft, wavy hair. As tongues met, both of their cores lit up, suddenly the fires flamed bigger and they both needed the other right now. Ann unclasped and dragged Anne’s trousers down her legs as she knelt on the floor. Anne smirked, placing her hands on Ann’s head. Ann kissed Anne’s right hip, simultaneously grazing her fingertips on the left leg. As she stood, aiming for Anne’s lips, she couldn’t resist dragging her hand from Anne’s thigh, over her core.

“Ahhh!” Anne moaned loudly.

Ann giggled.

“Oi! You! Teasing me like that,” Anne smiled, pushing Ann against the wall, quickly undoing Ann’s dungaree buckles before pushing them down to the ground. Ann stepped out of them. Anne then proceeded to remove Ann’s t-shirt and bra, quickly cupping Ann’s soft breasts in her hands. Ann ripped open Anne’s shirt, the buttons popping off all over the floor. Anne growled, not even caring about her clothing. She removed her own sports bra as Ann watched in awe. Anne looked down to her own boxers.

“Ruined. Your fault!” Anne blamed.

“Mine too. Your fault!” Ann threw back.

They lost eye contact as they removed their own underwear. As soon as they’d been discarded, they both stopped to admire the other’s body. Seeing Anne’s athletic, strong, muscular body caused Ann to feel wetness build and start to drip down her leg. Ann’s soft, curved, delicate body was beautiful. Anne had never seen someone quite so perfect. Their lips met once again. Ann’s hands met at the back of Anne’s head, threading through her now messy hair. Anne’s hands roamed Ann’s torso, from her hips to her shoulders, never stopping the stimulating of every cell.

Ann pulled back. “Anne?”

“Hmm,” Anne responded, immediately attaching her lips to Ann’s slim neck.

“In my head, when we had sex, you’d pick me up, my legs around your waist and you’d throw me on the bed and eat me out,” Ann admitted, biting her lip afterwards. “Can we…err… do that now?”

Anne’s core heated even further at the thought of Ann fantasising about her. She wasted no time picked her up and pushing her backwards into the wall. Ann’s legs wrapped around Anne as planned; Anne’s strong arms having no difficulty holding her up. Anne’s lips met Ann’s in a sloppy kiss as time stood still; both women getting hotter with each touch. Ann’s hips started grinding into Anne’s toned stomach, spreading wetness over her skin.

Anne got the hint and moved them to the bed where she threw Ann down causing her to bounce on her bed. Ann giggled as she was pulled down the bed by her ankles. Anne bent down, peppering light kisses on her inner thighs.

“Daddy, hurry!”

“What?” Anne was surprised Ann would call her that.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry! I should’ve…I’m sorry. I won’t say it again if it’s not your thing. I just…” Ann felt she had crossed a boundary. Perhaps she should’ve checked first.

Anne quickly moved up to hover next to Ann’s ear, smiling, kissing her cheek.

“Baby, it’s fine. I was happily surprised. If you want to use that-“ Anne took a sharp breath in. “I…oh fuck…it makes me wet Ann, I love being called it,” Anne whispered.

“Well then, Daddy, you better get your head between my legs and lick my pussy senseless otherwise I might just explode!”

Anne moved back to her position minutes before, peppering kisses along Ann’s torso on her journey. Ann couldn’t control an escaped moan as a very skilled tongue made contact with her centre, dragging itself from her drenched core to her clit. Ann’s hands grabbed hold of the bedding, trying to cling onto dear life. No one warned her sex with Anne was this good. As Anne started drawing tight circles around Ann’s clit, Ann moaned out louder than she thought possible.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Yes!! FUCK! ANNE! Just there. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! FUCK! DADDY! YES!! DADDY, KEEP….AHHHHHH!!” Ann’s orgasm ripped through her whole body, jolting every muscle. Her legs clamped around Anne’s head. Anne continued until Ann dragged her head up; Ann tasted heavenly, it was so hard to stop.

Anne kissed Ann’s hips, her tummy, each breast, her shoulders, her neck and finally her lips on her way back up.

“That…was…amazing…” Ann breathed out as her heart rate steadied. “I…fuck Anne, you are so good at that.”

Anne smirked. She knew.

Ann wasn’t having it though and slapped her arse playfully. “Oi! No need to be so smug!”

Anne’s faced downwards, not wanting to admit that smack made her core wetter.

“Anne?” Ann whispered in her ear. “Did you like that?”

Anne nodded.

“Do you want me to do it again?”

Anne nodded. “Yes, please”

Ann’s hand made contact with Anne’s toned arse a bit harder this time. It was immediately followed by a groan.

“Again, baby,” Anne breathed out, clearly struggling to think clearly.

Ann repeated her action, this time harder still. A louder groan echoed throughout the room.

“Yes. Just…like…that.”

Ann grinned, proud the force was good on that one. She repeated her actions but on the opposite side this time. Anne’s strength was starting to desert her, suddenly she just wanted to collapse on Ann and let herself be consumed. Ann could have the control from now on.

Ann smirked, once again smacking Anne’s bum, her hands smoothing over the red patch growing on her skin. Then Ann had an idea.

Ann’s right hand made its way to Anne’s core. Ann moaned softly when she made contact, once again proud she made Anne Lister, of all people, this wet. She started a soft figure of 8 pattern on Anne’s core. Anne started to rock her hips into Ann’s hand. Her mouth made contact with Ann’s neck, kissing, sucking and biting.

Then Ann’s left hand spanked Anne’s bum cheek once again whilst simultaneously circling her clit. Anne brought her head up to look into Ann’s eyes. Ann smirked. She knew that worked as well as she wanted. Anne couldn’t help kiss this wonderful woman. Who else knew how to unhinge her in such a perfect way?

Ann repeated her action, as the circles being drawn started to close in on themselves.

“Yes! Don’t stop!” Anne moaned out, a bit too close to Ann’s ear. Not that Ann cared!

Ann continued her motions, keeping up this pattern of leaving a gap between each slap. It wasn’t long before Anne came, her whole body shaking. She collapsed on Ann’s small frame, squishing Ann’s hand between them.

When Anne’s breathing returned to normal, she suddenly realised what had happened.

“Oh Ann, I’m so sorry! Your poor hand!” Anne quickly moved to lie at Ann’s side.

“It’s okay, it’s fine. I’m fine. Your body on me was…hot, to say the least!”

“Ann, that was…incredible. You are incredible. Good thinking!”

“I’m glad you liked it!”

“I more than liked it! Come here,” Ann snuggled comfortably into Anne opened her arms, after quickly sharing a kiss. Before they knew it, both had fallen asleep.


Ann’s body jolted. They both woke suddenly. Ann had had a nightmare about the phone call she inevitably needed to make.

“You okay? Something wrong?” Anne enquired.

“I had a nightmare, about phoning my ex-friend,” Ann replied.

“Ahh. It’s okay. It’ll be fine. Can I help now? I can do it if you want?”

“Will you? Now? I just want it over with!” Ann asked, her finger drawing random circles on Anne’s back.

“Of course. Have you any idea what you want to say?”

“I want her to know I’m angry and pissed off and I don’t want to be friends anymore,” Ann huffed, sad that the friendship was dead and she was being treated this way.

“She doesn’t deserve anything more than a text. Something like ‘I’m not coming to your wedding because you are being homophobic towards me. Don’t contact me again.’ How does that sound?”

“I like that. To the point,” Ann kissed Anne.

“Come on, sit up,” Anne said, shuffling herself up, passing Ann her phone.

“Thanks,” Ann said, smiling. She unlocked her phone and started to type. “Ok, here it is,” Ann passed her phone to Anne, the words exactly as Anne had suggested minutes before, with a sign off of simply ‘Ann’. No kisses, obviously.

“Perfect. Do you want me to send?”

“Yes please. I’m too scared,” Ann admitted, trying to control her anxiety.

The sent message noise chimed. Ann took a deep breath in, leaning over to rest her head on Anne’s shoulder.

“I better grab a shower,” Anne said, starting to get up.



Ann looked down, embarrassed.

“You want to shower with me don’t you?”

Ann seductively brought her gaze up, licking her lips. Anne just shook her head smiling. How was this beautiful woman so irresistible?

Ann smiled, pecking Anne’s lips and following her into the shower. As Anne placed herself under the streaming water, her toned body glistening, Ann couldn’t believe she was here and paused to appreciate the woman in front of her.

“You enjoying the show, darling?”

Ann blushed, taking the soap and washing Anne’s chest for her.

“That feels good,” Anne admitted.

Ann heard her phone ring and panicked. Seeing the look on Ann’s face, Anne took her face in her hands and kissed her.

“Want distracting?”

“Yes please. Quickly!”

Anne removed the soap and placed it back on the shelf. She moved Ann’s hands above her head, holding them in place and kissed her against the tiled wall. Anne’s free hand made its way to Ann’s nipples, rolling her in her fingers. Hearing Ann’s quiet moans, Anne continued her path to Ann’s core. Ann cursed at the blissful feeling. Within minutes Ann was, once again, screaming Anne’s name, completely distracted.

“Oh fuck. That was good. Shower sex, definitely one of my favourites now!” Ann smiled.

Anne shook her head. “You are amazing!”

They both, somehow, managed to shower and dry themselves without it leading to anything further. Ann heard her phone again and huffed. “Why can’t they just leave me the fuck alone?”

“Shall I get it?”

“Yes please.”

The phone stopped as Anne walked over to it. She picked it up and checked the notifications. Three missed calls, one voicemail and five messages. Anne took a breath and called to Ann.

Ann walked into the bedroom naked, her towel left in the bathroom. Anne stopped breathing. Lister. You’ve fucked her loads today. You need to sort this first. Get yourself under control.

Ann grinned at the effect she had on Anne, still up for another few rounds later.

“You’ve got a voice message and some texts. Shall I deal with this?”

“Yes please. I’m too anxious. My tummy is really knotted! I feel sick.”

“Okay, firstly,” Anne started, turning the phone onto silent mode and placing it face down. She walked to her chest of drawers, pulling out some boxers and passing them to Ann. Ann took them, putting them on. Fuck, she looked hot wearing Anne’s underwear. “Can you lie down on your tummy baby? I’ve got this. I’ll look after you.”

Ann did as requested, her wet hair sprawled to the left as she faced the right. Anne straddled her and started massaging her back gently, kissing her neck a few times. Ann started to relax. Anne continued with one hand, as she picked up the mobile with the other. The voicemail made her blood boil. This girl didn’t apologise once, she just made excuses for herself. Demanding Ann come to the wedding or she’ll make her life hell. Well, Anne thought, no one was a match for her.

Anne was reading the last message as another call came in. She picked it up but stayed silent.

“Ann you’re being ridiculous. How could you spoil my big day like this? You need to be there! It’s my wedding and you will be there! How dare you call me homophobic? I just don’t agree with you marrying a woman-” Anne couldn’t take anymore.

“I’m going to stop you there Miss. Firstly, you are being homophobic. Second, you are now harassing Miss Walker and thirdly, I’m going to block your number now. If you even set foot within one mile of Miss Walker I will make you regret it, do you understand?”

Ann was stressing. She was so thankful Anne could deal with this. She shut her eyes and tried to enjoy the massage Anne, faultlessly, continued.

“Who is this?”

“Anne Lister.”

“Ahh, ok, now this makes sense! Tell Ann I don’t care what she thinks-”

Anne was furious. “Shut the fuck up and listen to me,” Anne said with authority, wishing she didn’t need to waste another breath on this idiot. “You are the most toxic person I have had the misfortune to speak to. Ann is the sweetest, most lovely person I have ever met and she deserves so much more than you. She doesn’t owe you anything. You are refusing to go to her wedding because she will marry a woman and that is homophobic. And the worst thing is, you’re not even sorry. The least you could go is realise this and profusely apologise. Do not, I repeat, do not ever speak to her again. If you do, you’ll have me to answer to and trust me, you don’t want that! Now, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Lister.”

“Good, now fuck off. We don’t need your homophobic arse around here!”

Anne hung the phone up, placing it on the table whilst taking a silent, deep breath.

“All sorted baby,” Anne declared, whilst continuing the motions on Ann’s back with her fingertips.

Ann twisted around, locking their eyes. “Anne, thank you so much. You are incredible.”

“You are more than welcome. You don’t need her in your life. Now, still fancy crashing a wedding?” Anne’s eyes danced with naughtiness.