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Up Against the Wall

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Nobara has always admired Maki’s ridiculous strength. It’s one of the hottest things about her, and that’s saying a lot considering how good she is with weapons, and the way her eyes sparkle behind her glasses, and that voice of hers that always seems perfectly pitched to make Nobara shiver. 

But Maki’s strength is hot on a whole different level. Nobara could watch her train for hours, ideally on a hot day when she’s wearing just a tank top and workout shorts and rivulets of sweat are trickling down her neck and over her distractingly perfect collarbones. 

Nobara has given a lot of thought to all of the benefits of having such a buff girlfriend, and feels like she’s identified most of the best ones. There are the obvious, mundane benefits like carrying heavy packages after a long day of shopping, and moving all of her furniture when she gets bored with her dorm room layout. 

Then there are the benefits specific to their line of work, where having someone strong and competent to watch your back can make a world of difference to a first year jujutsu sorcerer. 

And then there are the delicious benefits, the ones she used to think about in her room at night long before she and Maki-san ever got together. Benefits like Maki’s ability to pin her wrists over her head with one firm hand, leaving her other hand free to do all sorts of interesting things. And her ability to pick Nobara up and carry her to bed whenever she feels like it. Not to mention her exceptional, nearly limitless stamina. 

Yep, Nobara thinks she’s done a pretty good job of realizing all the benefits that come with her strong, gorgeous, ridiculously sexy girlfriend. But today she’s come to realize just how wrong she is about that. 

It starts out like a normal evening. They arrive back at Nobara’s room after dinner and as soon as the door closes Nobara finds herself pinned against it, her lips parting for Maki’s insistent tongue and her body leaning into Maki’s wandering hands. She gasps as Maki trails hot kisses down her neck and grins in anticipation of all the unspeakable things that she knows Maki’s about to do to her. 

By now she thinks she has a good idea of what those things might be, so when Maki scoops her up and starts carrying her across the room, she assumes they’re heading for the bed. She’s wrong. 

“I’ve got a surprise for you tonight,” Maki murmurs as she nibbles on Nobara’s ear. “It’s something I’ve been dying to try for a while.”

“Ooh, I love surprises,” Nobara coos.

Suddenly she finds herself hoisted into the air and pressed against the wall. She’s practically sitting on Maki’s shoulders, with her legs dangling down Maki’s back and Maki’s head between her...oh. 


It’s in that instant that Nobara realizes she has barely scratched the surface of what her incredibly strong, incredibly sexy and incredibly determined girlfriend is capable of. She hardly has time to process this new information before Maki pulls her panties aside and goes to work with her tongue. 

Doing this always drives Nobara insane even when they’re just in a bed, and being held against the wall like this while Maki licks perfect circles around her clit is enough to make her melt. She grabs fistfuls of Maki’s silky green hair and hangs on for dear life as Maki coaxes moan after gasping moan from her lips with each pass of her wicked, unrelenting tongue. 

If Maki’s tiring at all from the effort of holding Nobara up like this, she isn’t showing it. Her attention remains laser focused between Nobara’s legs, dipping her tongue low to press inside Nobara’s entrance and then back up to tease at her clit again. Nobara is wailing now, crying out Maki’s name as she feels her legs start to shake. Maki must be able to feel it too, and in response she moves her tongue faster, sucks a little harder, and makes Nobara fall utterly apart, trembling and spasming against Maki’s face. 

Maki takes her sweet time making sure that Nobara is well and truly done, or maybe she just wants to taste as much of Nobara as she can before it’s finally time to let her down off of her shoulders. Nobara goes limp against the wall with a whimper, and only then does Maki take pity on her and lower her gently down to the bed, as effortless as if she were one of Nobara’s straw dolls. 

She settles down next to Nobara and Nobara kisses her deeply, heedless of the sticky, messy wreck of Maki’s face. Tasting herself on Maki’s lips is one of Nobara’s favorite parts, so she’s not going to miss this chance even as her mind reels from what just happened.

“So did you like the surprise?” Maki asks with her telltale smirk when they take a break from kissing. “I mostly wanted to prove that I could do it, but you seemed to have fun.”

“Maki-san,” Nobara says, still slightly breathless, “I knew you were strong, but I had no idea. Why have you been holding out on me all this time? To think we could have been doing that from the very beginning…”

So yeah, there seem to be a few benefits of having a super buff, super amazing girlfriend that Nobara doesn’t know about yet. And she can't wait to discover the rest.