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Physical Assessment

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St. Barbatos Medical Center (SBMC) was well known in the area as an excellent hospital. It had top-quality doctors, who graduated from esteemed universities and passed yearly assessments to continue to work. It had all of the latest technology available to clinicians at the wave of a hand, and it used this technology to make significant advances in healthcare. It was even able to acquire the most expensive medications at the drop of a hat, if that’s what their patients needed to feel better. 

Most notably, the SBMC had a high satisfaction rating. Nearly all patients reported taking all of their medications as ordered, following up with every single appointment the doctors made, and getting their vaccines in on time. This drastically increased their ratings and was what made the SBMC a 5-star hospital for the last few decades. Much of this success is due to an unique patient care program, known to patients as the Dollie Services.

Dollie Services are only available to patrons of the SMBC, and completely free to those who comply and complete hospital procedures. Patients who do well and follow the doctor’s orders, take all their medications and do all of the necessary blood work are visited by a Dollie Nurse on the day of discharge. That nurse was responsible for evaluating the patient’s “physical wellness” before going home, and will then reward the patient for their recovery. 

At least, that’s what the paper pamphlet probably said. Childe couldn’t really bother with reading all of these words, a decision he would likely regret later.

“Listen,” he said, tossing the brochure off to the side as he looked up at his current caretaker, “I don’t want to have to stay here a second longer than I really need to.” Time always seemed to drag on in the hospital, and one more terrible eternity for a minute in here would certainly drive him mad. “Am I good to go, or not?”

The attending nurse bowed her head in response. “Dr. Zhongli says you’re good to go. We just have one more service to provide for you as per our protocol—”

Childe threw up his hands in exasperation, a pout beginning to form at his lips. What’s with doctors and their protocols anyway? Honestly, if there’s nothing wrong with him, why all the hassle?! This was literally the reason why he always preferred pretending that his wounds didn’t exist, so he didn’t have to put up with stuff like this—

“— and I anticipate that you will enjoy this service quite a bit, sir.” The nurse finished with a placid smile, as if she knew exactly what kind of tantrum was going on in his head. “He’ll be with you shortly, so please give him just a minute.” 

Oh my god, another eternity .

She then left the room, giving Childe time to mope as he waited for the next nurse’s arrival. He flopped back down on the hospital bed in complete exasperation, sighing heavily as the seconds took years to tick on by. Covering his eyes with his arm, his consciousness drifted off as his thoughts traveled to a more exciting world. Maybe in this world, he was a powerful warrior, capable of striking down anything and anyone. He was a fighter chasing after a life of endless thrills and adventure, with no regard to anyone else. Maybe he’ll make friends with a cute traveler. Oh, and he’d definitely be a 5-star. Another long sigh escaped his pouty lips; he’d much rather be there, than here.

Okay, he was being dramatic, because fortunately it didn’t take that long. Maybe 10 minutes or so, but it definitely felt longer. A small and timid knock redirected Childe’s attention back to reality once again. He groaned in response, sitting up on the bed and running a hand through his bangs to reorient himself. 

“Took you long enough..” He drawled as nonchalantly as he could, his ocean blue orbs flicking only momentarily towards the door. 

Then his breath caught in the back of his throat.

“Good morning,” the nurse said with a small bow, “my name is Aether and…” he looked back up at Childe with the faintest blush on his cheeks, his golden hair framing his slender face as he shyly averted his gaze, “a-and I’ll be your Dollie for today.”

He seemed embarrassed to say that as he squirmed around in that tight outfit, which made him all the more endearing. Childe’s heart pounded loudly in his ears as blood rushed away from his brain and towards something else. 

“Hi Aether,” he breathed, trying to keep his composure as his eyes devoured the treat right in front of him. The smaller male was donned in a white nurse’s outfit, the kind seen in AV. There was an open window in the shape of a heart around his chest, allowing Childe to see the pearly unmarked skin underneath. The skirt hugged his hips and his lean thighs closely, and it ended dangerously short, barely a hand length and a half away from his tiny waist. There was a gap of exposed skin from the skirt’s hem to the top of Aether’s sheer white stockings, and Childe could barely resist the urge to grab him right then and there. 

Though Aether looked absolutely delicious, it was a drastically different appearance compared to the first nurse, who was wearing proper scrubs. Perhaps it was a sign that Aether wasn’t a real registered nurse but something else entirely. Childe was more than okay with that. 

In the meanwhile, Aether tucked his hair behind his ear as he kept his body as still as possible for Childe’s visual inspection. He could feel the intensity of Childe’s gaze on him, trails of fire igniting along his exposed skin as his new patient hungrily ate him up with his eyes alone. He mustered up a bit more of his courage, hoping his voice didn’t betray him.

“I’m really sorry you had to wait so long,” Aether said gently, with another bow of his head. Childe could swear he could see the faint outline of a nipple straining against the fabric of the uniform, and was barely listening as Aether continued to speak. “I will do my best to make sure things go quickly for the discharge assessment, is that alright?”

At the question, Childe jolted and hastily nodded his head. 

“That’s good with me, Aether,” he laughed cheerily, “but it’s also okay that you take your time too~”

Oh, how his tune had totally changed. 

Aether bowed respectfully again, and Childe suppressed another groan, but this time to maintain his self-control. He had been bed-bound for a couple of days while hospitalized, and was pretty backed up now that he really thought about it. Maybe that was why he was having such a hard time with Aether in the room? Even so, this must be too good to be true, right?


Childe’s mind started going blank as his nurse walked over to his bed, first taking a peek at the empty medication cup that was left there this morning as well as the plethora of other nonsense that Childe had haphazardly left there, such as garbage from his meals or magazines that he lost interest in. He was a mess, but that was the last thing on his mind right now; does Aether smell like strawberries?

“Ah, you took your morning dose!” Aether said with an angelic grin. It took every ounce of energy from Childe’s brain cells in a gigantic cohesive effort to make a half-strangled noise of agreement. “That’s very good, Mr. Childe!”

Here, Aether’s smile faltered a little, no longer reaching his eyes. “But.. you also missed three of your doses this week,” he said as he trailed a slender finger down the medication administration record. Childe blinked in surprise at the sudden change, but Aether continued assessing his performance sternly. “That’s not good, Mr. Childe. You should make every effort to follow the doctor’s orders. How do you expect to get better this way?”

To be honest, he zoned out as Aether went in on him; Childe was rather distracted at the moment, after all. He didn’t mind being scolded by someone as cute as Aether, but would the smaller male be able to keep up the tough guy act once Childe had him bent over the bed, ass out and spread open? What kind of sounds would he make as Childe pulled on his hair while railing deep and rhythmically into that impossibly soft flesh? How much of his seed could he take before his stomach slightly distended from being filled to the brim?

Whoops, he was supposed to be paying attention.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” Childe said, tuning back into the conversation with a cheeky grin though he wasn’t apologetic at all. He wanted nothing more than to tear off that uniform right now. Aether huffed in reply.

“Please finish all of your medication, even if you already start feeling better,” Aether insisted, “or else you may end up getting sick all over again.”

Childe chuckled. “Yes sir~” It was so cute how worried Aether was, but at least he seemed satisfied with that response. God, that outfit.  

“Good!” the smaller male beamed at him approvingly and Childe had to resist eating him up again.

“Dr. Zhongli gave you some medicine to take home, but since you have a track record of not following directions, he only gave you about two weeks worth, so you’ll have to come back for a follow-up check up,” Aether explained as he started to wash his hands. 

Childe was starting to zone out again; he knew it would be way too good to be true. This felt like a regular check-up, and Aether was asking all the regular questions. He may not even be hospital staff; what if he was just a cosplayer who happened to wander in and started teasing him? Or maybe it was just a dream. Maybe it was just in his head; he was horribly backed up from the length of his hospital stay. It was definitely just a dream. 

Or was it?

Aether dried off his hands and came towards the hospital bed slowly. Childe couldn’t take his eyes off of those thighs, and swallowed hard to keep himself in check. Just one wrong move and the skirt would slide up further than they intended to. Just one move..

Suddenly, they were much closer to each other than before, close enough for Childe to feel their body heat mingling. Close enough to see the specks of gold in Aether’s amber eyes. Close enough to see that, indeed, Aether’s nipples were straining hard against the fabric of his tight uniform. If only the heart window was larger, then maybe Childe would have been able to take a peek at the pink buds protruding from his chest. 

And Aether definitely smelled like strawberries. 

“I’ll be personally checking to see if you took all of the medication, so..” Aether murmured as he placed his hands on Childe’s legs, causing the latter to jerk from the sudden touch. “Please do your best~”


He couldn’t take it anymore. At this point, he didn’t care if it was going to get him in trouble, he just wanted to pin Aether down and have his way. Tease him until he cried. Toy with his body whichever way he liked. Empty load after load into his small frame. 

But just as Childe was preparing to pounce on his new prey and devour him whole, Aether suddenly disappeared out of his view. 

And settled cozily between his legs. 

Childe blinked in momentary confusion, but was soon preoccupied by a new feeling. Shivers of pent up pleasure tingled up his spine as Aether began to gently palm him through his pants. His breath trembled as Aether applied a bit more pressure, the nurse looking up at him endearingly as he rubbed his hands in slow tantalizing circles. 

“Um, this is the last part of the discharge assessment. Please stay still and enjoy, okay?” Aether’s hands became more daring as they rolled along his bulge, brazenly enticing the beast sleeping inside of Childe. He was at such an angle that Childe had the perfect view of his body. 

And what a view it was. He could see every part of his cute doll, every bodyline and curve as he watched Aether squirm around in between his legs. His gaze traced the contour of Aether’s hips, down his legs, around his plump cheeks. Childe licked his lips in anticipation of sinking his hands and teeth into that soft flesh, and marking it red with his desire. 

Aether could feel the heat emanating from Childe’s body, could feel Childe’s excitement growing in his palm. His head was beginning to go hazy from the tension, but the small nurse reluctantly pulled his hand away and leaned forward to fumble with the zipper instead. He pushed his ass out, his legs shaking from the intensity of Childe’s eyes on him. The attention made him even more bold than usual, and Aether felt his body strain with the incredibly wanton need to pleasure the man sitting in front of him right now. 

He had trouble with the zipper at first, causing Aether to involuntarily whine for assistance. Childe chuckled at how needy he became, and reached over to help undo the last obstacle in his way. Childe purposely pulled it down slowly though, relishing in the view of Aether eagerly pressing forward and kissing his bulge in anticipation. Finally, finally, after what seemed like forever, Childe’s half-erect cock sprang out from its constraints, hitting Aether in the face as it stood for attention. 

The nurse squeaked in surprise, and the adorable sound sent a shock throughout Childe’s entire body, arousing him even more. Noticing Childe’s desires, Aether didn’t miss another beat and immediately began rubbing his cheek along the shaft, his hands gripping the base as he gently coaxed Childe to full length. The masculine scent from being so close to his cock made Aether feel even dizzier, and now the cute little nurse’s mind was completely focused on servicing his patient. 

Childe let out a guttural groan, pleasure building up from the friction as his precum smeared all over Aether’s soft skin. He could not believe that this was actually happening, and in a hospital no less. But he wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste, not when he had such an adorable doll ready to use.

“Let me be the first to congratulate you on your recovery, sir.” 

Aether turned his face fully towards Childe’s cock now, his warm tongue slipping out from his parted lips to now slowly lick the entire length, starting from the base. His small mouth suckled and nibbled lightly on the sensitive skin as he moved upward, coating Childe’s cock in his saliva. Eventually, Aether reached the tip, and planted a cute little kiss on the head before slowly working his way back downwards. He took extra care to slicken up every inch of Childe’s dick with his mouth, all the while looking up endearingly at his patient, eyes wide with the need to make him happy. 

Childe resisted the urge to thrust his hips into Aether’s throat; as much as he wanted to, he just couldn’t get enough of how much of a cocktease Aether was being, and he loved being pushed to the edge like this. Grinning, Childe took this time to reach over to Aether’s shoulders. With one strong yank, he tore the top of the uniform down, finally revealing the pretty pink nipples that were hiding underneath. Aether let out another surprised moan, the high-pitched sound only serving to entice Childe more and more, deeper and deeper into his desires.

Oops again; did he rip the fabric beyond repair? Maybe, but it was worth it. 

“Come on…” Childe said, his voice breathy as he held onto whatever self-control he had left. His large hands slipped under Aether’s head, grabbing him by the hair and pushing him against his shaft. “Is that all you have for me?” 

The nurse mewled softly in response against his skin, and Childe’s body lurched from the tiny vibrations of his quiet voice. 

No longer willing to be patient with his cute little doll, Childe repositioned his cock at Aether’s mouth, pressing his bulbous head against his lips to demand entry. Obediently, Aether opened up, sticking his tongue out to gratefully receive Childe’s entire length.

God, he was going to stuff that throat full of cum right now. 

He plunged himself slowly into Aether’s waiting mouth, purposely taking his time to watch how the smaller male would be able to take his cock. Aether whimpered around his thick member, his hips shaking as he relaxed his body as much as possible to allow Childe to fully sheath himself down to the base. Aether whined out again as Childe pressed the back of his head, forcefully holding him down for half a minute too long.

Being inside Aether like this felt amazing; his doll was quite a bit smaller than him, and it was no effort at all to fully fill up his hot and wet mouth. 

“You look so beautiful stuffed like that, kitten.” Childe laughed as he admired how Aether’s cheeks and throat bulged a little from taking him all in. Aether mewled again, which did nothing but excite Childe. “Do a good job and I’ll give you what you want.”

Obediently, Aether began moving his head. He slowly pulled upward along Childe’s cock, his tongue trailing along the sensitive skin as if to find the perfect spot to attack. Childe groaned as his doll reached the tip once more, swirled his little tongue around the head, and then began his descent back down the shaft, sending wave after wave of electricity up Childe’s spine. He repeated the motion methodically, looking up at Childe for praise and approval as his tight throat was deeply penetrated over and over again. 

He was absolutely adorable, but Childe wanted much more than that. 

“Relax, kitten.” Gripping Aether’s head still once more, Childe pulled back until only the tip remained in between his doll’s lips. He grinned as he gently caressed Aether’s hair, reveling in how beautiful the small nurse looked as he knelt there waiting eagerly for a treat. Oh, how Childe wanted to mess up that angelic face.

Without further warning, Childe stood up and slammed his cock all the way back into Aether’s anticipating throat, pounding roughly in and out as his hands held the smaller male’s head still. Aether’s body went limp as he relaxed and allowed Childe to have his way with his tiny mouth. High needy whines escaped in between every rough thrust. Saliva trailed messily down the side of his mouth. Heat began to build between their bodies, raising higher and higher, burning hotter and hotter. He was close, so close. 

Childe grunted from how tightly Aether was squeezing on him, as if the nurse had every intention to milk him dry in one go. But Childe was nowhere near finished with his pretty doll; he had enough to fill each and every one of Aether’s holes, twice over. This was just the first load.

Aether kept his mouth open for Childe, tears prickling at his eyes from the intensity. But he loved it, being used for his patient’s happiness, being held down as one part of his body was claimed for someone else. Moans spilled from his lips at any possible second, and he could feel Childe’s cock throbbing deep inside of him. It was almost time. His throat clenched around the heated flesh tightly, preparing for the final burst. 

With a gasp, Childe pulled out of Aether’s mouth at the last possible second and aimed his cock right at the nurse’s messy face. He trembled as immense pleasure came in wave after wave, threatening to overcome him, pushing him closer and closer to the peak—


Childe’s body started shaking, his nerves still on fire from the stimulation. Yet, he was unable to finish. He stood there with his heart pounding in his ears and senses teetering on the edge of climax yet he was unable to finish. 

“Mr. Childe..” Aether whined, looking up at him with desperate eyes, “you missed three doses of your medication this week..” 

The nurse had his forefinger and thumb wrapped around  Childe’s cock near the head, squeezing down and blocking his orgasm with a gentle pressure. The pleasure was already starting to fade, leaving Childe feeling frustrated and restless. 

“Why do you have to bring that up now?” He grunted. His mind was still foggy, completely fixated on returning to what they were doing mere seconds ago. “Let’s talk about it later—”

Aether shook his head, looking as disappointed as Childe felt. “We have to stop here, because you didn’t finish everything the doctor ordered.”

Childe’s mind did somersaults, trying to remember what the heck Aether was on about.

Ah. The fucking pamphlet.

Dollie Services are only available to patrons of the SMBC... Patients who do well and follow the doctor’s orders, take all their medications and do all of the necessary blood work are visited by a Dollie Nurse on the day of discharge.

“Are you freaking serious…” Childe hissed.