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It was a cold winter morning. The window in Aichi's room was covered with frost at the edges, and small sparrows were cuddling close together in the corner. There was pindrop silence . The blunette was sleeping in bed, the covers drawn up to his head, only his ahoge visible. He was muttering something in his sleep, and smiling about it every few seconds. Everything was peaceful and calm .

That was until an annoying beep-beep noise resonated through the the room ruining the picturesque moment.

Aichi got up and yawned as his alarm clock went off, then groggily stared at the screen.

The phone had a cute wallpaper of a whole bunch of chibi royal paladin units, that opened their arms wide below the time, like they were hoisting it up. Aichi smiled in appreciation, but let out a shriek of surprise as he read the time.

ALMOST 10:30 A.M.?!

He was so late.

Yesterday, Naoki had broached the topic about how they hardly ever hung out after school, other than at Card Capital. Everyone had agreed that a little trip downtown would be a nice way of catching up and relaxing after all the needless drama they had been through nearly a month ago. What with all the forgotten memories, and being electrocuted, scratched, frozen and having a war on the goddamn moon, they had all agreed it would be a nice change of pace. The Middle School division was coming along too and they had all agreed to meet up at the park at around 10 am.

But of course Aichi had overslept.

Nothing new about that.

He jumped out of bed and changed quickly into a white full sleeved shirt and black coat, along with dark blue jeans, trying to manage his full blown panic attack. He ran downstairs and into the kitchen where he saw his mom staring at him disapprovingly.

Smiling sheepishly, he greeted them her good morning and grabbed a piece of toast, and ran out the front door, slamming it loudly. His mom just sighed, and letting out a small smile, continued her work.

As he ran to the park, he questioned why on earth he had told Emi that he was going to get up on time that day and that she didn't have to remind him of it and could go on ahead, because obviously, he couldn't. He was extremely late now, and he was probably going to get a lecture from her for at least an hour when they got home. He flinched just thinking about it, and ran down the sidewalk, shoes pounding on the cement, his hair flying wildly around him.

It was becoming a nuisance to maintain and he made a mental note to get it trimmed before school started in a few weeks. But in any case, that was irrelevant. He turned round a corner, and almost crashed into another person.

Finally he reached his destination, panting as he tried to catch his breath.

His friend's all turned at the sound, and looked at the blunette. He glanced up and met their stares, and blushed so hard, he warmed up instantly.

He bowed as deeply as he could.

"Ah! U-um, sorry I'm so late. M-My alarm didn't go off..." He trailed off, looking at the floor, trying his level best to sound apologetic.

All was silent for a minute before someone let out a tiny giggle. And that was the trigger. All of them burst out laughing so loudly, every passerby eyeing them strangely.

"We'll let it slide for now. But you owe us." Misaki answered once their laughter had subsided.

He nodded his head, smiling softly. As his gaze went to a certain friend, he began blushing, and his heart picked up pace.

She looks pretty cute today.

"Well then, what're we waiting for? LETS GO ENJOY OUR DAY OUT!" Naoki hollered. The rest of the group let out cheers as they moved on to enjoy their outing together.

After walking along and discussing where they should head for a few minutes, a vote was held and they arcade was selected as the first place. It was only a few blocks down and the easiest place to walk to (Though Shingo insisted that the library would be much better; Everyone just ignored him, and he walked back home in a huff) and plus, there was so much they could do there.

The arcade was a large black building situated beside a shopping mall. It was covered in Neon signs and was so bright, you'd probably go blind just looking at it for too long.

As the doors up front slid open, and the group walked in, it was almost like they'd walked into a new world. Pictures of anime characters and cartoon animals (also illuminated by flashing neon lights) were placed on top of each machine, with instructions on how to play the game, written on small speech bubbles coming out from their mouths.

They all looked at the room in awe, before running of to play as many of the games as they possibly could. It was chaotic.

As Aichi was trying to win a basketball game against Naoki and Misaki, he saw Kourin standing in front of a plush machine, concentrating on attempting to get what looked like a soft toy. As the claw reached out to grab it, the plushy slipped away and fell back down. The blonde just glared at the machine frustratingly, and inserting a another coin, tried again. Luck was not on her side unfortunately, and the toy tumbled down again.

A loud noise made Aichi turn his head back to the game he was playing. Naoki had won a large amount of tickets and was playing literally all the games in the arcade, while Misaki just shrugged her shoulders and walked away to another corner of the building, towards a vending machine. Seeing as he was all alone, and wasn't really interested in any of the other games, the blunette walked towards the plush machine to see if he could help Kourin win the soft toy she was trying to get.

As he neared, he could hear her muttering angrily under her breath, and she just slammed her hands on the control board.

"Hey, do you need a hand?"

She whirled around, surprised, then flushed as she saw Aichi standing there. He'd probably heard her getting all upset over a stupid soft toy.

This was the height of embarrassment.

She shook herself out of her thoughts, and raised a hand to the claw machine. "I, uh, was trying to win that. But it was a bit harder than I thought." She said, pointing to a Cerberus plush. Aichi looked at it for a good few seconds, before dissolving into giggles.

"What?! I just think it looks- nice! No need to help if you don't want too!" She sulked.

"No, no, that's not it! I just didn't know you liked, well, ah, cute things." He replied. He took her hand, guided her to the machine, and inserted a coin." Lets try to win it for you, okay?"

She nodded slowly.

As the game lit up, Aichi stood behind her, placing his hand over hers, on the controller. Since there was a crowd all around them, they were pushed together closer, and the blonde took in a sharp breath when she felt the soft rustle of a shirts fabric behind her. She tried to focus on winning the plush and ignoring the fact that they were standing so close together, that she could practically feel his warmth.

The little claw inside the machine moved in all directions before they finally managed to get it to hover over the little yellow toy. They extended that claw down and grabbed it. Holding their breath in anticipation, they drew the claw towards them, then let it drop down, praying it would fall into the slot.


Aichi slowly bent down and took the plush out from the hole, while a high pitched voice announced that they had won.

"Here you go!" He said as he handed her the soft toy.

"I, it- thank you." She mumbled, as she clutched it close. " If its alright with you, can we not-"

"Tell the others what happened?" He asked, teasingly.


He let out a small smile, then nodded.

"Great" Kourin leaned over and gave him a small peck on the cheek, before walking off. "Thanks a lot"

As he stood in front of the machine, gaping, she chuckled to herself and moved away quietly.