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Deep regrets, pain, and despair of the different peoples gave them a second chance to mend what was broken, which could have gone differently.
When Cangse Sanren and Wei Changze left Wei Ying near the tree shade they never knew that they would never be able to see their baby boy and a deep sense of regret crawled to their mind.

Madam Lan remembered her little babies and how they would be sad without being able to see her. a-Chen would try to be strong for hid didi and how a-Zhan would be sad and blame himself.
   Qingheng-Jun was filled with anger at himself and deep regret about cloud recess burning, His love dying his poor brother and his two sons. Jiang Fengmian thought that how much he regretted not telling Ziyuan how he felt about her and not appreciating a-Cheng more.
    Yu Ziyuan remembered the first time she saw Fengmian and fell in love with him, she regretted not being a loveable mother for Her a-cheng and a-li and how she should have appreciated CangseSanren’s son a bit more.
   Zixuan remembered a-li and a-ling and how he should have treated her right and with more respect.
    Wen Qing was worried about her brother and THE Dafan Wens, and what they would do.
    Wen Ruohan wanted to just love him but his anger and over-ambition got to him, he remembered how he always forbade him from doing something stupid and he just wanted a second chance with him.

Jin Guangyao no Meng Yao yes Meng Yao regretted betraying Xichen, betraying Nie Mingjue, betraying the whole cultivation world.

Lan Xichen felt like he was not worthy of being the sect leader, he was not able to help his brother, blinded by lies, only believing that one person. It was hard for him to imagine that a-Yao would betray him like that, if only he paid a bit more attention, if only...

Huaisang never saw his parents, never knew them, his Da-ge was his only parent, but losing Da-ge made him see the world in a different light. he was able to get his revenge but he never got his Da-ge back.

Mingjue felt like he was unable at doing the things he wanted to do, he left Huaisang in that world alone, where that treacherous snake lives, what would happen to the sect?


Countless emotion and regret and pain gave way to a second chance for them to do something right.


Wei Ying didn’t know how much time went by, even where he was but a sharp light and a voice he didn’t hear for a long time made him open his eyes,’ is this heaven or hell’ he thought, then he looked at his side and saw his mama sitting there, he couldn’t believe himself, he thought he was dreaming but he heard “baobei we are here now, no worries, no one will hurt you, dogs can’t touch you, we are so sorry my Lil bunny.”
He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

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Wei Ying found himself back in the time when he lost his parents, does this mean that it is some cruel god's idea to punish him by making him relive all those memories. He is sure that this is a punishment for him, for all those deaths of the innocent people, his shijie’s death, lotus pier burning, uncle Jiang and madam Yu dying.

He was deep in his thoughts suddenly he heard his mama say,” We are here for the second time and we can’t let a-ying be raised by that horrible woman and that farce of a sect leader. Yu Ziyuan would not whip him this time around.”

“Yes, my lady we will make sure that our sweet bunny is happy and content this time around.”

Did he transmigrate in the past? This must be a chance for him to change the events. He was so happy to have his parents back.

But does that mean they also transmigrated with him? He was unable to express his emotion and just hugged his parents tightly.‘’Aww, baobei we are here with you.”

Lan Zhan finds himself in a place which he was very familiar with ‘the gentian house’, once considered as a glorified prison for his mother and alter her death bed.

But he found himself in his 5-year-old body, which means his mother is still alive, he can still see his mother. “Oh, Wangji you are awake now I was scared for you baobei, it looks like I need to talk to Qiren about the punishments for young disciples, don’t worry anymore, just rest ok baby. I will play the guqin for you.”

Soon the whole house was filled with only the soft melodious sounds coming from the guqin, Wangji remembered this incident well, one of the clan elders punished him for insisting to visit his mother on a normal day, instead of the fixed day.

He was punished with 30 strikes of the discipline plank, he remembered being sick, but he didn’t remember his mother ever saying that she will talk with uncle or anyone else regarding any matter.

Heavens must have granted him a second chance to protect those people that he loved and he will make sure of that.

“Husband we must go to cloud recess, the first time we were traveling that’s why we didn’t know about what that Lan clan has done to poor a-Feng .”

“I know wifey but what can we do?” “We can use the truth spell to know what happened, and I don’t want a-Ying’s future husband that poor boy to suffer so much.”

‘’So, cloud recess it is then. After a-Ying wakes up we will start our journey to cloud recess.”

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After Wei Ying woke up, the family of three started traveling for the cloud recess.
They traveled with a donkey, laughing at the jokes that Cangse Sanren cracked, eating at restaurants along the way. At last, they were at cloud recess, it was the season of winter, the whole cloud recess was filled with snow and the plum blossom added to the serene beauty of the cloud recess.

Looking at the gates of cloud recess Wei Ying was suddenly hit by a plethora of memories, meeting his Lan Zhan for the first time, sparring with him, the time they spent at the library pavilion, meeting Wen Qing and Wen Ning for the first time, his baby a-Yuan. He has lost all of them just because of his naiveness and stupidity. But he recalled that the heavens granted him a second chance and this time he is not losing that chance he will start from making friends with Lsn Zhan.

Lan Zhan must be sad because of not being able to visit his mother when he wanted to and he will make sure that his er-gege is happy.
Noticing that Wei Ying was silent,  Wei Chǎngzé said a-Ying this is Cloud Recess the place where mama and I studied, let’s go a-Ying ok. We are here with you. Don’t be scared okay bunny.

Qingheng-Jun woke up in his quarters in pain, he remembered losing his energy little by little and leaving this world but then he saw what happened after his death. How Wangji and Xichen suffered, and suddenly he was in his quarters. He woke up and went to the mirror that he had in his room. He was in quite a shock to see himself at least fifteen years younger. This might be some sort of time travel array's work,
But he made up his mind, he will protect his sons at any cost, this time.

After coming back to the past Lan Zhan tried to visit his mother but to no avail as the elders always restained him.
One day Madam Lan requested a meeting with Lan Qiren the acting sect leader.
“You requested a meeting Madam Lan?” Lan Qiren inquired.
“Yes, I called for a meeting to talk about a-Zhan and a-Chen.”
“Who are you calling a-Zhan and a-Chen Liu Meirong, you lost the right to call them or brother with familiarity when you killed the elder.”
“I have not killed him for reason and you Lan clan never tried to listen to my explanation, but I will not let you treat my sons like that ever.”
“My brother married you and put you in seclusion and saved you from your necessary punishment. And you want to corrupt your sons?”
“You are tearing apart a mother from her children, is that not a crime.” Liu Meirong retorted back.
“What can I do as an acting sect leader, you can’t even bring brother out of seclusion Madam Lan, dare I say.” Lan Qiren exclaimed.
Before Madam Lan can say anything a knock was heard on the door of the gentian house, “come in” Lan Qiren said.

“Shifu, Cangse Sanren, and her husband Wei Chǎngzé are asking for an audience with you.”

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“What is that despicable woman doing here, whatever send them in.” Lan Qiren said to the disciple.
“We will talk later madam Lan”, with that being said he left the gentian house.
“Looks like a-Se is here.” Madam Lan muttered to herself.
The Wei family was sitting in the guest pavilion.
“Hello Qiren-Xiong, I hope you are well.” Wei Chǎngzé greeted.
“Yes, I am okay, I hope you are also safe and sound, but what is the reason for your sudden visit to the cloud recess?” the older man inquired.
“Let’s cut straight to the reason then shall we?, I heard the situation with Feng Jie and Zhuang-Xiong. Did you think that Feng Jie would ever do something like that?!” Cangse Sanren exclaimed with visible anger on her face.
“This does not concern you so I would expect Wei furen not to interfere with the internal matters of Lan sect.” Lan Qiren said with a sense of authority.
“Okay, as a disciple of esteemed immortal Baoshan Sanren and a friend of Liu Meirong, I demand a second immediate judgment.” Cangse Sanren replied back.
“Listen to me a-Se let us come down and talk peacefully with each other.” Wei Chǎngzé tried to meditate between both Cangse Sanren and Lan Qiren.
“So, you demand a second judgment, how will you prove Liu Meirong innocent?” Lan Qiren inquired.
“I have ways, so call your esteemed elders Qiren-Xiong.” Cangse Sanren replied with smugness on her face.”

Without the elders noticing Wei Ying left the room and started wondering if he can find Lan Zhan.
As he was roaming the back mountains suddenly he saw two small rabbits, the ones he gave to Lan Zhan as a gift.
What surprised him that someone was sitting there petting those rabbits. He wondered which Lan disciple had that much guts to break a rule.
Suddenly that disciple turned around and Wei Ying was shocked to see who it was.
“Lan Zhan!?”
“Wei Ying…”

The thirty-three elders were called and Cangse Sanren told them about a spell of Cangse Sanren which helped in knowing the truth.
“So, to use this spell we need both the help of spiritual energy and talisman, first we need to take a little bit of blood from the accused person and write the characters of truth and invoke it with a bit of spiritual energy. If the characters turn into a blue glow and disappear then the accused is saying the truth but if the talisman starts burning then they are lying.” Cangse Sanren finished explaining the mechanism of the spell.
“How do we know you are saying the truth and not making up something to help your friend?” one of the disciples asked.
“You are accusing me of lying about my master! Ask any of the disciple or former disciple or check the records you will see the usage of this spell.” Cangse Sanren replied wiith a heat in her voice.
After checking the records, they found this spell used in the past in complicated cases, where there was no witness, so they agreed to use the spell.
A servant called Madam Lan to come to the hall of virtue so she can testify.
Madam Lan was surprised to see her old friend there, after Cangse Sanren told her about it, she replied,” I will testify but will you all be able to accept it?”
“We will accept anything if you tell the truth.” Lan Qiren assured her.
Madam Lan started to explain to them about the fateful day.

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After a bit of blood was poured into the talisman paper, madam Lan started to explain what happened on that fateful day.
Liu Meirong with her friends was visiting the cloud recess for the Lan sect lectures, they were essentially a group of rogue cultivators. As they were not from any specific sect, not many rules were controlling them, they were also given permission to go outside and visiting the towns.
For this reason, they went to Caiyi town that day, when returning one of her shidis asked her “Where is Bai Chen Jie ?”
Bai Chen was the first person she befriended, she was the most naïve and innocent person she ever met.
At this time the group of teenagers started to look for her. The afternoon was long gone and the night was coming quickly. Suddenly she heard a scream from the forests surrounding Gusu.
When she followed the scream, what she witnessed was enough to shock her to her core.
Bai Chen was trembling under one of the teachers that taught them. He paid no mind to the helpless screams coming from the sweet girl until she took out her sword and committed suicide. It was teacher Lan Song.
She didn’t know what to do to help Bai Chen. Suddenly her hands went to her sword and in the blink of an eye, her sword went through the man they called teacher.
And at that time Qingheng-Jun and other disciples came to find the source of the commotion happening.
After that incident what happened is known by the whole cultivation world. Liu Meirong killed teacher Lan Song and another disciple committed suicide not being able to witness that crime. Qinheng-Jun married her and locked her in the gentian house and went into seclusion himself.
All the elders were shocked as this story told an atrocious crime done by a Lan clan teacher.
Lan Qiren himself was in shock, still poured his spiritual energy into that talisman and the characters of truth written on the talisman started to glow blue and it proved that whatever Madam Lan said was the truth, and she and Qingheng-Jun were punished for no reason.
“See I told you Qiren-Xiong, Feng Jie will never do something like that and this does mean that she should be relieved from her punishment, and Qingheng-Jun should come out of seclusion and take sect matters into his own hands.” Cangse Sanren told to Lan Qiren.
Remembering those painful memories Madam Lan couldn’t help but think if she was able to act faster if all of that could have been avoided.
Suddenly a voice was heard from the outside, it was of Qingheng-Jun.


“Lan Zhan, how are you able to remember me? We didn’t meet before this did we?”
“No, but will find Wei Ying anywhere.”
“Aiyah, Lan Zhan warn me, before saying those words I have a weak heart.” Five-year-old Wei Ying teased the young Lan boy.
Lan Zhan’s whole ear turned a bright shade of red.
“Look at you gege playing with bunnies here, whereas I thought you didn’t play with pets, huh.”
“Reminded of Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan replied with a small pout.
This action sent a pang of emotion to Wei Ying, he hugged the other boy and said,” I am here now Lan-er-gege.”
“Did we transmigrated into the past?”
“Mn looks like.” The other boy replied.
“This must be a second chance huh gege.”
“Mn will keep Wei Ying safe.”

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After learning everything Qingheng-Jun was so angry at himself for not seeing things as they were and accusing a-Feng of committing such a crime.
He ordered the investigation all the people who were involved with the case.
“Aiyah where’s a-Ying I can’t find him.” Cangse Sanren suddenly exclaimed.
“Yes where did he go, he doesn’t even know anyone here.” Wei Chǎngzé replied.
“Where would he go a-Ze?” Cangse Sanren asked her husband worriedly.
“Look for him,” Qingheng-Jun ordered the disciples.
“Also I haven’t seen Wangji too, so they may have met each other,” Qingheng-Jun said.
They started looking for the children.
Madam Lan also joined the search as she was free of any charges.
She found them cuddled together at the back mountains, she was just about to call the others when they reached the place.
“Aww is that Wei Ying and second young master Lan? “ Cangse Sanren cooed at the children.
“They look so cute.” Madam Lan replied.
Hearing the voices both the boys turned back, Lan Wangji’s ear was as red as a strawberry.
Wei Ying flashed them a brilliant smile which can lighten up a whole room.
As they were found Qingheng-Jun ordered the disciples to resume their works.
A thought came to Qingheng-Jun’s mind, so he said, “Let us go back to the guest quarters and catch up.
When they entered the room Qingheng-Jun used a spell to seal the quarters and the room so nobody would be able to know what was spoken in this room.
“So, in all seriousness, I am going to say something if you know what happened to say yes, do not lie if you don’t know it. No words before this.” Qingheng-Jun said with a seriousness in his voice and face.
“Nightless city, Stygian tiger amulet.”
Wei Ying visibly shuddered and said “Yes.”
Lan Wangji tightly took hold of Wei Ying’s hand and said, “Yes”.
All of the people in the room knew what those words meant, it meant the destruction of Wen Clan, Wen RUohan’s cruel ways, Wei Ying using demonic cultivation, and his fall.
“So, these prove my theory of time travel,” Qingheng-Jun said.
“We have to prepare beforehand to protect everyone, for these we need the help of other sects. But I am not sure about the Jin sect.” Wei Ying replied.
“Yes, I also thought that.” Cangse sanren replied.”
“I need to stay here to protect the Yin Irin piece or destroy it, with one piece destroyed the Yin Iron would be weak. From then on we need to find other pieces and destroy them too.” Wei Ying said.
“Mn.” Lan Zhan replied.
“But how would we cover the reason for our and a-Ying’s stay?” Wei Chǎngzé questioned.
“I have an idea if the children agree to it we can do that.” Madam Lan replied.

The last thing Lan Xichen remembered was a-Yao had died and the entire Guanyin temple had been destroyed.
He woke up in a room which looks like Hanshi, Wangji, and Wei Wuxian must have brought him back. But what surprised him the most is he was back in his 13 years old body. This must be an illusion, he pinched himself, yes he felt that. Then he must have time traveled, he has to go and find Wangji and mother and hug them.
He also needs to find a-Yao before it’s too late

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“What would be that idea my lady?” Qingheng-Jun asked his wife.
“It would be a betrothal my love of a-Zhan a-Ying. In this way, if Wei Ying stays here no one could question it. As well as if a-Se and Wei Xiong traveled frequently to cloud recess.” Madam Lan finished.
“That’s a really good plan Feng Jie, a-Ying baobei is it okay with you? I hope a-Zhan doesn’t have any problems with this plan too.” Cangse Sanren replied.
Qingheng-Jun lifted the barrier as its purpose ended.
Lan Zhan’s ears turned to a shade of red.
“Who wouldn’t want to marry Lan Zhan Madam Lan.” Wei Ying replied quite shamelessly.
“Mn.’ The other young boy replied.
The parents started laughing at this.
Suddenly the voice of Lan Xichen was heard near the guest room that the Wei family was staying in,
Seeing him madam Lan got anxious. She asked her eldest “a-Huan baby are you okay?”
As Lan Huan was crying so much he was unable to answer her just hugged her. After he calmed down a bit Qingheng-Jun asked him the same question that he asked the others, if he knew about Nightless city and the Stygian tiger amulet.
As his response was assertive. They all knew something terrible must have happened that’s why he was in such a state.
They asked him what happened after the siege of the nightless city. He said to them all of the events, the betrayal that he got from a-Yao, and everything.
At this revelation of tragic events, everyone agreed that they should be wary of this Jin Guangyao and not trust him with such heavy matters.
But Xichen only said to them, “No, there have to be reasons for which a-Yao would do those things.” He suggested that they start working on finding the other boy before Jin Guangshan can, then all of these unfortunate event will not happen.
“Mother, father I will personally keep eyes on him. I will punish him if I need to. Knowing the previous events I would not let him manipulate me.” Lan Xichen pleaded to his parents.
After a lot of persuasions, they agreed on helping him find a-Yao.

The last thing Jin Guangyao remembered was the look of betrayal on er-gege’s face. Then everything went black. Now he finds himself in his 12 years old body. He quickly understood that he time-traveled or at least his soul transmigrated to the past.
When he was working as a spy in the nightless city, he read about these arrays and spells which can be activated and send someone to a different timeline from their original timeline. He was not sure how he was sent to the past but he vowed to himself that he would not fall into those same traps and never work for that wretched, vile, pervert of a father. He would do anything to save his mother and if he had to go to Koi tower he would make sure that Zixuan can inherit the sect leader position and remove his father.
He lied to his mother and convinced her that he found himself a teacher that is teaching him cultivation and she need not waste any more money on those fake cultivation manuals.
She asked to meet his teacher, hence he was forced to tell her that he is a very private person so he never met anyone, accidentally he met Meng Yao, and learning about his situation he is giving him his teachings.
Some months went by as he practiced by himself and learned and improved his cultivation, formed his golden core.
Months went by one day his mother asked him why is he not going to his teacher for lessons, he told his mother that, the teacher said that he has to keep practicing until he is 15 when he can visit Gusu, where young cultivators were taught more and was able to conceive his mother that he is waiting to turn fifteen so he can visit Gusu.
Days went by but, fate decided to punish him for his transgressions and sin.
The madam of the brothel house saw him and decided that he was a good candidate for the position of an in-train male courtesan. The madam said as the son of Meng Shi he would be a perfect yùlán huā, the jade orchid flower.
His mother tried to protect him, she tried to reason with the madam that she will work more, but he knew that is how his mother fell sick that time too.
Hence he told his mother about his father and what kind of a person he is. How he slept with women of every age and status even if he had to force them to do so. How he made women believe in his lies that he will accept his children as his legal children but never did that.
His mother first was unwilling to believe him said he has heard rumors from people. Then Sisi, another courtesan also his mother’s friend told her that wherever he might have hears those things, he was right. Those were not false, made-up stories.
His mother broke down blaming herself for the same fate of him as herself. He consoled his mother and said if greatness was written in his fortune he would always be able to achieve them.
Madam Zhu told Meng Yao to choose one instrument to learn, he chose the guqin as his mother loved this instrument as well as the former life he had left behind.
“Little flower you will fetch big money for me in three months when the rich sect leaders or people from the gentry attend the bidding festival at the first blossom of orchids. You would not even have to live in this Chrysanthemum house like your mother, you are an exquisite investment for me.” Madam zhu said to him.
Tears came to his eyes but he wiped them as he knew this was his punishment for his crimes.

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“So, what would be our next plan?” Wei Chǎngzé questioned.
“First we are going to make Qiren Xiong and everyone believe that after meeting me and Feng Jie decided a betrothal for our sons.” Cangse Sanren replied to our husband.
“So. We can get the Yin iron faster, and start studying and finding ways to neutralize it.” Madam Lan said.
“But how can we convince teacher Lan that I and Lan Zhan are married?” Wei Ying asked.
“Can tie forehead ribbon to Wei Ying Lan Zhan said.
“Aiya Lan Zhan you can’t do that, you don’t want to marry me .” Wei Ying said shocked at Lan Wangji’s decision.
“Wangji is right to let us use these plan.” Madam Lan said.
“But, Madam Lan are you sure about this?” Wei Ying asked her.
“Yes, I am sure, also stop calling me madam Lan, I feel old, call me ayi ok.” Madam Lan smiled at the boy.
“Also we need to find Meng Yao and his mother faster too.” Wei Ying said. Xichen looked thankful.
“So let me call a meeting to discuss this engagement. In this time Wei Ying and Lan Zhan go to the Jingshi.”Qingheng-Jun said.

Lan Zhan and Wei Ying went to the JIngshi, they also took the two bunnies with them to play.
“Lan Zhan, do you really want to marry me?” Wei Ying asked the other boy.
“Always wanted to marry Wei Ying .” Lan Zhan said.
“Ah, Lan Zhan warn me before saying things like that.” Wei Ying teased Lan Zhan.
“Lan Zhan I am sorry that I did not keep my promise of not practicing demonic cultivation.” Wei Ying said with sadness.
“Not Wei Ying’s fault.” Lan Zhan replied.
“Lan Zhan we should start checking the libraries for ways to neutralize the yin irons.” Wei Ying said.
“First Wei Ying should eat.” Lan Zhan said.
“I forgot that we didn’t eat for a long time, but the food tastes so bland.” Wei Ying whined.
“Wei Ying is a guest so he can eat spice.” The other boy replied stoically.


“What do you mean by that Wangji is betrothed?!” an elder asked with shock and anger on his face.
“How can you let it happen, Lan Zhuang, we need an heir for our clan.” Another elder said.
“They can always adopt a child.” Lan Qiren said which shocked others.
“Qiren how can you say that?” another elder said.
“Didn’t you listen to what I said, Wangji tied his ribbon to Wei Ying, and as a close friend of both his parents I can say that he is a good life partner for Wangji,” Qingheng-Jun said.
“But…” one elder tried to say something.
“Nothing more teacher, thanks for attending this meeting, let us all go back to our quarters, it is already night,” Qingheng-Jun said politely and bowed.

Three months went by it was the day of the first orchid blossom, with this Meng Yao knew his fate must be sealed, what made him sadder was the fact that in this life he might not even be able to meet his er-ge ever.
“What are you waiting here and dreaming for, such an ungrateful child.” The madam of the Chrysanthemum house said with disgust on her face.”
“ Zhu Jie please listen to me, don’t do this to a-Yao I beg you.” Meng Shi begged the brothel madam.
“Take her away, ruins my day every time,” Madam Zhu said.
“a-niang listen to her don’t do this .” Meng Yao pleaded to his mother.
“Such a smart boy, take him and dress him up.” Madam Zhu ordered.

“I have some news which might be related to this Meng Yao, Feng jie .”
“What is it Cangse ayi ?” Xichen asked curiously.
“You said he and his mother used to live in the brothel of Yunping city. I can only think of only one brothel there. It is the Chrysanthemum house. We might be able to find his mother today as it is the first orchid blossom that brothel every year holds a festival at this day, It is open to everyone, anyone can visit it.” Cangse Sanren said.
“Yes, I remember a-Yao telling me that he lived in Chrysanthemum house.” Lan Xichen said.
“So, we should start our journey.” Wei Ying said.
“But we can’t take you baobei.” Cangse Sanren said.
“Why a-niang you said everyone can attend it?” Wei Ying asked.
“But you can’t fly in sword it so we can’t take you okay baobei.” Cangse Sanren said.
After this Qingheng-Jun, Madam Lan, Cangse Sanren and Wei Chǎngzé left for their journey.

The whole Chrysanthemum house was decorated beautifully with flowers and silk clothes.
Fireworks were lighted up.
“Welcome, gentleman Zhu Biyu welcomes you. This year I have a special announcement to make. I proudly announce that we will have bidding for the next yùlán huā. First, we will let you talk to him then you can start bidding for him.” Madam Zhu announced.
As she finished her statement beautiful guqin music was heard, the clothes from a raised dai removed and in there was sitting Meng Yao the yùlán huā of this year.

Chapter Text

Meng Yao was dressed in a pretty hanfu and his hair was done the same way he always did. He played a composition using his guqin.

“Marvellous”, “Truly good”, “ just perfect for the yùlán huā “, “such a petite figure”, “so beautiful” compliments like this rang out in the whole hall. 

“Gentleman this year's yùlán huā, if you didn't know, is the son of the famous Meng Shi, I know that he is a good investment, he is not a woman but is he any less than the whores of my brothel, no he is not he is perfect for use in any way, you can grab onto his hair while fucking him, it is beautiful and luscious. I will let you touch him before you buy him but nothing more than touch keep in mind."Zhu Biyu the owner of Chrysanthemum house said.

Right after she finished, like hungry wolves people started to advance towards Meng Yao.

Sect Leader Yao touched his lips and put his hand under the robe of Meng Yao. Someone else who was from the Jin clan, Jin Bao grabbed his hair. Countless other men were touching him all over. 

He felt like a piece of flesh up for grab.

He couldn't even cry because the madam said if even a drop of tear came out from his eyes his mother will suffer. 

"Such a pliant whore, perfect for fucking while in a meeting." Sect Leader Yao said. 

"You can pass him over to the other ministers too, sect leader Yao." Jin Bao said.

Crude remarks like this filled the entire hall. He knew this was his punishment for his crimes. But there were other punishments than what is happening to him.

"I request everyone to start bidding so that you can buy him for his life.” Madam Zhu said.

“20 taels of gold “ from this young gongzi of the wu clan.

“50 taels of gold” from Sect leader Zhao.

“100 taels of gold” from this young master of the Jin clan.

“150 taels of gold” from Sect leader Wu.

“200 taels of gold” from the young master of the Jin clan again.

“350 taels of gold” from Sect leader Yao.

Anyone else? No one. 

“ 500 taels of gold.” Someone’s voice was heard from near the entrance. That person was wearing black robes and a black eye mask was covering his eyes. 

“600 taels of gold” from Sect leader Yao.

“1000 taels of gold.” Said the black-cloaked person. 

Nobody dared to utter any words after that.

“Impressive.” Said Madam Zhu.

Young gongzi what’s your name someone asked him.

“My name does not matter, give me the contract for yùlán huā . Also, I heard the mother of yùlán huā is quite famous bring me her contract too you will be given extra 500 taels.” the black-robed man said.

“Gongzi is impatient. Bring the contract.” Madam Zhu said. 

After taking the contract and giving the money to Madam Zhu that person took Meng Yao and rode away with a horse. While another black-robed person took his mother.

While they were traveling Meng Yao thought to himself who was this person that took him. Where were they taking Meng Yao and his mother? Are they someone good or someone vile? He had many questions to himself, but he dared not ask them about it. 


2 hours ago

Wei Chǎngzé, Cangse Sanren, Madam Lan and Qingheng-Jun arrived at Yunping city. Even looking at the roads they knew something was happening.

“I will use the paperman talisman trick a-Ying used a lot of times.”

“Be careful.” Wei Chǎngzé told her.

Some time went by, Cangse Sanren came back. She told them how she saw them treating Meng Yao and Meng Shi. About the bidding ceremony later.

Lan Xichen broke down, “Mama save a-Yao, he doesn’t deserve this.”

“Come down a-huan I am here we will save him.” Madam Lan told him.

“I agree, even if he committed all those crimes, he or anyone doesn’t deserve what is happening to him. And his mother did not even commit any crime, she is innocent we have to save both of them.” Cangse Sanren said.

“How will we save him and his mother?” Wei Chǎngzé asked his wife.

“Thre’s one way but a-Zhuang we will need a lot of gold taels.” Madam Lan said.

“I have an idea what Feng Jie is going to say.” Cangse Sanren said.


Meng Yao's hanfu Meng Yao's hairstyle


Chapter Text


Nie Mingjue 

woke up in what seems like his quarters. He was sure he was not supposed to wake up. Suddenly he was hit by images of what seems like the events after his death. He couldn’t believe that Meng Yao even if he was a traitor was able to do those heinous crimes. Also, a-Sang his sweet brother who never practiced even if he was forced to practice, crafted that hidden plan so well and was able to orchestrate it. He even brought Yilling Laozu back and who would have thought that the brat was not evil. This must be another chance for him to save Qinghe and protect his dear didi, a-Huan, and all those for whom he cared.

Huaisang was there at the Guanyin temple one moment and the next moment he knew he was back in his old quarters in Qinghe, also he noticed that he may have become four or five years old. This must have been a work of a time-travel array or spray. Hee can see his Da-ge again so he quickly ran towards his Da-ge’s room.

Suddenly Mingjue heard the voice of a-Sang calling him “Da-ge, Da-ge where are you?” Huaisang was coming towards him in a sprint. Suddenly a-Sang hugged him tightly. He must have had a nightmare Mingjue thought to himself so he hugged Huaisang back and tried to soothe him by rubbing circles at his back. 

“Da-ge I missed you,” A-Sang said. 

“Silly you saw me before you went to sleep,” Mingjue said. 

Huaisang had an idea in his mind, “Da-ge if I ask you a question, you would answer me truthfully and not hide from me, right?” 

“Sure a-Sang ask me.”{ the older boy replied.

“Do you remember Meng Yao Da-ge?” HUaisang asked Mingjue.

Mingjue was shocked to know that a-Sang knew him but how Mingjue thought to himself.

“Da-ge your shocked face means you know him right?” Huaisang asked. 

“Yes, I know him but how did you know about him?” Miingjue inquired.

“I was right, we have time-traveled Da-ge,” Huaisang answered.

“What? “ 

“Yes, Da-ge it is time-travel work I am sure. Also till when do you remember the events?” Huaisang wanted to know as quickly as he can. He has to tell Da-ge about everything.

“I know about everything till the Guanyin temple. I had a vision where I saw every event. You even went ahead and brought back the Yilling Laozu too a- Sang!” Mingjue said.

“Da-ge you know everything! Then you also know how that was important.” Huaisang replied.

“Now we have to make sure that the events don’t end up same like the previous times. We have to find Meng Yao before he can go to the Jin sect.” Huaisang suggested.

“How can you say that a-Sang? He is a traitor!” Mingjue replied in shock.

“Da-ge I know he is a traitor but he is also important to change the events. You know I am good at crafting those plans, let me plan it please, Da-ge. Also, he still hasn’t done those crimes in this timeline” Huaisang whined.

“Okay, we will work according to your plans,” Mingjue replied to his brother with a huff.

“Thank you Da-ge.” Huaisang hufgged Mingjue again.

“You have to practice well this time around brat,” Mingjue said.

“Da-ge, no!” Huaisang ran out as quickly as he can.



Here he was saving Meng Yao and his mother from this disgusting place, he wanted to charge at all those people with Baxia but Zonghui said they couldn’t attack them as it will raise suspicion. So he didn’t act as he wanted.

They stopped before an inn Meng Yao noticed.

“Get down.” The black-cloaked person said. He did as he was told.

“Let’s go inside.” The other person said.

He was not sure what will happen to him there. Still followed them. The person he rode with stayed outside, while the other person showed him and his mother their room. Meng Yao was stunned that he and his mother was given a room together. 

“Thank you gongzi.” His mother’s voice broke his thoughts. She was bowing to the man.

“Say thank you to this kind gongzi a-Yao,” Niang said.

He did as his mother told him to do.

“No need for bowing I will bring some food here for you to eat. Eat my leader will talk to you later.” The man said and left the room.

Some times later he brought a tray of food for them,

 “ It’s not much, just simple dumplings, mung bean cakes, and tea. I hope it is ok.” The man said.

“It is enough gongzi, we are thankful to you,” Niang said.

After he completed eating, the man said that his leader was waiting for him.

Meng Yao was not sure what was waiting for him.

He went into the room and noticed the man sitting there with whom he rode on the horse.

“Leader, I am leaving now.” The other man said and left the room.

The man took his mask off. Meng Yao was shocked to his core. He couldn’t help but utter a loud “Da-ge?!”



When they were on their way to the Chrysanthemum house, they saw people already out of the brothel and going on their way. They heard sect leader Yao and a Jin sect disciple discuss between them 

“ It is so unfortunate that the mysterious person took  yùlán huā , such a disappointment. He was truly pleasing to the eyes.” Sect leader Yao said.

“True Sect leader Yao we missed such a big chance of enjoying  yùlán huā .” The Jin disciple said.

Xichen gasped and was in shock after hearing what happened and such crude remarks about a-Yao.

“How dare they say something like that about a child, so disgusting. They need some discipline. Don’t you agree Feng Jie?” Cangse Sanren said.

“You are right a-Se but what should we do? Reaviling our identities isn’t a good idea.” Madam Lan replied.

“Let me handle this JieJie. Let us hide in a place where no one can notice us.” Cangse said with a devilish smirk.

Sect leader Yao suddenly felt a pull in his ear and someone slapped him, Jin Bao also felt a kick in his stomach. They were attacked with a bunch of kick and slap. So much force was used that both had severe bruises on their face and body. The last kick was given to their precious family jewels Suddenly they saw glowing writing in the air before their eyes, “Never talk about a child or woman like that. They are to be respected. If you failed to do so, you will receive far worse beating than this.”

“Ghost. Ghost.”


Both of them screamed and ran for their life while almost tripping in their way.

The other predators also got scared and ran as fast as they can.

Xichen thanked Cangse Sanren and asked her “Cangse ayi can you find a-Yao please.”

“Aiya a-Huan I was thinking what was I forgetting, thank you for reminding me. Let me send a paper flower, if he is in this town it would be easier for me to find him.”

The group of five people can only hope that Meng Yao was still in that little town.

Chapter Text

Meng Yao was shocked to see the face of Da-ge. He felt that the whole room was spinning, his vision started to blur, his breathing started to shorten. ‘Why would Da-ge even save me, how did he know that it was me?’
“What did you just call me?” Da-ge, no, no, Sect leader Nie’s voice roared.
“I am sorry da-ge, please forgive me,” he replied and started to shake uncontrollably, while tears ran out of his eyes.
Mingjue remembered  Huaisang telling him that it was impossible that they would be the only people that were here in the past. There may be many more people that must have came back too. A time-travel array or spell always work in large number. Does that mean that this Meng Yao is not innocent, he is a traitor? Did Mingjue make a mistake saving him, but even if he is that backstabbing murder, no child deserves what he would go through?
“I am not gonna cut you down with Baxia, you know. You are gonna go and tell me the reason understood.” Mingjue said to the shaking boy.
Looking at him he saw a pair of doe eyes, that was filled with regret and guilt. He remembered what he would do if it was a-Sang crying, so he brought the boy closer to him and hugged him.
“Now go sleep, tonight we will start our journey for Qinghe tomorrow.” He said to the boy.
“Thank you Da-ge.” Meng Yao replied with a bow.
“Da-ge, a-Yao you are here?!” 
Cangse Sanren took out some golden flower petal from her qiankun pouch. “We have to follow these petals they will bring us to him.” She explained.
They followed the petals which took them to an inn of the town. They booked three rooms for the night because the innkeeper refused to let them enter the inn without booking the room.
Lan Xichen followed the petals and saw Da-ge and a-Yao both and from their conversation he .understood that they were from the other timeline too. So he couldn’t help but ask them if they were here too. 
“I can’t believe that you are here. a-Yao after learning what was happening there in the brothel, I came as quickly as I can but you were gone. I didn’t know that Da-ge was the one that took you and Madam Meng.” Xichen said.
“Xichen how are you here alone? Anything can happen to you.” Mingjue asked him with worry.
“I am not alone, you wouldn’t believe me who was with me,” Xichen replied.
Xichen explained to both of them how   Wei Chǎngzé and Cangse Sanren came back along with his father, a-Zhan and a-Ying. How his mother’s innocence was proven and his father came out of seclusion.
“Er-ge I am so sorry, forgive me, I know I don’t deserve both of your forgiveness but I will try to better myself and not fall in father’s trap this time.” Meng Yao said to both of them.

Wei Ying was bored truly bored. He wanted to play pranks on the Lan clan members just remembered he promised his mother that he will be good. Lan Zhan was there doing his work for the class. He was truly bored they have checked over fifty books, still nothing about how to destroy the Yin Iron. “Lan Zhan, Lan-er-gege” Wei Ying called Lan Zhan. 
“Mmn?” Lan Zhan replied.
“Pay attention to me, Lan Zhan, I am going crazy here nothing about the Yin  Iron.” Wei Ying whined.
“Let me play you clarity.” Lan Zhan said.
That is how Wei Ying ended up on the floor with his head in Lan Zhan’s lap, playing with his hair. 
Suddenly he saw a very old book bound by black leather.
So he opened it and saw something about the Yin Iron.
“Lan Zhan, look here’s something about the Yin Iron.”
“Mmn, check it.” Lan Zhan replied.
They read it and found that only  Yin can destroy the Yin, that is why the Huli Jing is the only people that can destroy the Yin Iron.
“Lan Zhan we found it, now we need to wait for our parents to come back, then they can tell us where can we find Huli Jing people.” Wei Ying said.


Wen Ruohan wakes up, in his old room before he married Wen Jia and fathered his two sons. It must be a time-travel arrays work he worked with it to bring back his precious treasure but he never was able to. He didn’t even keep his promise of not falling more into demonic cultivation. He vowed to himself that he will save him, even if it meant not having his sons.  He remembers how the person he most trusted when he was the most vulnerable killed him and betrayed his trust. He saw the events after his death, how the whole clan was treated, how they died. How his sons died because of his unnecessary lust for power. Even if Wei Wuxian almost killed him and used the Stygian Tiger Amulet, he is still thankful to the boy for protecting the remaining clan members, his grand nephew. How the world portrayed him as evil even if he protected the innocent and good people. How power fell into the hands of that perverted, greedy son of a bitch Jin Guangshan. How that boy Meng Yao killed his father and brother, son, wife. He saw every single incident and all of it. He had no one to blame but himself and his greed for power.
“Sect Leader you told me to inform when young master Xia Lianhua comes to meet you, he is here. That person is here, he needs to see him.

Chapter Text

In the room comes a figure with a beautiful deity-like person with black hair which cascaded downwards, his hair was tied in a half knot style, a simple yet beautiful red jade hair clip in his hair, unblemished, porcelain skin, a flower motif in his forehead. Eyes lined with kohl and rouge, lips painted red, flushed red cheeks. A white shawl adorned his shoulder.

“My pearl, come sit, sit close to me.” Wen Ruohan said.

“Idiot, get up, did you eat breakfast, you told me that you are going to hunt today, still sleeping.” Xia Lianhua said.

Suddenly his eyes landed on the table where lies the Yin Iron shard.

“You are again trying to control the Yin Iron. How many times have I told you not to do that.” He asked Wen Ruohan in an irritated voice.

Suddenly Wen Ruohan wrapped his arms around Lianhua’s stomach laid his head on his lap and said, “ You can scold me my treasure, but don’t ever leave me, I have lost you once, I don’t know what I would end up doing this time.”

“What do you mean by a second-time idiot, tell me.” He inquired.

“You will think I might have lost my mind working with Yin Iron but believe me what I say is true.” Wen Ruohan said. He started explaining past events and how he has time traveled.

“I can’t believe you this idiotic person was capable of doing such things, this scares me, but never am I leaving you.” Lianhua had tears running down his cheeks and hugged Wen Ruohan tightly.

“Promise me a-Han that you would never do anything like that.” He asked Ruohan.

“Tear doesn’t look good on you doll, but I swear I will never do those things ever.” He replied.

Suddenly he yanked Lianhua towards him and claimed those sweet lips which he missed for a long time. He kept torturing the petal-like lips to hear the moans of the owner of those lips.

“Let me go, brute, you still haven’t cleaned up…”

Xia Lianhua's hanfu 

Xia Lianhua's hanfu


The hairpin








“So, it is settled that a-Yao is traveling back forth between Qinghe and Gusu, while he learns how to start cultivating and avoid his father.” Nie Mingjue said.

“Yes, Da-ge I 

would follow this pattern.” Meng Yao replied.

“For now go to QInghe first, after few months you can come to Gusu,” Xichen stated.






Guangshan woke up in a room where he was surrounded by some women, it was not new for him but he remembered dying and he might not be great at cultivation but he knew his fair share of different dark arrays that he was sure that this is a time travel arrays work.

His suspicion was right when he looked at the mirror and was sure that he was thirty years old. He smirked evilly and made a plan that he needed to get the Yin Iron before Wen Ruohan and get the position of the chief cultivator and that whore’s son is not to be trusted at all when he had a vision of his son planning to kill him. Hiring those prostitutes how he killed him so he can become the chief cultivator. Even that dumb Jin Zixun was better than him.

He will obtain the Yin Irons and create his empire.





Jin Zixuan was seeing visions of what happened after his death, how a-Li died, Jin Ling was alone, how his brother planned his killing, his father’s killing, the incident of Guanyin temple. He learned that Wei Wuxian was not evil like he was described. How his brother and father planned everything. He was drowning and drowning suddenly he gasped for air and woke up. He was shocked to see himself in his twelve-year-old body. He was there at the Qiongqi path and now suddenly he is in his room. He didn’t know what it was but he was sure that it must be fate’s wish that he survived and saved a-LI and a-Ling from every harm.






Jiang Yanli saw a person with a sword trying to attack her brother, her little a-Xian, she didn’t think about anything just threw herself before the sword to save him, and then everything went black. She was standing in a dark void-like place. She saw her brother falling off a cliff, everything that happened after that. How a-Cheng was alone when he had to bring a-Ling up alone but still Jin Ling grew up to be a good person even if he was a bit like a-Chengg having troubles with his emotions. Then she was gasping for air and found herself by one of the lotus ponds in her eleven-year-old self. She didn’t know what it was but she was sure that this is her chance to save everything before chaos happens.

Jiang Cheng was there at the Guanyin temple and suddenly he found himself in his old room in his five-year-old body. He was confused, even scared of what might have happened but he was sure whatever this was this has a reason and it is to keep his family out of harm’s way, protect his idiot of an older brother, believe in him, and making sure that Jie, him and shixiong never separate from each other. He will make sure of that at any cost.


Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan was standing on something which looked like white nothing, it might have been the place after death. He tried to speak with his San-Niang but in vain, he was not able to say anything. The situation was the same for Madam Yu too. Unable to speak they were forced to watch whatever that was happening before their eyes. Their death, their children suffering, a-Cheng losing his golden core, Wei Ying sacrificing his own. Yu Ziyuan gasped at that. The sunshot campaign, their children suffering, death of a-Li, Wei Ying. The responsibility of keeping his sect together and raising his nephew alone fell on the shoulder of a-Cheng. The lies were sown by Jin Guangshan and his son, portraying a-Xian as the villain.

Suddenly their eyes opened and they were at their bed.

“San-Niang we went wrong, horribly wrong at raising our children, we were even unable to protect them. I never appreciated a-Cheng how horrible he must have felt because of me” Jiang Fengmian said.

“I know Fengmian I know, how have I treated them, how much I put poor a-Xian through just because of my vain jealousy. Our daughter had to do what we failed at. Fengmian we need to protect them we need to this time.” Yu Ziyuan said to her husband.





“Wei Ying wake up, lectures will start from today.” Lan Zhan tried to wake the sleeping boy up.

“Lan Zhan five more minutes, please.” The other boy replied.





Chapter Text

“Wei Ying should wake up otherwise he will miss the introduction ceremony, and will not be able to meet with Jiang guniang and Jiang Wanyin in time.” Lan Wangji replied.
“Oh no Lan Zhan I will be late, what do I do?” the other teen replied.
“Go bathe, food will be here.” Lan Wangji said to Wei Ying while kissing his forehead.
After cleaning up and eating their breakfast both of them went to the lecture hall. Wei Ying wrapped Lan Wangji’s hand with his own. Various sects were present there already. 
“Shijie!” Wei Ying ran towards the Jiang entourage. 
“I missed you a-Xian, how are you?” Jiang Yanli replied with a smile on her face.
“Calm down idiot don’t run, who would tell that you lived here for a long time.” Jiang Cheng told Wei Ying.
“Cheng-cheng I 
missed you too. Shijie I am ok.” Wei Ying replied with a smile.
“Who are you calling cheng-cheng?” Jiang Cheng scowled.
“Wei Ying, a-Cheng, Jiang guniang, Wangji Xiong how are you?” Nie Huaisang’s asked while coming toward them.
“I and Lan Zhan are ok.’’ Wei Ying replied.
“How many times have I told you to call me Yanlie Jie a-Sang?” 
“Sorry Jie, forgive this one.”
“We are ok, where’s Meng Yao?” Jiang Cheng asked. 
“He is probably with Zewu-jun talking about tracing any Huli tribe people,” Huaisang replied.
Over time, the time travelers have revealed to each other that they came from the future, together they were trying to find a way to destroy the Yin Irons. Till now, they were only successful at suppressing the Yin energy with Wei Wuxian’s talismans and Guqin scores of Wangji. They were all worried about the Wen sect’s next move and secretly preparing themselves for war. Better communication techniques were created, as well as secret passageways, the Lan sect created different copies of their books and make sure that the books are in a safe place.
Madam Yu and Jiang Fengmian in these ten years talked and amended their relationship. After talking with Cangse Sanren together Madam Yu, Madam Lan, and Cangse Sanren became sworn sisters. Wei Ying traveled a lot between Yunmeng and Gusu. They created barriers that will protect them from fires. Meng Yao was given the position of deputy general and Huaisang’s attendant. Though there were various malicious rumors about Meng Yao and his mother. But Mingjue supported Meng Yao and protected him and his mother. Three years ago Lan Xichen and Meng Yao got married in a hasty ceremony, arranged by Qingheng-Jun and Lan Qiren, as questions regarding the relationship between both boys and Zewu-Jun’s morality arose. Now Meng Yao travels between both sects when needed.   Wei Chǎngzé Cangse Sanren decided that they will join the Jiang sect. Wei Wuxian once again became the head disciple.


After the Jiang sect finished their introduction. Lan disciples were preparing for the rule introducing ceremony. The time travelers were thinking why didn’t the Wen sect interrupted this time, what might be their plan.
Suddenly a voice was heard from the front door. 
“Forgive us grandmaster for coming late, I am Wen Xianliang, son of Wen Ruohan, heir of Qishan Wen. This is  Wen Qionglin our head disciple and Wen Qing head disciple of healer pavilion.” The boy finished. His features were sharp, sharp fox eyes, a cut mark right above his left eyebrow, long black hair, which is braided, he has very tanned well-defined muscles which comes from a prolonged time of practice.
All of the time travelers were shocked because they were expecting Wen Chao and this person is someone whom they never met.
“Welcome to cloud recess young master Wen. But I hope you remember that diligence is the key to success.” Lan Qiren said.
“Yes, grandmaster I will keep it in my mind.” Wen Xianling said.
People were surprised at this person’s behavior as they have heard that the Wen sect is rude and disrespectful, but this boy here proves them wrong.
“May we present our gift, grandmaster?” Wen Qing asked.
“Yes, you can.” Master Lan said.
The Wen sect presented a beautiful lacquered black wood box. After opening the box a beautifully painted fan was seen, whose ribs were made from white jade.
“Thank you young master Wen, this is truly a beautiful gift, may I know who created it?” Lan Xichen asked Wen Xianling said.
“Yes, it is created by my baba, you may know him Xia Lianhua.” The youth replied with a smile.
Murmurs were heard in the hall, “Silence” Lan Qiren ordered.
After the introduction ceremony was over Zewu-jun quickly called the time travelers present at cloud recess. For maintaining the secrecy of the meeting he used one of Wei Ying’s inventions, something like the spiritual butterflies of the Jin sect, but the difference is that only the people the butterfly is addressed to can hear or read the message.


Chapter Text

They were all called into the Hanshi. Sect leader Lan started by saying, “Welcome everyone to cloud recess, I would like to talk about your lecture year more, but we have possible danger in front of us. Wen’s are here, we don’t know if their plan changed or not, as Wen Chao was not the one who escorted Wen Qing and Wen Ning. Their plans may have changed, so we need to execute our plans quicker. We don’t want the same things happening once again. Xichen will tell us what has he found.”
“Thank you father, so as Wei Ying and a-Zhan found out that Huli Jing’s are one of the people who can purify the Yin Iron shards. I was looking through their history and noticed that Xia is the surname of most Huli Jings.” Lan Xichen said.
Gasps and murmurs ran throughout the room, so Xichen continued.
“It might be a coincidence that Wen Xianling said that his father’s surname is Xie but we have to make sure, we also should keep an eye on them to be sure.” Xichen finished.

Some days went on, they were having their classes normally, nothing suspicious happened till then.
Wei Ying was bored, he decided to bother Lan Zhan, and sent a paperman out, the paperman Wei Ying landed on Lan Zhan’s shoulder, it pulled a strand of hair of Lan Zhan and the paperman Wei Ying kissed Lan Zhan.
He didn’t hear that Lan Qiren was calling him to answer something until he heard a booming voice calling out his name, “Wei Wuxian!!!”
“Yes, grandmaster.”
“I was asking you a question and you were busy bothering other students?” 
“Don’t forget you are betrothed to Lan Wangji, you are the head disciple of Yunmengjiang, out from my class, go kneel there for six hours while copying the rules two times.” Lan Qiren said.
Every time traveler sighed and thanked god that Wei Ying was not asked to answer the question if Yao, Demon, Ghosts, and Monsters are the same things, and he didn’t reply about using resentful energy.
“Wangji, I am warning you, don’t even think about helping him, you will not meet with him until he finishes his punishments.” Lan Qiren finished.

After Wei Ying finished his punishment, he went straight to the Jingshi.
“Lan Zhan, Lan-er-gege, feed me, my arms hurt from copying the rules.” Wei Ying said to the other boy. 
Lan Zhan continued feeding him, “Wei Ying should behave himself more.” He said.
“Aiya Lan Zhan I was bored, but I promise I will pay more attention to the classes.” 
After both of them finished their dinner, Lan Zhan was preparing for bed.
He was waiting for Wei Ying, then he saw Wei Ying wearing his white robes. All of his blood rushed towards the south of his body. Wei Ying was a vision in his robes, his small waist, smooth legs all visible for him to see.
“Lan Zhan do you like it?” Wei Ying asked while straddling Wangji.
Lan Zhan was 
unable to control himself anymore, he pushed Wei Ying into the bed and used his forehead ribbon to tie Wei Ying’s both hands to the headboard. He attacked Wei Ying’s lips claiming them as his own.

Wen Qing was surprised that the events at cloud recess didn’t go like the last time, she was ready to sacrifice herself if a-Ning can be safe this time, a-Ning said not to think like that, he said that they both were here together, they can protect themselves and the people they cared about. Wen Qing was ready to find her uncle to be that same person but he was not like that, what else was weird that he didn’t even marry a woman. 
Later she found out from her uncle that he time-traveled to and regretted his action, and he would like to rectify his mistakes, this time she was given the mission to make sect leader Lan believe her, so they can purify the Yin Iron shards.
Wen Qing was taking  a stroll 
at the back hill where she saw Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, Jiang Cheng, Jiang Yanli, Nie Huaisang, and Jin Zixuan. She thought that a fight might start but to her surprise it didn’t, they were all laughing and truly seemed to enjoy their company. She was just about to leave when she heard Wei Wuxian say something which made her believe that they might have time-traveled too.
“In these moments I miss the old times, Wen Ning is still not as much of a friend he was to me then, but it might save him from all those painful events.” Wei Wuxian said.
“Perhaps this is the effect of time travel.” Nie Huaisang said.
After that Wen Qing revealed herself and revealed that she and a-Ning also time traveled, she was just about to tell them about her uncle’s plan but loud voices interrupted them.

Wen Xianling truly liked the Lan sect lectures, it was just as strict as father said, but the Lan sect was just and it was peaceful in a different way, yes there was some student who talked among themselves while he passed by, but he didn’t bother with any of them. But the Jin sect truly crossed their limit this time, he heard people gossip among themselves.
“How weird has the Wen sect become, chief cultivator even married a man, disgusting cutsleeves.”
“Even the Lans has followed suit, they engaged second young master Lan to that servant’s son.”
“I have heard from people that Xia Lianhua was a courtesan at Qishan, he is beautiful that must be the reason Chief cultivator married him, probably to warm his bed.”
“Does that mean Young master Wen is a bastard ?”
He was unable to hear any more of those disgusting things about his family and punched the Jin disciple senselessly.
Wen Ning was trying his best to hold Ling-ge, Wen Bo and other Wen disciple were helping him but Ling-ge was too strong.
Everyone reached the courtyard where Wen Xianling was beating up Jin Zixun. Jin Zixun also tried to punch Wen Xianling.
Lan Xichen quickly came and solved the fight and send both people to different places for seclusion until their guardians came to cloud recess.