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Hold Me Tight (Can You Trust Me?) [TAEKOOK]

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Junghyun Jeon, star of hit reality TV show "Jeon's Big Little Blessings", has been allegedly involved in an underaged sex abuse case according to a Arkansas State Police report and insiders close to the family. 

According to the report from the Arkansas State Police Department, Junghyun was just a minor when he allegedly sexually assaulted 5 underaged girls, 4 family members and 1 non-family member. According to the same report,  Junghyun was allegedly turned in to the Arkansas State Police by his father and patriarch of the hit reality family, Jaehyun Jeon, after being caught leaving a bedroom of a younger female sibling, presumingly one of the underaged female members he sexually assaulted, in a very suspicious matter. 

The charge being pursued at the time of the report was sexual assault in the fourth degree. 

Also, according to insiders close to the family, as advised by church elders from the church that the Jeon family attended at the time of the abuse, Junghyun was sent to a Christian counseling camp for 3 months where he "did manual labor and received counseling there". However, through additional investigation, one of the church elders and counselors of the the camp were both arrested for tax evasion and child pornography charges respectively several years ago.

The church elder arrested for tax evasion was charged for 5 years of prison while the camp counselor was charged for 55 years of prison.

More details of the situation will be revealed as the scandal is further investigated. 

Stay Gold Productions, which airs Jeon's 19 Blessings, did not respond to a request for comment. 

None of the Jeon Family, including patriarch Jaehyun Jeon and his wife Seolhyun, responded to request for comment. 

Junghyun Jeon, 27, is currently married and he and his wife Eunbi have 3 children, Sohee, Seojun, and Sehun, with a fourth on the way.