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Sleeping Together

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The first time Bai Yutong and Zhan Yao slept together, it was completely and entirely Bai Yutong’s fault.  And before you start gasping in shock, it’s not that kind of sleeping together.  I mean the kind of sleeping together where they share the same bed (get ya mind out of the gutters, ya nasty).  The first time it happened, it was when Bao Sir instructed that Bai Yutong stay over at Zhan Yao’s house for both convenience and for Zhan Yao’s safety.  Zhan Yao had just gotten out of the shower when he saw Bai Yutong dressed in the ridiculous fleece mouse blanket.

         “Good grief, Mouse, aren’t you hot?” he asked.  Bai Yutong shook his head.

         “Nope, surprisingly, I’m very comfortable” he replied before he looked over at him.

         “Why do you have this anyways?” he asked.  Zhan Yao huffed.

         “Sometimes I get cold at night.  You know how much I don’t like the cold” he replied.  Bai Yutong chuckled.

         “Just like a cat” he teased.  Zhan Yao tsked.

         “Piss off” he murmured before he yawned. 

         “Well, I’m going to turn in for the night.  You can take the couch” he stated, pointing to the couch.  Bai Yutong’s eyes widened.

         “Why can’t I sleep on a bed?” he exclaimed.  Zhan Yao gave him a look.

         “Because there’s only one bed.  And it’s mine” he replied.  Bai Yutong huffed before he stood up from the couch and removed the hood from his head as he smirked.

         “Not for long” he declared.  Zhan Yao frowned.

         “What are you talking about?” he demanded, but before he could say anything else, Bai Yutong took off towards his bedroom.

         “Yah, Bai Yutong!” he shouted, running after his partner, only to find him splayed out like a starfish on his bed.

         “Told you” Bai Yutong teased.  Zhan Yao rolled his eyes and walked over to him, smacking his foot.

         “Off” he ordered.  Bai Yutong shook his head.

         “Nope” he replied.  Zhan Yao sighed heavily.

         “Bai Yutong, get off” he grumbled.  Bai Yutong smiled devilishly.

         “Make me” he replied.  Zhan Yao groaned as he began shoving Bai Yutong, trying to shove him off the bed.

         “You’re being a child” he scolded.  Bai Yutong smirked before he grabbed Zhan Yao’s wrist, yanking him onto the bed.  Zhan Yao let out a yelp as he landed on top of Bai Yutong, who just smiled slightly.

         “Why hello there” he purred.  Zhan Yao tsked and smacked Bai Yutong’s chest as he tried to push himself off, but Bai Yutong wouldn’t let him.

         “Yutong…it’s late.  I have class tomorrow” he whined.  He normally wasn’t very whiny and he hardly ever used his whiny voice on Bai Yutong, but he was tired, he had to teach class tomorrow, and Bai Yutong was being a little shit and not letting him sleep.  Bai Yutong chuckled.

         “Then sleep” he replied.  Zhan Yao squirmed.

         “But how?” he demanded.  Bai Yutong tsked as he maneuvered himself so that he and Zhan Yao were lying with Zhan Yao’s back against Bai Yutong’s chest, Bai Yutong’s arms wrapped around him.

         “Like this” he replied.  Zhan Yao huffed; he wasn’t particularly fond of having someone so close to him when he slept, but Bai Yutong was warm and like he told him earlier, he hated being cold, so he just made himself comfortable in Bai Yutong’s arms with another huff.  Bai Yutong laughed softly as he held Zhan Yao in his arms, pressing a soft kiss to the back of his head as they both settled down for sleep.




The next time Zhan Yao and Bai Yutong slept together was purely out of comfort.  Zhan Yao had been feeling awful all day and when Bai Yutong brought him home, he had all but collapsed on the bed.

         “Jesus Cat…” Bai Yutong murmured as he reached out, gently feeling Zhan Yao’s forehead.  It was way too warm to the touch for his liking, making him look at Zhan Yao in anger.

         “Why didn’t you tell me that you were feeling bad?” he hissed.  Zhan Yao waved his hand.

         “I’m fine, Yutong” he murmured.  Bai Yutong scoffed.

         “You’re fine, my ass.  I’m getting you some medicine” he murmured, heading out of the room to get some Tylenol to try and bring down the fever.  A little while later, Bai Yutong returned with a thermometer and a bottle of Tylenol, placing the bottle on the bedside table.  He then reached out and gently tapped Zhan Yao’s shoulder, making the man groan.

         “Cat.  Wake up.  I need to check your temperature” he murmured.  Zhan Yao let out a soft groan before he turned his head towards Bai Yutong and opened his eyes, sitting up slightly and opening his mouth to let Bai Yutong place the thermometer under his tongue.  After a moment, the thermometer beeped, causing Bai Yutong to take it out and look at it.  Once he saw the temperature, his eyes widened and he quickly walked out of the room, walking back in with a glass of water.  He then opened up the bottle of Tylenol and shook out two pills before handing them to Zhan Yao.

         “Here, take this.  This should bring your fever down” he declared.  Zhan Yao huffed but took the pills, swallowing them before washing them down with water.  He then placed the glass of water on the bedside table before flopping back down onto his pillow as Bai Yutong stood over him, crossing his arms.

         “You have a temperature of 39 degrees.  Seriously Cat, not going to the hospital?  Do you think that you’re Superman?” he scolded.  Zhan Yao sighed.

         “Maybe it’s because I’m too busy and tired recently.  Taking pills and getting some sleep should be enough” he murmured.  Bai Yutong huffed.

         “You think it’s that easy to cure, huh?” he murmured.  Zhan Yao smiled.

         “It’s just a fever, I’ll be fine in the morning” he assured.  Bai Yutong looked at him before he sighed heavily and walked around to the other side of the bed, crawling under the covers beside Zhan Yao.  Zhan Yao blinked sleepily and looked over at him, frowning.

         “Yutong…your suit” he croaked.  Bai Yutong tsked.

         “It’s just a suit” he replied as he reached out and pulled Zhan Yao against him, just like how he did the first time they slept in the same bed.

         “Yutong, you’re going to get sick” Zhan Yao murmured.  Bai Yutong huffed.

         “If I get sick, I get sick.  No big deal” he replied.  Zhan Yao shook his head.

         “Stupid Mouse” he murmured as he snuggled against him, tucking his head under Bai Yutong’s chin.  Bai Yutong huffed again as he reached up, gently petting Zhan Yao’s hair.

         “Maybe.  But then again, I am your stupid mouse” he replied.  Zhan Yao chuckled softly as his breathing began to slow.

         “My stupid mouse” he whispered.  Bai Yutong smiled softly as he continued to gently pet Zhan Yao’s hair, feeling how sticky and clammy he was becoming.  He wished he had changed him out of his clothes, but Zhan Yao had just looked so tired and miserable that he didn’t want to make him any more miserable. 

         ‘I’ll probably get sick doing this…but for Zhan Yao, I’ll do anything’ he thought to himself as he placed a gentle kiss to Zhan Yao’s hair, slowly drifting off to sleep as well, his arms curled protectively around his kitten.