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Don't Cry

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“You did well, Luda Unnie.” Dayoung patted Luda's shoulder slowly seeing her unnie start crying.

"I-I'm afraid Minji Unnie will scold me, I did a lot of mistakes earlier." Luda tried to hold back her tears as hard as she could. She felt so guilty especially to Ujung who had waited a long time for this concert.

"No ... Unnie. Make today's mistake as motivation in the future, that's what my mother said. So don't worry, Unnie. The important thing is that you've worked hard, I'll talk to Minji unnie later so that she don't scold you too much." Luda nodded with tears that always run down her cheeks.


“Eoh! Seola Unnie!.” Dayoung shouted as soon as Hyunjung entered their room. After finishing the concert, she went to the toilet for a while. Just to rest her body and change clothes. By now she was wearing black jogger pants and a slightly oversized red hoodie.

Hyunjung smiled, "What's wrong, Dayoungaa?.” Dayoung approached Hyunjung, slightly lowered her voice. "Luda unnie ..." Hyunjung stared at Dayoung for a while then her eyes were around the whole room looking for the figure Dayoung meant. Her eyes stopped moving and focused on a point where the little fox eared girl was there, looking down and trembling slightly.

Hyunjung's chest suddenly felt tight. Her pupils trembled, then quickly walked towards the little girl.

"Ludayaa." Luda slowly raised her head. Looking at Hyunjung who was walking towards her. Hyunjung crouched facing the fox girl in front of her, her hand quickly wiped the girl's tears. Luda cried even more because of it, soon Hyunjung hugged her little girl and Luda immediately tightened her arms around her eldest Unnie's neck. The crying couldn't stop.

"Why...Ludaya? Are you okay? Why are you crying? Don't cry ..." Hyunjung tried to see the little face of this girl in her arms, but Luda didn't want to look up at all. Hyunjung patted the girl's back slowly by continuing to land a soft kiss on her head.

Luda rarely cried, and this was the first time she had cried in months. Hyunjung was so worried, the last time she cried because she was so happy that WJSN won the trophy. But this time it's different, Hyunjung can feel it. The girl was not crying happily, she can see it clearly from her body that was shaking violently as if in fear.

Luda was still hugging Hyunjung tightly, then suddenly she could feel her body slowly lifted up. Hyunjung picked her up and made her sit on Hyunjung's lap. Luda tightened her hug even more, the crying was still heard by Hyunjung.

Hyunjung tried to look at the girl's face, this time it worked. Hyunjung can see the red eyes and red nose of her little girl. Tears continue to run down her soft cheeks. Hyunjung smiled softly, wiped the tears that continued down her chubby cheeks and then kissed the cheeks so attentively.

"I heard you cried because of your mistake during the concert? Is that true?" Luda was still sobbing a little and nodded slowly. Her hands kept trying to wipe away the tears that blocking her vision.

"Ludayaaa ... Mistakes are natural. You don't need to cry about it." Luda hugged Hyunjung again and hid her face in her unnie's neck.

"I did too many mistakes, Unnie. I ... I've disappointed Ujung. I'm really disappointed in myself." Hyunjung stroked the girl's hair in her hug softly, kissed her forehead and smiled at her girl's face.

"Hey ... Ludayaaa you've worked hard for it. Ujung will never be disappointed even if you do so many mistakes. They understand why, so don't cry anymore. I don't like seeing you cry like that." Hyunjung tightened her hug on Luda. Luda had slowly stopped her crying, her eyes were tired enough to continue crying. Her cheeks were too moist and even her makeup was almost ruined.

It's been 15 minutes they are in the same position and Hyunjung began to notice that the little girl's body continues to relax, Hyunjung stared at the girl's face and her eyes slowly closed. Hyunjung smiled so sweetly then tightened her hug, trying to give Luda more warmth. The girl is sleepy, and she thinks Luda will fall asleep quickly.

Luda kept getting closer to Hyunjung as close as possible, her eyes were so heavy and she knew she would soon sleep in her unnie's arms.

"Mmmhh Unnie ... I'm sleepy." Luda muttered softly in Hyunjung's neck. Hyunjung quickly stroked the girl's back slowly, then kissed her forehead. "You should sleep Ludaya, you cry too much today. "

Moments later, Hyunjung could actually hear Luda's regular breathing. The girl is asleep. Hyunjung smiled then kissed her forehead and cheeks again. " Goodnight princess"


"Unn-." "Shhh." Hyunjung quickly stopped Dayoung's words with her index finger right in front of her lips. As if telling Dayoung to shut up. Dayoung quickly closed her mouth after noticing the girl in Hyunjung's lap asleep. Dayoung smiled then approached Hyunjung, stroked Luda's hair slowly then looked at Hyunjung.

"Has Luda Unnie been asleep for a long time, Unnie?" Asked Dayoung very slowly. Hyunjung shook her head. "No. Just a few minutes ago. Why did you call me?" Dayoung nodded. "Ah! Minji Unnie earlier told all the members to gather in the practice room." Hyunjung nodded.

"You go first, and ask Minji Unnie for permission, I'll come late and Luda can't come. I have to put Luda to sleep first." Dayoung nodded. "There is a room here, right? Just put Luda Unnie to sleep there, Unnie." Hyunjung nodded then started to stand with Luda in her arms. The girl is so light.

Dayoung walked out of the room, and Hyunjung immediately entered the special room that Dayoung mentioned earlier. The room was actually just a room just in case a trainee got injured. Hyunjung immediately put Luda there.

"Ludaya ... I'll be back in a bit. Goodnight." Hyunjung kissed the girl's red lips softly and then moved on to her forehead and immediately went out to the practice room that Dayoung meant.


Hyunjung entered the practice room and looked around the room, there were members and Minji Unnie as their Choreographer. Minji stared at Hyunjung for a while.

"Sorry I'm late." Hyunjung bowed a little, Minji nodded. “Is Luda okay?” Minji's question surprised Hyunjung a little.

"I heard she's crying earlier, is she sick?" Hyunjung stared at Minji for a while then turned to Dayoung. "How did Unnie know she was crying?" Minji shrugged her shoulders a little.

"All the staff are talking about it." Hyunjung nodded. “Luda is fine. She's just a little shocked and is now asleep.” Minji nodded then walked away from Hyunjung. “I hope she can dance well later.” Hyunjung clearly heard that, her emotions rose a little when she heard it. But she tried to hold back her emotions. She didn't want to make things worse.

“Yes, she's very good at dancing now if only she wasn't too forced to dance continuously.” Hyunjung approached the members, she could feel Minji staring at her sharply. Hyunjung stared back then shrugged her shoulders a little.

They started talking about the concert earlier. Several times Minji teased Luda with her mistakes. And several times Hyunjung and other members tried to hold their emotions. Even Juyeon almost lost her temper when her 'teacher' kept bringing up Luda's mistakes. But Hyunjung and Jiyeon patiently calmed her.

"Okay, our conversation is over. Remember! Never do the same stupid things as Luda." And ....


Hyunjung's emotions have reached their limit. Hyunjung quickly pushed Minji's body against the wall and cornered her. Hyunjung pressed her teacher's head against the wall and one of her hands held Minji's arm. Minji continued to groan in pain but Hyunjung still pressed her body. Hyunjung easily do it because her body is bigger than Minji. Whereas the other members only saw them, they were also annoyed with Minji but not as brave as Hyunjung did.

"Arghh! Let go of me! I-it hurts !." Hyunjung clenched her hands on Minji. Her face darkened and you could hear the faint sound of Hyunjung's teeth grinding. She was overcome with anger.

"You! Apologize! Or I'll break your arm and make you never be able to dance again." Minji continued to groan in pain. It really hurts.

"Arghh !!! Seol-Seola ... Let go. Please, it hurts!" Hyunjung did not listen to her. She keep doing the same thing.

Then suddenly, the practice door opened. And there, Luda stood already changed ger clothes and looked at Hyunjung in shock.

"Hyunjung Unnie! What are you doing! Let her go, Unnie!" Hyunjung didn't listen either. Her eyes turned red, her anger was completely overflowing. Meanwhile, Minji continues to groan in pain.

"Why are you all silent?! Unnie! Hyunjung Unnie, let her go." Luda tried to remove Hyunjung's hand from Minji's body but her body was too weak for Hyunjung's strength.

The other members didn't dare to do anything, Hyunjung was too scary when she was angry.

"Argh!! Ludaya ... Help me." Luda kept trying to help Minji. But Hyunjung was really strong, she didn't even make Hyunjung move an inch.

Then Luda quickly hugged Hyunjung's body from behind. She was confused about what to do and too weak to let Hyunjung's hands go of Minji.

"Unnie ... Hyunjung Unnie ... It's me. Luda. Let her go, please ..." Luda whispered those words softly right in Hyunjung's ear. And slowly Hyunjung's grip weakened. Her eyes blinked several times trying to refocus herself. Hyunjung slowly removed her hands from Minji and felt a tight hug on her waist.

Hyunjung held the hand, then let it go and saw the owner of that hand. Hyunjung still silent, her eyes still red and now trembling a little. Luda looked up at her favorite Unnie. Gently stroking her cheek, and quickly Hyunjung hugged the little girl in front of her
Hiding her face in the little girl's neck, her body trembled slightly with fear.

"Unnie ... It's okay. I'm here." Luda hugged Hyunjung back.

Minji straightened up a little limp. Her hand felt so sore. She kept looking at Hyunjung scared. Then quickly bent over to Luda who was still hugging Hyunjung.

"I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry Ludaya! I'm sorry I talked harshly and too much to you. I'm sorry." Luda was a little surprised to hear Minji's words. She didn't know the exact reason Minji apologized to her.

Luda just nodded, then slowly smiled. "I ... I don't know what to forgive you, Unnie. It's okay." Minji's body was getting weaker. She lowered her head deeply. How could she be rude to an innocent and gentle girl like Luda? She thought. She felt so guilty.

Luda saw her and let her hug off at Hyunjung, turning to Minji. Hold her gently. "I really don't know where you went wrong, Unnie, but for sure I will always forgive you no matter what your mistake." Minji slowly raised her arms to hug Luda. She can see that in front of her, Hyunjung is still back to her.

"Thank you. I'm really stupid to treat you so harshly, Ludaya." Luda shook her head slowly. "Unnie never treats me harshly. It's okay Unnie. I understand." Luda smiled warmly at Minji then returned to Hyunjung, holding her arm.

Hyunjung looked at Luda sadly. "Sorry." Luda shook her head slowly, stroking Hyunjung's cheeks slowly. "Unnie ... Don't be like that anymore. I'm scared." Hyunjung stared in shock, she made Luda scared. Then her eyes swept across the room, there, the members remained silent, slightly away.

'Th-they are afraid of me too?.' She thought. Hyunjung quickly walked towards the members, bowing quickly. "Sorry! I'm sorry, I ... I didn't realize what I was doing earlier. I'm sorry I made you scared." Slowly the tension between the members began to fade, Juyeon quickly walked towards Hyunjung patted her shoulder lightly.

"There's nothing to be forgiven for, Unnie. Besides, she deserves it. I also don't accept Luda unnie being treated like that. Thank you for representing us." Juyeon smiled brightly, Hyunjung also smiled because of it. She can see that all the members are also smiling proudly at her.

"Thank you, next time quickly stop me, I'm afraid someone will die because of me." Hyunjung endured a laugh with amusement at the shocked expressions of the members. "Hhahaha I'm kidding, I'm not going to kill people. To be sure stop me if it happens again. I beg your help." Everyone nodded, Luda hugged Hyunjung's arm and smiled.

"Is this over? Shall we go home? Oh yeah, I also want to apologize for not being here earlier." All the members approached the two of them. Jiyeon stroked Luda's hair softly.

"You're lucky you didn't come, Luda. I thank Hyunjung unnie for not waking you up because .... We don't want you to be hurt by her." Luda smiled back at Jiyeon. “Actually I don't understand what you are talking about, but Thank you for trying to protect me well.” Everyone hugged Luda, then Juyeon whispered a few words to her.

"You don't need to know what it is, Unnie. To be sure, we will always be there for you." Luda smiled so brightly. She is very happy to have a family that loves her so much. She was so lucky to meet them.

"Thank you ...." said Luda so sincerely.

Hyunjung let go of the hug, then looked at the members one by one and smiled.

“Come on, let's go home. You guys look terrible.” Soobin hit Hyunjung's arm quite hard. “What do you mean eoh ?.” All the members laughed, Hyunjung quickly grabbed Luda's arm, then one by one they came out of the room to the dorm.

Hyunjung kept smiling holding Luda's hand. "Why, Unnie? Why do you keep smiling?" Hyunjung shook her head slowly with the same smile. "I'm glad everyone loves you so much, Ludaya." Luda smiled. "You're not jealous, Unnie?" Hyunjung shook her head hard. "Of course not. I'm even happy because they love you so much, and of course I love you more than them. So I'm not worried or jealous." Luda nodded slowly then leaned her body on Hyunjung.

"I am also happy to be loved by our members, especially you Unnie, I feel I am the luckiest person in this world because I can meet you all. It seems I did a lot of good in my previous life so I can get more happiness today. Thank you." Hyunjung smiled, kissed the girl's forehead gently.

That night, they enjoyed the journey home with the joy that soaked their hearts.