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When in Control

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Nobara had never given much thought to her sexuality. If a person found themselves in her circle, she would give them a chance; it was always that simple. Giving her head a slight shake to clear it, she runs a hand up the slightly sweaty back in front of her. Megumi had always been pretty, and Nobara was occasionally envious at how he made it seem so easy. He had such long eyelashes, glowing skin, and delicate facial features. Despite his constant poker face and seemingly unshakable front, Nobara knew that Megumi was also gorgeous when that front was broken.

Such as now, Nobara takes a moment to observe the squirming man splayed out before her. Megumi is perched on his knees, with the left side of his face pressed into the comforter. Nobara can see the slight tensing of Megumi’s leg muscles as he tries to keep himself from rocking back on the strap that is currently connecting the two of them. His hands are clutching and releasing the fabric under his shoulders, almost like he’s trying to ground himself.

Can’t have that, Nobara thinks, and grinds her hips forward. The reaction is instant: Megumi’s eyes roll back and he whines, loud and uninhibited. The hand that Nobara was trailing up his back finds purchase in his hair, twisting just enough to haul Megumi up. Nobara steadies him with a hand on his hip, and moves the hand from his hair to his throat. With Megumi’s head lolling onto her shoulder and Nobara’s hands being the only things holding him up, she continues to grind forward.

“Aren’t you being so good for me?” Nobara turns to whisper into Megumi’s ear. He’s beyond words, but the way he whines in response says more than words. The hand Nobara has on Megumi’s hip trails across his abdomen, lazily grabbing his cock in a loose grip. The contact has Megumi keening, curling forward into himself. A dark chuckle makes its way through Nobara, and she pushes him face down, back into the mattress.

Placing both hands on his hips, Nobara sets a brutal pace. The punched-out moans and little gasps from Megumi fueling her. When he starts to twitch, his moans getting more high-pitched and frequent, she slows down. Who knows how long they had been at this, Nobara driving Megumi to the brink of orgasm, only to yank him away from it. It must’ve been torture to Megumi, but Nobara had promised to fuck him out of his mind, and she was committed to that end.

Looking off to her left, it’s impossible to hold back the triumphant grin on her face. Meeting the brown eyes of their onlooker, she fakes a little pout at the tears streaming down his face.

“Isn’t he so pretty like this?” Nobara coos at Itadori, who blushes a bright, beautiful pink.

Yuuji wasn’t tied down, but had been forbidden from touching himself while he watched. For some, it may have been excruciating, to watch their boyfriend be fucked mindless by a friend. However, if the damp spot on the front of Itadori’s boxers said anything, he was enjoying the show.

Turning her attention back to Megumi, she takes a moment to rub comforting circles into his lower back, before reaching for the lube on the bed next to them. With lube on a couple of her fingers, she presses the tip of one finger to Megumi’s hole, already stretched around her strap. The groan that erupts from Megumi is low and gravelly, as he rocks back to try and take that finger deeper.

With her free hand, Nobara pushes the arch of Megumi’s back deeper, “Don’t you want to put on a show for your boyfriend? Show him how well you take my cock?” The twin wails of both men in the room is music to Nobara’s ears. Around the finger she has alongside the dildo inside of Megumi, she feels how he tightens around her, his backward thrusts speeding up.

Letting him continue to grind back on her, Nobara works on fitting another finger alongside her strap. The press of her middle finger has Megumi gasping, his mouth opening and closing as if trying to speak. Withdrawing her fingers, Nobara slides the strap out of Megumi with a wet pop.

Flopping to sit against the headboard, Nobara meets the affronted eyes of Megumi. With one hand holding her dildo upright, she beckons him over with her other hand. He wastes no time in clamoring across the bed, and perching himself above her strap, using the headboard for balance. When Megumi sinks down onto her, he lets out the loudest moan Nobara has heard from him tonight.

As Megumi frantically bounces on Nobara’s strap, she looks over at Yuuji. His hands are clenched on the arms of the chair, eyes never leaving Megumi’s writhing form. His hips are making aborted little thrusts, almost in time with Megumi. It’s cute, Nobara thinks, leaning forward to grab a handful of Megumi’s ass. With her movement, Itadori’s eyes shoot to her; he almost looks like he wants to speak, to beg, to plead with her, but he remains silent, holding eye contact until Megumi draws his attention away again.

As entertaining as it is to watch Megumi chase his own orgasm, the night is still young, and Nobara isn’t satisfied quite yet. Letting Megumi continue to rock on her strap, Nobara watches for the signs of an impending orgasm. As Megumi goes from bouncing on her cock, to grinding in little circles, Nobara can’t help but revel in the feeling of the base of the strap against her clit. With a groan, the eyes of Megumi and Itadori snap to stare at her. Megumi, hazy eyed, grinds down experimentally, a delirious smile taking over his face when Nobara grabs his hip to make him grind down harder.

“Maybe once she comes, she’ll let you come too ‘Gumi,” comes the voice of Yuuji from across the room. He has a little triumphant grin on his face, but it falls the second Nobara begins to giggle. Reaching a hand up, Nobara firmly places her fingers on either side of Megumi’s neck and squeezes. Just tight enough that he gets a little light headed, Nobara is careful to keep from harming his windpipe in any way.

With the hand on his throat, Nobara pushes Megumi backward, so she’s hovering over him and he is flat on his back. Placing her free hand on his stomach to keep him in place, Nobara grinds forward. The look on Megumi’s face gives Nobara more gratification than the slight rub of the strap on her clit; his eyes are half-open and crossed, Megumi’s face is flushed, and there are tracks of drool down the sides of his face.

As she grinds against him, Megumi’s legs start to close around her as he tries to lock her against him. Using the hand on his stomach, Nobara slaps the outside of Megumi’s left thigh, “Hold your legs up by your chest.”

Megumi is quick to obey, putting his legs up by the backs of his knees to expose himself to her. It’s a power rush, watching such a strong sorcerer crumble around her cock, eager to fulfil her commands. Looking up to make eye contact with Yuuji, she can’t fight the smile as he watches, open-mouthed, as she slowly grinds into Megumi.

Looking back down at Megumi, Nobara can’t control the flood of words leaving her mouth, “God, if I had known you looked so good on a cock I would’ve proposed this sooner. All spread out and obedient for me, I bet you’re not like this for Yuuji. No, you’re probably a little brat when he fucks you, right?” Nobara chuckles, waiting to see if Megumi can string words together, “Oh no, have nothing to say? Well, maybe I’ll ruin this cute little hole, make my cock the only one you can think of while Itadori fucks you.”

The smile on Nobara’s face is certainly feral at this point, and she continues, looking up at Yuuji, “What if I breed this little hole, Megumi? Get my come so far up your ass that it slicks the way for the next time your boyfriend fucks you?” Itadori is staring at Nobara, eyes watering as she continues to speak, “Wouldn’t you be so cute all round and pregnant? Let everyone know someone other than your boyfriend has been fucking you?”

The familiar sound of Nobara’s ringtone fills the room, freezing everyone in their tracks. Nobara recovers first, points at her phone, then looking pointedly at Yuuji. Standing on shaky legs, Yuuji retrieves the phone from the nightstand. Patting the spot on the bed beside her, Nobara grabs the phone from Itadori as he settles beside her. She looks at the caller ID, and Nobara can’t fight the little smile she gets when she sees it’s from Maki.

Answering the phone, Nobara doesn’t even get to say hello before Maki is asking where she is. Looking at the two men on the bed with her, Nobara lets Maki know that she’s with friends. It’s a very vague answer, and Maki seems to know, pressing further in her questioning. With a shrug, Nobara hands the phone to Yuuji, who now has tears streaming down his face.

“H-hello, Maki-san.” His voice is wobbly when he answers, and Nobara turns her attention back to Megumi. She can make out the conversation in the background, and can assume that Maki is asking why Yuuji is crying, but Nobara’s focus is on making Megumi fall apart. Running the hand that was on his throat down the side of his face, Nobara shifts to get better leverage. With Megumi still holding his legs up, it’s easy to set a rough pace. Setting one hand back on his stomach, and reaching the other to pump his dick in time with her thrusts, the only goal on Nobara’s mind is to make Megumi come before Yuuji’s call with Maki is over.

The moans that Megumi let’s out as he gets closer and closer are music to Nobara’s ears, and over his desperate blabber, he can hear Yuuji sniffle harder as he tries to dodge the questions Maki is shooting toward him.

“Come on Megumi, be a good boy for me and come.” Nobara tells him, shifting to make sure she’s hitting his prostate on every thrust. When Megumi comes, it’s with a scream. His whole body tenses, shudders, before his back bows as he comes, strings of white painting his entire abdomen. Gently pulling the strap from Megumi, Nobara leans down to press a gentle kiss to his sweaty forehead. Megumi looks like he will be floating for a while, so Nobara takes the time to grab the phone back from Yuuji.

Nobara takes a deep breath, before holding the phone back up to her ear, “Sorry, Maki, I had to take care of something really quick. I’ll see you later, right? Okay! Love you, bye.” Her words are rushed, and she can hear the protest from Maki, but the phone is across the bed before Nobara can think about what Maki called to say.

Collapsing next to Megumi, Nobara wraps both arms around one of his, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck. It’s nice like this, both of them panting and trying to come back down from such an intense bout of play. Cracking one eye to look up at Yuuji, Nobara tilts her head slightly, telling him to curl up on the other side of Megumi.

With the three of them settled together, Yuuji is the first to speak, “Will you and Maki-san be okay?” He sounds nervous, but Nobara isn’t concerned.

“What happens with Maki will happen, and we can cross that bridge when we get to it.” Reaching across Megumi’s come-covered chest, Yuuji and Nobara link hands, all too exhausted to worry about cleaning up right now. “All you need to worry about is how you’ll be rewarded for being so obedient this time.”

Itadori gave a soft smile before curling up closer to his boyfriend's side. It’s easy for the three of them to doze off like this, snuggled for the remainder of the night before things return back to normal in the morning.