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Physical Assessment

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It had been an unbearable two weeks. 

Following directions was way harder than he had initially thought, too. There were multiple occasions where Childe almost forgot to take his daily dose, and he even contemplated just throwing out the tablets and pretending like he took it. But the thought of getting a reward he didn’t deserve felt off. 

He’ll try that next time when he’s in the mood for a punishment.

Regardless of how hard it was, it was finally time now. Childe was practically bouncing around the examining bed in excitement, his empty medication vial laying on the table next to him. The registered nurse (a properly licensed one, wearing scrubs and everything) was trying to take his blood pressure, but Childe was absolutely sure she was about to knock him out instead because at this point, it would be way easier to take his vitals if he was unconscious.

“Mr. Childe,” she said in a vaguely menacing tone. Her smile was strained. “I understand you are looking forward to seeing the Dollie Services today, but you have to follow all protocol or the doctor will not allow you to have the service this visit. Last time was an exception, since you were a new patient.”

“Yes, I know,” Childe said impatiently, tapping his finger on his knee as he tried to stay still for the upteenth time. “Maybe Aether can take my vitals instead? He was my nurse last time. I’d definitely be more cooperative if he took my vitals. Absolutely.”

The registered nurse took her time replying to him, and instead focused on her watch as she counted his heart rate now. 

Thirty seconds felt like ages without Aether. 

“As you know,” she finally responded, ”the Dollie Nurses are trained for something else entirely, Mr. Childe. They don’t have our qualifications, and we don’t have theirs. Long story short, Nurse Aether cannot take your vitals.”

That makes sense, Childe mused. So Aether couldn’t take his respiratory rate but he could take his cock. 

God, the mere thought of that was enough to send him spiraling.

Childe’s mind went elsewhere for the remainder of the official check-up. The image of Aether, pinned to the wall by his wrists, back towards him and his plump ass out as he squirmed around Childe’s cock was making him wild with arousal. Or maybe it would be better on the bed, with Aether held down tightly between him and the mattress as Childe ruthlessly slammed deep inside of his tiny frame, with the tiny nurse unable to do anything but mewl like the little kitten he was as he was repeatedly bred over and over.

In no time at all, the registered nurse finally finished her review of systems, stepping back with a chuckle as if she knew exactly what kind of thoughts were racing through Childe’s head. It wasn’t hard to guess, given the strong reaction that was evident in the patient’s pants. 

“Alright, Mr. Childe,” she said with an endearing sigh of defeat, “you’re all good. Nurse Aether will be in soon to talk to you about what Dr. Zhongli wants from you, then he’ll do the final part of the assessment before you go.”

“Thank you so much,” Childe said, with a handsome and dazzling grin that hid the lust he was harboring inside of him. The registered nurse left to see her next patient, leaving Childe sitting in the room by himself as he awaited for Aether’s arrival. 

It’d probably take some time, like the last visit. He recalled that it took Aether about ten minutes after the registered nurse left, and once again, Childe found himself horribly impatient. His erection strained painfully for attention, throbbing with each breath, aching for a soft hole to sink into. Isn’t it a bad thing for nurses to leave their patients like this? This is basically neglect, isn’t it? Childe started thinking of devious ways to punish his doll for keeping him for so long. It was only fair.

Maybe he’ll do it by the window, pressing Aether’s nipples up against the cold glass as he relentlessly teased him with just his fingers. He could make him cry and beg for a cock to fill up his tiny stomach in open view of anyone walking by, and happened to look up. Or he could pick up the little nurse by his soft and supple thighs and carry him to the middle of the corridor, where the Nursing Center was. Then, spread him open and breed him right on the counter with an audience. Childe’s cock twitched in anticipation of claiming and marking Aether over and over. He was absolutely going to have his fun this time; two weeks was too long of a wait for anything less than that. 

The faint scent of strawberries brought Childe back to reality, and a coy smile played at his lips as a blonde head peeked through the door. 

“Welcome back, Mr. Childe~” Aether said angelically as he entered the room. 

Today, Aether looked as delicious as ever. His adorable nurse cap had bunny ears this time, which made him look absolutely darling. To match it, the smaller male donned a short white dress that ended right above his knee. It hung loosely on his body, unlike the last outfit that hugged his every curve, and swirled cutely with every movement. However, the tempting thing about it was that it was entirely see-through, save for the red nursing decal that occasionally dotted the fabric; there were cute red plus signs sewn in at the bottom as well as the crest of St. Barbatos Medical Center on the chest. It served as a constant reminder to Childe that Aether was still a nurse and not his boyfriend. Underneath the transparent sheer lace dress, Aether wore very little: two tiny pastel pink pieces of cloth, though very cute and frilly, barely covered his nipples, and they were matched with frilly panties to go with it. To top it all off, there was a white ribbon tied around Aether’s little cock, as if enticing Childe to come and unwrap his gift.

“Aether! There you are~” Childe laughed, his cheerful smile skillfully concealing all of the things he planned to do to that lewd body as soon as he had the little nurse within his grasp, “come here already! You made me wait so long.”

Eagerly, his prey practically jumped right into his arms, wrapping his slender legs around Childe’s as he straddled him face on. Childe groaned as his erection pressed between Aether’s soft thighs, rubbing against his doll’s cock between the fabric. He grinned again and held Aether closely to him.

“Did you take all of your medication, Mr. Childe?” Aether asked as he reached over for the vial on the bedside tray. Childe’s grin grew wider as he slipped his hands under Aether’s dress, grabbing a fistful of the smaller male’s plump ass. It was incredibly supple, molding easily to his touch as his fingers sunk deep into the soft flesh.

“Sure did~” he replied cheerfully as he fondled his pretty nurse. Aether moaned breathily in his ear, his hips squirming against Childe and creating a delicious friction that drove him insane. He continued speaking in a low, hushed voice. “But Aether, it was really hard for me to remember to take it all, you know? So…” At this, Childe leaned towards him, the whispers hot on that beautiful, unmarked skin. “I think I need a bigger reward.”

Aether shivered from Childe’s voice in his ears, and wrapped his arms around the taller male’s broad shoulders as he grinded against him eagerly. Heat bloomed between his legs, traveling up his spine and slowly filling his head with nothing but desire.

“I’ll do my best to please you...” Aether said a bit shyly as his body pressed even more tightly to his patient. Childe almost ate him up right then and there, but Aether continued. “However, there’s one more prescription from Dr. Zhongli that has to be administered first.”

It was difficult for Aether to concentrate. His breaths came a little heavier now as Childe continued to toy with his ass, and the little nurse made every effort to stick out his hips so that his patient had more access to his body. Childe eagerly appreciated the sentiment and his large hands continued their ministrations, palming those ample cheeks in rough circles before splitting them apart to expose Aether’s cute little hole. A devious finger began teasing the sensitive skin there. It was just enough to send small shivers of pleasure throughout the tiny nurse’s body, deepening the heat of arousal that had already slowly started taking over his thoughts. 

“Another prescription?” Childe tried to hide the annoyance in his voice, because it wasn’t Aether’s fault. He really didn’t want to interrupt what they were doing again for another round of protocol. Whoever this Dr. Zhongli was, he was going to get a piece of his mind later. 

Aether nodded, still clinging on to Childe as his hips rolled against his erection, grinding slowly against the growing bulge that sat restrained in between his lean thighs.

“Yes,” the nurse moaned as he bounced along on Childe’s lap, “please make sure to finish as much as you can… okay?”

At that, Aether pulled back a little, putting distance between their heated bodies for just a brief moment to undo the top buttons of his dress. Childe couldn’t help but smirk at the new addition; the hospital administration must have been angry when he tore the first uniform and so they made sure that the new outfit was more user-friendly.

Childe hummed in approval as Aether’s clothes slipped down his delicate shoulders, and soon the only thing separating him from his cute nurse were two tiny pieces of fabric. On closer inspection, Childe could see those pretty nipples straining for attention again. They seemed bigger and more plump this time, which piqued the taller male’s interest about the “prescription” he was supposed to take. In response, Aether averted his gaze timidly as his slender fingers hooked under the thin straps. With a blush burning across his face, the nurse then pulled the strands up into his mouth, completely baring his open chest to his patient.

Childe’s heart pounded loudly in his ears as his eyes feasted on the treat right before him. Aether continued to grind his hips along the other male’s lap, albeit shyly as he presented his tits for Childe’s personal use. A guttural growl escaped from the patient’s throat as his large hands roughly yanked Aether towards him. Aether squeaked in surprise as Childe pulled him up just a bit, allowing the taller male to rest his chin in between the nurse’s chest. 

“I have to drink all of it, right?” Childe asked, feigning ignorance as he looked up into Aether’s eyes. He now knew exactly what the prescription was; he just wanted to hear the words straight out of Aether’s own mouth. The nurse nodded again, pressing himself closer to Childe as if to encourage him to properly take his new prescription, but all Childe did was give him a saccharine smile as if he didn’t understand. 

“You have to teach me how, Nurse Aether,” he insisted, eyes narrowing as he honed in on his squirming prey. “What are the exact directions?”

Aether looked away in embarrassment again, though his hips never stopped moving. Childe licked his lips at what a cocktease the smaller male was being. Was this on purpose? 

“Mm… Mr. Childe should...” his words were a little muffled since the straps of his lingerie were still held between his teeth, but he did his best to speak. “Mr. Childe should play with my nipples.. and then drink the milk that comes out…”

He was so, so adorable. The last of Childe’s self-restraint disappeared in that moment. 

Without warning, Childe turned his head and bit into Aether’s left breast, causing the smaller male to cry out from the pleasure and pain of being marked for the first time. Relentlessly, Childe continued his attack, swirling his tongue around the puffy and erect nipple while he reached out his right hand to keep the other one company. He tweaked and teased it roughly, and soon enough, he felt liquid sticking to his fingers. 

“Your body is insane, Aether,” Childe laughed, pulling back to look into those hazy golden eyes once more. Making sure he kept their gazes locked, Childe brought his thumb to his mouth and licked it experimentally, tasting Aether’s milk for the first time. 


The nurse shivered and whined in response, squirming around eagerly for more. Childe laughed again, pulling his doll closer to him by the hip. “I’ll take care of you, don’t worry.” 

Childe’s mouth returned to Aether’s chest, his teeth grazing against the sensitive skin as he captured Aether’s nipple once more. He sucked harshly, earning another cry of pleasure from the smaller male as he arched his back from the stimulation, pressing his tits further into Childe’s face. Childe smirked at how honest the nurse’s body was, and rewarded him with a heartfelt squeeze of that plump ass.

Aether cried out again, unable to control his voice as Childe drank his fill. Soon, the sweet taste of milk filled Childe’s senses once more and the taller male took extra care to swallow every last drop, holding Aether tightly so that the nurse would not be able to escape. After all, it would be bad if he didn’t follow the directions all the way, wouldn’t it? 

“Hey, Nurse Aether,” Childe asked, pulling away and licking his lips in anticipation, savoring the lingering flavor of Aether’s body. A coy smile spread across his face. “Is this part of the prescription too?”

His fingers had somehow pushed past Aether’s panties once more and found their way to the nurse’s unused hole, probing and teasing the sensitive skin without actually invading into it. The soft sensations made Aether eager to properly do his job, his hips wiggling as if he were an excited puppy.

“Yes~” he agreed, looking up at Childe angelically with those gorgeous golden eyes, “please go ahead use my hole however you like, Mr. Childe…” He didn’t seem as embarrassed as before, which Childe found incredibly arousing. “I’ll do anything for your recovery, so use me as you see fit.”

Childe hummed in approval. It seemed that Aether was finally warmed up. 

“I like the sound of that,” Childe chuckled, trailing his hands up his doll’s body and feeling him one more time before he absolutely ruined that figure. “I’ll make sure to thank Dr. Zhongli later.”

With ease, Childe stood up and flipped Aether around, shoving him head first into the bed. The nurse squeaked in surprise, but let himself be handled roughly by his patient. Soft whimpers filled the room as Aether settled on his knees, pressing his head into the pillow and raising his ass obediently for Childe. 

“Well then,” Childe laughed as he ran his hand through his bangs, “first things first, you don’t need this anymore.”

Childe reached over for the top of Aether’s dress, tearing it in half with one strong yank. Aether flinched from the recoil, but held his position like the good boy he was. With a sunshine smile, Childe then untied the tiny straps that held Aether’s lingerie together, throwing the flimsy garments off to the side. The dress lay beneath the smaller male in tatters, and now Aether was completely bare, with every inch of his body open for the taking. 

Childe intended to claim it all.

“Keep still.” He said, his voice low as he reached for the lube that was kept at bedside for the Dollie nurses. The order sank into Aether’s body, but as soon as Childe made contact with his skin, he knew that it was going to be difficult to obey. 


Aether’s voice escaped without permission as he felt Childe plunge a single finger into his waiting hole, probing his inner walls for his sensitivities. The cold lubricant on Childe’s fingers only made Aether squirm desperately for something more. 

“Hm? Is something the matter?” Childe asked, his voice sweet as honey. He inserted another finger inside of his cute little doll, stretching him out a bit more. He was already so tight, clenching around him needily; it was his tiny body wordlessly asking him for something bigger and thicker, though Childe wouldn’t give it unless Aether begged for it himself. 

“No sir..!” Aether said, trying to hold in his voice by covering his mouth with the pillow, but to no avail. “E-everything is.. fine..—” His voice hitched after every word, and his precious little moans continued to echo around the room. It made Childe more determined to find that sweet spot, to unravel him then claim his prize.

“Are you sure?” Childe asked as he angled his attack differently, sliding in a third finger as he continued feeling around the smaller male’s body. He was rewarded with another cry as Aether arched his back from the stimulation, pressing his ass further against Childe’s hand as his arms shook from the building heat that was spreading between his slender legs. 

Suddenly, Aether tensed up. His voice became uncontrollable as intense pleasure attacked his senses in waves and overwhelming him in a single instant. Almost instinctively, the smaller spread his legs wider, his hips rolling against Childe’s long slender fingers for more of that delicious feeling. Childe smirked; found it.  

The nurse’s voice raised higher and higher as Childe continued to probe at his sweet spot relentlessly. He loved how honest Aether’s body was. He leaned forward to nibble at Aether’s ear, his breath hot and close.

“Is it good here? Be honest.” At that, Childe pointedly pressed more firmly up against Aether, timing it well with the smaller male’s movements. The cute nurse moaned loudly, a clear sign of how much he was melting at Childe’s touch.

“Y-yes…” he admitted, though the words were lost into the pillow. Aether was having a hard time making proper words as his brain was hazy from the intensity. Precum dripped from his cute cock in anticipation for more, though Childe hadn’t even touched it yet; a clear sign of how obedient Aether’s body was, and how needy he was becoming.

“Isn’t there something else you want more?” Childe asked, prompting him a bit. Aether shivered as the taller male trailed rough kisses along the outside of his ear, moving downwards toward his neck. All the while, Childe’s hands never stopped moving, pushing against Aether’s favorite spot the entire time. Pretty moans escaped Aether’s mouth as he struggled to verbalize his desires. 

“C-cock..?” he whined a bit, a bit of saliva trailing down the side of Aether’s plump lips. He moaned cutely between each word, breathing hard as he moved against Childe’s hand, desperately attempting to achieve the pleasure he was looking for. “Your cock, please… Childe..”

God, he was so cute. 

“Where, Aether?” Childe prompted again, biting back a growl and his urge to pounce on and breed him right now. “Where do you want it? Be clear.” 

Aether whimpered, pleasure overriding everything rational; he pushed his ass up higher, reaching behind him to spread himself open so that Childe could see the adorable pink hole that clenched so tightly around his fingers. It twitched slightly, as if aching for a cock to plunge in already and properly claim it for personal use.

“Here, please…” Aether whined, “deep.. inside me… please…”


“Good boy.”

Childe pulled his fingers out and Aether almost cried at the empty feeling left behind. But he soon felt the tip of Childe’s cock pressing up against his waiting hole and his cries became eager whimpers. The taller male pulled Aether’s chin towards him for a loving kiss; Childe hummed his approval as he gently swirled his tongue around Aether’s small mouth while the rest of his body aligned itself to Aether in the right position. His soft touch relaxed the small nurse, and he let down his guard just for a brief second to melt right into the kiss. 

That was when Childe took the opportunity to slam his entire length inside of Aether’s quivering hole, penetrating deep inside of him in a second. Aether broke out of the kiss with a shrill cry of pure pleasure as his tiny stomach was suddenly stuffed full to the brim. He gasped as his muscles tensed from the sudden invasion, his legs threatening to give out from underneath him. 

Childe didn’t intend to let Aether rest for a moment. Grabbing his nurse by the hips, Childe held down his squirming prey with one hand and spread him open wider with the other. Aether mewled softly as he was caught and pinned with nowhere to go.

“That’s my kitten,” Childe chuckled, rolling his hips gently. He started pulling out slowly until only the tip remained sheathed inside. “You’re beautiful like this, but you’ll be more beautiful after I’m done.”

Ruthlessly, Childe pushed the entirety of his length back inside Aether’s tight hole, angling himself perfectly against that sweet spot of his. Aether’s inner walls clenched tightly around him, squeezing down on him with every single thrust. Childe grunted as Aether’s tiny body struggled to adapt to his size, but he wasn’t stopping; the taller male loved breaking through a challenge and soon Aether will be used to the shape of his cock anyway.

“Cry out more, kitten,” Childe laughed as he continued to ravage his pretty nurse, his hips thrusting in a ferocious rhythm that pierced through Aether’s most sensitive areas. 

Even without being told, Aether’s voice was uncontrollable. His moans spilled from his mouth in time with every forceful slam. He mewled loudly, feeling his climax quickly approaching as Childe took advantage of his sweet spot. Electricity set every one of his senses on fire; heat began to pool at the pit of his stomach, at the point where the tip of Childe’s length hit the deepest. The nurse could feel the shaft pulsing deep inside of him, throbbing as it pounded him from behind. All Aether could do was stay limp as Childe toyed with his body whichever way he pleased. 

He was the patient after all. Aether’s sole purpose was to make sure he recovered his full strength, and it made him happy to be able to serve him with his tight little hole. 

His precum was dripping down his thighs, making them sweet and sticky as his ass was ruthlessly claimed. A familiar pressure was rising up from between his legs, and pleasure came in increased intensity. Wave after wave hit him hard, causing his heart to speed up in anticipation of the fall. He was close; the fire was burning hotter and hotter and threatened to overtake his senses completely. 

Aether’s voice hit a shrill high as he saw the peak of his desires, his inner walls clenching around Childe’s hot throbbing shaft once more, right before the final…


The nurse squirmed helplessly, feeling the climax so close yet so far. He whined, unable to move forward towards his release.

“Just a little revenge,” Childe smirked as he squeezed down. He had his thumb and forefinger wrapped around Aether’s cute and quivering cock, stopping the orgasm with the pressure. “and also as punishment for making me wait so long. If you ask me nicely though, I’ll think about letting you go.”

Aether could barely register what was going on. Not even waiting for a response, Childe resumed his rough fucking, pulling his pulsing shaft all the way out before slamming it back inside deeply inside of his personal nurse. His rhythm was slower now, but his thrusts much more powerful, every movement lifting Aether’s ass upwards. 

Aether cried out, pleasure building up inside of him without anywhere to go. He mewled and cried as Childe purposely targeted the sweet spot once more.

“—!” Aether whined loudly, panting in between moans. His chest heaved as his body desperately tried to wriggle out of the patient’s grasp. “Childe.. Childe please..!”

Childe responded with another powerful thrust, pushing Aether closer to the edge that he could not reach. 

“I don’t know about that tone of voice, kitten.” 

Childe laughed again, but his voice was domineering. Heavy. Aether whimpered and clenched onto the bedsheets tightly. Childe slowed down his movements just enough to give Aether one chance to speak. 

“Please…” the nurse moaned. His mind was still hazy, and he wasn’t sure if what he was saying was going to get him in trouble or not. However, at this point, he was desperate. “Please… can we cum together, sir?”

Mm, good boy.

“Please fill up my hole with your seed…” Aether wiggles his hips again, feeling increasingly needy as he continued to ramble on, hoping that something would make Childe happy enough to change his mind.  “Please fuck me until every part of me belongs to you.”

Childe smiled devilishly. “I’ll take it, kitten. You did well for this.”

The patient released his hold on his pretty nurse and Aether could feel his body shaking as the pleasure began rolling over him once more. Childe pulled back again, thrusting roughly into his doll as the fire rekindled. Their body heat melded together as they moved in rhythm with each other, allowing Childe’s cock to reach even deeper into Aether’s body. The smaller male cried out again, his moans high and whiny as he hit his limit. 

With his heart pounding in his ears, Aether came with a shrill cry, his body clenching around Childe’s cock tightly, as if coaxing the patient to unload his seed into the nurse’s plump ass in one final spurt. Childe groaned as the heat tingled up his own spine; he was quite happy to oblige. 

With a shudder, Childe emptied his first load into Aether. Sticky white cum coated his nurse’s inner walls white as he was filled up, just as he asked. Childe grinned at the sight before him. Some of the cum was already overflowing from Aether’s tiny stomach, dripping down his lean thighs and staining the bedsheets. If Childe pulled out now, he would certainly be a huge mess, so the kind Samaritan in him decided to stuff him up.

The nurse fell limp on the bed, chest heaving as he slowly came down from his high. Childe rolled his hips gently as he licked his lips. 

This is definitely worth two weeks, he thought as he prepared for round two.