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A Collection of Stardust

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SY transmigrated into SJ while he was still in the Qiu estate, but not like what he thought. Instead, SY "shared" a body with SJ, only managing to appear in front of SJ as a ghostly apparition sometimes, because it takes a lot of effort and energy to "manifest" a body.


Mostly SY is just a voice to SJ, but few times SY gets to haunt SJ in his spirit form. The only time they are able to touch (and Shen Jiu's able to see and hear SY clearer) is when they are asleep and in ✨dreamland✨. Sy sounds like a wisp of wind to SJ, his voice distorted. (think Venom and Eddie, but wispy) 


So bc SY can't really affect the living world, he bitches and becomes his millennial self which sometimes a lot of times drives SJ up the wall.



This idea sparked bc of that one fanfic I read that makes me so annoyed and angry but I kept on  reading it bc it's actually good and I love it but I also hate it. I'm channeling my inner SY.


So the story starts with SY waking up but actually he's been awake this whole time, it was just dark bc SJ was still sleeping. SJ got a fever after a bad beating which he was allowed "rest" bc QHT was all like "🌸I'll take care of u!!🌸" But really he's still working just not in front of her.


When SJ wakes up however, they're both like, wtf who are u, why r u here. SJ thinks he's gone mad, SY is freaking out bc holy shit he has no control of the body he's in and who the hell is this kid anyways. 


System's dead bc of an error (I want that to be important somehow I'll think of it later) so SY has no guidelines so he's free to do whatever he wants. SJ's convinced he's delusional bc of the fever and doesn't think much of it (bc he's trying not to let QJL find reason to beat him up more so he's busy doing chores), SY is just panicking and staying quiet while watching SJ doing his business.


Eventually SY starts noticing how things are ✨not right✨ bc SJ is sick why the hell r they making a sick child chop wood. Then he realizes oh shit, he's a slave (‘◉⌓◉’)! Then he gets rightfully angry bc !!!!that's not right!! Slavery is bad!! 


SY is just cursing QJL after an incident with him and SJ which involved SJ getting beat down and kicked. He's screaming profanities that no one but SJ can hear, which SJ snaps to shut up because he can't focus if he's deafened by SY's cursing.


After SJ limps out of the room, SY has quietened down. SJ is curious about this voice bc he's sure even if it's a hallucination, he thought he would've at least hear a voice that's familiar to him like Qi-Ge however the one that's shouting and hissing and swearing is so far from familiar, sometimes he has no idea what the voice is saying. So after SJ settles down in his room, licking his wounds, he demands "what are you and why are you in my head?" 


SY is stunned bc he didn't think SJ would hear him (SJ's been ignoring him since the start), SY is awkward and embarrassed bc he didn't realize he was heard. SY tries to be vague, but he tells the truth that he didn't know why he was here. SY explained that he can't move or even leave. SJ keeps demanding him to leave tho bc he doesn't like the fact that someone is in his body (who does..) 


SY doesn't know how to and that makes SJ angry. SY is also annoyed bc hello??? If he could leave then he would've!! It's not like he likes not being in control either anyways. So they're both tense with each other and bicker every now and then, but SY only grows quiet when in presence of QHT and QJL. SJ has no idea what he’s thinking but he lets it be. He has to deal with QHT wanting to play chase with him when he is very much still sick. He’s not going to deny her tho, she’ll only cry to QJL, which would end up with him getting beaten up again.


Meanwhile SY is just stewing in anger, trying not to make it worse for SJ bc what if he distracts SJ and it gets him in trouble? Also, he would never say this out loud but he’s afraid of QJL bc he creeps him out and it gives him a bad feeling


This goes on until SJ burns the estate like canon. QHT had just passed out after catching SJ holding a blood dripping sword and screaming her lungs out. SJ wanted to carry her to safety when all of a sudden SY, who had gone quiet since he stabbed QJL, spoke out,


“Leave her be.”


“Are you insane?! She’ll die!” SJ screams.


SY never liked QHT since the beginning and knew what would happen if they let her live, ofc he can’t say this to SJ, instead he told SJ that she’ll only bring trouble in the future bc she witnessed him killing her entire family. 


SJ likes QHT (in the naïve sort of way) bc she allowed him safety from QJL, SY doesn’t think the same; as a modern person who’s had access to the internet, he knew sometimes QHT just turns a blind eye to SJ’s suffering. It angers him so much but he can’t do anything in his position.


[it really shows the difference of maturity and mentality between SJ and SY in this scene. SJ is forgiving and merciful to QHT, SY is more logical and apathetic (reality dissociation, he hasn’t accepted his situation yet) and doesn’t want to take any chances]


They had a shouting match amidst the burning estate until eventually SJ just scoops QHT up and running out, nearly burnt by the fire. Meanwhile, he’s ignoring SY who was shouting at him. They don’t talk again after that. They don’t talk when SJ’s under WYZ’s tutelage, they don’t talk when SJ’s killed, stole, scammed people. They don’t talk until SJ’s shivering and trembling from the pain his sabotaged cultivation makes him feel like its destroying him from the inside out. 


WYZ only snorts and leaves him all alone in their camp to go who-knows-where, SY appears as an apparition only visible to SJ’s eyes. SY is quiet as he helps untangle the worst of his meridians, though he can’t do much. SY’s form is flickering from the excess use of qi. SJ reaches for him, holding onto SY’s hand as he passes out, instinctively searching for comfort. SY stays flickering as he pats SJ’s head.


By the time SJ wakes up, SY is already gone. However when he calls out for him, SY answers in his head, sounding exhausted. SY sleeps for an entire week after that.