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Let's Crash the Wedding!

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“Miss Lister! Anne! Anne!” Ann yelled, chasing after a fast striding Anne Lister.

Ann had been waiting for an opportunity like this for weeks. Anne had returned from six months of travelling to overlook renovation work on Shibden Hall, with her plan to leave again as soon as possible. Ann knew her opportunities to pretend to bump into Anne were running out. So, today, she thought she’d make a bit more effort but right now, she wondered if she just looked desperate.

Anne spun around at hearing her name, pulling a puzzled frown at the young lady animately running towards her, a tight yellow t-shirt contouring her breasts perfectly, short dungarees showing her skim legs and floral trainers adding some pattern to the outfit. A style Anne hadn’t seen her exhibit before.

“I…err…” Ann panted. “I…oh gosh…”

Anne grinned, happy to have a breathless woman in front of her. “Miss Walker, what a pleasure to see you. How may I help you?”

Ann took a deep breath, her heart still racing from being in the presence of Miss Lister. “I was wondering…if you wouldn’t mind… if I could join you going into town?”

“Oh. Well, actually I was just going for a walk,” Anne replied.

“Oh,” Ann whispered, looking down to fiddle with the hem of her dungaree shorts. She didn’t make a back up plan. You idiot Ann.

Seeing the disappointment in Ann’s eyes, Anne took pity. “How about I join you? Then we still get to enjoy each other’s company,” Anne suggested.

Ann’s face lit up, shifting her gaze from the floor to lock onto Anne’s glowing brown eyes looking back at her. Her heart fluttered.

If Anne was honest, for a while she’d had a soft spot for this blonde. Anne’s eye had caught Ann at a club a few years back, her short dress hugging her curves perfectly made her look radiant. At the time, Ann was dating a man and despite Anne’s best efforts, her flirting seemed to be ignored.

What Anne didn’t know is Ann was far too afraid of coming out of the closet at that point in her life. That night, after the sexy glances from Anne and the encounter they had had, Ann’s pants had been ruined. Within minutes of returning home, Ann was screaming Anne’s name to a mind blowing orgasm, brought about solely with her own fingers, imagining they were Anne’s. Best wank she had had in a while.

“So, Miss Walker, you lead the way, shall we walk on the paths or through the woods?”

Ann’s imagination ran into overdrive. Oh it would be so hot if Anne would just push me against a tree in the woods, her fingers teasing my nipples, kissing my neck. Her strong-

“Ann?” Honestly Anne didn’t want to interrupt Ann’s thoughts but the look on her face told her all she needed to know about the filthy things Ann was considering. She could see the glaze over Ann’s eyes, the way she licked her lips, the blush creep up her face, the way her legs readjusted themselves.

“The woods,” Ann said, a cheeky grin rising on her face.

Anne winked, making Ann’s core twitch. Oh gosh, I’m not going to last long in this woman’s company.

“I hear you’re not here long Anne? My aunt said only a month.”

“That’s the plan but nothing is set in stone.” Anne purposely grazed her arm against Ann’s. “So, Miss Walker, may I ask why you are popping into town?”

Oh shit. It was just an excuse to see you, Ann thought.

“Oh…err….I need to buy some new shoes for a wedding,” Ann didn’t lie, technically. She did need some shoes.

Anne smiled, the hesitation at the beginning told her all she needed to know. Ann was there for her.

“A wedding of someone I know?”

“Oh no. It’s my, well, she’s an ex-friend, from uni. She lives in Wales now. It’s complicated. I don’t want to go but I feel pressured to if I’m honest,” Ann admits.

“Do you know anyone going?”

“I think I might recognise a few faces but not to talk to. I’m dreading it!”

“You will be fab. Just be yourself,” Anne advises. “Although, I know it’s not my place to say, but if you don’t want to go, just don’t go!”

“When I said I’d go, I really wanted to so now I feel I’ve committed already but she’s shown her true colours since then. Now I wish I didn’t have to go,” Ann said.

“Want my help?” Anne offered.


Anne ponded what plan they could use. “Oh I have it!” Her arms flying in the air, stopping them both and placing her hands on Ann’s shoulders. Ann smiled, eager to hear the plan.

“I think we should go together! If it gets really bad, we could make an excuse like my Aunt is ill but really just go to the beach to have some fun!” Anne winked.

Ann looked disappointed. “Honestly, Anne it’s a fab idea but…you don’t want to go!”

“Why not?” Anne’s eyebrows creased.

“She’s…when…the problem is…she’s…she told me if I got married to a woman, she wouldn’t come. And…well…so…”

Anne was furious. “Why the fuck are you going?” She didn’t mean to direct her anger towards Ann but it was too late. Ann felt it.

“I told you, I can’t say no now,” Ann faced downwards, shameful she wasn’t more brave.

“Yes you can! That is totally homophobic! Completely unacceptable! Fuck sake…screw her!” Anne spat out. She paused, realising she ought to reassure Ann. “I’m sorry. I’m not angry at you at all. You are so incredibly courageous to deal with such people.”

After a few seconds of silence, Anne opened her arms to Ann, the motion was mirrored and they embraced one another. Ann snuggled tightly in Anne’s strong, protective arms.

“Will you help me tell her I don’t want to go?” Ann mumbled.

“Of course! But also, I have a better plan…you wanna crash a wedding?” Anne got mischievous. She separated their bodies but placed her hands back on Ann’s shoulders, eager for Ann’s response.

Ann beamed. “Yes! That would be so much fun!”

Suddenly something occurred to Anne. “Wait, Ann, you’re out the closet?”

Ann nodded, looking into Anne’s eyes, grinning whilst licking her lips. I can’t resist her now. Ann lent forward, looking directly into Anne’s needy eyes. Anne gently slid her hand to Ann’s neck, pulling her in for a slow kiss. Ann wrapped her arms around Anne’s waist, pulling her closer. Anne walked them to the nearest tree and pushed Ann back into it as they continued kissing. They stayed in that spot for ages, hands exploring each other’s bodies.

Between kisses, Ann’s needy voice whispered: “Anne, fuck me already!”

Anne didn’t waste a second. Her hand slipped into the side of Ann’s dungarees, snaking down into her underwear. Anne teased Ann’s clit over her panties for a short while whilst Ann moaned in her ear. When Ann started thrusting her hips forward, Anne got the hint and stopped the teasing. Her hand went into Ann’s underwear, her fingertips making contact with the soft wetness around her core.

“Gosh, you’re so wet!”

“I’ve wanted you for years! Of course I’m wet!”

Anne pulled her head back. “Really?”

Ann nodded and immediately kissed Anne again. Her lips now completely irresistible. Anne slid her now wet fingers to Ann’s clit, circling the little bud with alternating speed.

“You’re so sexy! That feel good baby?”

Anne was confident in her ability to make a woman orgasm but she still liked to check in, especially with such a delicate beauty like Ann.

“Ahh, fuck Anne. Call…me….ooh yea…call me….baby…again…oooohhh yesssss….”

“I love it when you moan in my ear baby. You’re soaking wet baby. You feel incredible baby. Come for me baby.”

That was more than Ann needed. Her orgasm flooded every cell in her body as she clung onto Anne for stability, moaning in her ear. Anne slowed her fingers and kissed Ann’s neck as she recovered from an obviously good fuck. Removing her fingers, Anne licked them clean, moaning at the wonderful taste of Ann Walker.

“Oh fuck Anne. That was amazing!”

“You taste so sweet,” Anne remarked, grinning before taking Ann’s face and kissing her. Ann’s hand glided down Anne’s shirt and under her belt when Anne stopped her.

“I was thinking, back to mine?” Anne offered.

Ann moaned, resting her forehead on Anne’s shoulder.

“Please can I touch you first, I have wanted to feel your pussy for so long; I can’t wait,” Ann admitted.

“Here,” Anne grinned and looked away for a second. “In the woods?”

Ann smiled, biting her tongue. Anne shook her head, grinning broadly at this wonderful woman in front of her. Anne propped both hands above Ann’s head on the tree behind her, leaning her body into Ann’s. Ann took the opportunity to hold onto Anne’s toned waist, pulling her shirt up so her fingertips could feel Anne’s soft skin. Both moaned as their kissing got more heated, tongues tasting each other, lips swollen and wet. Ann’s fingertips dipped under Anne’s trousers, trying to feel Anne’s arse. Anne moaned at the touch, her core continuing to wet her boxers. Anne’s hands reached down to touch Ann’s face but Ann pulled away from the kiss, shook her head and gave a look that told Anne she was in control and wanted her hands back on the tree. Anne submitted. Ann’s hands found their way to Anne’s belt buckle as their kissing continued. Ann’s right hand dived straight into Anne’s soaking boxers, feeling the heat radiating off her core as her finger made contact with her dripping folds.

“Oh Miss Lister, you’re so wet. All this for me?!”

All Anne could do moan into another kiss as her hips trusted upwards into the skilled fingers currently touching her clit. Ann’s left hand slid up Anne’s stomach, stopping at her breast, rolling a nipple in her fingers. Anne let out a big groan, so close to her peak when-

“Jasper? Jasper?!” The voice in the distance was loud enough to reasonable consider the person, or the dog that had run off, might come into their vicinity soon.

Their eyes locked. Anne froze but Ann continued her motions, smirking. It didn’t take long for Anne’s peak to hit her.

“Fuck Ann, fuck…I’m…ooh…yessss….yesss….fuckkkkkkk,” Anne moaned out, coming hard. Her head thrown backwards and her hand grabbing onto Ann’s arm to slow her motions. Ann complied, slowly dragging her fingers along Anne’s folds as her orgasm washed through her. When Anne returned, Ann lifted her fingers out and copied Anne’s previous actions by licked them clean, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the taste of Anne’s wetness.

“You taste so good. Can I…we…can we go back to yours now? I want…to taste you properly?”

“Ann Walker, I couldn’t say no to you.”

Anne grabbed Ann’s hand and they made their way as quickly as possible back to Shibden Hall, running upstairs immediately, slamming the bedroom door closed behind them.