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April Showers Bring May...Drabbles?

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The rough bricks under his palms pulsed to the beat of the music booming from within the converted warehouse.


Derek panted, his clawed hands pawing at the wall. He bit his lip, quieting a moan, while pushing his ass back against his boyfriend’s face, riding Scott’s deft tongue in the alleyway beside the club.


His thighs shook and he quickly dropped a hand to his crotch, ripping the pouch of his jockstrap away so he could ride the wave of his orgasm. 


Softly groaning, he tensed and come splattered the bottom half of the wall, raining down onto the ground.

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Trussed up like a calf at a rodeo, bound wrist to ankle, Stiles squirmed on her padded dais. She whined wordlessly through the spider gag in her mouth while Peter traced the tip of his tongue around her engorged pussy lips. She keened when Peter sucked on her throbbing clit, another gush of wetness joining the mess streaming down the backs of her thighs and seeping into the pad beneath her. Peter swept his tongue through her slit, lapping at her pussy, tasting her arousal. Stiles panted, squeezing at her red, scene ending stress ball grateful for the brief reprieve.

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Soft, white cotton ropes bound Scott’s arms to the headboard. He bit his lip while watching his boyfriend’s beautiful, plump ass grinding into his pelvis. He moaned as Jackson clenched and lifted, slowly riding him.


“Yeah, you love it,” Jackson preened, glancing down at Scott over his shoulder with that classic, smoldering gaze of his.


Scott grinned, ripping his arms free with ease. He gripped his boyfriend’s hips and insisted, “Don’t be a brat,” before tugging his boyfriend back down. Jackson gasped. 


He lost that smug expression when Scott flipped them over and reminded him exactly who was the Alpha.

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Thrashing against the constraints of her straitjacket, Stiles sob-moaned behind her duct-taped mouth, finally tumbling over the edge. She bore down, squirting onto her boyfriend’s stubbled face. His delighted chuckle rumbled through her pussy as he continued to eat her out. Stiles whimpered, left leg tensing and lifting off the couch with the aftershocks of her orgasm. Peter held her hips firmly in place, not letting her move an inch away from his devious mouth. Stiles whined through her nose, shivering and overwhelmed while Peter luxuriated in her cunt, his cheeks and lips and chin all smeared with her come.

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The multi-grey comforter crinkled as Jackson clenched his fist. With a grunt, he blindly reached back with his right hand and pried his right ass cheek further apart to let his boyfriend in that much closer. Scott hummed gratefully while he sucked on Jackson’s pliant rim causing his boyfriend to gasp and whine, pushing back, desperate for more. But Scott kept his attention on his boyfriend’s spit slick rim, lapping at the hairless pucker, and tracing the sensitive skin with his tongue. 


Over... and over... and over again until Jackson tensed and came while biting down on his pristine comforter.

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Still in position up against the couch, Derek bent his knees back so that his hairy, come slick hole was freely available once again. Almost immediately his newest brother was straddling him, already naked and fully hard. Liam barely took the time to grab the backrest of the couch for support before plunging his cock deep into Derek’s used hole. Derek gasped at the sudden stretch, biting his lip as the youngest guy in the frat pounded his ass with all the speed and strength he had in his short, but stacked body. The boy was a big dicked brute!

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Stiles watched intently as the thick green head of her dildo breached her boyfriend’s tight, pink asshole. Peter practically purred as she slowly penetrated him, the slight resistance enough to push the textured base of her strap on into her clit. She let out a long moan. 


“Enjoying your present, princess,” Peter quipped over his shoulder. 


Grabbing him by his hips Stiles slammed her silicone cock into Peter’s hole to the hilt. Peter hissed sinking into their bed as the thick dildo spread him open. Stiles put her weight against his shoulder blades and started fucking him proper. 


“Love it!”

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Derek and Peter stood nose to nose. A face off. Tense, but lacking the usual violence. Maybe they’ve grown? Four eyes flash blue, so maybe not. 


Peter moves first, tilting his nephew’s head back with his thumb, so he can get at Derek’s throat. No fangs, just lips against skin. Derek lets him. He returns the favor adding a bite to his uncle’s neck. 


Peter growls, runs them into the nearest wall. Derek grunts, moans as Peter sucks at his Adam’s apple then sweeps his tongue up the long line of his throat.


Tit for tat. Taste for taste. Equals.

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Knotted ropes crisscrossed Scott’s chest and bound his arms behind his back while a blindfold covered his eyes. He had his legs spread wide and a mouth slurping around his cock. Spit streamed down his shaft, soaking into his pubes. Scott moaned, fighting the urge to thrust up into that wild mouth. Lydia sat beside him dragging her nails along his bare torso. 


“Told you,” she whispered. She gazed down at Stiles on the floor sucking her husband’s cock. His arms were tied behind his back too while a spider gag in his mouth kept him from spoiling the surprise.

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Warm come streamed down the backs of Derek’s thighs, drenching Scott’s pubes as he fucked into his boyfriend’s loose hole and splattering everywhere with his thrusts. Peter sat at the head of the bed, his softened cock wet with come, watching his nephew’s boyfriend enjoy his sloppy seconds. Derek, the needy pup, suckled his flaccid cock spurred on by the pervasive scent of arousal in the room. 


Peter let himself get hard, his eyes never leaving Scott. It was surprising to find such kinkiness hiding behind such a sweet, vanilla facade. 


Derek whined, his boyfriend’s knot finally starting to catch.

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The Seeding Moon drew them out into the Preserve, their clothes long abandoned. Peter mounted, thrusting his cock into Derek’s already loose, come soaked hole. His nephew mewled, sore, but pushed back onto his uncle’s cock for more. The moon, gleaming through the trees, refused to release them.


Peter cupped his nephew’s hefty, heaving pecs, pulling him close. Derek whined, his cock hanging hard between his legs. “My pup,” Peter growled as his knot inflated again. His fangs dropped and he bit into his nephew’s shoulder. Gasping, Derek shook, coming onto the underbrush again while he took yet another load.

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Head in his hand, Peter gazed behind him sighing as the thick head of Stiles’ cock breached his hole. His smirk broadened. He had finally gotten this stubborn, beautiful boy in his bed. “Yeah, give me that big cock,” Peter purred, dragging his hand down Stiles’ lean torso.


“You sound like a bad porno, ya dirty, old man.”


“Old?” Peter’s lip curled, a rumble building in his chest. Stiles snorted, unimpressed, and grabbed Peter roughly by the hips, shoving his cock balls deep. 


The rumble became a moan. The stretch and burn felt amazing, better even than he had imagined.

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Noah sank into his recliner, his heart thundering in his ears and his dick achingly hard as a warm, wet mouth brought him close to the edge. He stared at the head of dark hair bobbing in his lap and the recliner’s leather armrests crinkled under his grip. “Jesus, Scott… ” he mumbled.


Scott hummed around his shaft, somehow able to grin even with a cock in his mouth. Such a sweet kid. Noah blushed bright red. “Oh, God, son !”


Scott pumped Noah’s cock. “Love your cock, dad .”


Suddenly tensing, Noah grunted; heavy spurts of his come coating Scott’s smiling face.

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Stiles got onto the bed tugging Scott along by his belt which was annoyingly but helpfully still buckled. 


Dude ,” Scott fondly huffed, his breath warm against Stiles’ lips and followed his best friend onto the bed they shared. His belt got undone and shirts got removed. Their hard cocks got fished out of boxers all while their lips were pulled to one another like tides to the moon. 


Stiles wrapped his long fingers around their erections and stroked them, their cocks sliding against each other. Scott moaned into his mouth. Stiles worked them faster...and faster...until...they got sticky.

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Scott skimmed his hands down his boyfriend’s bare sides, then waved hello. This one was for their online fans. Jackson shivered. Scott held the small of his boyfriend’s back and arched his eyebrow. Jackson nodded, so Scott slid his hands lower and cupped Jackson’s smooth, thicc ass. The pale cheeks filled his palms. He jiggled the pretty pair for the camera, squeezing and kneading the soft skin and firm muscle.

Properly warmed up, Scott gave Jackson’s ass a nice, resounding smack and Jackson moaned for their audience. Scott spanked him again and again until he left an obvious, red handprint.

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Scott ran the pad of his thumb over the curves of his boyfriend’s swollen lips while Jackson continued riding the full length of the horse cock dildo. Using a remote, Scott zoomed the camera in on Jackson’s cock bouncing up and down with the momentum of his efforts, hard, and dripping pre-come in a near constant stream. His thighs quivered, his face pink and slick with sweat. 


“Come for me, baby,” Scott whispered, reaching down to tug on Jackson’s already puffy nipples. “You can do it.”


Ultimately, Jackson did; jerking off wildly, his hole clenching visibly around the thick base.

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Whirling around, Jackson dropped his backpack and gear to the floor, and grabbed Scott by his shirt collar yanking him over the threshold. The doofus stumbled into him, but Jackson used Scott’s lack of balance to shove him back, closing the locker room door and crowding his co captain against the frosted glass all in one move. 




Jackson crashed his lips against Scott’s, swallowing whatever Scott was going to say with a heated kiss. “I hate you, McCall,” he grumbled, before claiming Scott’s lips again. 


Scott dropped his things letting his hands slip around Jackson’s trim waist. “Uh, likewise?”