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Ryoubi was pissed. She stormed down the halls of Hebijo academy with her destination set in mind, a glare etched onto her face. To say she was on a warpath would be an understatement, she...was...pissed.

What for you ask? For the past week she has failed to get a good night's sleep and she knew exactly who to blame: you and her sister, Ryouna. The two of you have only been in your relationship for a week and you have already caused Ryoubi trouble sleeping due to how loud you, or more Ryouna, could be at night.

Every night for the past week, you and Ryouna have been having obnoxiously loud sex, Ryouna's moaning keeping Ryoubi awake. The banging on the walls and cries of pleasure and the masochistic shouts from Ryouna left her sister staring at the ceiling with a fuse reaching its end. And now Ryoubi has had enough. The most annoying thing is that none of the other girls at Hebijo have complained about the loud fucking, but their rooms aren't next door to yours and the masochist's. Ryoubi's bedroom was situated between both so it didn't matter who's room you fucked in, the sadistic brunette would have to listen to it.

But no more. If Ryoubi was to have another sleepless night, then she was going to get something as compensation. And that was exactly why she marched towards you bedroom door.

Upon arrival she booted it open. Ryoubi shouted your name before freezing on the spot as she saw you and Ryouna. The elder of the sisters was bobbing her head along your cock, having not paused from Ryoubi's arrival but did turn her eyes towards the doorway where her sister stood. You however had wide eyes from the sudden intrusion, not ignoring the pleasure of your girlfriend's lips wrapped around your cock, but still shocked.

"My door" you whined raising a hand as your bedroom door hung off its hinges from the ferocity which it was kicked open. "That doesn't matter!" Ryoubi spat to gain your attention before she started to rant about her issue. "Every night, every goddamn night I lay awake for hours whilst you two fuck! I'm at my wits end!" She shouted before looking to Ryouna who was still sucking your cock.

"Mmmm, mashther's cock tastes sho ghoode" she mumbled around your shaft as she practically slobbered over it like the self proclaimed bitch she was. Ryouna's ass stuck up and waved around in the air as she blew you, giddy with excitement as you moaned. But Ryoubi wasn't wanting to be ignored; Ryouna was a major part of her issue.

So Ryoubi marched towards her sister and brought her palm down onto Ryouna's ass, a loud slapping sound reverberating around the bedroom as Ryouna cried out around your shaft. She didn't mind the pain, she took a masochistic joy from it due to her kink but what really made it better was the verbal abuse she then suffered. "You stupid bitch! Don't ignore me as I yell at you!" Ryoubi snapped which caused her sister to raise head to moan to be berated again. "Spank me again as well" Ryouna moaned as she stuck her ass out towards her sibling who's eye twitched and she obliged.

"You filthy mongrel!, you disgusting slut! You do nothing but drool over his cock, pathetic whore!" Ryoubi shouted as she kept spanking Ryouna who was trembling with bliss at the foul language she was "suffering". "Ah, yell at me more!" She pleaded before burying her face in your lap as she deep throated your cock.

This wasn't what Ryoubi was here for. She wasn't there to advocate you and Ryona having sex, she was there to limit it and so grabbed her sister's blonde hair and tugged. This time she actually caused a whine of displeasure from Ryouna who reached for you, even if she did enjoy the pain. "No, Master's cock, I need it" she complained but writhed with pleasure as her hair was pulled. Ryoubi spat that she wouldn't be ignored before shoving Ryouna against you as she stood arms akimbo.

"Night after night I have to listen to you two fuck, it's messing with my sleep so knock it off, at least fuck during the day" Ryoubi complained before her eye twitched Ryouna nuzzled against you with a mewl, clearly not even listening to her sister's complaint.

"What's even so good about it anyway? Ryouna's probably so much of a slut that she would get off from anything and act like its the best sex ever!" Ryoubi spat and she got a response from her sibling. "You're wrong, Master is amazing at sex, it's the best feeling ever" Ryouna cooed as she shuddered in reflection of the amazing sex you have before she crawled back down to gaze at your cock with a loving affection. "He's so big, I love Master's cock" Ryouna mewled as she pressed kisses to the tip before enveloping it into her mouth again, gazing into your eyes as she started to suck you off again.

During this whole thing you had only gotten two words in and they were over your bedroom door which still hung open. But what could you say really? You could only enjoy as Ryouna returned to the blowjob which she was serving you with before the interruption, the blowjob was a surprise in the first place as your masochistic lover woke you up with it.

"Th-that may be so but, why do you have to be so loud?" Ryoubi asked as she was a little lost for words at the affectionate, albeit whorish, expression on Ryouna's face as she returned to slobbering over your cock. "He's so good, you don't understand, Ryoubi" Ryouna cooed before her eyes lit up and she shot to her feet and grabbed her sister by the shoulders, getting slapped across the face as a response but that didn't deter her. "You should let Master fuck you, you'll understand then" Ryouna beamed as you and Ryoubi stared at her with shock at such a suggestion.

"What? W-wh-why the hell would do that?!" Ryoubi asked as he face lit up before she gasped as she was brought before you, her blue and green eyes getting a proper view of your huge shaft now that it wasn't buried in Ryouna's throat.

She had to admit, you were pretty big. "No way that would even fit inside me" she thought to herself, shocked that she was even entertaining the thought. But then again, Ryoubi has missed out on her precious sleep due to the obnoxiously loud sex between you and Ryouna, she deserved some sort of compensation. Besides, Ryoubi did have to admit that you was kinda cute.

"No way!" She spat as she regained her focus. "I'm not a slut who would put out for anyone, I'm not you, Ryouna" Ryoubi said which made her sister shudder and moan from the insult before she pushed the idea further. Ryouna was hyping up how sex with you felt, trying to convince Ryoubi to let you fuck her.

You was surprised at how much Ryouna was so into the idea of you banging her sister.

"He's so big, Ryoubi, you can see that can't you? Look at Master's cock, his cock, mmmmm Master" Ryouna breathed as she crawled towards you again, her focus back onto your shaft as she licked it again. It was like she hadn't just spent the past minute or so trying to convince her sister to let you fuck her. Ryouna licked and kissed your shaft before pulling her Hebijo uniform top up to show she wasn't wearing a bra. "I wanted to really surprise you, Master, you love how big and bouncy my boobs are don't you?" Ryouna giggled as she pressed her breast against your cock.

Your eyes bulged out a little. No matter how many times she's gave you a titfuck in the last week alone, Ryouna's tits always felt amazing when they wrapped around your shaft.

"Nnngh" you heard Ryoubi growl and so looked over to see her scowling at her sister, whom would be having a mini orgasm if she realised she was being glared at like that but she was too focused on your cock. "Stupid bitch, I bet he only cares for your tits" Ryoubi mumbled but you said that wasn't the case which made Ryoubi jump a little as she looked to you, before away again with a scoff.

"Don't lie, she has big tits, that all you care about, well that and the fact she lets you fuck her all the time" she spat but again you said Ryoubi was wrong. "Her kinks and quirks may have a benefit to out sex life, but I really do love her" you said stroking Ryouna's head and she mewled as she continued to massage your cock with her breasts, kissing the tip of your phallus affectionately before sucking on it again.

Ryoubi watched all this play out before her. She didn't know what to say really, she just watched as Ryouna affectionately pleasure you in return for you stroking her hair. It seemed so simple at that moment but Ryoubi couldn't forget the past week.

"Fine, move over you stupid mutt" Ryoubi spat shoving her sister aside, Ryouna whining at this, as Ryoubi knelt on the bed before you and glared at you. "Just so we're clear, this is solely as compensation for me losing sleep, you owe me" she said and you nodded as she looked to your cock, her scowl disappearing instantly to be replaced with a little unease. "He is big" she thought to herself again before being knocked aside by Ryouna who tackled you to lay back as she ground her pussy against your thick shaft.

"Hey! Didn't you offer me to join in?" Ryoubi asked with annoyance at being shoved aside. Ryouna replied that she wanted to go first, "I serviced Master first, don't I deserve a reward?" She asked looking to you before squealing with delight as you grabbed her by the waist and impaled her on your cock, Ryouna's eyes widened and her mouth fell open in a cry of pleasure from being penetrated in such a way.

"Master's cock is inside me! I'm so happy!" Ryouna cheered before crashing her lips against yours as she wasted no time in riding you like her life depended on it. To the side, Ryoubi watched with wide as at her sister's behaviour. "Is he really that good?" She thought to herself before shaking her head, "no! Of course he isn't, Ryouna's just a slut who'll get off from anything" Ryoubi reasoned in her mind. But still, the way Ryouna was behaving was even more ecstatic than when Ryoibi punishes her.

The way the masochist's cunt swallowed your cock was greedy. Ryouna's hips rode against yours with no rhyme or reason, it was unrestrained yet strangely passionate. "Mmmm, Master, I love your cock, I love you" she mewled passionately before yipping as your hand clapped down on her ass. Ryouna mewled again at this before you spanked her again and she shuddered from the pleasure.

"You're doing it wrong!" Ryoubi suddenly interjected as she knocked your hand to the side and knelt behind Ryouna to bring her hand down in her sister's ass. "Ahh!!" Ryouna squealed as her sister slapped her ass until a red hand print formed and even then Ryoubi continued as she felt yiu starting to thrust into her again. "Ah, I'm being double teame by Master and Ryoubi! It feels so good" Ryouna moaned before being told to shut up by Ryoubi. "You filthy whore, you get off on anything you slut, I bet you use your guns to masturbate" Ryoubi spat with a grin as her sadistic side was coming out.

"Of course I don't, Ryoubi, I use your gun, the barrel slides right into me" Ryouna moaned from the pleasure she was receiving from both sides before the spanking stop and she whined a little as she looked to her sister. "You filthy slut!" Ryoubi bellowed as her hand came down so hard on Ryouna's ass that she climaxed around your cock, applying even more lubrication.

Ryoubi suddenly started to rant about her sister's actions. "Don't you ever touch my gun again you bitch! You already have a cock here to fuck you!" She spat and Ryouna was panting like a dog in heat as your hips were starting to piston into her cunt which gushed with her juices. The chastising from her sister was even more of a turn on and she begged Ryoubi to yell at her some more before squealing as her sibling pulled her by the hair.

This was bliss for Ryouna. Your cock assaulting her pussy whilst her sister was abusing her. Ryouna's tongue had dropped out the corner of her mouth and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "Yeah, that look suits you, you whore, I bet you pull an aheago all the time when you get fucked" Ryoubi growled as her sister before being taken by surprise as Ryouna grabbed Ryoubi's face and kissed her, even going as far as to slide her tongue into the incestuous kiss as Ryoubi struggled to pull away from the horny mess that was her sibling.

Eventually she did escape and wasted no time in yelling at Ryouna. "You really are a slut!" She spat but it only made things hotter for Ryouna as she was suddenly on her back with her legs over your shoulders as you pinned her in a mating press. Your cock was bombarding her G-spot and sweat ran down her body, glistening as she submitted to your powerful thrusts.

You was merciless and she happy to surrender to it all as you turned her into a mess of her moans and juices as she came again. "Masheter" Ryouna slurred before you pushed your lips onto hers in a deep kiss that she did her best to reciprocate due to her thoughts being all jumbled and she couldn't think straight on anything but of how good your cock felt inside her. Ryouna could barely raise her arms to reach for you, panting as she begged for you to embrace her.

You complied and held her close while kissing her, still pounding away at her cunt and almost ignoring Ryoubi's presence. That didn't go unnoticed by the sadist.

"I am here too you know!" She spat and you looked to her, admitting you forgot which made Ryoubi growl before she watched you slam balls deep into her sister and pump Ryouna full of cum which left the masochist with another aheago as you pulled out. "Master" she whined as she felt so empty whilst digging a digit inside her cum leaking cunt to keep your load inside her; Ryouna's body was twitching post orgasmic bliss.

All Ryouna could see at that moment was stare up before she looked to you with hearts in her eyes, her hand reaching to you with a euphoric expression on her face. "Master's cock is the best" she moaned before the moment was interupted by Ryoubi. "Enough of this! Are you going to fuck me or not?!" She demanded which made both you and Ryouna look to her and she blushed.

"It's for the compensation you idiot, I'm not a slut who'll put out like Ryouna!" She spat before shoving you against your headboard and mounted your lap, reaching down to pull her panties aside from beneath her skirt and then she began to slide down on you. Ryoubi was acting rather eagerly here in spite of her claim she just wanted to make you pay for her loss of sleep, then there was the look in her eye.

"He's so big, it's not going to fit" she thought to herself before feeling your hands on her hips and Ryoubi looked to you before finding herself laid down next to Ryouna as you loomed over her. Your cock was pushing deep into her and Ryoubi grit her teeth, unsure if she could handle it but eventually you was hilted. you stared down into her eyes and she looked to the side with a small glare, "what are you looking at?" She spat before her eyes widened as you gave a deep thrust into her. Ryoubi's eyes widened as she covered her mouth but you pulled her hand away and held it to the bed as you started thrusting.

She couldn't believe it, it was actually feeling good. Considering you just started, Ryoubi was at a loss for words of the feeling that your cock created as you pushed inside of her. "Fuck, he's huge and it's so deep inside me" she thought to herself as she let s moan slip from her lips. "Damn it, it's feeling good already, I'm not a slut, I'm not a whore like Ryouna" Ryoubi tried to reason but she couldn't deny the pleasurable feeling that was created by the friction of her pussy gripping down on your cock the way it was.

"Does he feel good, Ryiubi? Does Master's amazing cock feel good inside you as well?" Ryouna asked with an eagerness to find out her sister's opinion but was only told to shut up. Ryoubi couldn't think straight and she didn't want to slur out any words as she attempted to deny that it did in fact feel good to have your cock inside of her.

"Damn it, I'm mad at him, you are mad at both of them, Ryoubi, don't let the fact you've been jealous of it get to you" she thought to herself, denying it all as much as she could. It was true what she just thought; the fact that Ryouna had a boyfriend pissed Ryoubi off but what made it worse was that you were her boyfriend. "It's because of her big tits" she thought spitefully.

Nothing made Ryoubi more insecure than her lacklustre cup size; even the fact that you denied Ryouna's breasts being big were a key part of you being with her, Ryoubi refused to believe it. "He's just a big tit loving pervert, bastard!" Ryoubi glared at you.

You asked why she was glaring and she replied with a sharp response; "you!" You paused a moment as yiu looked at Ryoubi, asking what you did and growled. "Don't act like you don't know! You fuck Ryouna because she had big tits, that's all you care about isn't it?" She spat but you denied such a thing again, why won't you admit it damn!

"Shut up!" Ryoubi spat as she flipped your positions and lifted off of you to turn around. "Big boobs aren't everything, a nice ass is much better and I'll show you!" She said before taking your cock into ehr more puckered hole. Maybe she shouldn't have been so brash.

"Fuck, it's too big" Ryoubi thought even when you were embedded in her second hole. She grit her teeth with wide eyes before yelping as she was pulled down against you. "I do love Ryouna, her chest doesn't matter, you shouldn't care about the size of yours either" you said as you held Ryoubi in a comforting manner as she adjusted to your cock being in her ass.

The sadist of the twin turned away with a grumble, muttering something under her breath which you asked her to repeat. Another grumble left Ryoubi before she asked; "so you could have loved me?"

You titled your head at this and groaned, "oh stop being such a dense idiot, it was clear I liked you but you went for Ryouna, why else would you do so if not for her jugs?!" Ryoubi demanded before gasping as you wrapped your arms around her even tighter, thrusting upwards as you reached and pulled up her uniform shirt. She whined as you did this, exposing her less then endowed chest before she felt you tweak her nipples.

"I don't care how big her or your boobs of Ryoubi" you spoke into her ear and she whined, feeling you play with her chest while your thick shaft was in her tight ass. "Fuck, I can't think" she thought before moaning as you reached a a hand between her legs and fingered hear, Ryoubi looking over her shoulder to face you.

Your face was so close to hers, your breath on her skin as her lips weren't far from yours. "So was I just too late? If you don't care about boobs, if I did come to you first...would you have had me instead?" Ryoubi asked sincerely but Ryouna cut in. "You like Master too, Ryoubi?" She asked but was told to shut up; "this has nothing to do with you right now!" Ryoubi spar but was then face to face with her sibling.

"You love Master too" Ryouna said more as a statement this time and Ryoubi growled. "What does it matter if I do? He's too busy fucking you like the slut you are anyway!" She shouted before being silenced by you as your lips were suddenly upon hers.

Ryoubi's eyes widened as she looked to you, feeling you fucking her ass while kissing her. She slipped into the kiss and moaned as you took her, still fingering her pussy as you did so. "Master loves you too, Ryoubi, I know that, Master can make you happy like he does me if you want?" She offered much to Ryoubi's surprise as she the younger twin asked if the older was sure before being face to face with her sister again.

"Of course, Master can make us both happy" Ryouna smiled and Ryoubi stared at her before shoving her back and telling you to fuck her harder. "Fine, if we are to be together then remember I'm in charge between us, you can have Ryouna as the slut she is" Ryouna said returning to her usual state but you wanted to see her softer side again and so changed your positions.

Ryoubi suddenly found herself in a prone position, pinned to the bed as you fucked her ass. She grit her teeth and moaned loudly as you did this, the bed rocking beneath you as she whined, "didn't you hear me? I said I'm in charge" she complained but went silent as you kissed her again.

"I heard you, but I want to hear you get sentimental again, so say the line" you breathed and Ryoubi blushed. Since when were you so dominant? "Say the line, Ryoubi" you breathed into her ear again and she bit her lip, wanting to refuse you but then you pulled out and plunged into her pussy again, pounding away like you would Ryouna and Ryoubi balled up the bedsheets as her eyes rolled upwards.

"Fuck, he's so rough, he's fucking me as if I'm Ryouna; I'm not a whore like her, I should make that clear but...damn it, he's too good, why do I love him? I love him" Ryoubi thought as she looked to you, saying to kiss her, demanding you kiss her but you shook your head, "say you love me first" you breathed and Ryoubi whined again as you pulled her into your lap again.

Ryouna then came forward and buried her face between her sister's legs, licking her pussy as you fucked it which made Ryoubi's eyes roll up. "Don't lick me you slut!" Was what she wanted to say but as she looked into your eyes, seeing your lips so close...the sadist in Ryoubi shattered for a moment.

"I love you, damn it I love you so just kiss me already!" She complained before instantly melting into the kiss you slammed against her lips. Ryoubi's tongue danced with your as you invaded her mouth, making her moan as you hammered her pussy like you would Ryouna.

When the kiss broke, a string of salvia connected your tongues before Ryoubi's suddenly cried out as she came, her juice splashing Ryoubi's face as she clenched down on you before her eyes widened as a hot load of cum poured into her. "He's cumming inside me? It's so hot, so much" she thought before slumping against your chest as you knelt up.

"Bastard, didn't you hear me when I gave you an order? I'm in charge between us, don't forget that" Ryoubi whined but was met with your lips again, that suddenly appeasing her as she moaned from you rubbing her clit. Then you broke ways and Ryoubi looked at you with a smile; "so you do love me? Small chest and all?" She asked and you replied that she could be a sadistic bitchy but like Ryouna, you loved her.

"Why didn't you say anything sooner though?" You asked and Ryoubi replied that she thought you wouldn't want her due to her chest, something which you called her stupid for. "I don't care how big they are, besides, we have something else to focus on right now" you said and she asked you what that was before finding herself on her back.

Ryoubi stared up at you as you got between her legs and penetrated her again. "We've kept you awake a lot so I still have a lot of making up to do, don't I?" You asked and Ryoubi grinned before leaning and reminding you of your place beneath her in your relationship but you cats aside such an idea with a shape thrust. "I don't think so" you whispered before pecking Ryoubi's lips and kneeling up to start fucking her.

Ryouna knelt up next to you and met you in a sloppy kiss as you groped her, whispering that you'd fuck her next and she shuddered with anticipation.

For now though, you focused in Ryoubi as you had a lot of to sleep compensate her for.