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The dawn to a new era , let blood and passion reign.

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( This is an au based of My friend the frog and egosweetheart. Credit to them for the concept as well as world building. )

Long ago far away, there were two kingdoms.

One was situated high in the mountains surrounded by acres of deep forest full of wild and/or magical beasts.This kingdom was famed for their fearless and renowned military, skilled yet mighty mages, able to to shoot lightning from their fingertips, academies for powerful conjurers, skilled guards and squires, bountiful resources of precious metals and ores. The buildings including the gigantic alluring castle are all built out of these ores that give off an amethyst complexion. The occupants of this here kingdom live as guards, miners and mages. Though this kingdom may seem astonishing, the citizens live bitter as well as desolate lives worked to near death mining and worked by the ruling class.

The name of this kingdom is Derse. And at their heart of this kingdom is its royal family, the Striders. The kingdom was formed by the praised first king of Derse, King David Elizabeth Strider the first and his brother, Prince Richard Broderick Strider. King David and his brother ruled along with his two skillful nephews and his brilliant nieces, the sons and daughters of Prince Richard's and David's sister, the noteworthy and infamous rogue, Roanne Narine Lalonde.

Now further away, by the sea, is a kingdom that glows in the sun, prosperous and golden.

The name of this kingdom is Prospit. 

The kingdom is filled with fields of grains, fruits and vegetables, seas of fish and creatures, busy markets full of merchants, farmers and fishermen selling their produce. And most notably the castle refined with the most intricate of details and appears as if it glows like sunlight. The people here are bright and optimistic.

This kingdom was brought here by the charismatic King Jacob Hope Harley, leading his people to here through a  desert. He promised for as long as his family rules the kingdom, that it would grow prosperous and opportunistic by the generations.

The royal family, consisted of King Jacob, his wife, the Beloved Queen Janelle, his son, his daughter, his sister, the famous batter witch, Jacqueline Crocker, famous for her baking skills and his niece and nephews.

These two kingdoms lived within proximity of each other. They would often argue and myriad of disagreements emerged between each other. Soon enough, a war broke out between the kingdoms that lasted decades.

There were many casualties and blood spilled endlessly. The two kingdoms received the great of losses. 

After fighting so long, Derse lost its first king. King David passes away from substantial injuries sustained during the war. With his death, his brother was crowned king as King David had no children. Roanne Lalonde died next after succeeding in a secret mission by King David.

Prospit also had their fair share of losses. The king's beloved wife passed away after being poisoned by Roanne, his sister passed away from a disease after helping to treat wounds in the barracks. King Jacob took in his niece and nephew into his family in remeberance of his dear sister.

Even though, King Richard was never as praised and adored as his brother . He strived to be better than his brother ever had been. And so, he proposed a treaty between the kingdoms to prevent further bloodshed. 

King Jacob as he has just lost his wife agreed to the treaty. They soon discussed on when and where the treaty would be signed. 

Days before the treaty was signed, King Jacob asked why he proposed the treaty, because Derse had the manpower to win the war and seige Prospit. King Richard replied saying that he wanted to fulfill his brother's dying wish of seeing the war end and the two kingdoms in peace. King Jacob nodded his head saying that it was his wife's dying wish as well.

 The treaty was signed that the two kingdoms would maintain peace and trade between each other. Conditions were made and agreed upon and so the treaty was signed. One of the conditions laid said a meeting will be help every five years in one of the kingdoms to discuss on their situations to see if assistance was ever need by each other. 

During the second meeting, one of the members of the Dersesite court, the esteemed handmaiden proposed to the kings that they should arranged the two eldest princes of their respective kingdom's royal families to a diplomatic marriage. Everyone in the meeting approved of this except a noble of the Prospitian court, the Signless. He said that the marriage was too dangerous and that the death of one of the princes will be imminent if they were to advance with the arangement. Everyone ignored his warning and proceeded with the arrangement.

Thus, the eldest Prince of Derse and the eldest prince of Prospit will be married when they come of age to keep the peace between the kingdoms.

When the eldest prince of Prospit was ten, an incident occurred, resulting in the death of the young prince. Prospit mourned at the death of their prince for days. King Jacob inevitably had to crown his nephew his heir as his daughter was too young to be his heir.

King Jacob was surprised by the Signless' prediction and asked him how he knew. He told the King that he had the ability to foresee futures. The king gave him a high position in court, making him the first venerable high seer of the Prospitian court.

After the knowledge of the prince's death, King Richard had the hand maiden's family was abashed.

As the years went by, the citizens of Derse were more and more miserable. Individuals forced to steal or beg for a living. Many worked in the mines receiving minimal wages. King Richard had been corrupt by the words of the court and nobility, and thus lost his ideals to better the kingdom. King Richard looking a blind eye towards the residents of his kingdom, held extravagant tournaments in the colosseum. The people soon lost their trust in the royal family and conspired to overthrow them.

A revolution was boiling in Derse. This caught the attention of the nobility who were greedy and wanted more power. They took the opportunity and aided the rebels with promise of embetterment of the kingdom. With the help of the nobles, especially the militarian Amporas and the high ranking Peixes, the Strider royal family was overthrown.

King Richard's eldest son fled into the forest as his second child and him stalled the guards pursuing them.

His older niece flees along with him but was separated.

His younger niece is stuck in Prospit due to her seer academics.

The Amporas have King Richard executed and his second son is next. 

The eldest prince is chased by guards and grievously injured

A Hunter goes through the forest feeling like he's going to get a good hunt today.