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Too Late

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"Wanna come in?" Ask Jongwoon before get off from Hyukjae's car
Hyukjae contemplating in his seat, not sure of what he wants right now.
"Hyukjae-ah" Jongwoon concern now
Sigh the depression, Hyukjae finally manage to shook his head with sad smile.
"Are you sure? Everyone's home right now, you said you miss them"

Another sigh escape Hyukjae's mouth
"No hyung, maybe next time"
There's silent after.
Hyukjae didn't notice that Jongwoon's gaze never leave him. Until he heard the door closed with Jongwoon still inside his car.
Hyukjae's gave a question look and Jongwoon answer it with smile while buckle his seatbelt.
"Let's drive around a little more, shall we?"

After an hour drive they decided to stop in little coffee house which they can find these hour.
Hyukjae's has been playing with his ice choco with his mind wandering around.
While Jongwoon's just ended his short call and take a good look to his dongsaeng infront of him.
"Did I ask you too much?"
Hyukjae's snap his head and find gaze the older
"Idk, you seem.. not sure.."
Hyukjae's finally get the question
"Oh..." he drop his eyes back to his drink again "no hyung.. its an honor"
"Then you should be happy right.."
Sighing, Hyukjae nods and humming his answer "yeah.."

Jongwoon hold Hyukjae's hand to get his maknae's attention. And he does.
Hyukjae's look at him in the eyes for some good minute. Then turn his head away. The pooling tears in younger corner eyes caught his sight. And Jongwoon immediately squeeze his hand on him.
"I'm fine hyung..." then wipes his tears harsly with his free hand.

Some lumb choke Jongwoon's throat. He feel sting in his eyes too. This is the last thing he didn't want to see, or hope, on his last journey in this chapter.
Hyukjae's tears.

"Should I... you want me to Undo everything?"
"No, hyung.." Hyykjae answer almost immediately.
Still avoiding Jongwoon's gaze, Hyukjae wipe the last tear and breath for minute. After getting himself together. Draw his hands away from Jongwoon's hold. Then he face the latter with his big gummy smile in his face.
"No hyung.. don't you dare to Undo everything.. you've been planning this for a long time"
"...before I know that----"
" I don't ask for any agenda, hyung.. I just wanted you to know"


Driving back to Jongwoon's house never be this dead silence. But this time, none of them was trying to start the conversation, each of them was so busy with their own thoughts.
In Hyukjae's case, there tears that he trying so hard to hold not to falls again. So he was busy controlling his breathing and his mind, avoiding the cause of it.

In parking lot, Hyukjae's lost it.
Unbundled his seatbelt, he throw himself in Jongwoon's and start crying.
Between his sobs he wish Jongwoon's happiness which actually the opposite of his heart. He is broken heart. Deep broken heart. And so many regrets adding it.

"Hyukjae....." said Jongwoon still hug the sobbing maknae.
"I.... I love you, hyung... I... I'm happy.. if you're happy.." said Hyukjae between the sobs
"....I'm happy.."
Another wave of tears happen for some minutes. Until Hyukjae's get himself together and control his emotion. Wipe his left tears, breath and letting go the hug.
"You should go hyung, it's already super late.
Said my apology to your fiancé for stealing you" said Hyukjae with fake cheer up tone.
Jongwoon's cup his face with one hand. Caressed his cheeck with his thumb for second and give a warm smile.
"I'll tell her.."
Jongwoon try to analyze Hyukjae's eyes this time, try to find answer or clue. But then Hyukjae grab his hand, and squeeze it.
"Go, hyung.."
Hyukjae already feel the tears start pooling again. So he decided to look another way. He didn't want the older see it, again. Because he also wasn't sure he can control himself for another moment.

"Okay..." Sigh.
'Why so stubborn, Hyuk'
With one last breath. Jongwoon getting ready to leave.
"See you on the big day, maid of honor"
Hyukjae nods. Smile back.
Jongwoon's get off from car, give a gentle wave and walk away to enter his house.
When Hyukjae see his hyung almost reach the front door, he decided to drive away.


Not a minute later. Hyukjae's phone light up. He glance it.

"Are you happy, Hyuk..?"

And with that sentence, Hyukjae walls stumble down and he broke into another wave tears.

'How can I be happy when someone I love the most are marrying another person... I know i should tell you my feelings long time ago, hyung.. but Ima coward hyung.. i'm sorry.. i'm sorry that i'm a coward.. i love you hyung.. i'm sorry... you looks happy, so I lied.. I'm sorry I lied.. what should I do, hyung.. what should I do'


While in another side. Infront of the main door. Facing the main road. Someone's still standing there, look up to the sky. And sigh sadness.
'You should say it Hyukjae.. i'm willing to Undo everything for you.. I just need you to say it. But you're stubborn'


With no answer that he's been waiting. Jongwoon smile.
Let a heavy sigh, as if he finally decided something.
He step inside his house, and close the door behind him.
"Now i'm letting you go, Hyuk.. hope you will find your happiness.."