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A Collection of Stardust

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Concept : SY is a half Huli-Jing who's hiding his birth status as completely human. His mother is fully Huli-Jing while his father is human that fell in love with her. They died because a rogue cultivator found them and killed them both, leaving SY to run away and hide from them. Bc he is a half-breed, he has a human form, however his fox powers are noticeably weaker than a full-blooded Huli-Jing. But he can still shapeshift between fox form and human form, albeit he's small like a runt. He's just weak spiritually. (He learns how to fight with his fists and claws later)


Background : SY transmigrated early and met Qi-Ge and Xiao-Jiu. It was when SY (who was called Xiao-Ba at the time) accidentally shapeshifted into his fox form right when they stumbled upon him in a secluded alleyway. SY got tired and just wanted to hunt for food in the woods nearby. They've met before but they've never really clicked together? Idk. Anyways, SY begs them not to snitch on him, and SJ being the gremlin that he is asks for a price. They made a deal and that's how they became a trio. 


Eventually, SY got found out anyways bc he's young and he doesn't know how to control his powers properly bc he never got the chance to learn. So he got captured and that's the last they've seen of SY.




True Beginning : SJ became a Peak Lord and he's out on a mission to investigate illegal fighting rings and low and behold, he sees SY with his 4 tails, fighting against humans (and occasionally beasts) as some sort of sick entertainment to gamble. 


Impulsively, SQQ buys his freedom blackmails the Lord that 'owns' SY to hand him over or he'll kill his whole family and burn his estate. They reunited but SY didn't know it was Xiao-Jiu at first, he was really hostile and feral and untrusting. Until SQQ put down his sword and called out,




SY's eyes widened and his breath stuttered. He watches SQQ for any lies but he couldn't find any. After few minutes of disbelieving silence, with a croak voice and dry lips that hasn't spoken for years,




(Cliff hanger for that chapter lol no doubt about it)


SY finally tastes freedom for the first time in years. He is distrustful and traumatized of swords so SQQ brings him back by way of carriage to Cang Qiong Mountain Sect which took nearly a week. In that timeframe, they 'catch up' on the time lost but also, SY has PTSD (he doesn't think so "he's perfectly fine, he has the system to help him" ) SQQ also has issues but I like to think he had time to deal with it, he's not healed, no not yet, but he's better than how SY is rn. It reminded him of the time with the Qiu's.


They're catching up but…..also not quite..? They're not talking about what happened to them, as if no time has passed since SY first got captured and SJ had been sold to the Qiu estate. SQQ tells SY about YQY, how he is a Sect Leader and he himself a Peak Lord. SY (inwardly screaming and panicked) is absolutely floored in awe fear. He's so proud of his Qi-Ge and Xiao-Jiu. 


[SQQ tsuntsun mode activated. He is secretly very happy seeing genuine pride in SY's face]


Before they arrived at CQM Sect, SY shifted as fully human and hid his spiritual energy so he looks like a normal human being. He still can't help but be paranoid bc he's never done this in years and last time he did he got caught so- :/


~✨Reunion Scene with YQY✨~


crying is involved so be aware, he's cried so many times the past week he's surprised he still has tears left . The taste of freedom really settles in when he sees the beauty of Qing Jing Peak. SY cries again which makes Qi-Ge cry and causes another round of tear-party. SQQ -uncharacteristically- allows Qi-Ge to stay over at the Bamboo house to sleep over (just like old times) 


(This chapter ends with fluff bc I say so)


SY meets LBH one night when he couldn't sleep so he roams around the Bamboo forest, remembers about the protagonist and goes to check up on him. Finds said protagonist chopping firewood behind the shed that he sleeps in. 


SY, a modern man with a bleeding heart, sneaks up on LBH (and nearly gives the poor kid a heart attack) and asks him what the hell he's doing up at midnight. [After Internal cooing over a little white sheep moments later] SY tells LBH to go sleep and he does so reluctantly


When he came back to the Bamboo house, there he is, in loose sleeping robes, and irritated face, SQQ with his arms crossed (looking like a jealous wife eHEK). SQQ hounds SY with questions until he finally says he can't sleep. A few seconds of silence, SQQ turns back to his room and dismissively tells SY he could sleep with him instead. 


[Internal fighting with himself that this SQQ is really not the one dimensional villain that he knows] 


SY follows him to bed. The next morning SY and SQQ acted as if nothing happened. SY follows him to see his disciples' morning practice and that's when SY brings up LBH. They had a fight albeit low-key because it'd be bad if disciples witnessed their master fighting with the 'guest'. And also decorum is a thing.


Cold war between them until after dinner where SY can't take it no more ( he doesn't want to remember the time when he's all alone ) and confronts SQQ. Hugging from behind and putting his head on his shoulder to beg his forgiveness, they finally talked properly and SQQ admitted that LBH reminded him of SY. 


SY is both happy and sad bc fuck that hurts. So, SY tells SQQ about LBH's demon heritage. Or specifically, half demon. Just like him. He calls LBH a cub bc that's what he is. A child. SY tells him that he doesn't need to take it out on the cub anymore, he's here now isn't he? 


[Angst SJ POV chapter where he admits he knows he's not a good person, never was but SY stays by him throughout so he finally treats LBH better. By better I mean, not that much but at least he's not sleeping in the shed and using a faulty cultivation manual anymore ✨yeay✨ +1 point to SQQ]


{Relationship with LBH : SY (and eventually SQQ) treats LBH as a cub and have parent-child relationship bc Binghe deserves family and I said so}


Abyss Arc : SQQ still pushes LBH in the abyss but slightly better than in PIDW(he just doesn't want the rest of the cultivation world to know he harbored a demon and knew about it bc then they'll find out SY's a Huli-Jing and they'll be killed on sight). SY is absolutely heartbroken, his cub is g o n e. SY and SQQ fought, SY is angry and grief-stricken bc uh hello? He's Half-Human too and even if not the same species, again, that's his cub. ( His baby ) [SY stays with YQY in this time frame bc he doesn't want to see SQQ rn]


They slowly reconciled when SQQ admits (he doesn't quite apologize) his wrongs and so did SY, they both had a deep talk about what LBH means to SY and what SQQ was thinking about when he pushed his cub in the abyss. This is the part where they fucked get together and SY moves back in with SQQ at the Bamboo house. SY still mourns the loss of his cub but at least he's dealing it with SQQ.


Not-quite-Sower Act : SY gets revealed by Huan Hua Palace bc the Old Palace Master is a filthy viper and a disgusting lecher who's looking at SY the wrong way (nasty old man) and it's either SQQ or SY so SY made his choice for him. (Goes like canon except LBH doesn't fucking choke SY and force him to drink his blood) 


The trial goes like this : LBH uses his protagonist halo (by way of dream demon abilities) to make everyone see SY's memories to prove his innocence (with consent ofc I'm not disgusting) and everyone immediately decides he's good except the Old Palace Master, no surprises there. And bc he keeps trying to make SY look bad, everyone can see just how disgusting the old Palace Master is and denounce him. 


SY gets to go home (LBH tells SY and SQQ that he'll come back soon, he has something to do first) and SQQ (and YQY) comforts him. Soft tender moment- SIKE they have sex

When LBH comes back, they have a talk and a proper reunion. Especially SQQ and LBH. Bc LBH is a demon lord, he can't stay in human realm for too long so the Shens make him promise to come visit them once in a while. 


(I might make the ending with SQQ occasionally traveling with SY bc SY is a monster nerd deep down and SQQ likes to indulge SY. Idk what to do with Tianlang-Jun and Zuzhi-Lang. Maybe I'll make that a sequel. Probably.)


Throw-away idea for Tianlang-Jun and Zuzhi-Lang: maybe this arc starts with Zuzhi-Lang trying to????kidnap SY bc he "doesn't belong to the human realm as he is a demon technically" or sumn, or maybe TLJ is just intrigued and also revenge thirsty for OPM that makes LBH come to the Shens for help bc he's having problems in the Demon Realm. TLJ finds out the truth, yeets off to torture OPM in a dungeon and have a happy ending with letting LBH rule bc he doesn't want to do that again. It's a short arc and I feel like it might not fit in the outline because technically the story's already over. Maybe I'll make it as another series or sumn.