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Being with You Girl is Like Being Stoned

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Beca and Stacie were cuddled on the couch after a night of playing pool. Aubrey and Chloe were off at the movies. Beca had a vinyl on the record player and the music scratched around the room. Their opened beers set practically untouched on the coffee table. Beca’s head was in Stacie’s lap. Stacie’s fingers playing with her hair; nails scratching at her scalp. It made Beca relaxed and with closed eyes, she hummed along to the music playing. “Hey Stace,” she murmured. “I want you to do something for me.”

"Anything," Stacie bent her head down to press a feather light kiss to Beca's lips. "You know I would do just about anything for my girls."

And it was true. She would do just about anything for Beca, Chloe, or Aubrey that they could ask of her.

Beca smiled languidly into the kiss. “You’ll make me forget what it was I wanted to ask,” Beca said, staring up into forest green eyes. “I want you to make us all pot cookies for after the Grammys. That’s how I want to celebrate or console myself if I lose.”

Stacie stroked Beca's cheek as she looked into the blue eyes she had come to know so well. "I think I can make that happen. Chocolate chip or another kind?" She asked as her right hand slipped under Beca's shirt to trace over the faint outline of her abdominals.

“Mmmm, chocolate chip and peanut butter,” Beca responded, finding words difficult with Stacie’s hands on her stomach. Her muscles twitched under the other woman’s fingers.

"Good choice," Stacie pressed another kiss to Beca's lips. "Bree has only done it once but she reacted pretty well. I don't think Chlo's done it much but she has before. So I'll make some lighter for them and a little stronger for us."

“I want a lot stronger. Man, I miss pot,” Beca laughed. She put a hand around Stacie’s neck to drag her down for another kiss.

Stacie groaned into the kiss as her hand moved up to cover Beca's breast over her bra. Her fingers rolled against the soft material as the kiss deepened. "I got your back, Mitchell. And your front. Benefit on dating someone who loves baking and chemistry."

“And that’s just one of the many benefits of being with you,” Beca moaned into the kiss and arched her back to press her chest further into Stacie’s hands.

"I am fucking fantastic at so many things," Stacie grinned as her fingers pressed a little more firmly. "Bree and Chlo won't be home for another hour at least. How about you and I go to bed and kill some time until they get back?"

“You don’t have to ask me twice, come on,” Beca said, and jumped quickly out of her lap and tugged at Stacie to follow her.


About an hour and a half later Aubrey and Chloe came back from the movies. 

"I love going to see rom-coms without Stacie rolling her eyes at how cheesy they are," Aubrey said as they walked in. The music was still playing and the nearly untouched beers still out.

“Yeah, or without Beca falling asleep or complaining to go home,” Chloe added, looking around the living room. “I wonder what they got up too without us?”

"I have a feeling I know," Aubrey grabbed the beers and tossed them as they had gone flat. After she turned the record player off, she took Chloe's hand. "Think they are still in the middle of it or in the afterglow?"

“I hope they’re still in the middle of it,” Chloe giggled. “Let’s go see.”

Stacie had the covers around them as Beca dozed in her arms. Both of them had grade A sex hair going on, a few marks on their necks that would need cover up if they left the house the next day. 

"How was the movie?" She asked when the bedroom door was pushed open with Aubrey and Chloe standing in the doorway.

“Maybe not as good as I thought,” Chloe said looking at the pair in bed.

Stacie chuckled as she trailed her fingers up and down Beca's spine. "Sorry you missed the opening round. We didn't know how late you'd be and you know how bad Beca is at waiting when she's in the mood."

Aubrey rolled her eyes as she walked in. She started to take her jewelry off as if her wife and girlfriend didn't look delectable in bed together.

Chloe dropped her dress to the floor and stepped out of her shoes, not bothering to remove her jewelry. She slid in the bed and snuggled up to Stacie’s other side

"Hey baby," Stacie turned just enough to give her a kiss. "I missed you tonight, Bree too."

“We had fun at the movies, but we missed you both, too,” Chloe said, stroking Stacie’s side.

Aubrey washed her face before she slipped into bed behind Beca, spooning her and sliding her hand to Stacie's thigh under the covers. 

"Hi, love," she whispered against Beca's shoulder as she felt Beca cuddle back against her. 

"Much better," Stacie sighed happily now that all four of them were together in bed.

Beca woke up with the familiar arms of Aubrey wrapped around her, she pushed further against the blonde, perfectly ensconced between her and Stacie. She reached across Stacie to grab Chloe’s hand. She just soaked in the feeling of being surrounded by the women she loved. “Hi, baby,” she murmured back. 

Chloe pulled Stacie into a proper kiss, and Stacie shifted a little bit to kiss Chloe the way the redhead wanted to be kissed. "Beca had a request for the night after the Grammys," Stacie said when the kiss broke. 

"Other than to get out of her fancy dress clothes as soon as possible?" Aubrey asked.

“That will always and forever be the first request after formal attire,” Beca grumbled. 

Chloe stared up at Stacie. She really wanted the kiss to continue, but she shook herself from the daze that happens when Stacie Conrad kisses someone. “What’s the request?” She asked. “And does it involve us in bed together?”

"Pot cookies," Stacie grinned. "And sex. But I feel like sex isn't so much a request when it comes to us, it just kind of happens naturally because we're all super horny for each other."

Aubrey pressed another kiss to Beca's shoulder. "You want us to get high after you win a Grammy? That's your big award request?"

“Yes, that’s all I want. That and high sex,” Beca smiled into Stacie’s chest.”But like Stacie said, sex isn’t much of a request with us.”

Aubrey looked at her wife who gave her one of those grins that melted her insides. "Fair enough. I will get snacks and anything else we need. But the making is on you, Conrad."

"I have it covered," Stacie promised. "I know a guy."

“You have a pot guy?” Chloe laughed.

“I’m so excited,” Beca said and turned around to face Aubrey. She pressed a lazy kiss to her lips.

"Of course, I have a pot guy," Stacie laughed. She shifted after Beca did to wrap Chloe up. "I know a lot of very interesting people. I am a people person, you know."

Aubrey kissed Beca back in lazy kisses. "I must really love you to agree to get high again."

Chloe gave Stacie a long deep kiss like she had been craving to do since she got in bed. 

Beca scrunched up her eyebrows and pulled away to look at Aubrey and said sincerely, “Baby, if you don’t want to, then don’t feel pressured.”

Aubrey leaned in for a long, slow kiss. Though she didn't let it go nearly as deep as she wanted to at the moment. "If I didn't want to do it, I'd tell you, I promise. It's not something I would do on my own but it sounds reasonable for your after party."

Beca kissed back with a fervor she didn’t know she still had in her after her tryst with Stacie. She pouted when the blonde pulled away. Her head was fuzzy with Aubrey’s kiss and she almost forgot what they were talking about. She cleared her throat. She could taste Aubrey’s lip gloss and words were hard to find. “Only if you’re sure.” She looked into a different pair of green eyes than her partner earlier in the evening. Aubrey’s more olive in color whereas Stacie’s was like a deep forest. Both equally beautiful in their own way. She showed restraint and just pecked Aubrey’s pale pink lips. “Is everyone okay with the pot cookies?” Beca asked, voice raspy. Her eyes never left Aubrey’s.

Chloe pulled away from Stacie’s kiss and said in a husky voice, “I’m okay with it, Becs.” Before attaching her lips to Stacie’s waiting neck.

"I am making them, so I'd say I am pretty alright with them," Stacie moaned at the way Chloe was kissing her neck. She was going to need to have so much cover up on if she went anywhere tomorrow. 

"Just make sure I don't have too much, alright?" Aubrey traced her fingertips over Beca's side.

Goosebumps trailed in the wake of Aubrey’s fingers. Her thoughts swirled with so many X-rated thoughts a response was hard to reach. Beca reached up and caressed Aubrey’s smooth face, “We won’t, Bree.” 

Chloe’s hand slipped down Stacie’s side, scratching lighting as she went before grabbing her hip and pulling the woman impossibly close. Teeth never left her neck in the process.

Aubrey felt a slight tremor from Beca as she kept moving her hand ever so lightly. "I can't wait to watch you walk up on that stage and thank Chloe in front of the world and thank us in a way we'll understand when you win," she bent in to nip at Beca's lower lip.

“Do you really think I’ll win?” Beca asked through a moan.


"I really, really do," Aubrey nodded as her fingers scratched over Beca's hip. "You wrote an amazing song."

“Tell me that again,” Beca smirked while she pulled Aubrey into a rough kiss.


“Holy shit, I actually won,” Beca said dumbfounded once the limo door shut and the sounds of screaming fans muffled. She immediately kicked off her uncomfortable heels. 

“Of course, you won, Becs,” Chloe smiled as she popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and filled four flutes to pass around.

"You are a Grammy winner," Aubrey sat next to Beca, accepting one of the flutes as it was given to her. "Beca Mitchell, the girl who can't even sing."

“I’m never going to live that down,”Beca rolled her eyes. “In my defense, you did call me a bitch that first meeting,” Beca chuckled before adding, “I think I’m still in shock.” 

"We're so proud of you," Stacie smiled from her seat next to Chloe. "And the baked goods are going to go down so well."

“I’m going to be baked goods here shortly,” Beca snickered.

Aubrey snorted as she ran her hand over Beca's arm. "You are skipping all the after parties to get high with your wife and two girlfriends?"

“Let me emphasize how much I don’t give a fuck about any of the after parties, and how much I’d rather be with just you three. The pot is just a bonus,” Beca replied, taking a long sip from her glass.

"She loves us, she really loves us," Stacie laughed, her hand resting on Chloe's thigh as the limo took them home. "Should we Facetime the Bellas when we get back so they don't all try to call later?"

“Yes, make all the obligatory phone calls and then phones away for the night,” Chloe responded. 

“Here here,” Beca chimed in holding her glass up.

"I put in the group chat we'd do a mass call. I figured it might save Fat Amy trying to show up with some of her Aussie death juice," Aubrey chuckled. "I'm not young enough to survive that anymore."

“I don’t know how any of us did survive. And I definitely don’t want a Fat Amy ambush tonight,” Beca said, tipping her glass back to finish it. 

Stacie refilled her own glass and offered Beca more. "So, phone calls, shower and then cookies?" She questioned. "Because these spanks are hell."

“Yes, yes, and yes,” Beca replied, allowing her glass to be refilled. She grabbed Stacie’s above the knee with her free hand.

Chloe wrapped her arm around Beca and nibbled at the brunette’s earlobe.

"I've only been high once," Aubrey ran her fingers up and down the back of Beca's neck. "Do we need to have any soft of conversations about sex? I don't think this is going to change anything, but I want to make sure we're all safe."

Beca scrunched her eyebrows trying to come up with the words, but Chloe stopped sucking on her earlobe and spoke before she had too. “Is anyone opposed to the night turning sexual while we are all under the influence?”

“I don’t see how it’s any different than if we have all been drinking,” Beca added.

Stacie moved from next to Chloe to next to Aubrey. She wrapped her arms around her wife's shoulders, pressing a kiss to her jaw. "Nothing that you don't want is going to happen tonight," she comforted. She knew in times of new experiences that Aubrey could over think. "The ones you and Chloe are going to have are just going to relax you."

Aubrey breathed out at the comfort of Beca on one side and Stacie on the other. "I trust you three. So much. It's not like we don't share bottles of wine and then go to bed, Beca's right about that,” she laced her fingers with Stacie's.

“You’ll still have some semblance of control, Bree,” Beca reached out to touch the woman. 

“I could go down on you first to help you unwind some,” Chloe winked.

"Funny enough I did that before we smoked at Worlds," Stacie laughed as she dodged Aubrey swatting at her. "Seriously, Bree, are you good?"

Aubrey nodded, her face more relaxed. "I am. I was just raised with drugs being a gateway to hell, old teachings die hard."

“It is okay to be nervous, but I promise a pot cookie isn’t going to start you down the road to hellfire and brimstone,” Beca said, rubbing Aubrey’s leg in a soothing manner. 

“We will take care of you, baby,” Chloe reassured.

"Besides," Stacie smirked. "You're married to me. I started you down that road years ago."

Aubrey laughed before leaning in and kissing her. "You are an ass, but I love you."

"You love my ass," Stacie teased.

“I love your ass,” Chloe purred. “I’m ready to be naked with you all,” she added with a whine.

Once they made it to the house and got inside, each of them ditched the heels. Phone calls were made to all of the people who needed them, the four almost having sore faces from all the grinning they were doing.

Showers with only a few redirects (mainly by Chloe) were completed and before they knew it they were sitting in the living room in comfy clothes waiting on Stacie to bring the baked goods.

“Me going down on you before we start still stands, Bree,” Chloe said mischievously.

Aubrey tangled her fingers with Chloe's. "As much as I love you and your talented tongue, let's put a pin in that right now, ok?"

“Just offering my services,” Chloe replied with a kiss to Aubrey’s cheek. 

“I’m so excited,” Beca said before turning to Aubrey. “You okay?

"I am," Aubrey promised, sharing a kiss with Beca. "I have relaxed a bit. You know how I can be."

“I know, Bree. I just wanted to ask one last time. You can’t undo it once you eat it, so I just want you to be sure.”

Aubrey held both Beca and Chloe's hands as Stacie walked in. "My wife is an amazing barker. It would be rude to turn down her offerings."

“Yes, it’s go time,” Beca exclaimed, jumping up from the couch to meet Stacie.

Stacie rolled her eyes. "The big ones are for Chloe and Bree, the smaller ones are for us."

“Thank you,” Beca grinned and shoved an entire cookie in her mouth. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. “My god this tastes good,” she mumbled with a mouthful.

Stacie just raised her eyebrow. "So, you want to be talking to the TV remote, going over string theory in an hour, do ya?" She teased.

“How many do I got to eat for me to understand what string theory is?” Beca smiled. “And yes, I plan to be an astronaut for the rest of the night,” she said, snatching another cookie.

“You’re too tiny to be an astronaut,” Chloe piped up, taking one of the offered cookies and taking a bite.

“I could totally be an astronaut,” Beca grumbled.

"Honey, I barely understand the details of string theory once baked, there is no hope for you sober or baked," Stacie sat down on Aubrey's other side. "Take about half of one and give it about thirty minutes, then if you want, take the other half."

"Thank you," Aubrey kissed Stacie's cheek before taking half of one of the larger cookies. 

Stacie tossed a full smaller cookie in her mouth.

Beca went to the record player and set Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours in to play. 

Chloe finished her cookie and gave Aubrey a light kiss on the cheek before snuggling into the woman.

Aubrey closed her eyes as she relaxed against Chloe and Stacie. "If someone showed you a snapshot of this moment back in college, would you have believed them?"

Beca barked out a laugh to the question as she sat down across from their cuddling on the couch, “Definitely not.”

“I think I would,” Chloe hummed.

"I always knew I wasn't going to settle down and then I did. And I always knew that I couldn't share until I did," Stacie said. "I wouldn't have believed it, but I am so glad to be wrong."

“I wouldn’t have believed I would’ve gotten married at all, let alone be this heavily committed to three people,” Beca admitted.

"Chloe has that effect on people, making them want to settle down," Aubrey ran her fingers over Chloe's thigh as she enjoyed the relaxed feeling of the moment. "She decided we were best friends before we finished our first 24 hours as roommates."

“Well, was I wrong?” Chloe giggled and turned to give Aubrey a kiss on the lips.

“Chloe does have the magical powers of destroying walls and boundaries,” Beca added.

"Thankfully I've never had too many of either," Stacie teased as she watched Chloe and Aubrey trade slow kisses. "Bree had enough for both of us at the start. And now look at her," she snaked her arm around Aubrey's waist as she heard a laugh coming from her.

Chloe snorted, “Yeah, her and Beca both. But the walls were no match for our charm, Stace.”

Beca stood up from her spot across the room with a shy smile and walked closer to the group before plopping right down in Stacie’s lap.

Stacie wrapped her long arms around Beca's frame, nuzzling her neck, and just breathing in the scent of her shampoo. "I am so proud of you, Becs. You got to show off just how amazingly talented you are."

“Mmmm,” Beca moaned as Stacie’s nose grazed her neck. “I only was able to do it because of  your three s—support,” she replied. Her words started to lag.

Stacie laughed at the way that the cookies were starting to take hold of Beca. "We are your muses. The reasons for your creative spark."

“And so much more than that,” Beca twisted her neck to give Stacie a kiss. She pushed her tongue into Stacie’s mouth slowly.

Stacie ran her own tongue against Beca's as the kiss deepened. Kissing Beca was unlike Aubrey or Chloe, each wonderful but slightly different. "How are you feeling, baby?'

“I’m starting to feel really good,” Beca said with closed eyes. “My arms are starting to feel like limp noodles,” she snickered. “How does everyone else feel?”

This causes Chloe to break into a giggle. She nuzzled her face into Aubrey’s shoulder to contain herself.

"I feel like I'm floating," Aubrey moved her hand under Chloe's shirt to draw on the redhead's back with her fingers. "And like stress isn't a factor."

"I'm buzzed, but nothing major yet," Stacie reached over to place her hand on Aubrey's thigh.

Beca leaned over and kissed Aubrey and Chloe both chastely, before getting up from Stacie’s lap. She stood and received a major head rush. Her legs felt weighted down as she started to move to flip the vinyl over. It just registered to her it quit playing, but she doesn’t know how long ago it stopped. She tried carefully to flip the record and drop the needle without scratching anything. It takes her longer than earlier. She can hear Chloe’s giggle bounce around the room. Beca closed her eyes and let the voices floating from the speaker carry her away.

Stacie watched as Beca swayed as Aubrey and Chloe went back to making out. She took a smaller dose herself because she wanted Beca to be able to get as high as she wanted while still having someone to keep an eye on Aubrey and Chloe. 

"Come here, Baby," She held her hand out to Beca, wanting to wrap her up again.

Beca walked back with calculated steps. She knew  at this point she was officially stoned. She could feel the tug at the back of her neck that spread into a floaty feeling. She could feel her anxiety and stress melt away. She had a cheesy grin on her face, while Fleetwood Mac played in the distance. Background noises to the making out and giggling Chloe and Aubrey were doing together. She grabbed another cookie from the table and popped into her mouth before Stacie could scold her, and then straddled the taller woman, wrapping her arms around Stacie’s neck. Her fingers found the small curls at the base of her hair line. She twirls them around her finger. “Kiss me, baby.” She said dreamily.

Stacie just laughed at the goofy look on Beca's face as she straddled her. There was something that really was beautiful about the way that Beca looked right now. Relaxed, happy, and without fear. "I am so in love with you," she whispered. She was free with her declarations of love usually, but in this moment, it felt more serious.

Beca stopped swaying in the woman’s lap. A serious expression crossing her face, “I’m so in love with you, too. I’m in love with all three of you so much I don’t understand how I can contain myself some days,” Beca replied. “I can’t wait until we are at a point where I can publicly shout it from the rooftops,” she ended animatedly.

Stacie leaned forward and kissed her, tongue running against tongue. "One day we're going to tell the world. And then when you want to hold my hand in public, you can just hold it. No whispering or text messages. Nothing but your hand in my hand. Or Aubrey's in Chloe's. Or mine in Chloe's or yours in Aubrey's. One day, Becs. One day."

“I really like the sound of that,” Beca kissed the woman again. They made out for a few minutes or a few hours (time had no meaning anymore), before Beca pulled away, “Man, I just thought of something! Trash bags are just bags until you put trash in them. Woah. Weird.”

Stacie laughed at the way Beca's mind was working at the moment. "That's a good point," she ran her hands up Beca's back before down again. "Are mini marshmallows mini or are the others just extra large?"

“Woah,” Beca said but paused because Stacie’s hands felt particularly warm and nice. “Is the kool-aid man the liquid or the jar?” Beca giggled. “Wait—-do we have marshmallows?” She asked excitedly.

"In the cabinet by the fridge," Aubrey disconnected her lips from Chloe's long enough to answer before going right back to making out with her.

Beca looked to Stacie with a pout, “Will you go get me marshmallows...and something salty?” Beca grinned.

Stacie rolled her eyes at her girlfriend before shifting, so Beca could sit on the couch. She headed to the kitchen and returned with the bag of mini marshmallows and some sea salt crackers. "This is all we had that fit the bill."

“Perfect,” Beca said with a huge grin and lidded eyes. “You’re the best, Stace.”

"I really, really am." Stacie sat down next to Beca again.

“Rub my head?” Beca asked in a low voice, propping her head on Stacie’s shoulder.

Stacie ran her hand through Beca's hair. "How's this baby?"

“That’s perfect,” Beca practically purred. Snacks long forgotten, Beca snuggled closer to the woman.

Stacie nuzzled her neck as the pair cuddled together while Chloe and Aubrey traded slow kisses. "How are you feeling?"

“I feel amazing, babe. Like completely floaty. Like no anxiety whatsoever. Feels great,” Beca hummed.

Stacie kissed slowly over her neck. "Close your eyes and just relax. I've got you," she rested their heads together.

Beca giggled lightly. Stacie’s kisses sent shivers down her spine and her face warmed.

"Oh, you've reached the giggle stage?" Stacie asked as she ran her fingers down Beca's neck.

“Most def,” she giggled again. Trying to shrink away from Stacie’s hands on her neck. She bumped into Chloe and Aubrey, interrupting their make out session, which made Beca laugh harder.

"Rude," Aubrey pouted just a little bit. "Go make out with my wife or something, she's good at it."

Beca laughed even harder. “Is that all you two want to do is make out?” She asked the pair.

"Yeah, pretty much. Have you ever kissed Chloe, it's great," Aubrey said with a goofy grin.

“Yes, I have kissed my wife before,” Beca snickered. 

Chloe laughed boisterously before leaning off of Aubrey and kissing Beca soundly, grabbing blindly for Stacie to pull her closer to the three of them.

Stacie and Aubrey moved to wrap Beca and Chloe up in their arms. "You two are really cute," Aubrey said in a soft voice.

Chloe smiled lazily into the kiss, and pulled away. “I know,” Chloe said before pulling Stacie into a quick lip lock.

Stacie smiled against the kiss. "How are you feeling baby?"

“Really gooooood, but really horny,” Chloe chuckled. 

Beca leaned back into the soft sofa to enjoy the show going on across her lap. Her right hand tangled with Bree’s fingers as she watched their wives trade kisses.

Stacie kissed Chloe one more time. "We have a way to help solve that."

“Yeah, but that involves getting up,” Chloe sighed and settled back into Aubrey.

Beca somehow found the strength to sit up out of the comfort of the couch. She untangled herself from bodies as she stood and stretched her heavy limbs, and carefully made her way back to the record player to switch out vinyls. Carefully she placed Sublime’s 40 Oz to Freedom on the turntable and dropped the needle down.

"Nice choice," Aubrey nodded approvingly. "I like your musical tastes, you know your shit even if giving you shit about music is my jam."

“I’m not taking shit about music from someone whose favorite bands include Abba and Ace of Base,” Beca snickered.

Aubrey rolled her eyes. "Neither of those are my favorite bands."

"Bree loves country but hides it from you to keep you from picking on her," Stacie let slip.

“Oh God, Bree, you too with the country?” Beca asked in a voice of betrayal. “I’m completely outnumbered,” she said exasperated.

"There is some really good story telling," Aubrey defended.

Beca rolled her eyes, “Yeah, if you want to hear about alcoholics, big trucks, and small towns,” Beca said and blew a raspberry towards Aubrey.

"You are so not getting any from her tonight, big mistake," Stacie laughed at the look on Aubrey's face.

“She’ll forget about it by the time we go to bed,” Beca said, picking up the bag of marshmallows and tossing a handful into her mouth.

"That was a very bad call, Becs," Stacie looked over and saw her wife's eyes narrow. "Never tell Aubrey she'll let something go."

Beca just shrugged, “If I wasn’t stoned, I’d probably care, but I can’t find it in myself to care at the moment. She popped another handful into her mouth, “You guys ever wonder how they came up with names for stuff?” She garbled. “Like how did they come up with the name marshmallows?”

Aubrey stood up and tugged Chloe up with her, wrapping her arms around the redhead. "I'm going to go have sex with your wife, in your bed, and you're not invited," she stuck her tongue out at Beca.

“Ah, man,” Beca whined, dropping the bag of marshmallows. 

Chloe giggled and allowed Aubrey to tug her around, “You heard the woman,” she smiled with a flushed face.

Aubrey grinned, as smug as she was her senior year of college, as she and Chloe headed for the bedroom. Aubrey left the door open so Beca would hear it all. 

"Marshmallows were made from a plate that grows in marshes, by the way, the mallow plant," Stacie said unhelpfully.

Beca watched them go with a sad face. “Even stoned, my smart ass mouth gets me in trouble,” she said as she stomped over to Stacie and sat back down. “Who was the first asshole to eat a plant out of a marsh and go yumm, you know what I bet I could make something out of these?” she asked moments later.

Stacie shifted them so she was laying down on the couch and Beca was on top of her. "Hey, Beca?" She ran her fingers through her lovers hair. "We can have sex out here, without them. And be even louder."

“That will show ‘em,” Beca moaned at Stacie’s touch. She bent down and kissed the woman. She pulled away to say, “Thanks for tonight, Stace. These cookies are gooooooood,” she smiled.

"You are very welcome," Stacie tugged Beca's shirt over her head. "Now why don't you thank me correctly?"

“Yes ma’am,” Beca replied, tugging clothes out of the way and sliding down Stacie’s body to kiss down her stomach. On her way to thank the woman properly.