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The dawn to a new era , let blood and passion reign.

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( This is an au based of My friend the frog and egosweetheart. Credit to them for the concept as well as world building. )

Long ago far away, there were two kingdoms.

One was situated high in the mountains surrounded by acres of deep forest full of wild and/or magical beasts.This kingdom was famed for their fearless and renowned military, skilled yet mighty mages, able to to shoot lightning from their fingertips, academies for powerful conjurers, skilled guards and squires, bountiful resources of precious metals and ores. The buildings including the gigantic alluring castle are all built out of these ores that give off an amethyst complexion. The occupants of this here kingdom live as guards, miners and mages. Though this kingdom may seem astonishing, the citizens live bitter as well as desolate lives worked to near death mining and worked by the ruling class.

The name of this kingdom is Derse. And at their heart of this kingdom is its royal family, the Striders. The kingdom was formed by the praised first king of Derse, King David Elizabeth Strider the first and his brother, Prince Richard Broderick Strider. King David and his brother ruled along with his two skillful nephews and his brilliant nieces, the sons and daughters of Prince Richard's and David's sister, the noteworthy and infamous rogue, Roanne Narine Lalonde.

Now further away, by the sea, is a kingdom that glows in the sun, prosperous and golden.

The name of this kingdom is Prospit. 

The kingdom is filled with fields of grains, fruits and vegetables, seas of fish and creatures, busy markets full of merchants, farmers and fishermen selling their produce. And most notably the castle refined with the most intricate of details and appears as if it glows like sunlight. The people here are bright and optimistic.

This kingdom was brought here by the charismatic King Jacob Hope Harley, leading his people to here through a  desert. He promised for as long as his family rules the kingdom, that it would grow prosperous and opportunistic by the generations.

The royal family, consisted of King Jacob, his wife, the Beloved Queen Janelle, his son, his daughter, his sister, the famous batter witch, Jacqueline Crocker, famous for her baking skills and his niece and nephews.

These two kingdoms lived within proximity of each other. They would often argue and myriad of disagreements emerged between each other. Soon enough, a war broke out between the kingdoms that lasted decades.

There were many casualties and blood spilled endlessly. The two kingdoms received the great of losses. 

After fighting so long, Derse lost its first king. King David passes away from substantial injuries sustained during the war. With his death, his brother was crowned king as King David had no children. Roanne Lalonde died next after succeeding in a secret mission by King David.

Prospit also had their fair share of losses. The king's beloved wife passed away after being poisoned by Roanne, his sister passed away from a disease after helping to treat wounds in the barracks. King Jacob took in his niece and nephew into his family in remeberance of his dear sister.

Even though, King Richard was never as praised and adored as his brother . He strived to be better than his brother ever had been. And so, he proposed a treaty between the kingdoms to prevent further bloodshed. 

King Jacob as he has just lost his wife agreed to the treaty. They soon discussed on when and where the treaty would be signed. 

Days before the treaty was signed, King Jacob asked why he proposed the treaty, because Derse had the manpower to win the war and seige Prospit. King Richard replied saying that he wanted to fulfill his brother's dying wish of seeing the war end and the two kingdoms in peace. King Jacob nodded his head saying that it was his wife's dying wish as well.

 The treaty was signed that the two kingdoms would maintain peace and trade between each other. Conditions were made and agreed upon and so the treaty was signed. One of the conditions laid said a meeting will be help every five years in one of the kingdoms to discuss on their situations to see if assistance was ever need by each other. 

During the second meeting, one of the members of the Dersesite court, the esteemed handmaiden proposed to the kings that they should arranged the two eldest princes of their respective kingdom's royal families to a diplomatic marriage. Everyone in the meeting approved of this except a noble of the Prospitian court, the Signless. He said that the marriage was too dangerous and that the death of one of the princes will be imminent if they were to advance with the arangement. Everyone ignored his warning and proceeded with the arrangement.

Thus, the eldest Prince of Derse and the eldest prince of Prospit will be married when they come of age to keep the peace between the kingdoms.

When the eldest prince of Prospit was ten, an incident occurred, resulting in the death of the young prince. Prospit mourned at the death of their prince for days. King Jacob inevitably had to crown his nephew his heir as his daughter was too young to be his heir.

King Jacob was surprised by the Signless' prediction and asked him how he knew. He told the King that he had the ability to foresee futures. The king gave him a high position in court, making him the first venerable high seer of the Prospitian court.

After the knowledge of the prince's death, King Richard had the hand maiden's family was abashed.

As the years went by, the citizens of Derse were more and more miserable. Individuals forced to steal or beg for a living. Many worked in the mines receiving minimal wages. King Richard had been corrupt by the words of the court and nobility, and thus lost his ideals to better the kingdom. King Richard looking a blind eye towards the residents of his kingdom, held extravagant tournaments in the colosseum. The people soon lost their trust in the royal family and conspired to overthrow them.

A revolution was boiling in Derse. This caught the attention of the nobility who were greedy and wanted more power. They took the opportunity and aided the rebels with promise of embetterment of the kingdom. With the help of the nobles, especially the militarian Amporas and the high ranking Peixes, the Strider royal family was overthrown.

King Richard's eldest son fled into the forest as his second child and him stalled the guards pursuing them.

His older niece flees along with him but was separated.

His younger niece is stuck in Prospit due to her seer academics.

The Amporas have King Richard executed and his second son is next. 

The eldest prince is chased by guards and grievously injured

A Hunter goes through the forest feeling like he's going to get a good hunt today.

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Be the prince running from the guards.


Fuck , fuck , fuck , shit shit , shiiiittttt, you look around and pant heavily. You grab onto your shirt tightly , both your hands and your shirt are stained red. You're bleeding a lot and it's not stopping .You hold onto your sword as firmly you can as you run through the thicket.

You can hear the guards shouting as you try to run further into the woods. The wounds you have sustained are serious and they're getting worse the more you run. You start to feel lightheaded, your vision blurring, your pace starts to slow down , you start to black out , you body has lost too much blood and is unable to go on.

You drags yourself as far as you can. You gasp for air , you feel weak , your whole body is shaking , the guards sound closer than ever. You hold onto your sword and prepare to defend yourself.


Be the Hunter eying his prey.


Your name is Jake English and you're a Hunter that lives in the woods. Most people would rather live in the kingdoms or villages but you'd rather live in the wild untamed lands of the wilderness. You enjoy the thrill of hunting and slaying your prey.

Normally today you would be at you shack having the day off but you've spotted a large wild boar, it's hide and flesh looks valuable to sell in the market. You sneak upon it, aim your bow and it's head lifts up and it runs off. Dammit, you thought. You see a man emerge from the shadows clinging onto the tree and breathing heavily.

“ Hey , you scared off my prey. ” You exclaim.

“ Who are you ? ” The man says.

You notice blood dripping off him. “ W-wait a-are you bleeding ?! ”

“ Don't c-come any clo- ugh ! ” An arrow is shot through his abdomen , making him bleed increasingly.

Oh god, you thought as look at him in shock. He falls onto you.

“ Hey , answer me what was that ? ” He doesn't answer, he seems on the brink of passing out.

“ Hang on hang on. Use this, I'll take you t- ”

“ You there ! ” You are interrupted by man shouting at you after putting your thick fur coat onto him, his attire alludes to the fact that he is a royal guard.

“ You there , hunter, stay away ! This does not concern you so leave now ! ”

“ Uhm , whoever you are I think this fella has been punished enough wouldn't you say. ”

The guards replies, “ I take you're loyalty lies far from the righteous side , your head shall be delivered to my Lord as well. ” You dread as he pull out his sword

“ Sorry , mate. ” You aim your bow at him and shoot.

You try to keep the man awake “ You still alive ? Hey , are you listening ?! ” The man opens his eyes he stares at you.

“ Can you walk ? ” You ask. He's quiet.

“ Don't fret it's no far from- , Woah !? ” The man passes out onto you. What did I get myself into...., you thought.

“ I think he went this way ! ” You hear the guards shouting. “ Hey you there ! ”

You immediately pick him up. “ Hang on ” You whisper.

“ Hey, stop !!! ”

“ Gadzooks ! ” The guard fires an arrow at you , it graces past your right cheek .

You continue running. You set the man down in a bush and hide with him. “ You still with me , chap ? ” You whisper. He nods and you pick him up once again and continue fleeing to your shack.

You arrive minutes later , you clear your table and place the man on top. The wounds he has sustained are very serious and if not properly treated he could die. You clean the wound as thoroughly as you can. “ Pheww , cleaned. Okay chap , you better not die on me or this will be and irritating squander of string. ” You start sewing up his wounds. Whatever he did must've been really bad for them to wanna do this, you thought while sewing.

You finish patching up his wounds, then carry and place him onto your bed. You sigh and sit on it. You look at him sleeping soundly. You caress his cheek , it smooth as silk. He must be high class to have a fit body and smooth sk- ..... He turns around , his body facing upwards. You look at him dazzled by his beauty. You sigh and pull you hand back.

Among anything that could've bloody happened , it had to be this of all thing. He could be a criminal for all it worth. You think for a second. He could be a criminal.......... !!!! What have I done !!!!! You look at him sleeping peacefully. Though he doesn't look much like a wrong doer. Doesn't mean he isn't. You shake your head. I don't think he's a criminal. After all the clothing he wore was considerably more expensive than most wares.

You get off the bed and pick up the sword the man carried. It's a well crafted sword. It even has an insignia on it. You find it familiar. You place it outside, you return to the room and look at him closely , come to think of it you've seen his face before but you can't put your finger on it.

You yawn. Felling sleepy, you sit on the chair near the bed and fall asleep.



Be the injured prince in bed.


Hours later, you wake up to find yourself in a bed with a black haired man asleep close to you. You look around the room you're in. You can't see your sword. The man mumbles in his sleep and nuzzles his head on the chair. You look at him , he's drooling. Ew, where am you, weren't you fleeing the guards, how are you here and most of all who the fuck is this. You thought as you got yourself out from the bed . You find it hard to walk. You lift your shirt to see that your injuries had been patched up. You look for your sword. You hear a creak. The man is up, you quickly grab your sword and position yourself in a fight stance.

The man gets out of the room and yawns. “ Oh you're up ! Oh, shit you're up ! ” he slips.

You look at him confused. You put your sword to his neck.“ Who are you ? ”

He looks at you frightened. “ I mean no harm , really I'm-I'm a friend ”

“ Liar. ” You say.

He replies “ I'm not , just believe me. ” He seems quite sincere. You stay quiet and pull your sword away.

After a while, Jake explains to you what had happened as he gets a batch of tea ready. You apologized for your behavior. He puts down the teapot and pours you a cup.

He forgives you and introduces himself, “ I'm Jake , Jake English by the way. I'm a hunter that live here in these herevwoods and you are ? ”

You introduce yourself. “ Oh , uhh. I'm Dirk , Dirk Strider. ”

“ Oooh now I know why you look so familiar, you're one of those princes of Derse , am I right uhh your majesty ? ” He asks.

You nod and say, “ Well, ex prince now. I was supposed to be captured andd executed but my father and brother saved me. They're most likely dead. ” You sigh.

 “ Oh uhm , I'm sorry ” Jake asks. “ Well since you're the Prince of Derse right ? Can I ask you a couple things ? ”

“ Uhhm, okay. ” You reply “ Well okay, I wanna ask if it's true that the you can kill someone with a stare ? ” “ W-what ?! ” You did spit take. Jake is startled.

You wipe your face from the tea you've spitted. “ Well I've heard about that while I was in Derse once, your uhh majesty. ”

“ Oh well uh that just a rumor, I don't think that's ever happened. Maybe they mistaken it for the time a citizen saw my eyes without my shades ” You reply.

“ Oh , what happened ? Also what are shades ? ” Jake asks.

“ Well normally I'd be wearing my shades which are tinted glass that I wear to hide my eye mutation. ”

“ M-mutation ? ” Jake tilts his head like a confused puppy.

“ Yeah ,my family has an eye mutation that we hide behind our shades and veils, it's kinda self explanatory. ”

“ Oh , well then what happened to that citizen ? ” He asks. " Well, uhh he died. “ You say rubbing you hand on your neck.

“ O-oh .......... that explains the kill part, eh ? ” He smiles. You smile back.

“ Eehh, excuse me your majesty I mean sir but uhm can I ask another question ? ” He asks.

“ Hmm, go ahead. ”

“-Is it true you owned 50 tigers ? ”

“ 50 tigers ? Ohhh, another rumor and probably about the Leijion's gift. And please don't call me sir. She wanted to thank us for letting her friend into the army, though he was skilled and would've gotten there anyhow, sooo she gifted us a tiger. ”

“ Oh, I-I see.... ? ”

You look at him slightly disappointed. Then said, “ B-but I could have 50 tigers if I wanted to or really even more ” You thought, Though it would be really inconvenient.

“ Awesome ! ” Jake's eyes fills up with amazement.

You look at him and his child like glee, you smile at him as a bright red hue suffuses on your cheeks.

“ Oh, are you alright mate ? ” He asks worryingly. 

“ Huh ? ” “ I think you're having a fever. You face turned a red hue. ”

He puts the back of his hand on you forehead. “ You don't seem to have a fever, are you well sir I mean err Dirk ? ”

“ I-I'm doing fine, how about we talk more of each other ? ” You say smiling nervously. He agrees with a childlike grin.

You both continues chatting for quite a while.

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Be the knight kneeling before the 'new' Prince of Derse days in the past.


You are dragged to the throne room by the guards along with your father. The hall is decorated with the symbols of the Amporas. You see Eridan in a prince's garments standing in the room talking to a few new court member. Those disgusting traitors, they must've supported the coup to get into a higher position. Eridan sees you and smirks cunningly. He waves at the court associates to leave. The guards drag you and makes you kneel in front of him. Your father growl and spit at him. A guard hits the both of you over the head pushing your faces to the carpet. 

Eridan chuckles. “ Kneelin in front of me ? Finally showwinn some fuckin respect you arrogant spoiled brat.  I am not gonna let you play wwith what is noww mine anymore. I am an impatient and busy man and I havve so much of you and your revolting family's shit to clean up .... ”

He grabs you hair and pulls your head upwards making you two look eye to eye. You glare at his violet eyes and spit at his face. He snarls and pushes your face to the ground. You father glares at him while still growling.

“ Farewwell Strider , see you at the execution square. Equius ! Put them in the worst cell in the dungeon. ” Eridan commands.



Be the other knight in the Derse at the  present.


Your name is Karkat Vantas, a knight of Prospit and your brother's bodyguard, well you were your brother's bodyguard.

When the Strider royal family was dethroned, you brother, the venerable high seer of the prospitian court was requested to go to the kingdom of Derse to retain the peace between the kingdoms. You were tasked with guarding your annoying and overly talkative brother along with Latula , a fellow knight and close friend of yours and your brother, whom secretly had a crush on her in the past.

But one of the now princes of Derse , Cronus was it, offered to go in your place to escort your brother there. Kurloz agreed with it saying or more specifically signing that it would be maintaining order between the kingdoms showing that the Amporas are trustworthy and capable rulers. You think otherwise. 

Now instead of taking your brother to Derse, Kurloz has tasked you with scouting the kingdom so that it will be safe for your brother's arrival. 

You walk around the filthy streets of this kingdom. You really despise this place no you hate this kingdom and everything about it, from the god awful tone of the buildings to the sketchy and sickening poverty of the people. You wished that you'd stayed in Prospit but you wouldn't dare of turning down any of Kurloz's orders.

You hear of an execution that is to commence, you follow the residents the the square and see that the execution platform had been set. You see the guards bring out a man out and onto the platform. You look closely at the man that is to be executed.

Wait a minute you recognise who that man is , “ IT CAN'T BE. IS THAT DAVE STRIDER ? ” You whisper to yourself. You hadn't seen him since the last meeting between the kingdoms.

You and Dave were former rivals that trained in Derse to become knights as Derse has the best military and training academy in the country. He was infamous for being fast and dexterous at using multiple weapons especially the sword, making him the best squire in the academy, though if his brother had joined the academy Dave would be second best as everyone knew that Dirk was far more skilled with the sword that he was. You remember how you both would argue regarding who was better then both end up dueling with him often winning. You hated him, his irony, his 'shades' and most of all, his obnoxious cool guy attitude.

He stood on the platform, the noose wrapped around his neck. You then see Equius an old friend of yours by the lever on the right and on the left someone you thought you'd never see again in your life, Sollux Captor, a mage. You also notice Eridan, Eridan Ampora next to a noble woman wearing a gold circlet and other expensive jewelry. Eridan gives the signal to Equius to begin. Just as Equius is about to pull the lever, an arrow appears out of nowhere and cuts the noose. Dave drops down below and a woman in hood appears and grabs him running into the crowd. You see Eridan angrily adjure Equius and the other guards to go after them.

You pursue after the two. You run past the crowd and the guards. You're surprised that you're after than both the guards and Equius, maybe having having so much muscle weights you down. You snicker.

Though the two are fast, you closing the distance between you and them. You chase after them into an alleyway and another and another and another. 

You end up cornering them in an empty and dark alley but they're gone. WHERE COULD THEY HAVE GONE. You returned to square wondering wherever they disappeared to.



Be the rogue carrying the unconscious knight.


You are Roxanne Cassian Lalonde, you're currently carrying your unconscious cousin in your arms. You managed to outsmart the guards, the executioner and that odd knight pursuing you.

You carry your cousin stealthily out of the kingdom and in to a village nearby where you have been staying since the coup happened. 

You pushed the door open to see a close friend of yours, Calliope. She allowed you to hide in her cottage as Amporas were hunting you down. She's really lovely and well genuinely you two are more than friends.

She spots you both and helps you place your cousin onto a bed she had prepared. She smiles and caresses your cheek, afterwards checks on your cousin to see if he's injured in any way.You sit down with the feeling that something was odd.She finished treating his wounds and sits next to you. 

“ So how did it go Roxy ? ” She asks in her calm and gentle voice.

“ It went well , ” You say smiling at her. “ Though there was this suspicious knight that chased after us whilst we ran. ”

“ A knight ? ” Calliope asks. She pours you a cup of some tea she had prepared earlier. 

“ Yeah, he was wearing some odd armor, it was really dull and gray with a red symbol that looks like a 6 and 9 on its side ” You explain.

“ that mustve been karkat ” You hear some one say. You turn to see Dave awake, standing at the door.

“ Oh, yoU're awake ! ” Callie says surprisingly.

You stand up and hug him. He hugs back. “ good to see that youre safe ” He whispers. “ You too. ” You reply. 

Hours later, you ask about his father and his brother, a close friend of yours, Dirk. He shakes his head saying he has no knowledge of his whereabouts and that his father was executed a day prior to him. Without Dirk, it'll be pretty difficult to take back the throne.

Then, there's a knocking of the door. You take your crossbow and go to the front door. You hand Dave your dagger and you both prepare to fight. You open the door to see several soldiers bruised and bleeding. Standing at the door was the knight chasing you earlier, Karkat, his face slightly bruises and holding a pair of bloodied sickles in his hands. 


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Be the very infuriated Prince of Derse.


You are currently Eridan Ampora or how you favour being called, Prince Eridan Ampora. You relish being royalty but right now you're pissed, no you're inordinately furious. 

That repulsive knight has escaped his execution along with that uncanny rogue. 

You pace around the throne room angrily. Feferi Piexes, a close friend of yours and bride to be is in the room with you. You've known her for years and have been betrothed to her since youth.

Even though Feferi and you had been betrothed for so long, she had been in love with another but she was never daring enough to disobey her mother, the prominent condescension of the Dersesite court like her sister did.

She is a beauty to behold. You yourself once was bewitched by her beauty and class but as the years went by, you only ever saw her misery of being unable to be with her beloved. If you could instead of her marrying you, you would let her marry her mistress, a maid whom slaves in the castle named Aradia Megido. But your father, the General no King Dualscar, and Feferi's mother would not allow so.

You remember how Aradia's family, the Megidos fell out of favor with the nobles and other aristocrats and eventually were demerit to being commoners. Feferi and Aradia were fairly close before the Megidos were abashed. 

You oftentimes considered Feferi more of a sister than a lover nowadays thus treats her as such except around your parents to fool them into thinking you're both in love. 

She looks at you concernedly at you as you furiously stamp around the room. 

“ ---Eridan, please calm down. It's not a bad t)(ing t)(at t)(ey escaped.... ”

“ But it is, the fact that they escaped means that wwe wwere incompetent. Roxy wwas supposed to be dead and so is Dave. " You snarl as you slammed your hand against the wall. “ If wwe don't kill them, they wwill raise an army to .... ”

The hall doors struck open. Equius comes in lugging two guards to you. 

“ Equius, wwhat is the meaning of this ?! ” You say furiously.

“ D ---> I found these two rats trying to escape. These are the guard you sent after Dirk, your majesty. ” He replies.

“ Wwhat, wwhere'a Dirk's head ?! Equius, wwhat the fuck does this mean ? ”

“ D ---> They said a hunter was with him, he knew the area and escaped. ”

You look at them fearing for their lives. 

“ Execute them ” Feferi gasps. “ I entrust you to this mission, Zahakh. Don't fail me. ”

“ Underst00d. ” He replies.

The guards look to you and plead for their lives saying they have families and people who depend on them.

“ Please, your royal highness. Spare me, I beg you please. I will not fail you again, I vow to you I won't. Please. ” The guards both beg as Equius hauls them off to be executed.

“ --Eridan, you already won !! W)(at else do you want ?! T)(ose men were only doing t)(ey're jobs and Dirk )(as no w)(ere to return to. You killed t)(em all !! ” She exclaims to you.

“ Exactly, and I wwon't leave this undone. I wwill leavve no hope left for any wwhom dare to act against my rule. ”

Feferi looks at you weeping and frightened. “ --Eridan, you've c)(anged. ” She cries as she dashes out of the throne. 

“ well, ii thought ii'd never see the day you'd upset ff thii2 bad but here we are. ”

You turn to see a familiar face at the door. It was Sollux Captor, one of the mages of the Dersesite magic institute.

“ Tch, Sol wwhat are your intentions here ? Aren't you supposed to be occupied wwith your duties ? ”

“ well, duhh why do you thiink ii'm here ? two check up on how our dear sweet new priince iis doiing after the faiilled executiion. ”

You snarl at him and grab the collar of his mage robes. He's sizably taller than you like when you were younger. You've known him almost as long as Feferi. You both met when he came to the castle to train his magic abilities. You hate him so very much.

You pulls him down to your face and kiss him with a burning hatred. He kisses back slightly but pulls away before you can deepen the kiss. 

“ Oh, I thought you used to enjoy this, Captor. ” You smirk teasingly. 

“ uhh hehe, well llet's not get too exciited, Ed. ii'm actually here to iinform on somethiing of siigniificance. Your brother, Prince Cronus, wiill be here wiithiin three to four days with the venerable high seer of Prospiit to commence the meetiing of retaiiniing the peace between kiingdoms. ” Sollux imparts to you.

“ Wwhat, but he said he'll be here in a period of twwo wweek ! ” You growl.

“ Damn it I need to rush the preparations for their arrival ! Sol , tell the decorators to hurry up on the adornments, get the royal seamstress to put together neww apperal for me and fef ! ” You instruct before leaving the throne room.

“ Most importantly, get my father ! ”

Sollux bows as you leave the room to organize the arrival of your brother and the seer.



Be the other Prince of Derse bored out of his mind escorting a seer the day before.


Your name is Cronus Ampora, you're the new prince of Derse and currently lacklusterly escorting a mysterious yet influential seer of the Prospitian court. 

When you took up the task you thought you would be able to talk to the lovely lady you're bringing along but it turns out that this venerable high seer lady is way more stuck up in her role than your irritating pest of a brother, at least you don't have to bothered with the responsibilities of being crowned prince.

Vwell this is not as dire as being vwith that brat but vwe'vwe been going on for almost for an entire day vwith no rest. Vwhat's vwith this lady does she not care about her subjects.

You ride on your steed and look at the guards. They seem breathless after marching hours with little rest.

You slow down the pace of you're steed and approach the seer's wagon. It's large, furnished elegantly with dyes of gold, red , silver and grey and silk curtains covering all the windows. A pair of white equines being steered by knight. You recognise that knight, it's Latula Pyrope, a knight of Prospit and someone you've met previously.

“ Hey gorgeous, long time no see ” You wink at her.

She sighs. “ Gr33t1ngs Pr1nc3 Cronus, wh4t m4y I h3lp you w1th ? "”She says trying to be polite.

You tense a little. “ Can't I say hi to an old friend, plus it's not like there's any beef betvween us. ” You smile, it's slightly crooked.

She glares at you then continues steering the steed.

“ Well I'm actually in need of your servwices. ” You say.

Latula look your way. “ Uhm, may vwe uhh rest for a vwhile the guards are exhausted and vwe need to slowv dowvn. ” You say. 

She slows the carriage and knocks on the window behind her. 

She opens the window and uses sign language to tell the seer for your request.

Seers are not allowed to speak towards anyone outside of their family, the court and the royal family.

Latula receives a reply from her.

“ Th3 gr34t and v3n3r4bl3 h1gh s33r h4d s41d th4t w3 m4y r3st to th3 n1ght. ”

“ Evweryone vwe can rest nowv ! ” You tell everyone. They all sigh in relief.

Everybody pauses and cools off by the side of the road. The carriage is halted close to them. Some of the guards take a nap while the others refresh themselves with their beverages. The servants all lay in the shade. 

You try flirting with the female servants. They just giggle at your advances.

You're all forced on to the road early in the morning. Seem the seer doesn't wanna waste any time getting to Derse, ugh the sooner this stuck up bitch is out of your hair the sooner you can chill with the ladies.

She makes you continue to march on until the hot afternoon.

You notice some of the servants almost pass out from the heat.

You go to Latula, “ Could you ask that great seer lady that vwe can rest for a vwhile ? ”

She sighs and asks the seer. She then look at you. “ 1'm sorry Cronus, but th3 d1st1ngu1shed venerable h1gh s33r h4d s4id w3 4r3 not to 4bl3 to stop. ”

“ But the people are like dyin out here ?! ”

She shakes her head, “ W3 must honour th3 h1gh s33r's w1sh3s. ”

You snarl soundly afterwards help the servants on the brink of fainting.

A number of guards help you. 

Almost half an hour later, most of the guards and servants are fatigued and about to collapse.

You've had enough, you halt your horse and climb off it. You walk towards the wagon.

Latula notices you, and dismount. You slam open the coach door while Latula tries to stop you but is distracted by your guards. You shut it close behind you and lock it. 

You see that god damn fucking seer bitch. Sitting all dainty in her seer's robes while we're all dying outside. She notices you yet she still stays quiet. 

You grab her left wrist and yells. 

“ VWHAT IS VWRONG VWITH YOU HAVWE YOU GOT NO SOUL ?! Evweryone's dying from your lack of empathy ! Do you not care about those vwho vworship and servwe you ! ”

You snarl angrily at her. She's still fucking silent.

“ Hey , anvwer me ! ”

She lifts her head. She reaches her right hand towards you and caresses your cheek. Her breathing quickens.

She then caresses the scar on your forehead when you were but a a child. You grazed your head onto a rough surface and it left that. It looks reminiscent of your family's symbol.

Her right hand then covers her mouth as tears started to fall. 

You let go of her fearing you may have grabbed her too hard. You've heard that seers have precarious skin thats why they wear their robes and stay away from sunlight like vampires from myths.

' If the Kurloz finds out the most important seer of his court was harmed you would lose your... '

“ Cr9nus ? ”

You hear her say.

That vwoice it... it can't be, it can't be, no he's been gone for, for hah, it can't he .... he .... 

You watch as she raises her hands to the sides of her hood and pushes it down.

You look at her no him.

His raven black hair which is short yet bushy and somewhat tousled.

A pair of dazzling blood red ruby eyes stare at your violet amethyst ones.

Dots of freckles speckled across his face.

Tears fall from his delicate glistening eyelashes onto his gentle red flushed cheeks.

His fingers reveal a slightly parted pair of crimson lips that look as if they were fragile rose petals.

“ C-Cr9nus, i-is it y9u ? ”

You're silent.

The voice, the hair, the eyes, the individual, if this were somebody else you wouldn't be like this but it's him.

It's... It's...

The words slip out of your mouth.

“ Kankri ?! ”

You look at him. Many more tears stream across his face.

You can't believe it, it's him , it's really him. You can't imagine how much you've missed him.



Be the tearful seer looking at his closest and dearest friend.


You are Kankri Vantas and you've just reunited with someone you'd never once thought to be reunited with.

He hugs you. It's takes you seconds to react to his actions. You hug him back tightly.

How long has it been since you hugged someone like this. How long has it been since you could be this emotional, this vulnerable , this close to a person.

You cry even more. 

He looks at you and strokes your cheek. Your face heats up and your cheek turn a rosy red tint. 

Latula kicks into the wagon and sees you with Cronus. You immediately wave your hand at her to leave. She covers her eyes, bows and closes the door.

“ Vwow, just like that she's off our backs. ”

You nod. He sits next you, he's much taller than the last time you met.

“ It's kinda the perks 9f 6eing 9ne 9f the m9st influential pe9ple in Pr9spit. ”

“ Vwait, one of ? There's more people influential than you, vwho ? ” Cronus asks eagerly.

You giggle a bit at his eagerness. “ Well, the r9yal family 9f c9urse and ..... his majesty, Kurl9z have m9re prestige in Pr9spit than me ”

“ Well that makes sense. One thing I vwanna ask, vwhy are you pushing evweryone so hard, vwe're all dying here ! ”

“ 9h, well, Cr9nus, his majesty, Kurl9z had requested that I get t9 Derse as s99n as p9ssi6le ”

“ That doesn't mean pushin your subjects to brink of death ! Kanny, that's abuse ! ”

You lower your head, then get up from your seat next to him. You walk to the door. You open it and look outside.

You feel the sunlight on your skin. It feels mellow and pleasant.

Everybody looks at you. Latula concealed her eyes and kneels as she commands the rest to do the same.

“ It's alright, y9u d9n't have t9 d9 that. Y9u may all lift y9ur heads. ”

You help one of them up as they stand. You bow, “ I'm s9rry f9r making y9u all suffer fr9m my selfishness. ”

Cronus looks at you. Everybody's deathly still.

You stand. Your entourage whispers to each other. “ We shall rest till morning tomorrow. ”

They look at you and then at each other. Latula bows and thanks you for letting them rest. Your entourage follow her. 

You shrug at Cronus. He smiles at you and shrugs back. 

After a couple hours, everyone unwind under the shade of the trees to cool off from the heat. You sit under one with Cronus. It feels nice to sit on the grass like when you were younger.

“ Kanny, can ask ya somethin ? ” Cronus asks.

“ Hmm ? ”

“ Isn't this like illegal for you ? ”

You giggle, “ It s9rta is 6ut Kurl9z isn't here so uhmm why b9ther ? Plus it feels comfortable doing this. ”

“ Oh huh, being height status must be tirin huh ? ”

“ It is quite tiring having t9 give 9ut 9rders and judgement, unable t9 g9 and d9 minimal tasks and little things. I've been 6usy with just hiding my face as well. Genuinely, I d9n't want t9 6ut it's Pr9spitian culture for seers t9 c9ver their face especially in public. ”

“ Ohh, that's kinda uhh vwell uhm, one more thin vwhy is Kurloz in charge of Prospit, isn't there vwell the King of Prospit ? ”

“ Didn't you hear ? ”

“ Hear vwhat ? ” He asks fuddled.

“ His majesty, King Jac9b and his wife, Queen Jadda passed away. Prince J9hn is t99  y9ung and ineinexperienced t9 take up the thr9ne s9 Kurl9z was temp9rarily elected ruling prince until Prince J9hn's training is d9ne. ”

“ Oh, vwait, Prince John, you mean Jane Crocker's brother. Vwhy is he heir to the throne ?! How did the King and Queen die ?! But most of all isn't there some one else vwho vwas supposed to be king, I don't knowv uhh that Harley kid, uhh the king's eldest kid, uhh James I think ? ”

“ Cr9nus, didn't y9u kn9w. Prince Jake died thirteen years ag9. ”

He's quiet. “ Vwhat ?...... ”

“ Prince Jake died in an incident 9n his way h9me fr9m Derse thirteen years ag9. It wrecked the kingdom to its core. After his death, Prince John was named heir to the throne. ”

“ Vwowv I missed quite a lot huh ? ”

“ Yea, y9u did 6ut it's alright I can fill y9u in. ”

You smile at each other. Afterwards, you both chat about the current situations between the kingdoms till sunset comes.

A hawk flies above the group then flies back toward the direction of Prospit.



Be the ruling prince of Prospit.


You sit on your throne as one of your animal ranchers come in. It Rufioh, he kneels before you.

“ Your majesty, a hawk has returned from overseeing the venerable high seer. It said that the seer's identity was revealed to the prince of Derse. Should I send someone after them ? ”

You sign to him <<No, let them be. Get my carriage ready. We shall ride to Derse tomorrow.>>

“ Yes, your majesty. ” Rufioh kneels then leaves the room. 

You smile cunningly.



Chapter Text

Be the noble from Derse a few days in the past.


You are now past Rosette Thea Lalonde or Rose Lalonde.

You have been studying in Prospit to perfect your seer abilities. You are a seer from Derse. Well the only seer of Derse. As the only seer families were born and raised in Prospit.

You are currently studying in your room when you hear the door knocking.

“ Come in. Well, hello, lady Kanaya. ”

“ Greetings Your Majesty, We've Received A Letter That Was Addressed To You. ”

“ A letter, ” you ask “ from whom ? ”

“It is From Derse, Your Majesty. ”

She hands the letter to you. You open it the contents are as follows : 




Dear Rose,

Rose, a rebellion has flared in Derse by the Amporas. Uncle Richard has been overthrown and executed. Dirk is on the run and so am I. Dave is about to be executed. We need you to stay in Prospit while we try to find a way to take back Derse. Please stay safe.

Signed, your sister,                        





You're quiet. Kanaya looks at you worryingly.

“ Your Majesty, Rose Rose Rose. Might I Inquire If You Are Well ? ”

“ ..... Oh, oh no. I- I should have cautioned them, I should have cautioned him! I should've stayed in Derse. I should have stayed. I... I. ” 

You start weeping unconsciously.

“ Rose, Rose, Please Calm Yourself. ”

“ I shouldn't have been so selfish to persue academics and stayed with them. Maybe if I did we could have prevented this. Maybe... maybe. ” You clench your fists, oh you are mad, very mad.

Kanaya looks at you distressingly. “ Oh, Rose. It's Not Your Fault. ”

“ But it is, if i had stayed this could have gone differently. My uncle would not be deceased. My cousins wouldn't be in trouble and my sister would not a fugitive. ”

“ Rose... ” She sighs. “ If You Had Stayed, You Could Have Died. Think About It, I Don't Think Your Sister Would Not Have Wanted Now Would She ? ”

You gaze at her, then gaze at the ground afterwards. “ She would have not. But  I must look for her ! ”

“ No Buts You Are As Safe As Can Be. Your Sister Needn't Worry For Your Safety Of You Stay Here. ”

“ But she is my sister, I want to be by her side and help her. Please, Kanaya, I need to look for her. ”

“ If You Leave Derse Would Be Alerted Of Your Departure And Go After You. ”

“  Then I shall go alone me, I will leave this kingdom and go on a quest to search for my family. ”

“ One That Will Be Treacherous And Unpredictable, You Will Be In Need Of Assistance So I Shall Come Along. ”

“ What ! Kanaya, no ! You are needed here. You're an important member of this kingdom. ”

“ Nonsense, I Am Needed When I Am. But Now I Am Not Needed By Anyone But You. If You Are To Leave Alone, You Will Perish. You Don't Have Any Sort Of Proper Survival Skills. Do You Know How To Cook ? How To Bandage Wounds ? How To Search For Fresh Water ? ”

You're quiet. “ Well, I can defend myself with my magic and weaponry. ”

“ Rose, You Only Have A Limited Supply Of Magic And Weapons Can Go Dull. Please Rose, Let Me Come Along I Know How To Sneak Us Out of Here.  ”

“ You do ? ”

“ Well, Uhh Of Course I Do, I Have Left The Kingdom Before. ”

You think of the outcomes. It won't be that bad if she came along with you. It would increase both your survival chances as well as chances of finding your family.

Suddenly the study room door opens. And a lady with dark orange-bronze hair wearing a seer apprentice robes falls onto the floor.

“ Terezi, what are you doing here ? ” You ask.

“ Were You Eavesdropping On Us ? ” Kanaya speaks after.


Oh no, what do we do now. “ Terezi, we can explain... ” 


“ Please, don't tell his majesty... Wait, what ? You're not going to report us ? ”


“ Terezi, Why Would You Want To Leave ? You Could Live Out Your Days Peacefully Here. ”


Kanaya closes the door before anyone you heard that.

“ Terezi, Could You Please Keep It Down. We Wouldn't Want Anyone else Finding Out About Our Plans. ”

“ Also if You want to join us, please keep your mouth closed. ”


“ You do ? That's great. It'll be good to have assistance  to escape this kingdom. ” Well this ain't that bad, I think.



Be the blind seer apprentice at the present.


You are Terezi Pyrope at the moment. You are a seer's apprentice just like your colleague, Rose Lalonde.

You first met her when she came to Prospit due to her seer gift.You two tolerate each other's existence. She even helped you with a prank once which got her on your good side.

You've always wanted to be a knight like your sister and your best friend, Karkat. But when your abilities came in, you had to be a seer and study to be one.

Today's the day, the day we get out of this boring old dump and finally be free.

After attending the classes, you go to the academy's gates to meet a friend of yours during lunch hours.

You see her chatting with on of the guards patrolling the entrance.


“ Oh, come on. Gimme me a 8reak here, I've got someone to see and it's reaaaaaaaalllllllly important. Oh, there she is coming here now. ”


They nod and leave . 

“ Toodalo, 8itches. Well I didn't know you could do that. ”

“ :::::::) ”


“ Duh, of course. Can't let you escape here without my assistance 8ut my help 8n't for free, you know. ”

“ ::::;) ”

“Y34 Y34, H3R3S TH3 C4SH NOW H4ND M3 TH3 GOODS.  ”

You pay her some of your allowance and she hands you the bag of essential supplies.

“ Good luck, I'll be w8ting for you 8y the wall. ”

She leaves. You get back into the academy hiding the items under your robes. You attend the rest of the lessons for the day.


Evening comes.


You meet up with Rose and Kanaya Maryam, a royal seamstress of the castle. She tends to visit the academy to help sew up our torn robes from time to time.

You bring along the goods for your escape. You open up the bag to find some sturdy rope, two guard disguises, three cloak hoods and magic scrolls including the bag itself.



“ Yes, We Have. Have You Gotten Brought Along What Is Needed ? ”


“ We do, now shall we commence. ”

You nod. You put your belongings into the bag. Rose puts her satchel into the bag as well. Kanaya holds into it.

You and Rose change into the disguises and hide your robes in the bag.

Rose holds the scroll points her wand at you and recites the scroll.

“ { Ambobus placitum eandem formas in Regno praesidia auream } ”

Magic swirls all around the both of you. You both look like guards of the academy.

Kanaya puts on a cloak.

“ Wow, You Both Really Convincing. ”


“ I must agree, we do sound quite similar but the spell will only last so long. So we need to hurry up. ”

You nod and put on the helmet. Kanaya puts on the bag and you two pretend to be guards escorting her.

You stay quiet as you escort her. You reach the gates. 

“ What is th€ purpos€ of you b€ing h€r, lady Kanaya ¿ ”

“ There is No Need For Worry, They Are Just Accompanying Me Home. There Have Been Quite A Few Robberies Lately. ”

She smiles hiding her unease.

They inspect both you and Rose. You stay as still as possible and try not to blurt out anything. 

“ whAt's in the bAg my lAdy ? ”

“ Just Some Robes To Bring Home To Patch Up ”

They look at each other the stand back.

“ you mAy pAss, lAdy KAnAyA. ”

You both go along with her. 

One of the guards stop you. 

“ Wait you look v€rry familiar.  Wait I r€m€mb€r you.”

“ YOU DO ??  ” You gulp.

“ Ar€n't you that guard who mad€ a m€ss in the cant€€n once ¿ ”


“ d4mn, i remember th4t it was such 4 mess but i h4d quite 4 l4ugh i forgot 4bout everything else.  ”

“ Y€ah, I know right it was ridiculous. R€m€mb€ring it mak€s m€ so giddy. ”

“ s4me here. ”

They start chatting as you sneak away.

“ Phew that was way to close. ”

“ I Would Agree. Terezi, Where Did You Say Your Friend Will Meet Us ? ”


You hurry to the wall and standing there is Vriska Serket, the sister of the missing Aranea Serket and the lady who'll get us outta here.

Kanaya looks at her and snarls.



Be Kanaya Maryam at the moment.


You are Kanaya Maryam and right in front of you is your ex lover, Vriska Serket. 

Rose goes forwards and speak to Vriska

You stay quiet. You lean towards Terezi and whisper,

“ Why Is She Here ? ”


She's whispers back.

“ Well, Why Can't We Ask Someone Else, Please ? ”


“ Well, Terezi If You Must Know. Vriska And I Have And Uneasy History With Each Other. ”


Rose and Vriska look at you. 

“ Are you doing well, lady I mean Kanaya ? ”

“ W8t, Kanaya ? Oh ho ho ho, it has 8een a long time, Kanaya Maryam. ”

“ ::::::::) ”

“ Yes, It Has Been Quite A Time Since We Have Seen Each Other Last. ”

“ Kanaya, you know each other ? ”

“ Well, Long Story Short. She's My Ex. ”

“ Wait, you dated her. I what, when, how and just why ?!? ”

“ Yes Yes, I Know I Dated An Outlaw But She Didn't Used To Be One. Right Now That Doesn't Matter, We Need To Escape from Here. Now Vriska Do You Know How To Help Us Or Not ?  ”

“ Well off course, that's why I'm here. Now, you all follow me I'll get us outta here. Come one quickly. ::::;) ”

You follow though you're still suspicious of her. It's been a while since you saw her. 

You remember when you saw her last. It was her mother's funeral. The great sea general, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang had passed away during a crusade out far from Prospit's seas seeking treasure. Her sister, Aranea was scarred quite badly from her death. Vriska suffered worse. This was while you two were a couple, Vriska had shut you out after the funeral. Days later, she ran away and had left a letter addressed to her sister and you. She had ran away not wanting to face what happened. The letter addressed to you was a break up letter. She never did liked you or even really loved you at all, she had just dated you just for the fun of it. Reading that letter made you despise her for playing with your heart for so long. You promised to yourself if you ever seen her again you wouldn't forgive her for what she'd done. 

But Now She Is Here, Should You Make Her Suffer For What She Did. You Don't Really Know Anymore. That Relationship Ended 3 Years Ago. Furthermore, She's Helping You Get Out Of Here. 

“ Kanaya. ”

“ Kanaaaaaaaaya ! ”

“ K4N4Y4 !!! ”

“ KAN4YA !! ”

You look at all three of them staring at you.

“ Kanaya, would please you get down. ” Rose says.

“ Oh Yes, Of Course. ” You get off the wall using the rope provided. 

You land on the ground outside the kingdom. 

You look at the ground. Wow, Its Been So Long Since You Were Out Here. You've Spent So Much Time In The Castle You've Forgotten The smell Of Grass, The Wind Blowing Through Your Hair, Leaves Falling All Around You. This Feels Nice, It Feels Familiar Somehow.

You are handed your items as Rose gets hers. You brought along your lipstick which had been enchanted with the ability to turn into a saw, some sewing supplies, money, some packages food and bottles water.

“ Well Thank You, Vriska For Helping Us Out. ”

“ Yes, thank you. Let's go, Terezi. ”

“ W8t a minute, stop right there. ”

Vriska shouts as you and Rose walk away

“ What Is It Now ? ”

“ Didn't you tell them, Terezi ? ”

“ Tell us what ? Terezi what did you leave out ? ”


“ I'm coming along with your little charade. ::::::::) ”

“ What ! ” You both exclaim.

“ 8e happy that my schedule is empty for me to even come along with you all. ”

“ Well, I don't care about whatever nonsense you have. We need to be going off now to search for my sister or we'll be caught. Now, let's depart. ”

We go off into the thick woods beyond the kingdom.

Chapter Text

Be Karkat once again in the hours in the past.


You walked into the castle. The servants all whispers to each other as they see you. You make your way to the throne room. You knock on the door.


You peek inside. You see Eridan arguing with someone. They are large and tall, covered in armour and brandishing a cape with a spiked collar. They have a pair of scars across their face. They seem enraged and yell at Eridan constantly. Eridan tries to reason with the man. He then smack Eridan across his face. Eridan falls to the ground with a painful bruise on his cheek. He seems to have a black eye as well. 

“ Don't you dare speak back to me boy. ”

The man grabs him by the collar and snarls at him bearing his large gold fanged teeth.

“ You are such brat, maybe I should punish you right now. ”

Eridan shakes his head frightened. “ No, no, no, father please I beg of you. ”

“ If you really wwant to be my successor but you must provve it ! Find that Strider and kill him if it's the last thing you do ! ”

He lets him go but suddenly grabs his scarf.

“ Actually, scratch that. I need to let off some steam noww. ”

You see Eridan dread as he tries to run but his father grabs his scarf pulling him back.

You hide behind the door. You quickly run. HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. You pant as you reached outside. Maybe you should do something else first.



Be Past Eridan at that time.


You are currently Eridan Ampora and you don't like what you have to do next, no you despise on what is about to happen.

Your father, King Dualscar pulls you towards him. You cough and plead with him. 

He snarls at you and says.

“ This is all on you, if you had done a better job at disposing them. I wouldn't be this riled up now- ”

He pulls down his pants. His dick spring out and pulls your face to it. It's huge, it's so bi-

“Now suck. You like men, don't you ? ”

How is it going to fit, will it hurt, please stop, please, please stop. You start tearing up.

“ Stop bein such a wimp and suck it, you brat. ”

He smacks you again. It's hurts, so much, so fuckin much. Tears roll down your cheek.

You start to lick it. You go from the base to the tip. You suck on the sides. Then continue licking it.

He snarls again. You sit up and suck on the tip. Your tongue goes under the foreskin. You hate this. You hate this. You hate this. You hate this so vvery much. 

You push it into you as you continue to suck. You bob your head slightly. It's too big to fit in your mouth. It's too big. It's too big.

He forcefully pushes your head down. It fills your mouth and reaches down into your throat. It hurt, it hurts so much. You want to get it out of your mouth but if you do he'll hit you again.

You are gagging on it. It's so deep, you start crying even more. 

“ Stop cryin you baby and start suckin. ”

You look at them start bobbing your head. It's slow and painful and you do it. He grabs you head. You shiver. No, no, no ,no, please no. 

“ Tch, you're too sloww, brat. I havve to do evverythin myself don't I. ”

He grabs your hair as he viciously bobs your head on it. He does it so fast it hurts. He continues to angrily force you head to suck it faster and faster. 

His pace quicken. It gets stiffer. It goes in deeper. Oh no, oh no, no, oh no, not again, please not again.

You grab onto the throne. Your nail dig into the steel. You try to push him away and it out of your mouth but he keeps you close to him. He fiercely forces your head down making it deepen into your throat. He ejaculates into you. It's goes down your throat as it fill you up. It fills you from your throat all the way, filling every nook and cranny of your mouth.

You push yourself away and fall to the floor. When you're about to spit it out he grabs you by the mouth and squeezes your filled cheeks. It's leaks out of your mouth

“ Swallow it or you are licking it off the floor. ” He commands. You do as you're told. He lets go. You fall.

You cough and gag. You hate this. You hate this. You hate him. You pant heavily. You feel so dirty. You look to the ground as he gets up.

He snarls. “ You really are such a whore. I take it you learned your lesson, slut. Now-”

He pulls your hair to face him. “Get it done, Eridan. Find the Striders and execute them or I'll punish you again. ” He lets go. You cough more. 

He leaves the room. You grip onto the carpet. Feferi comes into the room. She helps you up as she sees you in the state you are in. You hug her then get up. She caresses your swollen cheeks.

You stand up rubbing your cheek. You pushes her away.

“ ---Eridan w)(at are you doing ? Your father just hurt you again. You need to rest and recover. ”

“ I'll go and givve out the orders to hunt down the Striders. ” You get up and brush yourself. 

“ ---Eridan, no, don't you're injured. ---Eridan no please don't push yourself. ---Eridan ---Eridan ---ERIDAN ! ” She calls for you to stay put. You walk out of the room. 

As you do, you see Sollux by the door. He looks concerned.

“ Maybe you 2hould liisten to her command. You just got 'puniished' by your father. IIt'2 better iif you rest fiir2t before doiing anythiing beforehand. ”

You look at him then turn away. You walk down the hall. Feferi goes after you and stands by the door next to Sollux.


Be the past Karkat an hour later.


You are Karkat once again. You walk around the kingdom. It's much more dull and gloomy since the last time you were here. 

You see picket of guard go into the forest along with a number of mages.

You trail after them. They go to many villages outside the castle walls and interrogate the people within.

It pains you to see how these guards treat the folk living in those villages.

You decide on stopping them before they harm anymore of the innocent.

You go ahead towards a village. Where you encounter the guards once again. You stop them in front of a cottage.


They look at you. “ We are ju5t doing out job leave u5 be, knight ” One of them say.


They come at you charging their swords towards you.

You start apprehending them. You hit one of them over the head with the back of your sickle before you dodge an attack from another guard.

Magic is fired at you, you pull a guard in front of you and use him to block the blow. You knee the mage in the stomach and slice the muscle of a guards knee.

You punch a mage in the face and a guard swings their sword in your face and cuts your nose. You cut them with your sickle as another hits you in the back knee as well as over the head

You fall to the ground kneeling. You get punched right in the nose. It bleeds. He kicks you in the shin as you try get your other sickle out.

You growl at them. You get it and stabing him square in the abdomen after. A spell graces past you. Your cheek bleeds. You chuck your sickle at them. You get hit by a guard in the shoulder. You grab their wrist and smack them. 

You go after the mage who cast spells onto you. You armour is magic resistant so it doesn't do much. They shoot a spell that knocks you back.

A guard runs at you punch 'em. You then throw your sickle at the mage behind them before stabing guard in the chest. You pulls it out as bloods pours out of the both them.

You're covered in quite a lot of it too. You knock on the door of the cottage.

You are surprised to see the rouge whom kidnapped Dave from his execution along with a young lady.

“ Who are you ?! ” The rogue voices aiming her crossbow at you.

You see Dave in the cottage with her. 

“ DAVE ? ” You ask. He looks at you.

“ karkat, is that you ? holy shit, what happened too you ” He says.

“ So this is Karkat, huh... ” The rogue says, looking at you suspiciously.


“ im sure youve got lots of questions... ”


“ hey dude it wasnt my fault. the amporas started the coup and we were helpless. we couldn't do nothing we had our hand tied, our best option was to flee. I tried my best but it wasn't enough. it's never enough. ”

You're quiet. 

“ Uhmm will yoU be coming in or ill yoU jUst stand at the door ? ” says the young lady wearing an apron and holding a teacup.

“ OH, UHH I OKAY. ” You walk into the cottage.



Be the present young huntress in the kingdom of Derse.


You are youngest Leijon of the Leijon huntress nobles, Nepeta Leijon. You had an older sister but she got married to a noble in Prospit. 

You had just witnessed another execution of guards whom failed to execute the prince's orders.

You watched your closest friend, Equius Zahhak behead the guards. It surely must pain him to do such horrific actions.

You approach him after the event in the guards station in front of the castle walls.

“ :33 < *ac sneakily approaches her meowrail and readies herself* ”

“ D --> Nepeta, i have no time with your f001ishness. ”

“ :33 < *ac pouts and droops her ears* Equius you have b33n so busssyyy. You don't spend any time with me anymore. Can't you at least rolepurrlay with me ? ”

“ D --> Nepeta, I need to arrange a battalion to scout for the Striders. I cannot participate in your shenanigans. I will join next time, okay ? ”

“ :33 < But Equius, you said that last time and the time before. More over I hardly ever see you go home either, you shouldn't be over working yourself. I'm fine with you not spending time with me but meowrail you are risking yourself for yourr occupation. ”

He's silent. “ D --> Nepeta, you must understand, I'm doing this for the sake of the kingdom. ” He leaves the station.

“ :33 < *ac sighs and waves her meowrail goodbye* ”

You weak out of the station. You see snowflakes fall before your eyes. It snowing. 

You journey back home while glancing at the snowfall. You notice many kittens (kids) playing in the snow. You reminisce the times you would play with Equius in the snow along with the other noble children.

You reach back home. You live in a mansion close to Equius' household. You see one of the servants of your house chatting with a guard.

They see you approaching and now.

“ oh, greetings m'lady. ”

“ g{o}{o}d day lady Leijon. ”

“ :33 < Hi Anna. Hi Charlz. ”

“ oh, looks like m'lady is in a bad mood. i have to go. see you later, Charlz. ”

“ see y{o}u Anna. ”

You sloppily walk into the hall and sigh.

“ m'lady what's wrong ? Did you manage to talk to sor Equius ? ”

You shake your head. “ :33 < i did but not long. ”

You go into your bedroom and lock the door behind you. You walk to the balcony. There's snow everywhere. 

“ :33 < *ac wishes everything will go back to normal* ”